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Oregon baa but one Normal School. This 'school
Is located at Monmouth. Excellent I) la the work
of this school It Is utterly unable to supply but a,
small part of the need tor trained teachers for the
State. . -
Of mora than 6,000 school teachara In the public achools
of Orogon, but 13 par cent hava baan trained for thalr
profeaalon of teaching In Normal Schoola. ; -
It is a well established fact that our one Normal
School cannot supply the needs of the entire state.
That Is why we ask for your work and vote for the
proposed Eastern Oregon State Normal School at .
Pendleton, Oregon.
Eight countlea In the Willamette Valley hava employed
during the paat five yaara,
ated from the Monmouth Normal aa agalnat 39 Monmouth
Normal School graduates for the eight leading ceuntlaa
f Eaatern Oregon,
Durina the oaat five vaara
from nine Willamette Valley countlea was 877 atudenta
aa agalnat 91 atudenta from nine of the leading countlea
of Eaatern Oregon.
Owing to the crowded condition of our one Normal
at Monmouth and also the distance and expense of
attending, students from Eastern Oregon are com- -pelled
to go to neighboring states to secure their
training as teachers. -
The annual maintenance coat of the propoaad State
Normal School In Eaatern Oregon amounts to but one
25th of a mill or 4 centa on a thousand dollars of taxable
property, len't It worth thla to have your children trained
to become uaetul and productive cltlzenef (
Among those who strongly endorse the establish
ment of the proposed Eastern Oregon Normal School
are Governor Withycombe, J. H. Ackerman, Presi
dent of the Monmouth State Normal; W. J. Kerr,
President of the Oregon Agricultural College; P. L.
Campbell, President of the State University; Robert
C. French, former President of the Weston Normal,
and practically all of the leading educators of the
State. J. A. Churchill, Superintendent of Public In
struction, ' voices the sentiments of those who are
most familiar with the need of more adequate Normal
facilities when he says:
"Oregon's greateat need for Its rural achools Is the
teacher who haa had full preparation to do her work.
Such preparation can beat come through Normal School
"I truat that the voters of the state will assist In ralaing
the atandard of our schools by establishing a State Nor
mal School at Pendleton. The location la central, the in- -tereat
of the people of Pendleton in education moat excel
lent, and .the large number of pupils In the public echoole
' will give ample opportunity to etudente to get the amount
' of teaching practice required In a atandard normal school."
" All the above educators insist that a Standard
Normal School must be located in a town of 5000
or more population and having enough grade pupils
for teaching practice.
By voting YES for No. 308 you will help to give to the
. school children of Oregon the aame advantages enjoyed
by the school children of our neighboring etatea.
Vote YES for No. 308.
Eastern Oregon State Normal School Committee
By J. H. Gwinn, Secy., Pendleton, Ore.
(Paid advertisement)
Woodburn News
(Capital Journal ripe.'ial Service.)
Woodburn, Ore., Sept. 20. .Mrs. Mar
tin (riesy, who lias been Aisiting her
daughter, Mrs. Kugene Moshberger, re
turned to her home in Aurora Sundny.
Mrs. G. A. Book, of .silverton, is visit-1
ing her sister, Mrs. Doc. Shorcy, and
Mrs. Dan Cowles, of this city.
Mrs. Maud Hicks and daughters, Jes
sie and Junuita, and Millie Biunigur
niude a trip to Portland (Saturday,
Geo. Bomiey spent Sunday at Hill
Crest farm with his sons, Hartley and
Boy Bouney.
Mrs. Klizabetb Byers entertained Mr.
Ivan Byers and 'family, Mr. and Mrs.
Beit Byers, at dinner Sunday.
Mrs. Ted Johnson and Opa Broyles
went to Portland Thursday returning
Friday evening.
l.ida Boynton is in ehnrge of the Mills
hotel while Mr. and Mrs. 8. Mills are
attending the Salem state fair.
Mrs. Gill visited friends in Portland
Mrs. klugene Moshberger made a busi
ness trip to Salem Monday.
Dr. Butcher visited in Portland last I
Among the new' pupils registering in
hi eh school this week, were: Mildred!
