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Cool Nights Call
; War m Bedding
You'll find the largest and best
kept stock of Blankets and Com
forts at Meyers on the second
Cotton, Cotton and Wool and All
Wool Blankets, plain, bordered
and fancy kinds, Cotton and Down
Comforts in pleasing assortment.
Salem's Big
mituttmmmmtmtmmiHWUtmmwHtmHmmttimiimmtuiiimtHMmmwut:mmmmmt s
AD Around Town
M 4 t t-r
Oct. 4-5-6 Marion County In-
stituta, Salem.
Oct. . Cily bowling league
' opens season.
Oct. 11. 1. I. Honk, Head Con-
y sul, W. O. V., in the city.
Oct. 13. Inauguration of Dr.
Carl Gregg Honey as presi-
' dent of Willamette Univcrsi-
October 10-17. Degree of Hon-
or convention.
October 17-20. Baptist state
convention, Salem."
November 0. City primary
November 7. Prosiilcntiul elec-
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasso
eorrectly. U. 8. Bank. Bld.
Charles Roth and family, ' of The
Italics, were here for a few days last
week. They returned to their home Sim
day. Mr. Ruth is engaged in the confec
tionary and fruit business at The Dalles
Drink Cereo, tne llqum food, the
health drink. Ask your grocer. tf
John T. Albert, of the International
Harvester eomiianyTs exhibit at Hie
Oregon state fair, who visited relatives
while in this city, returned to 1'ui-tluml
No finer stock anywhere than at
llartman Bros. Co., jewelers and sil
versmiths. Stato and Liberty.
An Economical, Delightful, Light Place to Trade"
"' In S
Salem's most reliable jewelers, Gard
ner & Kecno.
Mrs. Mable Laughlin of La Grande,
Oregon, is visiting with .Mr. ami Mrs.
! 1 out roaiso at their apartments over
I the Chicago store. Mrs. I.aughlin is n
niece of .Mr. Cronisc and Mrs. 11, 1).
Leading Jewelers ana silversmiths
llartman Bros. Co., successor to Burr's.
The Hughes Alliance No. 2 will hold
a meeting tomorrow evening at the re
publican headquarters on Liberty street
at 7 :.'I0 o'clock. It is requested that all
Hughes supporters attiliateil with this
alliance wjll be present.
Bring your agates Some to be pol
ished. Gardner & Kceue, Jcwelors,
A. B. Fnole of the Central Pharmacy,
is out in the country north of Salem to
day with intent to do some hunting.
While nut if there are no gaum to shoot,
he. will visit with his brother. He is
expected to return this evening.
Hygrade cigars are more than fair
they are the best 5 cent smoke.
The superintendent of the hoys'
training school announced this .after
noon that the exhibit of the Oregon
Social Hygiene society that was at the
state fair the past week will be on dis
play at the training school this evening,
j Tuesday and Tuesday evening, lie
states that all the people In the vicinity
I...- i... i .i ...
ui tin- nrnmii Mir nvn umr lu ttn'i inr
exhibit. ,
NOTICE I hereby announce myself
as a candidate for city recorder at the
city primaries, Nov. fl'tu. 3. W. Cox. tf
A showing of this sea
son's most favored
styles. You will be
pleased by buying now.
The line is complete and
they are specially priced.
Wednesday Surprise Sale No. 815,
October 4th
An Offering of Dainty
Fancy Aprons
Stamped, Ready to Embroider
Neat, well made Aprons in a new
style of a good grade cross-bar
cloth; finished with red or blue
embroidered edge around apron
and pockets. These would make
excellent and inexpensive holiday
gifts. Special price
Wednesday 29c
Sale starts at 8:30.
See window display
We Sell
Fifteen art students must register to
morrow at The Frama Shop k llifteiy,
41") Court St., in order to secure the ser
vices of Mr. Datus Meyers, recently
1 from Art Institute in Chicago. Tenchts
in oil, water color and monochrome.
i Miss Muriel Luther of Carlton, is
visiting Mr. ami Mrs. Hickerson at
j their homo on Twenty first street while
j attending the school institute in this
city. She will teach n school north of
I the fair grounds this winter.
