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W. B. Corsets"
VC liwllO
While in Town
(On Second Floor.)
Toys, Dolls, Games and Scores of other things to
please the childish hearts.
This Store Will Close Tomorrow,
Three Survivors Reach Shore
This Morning Tell of
Onwign, X. Y., Sept. 2(1. Tlio steamer
Kuberval, bmnul from Ottawa to Oswe
80, went down in a storm five mile off
Oswego early toilny. Six wore lost,
Three survivors were rescued.
Iu a buttery lifeboat, luilf filled with
water, three sailors, exhausted after an
eight hours' fight with wind and waves,
arrived at the const guard station at
i o iiock this morning with tho story
i me miming oi me itonervnl. The
steamer, which was loaded with lumber,
sank six miles off this port at 8 o'clock
iBsr. mi; lit.
Six members of the crew went down.
The lost are:
Captain Peter Kli, Ottnwa. owner.
Mate Joe Perridien, Alfred, Out.
Cook Jennie I'nrent, Ottawa.
Fireman .Murcelle Messiner.
Henry Saguin, Hull, Quebec.
Deckhand Theodore I.cKoy, Hull,
The suvivors of the wreck were:
Kngineers hillip Trotieri Hull, Que
bec; Oliver Osngee, Ottawa.
Wheelsman Kd l.agoe, St, Ann Hell
vue. In a heavy sea the Roberviil's deck
load of lumber listed.
Waves dashed into the craft, sinking
her. The crew was wii-died overboard.
T.eRoy was struck by a board and sank
immediately. The survivors' escape was
miraculous. Trotier was thrown into
the, lifeboat and he picked Osagen and
l.agoe from the lake. The sea then dash
ed the lifeboat away from the wreck.
Miner memners or the crew sought snfe
ty on the lumber but a search tn.lnv
failed to bring rescue and they are giv- i
en up as lost.
The Robercnl was a steel lioat.
Kort Worth, Texas, Sept.
general strike of eonl miners in Texas
appeared imminent Into this afternoon
when the operators, answering tho de
mands of the miners, declined to grant
the increase In wages naked. The
operators offered to continue neuotia
tiona If the miners resumed work. I
I he miners are preparing a reply
wnica win tie delivered tonight. It is
believed certnln they will refuse to ro
turn to work.
Our Store will be open until 10 a. m. Salem Day,
and then closed until 5 p. m. We will be open
again after five p. m.
Damon & Son
No deliveries after 9 a. m. Phone 68. 855 N Com'l
"Munsing Underwear"
For the past 60 days we've been busy assembling a most magnificent line of Wo
men's, Misses and Children's Wearing Apparel. This choice. new line fresh from the
designing rooms of America's foremost manufacturers should appeal to the most
rifipol TYiora ra manv ciiffffpcfinnc nf flip npupct irlpac in tliP cwaffffor Innco fif-
jl lilUUl, 1 V HIV X11U.11 J 4ugvwuviiu VI WIV uvmvwiuvhu w.Miv uirMggvi ivvvv iv
ting Coat to the semi-fitted flared skirt effect in Suits. Here you'll find a distinctive
style to suit every figure as well as the pocket book. Stylish stouts to fit and be
come the matronly figure and lots of catchy styles for the woman of normal dimen
sion. We invite your inspection. "
Will be held on next Thursday instead of Wednesday on account of "Salem
Day" at the fair.
A Surprise Offering of Pretty
Embroidered Crash Pillow Covers
Nicely embroidered Tops in colors various designs, pillow cover is new o
blong shape and has fringed ends; this fancy cushion slip is made complete
all ready for the cushion.
Extra special Surprise Value next Thursday 49c Each
Sale starts at 8:30. See the Window Display.
Legislators Want This But
Governor Whitman Op
posed To It
New York, Sept. ill. (iurernor
Whitman will eonfer with members of
the public service commission and
giw thorn his views on tho street ear
strike and outgrowing labor troubles
with a view to bringing the. belliger
ents together, tao governor 'announced
todny. .
The word was given to a committee
of state legislators who culled on him
asking that he step in. Thev also
asked that in event of failure to end
the labor trouble by personal effort,
that the governor call a special session
of the state legislature to enact legis
lation ma Ming recurrence impossible.
A special session of the legislature,
is not contenipliited. The governor, it
is known, does not consider the matter
serious enough.
Strike Due Tomorrow.
New York, Sept. 20. An extraordi
nary session of the New York legisla
ture to deal with conditions growing
out of the New York Traction strike
will be repisted of Governor Whit
man this afternoon when the New
York City members of tho legislature
will meet with him at tho Hotel St.
