Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 30, 1916, Page NINE, Image 9

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V tf
HARRY Window cleaner.
Phone 709.
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nal office. tl
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High St. oct2
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in. well iiu
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$5. worth more. Dr. May, Hubbard
rjfrg. octl3
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May. sept30
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sue. - - sept30
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Deal Realty Co.," 202 V. 8. Bank bldg.
SALESMEN WANTED To sell ge'ner-
nl trade in Oregon. ncaney now. A
new merchandising plan. Commission
contract. $3..00 weekly for expens
es. Established in 1900. Continental
Jewelry Co., 20,1-40 Continental BfMg.
Cleveland, Ohio, sept:Ul
SALE SACRIFICE Our Highland gar
den home, 2 acres richest soil, new 7
room house, own complete water sys
tem, li.V inch pipe nearly all over
place; cow, horse, 30 hens, wagon and
all tools, some household goods; good
bnrn will hold cows, 1 horse, for
. quick sale, $4000, J. A. Woodard
8505 N. 25th St septSO
See That Your Watch
Is "Upto the Minute"
Just for the benefit of those who
really want to keep "within the law"
during the shooting season, .the follow
ing rising nnd setting of the sun s
These figures will govern the snoot
mg or uuciis, geese, uuii iimnim uim
as the law' plainly reads that no shoot -
... .. i . . , i l..
iug can be legally done before sunrise
or after sunset.
The following is the sun's schedule
for October
1 ....
Sunrise Sunset
6: Oil
. 6:4S
5:. 10
Killed Her Mother
and Then Herself
Portland. Ore., Sept. 30. Fearing in
sanity, Mrs. Klin Graven, aged 27, killed
her mother nod committed suicide to
day. Before death she bathed and dunned
fresh clothes. The morher, Mrs. Minnie
K. Graves, was shot as she lav in bed.
Mrs. Graven then suugirled down beside
her mother eorpse ana sent s bullet
tf through her own brnin.
B. I.. Graves, husbnnd of tho slain
Tactless Female Insults Visit
ing Governors, Guests of
Our Own
A chorus of loos and hisses greeted
Miss M. G. Fendall, of Baltimore, Md.,
yesterday when she assailed President
Wilson in a suffrage speech when she
made her talk at the Governor's Day
exercises where Governor Withy
combe, Lister, of Washington, and
Alexander, of Jdaho, made short ad
dresses at the new auditorium at the
t'air:grounds. The audience which had
applauded enthusiastically when " the
governors and other speakers on the
progrsJm were heard, began leaving the
auditorium when Miss Fendall made
her attack on President Wilson, and it
was necessary to rap repeatedly for
order before quiet could be restored.
The. greater part of the', crowd, how
ever, filed out quietly and refused to
listen to . her remarks against the
president. .. ....
Miss Fendall, who was one of the
regular speakers on the program, is one
of the more militant suffragette from
Maryland, and it was understood that
the program should be entirely non
political. It appeared that she could
not ..refrain from injecting her own
personal views into her address and
the part that aroused the ire of the
audience was when she declared that
the Democrats must be driven out of
office and that any vote for President
Wilson was a vote against woman's
The women In Oregon who worked
for years and finally secured the pas
sage of the equal rights measure were
of the highest type of womanhood that
,ow(,d none o( thc nliKtant n,ethods
the state hus produced and tney 101
that apepars to be quite the thing in
Miss Fendull's home. At any rate the
audience, when its hand was forced,
showed that there was a quiet under
current of Wilson popularity in the
people at large that will probably be
chrvstalized at the trolls next Novem
ber regardless of the campaign buttons
to the contrary.
Special Trains Bring Visitors
. to Mt. AngelSchumann
Heinke Sings
St. Benedict, Ore., Sept. 30. Automo
biles' arrived from all directions this
morning for the big festive jubilee of
the Rev. Adelheiin Odermatt, founder
of Mount Angel college, who today cele
brated tho golden jubilee of entering
the Benevolent Order. Special trains
from Portland and the surrounding" cities
were well filled.