A special meeting of the Salem Pa
triotic League will be held in the audi
torium of the public library Oct. 4th
at .'I p. in. full attendance is desired.
Hy order of president. oet3
Dr. Hickman, a physician of Gervais,
is in the cit- today looking after sev
eral of his patients. Under his care are
II. Coidwell of (leryais, Homer Oilnr of
Walpnrt, and .f. C. Dnores, also of ner
vals. They are being treated at the Wil
lamette sanitarium.
John Ma,rr, of Kennewick, Wash., is
visiting relatives in this city, lie' will
return to Kennewick shortly to take a
position with a wholesale grocery house
of that city. The new position is in the
nature of a promotion for Mr. Marr as
he will represent the establishment on
the road.
Mrs. Mable Mclnturff, who is well
known in this city ns Mabel Wellborn,
former deputy county clerk,- and her
little son; Hilly, ore visiting at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Lizzie Wel
born, on Kerry street. She expects to
return to her homo in Marshfield Tues
day. AU the gymnasium classes of the Sa
lem V. M. C. A. are open for business
today and from now on Oscar B. (ling
rich, physical director of the- associa
tion, will be n busy man. He has or
ganized thirty classes, -which includes
practically uli the membership. Though
today is the actual opening the formal
opening will take place some time lat
er. Elmer E. Coovert, who figured promi
nently in the good roads movement in
l'ortlnnd, anil who died in Portland n
few days ago, was well known in Sa
lem. Ho was an uncle of (ilenn t'nruh,
an attorney, in this city, lie was here
a short tune ago in connection with a
ease before the Oregon supreme court,
in which he appeared lor one of tlie-r
There will be a meeting of the Sa
lem rifle club tonight ill the armory,
the purpose of which is to elect a sec
ond ami first lieutenant. At this time
Captain Rosenberg will np.)int some
of the lion-eonitnissioiu'd officers. It is
expectrd that a large" number of the
members will be present. On account
of the return of Company M, of the
Third regiment, from duly on the bor
der, it is exported that the rifle club
will have to secure new quarters. Th's
matter will probably come up for dis
c ussion.
There is a meeting of the Salem Flor
al society scheduled for this evening Mi
the' auditorium of the Salem Commer
cial club at eight o'clock. This meet
ing is expected to be the opening one
oi. the winter season when a plan for
increasing the membership to HMO will
be broached. Mr. Maruny is president
of the society and florist at the state
hospital for the insane. It is probable
that arrangements will be made to furn
ish property owners on unimproved
streets with rose slips from cuttings tit
the asylum if the owners agree to take
care of them.
Tue U. S. army recruiting officer sta
tioned here received a communication
this morning from the war department
stating that the chief signal officer of
the army has sent in n notice that the
aviation section of the signal corps
was in need of experienced photograph
ers and that enlistments in that line
were desired. According to all reports
the aviation department of the army is
becoming one of the most popular. The
missive is signed by G. W. Read, adju
tant general. This information opens a
way for young men with experience in
photography to secure a good berth in
the army.
Miss Lucretia George is visiting in
j Portland.
! James D. HartweU filed at the city
recorder's office Saturday as a candi
date for alderman from the 4th ward.
Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Webb of Portland,
;who have been visiting at the home of
, C. H. Webb during the past week have
: returned to their home. While here
ithey attended the state fail and say
that it is their opinion it is the best
one ever held here.
We the undersigned take this means
of expressing our most hearty thanks
to all our neighbor and friends for
their kindness and sympathy durmg
the last sickness ami death of our be
loved daughter ami sister, Lily.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. lieglcn
and family.
C. P.' Bishop and wife, J. A. Bishop
ami wife and daughter, Hazel, and H.
I'ohlo and family, along with a number
of other residents of Salem, motored
to Lebanon Sunday to attend the ses
sion of the Methodist conference which
closed there today. The roads wero ex
cellent for motoring and the party had
a thoroughly enjoyable trip.