The movement to hold the special
session hns the support not only of
the Now York legislators, but the
strike leaders as well, according to re
ports. Governor Whitman, however , on
previous occasions, hns not been favor-
ablo to the iden of a special session
f 'he legislature and there is no cer-
tuinty that he will accede to tho re
quest of the legislative committee.
The union lenders are now reluctant
to make nay positive prediction as to
the number of workers who will
respond to their general striKfc call
but have announced that probably
some of the unions originally scheduled
to go out tomorrow will not join the
movement until next week. The build
ing trades councils of Manhattan and
the Hronx deferred action until Thins-
Lenders of the strikers declare that
reports from the labor organizations
regarding the ''cessation of work" in
Salem Day, at 10:30 as Usual
sympathy with tho carmen aro encour
aging but claims, as to tho number that
will respond have been reduced.
Conditions never before witnessed
here, are promised for New York City
by Willinm B. Fitzgerald, organizer.
Ho said that many unions not now on
tho list would join those who will wnlk
out tomorrow. These, he said, are be
ing kept secret to prevent "blacklist
ing" of their members by their em
ployers. Two shots were fired at an '!'
train early today and a striking guard,
captured nearby was found to have a
revolver with two empty shells. A
beer bottle and a milk bottlo crashed
through the windows of an clecnted
train at Forty Sixth street, and sev
eral passengers were cut. '
Villa Moves Toward Amer
ican Forces Captured
Carranza Garrison
By Webb Miller.
(Tinted 1'ress staff correspondent.)
F.I Fnso, Texas, Sept. 2(1. Pancho
Yilla's bandit forces have broken
cainp and have started on a movement
toward the lines of the American puni
tive expedition, according to reports
reaching Juarez today from Mexican
sources, and reaching Columbus, N. M.,
from the American forces. Since his
attack on Chihuahua City II) days ago,
the bandit leader has been in camp
about .'10 miles outside that city.
As this is his first movement since
the attack it is feared Villa intends to
cut railway communication with the
north or plans an attack upon other
towns at once.
Military officials here refuse to be
lieve Villa will hazard an attack upon
Pershing's expedition. Others point out
that ns a last desperate effort to up
set the delicate Mexican ituiition and
discredit de facto President Carranza
the bandit lender may sent purt of his
forces ugainst General I'ershiug's out
posts to force a pursuit of the bandits
and a further invasion of Mexico by
American forces.
Captured the "Army."
Juarez, Mexico, Sept. 26. Roving
bands of bandits are reported oerat
ing less than 50 miles south of the inter
national horder todav
i. . i a i , i
i mi nip nriivui oi several wounneo 1
soldiers here yesterday new s of the bat
tie of Snmnlyuca, 42 miles south of
this city, spread rapidly causing ap-
Sreheiisiou among the townspeople of
uarex. According to reports euremt
in the streets and sent to mining men
from the vicinity of the reported battle,
30ft bandits, believed to be Villietns,
fell upon the 60 de facto soldiers gar
risoning Snmnlyuca. art of the gar
rison surrendered and joined the band
its. Those refusing to join were slaught
ered. Tho wounded were left behind
and were later brought north to Juarex.
At military headquarters here a clash
between Carraiizistus and bandits was
denied, but one officer admitted there
had been an action and that there was
a reason for tho hurried departure south
ward yesterday of Oeneral Gour.ales
with 300 cavalry.
Warehouses, mills and the superiie-
tcmiont a residence at r.smeralda mine,
a Guggenheim' property at Sierra Mo-
jada, Coaliuiln, have been looted and
burned by bandits calling themselves
luusina, n was lenrneii ioay.
"Butterick Patterns
anna '
Statement Made That More
Than 200 Have Been
Shot Recently
Kl l'nso, Texas, Sept. 20. More than
200 civilians have been placed before
filing squads and executed sinco the
Villista attack on Chihuuhuii City 10
day ago,' according to a report made
to military headquarters here. All were
accused of "sniping" at Carranza sol
diers during the fighting.
One of the prisoners released from
Chihuahua penitentiary during the at
tack arrived here today. He asserted
he hud seen Villa and, heard him talk.
In a statement Made to secret ser
vice men the released prisoners said
that H08 others released with him, were
lined up before Villa personally in camp,
22 miles outside Chihuahua City and
given their choice of joining the Tuiiidit
forces or returning tq the city. Thirty
six went back. .