At 9:15 a. m. tho procession consist
ing of Archbishop Christie, Bishop
Shinner, of Spokane; Moitsignor Bauw,
Rev. Father l'lacidus and Rev. Father
Odermatt, followed by the leading socie
ties of the parish, marched from tho
church parish to the church. The Bight
Kev. julnlariun then sang pontifical
high mass. By a recent appointment
from Rome he bus been granted the
privilege of singing poutificial high
His Gruce, Archbishop Christie, de
livered a sermon especially giving
honor and praise to Bev. Fjither Adel
heiin, who for the post 35 years has
labored in the state of Oregon. It is to
him especially that the people of Ore
gon owe much in educational lines, for
the college was one of the first in the
state. The archbishop, who is a spe-
i-iiii Trienu oi liiu .lumiuriuu. FxnressL-u
. . , . , . . . 1 .
j ls pleasure in being here at tins grand
Mme. Schumnnn-Heink, the famous
singer, enthralled the audience by her
magnificent, singing. Being also a
great friend of Kev. Father Adolhelm-,
"'ie traveled from San Diego, Cal., for
tne sole purpose ot ncing present ai
the jubilee.
After the pontif icinl high mass the
crowds surged up to the mount, w here
the college stands, the entire clergy
7 k. , 1 ry. Tl i...
nlumni, and the many friends of the
r'i-! Immediately after the meal al went upl1"9"'" hall' and special degree work
rl'v, to thc auditorium, where a public re. in the city hall by the first degree team
r'o-t'eeption was held. Among the principal-f C'homeketn lodge, Xo. 1, of Salem.
-:,! speakers was Archbishop Christie, j "r rh evening banquet to follow the
Bishop Shinner, of Spokane! Rt. Rev.
1'lnciiliis, nliliot of the monastery; rath
5:2.1 0T f'ai-K, rntner A.lcilieini and utto
.r:22 Mine. Schumunn Heiiik ugain favored
5:2(1 "'0 audience with three select songs.
5:19 The linll was crowded and the eele
5: 1 7l brated singer won the hearts of all by;
5. -t her simplicity.
Jjjwoium nnd stepfather of the one that
."('did the shooting, was dressing when
l"ojj! the. tragedy occurred. He thought the
r'.yj noise was caused by a door banging.
f '.f'-t Some time later, becoming alarmed, he
Villi smashed his way into his wife's room.
'r' ,,j His crien attracted neighbors who led
'J'-" him out o'f the blood-spattered chumber.
j;.! I He is prostrated.
I I-Hu.'dn !.,'. .. ....... u .... 1 , 1 . 1 ... I An
an old envelope. "Rather this than
the asylum," it suid. " I'se insurance
for expenses and give what is left to
Kva is her sister, who lives in Astoria,
The weapon used was a .32 calibre re
volver. It had long lain around the
bouse. 4 in ring the night Mrs. Graves
cleaned nnd pidished it. Then she load
ed it with two shells one for herself
and one for her mother.
Mrs. Graven has been separated from
hmil)nn(Ii rnri
. m,. ....
Oraven, for several
I years. She attempted suicide by pois
oning a mouth ago.
The following prices for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, aLd
not what ia paid to the producer.
All other paces are those paid the
producer. Correct lens are made
daily. ' .' ;
Cantaloupes are now of two grades
and ,the wholesale prices run from
$1.25 to $1.75.
Portland commission houses are quot
ing high prices for turkeys today, one
of the leading houses quoting Portland
prices at 22 and 23 eents live and 20
to 27 cents ''dressed. This is several
ceuts higher than thc market opened
last year, nil of which seems to indicate
that thc pnrf of wheat and turkevs are
trotting in thc same class.
Wheat . $1.00(51.08
Oats, new
... 35(q40c
Rolled barley ...
Shorts, por 'ton
Hay, clover ......
Hay, cheat . ....
Hay, vetch ......
Hay, timothy,
Butt erf at '
Creamery butter, per pound ..... 34c
Country butter 2527c
Eggs ana Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 32c
Eggs, trade ., . 34c
liens, pound j.... l-vata io'e.
Boosters, old, per pound 8c
Broilers, under 2 pounds HVj
Broilers, l'A- lb, or less 16c
Turkeys 20(ff21c
Fork,. Veal and Mitton.
Tomatoes, Oregon 40c
Pork, dressed ll(a'12 J -
Pork, on foot 8 l-29c
Spring lambs, 1616 77 1-4
Steers ' 56
Cows ,- 3 l-24e
Bulls 33 1-4
Ewes . . 44 l-2
Wethers 8 l-2
Tomatoes, Oregon 40c
Cabbage 40c
Cucumbers .... ............ . 40c
String garlio i . " . 15c
Potatoes, sweet 3c
Potatoes '. lc
Green onions ' 40t
Green peppers 4c
Carrots, dozen 4ue
Onions $1.60
Watermelons lc
Muskmelons .. $1.25
Peaches, Oregon 25(ct60c
Grapes , ..' $1.50
Apples 50c(ff $1.00
Oranges, Valencies $4.75
Lemons, per box $6.50(5 7.00
Cantaloupes, per box $
Bananas, pound Be
California, grape fruit $3.50
Florida grape fruit
XetaU Prices.
