Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 21, 1916, Page TWO, Image 2

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! I
Phone 2500 J 2 Route 7 Salem, Oregon
is an authorized subscription representative of
The Ladies' Home Journal, The Saturday Evening Post, and
Put the price of a few
hours of farm labor into a
subscription for the national
farm weekly, and save your
self many hours of labor
and money and worry for a
year to come.
Every crop, every kind
of farm question is covered
by The Country Gentleman.
Practical farmers, stockmen,
dairymen, orchardists, write
for it. It has correspondents
in every state.
How to get back out of
your, land the money you
put in it is the big idea
behind The Country
It deals with selling crops
as well as growing them.
300,000 farmers bought
it when it was $1.50 a year.
Now it is $1 a year-52
issues every week.
Independence Square, Philadelphia
A. Hansen of Glendale was register
ed at the Bligh yesterday.
(!. C. Cameron of Clifton, Oregon,
traa Salera visitor yesterday.
If. K. Merwin was in Portland yes
terday registered at tiie Oregon.
A. C. Bishop and W. J. Bishop of
McMinuville were Salem visitors Wod
esday. H. C. Hugel of Portland with his
family are in the city and will make
Kalem their home.
. Word was received this morning from
Ij. liechtel, who will be home about the
first of the month. Ho was culled to
Hannibal, Mo., by the illness of his
mother who died Sept. 11.
Frank S. Ward is in Pendleton and
the eastern art of the state attending
to his duties as secretary of the Ore
gon Board of Pharmacy. Incidentally
during his leisure hours, Mr. Ward is
taking in the Pendleton roundup.
R. H. E.
Chicago 0 0 1
New York 4 0
Hendrix and Wilson; Barritt and Mc
Carty, Ruriden.
.St. Louis 3 9 1
Hrooklyn 6 9 1
Lotz, Curric and Gonzules, Brottem;
Coombs, Cheney and Miller.
Pittsburg : 8 11 1
Philadelphia 3 7 5
Grimes and W. Wagner; Rixey, Ben
der and Killifer.
Cincinnati .'. 5 14 1
Boston 4 8 1
Schneider and Huhn; Tyler aud Gow
dy. i
R. H. E.
Philadelphia 8 16 0
Hush, Oschgcr and Haley; Faber,
Wil liams and I.vun, Lapp.
Boston ... 10 13 2
Detroit 2 7 1
Ruth and Thomas; Covaleski, Bo
land, Dubuc aud Stanago.
Washington 2 8 3
Cleveland 3 15 4
Johnson and Gharrity; Smith, Gould
and Deberry, O'Neill. (13 innings.)
New York . 5 13 0
8t. Louis 4 12 1
Shocker and Walters; Weinman and
Joseph Gpoyn, a trusty at the state
penitentiary, serving a term from Lane
county for larceny, made his getaway
early this morning. It is stated that
before his departure he built toe kit
chen fire at the residence of Superin
tendent Minto and put the coffee on to
We Are Special Agents
for the following well known makes of Footwear
Fox Pumps Ground Gripper Shoes
Ever Wear Hose Hanan Shoes
Witch Elk Boots
They make an unbeatable combination
Visit Our
326 State Street
Cut Rates
on Repair
Next Ladd & Bush
IMPORTANT on tomorrow's calendar
is the. public tea to be given by the
Y. W, ('. A. in the association rooms
from 2 to 6 o'clock. The affair which
has been planned by the committee as
a get "acquainted gathering-' will
mark the closing of the membership
campaign, being held this week.
The members have been most zealous
in their efforts to increase the already
large membership, and the committee
in charge are very elured over the suc
cess of the campaign. The membership
committee assisted by other prominent
club women will have charge of the
serving at the tea.
A feature of the afternoon will be
a short programme including violin so
los, Miss aMry Sehultz; piano selec
tions, Miss Vera Kitchiier, and vocal
solos, Mrs. Rahn.
