Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 22, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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"W. B. Corsets" "Munsing Underwear"
For School
A Special School-Time Sale of
new uijumi vudis luiuuiiuw uic
Last Day
Just received a big line
Girls, serviceable and
size from 6 to 16 years.
Every coat well made
ioned in best manner.
while low prices prevail.
4 )C 3fC 9fC )C 9fC 9C 3)C 9C 9C 9fc 3fC fG 3C
First-class work. All kinds
of repairing. All work guar
anteed. Twenty-five years'
experience. Leave orders at
Wylio B. Allen Co., phono 1187.
Residence phono 14(15.
015 Highland Avenue.
J. T. Anderson the special sales man
in the city, returning from a business
trip in the Sound country. He snys
business seems to be recovering in the
Washington cities excepting where the
principal - industries were mi lino n and
these towns are experiencing some hard
The Journal Does Job Printing.
t Salem-Independence Auto
; Phone 931) or 1255
Leaves Salem, cor. State and
Liberty Street daily, 8:00 a. m.,
11:00 a. m., 2:30 p. m. and
' 6:00 p. m.
Leaves Independence opposite
Postoffice dailv.
9:00 a. m., 12:30 p. m., 4:00 p. m.
and 7:00 p. m.
J- Fare, 50c t
' Extra Can for Country Trips.
Any KinD Any time
Notice to Farmers
Woodry the auctioneer w ilt Bell
your farm stock. Sales for 2
per cent and guarantee satisfac
tion. Phone 511.
I will pay you the highest
cash price for your used furni
ture. Phone 511, Woodry the
I WjYfl) near 1 1
- to - Wear News
For the past 60 days we've been busy assembling a most
magnificent line of Women's, Misses and Children,s Wear
ing Apparel. This choice new line fresh from the design
ing rooms of America's foremost manufacturers should
appeal to the most critical. There are many suggestions
of the newest ideas in the swagger loose fitting Coat to
the semi-fitted flared skirt effect in Suits. Here you'll find
a distinctive style to suit every figure as well as the
pocket booh. Stylish stouts to fit and become the matron
ly figure and lots of catchy styles for the woman of normal
dimension. We invite your inspection.
of these splendid Coats for
stylish garments, ranging in
Tomorrow attractive prices.
of desirable fabrics and fash-
Bring the girl here this week
One With No Feelings To Be
Hurt or Pride To Be
Wounded Preferred
Several prominent citizens seem to
be side stepping the nomination for
mayor of the beautiful city of Salem.
Since Hurley O. White came to, the
decision tnni iu Imd done his bit in
the way ef Servian the eonimunitv ns
alderman for two years nml two years'
more us mayor, there hns been a' gen-j
ernl casting around lor a safe audi
siino candidate and at the same time
one who would ginger up things and
give plenty of his time to city affairs
just for the honor of the job.
Yesterday a number of prominent
citizens culled on Uit. L. IViirce with
the suggestion that he do the patriotic
net and permit the mention of his
name on a strictly nonpartisan ticket.
Mr. IVarce couldn't see it in the same
light ns some of his friends, although
there are hopes yet that ho will re
consider his first refusal.
' W. W. Moore of the Moore furniture
store also hns had delegations calling
on him with the gentle suggestion thnt
lie was the right man for the job and
as yet thero is nothing definite as to
whether he would or would not con
sider serving the city na mayor.
Hnl 1). Patton is also among those
''prominently mentioned." It is re
called that Sir. Patton has served the
state as senator but there is no record
that ho has done his bit for the city,
and therefore there are those who be
lieve he should be called to the colors
and give some of his time for the
city's good.
F. (J. Deckebach is also In the line
up ns one of the possibilities. Mr.
Deckebach thinks he is really Immune
and is inclined to think the consider
ation of lira name as a possible candi
date for mnyilr noincituug in the way
of a joke. Some of his friends think
otherwise, especially as a business man
is wanted in the mayor's chair, and
they think the Loju man measures up
just right.
Hussoll Catlin is alo in the lime
light a a possible candidate for the
i head of the eity, not because he stop
i ped Into the light, but from the fact
that' his friends pushed him therje.
'They figure that tho job of niavor
requires a lot of time and thnt after
rfie busy season in hops is over, Mr.
Catlin eould very well devote most of
his working hours to the good of the
; community.
A. O. Bligh Isn't saying much. l
, though he ha been among those men
tioned. It isn't known even whether
Mr. liligh is in "a receptive mood and
"Butterick Patterns"
imn'iiminiinmnitn iy "
( u Ti,-,
(Insists That They Must Stand
by Principle of
By Perry Arnold.
