Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 11, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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Hallo, Jimmie!
Of the Newest Felt Hats
at $1.95, $2.29 and $2.75
Our New York buyer has just sent us by Express a small assortment of the most
fetching Felt Hats, which he procured at an extraordinary low price. They
came in five different styles, the Modiste, the Morris, the Hollywood, the Traflagar
and the Rambler Made of fine quality felt in plain white, green, brown, rose,
scarlet, sand, silver grey and plum. Also in the most fascinating two tone effects
Regular values up to $5.00 especially priced ....... $1.95, $2.29 and $2.75
Be sure to come early if you want to share in this wonderful offer. For these.
Hats will not last very long at these prices.
Corner Court and Commercial Streets
For Ten Years Has Been Liv
ing in Homes of Millionaires
at Lake Forrest
Is Homeless and Motherless
and Wants God-mother
to Visit Him
Lake Forest, 111., Sept. 11. Marv New York. Meiit. 11. Anatole Wan
Hiekey, eccentric domestic, may now ters --year-oll Beliau boy, a soldier
nuf... .i..l.. i i . .. in the army of King Albert wants an
... , .,.. ' AmerU.0Il .. mothe,..., Hi d
the lawn of nny Lake rorest million-, fatuer impri8oned in Germany, and hav
aires home as she pleases and piek out jug lost his mother only seven weeks
I 1- v . I. . v i f
ner auuiir mi i ne uiii ne sees m.iujio. the homeless bov has written the
I'retiss L. Conley, millionaire, in I United States telling of his pli(jht.
whose home sue has lived tor the last Thousands of French and English wo
Ihree months without his knowledge men are acting as "god muthers" to
has dropped his case against Mary.; men in the trenches so many in fact,
Conley has asked the court to mve-j that Anatole avs the snm.ly is exhaus
tive as to Mary a san.ty. Mary, it,tedBnd he wnt9 ,, 'Am(,rioan w0.
is said has for the last ten years . been , ,0 wri(e him Mterj d mother
hying ,n the homes of Lake r orest M h d . f or his eomra(,es
millionaires without their knowledge, i , . , . , , . . .
"I'm going to drop the case," said ""f 18 Anatole'. letter received to
Conlev. "1 do not wish to appear in.' . ,
the ligi.t of persecu ing the poor old J t,.ie .ates, New York:
creature. I think she must be insane,! "tlemen: Being at the front since
but the judge thinks she was harmless I start ot hostilities and seeing that
and Marv herself has promised to be ! almost all of my comrades had a French
good, so I have washed inv hands of I0'' L'lglish god mother, I am almost
the whole business. " " permitted to search for one. Unhappily
Conlev declared he thought he was. the French and Knglish god mother are
iloinir Lake Forest a favor bv trvinu exhausted, that is to say they are all
to have Mary put away.
Central Howell Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Central Howell, Sept. 11 J. W. Bng
gett was iu .Salem on business Inst
Monday. .
-Miss Laurel .Tuny is the- cwmpion
hop picker in Henry Leichty's hop
yard. - '
Abe Steffen went to Salem Tuesday
for a load of groceries for J. W. Bag
get t.
Last Sunday one hundred and. forty
three autos passed Central Howell
There is rumors of several weddings
in the near future. For further infor
mation ask James Tanderbnck, Alex
Ivan Widick of Seattle. Wash., was
visiting a few davs with his sister,
Mrs. J. W. Haggett".
Mrs. Jlwight Misncr and daughters,
ireta and Hcululi, of Salem ari! pick
ing hops for Henry Leiciity.
Miss (Joldic Steffen is tho proud
owner of a kodak, given to her on her
fourteenth birthday by her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Steffen. '
Will Lcichty and I'ete Steffen each
have a new Ford.
Amos Branch has rented the McKor
kle place, half mile east of Central
Howell store;
Will LeicJity has sold his hops.
Trial of Man Who Is Charged
With Dynamiting Parade
Has Begun
Nolan, labor leader, nil charged with
the murder of nine people. Mrs, Rena
Mootiey, fifth alleged plotter was not
permitted to remain in the court room
for fear of prejudicing the veniremen.