K oners anil Del De Sart, of Donald, and
Velma Bents, of Aurora.
J. I.. Hendricks returned from Grass
valley, Oregon, whero he has been work
ing during the summer. '
Company I was mustered out Monday
morning and arrived in Woodburn about
5 o'clock, the same evening. A large
crowd of friends- and relatives eatlier-
ed at the depet' to greet them.' They
formed and marched to the armory, then
. disbanded till 6:30, when a sumptuous
dinner was served to tbem consisting of
oyster cocktail, chicken salad, pickles,
pie. enke and ice cream, all kinds of
fruit and smokes. The toastmaster of
the evening was Mayor Steelhammer.
Speeches were made by Colonel J. M.
Poorman and Lieutenant P. A. l.ivesley.
The banquet room and tables were artistically-
decorated with sweet peas,
.ersters, dahlias and at each plate was a
small flag and spray of holly. After
the supper the boys returned to the
drill room where a dance was given in
The most1 you can do for your
teeth visit your dentist twice a
year and three times a day use
For The
Powder Cream
Send 2c stamp today for a cenerons trial package of either
Dr. Lyon's Perfect Tooth Powder or Dental Cream to
L W. Lto at Sons. lac, 561 W. 27t St, New York City
20s taachara who have gradu
the attendance of atudenta
(heir honor. The music, was donated by
the Steelliaininer-Kent orchestra. A
large crowd was present and a good
time was-enjoyed by all.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Moshberger
and family visited friends and relatives
in Mt. Angel Saturday and Sunday.
Spring Valley News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Spring A'alley, Sept. 2r). Mrs. Don
nel Crawford has returned homo from
a weeks visit with Mrs. Howard Ste
phens, below Hopewell.
Mrs. Krank Kock and two children,
rraucis and Billy, trom Parker Station
are spending the week hpre at the
home of her father, V. S. Cotton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Crawford have
returned to their home in Alton, III.,
after a six weeks visitrtiere with their
daughter, Mrs. W. I). Henry, and their
son, rrnnk Crawford. T.iev have rent
ed their place here for another year to
.Mrs. t:. r.. Taylor.
Mrs. Kay .ash, who has not been
in very good health lately, is spend-
iing a tew weeks with Mrs. Geo
tew weeks with Mrs. Geo. Nash
near Hopewell.
j Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Barker attended
'the l'olk county fair lust Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Henry of Sn
lcm were Sunday afternoon guests of
relatives here.
Byron Cornelius of Astoria is visit
ing at the Taylor home.
Sir. Looney, Sr., anil a little grand
child have returned to Kstacudu, after
some time spent here with K. A. Looney
ami family.
R. Holland and wife .iave just return-
led from a trip to Heaver and vicinity,
on the coast, where Mr. llolluml tiuuf
a good market for truit. ,
Koy Baker has entered the universi
ty at EiiL'Cue, and is taking up the
study of medicine.
- Miss Klsie Taylor went to Astoria
Sntimlov to uttend the weddintr of a
! r.lc.,1 Vf:.u l'nr.,ui;a Ml. a vntiivntwl I
home Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. allrvey Crawford and
Mrs. Wayne Henry spent Monday, at
the state- fair, putting their exhibits in
iirs. Cooley of Salem visited last
week with her son, H. W. Cooley and
i i
" !
Ends Ohio Campaign After
Trip Through New Jersey :
Will Rest v
s . By Perry Arnold.
(United Press staff correspondent.) I
Akron; Ohio, - Sept. 27. Nominee
Hughes finished his-tour of Ohio to
day, sore of throat and, tired of body.
He was yanked out of . his bed shortly
after 7 o'clock to make a rear, end
speech here. He was due for a more
extended address at Canton and then
rest until noon, when he was due to ar
rive in Pittsburg.
With his stops here and at Canton
concluding his Ohio stumping exper
ience, it .was estimated today that the
republican nominee has been seen by
about 73,000 Ohioans and has spoken to
probably 50,000. Despite the fact, that
he was almost tired out and his voice
nearly gone from his three days' tour
in Indiana, the candidate "pulled"
more new speeches and touched on
more subjects in the Buckeye state thun
he has in any previous , three days of
campaigning. Tor the most part his
critical analysis of the democratic ad
ministration was directed at the Adam
son eight hour bill and the Mexican
policy but he embellished his attacks
with a-newer line of logic than he has
developed in some time.