F. A. Robertson, conductor, F. W.
Berger, conductor, and R. Paterson, mo
tornian, are leaving today for Kiddle,
Oregon, on a deer hunt. They expect
to be gone about two weeks and as
they are reputed to be "some Nim
rods" it is probable they will return
with plentv of venison. At least that is
I the expectation with which tney are go
ling out into the wilds.
Mr?. Alice French, a former Salem
girl and a member of the first class to
giaduate from the Salem high school,
left Saturday for her home in Lexing
ton, eastern Oregon. She has been visit
ing her brothers Lewis nnd Robert Jud
son in South Salem for about a month
ami a half. Her visit was the first in
five years and she found Salem much
The fire department was called out
twice between the hours of 4 and.-fl
yesterday afternoon. The first call was
to li.i.i" -North hummer street, wnere a
chimney was burning out und from
which no damage resulted. The other
call was from the fair grounds, where
a display of rugs hail caught fire from
a brooder. The blaze was extinguished
before the fire fighters reached the
J. W. Cox, whose announcement as a
candidate for the nomination of city
recorder appears in another column,
filed his application with" the recorder
today. Although Mr. Cox is an old res
ident of Salem this is the first time
he has come before the voters asking
for a city office, and he trusts that his
record in various positions of trust in
this city will entitle him to considera
tion by the people.
Following charges preferred by the
deputy game warden, Lawrence Short
wns arrested todov for discharging fire
arms within the city limits. Chief of
Police Welsh Bavs that the practice oi
shooting within the city limits must
be stopped, as it is too dangerous a our
to be permitted. It is evident that the
pheasant is a wise bird, for at about
the time the game season opens he
conies to. town and offers temptation
to the sporting inhabitants.
C. B. Smith, manager of the silo de
partment of the; Spnulding Logging
company, has returned from an extend
ed visit to the eastern states. The
prime cause of the trip was to accom
pany the body of is wife to its final
resting place in Indiana. While in the
east Mr. Smith investigated silos and
silo factories anil returns with new-
ideas along those line.
Although there was some prospect of
relief from the increasing shortage of
cars for the shipment of lumber, the
Spnulding Logging company finds that
out of -t.f cars or.lereu to tune care oi
their traffic onlv one has been supplied
The shortage is getting more serious
but it is expected that a few weens win
briiiL' relief. As it is the railroad eom-
panics are favoring the men with per
ishable goods on their hands.
Karl C. Baugh, who was arrested here
Saturdav afternoon with an automobile
belonging to .1. Guy I.oman of Seattle,
was taken back to' that city today by
Leonard S. Martin, deputy sheriff and
special uncut for an auto insurance
company, Haugh having waived extra-
lition. A reward ot if.'U wus oiiereu
for the return of the car and $;ju for
the arrest and conviction of the tlnet.
The fact developed after Haugh 's ar
rest that he is a paroled convict lroin
the reformatory at. Monroe, Washing
ton, where he had been serving a term
for auto stealing. A woman who wns
with him when he was arrested here
Saturday, whom he claimed to be his
wife, is being held under instructions
from Sheriff Hodge of Seattle. No
charge is made against the woman. Her
father has askeil the sheriff to have
her detained, presumably with a view
to having her returned to her home.
Max Buren, who recently dissolved
partnership with Clarence Hamilton,
has opened up an establishment for
himself on Commercial street where he
will continue to engage in the furni
ture business. The partnership of Hnr-
?n and Hamilton was ilissolveil on rep
temher 211 and since then Mr. Kuren
has been occupied in fititng up a store,
remodeling the building and arranging
to suit Ins ideas of business needs, ile
has remodeled the front with a marquee
and now has IhtOO feet of floor space.