Mr. and Mrs. Rolliu K. Page, accom
panied by their guests, Mr. and Mrs.
F. 1. Fuller of Portland, left -Wednes
day for a motor trip to Crater Lake.'
They will be away for about ten da vs.!
Mrs. Frank X. Albrich returned yes
terday from a two weeks visit with
friends and relatives in Hood Kiver.l
The Dalles and North Yakima.
Mrs. Edward Smyth returned Mon-!
day from Eugene where she was the
guest of Miss Amy Dunn and the Delta
Gamma sorority..
Mrs. George Blower (Effie Myers)
of Los Angeles, California, arrived in I
Salem last week for a visit with friends
and relatives. Mrs. Blower has many
friends in Salem, having lived here be
fore her marriage.
Dr. and- Mrs. E. E. Fisher have re
turned from a delightful tour of the
Columbia highway.
The Adephian society of the First
Presbyterian church held a meeting at
the home of Wolcott Brrren on Monday
evening to formulate plans for its new
club rooms, which are being built un
der tne enured. 'I he members present
were Glen Purvine, Wyndham Bureu,
Kenneth Powers, Philip Elliott, Har
old Cook, Arthur Ross, Hugh Walker,
Carl Smith, Herbert Darby, John
Luther, Miller Cooper and Royal Moore
Miss Helen Goltra, Caughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Golttra, left the first
ot the week for New York, where she
will attend Columbia University.
Mrs. R. R. Ryan has as her guest, her
cousin, Mrs. Elizabeth Hess, of Denver,
Colorado, who is en route to Seattle,
where she will pass the winter with her
daughter. Mrs. Hess will vsit here for
several days, remaining for the opening
of the state fair.
Mrs. C. H. Robertson went to Port
land Wednesday for a short visit,
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock the
first meeting of the season of the
Daughters of the American Revolution
will be held at the residence of Mrs.
S. C. Dyer, 330 North Summer street.
Mrs. Dyer and her sister, Mrs. N. H.
Looney of Jefferson will be the hostess
es for the gathering, and it is desired
that all members attend. An attractive
programme will precede a short busi
ness session.
A farewell surprise party was given
Saturday evening at the country home
of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. King, who left
early in the week for their new borne
near Sublimity. Those gathering to bid
them good bye were:
Mr. and Mrs. William Hagedorn, Mr.
and Mrs. Eugene Aufrance, Mr. and
Mrs. R. R. Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. La
Branch, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Aufrance
and family, Mrs. Elisabeth Hess of
Denver, Colo., Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Cur
tis and Mr. and Mrs. Hagedorn of Sa
lem. i
Mrs. Anna Marshall Powell well
known contralto soloist of Albany, will
sing at the state fair this year, her
first appearance being on Tuesday ev
ening at the opening of the horse show.
Her numbers for this occasion will be
"Lorraine Lorraine, Lorree"by Lochr,
and "One Fine Day" by Puccini. Mrs.
Powell's second appearance will be
Friday noon when she will sing at the
governor's luncheon and reception, ac
companied by the McElroy band of
Portland. Friday afternoon she will
again be heard at the grand stand.
The ideal weather of yesterday was
a joy to a large number of society
folk, who took the opportunity to en
tertain visitors and friends with a mo
tor trip to the Polk county fair. A
mong those motoring over for the fes
tivity were, Mr. and Mrs. W. Council
Dyer, who were accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Graham and Mrs. Cur
tis B. Cross. Mr. and Mrs. George F.
Rodgers, and party; Mrs. R. S. Wallace
and -friends; Dr. and Mrs. Harry H.
Olinger and many others.
i New Fall Suits
Now Being Shown
Goodly Assortment of
New Fall Suits,
Coats, Dresses
For Women and Misses
All Reasonably Priced
Smart New Fall Models Have Been Arriving Daily for the Fast Few
Weeks and Our Assortment Contain Many of the Prettiest Mcriels of
1 the Season. ,
Wool, Velour, Serges, Poplins,
are the favored materials for
Fall Suits, Trimmings of fur,
plush and velvet are freely used.