(I'nited Press staff correspondent.)
Anderson, Ind., .Sept. 22. In another j
of his short speeches today, Charles
Evans Hughes went a trifle further thnil
heretofore in warning orgnili.ed labor
of the dangers of surrendering the prin
ciple of arbitration, as evidenced, he
snid, in the Adiimsou bill.
"The time is not so far distant," h
added, "when railroad companies re
fused arbitration mid men sought in
vain for that sort of settlement of their
controversies. Now it is no friendship
to lalior it is not a friendly act to
labor to dispense with that principle.
I desire to suggest that it is very im
portant that lenders of laoor nnd men
interested in labor legislation should
think yerv carefully whether in this
country they wish to give up the prin
ciple of collective bargaining and iinve
the president establish wages fixed bv
At Newcastle, first stop of the day,
there were nearly a thousand men, wo
men and children massed at the railroad
station. They gave the candidate a rous
ing welcome and cheered his hoarse-
voiced arguments. He spoke mainly
about the tariff. Mrs. Hughes was
frankly Concerned about her husbuud
withstanding successfully the tremeuil
ous strain of speaking as he did yes
terday and as he is scheduled to do to
day. At Newcastle she let him speak
for a few moments and .then hcrscH
signalled to the manager of the tour.
Charles V. Farnhnm, to tell the engineer
to start obt. Fnrnhum obeyed and the
candidate's voice was saved a little ad
ditional strain.
Harry Keil ii not only a solo cor
net player in the Cherrian iand, but
something of a fruit expert as well.
At the Polk county fair he was award
ed several priies for fruit grow on
his ranch just across the river.
while he is a busy man running two
moving picture theatres, a hotel and
the opera house besides other interests,
there is an impression thnt he might
eluist if the citizens so desire.
Fred S. ltynon says that he never
was a candidate for the office of
mavor arid that he has never really
considered the proposition. His name
has been mentioned by friends, hut
Mr. Vtynon does not see it that way
and ''respectfully declines" to get in.
Wanted: A safe and sane man for
mayo. f Kulcoi.
All Around Town
September 25. Public reception
to Company AI, at Armory,
Sept. 25-30 Oregon State Fair.
Sept. 28. Elk's day at state
Sept.' 27. Shrincrs day at state
Oct. 4-5-6 Marion County In
stitute, Salem.
.Oct. 13.-Inauguration of Dr.
Carl Gregg Doney as presi-f
dent of Willamette Universi
ty. October 16-17. Degree of Hon
or convention.
Oct. 18-19 Maccabee conven
tion. October 17-20. Baptist, state
convention, Salem."
November 6. City primary
November 7. Presidential elec
tion. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bsey are borne
from a short visit in Portland.
Dr. R. Meuric Roberts, osteopathic
physician, 309 Masonic, bldg., phone 40?
All trains north are filled with hop
pickers. Instead of returning in spe
cials, they are taking the regular trams
Leading jewelers and silversmiths
Hartman Bros. Co., successor to Barr s,
Mrs. Allie Lister and Mrs. A. A.
Disque of Portland are visiting in the
city nt the borne ot -Mr. and -Mrs. A. J,
.Dr. F. H. Thompson has his offices
remodeled and specializes in Ear, Nose,
Eve and Throat. 414 Bank of Com
merce. tf
The river fell a trifle over an inch
yesterday. The temperature ranged 30
degrees, from 78 for the hignest ami
for the lowest.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse
M correctly. U. 8. Bank. Bid.;.
Mrs. D. A. Forbes, wife of Dr. Forbes
of Myrtle Creek, is In tho city. She
will remain hero about two weeks for
treatment of the thront by Dr. M. C.
Fresh cider at Farmers Cider Works,
10c per gallon. sept21
Archie Rice, a cousin of City Treas
urer Kicc, is selling out his property at
llarrisburg with a view to taking up
his residence in Suloni. His son Cnrle
ton has already entered high school
here. " . .
Drink Cereo, the liquid food, the
health drink. Ask your grocer. tf
Paving of South ' Commercial street
will begin next Monday ami already
the street has been torn up for the
work between Mission . and Meyers
streets. The street will be paved from
Mission street to the eity limits.
No finer stock anywhere than at
Hartman Bros. Co., jewelers and sil
versmiths. State and Liberty.
Among the many who will greet the
returning Company M next Monday af
ternoon at the Southern racuic uepot
will be found members of the Grand
Armv of the Republic. Arrangements
are being made whereby the veterans
of the Civil war will march witn the
boys from the depot to the armory.