After being interviewed by the secret
service men -Mexican. Consul Garcia took
a statement from the former prisoner
which hns not been made public.
I. W. W.s Take Possession
of North Yakima Jail
North Yakima, Wash., Sept. 2(1.
Forty six I. W. V agitators are in
possession of the .jail hero tiodny, hold
ing at. bay a cordon of officers, a big
crowd of citizens and the fire depart
ment, which has jepeatedly turned the
hose on them in vain.
The outbreak; started at S a. in.
Prisoners lipped bars from windows,
tore up floors, wrenched iron cots to
pieces and began battering the wooden
walls. In a short time the building
was practically wrecked. It is being
systematically demolished.
Yells of defiance greeted n stream of
water from a fire engine. Tnable to
enter the prison, deputies formed a
ring around it to prevent the inmates
from dashing for liberty.
An effort may be made later to rush
the. jail and subline the I. W. W. mob.
Hock Island, III., Sept. 2(i. Two men
were killed, three injured this morn
ing, one probably fatally, when an el
evator iu the John Deere Wagon com-
.'......... M..1:... ..n
i'"11,' -,0,11,1,, i .iiuuiic ii-ii a oi-ti.iiirr
;,- i.i.iu Ti..,
lend and injured
were employes of the company.
Up to six o'clock last night, the
Southern Pacific had handled 155 ears
for tho state fair. This is already 15
iu excess of . the number handled "dur
ing the entire fair last' year, all of
which indicates that the state fair of
1910 has a larger number of exhibits
than any prevfons fair, especially as
the express companies reiort a volume
of business double that of one year
Fire practically destroyed the rest-
deuce of Leroy Hewlett, at 46a t-nth I
Capital street early this i.-tormng, to-
gether with its contents. The fire,
which was eaused by defective wiring,
so it is thought, was discovered at
about 2:4.1 o'clock. U was burning so
fiercely when the department arrived
that it was possible to save only the
surrounding' property. Mr. Hewlett's
loss is about if40il, partially covered by i
All Around Town
Sept. 25-30 Oregon State Fair.
Sept. 28. Elk's day at state
Sept. 2T. Shriners day at state
September 28. Flex day at
State Fair.
Oct. 4-5-6-1Marion County In
stitute, Salem.
Oct. 13. Inauguration of Dr.
Carl Gregg Doney as presi
dent of Willamette Universi
ty. , October 16-17. Degree of Hon
or convention. ,
Oct. 18-19 Maccabee conven
tion. October 17-20. Baptist state
convention, Salem."
November C. City primary
November 7. Presidential elec
tion. Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse
M correctly. U. S. Bank. Bld,j.
A party of eight arrived in the city
yesterday from Hanford, Calif., look
ing over the Willamette valley with
the intention of locating.
Leading jewelers ana silversmiths
Hartman Bros. Co., successor to Barr's.
Tomorrow is Salem day and all school
children under
the age of ten will
admitted free. No special
will be given by the schools.
....Dr. F. H. Thompson has his offices
remodeled and specializes in Ear, Nose,
Eye and Throat. 414 Bank of Com
merce, ti
The temperature yesterday was more
of tho fall
weather style with 08 as
the maximum and 4S the minimum
For the past three days the guage of
the river lias read . helow zero.
Drink Cereo, the liquid food, the
Health drink. Ask your grocer. tf
The service of the , street railway
company is being taken care of this
week by (iO men, operating 24 cars.
The Commercial street line will run
from the fair grounds until midnight
each night of the ta'r.
No finer stock anywhere than at
Hartman Bros. Co., jewelers and sil
versmiths. State and Liberty.
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Katt and two
daughters. Miss I ola and Miss Aspha
sia, of Kokomo, Indiana, are in the
city for a lew days' visit. They are
especially interested in the state fitir
and will attend Salem day.
Jitney dance at fair grounds, in
grand stand every night this week.
Music by Booth strilfg orchestra. sep27
The Salem Patriotic League, through
the president, Mrs. W. O. Asseln. wish
to thank the many patriotic people of
Salem who assisted them iu various
ways at the reception and banquet giv
en the returning soldiers nt the armory,
last evening.
The Spa will serve lunch from 8
m. until 12 - ni., good service, you will!
not have to wuit. (food eats,
McMinnville is now calling attention
to its cowboy shoy to be livid there Oc
tober 4, 5 ami 6. Without exactly ap
propriating the Pendleton "Let 'er
lluck" slogan, the McMinnville peo
ple are getting pretty dose to it with
the motto "See 'em Buck."