Fashionable colors are Burgun
dy, Myrtle, Navy, and Seal
Prices $17.50-$50
New Fall Coats
Great roomy coats for travel,
and moro fitted models for
street wear uro now featured
in the most popular Bolivia.
Cloth and Wool Velour. Many
new coats of Broadcloth and
Fancy Tweeds uro also shown.
Prices $7.50-545
New Fall Dresses
Silk and Serge Dresses, in a De lightful Variety of Pretty Styles for
Street and Afternoon Wear.
Prices $9.75 to $45.00
I; U. G. Shipley Co.
145-147 North Liberty Street, Salem, Oregon
Says Wife Should Have
Monthly Allowance Also
Mentions Schools . .
Miss Cass B. Sykcs of Punxsutawney,
Pennsylvania, is visiting her cousins,
Miss Nell Sykes and Horace Sykes.
I Miss Sykes is a nurse, and is a gradu
ate of the Adrian hospital, Pennsylva
nia. Msr. Hattie Cameron, treasurer of
the Patriotic League, has returned from
a weeks delightful vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Eyre and
! children, David, Jr., and Rovena, re-
; turned Monday from a motor trip to
i Portland.
!-' .
I Dr. aud Mrs. George .Hoeye of Oregon
City have arrived in Salcin for the
I state fair and are occupying their cot
tage at the grounds.
Professor and Mrs. D. T. S.hott
left last night for Clearmont, Califor
nia, where Mr. Sihott will be head of
the physical education department at
Pomona college.
Miss Rena Scliott, who. has been a
student at the Oregon Agricultural col
lege for the past two years, accompan
ied them and will attend Pomona col
lege. The Aid society of the Prosbvterian
church will meet in the church parlors
Friday (tomorrow) afternoon at 2:30
o clock. Ine newly elected officers
will act as hostesses for the meeting.
If John W. Todd, superintendent of
city schools, should run for office, he
surely would get the votes of the wo
men folks of Salem, as last evening at
the Commercial club, he told the men
they were running the home cooking
department of their homes all wrong.
How to handle the commissary de
partment of the home came up in his ad
dress when be discussea the cooking in
the high school and the establishing of
a cafeteria. Knowing that what they
cooked was to be eaten at once by hun
gry children and that if the food was
not good, the children would raise a
strong objection, Mr. Todd said that
kind of experience was valuable te the
But the best part of the cooking
school wae the fact that all had to be
done with the object of at least paying
expenses and with the cooking and fin
ancial side both in view, the girls got
some valuable experience.
"You men have no business sense
when it comes to running your table.
You just let your wives run a grocery
bill aud a meat bill and never kick
until the end of the mouth when the bill
comes in. What you should do, is to
give your wife a monthly or weekly al
lowance to run the table and then, if
she can save anything from that allow
ance, it is her pin money," said Mr.
The greatest problem of the schools
is that of giving service that is real,
one that will enable the pupil to con
nect with the business life aud the prac
tical life afterwards, he said, and there
are two ways of doing this. One is by
giving the child an education in prac
tical things and the other is academic.
The old oystem of education is to blame
'for the number of impractical things
taught, but the modern system is getting
away from the old ideas and educating
the child to the modern conditions of
Mr. Todd said that ever since his
graduation as a young man he had been
following his mother. His first teach
ing was at Camas, Wash., and he went
there as that was hie mother's home.
Later his .mother went to Phoenix,
Arizonn, and shortly afterwards, Mr.
Todd followed her, teaching for four
years in the public schools. Then his
mother went to Tacoina and a year lat
er Mr. Todd became a teacher in the
Tacoina high schools. One year ago
Mrs. Todd came to Salem and now Mr.
Todd is here.
In introducing Mr. Todd, the presi-
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Hooper. No runs, one hit, no errors.
