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EDD1NOS are the important
events gchediried- on the calen-
ilar for Wednesday and the
charming brides-to-be, who are, Miss
Isabel McGilchrist, Miss Vera Martin
and Miss Ermine Harding, have beon
feted with numerous pre-nnptial atten
tions. Simplicity will characterize all
three of the weddings, which are to be
attractive home affairs.
Miss McGilchrist has ehosen the
morning for her marriage to William
Page Douglas of San Frnncisco, and
the eeremony will be solemnized at
the McGilchrist residence at 10:110
o'clock. Rev. Carl II. Elliott will offi
ciate snd the brido will bo attended by
eight of her girl friends. Little Miss
Marion Shaw will be. flower girl and
the bride's small nephew, William Mc
Uilchrist, III, will act as ring bearer.
About seventy guests have been asked
for both the ceremony and the wedding
breakfast which will follow. The young
couple are going on a wedding trip to
Southern California and upon their re
turn will make their homo in Oakland,
California. i ' .
.The second wedding, which will be
that of. Miss Ermine Harding and Clar
ence Van Slyke, will take place at 6:30
o'clock at the homo of the bride's moth
t,' Mrs. Agnes Harding, 835 Union
street. The bride will bo given Into the
keeping of the groom by her brother,
Merlin Harding, and will be attended
by Miss Eloiso White of Portlund, as
maid of honor. Harold linger will act
aa best man. The bridal couple will be
jirecedcl by Edith May Jenks ns flow
er girl and little William McGilchrist,
111. who wilt again act as ring bearer.
The bride s sister-in-tnw, Mrs. Merlin
Harding, will sing "Today" by Carrie
Jacobs Bond, and the wedding march
will bo played by Miss Lela Slater of
Following tiie ceremony n reception
will be held and the rnuplo will leave
for a sojourn in British Columbia.
They will be at home after September
fifteenth at Chelan, Washington, where
Mr. Van Slyke is associated with his
father in tho Miners' and Merchants'
Miss Vera Martin's marriage to Carl
Hersey of Seattle will take place Wed
nesday evening at the home of her par-
Tf - .1 AT-- W W Xr.irfin P.n-
Car! H. Elliott officiating. Miss Loisj
Martin, a sister of the bride will bo!
maid of honor nnd Kenneth Martin,
the bride's brother will act as best
man. Only relatives and a fow close
friends have been asked to tho wed
ding. The couple will make their homo
in Seattle, where Mr, Hersey ig a civil
Miss Joe Driscoll has returned from
Klamath Falls, wbero siie has been
passing the summer. Thursday Miss
Driscoll will leave for Eugene, where
she will resume her studies at tho Uni
versity of Oregon.
Miss Paula Linn, who has boon the
louse guest of Miss Carolyn Dick, re
turned to Portland Friday,
Mrs. Iiussell Cntlin !s expecting as
her guests this week, her brother and
eistcr in luw, Mr. and Mrs. JJewoy cor
fin of San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. Coffin are en route
home from a motor trip through East
ern Oregon and have had a delightful
summer outing, fishing and visiting
places of scenic interest.
Miss Mary McKeunnn, who has been
tie week end guest of Mrs. Zndoe J.
ltiggs, returned to Portland today.
At tho residence of Mrs. Mnry Wal
ton, 1077 Center street, there will be
a meeting of the St. Paul's Guild on
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock:
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Brown and small
son, who have been tho guests of Mr.
lid Mrs. Frank U. Myers, have return
ed to their homo in Dallas.
Professor and Mrs. Frank Wilbur
Cbace have returned from a scvcrnl
weeks sojourn in Seattle. While in
the Sound tho Chaccs enjoyed a num
ber of motor trips to nearby summer
Miss Jessie, Miller has returned from
Lincoln, Neb., where she has been pass
ing tuo summer with her parents.
The Ladies Aid society of the Worn
an 'a lielief Corps will meet on Thurs
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Henry Siiott, 850 E street. A good at
tendance is desired and members of the
G. A. K. are cordially invited to at
tend. - .