This afternoon Hughes w as to iake
his first speech in. Pennsylvania since
becoming a presidential candidate. He
was due to speak twice in the Smoky
City. Leaving the Keystone state to
night after this ono brief appearance
Hughes was due tomorrow at Trenton
and Jersey City for brief addresses,
swinging northward into New York
state on the dav following.
Hughes will have at least a week's
rest in JSew York City after he returns
from his trip on October 1. foinnlcte
relaxation will be nr-eessary if the can
didate is to 'finish his stumping tour.
It may be that he will so down on
Long Island in order to obtain complete
Mrs. Hughes is concerned over her
husband's ability to withstand many
more of the sort of campaign trips lie
is now finishing, particularly that his
throat may go back on him. .Moreover,
the governor, in his moments of relaxa
tion todny, looked tired out. Once on
a nlatform with several thousand cliecr-
'ng people in front of him, he is able to
throw off that weariness and appear re
vived ami lull or energy.
At Same Time Funstonls
Ordered to Send 10,000
Now There to Homes
Washington, Sept. 27. Orders were
issued by thu wur department today to
send to the border immediately the
lollowing militia organizations.
Battery A, New Hampshire field ar
tillery. Third Pennsylvania artillery.
Battery C, .New Jersey artillery.
Batter A, District or Columbia ar
tillery. First lui 1 1 n I ion and battpry (', Vir
ginia field artillery.
Third Xefo York artillery.
Batteries A and C, Alabama field
artillery. .
Batteries K and Connecticut ar
tillery. Second Georgia infantry.
Third District of Columbia infantry.
Troop 1), District of Columbia caval
ry. Batteries A and B, Michigan field
artillery. ,
First regiment (except Second bat
talion) Minnesota field artillery.
Batteries B and C, Colorado artil
lery. Company A, California engineers...
Instructions were issued coincident
ly to Major General Funston to select
10,000 nutioual guardsmen now on bor
der duty and send them to their homes.
The troops ordered1 borderward today
number about 10,000.
sc c sfc sQc sjc sfc sjc sc ije ae s)c sjc 3c
New York, Sept. 27. Thir- .
teen men and two women were
indicted by the grand jury for
strike violence this after
noon under a state law which .
provides a maximum penalty of
20 years imprisonment on ou
viction. The indicted persons, strikers
and sympathizers, who are
charged with assaulting police
men and elevated guards will :
be' arrigned tomorrow before
Justice. NVarsham in general ses
sions. The six states having the most blind
ness are as follows: New Mexico,' IGTTi
blind iersoiis in every 100,000 popula
t ion; Nevada, 11H; Arizona, 1(5; Ken
tacky, 4; Tennessee, 8!l, and Virginia
80. .
family, who leave soon for llarrisburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Alleman and
little daughter of Woodburn are spend
ing several weeks at Krank Crawford's
Mrs. Kate Coyle has returned from
a visit with her mother at Newport.
The Baptist ladies missionary society
met Friday with Mrs. r,. n. Crawford.
A special feature was the surprise hand
kerchief shower given Mrs. II. W. Cool
ey, whose removal from our ncighlior
hood is much regretted.
"The Lady and the Turtle"
Starts "Septetmber Morn"
Discussion Again
Chicago, Sept. 27. Is, the painting
of a nude ' woman ' watching a turtle
naughty or nott '
Chicago which ' started ''September
Jiorn" on ner way to tunic eagerly dc
batod the question today. Incidentally
all Chicago that had time, rushed to
the display window of the artist guild.
' Neither the turtle nor the lady hnve
any covering other than that provided
by nature Arthur Burrngo Farwell of
the Law and Order League, objected to
the display. Bolton Brown of New
York is the artist.
Club women, who sfailed to defend
"September Morn", rushed to the de
fense of the Tnrtlo Laly. "September
Morn" was looking at nothing except
her public bath but the turtle is evi
dently a student of nature.
