Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 07, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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I always have a package
aongf-it makes amiqhti)
pleasant and refreshing
iOgri for a not ary mourn
Program Is Fine, Exhibits At
tractive and Big Crowd
If You Were
one of Uncle Sam's Soldier lads miles
away in the cactus temperature a hundred
in the shade, and no shade dusty, tired,
canteen empty
You'd give a good deal for a cool mint--flavored
package of this refreshing confection
Sealed Tight
Kept Right
Write for the Wrigley Spearmen's Gum-ption book in colors, free.
Address WM. WRIGLEY Jr. Co., 1621 Kesner Bldg.. Chicago.
Don't forget
after every meal
8cio, Ore., Sept. (I. Fuir weuther in
the littoral meaning of tlie word graced
the opening day toilay of I.inu county's
tenth annual fair and exhibit of live
stock. President A. G. Priff of the fail
association, declared the three day pro
gram open and was followed by an ad
dress by Governor Withycombe.
Although heavy rains fell over the
surrouudinfg country for the last few
days, a representative stock parade
was held, high in quality but tew In
numbers in the various classes. All
exhibits were in their places early this
morning including a large school chil
dren's exhibit, that came in for special
praise from Governor Withycombe.
Today's race program was materially
changed owing to the non-arrival of
some horses held back apparently from
fear of the threatened railroad strike.
These eJfies are expected today or
early tomorrow, Wayne Stuart of Port
land, expects to start all contestants
tomorrow afternoon.
Herbert Munter, aviator, made a suc
cessful flight over the fair grounds and
is scheduled for two flights daily dur
ing the celebration. He leaves Friday
night for Seattle to make government
tests on a new army hydro-aeroplaue.
Agricultural exhibits by I.inu county
fanners surpassed any previously made
in this county. Leonard Gilkey, of
Thomas; l.eo Zeller, of Thomas, and
K. i Del.ong, of Scio, entered exhibits
that will be judged by representatives
from the Oregon Agricultural college.
- The exhibit of Leonard Gilkey is from
a farm of 40 acres and includes 325
varieties of farm products. There arc
over 100 varieties of shelled grain and
seeds. 75 varieties of grasses and grains,
40 different kinds of canned fruits, veg
etables and jellies, 50 varieties of farm
vegetables, 18 different fresh fruits nnd
23 varieties of potatoes. Not only has
Mr. Gilkey raised prize farm products
on his 40 ncreB but, also he is the father
of three blue ribbon youngsters.
In his speech, Governor Withycombe,
after congratulating fair officials and
the people of Scio on the merit of the
fair, launched a tirade against the land
8 ml loan bill and the six per cent limit
on taxation measure both of which will
go before the voters this full. The land
und loan bill he characterized as "ruin
ous to the state" and "one of the most
infamous measures ever offered to the
people tending to create a condition of
peon tennnntiy. " The six per cent
limit on taxation measure he charged
was instigated by eastern owners of
Oregon timber lands who ca'red nothing
for local schools or improvements. He
warned that this bill is "dangerously
loaded." il. . -
Tomorrw, Thursday, is Albany and
Harrisburg day with Friday the lust
day of the fair dedicated to Lebanon
and Brownsville. '
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n ajv ii H . rr 1
) fe ' 1M. Urn
Qi a.iiSWM i..MM.M n..... ill...-. .
Wm. S. Hart in ''The Apostle of Venge nee" at the Oregon Tonight-Tomorrow J
Hughes Will Make Trip
ThroughjWiddle West
Chicago, Sept. 7. Announcement of a
tentative, itinerary for Candidate
Hughes' second -stumping tour of the
middle west was made at western re
publican headquarters today.
He is scheduled to make his first
speech nt the republican state convon-
i tiim nt Penrin 711.. Sentpmbei 1Q. nnrt
it possible, will journey to Springfield, '
111., the sume day to make a speech ut
! Other places on the schedule were
jF.ast St. Louis, III., Pontine, Blooming
on and .loliet, III., Madison and llil
: waukee, Wis.
After the Wisconsin trin lie will go to
j Indiana where he will make three
.speeches. It has not yet been deter
miner! at just what towns Hughes will
speak, but it is certain that Indianap-
a ' "lis wni ue one or me places visuen.
I I 'The trip will Inst from September 19
" I I to 'M inclusive.
ford Sues Chicago
Tribune for a Million
CbU'ugo, Sept. 7. Henry Ford, mil
lionaire automobile manufacturer and
pacifist, filed suit in the United States
district court today against the Chi
cago Tribune asking $1,000,600 dam
ages. In his petition Ford alleged that
the Tribune libelled him by calling him
'an anarchist."
Ford's suit is based on an editorial
that apepared in the Tribune June 23,
1916,- under a caption "Ford Is An
The editorial was based on a . story
that Ford would discharge all his em
ployes who joined the national guard to
go to the Mexican border.
The petition declares that "this is
not even a true fact."
The suit was filed on Ford's behalf
by his Chicago attorneys.