Judge and Mrs. Lawrence T. Harris,
who have been sojourning at their sum
mer place on the McKenzie river near
l.ngene, returned Monday.
The old-fashioned blunderbuss lacked concen
trated energy. How lie many foods of now nutri
tive value which fail to give driving force to body
and brain.
is concentrated food-strength in easily digestible
and delicious form.
For building health and efficiency, every table
should have its daily ration of Grape-Nuts.
"There's a Reason"
Labor Commissioner Hoff is in Port
land. James Englo of Wootlliurn was reg
istered yesterday at the Capital hotel.
A. J, Englebart left this morning for
Spokane to attend the Washington
state fair.
K A. Nelson left yesterday over tne
Oregon Electric, for a montns visit "'
St. Paul. Minn,
George Vick and E. C. Simmons of
Eugene went to Portland this morn
ing on Ford business.
Mrs. Al MiBhler and two children are
visiting with Mrs. Mishler's mother,
Mrs. M. Walpole of Woodbnrn.
Ulna v.iraat KiwiK tit the Barnes Cash
store returned this morning fsoin a
1'ew days' visit with her parents at A'-
htm v.
Mrs. J. L. Try in nnd baby and Miss
Dorothy Shank "are here from Albany
for a few days visit with the home
Louis Betchtcl left this afternoon for
St. Louis having received this morning
a telegram that his mother who Jives
near St. Louis was seriously ill.
C. P. Bishop left this morning for
Washongnl, Wash., where one of the
mills of the Sulem Woolen company is
Lester J. Harding, a former Salem
boy now living at Glendale returned
to "his homo yesterday after a short vis
it with friends in Salem and Gervais.
Justice L. T, Harris of the Oregon
supreme court, and Mrs. Ilurris return
ed to Salem yesterday after spending
their vacation in aud around Eugene.
Eugene Register.
Canadian Pacific ,
Liner Has Collision
' London, Sept. 5. The Canadian Pa
cific liner Montreal has been in col
lision aud is sinking off Tilbury.
Tho Montreal is a steel twin screw
four masted steamer built in 1000 fur
service between Canadian and English
iiorts. She is 401) 'feet long and has a
beam of 50.2 feet. Liverpool is hor
home port. I
Tilbury is on the left bank of the .
Thumes a few miles eust of London.
L. i n i:.. rn..::.. i:..npa
,::r, rnZ: "d LZn.
government. The location of the acci
dent makes it uppear possible that the
Montreal was either carrying Canadian
troops to France or returning from such
a trip.
No Great Damage Done.
Montreal, yue., Sept. 5. The C. P. R. '
steamer officials have received WOrd
Hint thn fruiirht xtenmer Miintrenl from
W. Pirt was"" collision with British !
tvnrsliin near th Enirlili coast but no
nnrslnp near tne JMigusn coast out no
great damage was done and the steum
cr is now docked at urnvesenu. Ihe
Montreal carried no troops or passen
gers. Meanest Thief Known
Is In Oregon City
Oregon City, Or., Sept. 5. Of all the
meanest thieves that ever thieved, the
one that preys on "IVoc" M'osier, blind
cigar dealer, Is the most unutterable,
according to police here, i'onr times
in t no past few weeks this buzzard has
swooped down upon Mosier and car
ried off his purse. Mosier told detect
ives today he had -7 in his wallet
last night, that ho laid it down lor a
minute on his counter and the robber
stole it.
New York, Sept. 8. With the
American flag flying at her
masthead and the Mexican flag
fluttering from her bowsprit,
tho presidential yacht Slay
flower steamed out of the New
York harbor todny bearing the
American-Mexican joint coin
mission which hopes to settle
all difficulties between the
1'nited Stntes and the de facto
g vernment.
New London, Conn., is the
destination of the party and .
the commander of the May
flower hopes to dock there this
ai'ternoon. The first confer
ence will be held tomorrow
Everyone Should
Drink Hot Water
in the Morning
Wash away all the stomach, liver1,
nd bowel poisons before
1 , ! v-v.