''As a principle," there is nothing
impure in the nude," said Mrs. Wil
liam P. U rower, vice-president of the
Municipal Art league. "I think ob
jections to nude art are too narrow and
old fashioned to merit consideration."
"Having painted the nude myself
when I was abroad, I would be the last
to. object to it," said Mrs. Harlan
Ward Cooley, president of tho Chicago
woman's club.
''The use of. the nude or semi-nude
in advertising, I object to," said
Mrs. Kdwurd Lyman Lobdell. "Corset
and underwear advertising arc de
moralizing. A nude art work, sincere
ly done, cnnnotnioot with objection
from any one of broad intelligence."
Drink Lots of Water and Stop
Eating Meat for a While
If Your Bladder
Troubles You
When you wake up with backache
and dull misery in the kidney region it
generally means you have been eating
too much incut, says a well-known au
thority. Meat forms uric acid which
overworks the kidneys in their effort
to filter it from the blood ami they
become sort of puroiyzed and loggy.
When your kidneys get sluggish and
clog you must relieve them, like you
reliere vour bowels: removing all tho
body's urinous waste, elso you have
backache, sick headache, di.zy spells;
your stomach sours, tongue is coated,
and when the weather is bad you have
rheumatic twinges. The urine is
cloudy, full of sediment, channels often
get sore, water senilis and you are
obliged to seek relief two or three
times during the night.
. Either consult a good, reliable physi
cian at once or get from your pharma
cist about four ounces of Jail Salts;
take a tnlilespoonful in a glass of
water beforo breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous suits is muilo from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with litliin, and has been used
for generations to clean and stimulate
sluggish kidneys, also to neutralise
acids in tho urine so it no longer irri
tates, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is a life saver for regular
meat eaters. It is inexpensive, cannot
injure and mitlys a delightful, effer-
Had Hard Time Getting
Into Federal Prison
Seattle, Wush., Kept. 27. After un
winding considerable red tape, A. J.
Duhl has finally registered todny as a
prisoner at the McNeill Island fed
eral penitentiary. He had been refus
ed admittance lust Friday. Buhl spent
somo time and energy convincing the
authorities he should be locked up, and
finally had his way.
Duhl, a former railroad conductor,
was convicted of smuggling Chinese
into this country, and sentenced to the
government penitentiary for lo .months.
He appealed. ,
. Last week Dahl decided to stop fight-,
ing' the ruse and went to McNeill's to
begin his sentence. -
"Horry," said the warden, "but
there's nothing doing I have no com
mittment for you."
- Dahl returned to Seattle and finally
persuaded the authorities here to issue
t'ne proper papers.
Zemo for Dandruff
"At1 .In HA lAlfr A -1 . . .
when bair is falling and (he dundruff
germ is killing the bair roots. Delay
means no hair.
J "wn-t a Dome or
zemo for or $1.00 for extra larse
ur h ninxnmi, lor It uoe the
work quickly. It kills the dandruff (term,
nmiriulia tlia hoi, tvwita n .1 i: ......
stops ili-Inn acalp. It is sure and safe,
B ' - "-"J t im KBnj iv Utm UIU Will UUL
iuiu. ?uuja uuu vuuuifioos are narm
ful, as they contain alkali. The best
thing to use is xetuo, for it Is pure and
ftlso inexpensive.
Zemo, Cleveland.
Portland Herd to Bring Band
Which Gives Concert
in Evening
,- Thursday, September 28, has been
designated as Elks' Day and Night at
the Stnto Fair, the week of Septcnibor
23, and the Elks lodges of Portland and
Salem have made elaborate arrange
ments to celebrate the occasion iii their
usual original and thorough styje. It
is expected, weather conditions being
favorable that the Portland Elks, this
being Portlaud Day also, will turn out
in greater force upon this occasion
than they have for a long time, accord
ing to ,T. Frank Hennessey, advance
agent and general booster for thj
Portland Lodge and also Drum Major
of the Elks' band, who was in Salem
and upon the grounds Sunday making
final arrangement for the grand
Visitation, and no pains n expense
will be spared to make it a success
from every point of view.
