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Si Barn On Savage Place Burns
j! ; Fair Barns and Cars
" On Fire
When in Portland, You are Most Welcome
to Make This Store Your
Scarcely a day passes that at least one, or more, of our Salem
friends do not drop in to see us and say "how do you do."
Mr. Hammond wishes his Salem friends to feel that this store,
of which we are justly proud, belongs, in a measure, to Salem,
and a cordial welcome awaits you. ,
Our 'phone'and a desk are at your disposal.
Buffum & Pendleton Co.
127 Sixth Street, former location of the "Lotus," next to Ore-
gonian Building.
, One of . the big barns belonging to
George (X Savage and located just
I ............ ,1... Cl!!..... 1 J, .1
mm: w"D3. inv oiiritun i-uhu ironi tnc
entrance to the fair eround
U uumi'u hum morning nnout 4 o'clock,
I together with some thirty tons of hay,
Willamette Valley News
Gates Items i lloverdale Items i Trouble Last Sunday
in Qumaby Hop Yard
(Capital Journal Speciul Service)
Ooverdale, Sept. 22. .Miss Ktliel
( apital Journal Special Service.) '
OtiinnHv Or Knut OO n,il.ialn?
i from ner school. . , ' ' " . "- '
F. A. Woods and family were trading "" " nopptcKtng mens
returned Tuesday,;.. uipn, I'ridav. i Sunday in the Masscv hoD vard. when
(Capital Journal Special Service)
bates, r.ept. 'J"-" "Jl Craig purchased a driving pony of Prof,
brother Bert let here Mon toy to bj , k I d
itm nn iMruniiiii luisiiicss. l hev return- . . . . '
Jem on personal business,
ed Tuesday evening,
All hop pickers
from Albany. .tr. ,! Mrs. Whitehead-motored to tw0 Japanese pickers had an altcrca-
Wilburn Haines and company were m Salem Wednesday. tion with William and John Weese
Gates for three nights. They showed Owen Undlcy left home Friduy for over the cweishjp 0f a basket of
"The Power of Money" with all its, North Powder, Oregon, where he will ho )s On0 of the japaiiege had his
nm kusiuiucs huu 'Ji ",'' '" , 'nose broken and the other some ribs
"The Man from krizona " and "The, The (leinian Baptists held services at ,)roken aml , now in a 8lll)lin no.,,,ital.
Girl from The Golden West." They, the school house on Sunday afternoon. v, , H ,.,,,. ' ,,
will show three nights in Wilhoit, Ore
Leslie Dike left yesterday for Pen
dleton to stay the week end at the
round up.
Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson mo
tored to Salem last Sunday. They ex
pect to return the last of this week.
George Random, son and and son-in-law
Lyons, left for llornb to hunt and
pick huckle berries. They expect to
return in five days.
Little (won llenne.ss has been ser
iously ill with appendicitis.
report he was slowly recovering.
iates school starts Monday Sept. 25.
They have been improving the school
house the Inst week by putting in a
new furnace and repairing the grounds.
Florencve Lansin left Wednesday for
Albany, where sue will enter her sec
ond year rof high school.
Mrs. Fair was in Albany on business
tlrs week.
Mrs. Bessie Mct'lnry and Mr. Johnson
made a hurry up trip to Salem from In
dependence, where they were picking
hops, anil surprised their friends by be
ing married. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson re
turned home Monday and are now vis
iting her mother, Mrs. Collins.
Sublimity Items
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Sublimity, Sept. 22. Miss Anna
Trango left Saturday for Boaverton.
Anthony Spenner is attending . Mt.
Angel . college. . .
Mifls Joseph Schfewe anil small
daughter Philomenc, left Wednesday
on a trip to Portland.
"B. Prange, our postmaster, was on
the sick list one day this week, but is
sow able to be around again.