To feel your best day in and day out,
to feel clean inside; no sour bile to
coat your tongue and Bicken your
breath or dull your head; no constipa
tion, bilious attacks, sick headache,
colds, rheumatism or gassy, acid stom
ach, you must bather the inside like
you bathe outside. This is vastly more
important, because the skin pores do
not absorb impurities into tne blood,
while the bowel pores do, says a well
known physician. ' .
To keep these poisons and toxins
well flushed from the stomach, liver, I
kidneys and bowels, drink before break .
fast each day, a glass of hot water
with a tenspoonful of limestone phos-
t.hate in it. This will cleanse, purify
and freshen the entire alimentary tract,
before pulling more food into the toni
ach. Get a quarter pound of limestone
phosphate from your pharmacist. It
is inexpensive and almost tasteless, ex
cept a sourish twinge which is not un
pleasant. Drink phosphated hot water
every morning to r.id your system of
these vile poisons and toxins; also to
prevent their formation.
To feel like young folks feel; like
you felt before your blood, nerves and
muscles became saturated with an ac
cumulation of body poisons, begin this
treatment and above all, keep it up!
As soap and hot water act on the Bkin,
cleansing, sweetening and purifying, so
limestone phosphate and hot water be-
4 1 nn tllll utnitlflph.
j luru liruiiniuai, mi i. u- j
liver, kidneys anu uoweis.
By Robert J. Bender.
(1'nited Press staff correspondent.)
On Rnnrd the President's Special,
Huntington, W. Va., Sept. 5. "These Powell, spent last Thursday at the chil
have been the finest receptions I have dren's playground in Salem. The chil
ever received," President Wilson today . dren report a fine time,
characterized his trip through West ' Mr. Virgil Seamster was a Salem vis
Virginia and Kentucky. I itor Sunday.
The president evidently was delighted I Miss Hulda Lardon has returned to
th., M
the enthsusiasm with wjiieh ho was
received even when, late at night there
....... ni.;n. lnr small tnwn crnwrlR tn
cheer but the darkened private car. I
The president's journey into Ken-
tuckv, while characterized as non-politi-
cnl. has nroved cratifvine to his po-
nticai aides. At every pouu en rume
.' . . , .. i
"OWds met mm witn Danus ana cneers i
." J" '""
wauea unni uncr miuuigui wi
of the .presidential train. Even though
"ev til not see tne presiaeui, iney ,
... ni1 , '.w vervnn '
cheered loudly enough to wake everyone ,
on the train.
Thursday night the prosident leaves
for Atlantic City, where he will address
the convention of the National Wom
en's Suffrage association. Saturday he
expects to motor to Long Branch.
I Probably he will take up his pre-election
plans and headquarters there immedi
ately. !
Voting Was Light In '
Wisconsin Primaries
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 5.
Voting in the Wisconsin pri
mary election was exceptionally
Chief interest centered in the
race between Governor E. L.
Phillip, W. H. Hatton snd
former Governor Mcdovern for
the republican nomination for
governor. Tho fight between
Senator liobert M. LaFollette
and Mulcom (1. Jeffries of
danesvillc for the nomination
for Vnited States senator has
been hot.
There are few contests be-
tween the democrats for the
main state offices.
Market Rather Dull
But Prices Were Firm
New York, Sept. 5. The New York
Kveniug Sun financial review today
I Although interest in today's general
ity active trading was confined in great
part to the sensational operations in
'international Mercantile Marine issues,
; particularly the preferred, which ad
i vanced more than four points over Sat
urday's low and to the great capacity
I the market showed for the absorption of J among veterans today. They have re
! United States Steel common, the general , commended for adoption by the Spanish
' list reflected participation in the deal
; ings by substantial Wall street opera
i turns nnd by the public, the latter, how
lever, exhibiting decided discrimination
j in the character of its purchases,
j While the rail shares, as a rule, were
inactive, their prices held firmly well
I in the best part of the session, selling
J of Reading and Union Pacific, being
particularly well taken. Munitions is
i sues were more in favor because of the
calling off cf the order for a railroad
strike and some of the specialties, no- J. Maurice Pettit, confessed wife slay
tablv Vnited Fruit and Kelly Spring-! er, was doubled today as a result of
field Tire were strong. threats by Pettit that he would kill him-
Sentiment in the financial district self st the first opportunity. He says
wh not particularly bullish regarding lie wants to join his wife on a "spirit
the immediate prospects for active ex-1 ual plane."