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch 40c
Sugar, cane . $7.00
Sugar, beet $7.70
Creamery butter i .. 40e
Flour, hard wheat
Flour, valley
$1 70(52 05
T. i'a-,ft1 T isi
J." i-!?dt- 0
Portland, Ore., Sept. 30. Wheat:
Club, $1.26.'
Blucstem, $1.34.
Fortvfold, $1.27. -
Red Russian, $1.23.
Oats: No. 1 white feed, $27.25.
Barley: Feed, $33.
Hogs: Best live, $10.
Prime steers, $7. ';
Fancy cows, $5.50.
Calves, $7.50.
Spring lumbs, $S.73.
Butter: City creamery, 35c.
- Eggs: Selected local ex., 40c.
Hens, 15c.
Broilers, 15(5 16c.
Geese, 11(511 l-2c.
Odd Fellows' District
Convention at Gervais
The Marion county district convent
tiou of thc Odd Fellows will be held at
Gervais two weeks from today, Satur
day, October 14. The afternoon session
will be given to special addresses by
( prominent Odd Fellows while in the ev
i : .i,ro t,n the rewnlnr meet-
ill f Bcbckah lodge, No. 75, in t
. . . ,. .i v rn ;., ,i,..
two evening sessions, J. A, Mills, of this
city, will act as toastmaster.
The program fur the afternoon session
is as follows:
Business session (.Masonic hall;, 1:30
to 2:30 p. in.
Program At City Hall, 2:15 P. M.
Address of welcome Albert Lengriu,
N. G., Gervais lodge, No. 121.
Response J. G. Iddings, P, G., Che
meketa lodge, No. 1.
Address, "Duties of the Officer's of
the Lodge." P. G. M.. George 11. Hur
net. Address, "Our Individual Duties to
the Lodge." P. G., K. P. Morcom,
Wood I) urn lodge, No. 102.
Report from Sovereign Urn ml Lodge.
P. G. M., Wm. Gnlluway.
Address Grand Master H. S, West
brook, Portland, Ore.
"Good of the Order." P. G. L. J.
Adams, Silver lodge, No. 21.
Ladies of Harmony liebeknli bulge
will serve dinner at 0 p. in. Reason
able price.
Governor Proclaims.
Fire Prevention Day
Whereas, The great destruction of
property annually incurred through fire
may in a great measure be decreased
by education and by arousing public in-
(Osutlnned from Fage One.)
went down'with the Lusitunia, and of
the 'oppressed men aud pitiful women
who have been murdered and ravished
in Mexico.' "
As to the way in which ithe presi
dent met the railroad crisis, Roosevelt
declared it a "surrender to brute
force." He went into great detail re
garding his settlement of the authracitt
coal strike and said the administration
'erred in not insisting on a full hear
ing and giving every one the complett
facts, and then submitting the case to a
special commission."
Arrived at Battle Creek.
Buttle Creek, Mich., Kept. 30. Col
onel Roosevelt came to Battle Creek to
day to inject some ginger into the presi
dential campaign, lie said so nimselr.
He is to speak late this afternoon at an
old-fashioned barbecue and rally on the
circus grounds under the auspices of
thc five surrounding counties.
When the train pulled into Battle
Creek an hour late, because of a stop at
Marshall, Mich., were the colonel gave
some school children a "straight Uni
ted States" lecture, it looked like a
good part of all the five mounties were
on hand to give the ex-president an old
time welcome. There were fully 30,000
at the depot, and 30,000 more along the
route of a parade that was held before
the colonel had time to wash his face
and hands.
Roosevelt said coming here' On the
train last night, that he intends making
a fighting speech this afternoon. Some
cembers of his party who have read thc
address said he d do it all right if he
sticks to the text.
The colonel couldn 't really find him
self until that short stop at Marshall.
Folks on the train probably did not real
ize the quiet, rather paunchy person
who sat reading a history of Ireland
in the observation car, was really Roose
velt. But the minute the train slowed
down at Marshall, Roosevelt jumped to
his feet, grinned his teethy smile and
went to it, with all the old Roosevelt
tactics' that infect crowds with the
cheering serum.
Roosevelt reviewed a monster parade
immediately after arriving, 2ti uniform
ed bauds and all and then took a two
hours' rest after lunch.