With the main portion of the first and
second floors are devoted to furniture
with a carpet display room in the rear
of the main floor. Mr. Buren says that
this arrangement is distinctly different
from the usual run of carpet display
rooms in that it is lighted from above
instead of from the sides. This, he
says, gives proper illumination for the!
exhibition of the various carpets. I
Failed to Lower Gate and
Freight Train Hit Heavily
Loaded Car
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 2. On the should
ers of 05-yoar-old Valentine JShowski,
$33 a month gnteman employed by the
Grand Trunk railroad, the state of
Michigan will attempt to place Ihc re
sponsibility for the fatal street car
crash earlv todav that caused the death
of eight peraons and injury to 30 others.
At least three of the injured will die.
Showski was arrested at the Grand
Trunk depot this morning after he had
fled from the scene of the accident.
Witnesses told Assistant Prosecutor
Speed that Showski failed to lower
the street gates at East Forest avenue
and the Grand Trunk crossing, where a
southbound Grand Trunk freight side -
swiped a cross-town car bearing nearly
a hundred passengers shortly alter mid-
I he car was thrown 15 feet from thelorv since the United States took over
track by the impact and partially over -
tlirtiPn lilirt niir kjisspikkm-r inntpr inn
wheels of the still moviiiL' freight
The dead:
Rnbv dnm. liter nf Mi- mid -ri .Ti.lm
Jacob TaiiKs..iige 21.
l.udwig C.hanieski.
Joseph Ziliski, age 35.
Fred K. I.niidry.
Two unidentified men.
One unidentified woman, miiv be Mrs. I1"" Ilv." J18
John Koller. ' Captain Max (fehlliar said this morn-
i m !iug that as the new uniforms have not
Guy Woods, a graduate of Willamette J'1'' arrived the boys will be required
University and now a student in a1 to appear in the ones in which they
l'ortlnnd dental college, has been in Sa-lwcre mustered out at Clackamas and
lem visiting since Saturday, lie re-1 which are now the personal property;
turns this eveuinw to Portland. - I of the men. The in it til thing on the.
The bowling season did not open Sun-
day eveninif October 1 as was sched -
uled. This wns on account of fair week
taking the majority of attention mid
leaving every one tired out. However,
Manager M. L. Patton announces that
Imv octobevT80" wi" M"""
The weather report for the month of
September shows Hint the mouth has
been quite cool in this portion of the
Willamette valley. The maximum re
corded was 73.lt degrees and the mini
mum at "ti degrees. The skies have been
tinusuallv clear and the sun shone for
23 davs. The rainfall, accordingly, wasjfor the pleasure ot tne singers tiiiin tor
slight", only amounting to 1.17 inches, the listeners, intermingled in true Bo
Tlw, ,r. ,.. 'it i, ,.... ;,. ;t.i., ,.u heminn stvle at (he Friars' club at 1:30
tember 3 when it averaged .50 of an!
;..t, i
... Bex Burnet, Jessie Barkhurst, Jess!
Kephart, K. H. Croak, Hcrt Lytic,
Krnnk Reveal and R. K. Drown were
found guilty in Justice Webster's court
this nfternoon on the charge of dis
guising t lie sex of a deer killed on or
about September li on the Almpia riv-
ln.. 11........... U..1.,... .....1 II u
Parker' of McMinnville, ilenutv Daniel
wardens made the complaint. The de-
fendnnts were fined 23 each bv Judge
Webster. Notice of appeal was taken
The first car load of fall pears of the
Wallace Kruit Farm of l'olk county is'
being loaded on the car today on Kront imme8 out of ;ut T, sni(1
street. Ihc destination of the tri.it isjluul thfl Friar8, dul ,vitll men
Chicago and it is expected Hint in uti,er than their husbands
nlioiit lour or ive cars will be sent,
east by Mr W allace. The cro itself .Sj
considered light. The picking is prac-
: 1. :V:m,,,T. riAl,"'V H-,l"9 ''' VMW U,uM
.;.. t I. .. 1.1, .1,
i I -
win oe reiiuy to garner soon, i no worn
of picking the pears was done by boys
from the city.