Mr. and Mrs. Nealem and children
lave moved into Mrs. Crump's house.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ditter and
Frank Roeser were Sunday .visitors at
The parochial schools opened Mon
day. The public Rchools will not 0en
till October S. Mr,
and Mrs. Bernnrd Wernhoff, of
Humphrey, Neb., arrived Thursday of
last week for a visit with friends who
- formerly . lived in that state. They
maed the trip here via California and
left for the return trip-' Monday via
' Portland.' -" '
Lizzie Odenthal and Thecla Roeser
returned Tuesday 'from the hop yard
at' Independence.
Threshing- in this vicinity is -completed.
Journal Want Ada Get Results Ton
Want Try on and sse.
Mrs. Marie Shiers returned to Salein . , . .,, L..'
.O.rs Kd Drager visited MrZ 71
TrrVZoJ of thaffai, Mr.
to Salem Sunday and spent the day Johnson was a resident of tins section
with relatives there I for a lo,,K ,lme s0,,ie 12 'ot"'8 aK0' am'
Miner llennis lett home Monday tol'l'ile here married Carrie Keison a
work in a prune drver below Salem. beautiful and charming girl of the
The state dairv inspector was thrui Mverton neighborhood. They leased
these parts Tuesday. n0 Walter Morley place and it was
The W. W. club met at ;Urs. .umavn "'
wacn nons were nign. i nere was ap
parently no mental weakness in this
strong, bright young man, and there
are criticisms heard that the evan
eglist, so called, should be allowed to
proceed in such a sensational manner.
.Mrs. Susan Mc.Munn and her unugh-
Tues.lnv for an all day meeting. Dm
The last ner was served by the hostess who was
I . i l . -. ... 1 jl Li ''ntnmhaiia
assisted .Y severtu ui mciun..
The afternoon was taken up by able
discussions along the line of cooking,
sewing, fruit canning, etc., recipes nnd
patterns freely exchanged, and all ile
nnrie.l hnniiitf thev miiiht be able to. ter Ella were anions those from Guin-
attend the next meeting which will bcjnby attending the funeral of Lelnnd
held at Mrs. J. Shaffer's in October. Hendricks which was said to have
The threshing is not all finished in been the largest ever held in the city,
these units and the machines are short
handed on account of the prune dryers
needing the men.
Chicago, Sept. 22. An ordinance to
halt the advance in bread prices -announced
yesterday, was proposed to
day by Morris Eller, city sealer. His
plan is to require bread loaves to be
labelled one pound, or one and a half
pounds, and prohibiting the sale of
loaves weighing three quarters of a
pound. . He says this would force bak
ers to make pound loaves instead of
twelve ounce ones and counts on pub
lie sentiment to keep, the price down to
six cents.
Following the lead of - one large
baker yesterday in anouncing increased
prices other bakeries are today ex
pected to make similar anouncements.
The federal department of justice
will take no notice of the announced
increase it appears the bakers are act-'
ing in combination, it was said today.'
Bakers here are planning to dodge
the Sherman anti-trust law, - it is be-"
lieved, in raising the price of bread.'
One baker announced the increase yes
terday.' Others will follow next week
on advice it is said, of corporation law
yers, who explained they would avert
prosecution under the Sherman law by
announcing increases at ' different
times.. .
Arc You Past 30 Years?
Take Hot Water and "Amine
three quarters of an hour being taken
for the friends to file ill review as
they said farewell to one of Salem's
finest young men. The floral pieces
numbered some hundreds.
Hop picking , is completed in almost
all vards and all will be finished by
Saturday. Threshing continues and
prune picking is in full blast.
; The young son of Key. Guy Stover
of the Brooks and Clear Lake Evan-
gelinal "churches had the misfortune to
break the bones in Ins left hand re
cently by stumbling upon a stick of
wood while the family were in summer
ciimi) at Ouinaby Park
: Ed Rogers has been appointed agent
for the Oregon hlectnc to take the
place of J. C Mcr'arlaiin who resigned
September 1st and who has been agent
since the roud was put through some
years ago. Mr. McFarlane was the
founder of Quinaby and has made a
prosperous village grow- up -from a
railroad crossing, but it is part of his
progressive policy to start something
and when it -is well .established, to
pass it on, while he engages in another
Miss May Weese, oiie of Quiuaby 's
most popular young ladies has been
seriously ill -but is much improved in
Miss Eliza -Nolan is expected home
shortly from Berkeley,- Cal., whero she
has been-the guest or. -rs. mena
Bush Thayer, a relative. ;
Mrs. Robert Gainer and children of
Tncoma arc the guests of Mrs.-Gamer 'a
father, F. M. Lick.