He plans to leave here about 0:30
this evening for New York. On his way
back be and Ralph D. Cole, chairman
of the speaker's bureau from republi
can headquarters, will decide how many
more speeches he will make, for Candi
date Hughes. The matter of a coast
trip also will bp-settled. ' J
terest in the problems of prevention
Whereas, .There is no field of real
'.'preparedness" that may be practiced
morn profitably, and
Whereas, October 9 is the anniver
sary of the historic Chicago conflag
ration, therefore, .
I do hereby designate Monduy, Octo
ber 9, 1910, as Fire Prevention day in
Oregon. And I urge that on that day,
organized effort may be made through
out the state to encourage a campaign
thnr will lessen fire hazard.' I sutrcrest
on that individuals and Pommunffics under
, -. - - t- - . .
luae nume umi muiiicipui uuunu un-nuiug
and insuection with a view to removing
ge rubhisn, and safeguarding nesting anu
lighting appliances; tnat tne ure-iigin-iug
apparatus of the factories be tested
out on that dav: that schools devote at
least a brief period to discussing the
subject of fire prevention; and that ev
erv encouragement be given to the dC'
velopmcnt of a neaithy puoue interest
in the nianv problems of fire-hazard.
Ia witness Whereof, I have hereun-
velopmcnt of a healthy public interest
to set niv hand and caused the treat
seal of the-statc of Oregon to be here
unto affixed this the 30th day of Octo
ber, 1916.
Governor of Oregon,
Whena man says he's crazy to get
married, observes the Cynical Bachelor
I never contradict him.
( Continued from yesterday)
Harper, Mrs. C. A. relief 12.00
Brock. Norm relict 0-00
McMaius, Mrs. Birdio C. relief. 12.00
Irwin, Mrs. Blanche K. relief.. 12.50
Germond, Mrs. P. F. relief 10.00
Card Mrs. M. H. relief 10.00
Russell, James G. relief 5.00
Newtwi, O. D. relief 8.00
Weidner, Mathias relief ...... 10.00
Carlson, C. Carl relief 10.00
Zimmerman, Mis. Adelia relief.- 15.00
Mnrstel, Mrs. Kteve reli-f 15.00
Old Peoples Uome relief for Jul
ia D. Hurlcl 15.20
Haynes, Mrs. Caroline relief... 10.00
Busey, Robert relief 7.00
Miller, Mrs. Vina H. relief .... 10.00
Ogle, Claude relief 15.00
(iroshnng, Mrs. J. N. relief 10.00
Wallace, Mrs. S. H, relief 5.00
Mutter, Mngdiileiia relief 10.00
Barrier, Mr, and Mrs. relief.... 10.00
Yolio, Toiile relief , 4.00
St it, Dora relief 20.00
lieinhart, Unsnlia relief 8.00
Lawrence, Charles relief 10.0"
Weddle, Orin relief 20.00
Mi-Cnvin, Mrs. relief 18.00
Wiles, George' relief 10.00
Buffun, W. B. relief 10.00
Stovke. Julius relief 10,00
. Sheriff's Office.
Xeedham, W. I. deiiutv sheriff. 100.00
Sloper, L. L. deputy sheriff 80.00
Bower, O. D. deputy sheriff 80.00
Pnulus, Geo. deputy sheriff ... Wl.00
Clerk's Office.
Clarke. W. R. deputy clerk H0.00
llin., K. A. bookkeeper 00.011
Oenrhartj If. O. deputy clerk... 511.00
Arms, A. M. deputy cjerk 50.00
Recorder's Office.
Hickox, C. G. deputy RO.Ou
Sovnge, Helen deputy 60.00
Brooks, Russell clerk 50.00
Treasurer's Office. '
Moore, J. (1. deputy M.00
Assessor's Office.
Steclhammcr, O. A. deputy as
sessor. , . , 100.00
Schellberg, H. clerk 22.50
Klooppiiig, H. H. writing tax roll 67.50
Lewis, C. A. writing' tax roll... 67.50
Roy, Mrs. At checking "roll 26.25
West, G. E. checking roll 20.25
Court House.
Morgan, Cal janitor 50.00
Kirby, R. P. janitor . . . . : . 50.00
Hobson, L. janitor , 33.87
Howe, F. M. janitor ' 10.13
School Superintendent's Office.
Beid, Cora E. clerk 75.00
Poor Account.
Smith, W. Carlton comity physi
cian 50.00
Jackson, Hattie M. special officer 50.00
Stock Inspector.