Detroit Walker made a great one
handed catch of Bush's drive to the
score board region. Janvrin threw out
Cobb. Veaeh walked. Crawford sing
led to center. Heilman was out, Hob
litzell to Ruth. No runs, one hit, no
.Sixtn inning: Boston Janvrin walli
cd. Walker bunted a fly to Cunning
ham, who threw to Heilman in time to
doublie Janvrin. Hohlitzcll walked.
Lewis flew to Bush. No runs, no hits,
no errors.
Detroit Walker fumbled Young 'h
fly and then threw wild to second and
Young was safe on the keystone sack.
Scott threw out Stanago. Cunning ham,
fanned. Vitt walked. Bush forced Vitt,
Scott to Janvrin. No runs, no hits, two
Seventh inning: Bo9ton Gardner
singled to left. Scott sacrificed, Cun
ningham to Heilman. Thomas scored
Gardner with a single to center and took
second on the tlirow to plate. Ruth
fouled to Crawford. Thomas taking
third. Hooper doubled to center scoring
Thomas. Hooper stolo third. Janvriti
flew to Cobb. Two runs, three hits, np
errors, '
Detroit Cobb was called out on
strikes. So was Veach. Crawford flew
jto Hooper. No runs, do hits, no er
rors. j Eighth ' inning: Boston Walker
I walked on four pitched balls. Hoblitzeli
beat out a bunt down third base lino.
! Lewis hit into double play, Vitt to Heil
man, Walker being out at third. Gard
ner doubled to right, ( scoring Hoblit;-
zell. Scott walked. Thomas fouled to
cranage, une run, two tins, no er
rors. ;
Detroit Gardner threw out Heil
man. McNally replaced Gardner at
third. Walker made a running catch
of Young's fly. Janvrin threw out
Stanagc. No runs, not hit no errors. --
Ninth inning: Boston Dubuc now1
pitching for Detroit. Ruth tanned.
Hooper flew to Veach. Janvrin ouf,
Buch to Heilman. No runs, no hits, no
errors. J'
Detroit Dubue flew to Hoope.
Vitt out, Ruth to HoblitzeJl. Bush flew
to Walker. No runs, no hits, no ct-
! ror-
j Score by innings: , B! , H.- V
iBoston .2 1 1 3 0 0 2 1 010 13 '2
; Detroit 000200000 2 7 i
i dent of the Commercial club, Joseph'
i H. Albert, said that the new superin
tendent was a man that had accomplish
ed things in the educational world anil
that he had out-grown Washington nnj
had come to Salem.
Because of the high cost of livin,;
in Manchuria the administration n3f
the Chinese Eastern railway has grant
ed to its employes increases in pay of
from 15 per cent to 30 per cent.
Beautiful Bust and Shoulders
are P'W'iWe if yon will nu KientiUcnlly constructed
The drwrrinr weight cf n anmnftnrd hnt w Mrrtchu the
upfwrtiQf aiiuclei Uit the contour of the future it poilrd.
JOWlS'liSsI T Pnt ,,le b""t Wk It be-
fiU&ff )onr. prercut the full but from
JLJ ICLLi o appearance of fl.b-
' m-am o-irsi oineM, eliminate the dnrer of
BRA55'1ERJ' Sraitin muKleinndconriiw the
., . .. . 8h of the shoulder giving a
nsccful line to the entire upper body.
Ther r the daintiest anil mont ericeblr rannenta Imarl-nable-roniemallnatrriala
and !!: Ctomi Hunt. Hook
front. Snrpli.-e. Banilrau. etc. Boned with W.lohn." the
ruaUcaa esniug permitting wuluug without ronoral.
Itare roar dealer rtKrw yrm Bien Jolle Braaniem, if not stock
ad, we will gladly aend him. prepaid, aamplea to anew you.
BENJAMIN At JOHNES. SI Wartrn Street. Newark. N. it'