The opening dance for the coming
season will lie held at tne armory rut.
eve, Sept. 23rd.
Although hops are reported to be sell
ing in California at 1" cents, and in
Nw York nt "3 cents, there is very lit
tle activity ill the local market. It
was given out at the office of the Ore
gon Hop (Irowers nssociation this morn
ing that 10 cents is tho best price of
fered, and naturally growers are show
ing no disposition to sell. An early
improvement in the local market is
looked for.
Experience! gents furnishings sales
man wanted nt once. Apply lt" Com
mercial street.
Just for the accommodation of the
campers at the state fair grounds nnd
also for the exhibitors the Salem post
office will establish a station at the
fair grounds tomorrow and will con
tinue to handle the mail coming to the
grounds until the last day of the fair.
The post office will tie in the north
eust corner of the new pavilbon and
will be in charge of Kay H. Collins.
Rev. James Elvin, pastor of the First
Congregational church of the city, will
preach the sermon nt Central Congre
gational church Sunday evening.
Headquarters for Oregon Odd Fellows
and Keuekahs will be established at the
state fair near the . Woodman building
just left of the entrance as the grounds
are entered. To arrange the budding
and appoint some one in charge a com
mittee was appointed at the" meeting
last evening ns follows: for the Re
hcknlis Mrs. H. V. Simeral and Mrs.
Pearl Swanson. For the Odd Fellows
C. K. Alliin, .1. A. Patterson, V. A
Cuminings and C. O. Kiigstrom.
. The Might Horsa g.iow, a new and
special feature of rare beauty in blue
blooded horseflesh, equipment ami
grace of carriage in fancy and expert
riding and driving, and the daily sxed
program, lti,000 in purses, with the
best list of entries ever assembled on
Lone Oak track and humorous novelty
events and special musical program for
every performance, will be two of the
big attractions to be staged at the
Oregon state fair, Sulem, Sept. 23 to 30.
The opening dance for the coming
season will be held at the armory Sat. ;
I eve, Sept. 23rd. ' !
i The visit of Salem Chemeketa lodge
: No. 1, I. O. O. F., to Turner, has been
i indefinitely postponed. It happeus that
: the Rebekahs of Turner nipct Satur
I day evening ami the following Satur-'
day is the last day of the fair. The
J visit will perhaps be made sometime be
fore the .Marion county convention of
Odd Fellows at Gervais Saturduv, Octo
ber 14.
Jitney dance at fair grounds, in
grand stand, tomorrow night. Music by
Booth string orchestra. .
The Oregon Baptist state convention
will meet in Snlem at the First Baptist
church for three days beginning Octo
ber 17. Each church in the state is
entitled to three delegates and oue ex
tra for every 50 members after the
first 100. Letters are being sent out
this week by the Rev. tieorge F. Holt,
pastor of the First Baptist -church, to
ascertain as tar as possible, how many
delegates from each church will nt
tend. . o
Smoke 'em you'll like 'em Salem
made Hyginde.,
The total enrollment of the city pnb -
lie schools yesterday was Mtij, about
130 less thsn the enrollment ofonC
year ago. This difference is probably
due to the fact that schools opened enr-j
lier this year than last and also on nc-
ount ot the hop picking season being
ten davs to two weeks later than a
i-r... nun In al.lmanlarv irrn.l
In the elementary grades,!":. at '" "t. to the office
. . . . I . tl,., .ln(a IllKn. ......! d... .... n .....win..
Vi. :i' ,i... ioit ; ',!, ,-,,'!
im,l.,r hich schools ."BOS sn.l iii the
'senior high school, 5.-.O. One year ago
for the month ending October the
total enrollment was "701.
We desire to express our sincere
thanks for the kindly assistance mid
pathv of friends 'during the death
' . ,..ti,... i , ,i.
of our
kind friends who sent the lovely flor-
ai hi r....g. .
Frci Carl,
A. H. Steingri'ibe.
.,, . . . .,. . ,'tion to decrense its capital stock from
Singing will be prt of the musical, A.r,,, ,,, , 1
program each day at the state fair and! ' ' '
each vocalist will be given the oppor-l (overllor withycombe has honored a
tunity ot appearing three times Those; reqv,iition from the governor of Cali
who are to sing are Tom Ordeniana, j f ,.; for xlll.odore Va,yuH who is
Mrs. llallie Parr.sh Hinges, Mrs. t rank v,allt(,,, jn ,.01,110l tion ,vi't, n' sta,,bil,K
Powell oj AHumy, M. "n'.v- affray at Pittsburg on July 1. Pappas
Huig.it of Salem Miss Hamlin of (or-;wa( arrt,ste,, at A$tl)riai 11
villus, puihit .ut-vuuie in j uiuiiiiti mm
Mrs. Van Huron of I.a Craude. Miss
Mary Schultz will play a violin oldi-
gnto . especially arranged lor -Mrs.