As fast ns the jurors were called they
were placed in the box directly facing
the suspects. Kach was required to
look at the quartet ami tell whether
he had ever known any of the four.
Among the questions nsked by the
state were:
Have you anarchistic or union labor
Are yon a subscriber to "The Blast"
or nny publication of like policies?
Have yon conscious or religious scru
ples against the infliction of the death
San Francisco, Sept. II. The state penalty?
was prepared to demand the death pen-' . ' ""' "I'engcinm.i, Turner, was
Frank Simmons and (.co. Kalg.nlty, wnen Warren K. Billings was sent , ,, .,,,, h. nssprfli ., i... ,,.. ,,.
to trial today in the court of Superior oidedly prejudiced.
Judge Dunne for murder in connection The" alacrity with which veniremen
with the San Francisco preparedness J ponded this morning to questions
parade dynamiting. ,t to them indicated that there would
This was indicated when Assistant i,c jItp difficult v in securing a jury
District Attorney Cunrn closely ques- wjthin reasonable length of time,
tioued all veniremen as to their belief -piie flrsi three (nen to lie tempo
in the- death penalty. rarily passed by both sides were: Ad-
Smiling and confident Billings enter- nmll!n. Lieli, William T. Humbert and
ed the prisoner s dock to itctend nis
life. He is said by the state to be one
of the urincinnl plotters who on the
'I am it the only person in whose i "Seeing that my efforts are without
home she has lived clandestinely. She! result, I thought to address myself to
has played the snine trick in twenty! the great America, so generous, that
five other homes. Sho doesn't work,"jhas fed until now, our fathers, mothers,
said Conley. j brothers and sisters who are in Belgi-
Conlev declared Marv would act in-'uin.
j to Lake Forest homes through the eon-j 'I am twenty years of age, am will-
mvanco of servants among whom he.ing to work and am without support
said, "there seemed to be a happy con-j whatever. I lost my mother seven
spiracy to support Mary." weeks ago and my father is very old
"Mary's goats have Lake Forest s! Elld is a j,,!.,,,,,. j (jemianv.
collective gouts," he said., "But wont! t thought of your service which has
can they do But Mary should worry. 'iI)rinttfd ,he flne, nrti(.cs bv vour cor-
Mrs. William (lottmer. a friend of;
respondent, Henry Wood of Paris.
.miss ii.cKey ,ec,arc nint wniic ...ary, "Hoping that you will do something
might be a trifle peculiar, she was not , fof nJ jf )U (,n(i)1 tl,,mpn ani
wkh assurance of my distinguished es
teem, "A defender of humanity.
' (Signed1) "Anntole Wauters,
"V. J.. C. A. Army of the country of
"She is peculiar, yes, but not Insnne.
She loves her pets and she loves lit
tle children," said Mrs. (iottmer. .
Try to Learn Why British
Failed in Two Campaigns
Mexican Conference Consid
ers It Legalistas Attack
By Carl D. Groat
N'ew London.!, Conn., Sep!..
distribution nf lauds, through
Married 45 Years.
An event that brought supreme hap
piness to the S. K. Irvine family was
the linen shower given at the attractive
home of Mr. and .Mrs. E. N. Johnson
last Sunday to celebrate the forty-fifth
wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.
H. B. Irvine.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine were lured over
to the Johnson home to eat dinner and
to their surprise when they arrived all
their children and grand children were
present to receive them and wish them
more such happiness.
When they were seated around the
festal board, a box of handsome liuens
were presented to the bride and groom
ol forty-five years ago, and their hap
piness was so complete, surrounded by
day of the preparedness parade explod
ed a bomb at Stuart and Market streets
killing 10 and wounding more than 40
innocent bystanders.
Inside the railing this morning sat
Thomas Mooney, strike organizer; Is
rael Weinberg, jitney driver; Edward
Mrs. C. H. Lewis anil little daughter
Eunice made a trip to Salem Friday.
('has. Kansom and family returuetd
home Saturday from their fishing trip.