. I. V i T 7 T .i iKavmond, l'ortlnnd u N. M. Strite. 72
or ot the tapital . ouinal tor-tl.e pas ril,-n!(m s 01.,ld; A. .1. Mills,
year, has resigned his position and will nutmllol,ip ,liv,, witll in ,,,,.
.iter enter another hue of business, al- th) ,mil(,illBi VwtlniuU . r.
hough he has no nlly decided upon a ytw insurance salesman. !M'4 Cor
location. Fur a while he will remain tiii, , .,..,. i..in i . m. i .. i
Portland ami take a nee.ie.i vacation.
Mr. Wilson has made many tnon.ls
I'm tUlli.t nil, I tlllie n 1 ..... l.-.l vilentinn.i
residence here who will regret his dVcis -
ion to locate perinaueiitlv elsewhere.
ti. . i.,...i ia ...: it,.
The Capital .lounial is especially sorry
to lose Ins services which Have been
vry valmil.le to the paper and its 1"' -
Hons. v.
Governor Withycombe will recom-!
""'ml ,,..,L,!U;X'' !.,;!is;,:t,.!ri' V""
.ew.ir,l,ot $.int. be otfercd tor the
r ii,., i,.v,iii.M,KnVv- i-vi.tnv
This will be ill addition to the standing1"'" ' 1,1 Lll
reward of .W provi.le.l in sina cases.,
now seems positive that lanner ino.lo I
Ins getaway by disguising hin.selt in
mining pioMiiei, u, son ..v..,. u .
passing out., with some of the visitors
at the institution. This was a first
thought by the penitentiary authorities!
to be .impossible, and the belief wnsj
entertained that Tanner had secreted: .
himself within the walls.
r-iiiner wnsl
for killing Ray Wallace in a Portland
rooming house in 11)12.
Washington, Oct. 2. Humors that a
train trom Mexico City to Vera Cruz
had been dynamited by bandits were
radiographed to the state department
today by Captain Hurrage from the
battleship Nebraska in Vera Cruz har
bor. The rumor was contained in dis
patches to the state department today.
The Vaited States mints sent out
141,500,000 in "coin during the year
1U, of which 103,000,000 wus gold
and $3,000,000 in pennies and 5 cent
Portland, re., Oct. 2.
Stale tiame Warden Carl D.
Shoemaker announced today
that the open season on Chinese
pheasants in Oregon would close
at sundown October 15. The sea
son is cut short on account of
the scarcity of birds.
mi it i i
IIlIS Under WCW UrgaillZatlOIl
As Part of U. S. National
Members of Company M, Third regi-
j meat United States National Guard,
m t f h first time TucgJay
. . ,.,
i evening in their drill hall in the arm-
1 th;, ,, tvacralb.ed them. This
l,l,e llnH lime .tnat niemiiers or me
Oregon guard will receive pay from
' the uoverninent for the usual routine!
drill in the armory. In this way the
meetinir tomorrow inuht will-tie inrai-
- . . .
ni-silil.i nq men nnd officers of the
company hnvo fought for what is
known as the militia pay bill .or tlio
evening will lie tne lormiiiuiion m j
plans for leeniiting the company up to
itlie minimum pence strength. Captain
j Gehlhar stated that, at least thirty
j 'en were needed to hold the company
for Siilem.
1 1
Officers Make Raid
of Gay Road House
Oregon City, Ore., Oct. 2. The merry
clink of glasses, tuneful melody pounded
out on a piano and u set of drums, the
swish of silk dresses, the noise of tip
tocinir dnncera and songs, sung more
o'clock Sunday morning, when Sheriff
Wilson and nine deputies swept down
on the place, with about as much sur-1
t0.'ll 5,, "' l'ss,i '''''
sort as if the Willamette had suddenly
dried up or Milwaukee had been wiped
off the map.
ShiM-it'f Wilunn nnil his nri-liv of ilcllll-
ties diil not stop the flow of fun, for
tvhilo tho official and his aides wcro
hunting cellar, attic and kitchen tor
li,l'"!r. ."' the big dance hall
continued, the laughter did not wane
'"' " ''" ""V", , T ' T
the officers arrived.