pansion in the speculative demand for) "My body mar die, but my spirit
railroad stocks, while there appeared to will live," he told physicians at the
be a tone of pessimism in the talk heard , Bridwell hospital, where he is recov
in various houses over the outlook for a, ering from injuries- received 'when he
wider investment inquiry tor tne rails,
at least until a clearer conception eould
be had of the probable outcome of the
railroad labor situation.
Wedding Invitations, Announcements
and Calling Cards Fritted at the Jour
al Job Department.
Court House News-
A marriage license was issued this
morning to William Page Douglas, of
Oakland, Cal., aud Isabel Adams McGil
christ, of Salem,
W. E. Walter, of Salem, has taken
out a fishing license at the office of
the county clerk. H. Parrish and A. C.
Bohrustedt, both of Salem, have taken
out hunting licenses.
Alleging desertion at . Ridge'field,
Wash., Ida Leary has filed suit for di
vorce from John Leary in the circuit
A notice of appeal to the supreme
court was entered this morning in the
case of John Mpser vs. William Esch.
The final account of Julian Provost,
administrator of the estate of Caro
line Provost, deceased, has been ap
proved by the county court.
John Scholl, August Will and M. Crit
tenden, appraisers of the estate of the
late Joseph A. Dodge, have filed a re
port showing property to the value of
Pratum Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Pratum, Ore., Sept. 8. Miss Mabel
Harper, of Marysville, Cal., is visiting
at the home of her father, James Har
per. She expects to remain for about
a month.
Mr. Ed Leisy, of Portland, spent last
Sunday with the home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Powell, of Salem,
visited relatives in this community last
Mr. K. Torresdal was a Silvcrton vis
itor last Thursday.
Miss Ella Powell, who will teach at
Brooks again this year, spent last Wed
ncsdnv in the afore-nnmed town in
search of a boarding place. Her small
niece, Lorraine Smith, accompanied her.
Mr. Alfred Rnmnf. who has been with
Kings threshing machine, is again at J
home. . .
Mr. Robert Wenger, Jr., is suffering
from a severe attack of blood poison
ing. Master Glenn Smith and sister, Lnr-!
mine, accompanied by Miss Lvdia
Portland, after spending a month with
yon, . spending
her folks. She spent some time in re-
licwinar old acnuainrnnces.
Miss Esther Sehoap visited with rclu-1
tives near Salem last Wednesday. i
Mrs. ill Graham of Silverton, and
small son, are visiting witn Mrs. Gra-
1 JJ- . 1 T TIT Tll...
. ... ..y.y.
ccverui grout in inis viciniry are
"". V" T....7 '
....o ..i.,.s. "niunuic "
mold and if such is the ease th.Vun
u nut mm mug, imnicmurij 11 me
weatther remnins unsettled. A few hot
weatther remains unsettled
j.. n i., :
days would prove a blessing now.
Much grain is still unthreshed and a
little is still uncut. Some fear is en
tertained as to whether it can all be
garnered before the steady 'fall rains
begin. Many of the threshing crews may
have to work short handed since the hop
picking will call away some of the
hands. '' '
Potato prospects in this community
are fine. The rain, however much dam-
I age it may do to other crops, is only
making sure a bountiful crop of pota-
I oes.