Mrs. Susari McMonn and her daugh
ter Ella, are in Portlaifd whero they
went to meet Frederick H. Monroe,
president of the Henry George Lecture
association of Chicago, who is enroutc
to California. While there Miss M;
Munn plans to look over the newspaper
field with a view to again taking up
the work. .
a lot of farm machinery, harness and
otner tnings, the property of .1. (!. Mill
ion, 'who had the Savage farm leased.
Thb fire was discovered by Night
Watchman Joe Sanger, who gave the
alarni and brought everybody in the
neighborhood, to do what they could
towards saving the adjoining bam and
house which was done with the aid of
chemical fire extinguishers from the
fair ground and the chemical engine
from the city department, after a hard
battle by Secretary Lea, C. O. Gcngel--j
oacn, t. k. i rnnam and others.
A string of cars containing the
Shetland ponies of M. S. Levy of La
Grande, and several draft horses be
longing to J. E. Reynolds caught fire,
but this was soon put out by the
chemicals without serious damage.
Tho sheep barn, No. 7, nnd the horse
bam, No. 8, at the fair grounds, caught
fire, but these too were saved bv the
chemicals. Hud it not been for these
little fire extinguishers, tho clrances
are there would have been but little
left of the state fair buildings this
' How the fire originated is not
known, but Mrs. Mullan says a man
yestcrduy evening asked her if ho
might sleep in the barn, but he was
told Mr. Mullan would object to this.
He then asked if he could borrow some
bedding, but this also was refused. It
may be he crawled into the barn and
started tho fire, accidentally or other
wise. Mr. Lcn and others did some good
amateur fire fighting, and it is due to
their efforts which prevented the
spread of the fire until the chemical j
engine arrived from the city, that thero
, m.i; l-tfi - a it. .
are any ouiiuiugs icit at me luir
Bur en & Hamilton
Dissolve Partnership
The firm of Huron & Ilnnvilton has
been dissolved. Mr. Hamilton will re
main in the old Buren & Hamilton lo
cation, 340 Court street and is replen
ishing the stock, part of tho new goods
having already arrived.
Mr. Hamilton has been in the furni
ture business sini'F 1SH4 when the firm
of Buren & Hamritoa , was -formed, the
firm first was (dented in the building
now occupied by Hostein & Greenbanin.
After six vears in that locution, it
moved to the rooms now occupied by
the Salem Hardware company, whero
it remained eight years. Then the firm
moved into the building especially built
for it where it has been for the past
eight years.
: Mr. Hamilton will retain George Fox
who.hns been with the firm eight years
and Ed K. Murphy who has been with
it ten years. P. C. Kugel who was with
The Latest Styles in
Including the famous Rosenwald & Weil Water Proof
Also Oregon City
Take a Look Through Our Stock
State Fair Visitors Welcome
The House That Guarantees Every Purchase
Cor. Slate and Liberty Streets
Two Burn to Death !
In Auto Accident
Pimples Disappear
Galveston, Texas, Sept.
There is one remedy that seldom falls
Bernard Montgomery "Wakes
Up"-Was Given Up
As Dead
22. Several to clear awnv all iiiniolps. black henils
score persons helidesslv Vntched two and skin eruptions and that makes the
men burn to death be'neath nil over-! ski.n 8of,t' e,enr "nd "-oltliy. -turned
automobile that went over nil Any druggist cnu supply yon with aenio,
.... . . . , " " ., . winch generally overcomes all skin diw
embnnkment shortly after midnight eases. Acne, eczema, Itch, pimples,
last night causing three deaths. The ; rashes, black heads in most cases give
lank exploded ami the flames spread way to itemo. Frequently, minor blem
so rapidly that the crowd was unable i M,w disappear overnight. Itching twit
to mill the victims fmm l,..,l, ,, I ally stops instantly. Zemo ls snfe, clenii,
wreck. !