Husbands Not With Women.
Several women, arrested refused to
... th .. ,,
til District Attor
ir.. rnmjs,i h..m tn Wn'M1 M
T,1(, ,ist of tlosc foum, ; tl0 rfmH
in,ltull. gl,vlral. )rnmiuel ,, in
lp ,nMilu,M lifl. f ,,, ,., nistli,.t
1,110 ""lowing naiiies of those whom he
li it .1 pvii mi neil ;
1). W. Jenkins, Arctic club, Scuttle,
Tacific coast miinnger of Henry Ditsou
& Sons; Iver Klde, li23 Marshall street,
Port html . nntomobile driver; Fred V.
,,,,, Centrnlin, Wasl .;' Nlnbel
WBHUinSt..n hotel. Portland;
- .. . -u u i .n. , 1 110
l ' TJl'Yr'"! 'T
:,..,. ,i ,..,.,, , r, .... . . ..
i Alorchouse, ( alitoruia and Ma-
I ,.n,m
oad; K. C. Uubel. secretary 1)1 -
llln..M,..,h. Auto ,.. -m' ,,..
sixiv fifth' street; Jane Roberts,
Fort'v-second street. Portland; ,T H
Ruhr Pnhice hotel Pnitliin.t- II c r
Xowt . and Mrs. A. r. h-"
dersim, ' I.afave'tte, ld.: 'if. '(l',ii,lsmith
ap-.tmv,illB lmln, ,vt,nlin. Wash.; Wil-
1 111111 r,ii""t. ". i"in imiw -
sini,llsv . , ,
.,,, . Cy,wUS-, but th
,,, m,,os1i,.ilv imli(.n ,, j
,1)US rt,m.li(,1 n ,Milljt (.,lu,,hlsil,,
, sandy, H. M. .Miner; Scholls and hariu
You can maxe and save mon- . ington, oren Wall; Sheridan,
' """"in uuuiuai
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. VU1U tJ IHlilUierS
iTTjli n I i J
"W LOutlCti
All y. Or., O. t. 2. llisliop Hugh . s
appointments for the coming year an-
.o,i,,ced t...ln.v at the close of 'the Or.
gon conference of the Methodic
I, ..! .
I The appointiiients in Salem wer":
T. R. ford, superintendent, First
church. It. X. vi..n. lnoi, I.e.. M,.in-
orinl. W. K. Iiwiills! i..lii. IT X. 1.1-
rich; West Salem, W. .1. Warren.
Other appointments in Sali'in district
were as follows: Ainilv, O. .1. Oliver;
Halston, .1. V. Warren'; Hanks, II. A.
Bristol; lienverton. II. A. tirav; Bor
ing and Bennett Chapel, K. F. .iniinei
mnn; Brooks, S. W. Hall; Cauby, W. II.
-Moore; t arils and Central Point. .
' "''li-r; Clackamas and Oswego, .1. F.
i olciiian; Cornelius, ,1. . Crozier;
t, i, , Tr ,, x .. ,.. 1 , ai a
' V, " ' ' - ',,. , . .,.,'.'
Mnrcy; Dilley. C. h. ComstocU; Dun-
"' ' S' 5I",,r,'i "-'-l- i'''r,v
sl"''is; Fairview, B. C. Brewster; halls
' '' ' '' F.hnin; Fargo, K. (iittins;
Fu",t " "" nr
I A' '' ll'che.,bury ; Hillsboro. W. Ski;.
w"','. Lafnyette. ('arl Reetz; Liberty.
; m
I.iveslev, to be snt-
: plied; Marqiiiini and Hubbard, Thoiml
' Acliesiin; McMinnville, P. l.est' '
Fields; Metzger, S. .. Kestor; Molnllu.
I P- W. Snv.lws Xchalem. R. C. Young;
j Xewburg, R. K. Mveis; .North Plain's
M. M. Heed; Oregon Citv, .1. K. Haw-
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