Journal Want Ads Get Results Ton
(7ant Try one and see. j
New York, Sept. 7. George M. Coh
an, who made the American flag famous
be'fore either the democrats or republi
cans made it an issue, is to declare
himself for President Wilson. CoLan
conferred with Democratic National
Chairman McCormiek today and told
him he would nwing substantial sup
port from the theatrical profession to
the president in his campaign for re-,
The United States produced more
than 100,000,000 worth of gold last
Claims All Kinds of Fraud.
"We know thut in the Colorado cam
paign the brewers of Dcnvor printed
false statements and caused them to
be put under the door of every house
in tlie city. We know that in the lust
unsuccessful cumtmiyii in Oregon the or
der went out from the liquor forces to
the shIooiis ot the stnte to deliver a
stated number of votes in opposition to
tlie sultrnge nmcnilmeiit. Kverv suf
frngist in Michigan seemed to agree
that the amviiilmcnt was counted out i
the first, campaign nnd that the ballots
were stuffed in the second and that
the agents were the liquor forces.
"The attorney general who was serv
ing nt tho time in Nebraska has de
clared lie believes the amendment was
counted out there and again Uic charge
lies at the same iloor. The wet conn
tics in Ohio certainly defeated the
amendment there. The Boston anil
Maine railroad contributed to defeat
tho suffrage question in the constitu
tional convention of New Hampshire
and afterward it was found that it
had been in collusion with the liquor
lobby. The brewers arrested on the
federal charge of conspiracy in elections
in i'lttsourg are supnoscil to hnve con
tributed large sum to defeat the ques
tion in four eastern campaigns.
"But tho woman's hour has struck.
Yet, if the coll goes unheeded, if our
women ttiuiK it. means a vote without
a struggle, if they think other women
can and will pay the price of their
emancipation, tlie hour may pass and
our political liberty may not be wou."
: Youngstown, Ohio, Sept. 7. Dr. H. O.
Huffman, oculist and advocate of fast
ing as a nature cure, died here today
at the city hospital, a victim of his be
lief after going without food for Hi)
Huffman began bis fatul fasting June
i. Alter u nays ne attempted to eat
but his stomach refused to retain nour
ishment. Two years ago Huffman fast
ed 47 days. Last year he fasted :0
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Conference Recessed
Until Tomorrow
By Carl D. Grout,
(I'nitcd I'ress Staff ( 'onesMindent.)
New Loudon, Sept. 7. Extensive
financial aid for Mexico will be oiio of
the vital problems of tho Anieiiciin
Mexicuu commission. Every effort will
be made to avoid anything that sug
gests benevolence. Hut if there is Its
suraiices of lasting stable conditions
below tlio Kio (Inimle, then the Amer
ican tin vet inn en I will lend its moral
support to the flouting of u big .Mexi
can loan in this country.
This was learned reliably today ns
the American and Mexican commission
ers "recessed" in their conferences un
til tomorrow.
There were no joint, sessions today,
instead the commissioners delved into
data on border subjects and tho Amer
ican commissioners planned an in
formal session on ipiestions presented
yesterduy. The American commission
ers are optimistic over the outcome of
the conferences.
Says United States
May Start Mediation
Pill.) Alto, aU -sept. 7. "Only
President Wilson can make public the
details of the recent conference ill
Washington," suid Dr. David Starr
.Ionian, president emeritus of Stanford
University, when asked today regard
ing his meeting with tho nation's chief
executive during his recent enstern
visit. During the conference it is
learned that tho possibility of peace in
Kurope was discussed at length.
Dr. Jordan expressed the personal
opinion that the president and congress
may find some sort of mediation pos
sible, cither w ith the I'nitcd States act
ing alone or in concert with other
powers. Ho said, however, that it
would be impossible to undertake medi
ation Bt this time, until tlie military
situation abroad is more nearly settled.
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 7. The Perre
Murquette car ferry io. 3 went ashore
off .North Point in a g"' early today.
' jskm , , 7y J 1
L '4
"The Pawn
of Fate"
Murdered Attorney
Traveled Fast Pace,
Xew York, Sept. 7. Dwiglit P. 1 J i 1 -
worth, tho attorney who was murdered
in Vunl'oiirtlnnd Park, made many,
enemies, .lames I', ( leary, his former
law partner, told detectives working on
the case today. The police are no near
er solution of the mystery but have
obtained additional information which
may yield a clue to the motive.
(Jleary said he found Dilworth in
violent altercation with two process
servers in his office three months ago.,
Tho men threatened to go to the dis- j
trict attorney with information which
they claimed to have and "get" Dil
worth. !
Police announced they have discov
ered that the murdered man, though
his income was small, entertained wo
men lavishly and that married women
were umong his closest friends.
If I - -i T- T 1
u Lasi tunes lonay
Sl. was bound from I.iidington, Mich.,
to Milwaukee, carrying ubout 50 pas
sengers and crew. Toast guards and
several tugs huve gone to the aid of the
Pere Marquette officials stated that
the 'ferry was in little danger.
The Journal Doea Job Printing.
Big Double Show
Come Early
Wm. S. Hart The Apostle of Vengeance9
2000 Ft of Keyftone