Usual Band Concert
at Willson Park
The regular band concert will be
given at Willson Park tonight by the
Salem Municipal band, H. N. Stoud
enmcyer director, the following is the
1. March, "Co-ed", Zamecnic
2. Overture, "Raymond" Thomas
3. Waltz, "Spirit of Love" Hall
4. Comic Opera Selection.
"Firefly" Friml
5. Vocal solo, "Love, Here is My
Heart" - .. Silesn
Mrs. Hallio Hinges
6. Tone Poem, "Simplicity"
Dorothy Lee
7. Medley, "Remicks Hits o. 16
Arr. by r. Lanipe
8. Patrol, "American" Beacham
Sulu" b bz
9. Excerpts from "Sultan of Sulu"
10. March, "All America "....Zamecnic
Spanish War Veterans
Ready for Duty Again
Chicago, Sept. 5. Veterans of the
Spanish-American war, who yesterday
opened a four day encampment here, are
at the disposal of Uncle Sam any time
he needs them.
This was the consensus of opinion
war veterans a resolution to that effect
Barret O'Hara, lieutenant governor of
Illinois, and Captain D. Chisholm are
candidates for office of commander of
the veterans.
PoGce Guard Pettit
To Prevent Suicide
Chicago, Sept. 6. Police guard about
, tried to escape by jumping rrom a last
moving train near Michigan- City, Ind.
Police are inclined to doubt Pettit 's
story that he killed his wife because
he "wanted her to die pure."
Jonrnal Want Ads Get Eesults Too
V7 sat Try one and see.
Criticism of Strike Settlement
Subject of His Nashville
By Perry Arnold.
(United Press staff correspondent.!
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 5. Only' the
usual railroad station crowd was on
hand here today when Charles Evans
Hughes' car was backed in. There were
no cheers or other signs of enthusiasm.
The candidate is en route to Lexington,
Ky., where he will speak today.
A. T. Hart, in charge of the western
headquarters of the national committee
got aboard for a conference with the
nominee and the two remained together
in the governor's private car during the
half hour wait here.
The governor nnd Mrs. Hughes went
to the station platform to pose smiling
ly for a local photographer and to take
a morning stroll.
It became known todny that the noih
inee is plaunning to address men of the
Plnttsburg, N. Y.. enmp if this can be
arranged. A tentative schedule already
mapped out for him includes a visit to
the preparedness enmp, September 12,
making Hughes return to New York one
dav later than hud been originally plan
ned, Before the candidate's car left the
station a band straggled into the train
shed and by playing southern melo
dies evoked applause in which was
blended cheers for Hughes.
The original plan had been for
Hughes to make a train speech, but ap
parently this idea was nbandoned' be
cause a crowd was missing. The candi
date did not show himself for some time
and no one at the station seemed to
care whether he did or not.
. Faced Hostile Audience.
The republican nominee was a differ
ent person thnn the man who a little
over four weeks ago started off on a
transcontinental campaign trip.
ably no public speaker, let alone a
presidential candidate, ever underwent
such an experience ns Hushes did at the
Ryman auditorium in Nsshvbille last
He faced nn audience that was
packed" against him and distinctly
unfavorable to his views. The crowd
started a Wilson demonstration. They
hissed and hooted the G. O. P. nominee.
Hughes, fighting mad nt the insult
which he considered had been given
Mrs. Hughes, who was present on the
platform with him, simply struck out
straight from the shoulder and rammed
home his bittor criticism of the demo
"atic administration with a new line of
hot shot. He attacked the strike set
tlement recently achieved by President
Wilson and had the satisfaction of hear
ing eheers and applause from the south
erners for his fighting spirit and his de
termination to fight it out.
Naturally the candidate was in good
humor today and the stimulus of the
night's meeting still stood with him. He
was also enjoying a good joke which
some of his party had agninst'him.
Secretary Lawrence H. urcen opeucu
the morning's mail today, and nearly
faiuted when bo saw a check on a St.
Louis bank for $2",000. No letter ac
companied the "contribution" und it
looked mighty good'to Green. He took
it back to the governor in a hurry.
Then when the two came to look over
the contribution, they found it was a
counter-check on a St. Louis bnnk, made
out to the order of Charles Evans
House nnd signed "Hughes per Secre
tary J. Lansing." On tho back the per
son who made the contribution had in
dorsed iu a flowing hand the signature
"Eduard James Porter, Esq."