Mrs. Sain hastburn and Miss Katie
Brock left Monday morning to pick
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Buff visited last
week Thursday at the A. J'. Speer home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Frank of the
Waldo Hills were in town trading Wed
nesday. Marvin Darbv o'f Salem came Wednes-
lav inoruinv for a visit lit the (). K.
their loved ones, that they seemed nl-' DuVby home,
most as young as when they went to i Little Opal Crane is staving at the
Hymen's altar together 45 years ago. Mrs. H. P. Jenson home during her par
The children who gladdened their par-ents' absence.
euts on this occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Dnrby and nephew
W. H. Koy, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hanna, Marvin Darby motored to Salem Wed
Jlr. and Mrs E. N. Johnson, S. E. Ir- nesdny afternoon.
vine, and Miss Undys Irvine, besides! Elizabeth Swank returned home the
there were eight grandchildren who ! first of the week from Salem where she
added their share of merriment to the has been visiting her grandmother.
happy event. Independence Monitor.
Journal Want Ads Get Results Yon
Vant Try one and see.
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Evans of St
Johns visited .Sunday with thcr parents
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Blenkney of this
place. Hecord.
The "Rosy-Cheeks" Bread
: Pan-Dandy is more than mere bread. It is
one of the most nourishing and heulthful of foods.
For Pan-Dandy is made of selected wheat flour, with
milk which must show on scientific test at least three and
one-half per cent, of butter fat.
Pan-Dandy Bread
And Pan-Dandy tastes as good as it is. Try
it and see.
Pan-Dandy is the regular 3c loaf, liig-
TTTl Danqyis his brother over twice as big, at 10c.
At all grocers insist on seeing the label.
240 South Commercial Street
IYUt A. Finnitfaii.
Ill 1-:ii:.,,r.. of iiAnr. I
lv i,i,t..d tm.t the; ill nlace the i Hon scheme which w.ll break
accused man on the stand before the
trial is concluded. This came in the
nature of a surprise to the prosecution.
Just prior to the opening of the Bill
ings trial Superior Judge Hunne set
the cases of the other four suspects for
trial October 2.
Eleven prospective jurors in the ease
of Warren K. Billings charged with the
preparedness day bomb plot murders,
had been tentatively accepted when
court recessed nt noon.
(East Oregoninn.)
By a majority of 75.000 Senator La
Follette has been renominated by the
republicans of Wisconsin. It is a sig
nificant victory because the standpat
ters were claiming they would defeat
"Fighting Hoi" this year because of
his virtual championship of the Wilson
administration and repudiation o'f
Though a republican in politics Sena
tor LaFollette has been with Wilson on
almost all important legislation. He
voted for the new tariff bill. He has
been with Wilson on the Mexican sit
uation and a few days ago he was the
sole republican senator to vote with the
administration forces on the strike le
gislation. Following the republican na
tional convention La Follette harshly
criticized the republican platform ami
those who managed the convention
But despite this lack of "regular
ity" La Follette is renominated by the
republicans of his state by an over
nbelming majority. It is evidence to
the effect that thousands of republi
cans, not . only in Wisconsin but else
where us well, share the La Follette
views. Progresive republicans are re
ally closer to-Wilson than to Hughes.
They have faith in the president, they
know he has been heart and soul for the
public not for privilege and they
will vote for him regardless of party
uf filiations.
The renomination o'f La Follette and
the nomination of Hirniii Johnson for
senator in California show how the field
is running this year. The tide is strong
for progressiveism and independent-political
thinking. It means a Wilson vic
tory and another downfall for the old
Hughes Is Visitor at
New York State Fair
Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 11. Charles
K. Hughes, who as governor, put a stop
to horse racing in New York for a time,
is to witness a speed contest, here this
afternoon, if the plans of the local com
mittee which has arranged for his en
tertainment are carried out.
Hughes is ihe greatest of the attrac
tions at the New York state fair which
opened today. A municipal holiday was
declared" and fifty thousand persons
were expected at the s returns.