Owing to next Wednesday being Sa
lem day nt the state fair the United
Artisans will not hold their regular
meeting on that evening. sept2i
The Moose lodge will entertain the
eight returning soldiers of Company .M,
all members of the Moose lodge. The
bnni-uct will lie given at the lodge af
ter the regular meeting. A program
of music and addresses has also been
arranged. All members of the lodge
and their families are invited.
Dr. B. Meuric Roberts, osteopathic
physician, 309 Musonin bldg., phone 409
&lverton and Gervais were without
telephone, connections about two hours
Sunday afternoon. When the prune
dryer of Antone (iehrman, two miles
east of t'heinnwn burned Sunday af
ternoon, one of the iiigh line poles was
also destroyed, cutting communication
until the repair muu arrived on the
Dr. Alice Bancroft, over Stockton's
Eye and Nerve Specialist.
A grocery store at Albany was burg
larized last night, and Salem officials
have been notified to keep an eye out
for' suspicious looking characters. The
grocery safe was blown to pieces, ac
cording to the report received here, and
about 400 in cash taken together "with
a number of notes and checks the total
value of which is not known. The store
was owned by Scott & Conn.
Bring your agates boms to be pol
ished. Gardner & Keene, Jewelers,
The 8alera Floral society is making
a creditable exhibit and as a mntter
l.,l ...i.d kA .....?T..t .1.1 n.
:':." ' ', ," : 'j ..:' :."L
- ie ,.itv. Mr. u Vall.-e is
w hl r;tf ( pxnii,i,. As the
r,orai 0l.i,tv is workimi only for the
good of the city and as tne memiiership
and annual dues amount to onlv
eents, an effort will be made this fall
to bring the enrollment up to loon, and
when this number is interested, begin
I several improvements for the city, such ,
as offering rose bushes free to those
uno will cultivate tnein,
Salem's most reliable jewelers, Gard
ner & Eeene.
Word was received from Freg Man
gis this morning to the effect that he
was working hard in the interests of
the Drager Fruit company at Rosebnrg,
where he expects to continue for the
next two or three weeks.
Dance tonight at armory.
Three drunks were brought before
Judge Klgin in police court this morn
ing. Kd Hollcnbeck was sentenced to
seven days in the city jail, and James
Donovan and A. Neelauds were each
lined MO.
.. Will pay 18c for live turkeys and
I (jo for broilers weighing 1 ',a lbs. or
less. Mickenliam & Co., Fanners Feed
shed 100 S. High.
Tom OTdemann will sing at the state
fair tomorrow. In the afternoon at
tiie race track, he will sing, "My
Wonderful Love for Thee." "in the
evening at the horse show, his song
will be, "Love, Here's My Heart."
Dr. M. P. Mendelshon just received
a Geneva ophthalmoscope and retino
scope, an instrument for ascertaining
retractive conditions ot the eve wit.i
out asking the patient. This instru
ment adds greatly to the efficiency of
his yffiee.
The boys from the border came back
weighing about a ton more, provided
they were all weighed at oiu-e. The I
be'B,""Kc ' T V , v , -
is evidence that army rations and go-,
ing to bed at 9:30 is fine for the
Dance tonight at armory.
Completed petitions of candidacy
have been filed at the city recorder's
' , ! '"K ,H"""",U'; ,u,r
T. Welsh and Frank II. shedeck, for
chief of police; 11. W. Elgin, for city
recorder, and C. (). Kice, ror city treas
urer. 1
Tomorrow is Salem Day
Smoke Sulem Segal's,
llyrrnde and I.nCoronn.
Sergeant French of Eugene has been '
assigned to the fcalem recruiting sta
tion, and will take charge October 1.
Sergeant Schuster who opened the Sa
lem office and has made a fine record
as a recruiting officer, has been as
signed to Kngene.
ance tonight at armory.
It is an ill wind that blows nobody
good, or words to that effect. The un
claimed blankets that were loaned to
Company M were tnluin from the ar
mory and loaned to the members of the
sagebrush band at the fair grounds.
When the blankets have served their
purpose in keeping tiiese youngsters
warm during the week, they the blan
kets will be returned to tho armory.
Two prisoners attempted to escape
from ithe penitentiary Sundnv night bv
digging through the wall of the bakery,
out were mseovered hetore thev had
made much progress. They were Frank
nguer ana inrrell J'one, lioth irom
Multnomah county, and have been work
ing in the bnkerv. Wagner, it is stnted,
hns made several attempts to escape in
times' past, ami iu one instance was suc
Dance tonight at armory.