San Francisco, Sept. 22. Memory
returned to Bernard .1. Montgomery of
Portland today for the first time in
more than four years. But still he has!
no recollection of anything that liapn
pened since March 3, 1!M2, nor dues I
he know how he got to San Francisco j
or why he is in the San Francisco i
hospital. '
Ten days ago a skeleton recovered ,
from the Willamette river near Siilcinj
was identified ns that of Montgomery.
Later it was shown to bn that of K.
V. Springer of Salem, who disappeared
two years ago.
A wife and four children await
Montgomery's return to Portland. Hut
Montgomery remembers that he had
iu fi-.m r;v. venr Itefnrn biihiu withisix children when he left his ranch
The dead are:
11. T. Hoach, ago 30.
, W. S. Dennis, Jr., age 22. .
Miss Clnudy Collier, age 18.
The girl wus thrown clear, of tho
machine and instantly killed.
J. :f. Bonenr tins seriously injured.
easy to use and deoeudable. It costs only
I '.Tic; un extra huge bottle, Ifl.iKi.' It
I will not stain, Is not greasy or sticky nnd
. Is positively safe for tender, sensitive
! Bkius- Zemo. CleveUnl
.Wedding Invitations, Announcement
and Oal'iiiff Cards Printnil at flip .Inn,.
' I nal Job Department. " "
No. 9021. . .
United States National Bank
At. Sniem in the Stale of Oregon, at the close of business on Sept.'
12, llllti.
a Loans and discounts (except those shown on b)
Total '
Overdrafts, secured, none: unsecured. .'.-l"il.70
ril.lu IVnrtmitl Jt- Iv i ll T lf I l-t 111 till . willi near Knlnniu, Wash., to go to Portland. I I'. S. Bonds:
he-with Mr. Hamilton and also Miss '.March .1, IIML', is the lust .late 1
Ruby Wilson, who has been in charge' remember," said .Montgomery today,
of the books ten years. "To me that date was just yesterday.
The ('. H. ilsiinlli in house furnishing I remember the day particularly be
storc is now open for business and with- cause I went to the city ball at
in a short time Mr. Hamilton expects; Knlainit to turn in a record if my
bonds deposited to secure circulation (par
to have" the store entirely refurnished.
Billings Case Will
Go To Jury Today
employes on tho ranch. After that
Mrs. Montgomery and I went to Port
land, to our home. That is the last I
remember. I ..ave a vague recollec
tion of coming into the hospital here, I ''" '"' , secu
i..,i u nt i..n- " ill. Stocks of Federal
Physicians are puzzled by Montgom
ery's peculiar ease of amnesia. His
head has been examined, but no in-1
a V. S.
Total V. S. bonds
4. Bonds, securities, etc.:
b Bunds other thun I'. S. bonds pledged to secure postal
savings deposits .1S,23).00
c Bonds and securities pledged as collateral for state, or
other deposits (postul excluded) or bills payable 130,217.13
e Securities other than U. H. bonds (not including
stocks) ownvd unpledged 203,54'. 24
San Francisco, Kept. 22. Those who
predicted a speedy verdict in the trinl
of Warren K. Billings today charged
their opinions, in the closing hours of
the trial of the youngmaii on charge
of complicity in the prepuredness pa
rade dynamiting. Several of these today
forecast a long- deliberation, with dis
agreement almost a certainty.
Tho final gun for the defense was
fired this morning by. Maxwell .Vlc.Nutt,
chief counsel for Billings, in an argu
ment in which the state's case is held
- 1: 1 .. .1 .. ..!...!
up to rimcuic, niiu tnc viuii i-.uiiii-uwiiiin , i i mio .fin, ,,,.;
4 'the defense, regarding Billings' alibi IM"- " M"r"1'' " ,ng
and hi. "double," Al DeCa-sia, are be- "' """,h , ' " "ft". '"!' .
.People are realizing more and more
every day that the kidneys, just as do
the bowels, need to be flushed oca-
Steel Makes New Record
, Air Full of Bull Tips
ing forcibly presented to the jury ns a
preponderance of evidence aguiust the
murder charge against Billings.