The next meeting of the state high
way commission will be held on Mon
day, September 11, nt 10 o'clock a. m.,
when consideration will be given the
county court nnd citizens of Sheridan,
who have filed notice of their intention
to urge that paving planned for that
district be deferred for a year. The pur
pose in this postponement is that they
may get 15,000 of the government
monev appropriated under the Shackle
ford bill. The state is now putting up
$5,000, the county fS.OOO and the citi-
sens $5,000. With an equal amount
added by the government, there will be
$30,000 available for the .work.
A postponement for the same reason
on the road between Oregon City and
New Era will be asked by Clackamas
county. The state has appropriated $15,
000 for this work.
State Engineer Lewis has been noti
fied that a delegation from Klnmath
county will be present at this meeting.
The purpose of their visit is not given.
Articles of incorporation were filed
this morning with Corporation Commis
sioner Srhuldermsn by the "Multno
mah Hotel, Inc.," of Portland. The in
corporators are Frank P. Drinker, Swan
Beuson and Robert Krims. and the cap
ital stock is $50,000, divided into 500
shares of $100 each.
Washington, Sept. 5 The
United States will accept toe
Danish West Indies purchase
treaty. The senate foreign re
lations committee today voted
unanimously to report the trea
ty favorably this afternoon. A
favorable senate vote is expect
ed before the close of the day's
session or early tomorrow.
Not If It's Like Her.
He (at 11:30 p. m.) Well, misery
loves company, you know.
She (stifling a yawn) Not at this
hour, l think.
The sisters may get the ballot some
day, but they'll sever be referred to
s the silent vote.
Trouble Breaks Out Over In
dividual Contracts Made
By One System
New York, Sept. 5. Dauger of a
strike which would tie up the subway
and elevated systems of New York ap
peared greater this afternoon.
Tho demand of the representatives of
the union that all individual contracts
made by the.lnterborough company With
its employes be abrogated was flatly
The men have declared a strike will
be called if. the contracts are not abro
gated. Acting Police Commissioner Godley
today ordered 0,500 New York police
men to hold themselves in readiness for
strike duty in case a strike is declared
on the subway, elevated and surface
lines as the result of today's confer
ence between representatives of the
men and the employers. Police vaca
tions were cancelled.
(Continued r-rom Page One.)
1,500 yards eastward in fighting near
Guillemnnt last night, capturing the vil
lage of Falfemont, General Haig report
ed this afternoon.
The whole German system of strong
defenses at Falfemont is iu British
hands. The British also gained a foot
ing in the Leuse wood, a mile northwest
of Combles.
Since Sunday the whole Oermnn sec
ond line from Mouquet farm to the
point where the British lines link up
with the French, a distance of more
than seven miles, have been captured,
General Haig reported. About 1,000
prisoners have been .taken.
The fighting is continuing at the
village of Ginchy.
Paris, Sept. 5. The (ici-maus last
night made several unsuccessful tit
tempts to recapture ground lost to the
French on both sides of the Somme in
the allied drive on Sunday and Monday,
it was officially announced today.
The strong Oerman counter attack
was delivered north of tho Somme be
tween Combles and Forest. - The French
had observed preparation for this blow
throughout yesterday and were fully
prepared to meet it. The first men to
attack fell under French tir unci the
survivors were driven back to their
South of the Somme the Germans
made several unsuccessful attacks near
Belloy-En-Santerre, the French taking
100 prisoners. Bad weather hindered
the development of the French offen
sive but the night was spent in or
ganizing the newly won ground against
counter attacks.
On the northeastern front of Ver
dun the night was generally calm, the
French taking 50 prisoners in local en
counters. Southeast of Thiaumont a
small German attack failed.
Rumanians Halted.
By Carl W. Ackerman.
(United Press staff correspondent.)
Berlin, Sept. 5. The Rumanians have
been checked on both wings of their
invasion of Transylvania snd are in re
treat before German and Bulgarian
forces invading southeastern Rumania.