Dr. W. O. Asseln has decided defi
nitely to locate iu St. Paul, Minn,
where he has been visiting relatives
for the pnt six weeks. Word to this
effect was received this morning by
Mrs. Asseln when she received n tele
gram from the doctor to at once begin
packing their household goods and ship
them to St. Paul.
Dance tonight at armory.
fciss Anne D. Swezey, librarian of
the city public library Is working on
n program for the winter lectures and
entertainments to be given in the libra
ry auditorium. While not quite ready
to announce the program. Miss Swe
zov gives the assurance that the course
will be of more than average interest.
Several grand opera Victroln concerts
will be given during the winter, with
short nddresses explaining the operas.
The lectures will be given the first and
third Fridays of ea'-h month during
the wjnter, licgiuiiilng with Fridiip',
Noveimier tf.
J. L. Smith of Coquille, agriculturist
for Coos county, is in charge of the
Coos county exhibit at the state fair.
He says that just now his county is
"Cows and corn make the coin" and
products. He has adopted the motto,
"Cows and corn make the coin" ami
he has evidence to prove it. The crop
of com was big this year and the num
ber of cows increasing. When it comes
to making cheese. Mr. Smith snys the
Tillamook country hns nothing on Coos
county, the only difference now being
that the Tillamook farmers are better
organized. Anyhow, he thinks that
cows, cheese and corn is putting Coos
county on tne map.
George Bowman, the three year old
son of .1. H. Kowmnn living in the Kose
dale district about six miles south of
Salem, fell under a wagon loaded with
prunes yesterday atternoou and was
instantly killed. The buby was being
drawn along the road in his express
wagon and while attempting to climb
out ns he passed the prune wagon, fell
under the wheels and was crushed be
fore there whs a chance to rescue him.
His funeral was held this afternoon nt
2::0 o'clock at the same time of his
great srandinother, Mrs. Margaret M.
Howmaii, at the Terwilliger undertak
ing parlors. tlurial will be iu the Odd
Fellows cemetery.
The Journal Does Job Printing.
First-class work. All kinds
of repairing. All work guar-
anteed. Twenty-five years'
ifc experience. .Leave orders at
Wylie B. Allen Co., phono 1187.
Residence phone 1405.
915 Highland Avenue. sjef.
Salem-Independence Auto
$ Service $
phone 939 or 1255
Leaves Salem, cor. State and
Liberty Street daily, 8:00 a. m.,
11:00 a. ni., 2:30 p. m. and
6:00 p. m.
Leaves Independence opposite
Postoffice dailv.
9:00 a. m., 12:30 p. m., 4:00 p. m.
and 7:00 p. m.
J Fare, 50c
Extra Cars for Country Trips. A
Ally K1MD
Notice to Farmers
Woodry the auctioneer will sell
your farm stock. Sales for 2
per cent and guaranteo satisfac
tion. Phone 511.
I will pay you the highest
cash price for your used furni
ture. Phone 511, Woodry the
Good Buy. 12th and Ferry Sts".
Who Needs a Business
The young man who desires, to
'enter business life with every as
surance of success.
The young man who is planning to
take a college eonrse or n course in
dentistry, lnw or medicine and get
the full benefit of the important
The young man who expects to
farm or enter some business on his
own account, so that he may be
able to figure and show his sources
Of profit.
The young woman who wishes to
learn to do pleasant niter remuner
ative work in a business office
thnt will ninke her independent and
The young wou an who wishes to
earn her way through college with
pleasant work.
The young woman who expects to
marry and settle down in a home
Of her own, so that she may be a
real help to her husband niid able
to care for her business interests
if misfortune should come.
In fact, there is no young person
who would not profit 'by bcinj; the
possessor of a training such ns may
be secured nt the
Capital Busiuess
Coll or send for our new catalogue.
In addressing the returning members
of Company M last evening at the nr
mory, llen.ininiii Prick spoke in part as
follows: "Do not think because you
diil guard duty, your victory was n
hollow one. Vour victory was even
grenter than Caesar's when he held
all Koine in the palm of his hand. Kv
en greater than Napoleon 'a when ic
victoriously marched his soldiers thru
Austria, Russia and France. You gen
tlemen, have won a bloodless victory
tar greater than hail you won a bloody
victory. You forced the assnmptons
Carranr.a to sit up and take notice. In
conclusion, allow me to wish you aM
the link iu the world when you again
take up your peaceful commercial pursuits."