! This afternoon, Assistant District At
torney Jnmes Brenuan, who conducted
the prosecution will make the state's
closing argument. This will be follow
ed by the usual battle over requested in
structions, followed by Judge Dunne's
instructions to the jury, and the jury's
Total bonds, securities, etc.
reserve bunk (50 per cent of subscriu,
ti") ...
7. a Value of banking house (if uueu-uumbored). 140,000.00
8. Furniture and fixtures
. ... .... ii'. utrui km iiiti iiw iii-ii ill ner T ll nun u i mi iiiiiua
iurv can lie toiind wincn inignt nave:... ... . . V, , , --" ........
Jau-sed the lapse of memory. .... ; ' 11 "! IjT'JL .7 ' ..
. .. v ....... ..,ivvu nwr.ua , ui;!1,-, m
new lorn, ( lucago and St. Louis 37,400.00
b Set amount due from approved reserve agents in
other reserve cities , 100,011.43
I " ', . ,Alrt I --. ' niiMJinii nut- ironi liui
M-resh in 1912. thlln i,...!,.,!,..! : i , tn
l.'l. Kxchanges for clearing house
14. Other checks on banks in the same cit or town ns
rfimHt imr tmiilf
word from her husband slnco he (lis-, ,, .n(.ti()ll.. curr'ej!A'.Vick'lViMde,',i" ! ! ! " ' !
in. .otes of other national banks
IS. Federal reserve notes
ID. Coin and certificates ,-.
20. Legal tender notes
21. Redemption fund with U.Sttrensurer and
from ij. S. treasurer
0. 1 IO0.00
1. 00.00
35,100. 48
Montgomerv said his wife and ehil
dren lived at Knst Twelfth and llurn
side streets, Portland. His niother in-
'""' -'n. ...w...... , I 12. iet amount tine front hunks mnl hnii ii-- f,
The Portland iKilioo were communi
cated with and reported today that
Mrs. Montcomerv had received no
Montiromerv was taken to tho Ccn
tral Kmcrgcncy hospital here on Sep
tember 14 by a man giving tho nnme
of I). Delevois. Officers are now
searching for Delevois.
2, 1 us.:,:,
. :;o.oo
guilt of Billings.
tweak women and "Golden Medical!
Discovery," the standard herbal system
tonic, (both of which now eome in
tflhli.t form tnr enn mniiiii,- et t. nvina
iiohally. The kidneys are an eliinina-j an(j taking). Anuric" is now being
tive organ and are constantly working,! introduced here, and many local people
separating the poisons from the blood.fare daily testifying to its perfectntss.
Coder this continual and perpetual When you have backache, dizzy spells
action they are apt to congest, and 'or rheumatism, heed nature's warning,
then trouble starts. Uric acid backs It means that you are a victim to uric
op into the system, causing rheuma-1 acid poisoning. Then ask your drug
tism, neuralgia, dropsy and many, gist for "Anuric" and i'ou -will very
other serious disturbances. Doctor soon become one of hundreds who
Fierce of Buffalo, New York, advo-j daily give their thankful indorsement
eates that every one should drink , to this powerful enemy to uric acid,
plenty of pure water between meals. I If you have that tired, worn-out feel
Every day should exercise in the out-j ing, 'baikache, rheumatism, neuralgia,
doer air sufficiently to sweat prof uscly, or if your sleep is disturbed by too fre
and from time to time stimulate the queut urination, get Dr. Pierce Anurie
kidney action by means of "Anurie." i Tablets pt drug store, full treatment
This preparation has been thoroughly ! $1.00, or send 0e for trial package to
tried out at his Sanitarium, in the same , Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
say as his "Favorite Prescription" tor-X. y. - i
Portland, Ore., Sept. 22. Federal ; 25. Capital stock puid in
Judge Wolvertnn is to decide today ! 20, Surplus fund
retirement to decide the innocence or I w'ictlipr six directors and officers of ,27. a Undivided profits
the Oregon 1'ortlund Cement company
shall be temporarily restrained from
! participation in its affairs.