Hnight. I
"The Sagebrush Symphony" juve
nile ociiesira, w.ncn win ue one hi urn naa been withdrawn from appropria
special educational and entertaining tion only that scenic features might not
attractions nt the Oregon stnte fair, fcB impaired. The matter was referred
Snlem, Sept. 23 to 30, is composed of 25 to Attorney General Brown, nu opinion
Itovs and uirls of Harney county, Ore-! from whom wns received nt the office
gon, wiio have been under special m- of the engineer this morning. The nt
structions for the past four years and. tomey general holds that the legislature
have developed wonderful ability in! of li13 withdrew from appropriation
nnrniony ant. exccii.io.. ... uuu. mini
and stringed instrumentation. Their
repertoire includes both popular ana
classic compositions, amt music critics
who have heard tnem in concert pro-;
nounce their execution little short of: The application of the town of Myr
marvclous. tie Creek for permission to use the wa-
o ' ters of the South L'mpqua river in the
George W. Eyre is home from the operation of a municipal power plant
Coos buy country where he iias been to cost 10,000 has heeu approved bv
doing considerable shipping of livethe stnte engineer. It it proposed to
stock. For himself, he shipped out a construct a dam 27 feet high, creating
car oi nogs aim i...s. -is n cumnium-
ty shipment, Mr. Eyre shipped live
car loads to Portland. In the
niunity shipment plan, stock whs shi
ped by Mr. Eyre in par lots to I'oi't-j on September 1!). 1.42S on the 2nth. and
laud and there the cattle of each ship- 1,434 n the 21st. according to reports
per was sold separate. All was handled j received at the office of the state pull
on a small commission basis, each iip-1 lie service commission. Onlv five empty
per receiving the full Portland price rarg were received at Ashlnnd during
for his stock with the advantage of tho past 24 hours. Thirtv-fivc were re
car lot freight rates.
It is suggested by a prominent citi- rt wn9 stated at the office of the pub
zen who hns evidently had some ex- iic service commission this morning t lint
perience with early morning operations the car shortage probe at Portland
in the kitchen that liuoyn, the trusty would probably be concluded todnv.
who disappeared from the residence of; '
Superintendent Minto yetserdny after State Engineer Lewis is nt Portland
building the fire and putting the cof- today ' attending n meeting of renltr
fee 011 to boil probably burned his fin-'men.' Roads are to be discussed.
ger. It is sometimes the case, says
the prominent citizen, that a man who The (i nice Episcopal Guild of Klnni
luiriis his finger at such a tnin.' becomes th Falls filed a certificate of di'ssolu
disgusted ami is prone to tnrow the (j,,,, t the office of Corporation Com
stove hook nt the cat and go some- missioner Sihuldermnn this morning,
where. It is apparent in this instance The Brady .Mercantile companv, of Orc
thnt tluoyn went somewhere, and to City, capitalized for .0nn, filed ar
this extent at least the theory seems a tides of incorporation,
reasonable one.
0 I According to information given out nt
"The Spirit of '76", as well as that the office of stae Superintendent of
of the "early tiO's" will be' vividly Schools Churchill, the board of regents
and strikingly portrayeu ami iecai.ru
by stirring, pat none selections us rcu- on the final Urntt of a survey of the
dered by the incomparable Veterans' Oregon normal school covering the stnt
Fife & ilrum Corps, which will be onels 0f said school with suggestions ns
of the special fentures of entertainment to what is needed for its further de
nt the state fair, Snlem. Sept. 23 to 30. j velopment, and also in the light of its
Thin corns is composed of veterans of i experience with this school to mitirnd
the Civil war, that valiant army of he- ;
roes whose ranks are rapiilly depleting.'
