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Formerly the Chicago Store. Salem's Largest Popular Price
Department Store. Not connected with any other store in the city
Corner Court and Commercial Streets -
Brooks Items
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Brooks, Ore.. Sept. 28. School opened
Monday with a good attendance, as hop
picking is over and most all other fall I J. T. Aspiuwull is drying prunes in
work thut parents require the help of j his loganberry dryer for a few of Mis
th children. j son Bottom growers.
Mr. and Mr9. Charles, Hawkins, of - J. W. Fruit took his Duroc Jersey
Oakland, Ore., are visiting Mr. Hawk-; hogs to the fair the first of the week. "
ins' mother and brother of Brooks. '
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the border with Company M returned!
home Tuesday.
Fred Batche'lor is moving to the Geo. i
liiunn place. i
.. s. Murdick and family were fair
i visitors Wednesday.
K'f&a Mi Dcorcri r.i luTuSTi
- Salem, Oregon
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
ihvr (-'l,(f re- splt- 28. Frank
Atwood motored to Silverton Mondny.
Mr. C. P. Mulkey visited home folks
a few days last week.
Mrs. Geo. Brewer, who lins been quite
sick, is somewhat improved.
The dance given at John Hof flier's
;home Saturday night was well attended
jand all report a good time.
David Potroff finished threshing Fri
i day ,this being the last of the ruu
in this vicinitv for the season.
Have a package of each
always in reach
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Dallas, Ore., Sept. 28. The Dallas
City school opened Monday with an ea
I rollment of 404 pupils in the trade
schools and 88 in the high school. The
small registration this year is due to the
late season which makes it Impossible
for some of the pupils to attend school
until after the prune and Imp crops are
harvested. It is the opinion of City
Superintendent W. I. Ford that by the
first of next week the attendance will
be up -to the average. The schools are
still minus one teacher and the H-A
and S B (trades will be handled by Mis.
K. N. Wood and -Miss Rossiter until a
permanent teacher can bo secured.
Dallas Hughes Club Large.
The Dallas Hughes club boasts of a
membership of 164 names and the list of
membership has been sent to state head
quarters of the Hughes clubs in Port
land. A charter for the club is expected
to be received some time this week aft
er which officers will be elected.
New Suit Filed.
W. K. Coulter this week filed a suit
against Ed Plaster for the foreclosure
of a chattel mortgage. The case wiuu
be heard before Judge Belt at an early
Rock Crusher to Be Moved.
The city rock eriishing machinery has
been ordered moved to this city and w ill
bo erected on a site neiir the Southern
Pacific tracks. The work was ordered
done ut a special meeting of the city
council Saturday evening. In bringing
the crusher from the F.llendale quarry
to the city it will be possible for the
city to operate the same during the en
tire year and street improvement work
will be carried on the year round. It is
expected to have the plant set up and
ready for operation before the first of
the vcur.
Petition Turned Down.
The county hoard of equalization has
turned down the petition of S. H. Me
Llmurry,' who asked that the assessed
valuation of the Vnllev & Siletz rail
way be raised from iM',H0 to $150,000,
or $5,400 per mile for the roadway and
trackage. Only two members of the
board were present nml they failed to
ngreo on tho projmsed raise.
Reception for Company L. '
A reception for Company 1. which re
turned to Dallas Monday evening was
held at the armory Tuesday evening un
der the auspices of the Dallas Patriotic
league. The meeting was presided over
by ex-Mayor J. R. (.'raven. H. H. Belt
delivered the address of welcome, Re
freshments, card playing anil dancing
were indulged in.
C. J. Pugh, tho loganberry king of
Falls City, wns n Dallas business visitor
Mrs. Asa B. Robinson has returned
from a several weeks' visit at the home
of her mother nt Independence.
-Mrs. A. I. Rhode, of Seattle, Wash.,
was a Dallas visitor this week with her
brothers, Walter Williams, and Othn
Williams, and sister, Mrs. L'thol Woods.
I X I .. .. I. ! ..'. II . L
. x . .uaciuii, oi Aiomnoum, cniiirmnii
j of the Polk ColnitV .Central committer,
was a Dallas visitor Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. I.. Starr ha.ve re
turned to their home in Portlnnil after
a short visit with Dallas relatives and
I friends.