Morehouse, W. O. county veterin
arian 33.60
Sealer of Weights and Measures.
Tones, J. F. salary and expense 45.72
Count; Court and Commissioners.
Bushey, W. M. traveling expense 3.50
Goulet, W. H. county commissio
ner. 35J0
Beckwith, J. T. county commis
sioner 39.00
Poor Account Continued.
Flint, Mrs. L. L. relief 10.00,
Sheriff's Office.
Esch, Win. sheriff, advance for
stamps. . i 25.00
Ferrell, D. II. splitting wood . . 23.00
Garland, F. H. livery hire .... 1.00
Northwestern Long Distance Tel
ephone company, calls 75
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
company, telephone and calls. 9.15
Western Union Telegraph com-
pauy, calls 1.32
Clerk's Office.
Beaver 6tate Printers, claims
and blanks 11.00
Boyer, C. G. advance for stamps,
etc 0.82
Bushong & Co., liquor affidavits 15.00
Commercial Printing company,
letter heads, etc ;., 12.25
Elliott, N. D. widow's pension
blanks. . 14.00
Kilhuni Stationery and Printing
company, citation blanks, etc. .
Oregon Statesman, executions...
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
company, telephone and calls.
Patton Bros, paper, erasers, etc.
Rodgers Taper company, letter
heads, etc
Recorder's Offlcs.
Brooks, Mildred R. advance for
Facific Telephone & Telegraph
Spencer Hardware company, hand
ax ,-85
Assessor's Office. x
Davis, J. Fidcputy assessor, . ... .,J.75
company telephone 2.25
Patton Bros, erasers . ; .60
Burvey'ors Office.
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
company telephone and calls. .
Patton Bros., ink, rubber bands
Hickox, K. E. deputy assessor..
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
company telephone and calls.
Patton Bros, pens
Slinver, B. A. postal cards 7.50
Wendroth. Geo. J. making map. 2.50
West, Ben F. advance for Btamps
Wilkius, M. O. list of automo
biles. . , 5.00
Stock Inspector's Office.
Oregon Statesman, inspection
blanks 18.00
County Court aud Commissioners.
The Daily Capital Journal,' pub
lishing claim docket
Oregon Statesman ' publishing
claim docket
Pucific, ' Telephone & Telegraph
company, telephone aud calls.
Patton Bros. pens. . . ,
Court House.
Croisiin, E. M. wood
Evans, H. E. trash on dump....
Leroy, Charles grinding lawn
Salem Hardware company, hose
Salem Laundry company, luuu-
.Salem Truck aud Dray company
pauy trash on dump
Salem Water Light and Power
company water for August.. . ,
Spencer Hardware company, door
check,- mops, etc. . ,-,
Sheriff's Of flee Continued.
Williamson, P. W. wood ,. 43.50
Circuit Court,
Drnger, 1). G. advance for filing
(inrfield, Edna to reporting, dis
allowed. Pacific. Telephone & Telegraph
company telephone and culls.
Veu -mi, II. C. witness
Smith, Meryl witness
Brown, Robert witness
Jacobs, Mrs. Arthur witness ....
Jacobs,' Arthur witness
Moore, Fred witness
Pearson, M. O. w itness ........
Clements, Dr. H. J. witness ....
Bumgnrdner, Wm. witness ....
Cooper, Minnie E. witness ....
Minier, Irma L. witness .....'.
Scott, Dr. O. I.., D. C. witness
Nymnn, Mrs. R. II. witness ....
State vs. Oratty.
Grier, J. B. cash advanced ....'
State vs. Johnsoon. .
Pratt, C. II. car hire
State vs. Asptnwall.
Webster, D. justice
Cooper, E. constable
Southwick, B. S. witness , 1.7
Viesco, Geo. witness 1.70
Farmer, A. S. witness , 3.9
Cooper, Mrs. A. S. witness ..... ",3.SMJ
Tarker, Clifford witness 1.70
Van Cleve, A. T. witness 3.10
Van Clove, Mrs. A. T. witness. . 3.10
Gaskill, W'. L. witness , 3.10
Beatty, Otto E. witness ...... 1.70
State vs. Benson.
Webster, D. justice...'. , ' 4.6S
Varney, Percy acting constable. 1.20
State vs. Samuel Benson,- et aX
Hayes, T. F. justice . 5.90
Anderson, Olef deputy assessor. 5.10
Guldeen, J. wituess ;. , 1.70
Griesel, Walter C. wjtness 1.70
Aplin, Mary witness 1.70
Aplin, Bart witness.. 1.70
State vs. Berridge.