Kach individual of this organization
is an artist with the instrument upon
which he performs and the character
of anisic which they will discourse, to-:
getiier with the spirit in which it is I By reason of change of postoffice ad
reiulered. is of a nature to stir Hit' dress some of the pamphlets sent the
blood and partiotie impulse of all lov-. registered voters oftho state, nud coa
al American sons and citizens. . taining the proposed constitutional
o amendments and measures to be voted
Floyd M. Rush, the 16 year old wire- OH November 7th, do not become de
less operator of the Lincoln junior high livered. It is the custom of most of
school who enlisted in the army a short the postmasters to notify the secretary
time ago writes ' Sergeant Schuster, 0f state of this and of the number of
thanking Tiim ror getting him into the pieces of mail so remaining uhdeliv
service. The letter in part is as fol-'ered.
lows: "I got on a special assignment Inasmuch as these undelivered pnmph
and am going to Snn Diego right away, hns can be returned to the state only nt
1 never had so inueii fun and work nt considerable cost Secretary Olcott is nd
the same time in my life. It is great, dressing a letter to the principals of
At Portland after we were sworn in,' schools of the towns from which such
we were all stripped and the doctor advices are received suggesting that 1
vaccinated ns. 1 am at Fort McDow- they take up the pamphlets for the use j
ell now, near San Francisco. After, of their students in studying the va-;
dinner we don't have to do anything Hons measures and thus acquainting
until the morning. The eating is not I themselves w ith one of the methods by ',
fancy but is ot the r.gtit kind. I will, which legislation is enacted in this
repeat again, that there is nothing I.sttae, as well ns the character of laws 1
have ever doue that 1 like better. 1 auij proposed bv-tke people. J
Large Evergreen Sweet Corn 10c doz.
Home-grown Green Pepers 10c Lb.
Fresh Tomatoes n 2c per Lb.
Gravenstein Apples 75c per Bu.
Ward K. Richardson
2395 N. Front Street. Phone 494
in the Seventeenth connianv.
special i
assi""10,,t to 8:1,1 Die0'"
Baseball, McMinnville Tigers vs.
Salem Loju Sunday, Sept. :M. League!
grounds. septl'.'lj
Adoiph A. Gueffroy announces today
his intention of going before the pri-
maries as a candidate for the office of
city recorder.
Mrs. Cy H. Primer and little daugh
ter, Pauline, left for a visit to Mrs.
Primer's relatives in Omaha, Nebraska.
They expect to be absent for a month.
i jr
State House News
The brotnerhood of locomotive engin-
of the state lubor commissioner n recom
! niendation thnt legislation be enacted
"'""""K't misdcnieanor v''h "lty
attached for a railroad company to pro
mote a firemnu to the positiou of eiu
giueer ulio has not fired an engine for
at least three years.
State Forester Elliott savs that the
"!" I,,ss fl',ra V" r" inT,,ie stnte
tins year is less than ifoOO. Last vcar
totaled $20,000.
T1. p T p Ki -r,,fn.,,rt,,
company, Portland, hns filed at the cor
poration department notice oi its inten-
Charles Coopey, of Portland, applied
some time ago to Stnte Engineer Lewis
for permission to appropriate the waters
of Multnomah creek for use on n private
estate, representing that according to
his understanding of the luw the creek
me water or nil streams between
j Sandy river nnd Hood river, nml thnt
under the law the engineer has no nu-
, thority in the matter whatever.
a 211 loot tnn
The ear shortage on the Portland di
vision of the Southern Pacific was 1.444
ceived the 20th.
of ircgon normal schools has agreed up-1
what would be desirable eonditions un-!
der which normal school facilities of I
the stnte might be further extended ns
the state's need may demand in the fu- I
ture. 1
lc per pound
I When In 8ALEM, OREGON, itoy it
Sirlctly Modern
Free and Private Baths
RATES: 75c, $1.00, 11.50 FEB DAT
The only hotel in the business distrit i.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres aidr' ,
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Horn.
T. G. BLIGH, Pro.
Both Phones. Free Anto Bus.
, A fight has begun by the Oregon Ag
ricultural College Hgninst the I'ulifor
nit peach blight which is becoming a
serious proposition in the Willainetto
valley. To determine just what spray
is most effective, experiments in spray
ing began yesterday under the direc
tion of the't). A. ('. when Olto II. Kl
mer made the first application at tho
tieorge W. Weeks orchards, two mlb'M
north east of the city. The sccoi C
spraying will be made November HI.
All the prunes in' the Sunnysiile district
where experiments were curried on tor
six mouths, have been picked and n
record made of the fruits taken from
different sections of the orchard. This
report will later be published by tho
O. A. C. showing the effect on tho
trees and fruit of the various sprayin,
and mixtures.
Big Specials for
Our Saturday
7 Bars White Laundry
Hard Wheat Flour, sack
4 Lbs. Curve Cut
Saturday only
15c Cans Oysters,
If you don't buy your
Groceries from us we
both lose money.
Phone 68
We Deliver