Mrs. tiilmnu Ximii, of Neliuleni, is a
I guest ut the country homo of .Mr. and
itirs. J. B. Noun,
II. JC Fenton and Frank (iillinm are
on a hunting trip in Southern Oregon.
I Miss Frances Harrington spent Sun
! day at the home of her mother in lmle
! pcndciice.
Mrs. J. I., l.ockmnn, of Woodburn,
j.wns in tho city the first of the week a
j guest ut the Inline of Mr. and .Mrs. J. B.
-Niinii. The l.ockmaiis were formerly
residents of this city.
Miss Jennie Musi-ntt, city librarian,
is spending the neck nl the home of
her sister, Mrs. I,, ,1. Chapin, in Snleni.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mannock are visit
ing friends and relatives in eastern Ore
gon this week.
T. J. Huyter attended the opening
i dny at the Oregon stnte fair in Salem,
j Monday. -Mr. ilayter has missed but
I few state fair openings since the fair
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams return
ed the first of the week from a short
j visit in Portlnnil.
Miss Kdith Ciitherwood returned Mon-
day from u short visit with friends in
I Corvallis.
j H. C. Fox, a prominent resident of
.1... i: I n i . - , . . .
mi- nichicuii iiciKiiDoriioou, wits ill ine
city finding Mondny.
Hayesville News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Hayesville, Ore., Sept. L'rt. Mrs. John
Yoder is authority for the statement
that tho annual chrysanthemum show.
the second week of November, will be
ready on scheduled time this venr, as
usual. Many exquisite blossoms w ill j
be shown this veur at Havesville
Miss F.dna Fitts came over from Mon-
mouth normal school to attend Hayes
ville s lug convention Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Libert Powell, of Salem,
were Hayesville guests Sunday. Mr.
Powell will tench the advanced grades
of Brooks school this vear.
Mrs. O. S. McMunn and Miss' Kiln
McMunn have returned from ' several
davs spent in Portland.
Mr. William Powers, foreman of the
west yard of the Fulls City Lumber
eiimpany, was one of the many present
at the convention ut Hayesville.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bronocushiiiii and
family, of Hayesville, remove to Salem
shortly for the high school privileges for
their son, Roxey Bronocushion. who is a
I senior this year.
-Miss Marguerite ti. Matthes has re
turned home from a week spend at Lake
l.ubish, the guest of her uncle and
aunt, Mr. und Mrs. Willium A I via Mum
Miss Violet Newton is tho guest of
Sali-nr friends this week.
William West lev, during a temporary
suspension of government work ut Ore
! gon City, is here improving his prem
ises nml caring for Ins prime crop.
Threshers Inive returned to winter
piarters ufter one of the longest thresh
ing seasons know n. . .
The Xeliiisky-Tunqunny thresher pull
ed in lust week. The Matthes thresher
finished on Wednesday of this week.
Been threshing and prune picking and
Hying lire still holding the boards.
of a chattel mortgage. The cno will
Independence Items
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Independence, Ore., Sept. 27. Mrs. II.
S. Patterson, of Grays River, Wash., is
the guest of Mrs. J. O, Mcintosh, for
a few days.
Mrs. C. A. Totiiisend und daughter,
Vesta Mae, of Portland, are the house
guest of Mrs. K. Jones, for a week.
Miss Ruth Campbell, of Dallas, visit
ed at the home of W. W. Percival over
Mr. W. W. Percival is spending the
week at the Oregon state fair at Salem
this week.
Mrs. Mae Rosebrook, of Portland, vis
ited at the home of her grandmother,
Mrs. K. Jones, last week.
Miss Pearle Smith, a teacher in the
Corvallis public school, visited ut the
home of her mother here over Sun
day. Mr. P. M. Kirk la nd and wife arc eu
joying the sea breezes at Newport for a
short time.
Mrs. R. DeArmond returned home on
Suturdny Trom Newport, where she has
been for the past month.
Mrs. Frank Whiteaker returned home
from Newport on Suturdny.
Miss Let a Rex, of Portland, has been
visiting Independence friends for a few
days. Mrs. Anna Kennedy, of Portland, vis
ited at the home, of her mother, Mrs. F..