The whistles of all the merry-go-rounds
screeched and the hands played
as Hughes near cm the Fair grounds. He
was due to speak at Kmpire Court nt i
o'clock, after which it was planned 'for
him to witness the grand circuit races,
occupying a private box with Mrs. Hughes.
1 1 He
ll taxa-
holdings, was a suggestion for solution
of Mexico's internal problems which
the Mexican commissioners outlined to
the Americans in the "pence" confer
ence today. -
The Cararna envoys urged their
pin ii as a hopeful sign of regeneration
ami argued it would help to rid the
nation of the scourge of banditry and
lessen the need for military protection
of the border. Through land distribu
tion and no other means, it is argued,
peace and plenty - can be restored the
southern republic. .
1'rogress toward troop witiidrnwal
was made in today's session but it
seems likely several more meetings will
be required before the conferees, can
report to their governments any defi
nite recommendations regarding their
Say Carranza Swiped Funds
Kl I'asn, Texas, Sept. 11. Declaring
the .chief object of the Mexican mem
bers of the mediation commission now
meeting at New London, Conn., is to
procure a large loan for the Carranza
government, representatives of tho new
revolutionary party of Legalistas to
day sent a message to Secretary of
Sat Lansing protesting the sanction of
the United States government to such
a loan. The telecram wns signed by
three prominent Mexicans of the oldi
The text of the message relates tnat.
First Chief Cnrranzn has had more than!
the necessary funds to cover expenses
of administration but that these funds
have been distributed among the chiefs
nf his own faction and asserts that tho
people have been deprived of labor fa
cilities ami possess no rights at all.
A similar note is being sent from
other points along the border.
He Talked to Two Crowds.
Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 11. Charles K.
Hughes this afternoon delivered u dou
ble address to two -separate crowds of
several thousuud each at the opening
of the New York state fair.
The republican nominee spoke from a
bandstand in the open air to a big
crowd. A dictograph carried his re
marks to another audience in the state
building. .
Young Boy Wanted to
See Animal Keeper
Chicago, Sept. 11. His ambition to
get a glimpse of Cy J)e Vry, animal
keeper at the Lincoln l'ark .on is res-
To find out why the Dardarnelles ami
.Mcsopotoimun campaigns resuiten so
disastrously for Urcat Britain the Bri
tish government has appointed two com
missions to make investigations. Lord
George Hamilton hends the body which
is looking into the .Mesopotainiaii fail
ure, while Lord Cromer is chief investi
gator into the reason for the abiin
doument of the lJardarnclles.
To Avoid Dandruff
You do not want a slow treatment
when hair is falling and the dandruff
rerm is killing the bair roots. - Delay
means no bair.
Get, at any drug store, a bottle of
zenio for 25c or $1.00 for extra larire
size. Use as directed, for it does the
work quickly. It kills the dandruff germ,
nourishes the hair roots and immediately
stops itching scalp. It is sure and safe,
is not greasy, is easy to use and will not
stain. Soaps and shampoos are harm
ful, as tbey coDtain alkali. The best
thing to use Is scmo, for it Is pure and
lso inexpensive. t
Zemo, Cleveland.
pousible for 14-year-old Vernie .Mont
gomery of Mnttoon, 111., being detained
at the South ClurK street police station
Vernie was found in Grunt l'ark
last night crying and hungry. He suid
he had saved 10 and ran av.ay from
Mnttoon to come here and see l)e Vry.
"I spent two days in the park but 1
didn't see him," he said.
His parents were notified.
Funston Discredits
Reports About. Villa
i "
Washington, Sept. 11. The war de
partment today received from General
J Funston additional information discred
iting reports o Villista activities. Fun
ston ' message includes the 'following
from General l'ershing:
" Keports regarding Villu's move
ments north just received through Kl
l'aso authorities. Ho far these reports
cannot be confirmed here, althouuh ev
ery possible source of information is
being used. Patriots at Sun Loren.e,
from Kl Valle reached Santa Clara can
yon and about thirty miles on Chilian
hua road but, could hear nothing of
Villa nor any movement of Villista.
I'eople had heard rumors of Villistas
at Satevo but nothing of any action
north of there."
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