Webster, D. justice,.......'.... . 9.00
Esch, Wm. acting constable .... 19.50
Bruck, C. L. witness 4.70
State vs. Betker, et ai
Wbstor, D. justice ...'. 10.01
Cooper, E. E. constable ........ 5.30
Forstner, Mrs. D., witness ...... . 1.70
Woodridge, Pearl witness . .... .1.70
State vs. Bevier.
Webster, D., justice 8.5S
Cooper, . E., constable . . N . . . 13.40
Wheeler, E. F., witness 6.50
Cone, Orville, witness 6.50
Cone, Lloyd, witness 6.50
State vs. Oundieflnger.
Webster, D., justice 5.70
Cooper, K. E., constable , 35.00
State vs. Henaley.
Brown, J. M., justice 2.50
Simeral, A. F., constable , 5.00
State vs. Kelly.
Webster, B., justice 4.95
Cooper, E. 7., constable 3.3S
State vs. Lee.
Webster, D justice 3.70
Cooper, E, ., constable 3.3S
State vs. McMurray, et si.
Webster,-D justice -2.3S
State vs. Moore.
Webster, D., justice . 8.20
Cooper, E. E., constable 6.40
Hule, tVill S., witness ' 8.50
Albers, Henry, witness 2,50
Dorn, Ronald, witness 2.59
State vs. Rogers.
Webster, D., justice 2.8S
Coroner's Account
Clough, A. M., investigations .. 50.30
School Superintendent's Office.
Commercial Printing company,
envelopes 20.50
Pacific Telegraph & Telophone,
company, telephone aud calls. 2.7S
Shaver, B. A., books 3.50
Smith, W. M., ady. or stamps,
etc 36.60
Fruit Inspector.
Constable, C. O., salary and ex
penses 110.50
Health Officer.
Cashatt, C. E., salary and ex- i
penses 121.00
Poor Account
Beaucharap's Drug Store, pre
scriptions . "4.6
Bcauchaoip, U. A., M. D for
prescribing . . .,....'' '. , . . 1.00
Champ & Son, S. H., groceries .. 9.85
Drager, D. G., adv. for B. B.
fare, . etc. . , . , 27.60
Evans, Earl, meals and care of
John Ellison 4.09
Gervais Drug Store, medicine . , 2.40
Hickman, Dr. H. O., to visit Mrs.
Maher, etc 6.00
Uunt's Market, meat 2.00
Hunt 's Market, meat .......... - 2.05
lading's Cash Grocery, grocer
ies. . 8.00
Liston, W. A., house rent 15.00
Littlefield & Romig, Drs., visit
and cure of C. E. Johnson. .continued
Pacific Telegraph & Telephone
company, telephone 1.00
Pintler, Dr. W. N., dental work
Riestercr & Co., F, J., greceries,
$1.0.1 disallowed $10.00 allowed
Rigdon - Richardson company,
burial of Emily C. Balod .... 25.00
Roberts, C. M., groceries 8.80
Salem Hospital, care of county
patients 124.00
Scott, J. E., rent of house .... 6.00
Sloper 'a Drug Store, medicine.. 1.1$
Taylor, Earl K., superintendent
poor farm 282-35
Tuffli, Hans, groceries 3.20
Wageman, J. ('. wood 4.00
Weller Brothers, groceries 40.6T
Esch, Wr. board of prisoners 12.88
Spencer Hdw. Co. coffee pot ... 1.00
Rebate of Fees
Hart, J. P. rebate of fees ....
State Fair
Evans, Mr. F. E. fruit for exhib
Fishor, Mrs, Mary, strip grain
French, H. S. preparing exhibit 1 10.00
French, Mrs. II. S. canning fruit,
llonaker, M, C. rhubarb
Jones, Seymour, peaches
LaPallctr, A. M. peaches
Northwest Fruit Produce Co.
room rent, cold storage
Olimnrt, Roy, peach plums
Roth Grocery Co. apricots ....
Slattery, J. H. pears
Teter, It. D. pears, etc
Welch, X. blackberries
Tax Rebate
ilursell, Florence, tax rebate
Southern Pacific Co. tax rebate coa't
Salem Com'l Club, dues to Com.
club 150.00
Indemnity for Diseased Cattle
Cramer, Everett, indemnity 12.50
Palmer, John, indemnity 18.7S
Parrish.. J.' K. indemnity 12.50
1816, J. G. indemnity 12.50