Jones, for a few days last week.
Mrs. tiny Walker returned home from
Newport on Saturday, where she has
been spending the summer.
Miss Iva Stanley, of Dallas, is the
guest of Miss Florence Burton.
The people of Independence will have
the pleasure of seeing the world's great
est feature, "Civilization." This pic
ture is a ILrecl spectacle photo-drama
which will be" show n at the Isis theatre
ou Wednesday, September 2D, both aft
ernoon und evening. This picture has
been shown at the Heilig theatre, Port
laud, Oregon, for the past four weeks.
Fifteen people accompanying this pro
duction and carry their own orchestra.
Mrs. J. D. Tob'in, of Portland, spent
the week-end here with her husband.
Mr. Tobin is a contractor and has beeu
working here during the summer.
The paving work that hus been done
on the Independence and Salem roud, is
now completed. We now have three and
and a half miles of paving north of
town on thu Salem roud.
Mr. Chet Cuplinger, of Seattle, Wash.,
is visiting Independence friends for a
few days this week.
Mrs. K. Fluke underwent an opera
tion on Wednesday ut one of the Sa
lem hospitals.
A number of Independence people are
attending the Oregon state fuir at Sa
lem this w cek,
Mrs. A. Whitney was a Dallas visitor
Mr. J. Dixon and MVVi. Venm I im
were married in Dallas on Sat unlay aft-!
ernoou. their many friends wish them
much happiness. 1
-Mr. ,1. S. Bohtiniion and family took
in the fair at Salem on Tuesday.
.Mr. II. Hirslilierg motored to the Su-
Icm fuir on .Tuesday. Ho was accom
panied by Mrs. A. Robinson und Miss
Kiln Robinson.
Dr. C. F. Cropp was a Sulrm visitor
on .Mondny afternoon.
V Central Howell Gossip
(Capitol Journal Special Service.)
Central Howell, Ore., Sept. 2S. Air.
Alex l.eichty, Miss Clnru l.cighty, Miss
Ruth n nd l.illiilu l.eichty mid .Miss
l.ois Duller were attending the state
fair Tuesday.
The citizens of Salem please lake no
tice: The farmers on Jhe Silverton road
are getting a little bit confused of di
recting people back to tho Pacific high
way. Jt wns wash day at the l.eighty home
Tuesduy. Ira did the laundering.
Rev. Nichol ut tended conference ut
Lebanon Wednesday.
The delegation iroiu Central Howell
Sunday school composed of Hev. Nichol
end futility, Miss Audrey Bugged, Mr.
and Mrs. Kd .McDonald, Mr. und Mrs.
Walter .McDonald and children and Mr.
Bernard Shafer attended the convention
Inst. Sundiiy nt llayssville.
Miss l.ois HnHcr, of Woodburn, is
visiting with Mr. und .Mrs. Henry
yuite a number of the people from
Central Howell are camping ut the slate
fair. Those camping there being .Mr.
and Mrs. (trover Simmons, Mr. und Mrs.
Amos Brunch and son, Ralph, und Mrs.
Anna Francis.
Quite a'numher of the young folks'
tire attending the Silverton high school;
from district No. 40. .Miss-. Mint audi
l.ctha .Monies, Miss Dagny Lindqurst I
uiul Miss l.eta .Ian.
Fred Durbiii and sou, Sollv, lire oil
the sick list this week
Sam Spittlcr is visiting in the east.
It is surmised thnt he will relurn with u
Mr. Hen Shepnnl and family attended
u family reunion ut his father' lust
.Miss Opal King is visiting in the
ail and Carl King attended the state j
fair Monday and Tuesduy.
.Miss l.elhii and Mr. Verne Shepard 1
and Mr. Tommy Tuve are attending the1
Salem high school from district No. 411.
Mr. Lou (ierbcr has returned home1
from the navy. ;
Less and Jra l.eighty took in the'
sights nt the fair Wednesday.
We understand there was a huge i
crowd ut the MeCorkle tale Saturday,
and everything sold well.
A sisler of .Mrs. Fred Durbiii wus vis
iting with her lust week.