I Aiuan Moore, vice-president and
treasurer of the company, has asked for
the injunctions. He Hants the six en-
i .joined from taking part in the stock-
: Pendleton, Ore., Sept. 22. A quiet """" " meeting scueuutr.i lor mis an
man sat in the bleachers at the Pendle-1 ernoon. -ton
Round-Up today and ate his lunch Moore recently filed a 1,000,000 suit
out of a sbocbox. The man was Louis u,"'"' '" ""trust law, asking the Lni
Some Queer Cayuses
,: Gather at Round-Up
W. Hill, .president of the Great North- i,cd Wales court to break up an alleged
em railroad, and-one of the biggest ' western cement trust. He named H
companies as defendants.
New York,. Sept. 22. Optimism re
garding the outlook in the steel indus
try was registered in "Wall Street today
wnen ira.iers sent -: i ,:,.: in tl, it;,,i .,.
common cl.n,bLng Hill, with his wife ami four children, I Now he say. he fears the six directors
record of 114 .i-K during ! t',,,,?en Brrived at. Pendleton in a special car!"'1 exercise proxies at the stockhold-
totlnv. Oovernor W ithvcnmbB nil Sec i " meeting, voting to witnornw ills
retnrv Olcott also cot here this after-, "' '", al"0 """t ''ro'" office.
A record breaking crowd saw the
consecutive million stiarc day or tne
present bull movement. The advance
was made on a sale of more than 300,
000 shares of steel, much of it to meet
demand from outside buyers.
The street was full of bull tips on
steel. President Farrell's prediction of
record exports after the war, made yes
terday, rumors of another extra divi
dend for steel common, discussion of
an alleged steel famine and the re
porting of .big equipment orders were
used to speed the market leader up
wild western sports.
J. Hick, of Wyoming, rode a bad lit
tle horse, Two Step, until he was hurled
against a fence, sustaining a broken
leg. Seven riders were thrown hard to
day. Fifteen subdued their mounts.
In the parlors of the Capital hotel,
there was a quiet wedding this after
noon when Miss Emma Gray and G. K.
it ' r. t n .... t ,i n Kiuiit,. or .-corts -vims, were joined in
Union Pacific followed steel up, se 11- ' matrimony hv .T..d.
,g at HH .i s, r,e "" Daniel Webster. The eeremony wa, wit-
d.voree from Sou he n Pacific h h-
American 8n.elt.ng sold to 111 Maud I.eitzel, of Scotts Mills, and Mrs.
The market closed strong. May Ivie. proprietor of the hotel. The
Portlnnd, Or., Sept. 22. Boxing fans
who expected to see .less Willord as
part of the regular Sells Floto circus
program emitted loud crys of disnp
Miintment today. Hisses and crSes of
'fake!" greeted the announcement
that the champ would appear during a
''concert" for which an extra charge
was made.
Krauk (Ifttch, who is also extensive
ly billed as being with the show Is not
here. The circus goes south tonight.
b Less current expenses, interest and taxes uuid
30. Circulating notes outstanding
33. Net amount due to banks and bankers (other
than included in 31 or 32)
Demand deposits:
35. Individual deposits subject to chack
30. Certificates deposit due in less than .'ill days ...
.1?. certified checks
3S. Cashier's checks outstanding
iu. I'ostai savings deposits ,
41. State, county, or other municipal defiosits se-
. secured ,
by items 3d and 4 of "Resources"
Total demand deposits, items 35, 30, 37. 39, 39,
40, 41, and 42
Time deposits (payable after 30 days, or subject to
30 days or more notice):
43. Certificates of deposit
45. Other time deposits ,
TotuI of time deposits, items 43, 44 and 45
4 724.31
0,030. H
State of Oregon, County of Marion, ss:
I, K. W. Huznrd, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
K. W. HAZARD, Cashier. ;
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st dnv of September, 1010.
JKNNJK BKST, Notary Public.
My crrtnmissinn expires June 20th, 1020. j
...... U. S. P.UiK,
voung folks will live on a farm nearj
Scotts Mills.
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