Budapest dispatches today reported a
halt in the Rumanian advance near
Orsova on the extreme Austrian right
wing. After withdrawing to tho west
bank of the Cerna river, the Austrians
warded off all Rumanian attacks. Aus
trian artillery tore great gaps in the
Rumanian lines, .
In the north on the Austrian left wing
the Rumaniaus crossed the Gyergo
Szente Miklos pa-ss opposed by only
Austrian rear guards. But when they
attempted to fight their wav across the
Maros river, near the railway, they
were abrnuptly halted by artillery fire.
Even in the center where the Aus
trians attempted no strong stand, the
Rumanian advance is now making very
little progress. The Budapest, news
paper A.' Est reported that the Ru
manians have, oeen unable to follow up
tueir advantage in tins region because
their transportation system has fallen
down badly.
On the southern Transylvaninn fron
tier the Rumanians are proceeding with
the greatest caution, evidently fear
ing that they will be led into a trap.
Bulgars Take Towns.
Sofia. Sept. 5. The Rumanian towns
of Kurtbunar and Akkadunlar have
been captured by the Bulgarian and
j German forces who have pushed forward
' 10 miles into Rumanian territory .in
i their invasion of the Dobrudja region,
it. was orticiany announced today.
Kurtbunar and Akkadunlar lie almost
directly south of the Rumanian city of
Silistra and nbout 65 miles northwest
of the Bulgarian port of Varna.
Russians Will Help.
Rome, Sept. 5. Russian transports
have landed a large Slav contingent at
the Rumaniau port of Constanza to aid
in the operations against Bulgaria, ac
cording to advices received here todny.
Part of the Russian forces alrendv have
joined the Rumanians resisting the Oer-
man-Buignrian attacks along the Dub
rudja frontier.
Rumanian vanguards have entered
the Transylvauian city of Hermann
stadt which was evacuated by the Aus
trians several days ago.
Russians Attack Bulgarians.
Petrograd, Sept. 5. Russian troop
which crossed through Rumania have
been in action against the Bulgarians
for the first time since the beginning of
the war, it. was officially announced
- A Russian cavalry detachment en
countered a Bulgarian force in the Ru
manian Oobrudja region yesterday. The
Bulgarians were satire a.
Capture Rumanian City.
Berlin, Sept. 5. Bulgarian
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have captured the Rumanian town of
Dobrie, 12 miles inside the Rumanian
frontier, it was officially announced
this afternoon.
German airships have again bombard1
ed Bucharest.
Dubris is the largest town yet cap
tured by the Germans and Bulgarians
in their invasion of Rumania. It has
a population of about 15,000 and was
in Bulgaria until the lust Balkan war
when Rumania forced the Bulgars to
surrender tho Dobrudja territory.
Will Last 18 Months. .
Geneva, Sept. 5. British government
officials have informed the - Italian
prime minister of their belief that the
war will last at least another IX
months, according to Rome advices to;
i 'lay-
Russians Still Advance.
Petrograd, Sept. 5. The Russian ad
vance in the Carpathian woods near the
frontier of Hungary continues, it wns
officially announced today. More
I heights have been captured.
I ' In the fighting along the upper
j Sereth, 4,020 prisoners, six cannon, 3'J
moiitiiiia .runs ,i ti rl a iiiimKor nf Vimtih
throwers have been captured.
Rumor Bremen is Captured.
Xew York, Sept. 5. General opinion
in London is that British ships havo
captured the German merchant subma
rine Bremen, according to passengers ar
riving here today on the liner Cameron
ian. No such officiul claim has been made,
Greece to Oet in Soon.
Washington, Sept. 5 Private advices
reached official circles in AVashington
from Athens that it is only a matter of
a day or two until Greece enters the
nar on the side of the allies.
Will Visit Tront
Rome, Sept. 5. American Ambas
sador Tage will visit the Italian front,
iu the near future.
It is estimated that nearly 70,000,:
000 wild animals arc killed yearly for
the sake of their fur.
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