The Silverton Histmnster, Mr. Brook,
mid family, were nut in this neighbor-;
hood Sunday viewing their 10 acre fruit
ranch. j
.Mr. nud Mrs. Fred Durbiii attended i
the wedding of Mr. James l.nuderbuch
und Miss b'lia Mutten Sunday. i
Agnes Wcllmnii, n nieco of Mrs. Abe
Steffen, is milking her home with Mr.'
and -Mrs. Abe Sti ffen.
Ingelow Buggett is doing the chores
this week i'or Amos Branch whilo the
latter is taking in the sights ut the
state fair.
Jra l.eighty is the boss pot slinger,
chief cook and bol lie washer ut the
l.eichty broiheis bnchelor ranch.
Tourists sliould remember thut the
Silverton highway is not the Pucifio.
Mr. ami Mrs. Albeit Jauz. am dang
lers, Laurel and Cretn, were Salem vis
itors Tuesday.
Mr. (leo. Knlb and Miss Mav Stevens
were united in marriage hist Friday
and have gone on a short wedding tour.
Fair Visitors
We are headquarters for the foremost makes in
You can buy here better and cheaper
Brick Brothers
The Store that guarantees every purchase.
Corner State and Liberty Streets.
Crude Oil On Gulls
Prevents Them Flying
Puerto. Plata, Santo Domingo, Sept.
27. Crude oil that had been thrown ov
erboard by Uncle Sam's warships to
.picll the raging waters which destroyed
the L S, S.. Memphis during the recent
stoi m, stuck to the wings of sea gulls
eiiu inner water lowl tailing refuge in
ilie bays along the coast, nud rendered
tlieui helpless und unable to fly for sev
eral days.
Members of the United States Mu
rine corps, uu expeditionary duty at this
place, captured hundreds of tiio birds
with their bare hands.
The oil begrimed fowl wondered up
and down uu the bench, crying pitifully,
while the marines stood guard to see
that buys did not harm them.
Austrian Army Officer
Takes Suicide Route
Portland, Ore., Sept. 2. Kf forts to
locate the tianceo of l.udwig Graf Aich
ilburg, Austrian army, officer who com
mitted suicide because of uureipiited
love, met with no successes today.
Aii lielburg fought in the 'first mouths
of the war, then came here. He taught
horsemanship. Lust night he returned
police say, from tho home of the ob
ject of his nt'fectioiis und took u lurge
dose of ursenic.
Stnggering to a neighbor's house he
told what he had done and then tried
to tolei hone the girl. Unable to get
the number he went, outside and fell
unconscious on the lawn,Mying shortly
afterw ard.
More Men Than Women
Have Appendicitis
Surgeons stato men are slightly more
subject to appendicitis than women.
Salem people should know that a few
doses of simple buckthorn bark, glycer
ine, etc., us mixed iu Adlcr-i kn, often
relieves or prevents oppendicitis. This
mixturn removes such surprising foul
matter that ONK SPOONFUL relieves
almost, ANY CASIO constipation, sour
stomach or gas. The INSTANT, easy ac
tion of Adler i kn is surprising, j. C,
Perry, druggist.
Salem Royal
A Salem Industry
A Salem Payroll
ij Established in Salem for 5 Years a
ii Pan Dandy Bread
11 n
and increase Salem' s Payroll
nu ci l
viu onoes mane new; c
New Shoes made water 1
proof. We use all A-l
leather in our repair
work. Satisfaction guar
anteed. A Salem house
deserves Salem patron
age. "
Ray & Emerick
474 Court Street.
J. Ooldsinith, receiver in clinrge nt
th. defunct Fulls City Lumber compiu.y
at Falls City, has been relieved of his
duties as such nml the extensive concern
hns been formally turned over tn' ;ts
successor, the Falls City Lumber & Ur
ging company, in which organization
the Cobb-Mitchell interests are predomi
nant. The new company is fust perfect
ing its arrangements to resume open-.-tions,
und it is probable that snwirg
will commence early in the ensuing
month. The railroad up Teal creek is
practically completed, while the im
provements ut tho mill, which hnvo be. u
under wuy for more than a month, nl-"
are about 'finished. The planing mill
has been operated at intervals' during
the past several mouths cleaning up ti.r
stock ou haiiil for shipment to Snleii .'
a nil when sawing is resumed it will lie
with a. clean sheet. Dallas Observer.
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