The boys o'f Porth-nd Lodge 'n. 142
are enthm'.-Ktic over the mar. and
will turn out in full force to make,
the trip accompanied by th full 1 i.nd
of -10 pieces. We hdc outlinee" a ten
tative draft of musical progi.m f:ir the,
evening's entertainment in the now
auditorium which will I supplemented
later on and interspersed with ad
dresses and other interesting and en
tertaining numbers, so that thero will
not be n dull moment during the time
I from the hour of arrival until our
i snecinl nulls out for home, which will
!be not earlier than 10:15 p. in.," said I
Mr. Hennessey. He was in conference
with the reception and entertainment
committee of Sulem Lodge No. .'i.'IO nnd
all arrangements hae been made for
the entertainment of the visitors in
their own peculiar and characteristic
Arrives About Noon
The Portland excursion will leave
Portland about II o'clock Thursday
morning and will arrive at the Fair
Grounds about noon. The train will
proceed to Salem where tho Portland
Elks, joined by the Sulem. Lodge, will
give a big street parade and repair to
the ElaJ-t building for refreshments.
They will come out to the grounds in
time for the Elks Band to furnish a
part of the program in the grandstand j
at the race track. The big program of
entrance to the grounds, will be eliiboi
auditoriuiu of the new pavilion, be
ginning at 7:.'!0 in the evening. Sec-retury-Munugor
Lea of the Fair-Board
will furnish the Elks a commodious
tent for headquarters during their
stay upon the grounds and the main
entrance to the grounds will be alubor
ntely decorated with the colors and
emblems of the Elks lodge nnd u daz
zling array of colored fights.
Elks Musical Program
The program to be rendered by the
Portland Lodge in the evening, us ar
ranged to date and subject to change
and elaboration to provide for a num
ber of special features in course of ar
rangement, will be as follows:
B. P. O. E., Portland Lodge, No. 112.
Bund Concert bv the Portland Elks'
celebrated Baud, nt the auditorium,
State Fair ((rounds, Salem, Thursday
opening, Sept. 2S. at 7:-'10, Bro. Joseph
Tignno, Portland lodge, conductor.
First Part
1. March, "Corcoran Cadets" Sousu
2. Overture, '' Era Diavelo," Auber
Extra Special Vocal solo, Bio. War
ren R. Erwin, Portland lodge 142.
At the piano? Hro. Carv W. House
nun, Portland Lodge No. 142.
a. Waltz. "Lea Sirene8"....Waldten'fcld
4. Recollection of (irund Operu, " Hub-1
nlonia" ., Mnssi
3. ''Popular Songs 11117 " Lnnipe
(i. BH Buss solo, "Asleep in the Deep"
Bro. Hnyinond .1. Ellis, Portland
lodge No. 142.
Extra Special Hecitntion, "Tho Ob
vious," John Mory, Portland.
7. Selection, ''Hobin Hood," De Koven
X. "Star Spangled Banner"
Francis Scott Key
Tomorrow's Races.
1. 3 minute trot (Farmers' Knee), 2 in
:i, 2U0.
2:12 Trot, "Elks' Stake," 3 in 5,
1. John Muck, Ceo. Fuller Ida Purple.
2. Stunjst, Tse Kink Fred Staren-
It. True Kinney,' Kinney Lou My
4. Phzcfesters Linwoiid, not given
not given.
5. Lottie Ansel, Prince Ansel Lottie
6. Mack Fit.simnions, Bob Fitzsim-
mons Jennie Muck.
7. Flora Dora '., Zombro Dora.
S. B. & M., Zombro Ansel.
i. Oakland Moore, Ouklund Baron
Not given.
10. ftuy Light, Seurchlight Not given.
11. Bon Ouy, Bon Volagi Lamusco
vitta. 12. Mountain Boy, Seymour Wilkes
Silver Bud.
13. Complete, Pulite fiuy water Wilkes
14. Hullie, B, Hal B Zircon.
15. A. R. L, (iiimuer Hal Claudia
18. Copious, La f'npia Beatns.
2:20 Pace, 3 Heats, Every Heat a Race,
1. Hi Ho, Keeler Unknown.
2. Wallace Hal, llul B Midget.
II. Sallv II, Hal Norte Crooked Foot
4. Vern Hal, Hal B Vero.
5. McAlpin, Prince Seattle, Zoinbromt-
rt. Chiquiln, Diablo Unknown.
7. Lena Patch, Ore., Patch Allulena.
S. Hall Logan, Jim Logan Sweet Dal
ly. -
0. Kinney Wave, Tidal Wave l'n
known. Hi. Sonoma Maid, Major Buford
Hernice T.
11. Tempest, Exisus llernice T.
12. Montana Bi lie, Hal Mercury L'n-
Attention! C
10 Discount
On all purchases at our store, excepting collars,
for Company members
Fair Visitors
Will find it profitable to trade at Salem's Reliable
Clothing Store
Brick Brothers
The Store that guarantees every purchase.
Corner State and Liberty Streets.
Lost? Found? Help?
Va Sale? HnilSP Wdnrprl?
'& An Auto? A Horse? If
phone directory
17. ... 1 C11
Ma uveiy pnujie in oaiem, lvianon ana roiK coun
5 ties connects in an instant with The Capital re
:::: Journal Want Ad Phone No. 81.
Hal Stcwurt,
Hal Mercury l'n-
Windsor Direct
Buroii Diiect ,
Cecil Woodline.
King Zolock, ZolocH 1'nknowii.
Joe Bucliley, Bonnie McKay
Lady Liuinort.
miles (Portland DerbvL o00.
Pony and novelty races and oilier in
teresting features.
Blackmailers' Sucker
List Found by Police
Chicago, Sept. 27. The police have
discovered what thev believe to be the
If You Suffer from Backache,
matism Take Hot
American men and women must guard
constantly against kidney trouble, ber
cause we eat too niuch-aud all our food
is rich. Our blood is filled with uric
acid which the kidneys strive to filter
out, they wraken from overwork, be
come sluggish; the diminutive tissues
dug and the result is kidney trouble, 1
bladder weakness and a general decline j
in health, j
When your kidneys feel like lumps of j
lead, when your back hurts or the urine I
is cloudy, full of sediment, or you are;
obliged to seek relief two or three times'
during the night, when you suffer with
sick headache or dizzy, nervous spells,
acii) stomach, or you have rheumatism I
when the weather is bad, get from your
druggist "Anuric." Because of uric
acid in over-abundance in the sys
tem, backache, puins hero and then),'
o. M.
Work? For Rent? For B
Rncinooo flnnnvtimHiT? Wm
vour name is in the tele.
-.. ' i T-i-ll M"
' 'sucker list" used by the supposed
bluckmuileis ill finding victims hero.
The booul, a small yellow volume, con
tains names of dozens of prominent
Chicagouns with their telephone num
bers ami uddiesses,
l-'eileiHl investigutor Clubnugli, who
is closely guarding the book at this
office toiluy, said it would bo gien to
State's Attorney Hoync for uso in his
investigations. Jts contents will not
be revealed at present, but officers say
that, aided by names and the informa
tion in tho small book, they will un
earth dozens of, plots to vjctimizo
f hicagoans.
Wedding Invitations, Announcements
and Calling Carda Printed at the Jour
nal Job Department.
Lumbago, Kidneys or Rheu-
Water and "ANURIC"
rheumatism, gout, gravel, neuralgia
and sciatia result, It was Dr. Pierce
who discovered a new agent, called
"Anuric" which will throw out and
eradicate this urie acid from the sjf
rem. Dr. Pierce believes 'Anuric " to
be 37 times more potent than litbia,
and consequently you need no longer
fear muscular or articular rhcumatinn
or gout, or many other diseases which
are dependent on an accumulation of
uric acid within the body. Send Dr.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. YM
10c, for trial package or $1.00 for full
treatment ,'Anuric."
Dr. Pierce's reputation is back of this
medicine and you know that his
"Pleasant Pellets" for the liver and
his "Favorite Prescription" for the ills
of women have had a splendid reuuU
tiou for the past 50 years.