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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
August 2!, 1010.
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No matter what the changes in the European war sit
uation Germany remains supremely confident and un
afraid. The dispatches yesterday from Berlin sent by
Ackerman who is perhaps closer to the German govern
ment than any newspaper correspondent, says the asser
tion of the leaders on hearing of Rumania s action was
that "it might prolong the war but would not change its
results." At the same time the great drive of the allies
along the western front has apparently reached the stage
of the German offensive at Verdun, where the reports
daily are in substance: "All attacks were repulsed.
German officers say the Somme drive is at an end solar
as making advance is concerned and that the allies have
reached their limit at that point. It begins to look as
though this was largely true. But there is no disputing
the fact that the Russian bear is still crashing through all
defenses and is so far resistless. With Rumania assisting
him, and allowing him an open road across her territory
and to attack Austria, some history will be made efoie
long. Two new battle fronts are likely, with the province
of Transylvania, in Austria, one and another in Bulgaria.
Greece will probably be the sixteenth nation to get into
the war. She has used every effort to fo?ep out but it looks
as if she could no longer avoid taking the plunge. ith
Bulgaria invading her territory and killing her soldieis
there is no escaping a fight. Outside the Balkans but few
countries remain to join the fray, and Phaps the end has
been reached or will be when Greece enters the list. The
dispatches this morning are to the eftect that Germany
expects Greece to join the allies. At the same time it is
stated, Germany pursuing her usual tactics will begin an
offensive against Rumania, and try to compel the f ight ng
to be done on Rumania territory. General Mack nson
who commanded the drive through Serbia yiU in
charge, which indicates there will be some hard fighting
in the near future.
Another jolt or two like the Chicago wheat market
got Monday and those bakers will have to rearrange their
bread prices on a lower level. It is not probable the diop
will last long, it being occasioned largely by the idea that
Rumania joining the allies would soon give Russia an
outlet for her wheat. This will not follow soon as the
grip of the Turk must be pried loose from the Dardanelles,
Among the statistics compiled by Labor Commissioner
HofF is that eighty firms in the state engaged in furnish
ing atetracts of title, that they employ 240 persons who
receive a total annual wage of $224,640. This is consider
able money to pay for knowing your real est a ite i tile is
all right and then not being certain of it. It is a pietty
strong indorsement of the Torren's system.
Pat Calhoun, former street railway magnate of San
Francisco, claims to have spent $14,000,000 in five years.
The fun of making a spending record like that should in a
measure alleviate the pinch of poverty irom which 1 at
claims at the present time to be sufienng.
Why take steps to prevent immigration after the
European war ends? If it keeps up for another year or
two and the stories told about the mortality are not ex
aggerated there won't be anyone left in Europe to do the
Miss Coos having been happily married, it should be
Miss Curry next. Curry naturally suggests rice, and rice
of course a wedding. Salem is ready to respond to an
Labor Day will see the Walsh-White dispute ended and
in all likelihood, the railroad scrap realy begun.
President Wilson has decided to go before congress
with the railroad troubles and will do so it is stated today.
He is getting tired of the whole affair and so is the coun
try. Yesterday he requested the employes to withdraw
their strike order sent out, and which provides for a strike
Labor Day unless an agreement is. reached. This request
was turned down by the labor leaders, who claim they
have no power to act. The result is that the president will
take the business before congress. The railroads have
refused to accept an eight hour day and it is very prob
able the eight hour law will soon be adopted and made to
apply to railroads as well as other pursuits. Then it will
have to be accepted and complied with. The railroads
know this, hence it is hard to see what they are objecting
to the eight hour system for, since they know that sooner
or later they are bound to have it. They have some object
behind their stubbornness that has not been made public
yet, for they certainly are not foolish enough to stand
up and fight a proposition they know they can be made to
accept. It looks as though the whole matter was one of
nolitics. the railroads instead of the tariff this time beine
usuu in uie ciiui i iu put uie auniniisu uuun in a nuif.
The Oregonian evidently thinks it a crime to permit
anything to be imported to the United States. It would
have the markets of this country turned over to the
Americans entirely and the manufacturers of this coun
try told to go to it, that no person on earth would be al
lowed to compete with them. What would conditions be
under such an arrangement? We have one case of it in
the Standard Oil company which fixes prices to suit itself
and until very recently.almost without opposition. If this
country did not buy abroad and continued to sell there
we would in the course of time have every dollar of coin
in the world, and as we bought nothing abroad all cash
trade would be stopped and we could sell nothing because
there is nothing we could get in return.
The protective tariff is simply a means provided by law
by which the whole people can be taxed and the proceeds
be given to the few. Theoretically it sounds plausible but
in practice results in wholesale robbery.
Another thing shown by Commissioner Hoff's statis
tics is that there are 617 retail confectionery places in the
state. The total pay roll in addition to the proprietors'
averages in employes 1234, and in money $6:7,263. Ap
parently eating candy is quite an industry.
Colonel Roosevelt seems to have hobbled his enthus
iasm and put a bridle on his tongue since the early days
of July.
Not a Cherrian was lost.
The thermometer seems to have been
sent up for only four days.
J'erhaps the reason some people nev
er feel good is because they haven't
any to feel.
At least one Salem picuie party fail
ed to have an enjoyable time Sunday.
The Lojus were not balled out. It
can 't be done.
A Salem man was unable to find his
htit yesterday morning. Shortly after
breakfast his wife discovered the miss
ing artiele on tiie front sidewalk. This
is the most sensationul event of the
week to date.
Flour bounded upwnrds yesterday.
Daily paper.
It bounded downwards in this town.
Ask the father of seven children.
It is beginning to be noticed that
each successive declaration of war in
Kurope is followed by one in Turner.
k1 ir.. - - . w
mm mi i i JfarffftlCi
The man who writes, the long year through,
hears readers say, "Write something new !
The thoughts you spring, from day to day,
are bearded things, all worn and gray." But
there is nothing new on earth; there is no
thought of modern birth; there is no plot
or song or tale that Noah didn't say was
stale. I've read James Boswell's book
again; in it Sam Johnson, best of men, ex
pressed his views on every theme of which
the mortal mind may dream. And like an
oracle he spoke, and I delight to watch his
smoke, but never did he make remark that wasn't known
in Noah's ark. But his remarks, though sere and gray,
were spoken in the Johnson way, and, though he's been
a long time dead, we cherish still the things he said. Since
every thought on earth is old, and baggy-kneed and blue
with mold, it profits not for me and you to strain at say
ing something new. We'll take old thoughts we find
astray, and doll them up as best we may.
National Committee . More Militia Ordered
of Hushes Women to Mexican Border
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
CAPITAL - - - - - - $500,000.00
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Chicago. Aug. 20 A woman's na
tional committee built along the lines
of the regular national committee, will
be uTRaiiizcd by republicans to line up
feminine votes in the twelve western
suffrage states for Candidate Hughes.
This was the announcement here to
day by James R. Garfield of Ohio,
chairman of the committee organizing
women of the western suffrage, states.
A western woman will be madV chair
man and headquarters will be estab
lished in Chicago, said Garfield.
Krank 11. Hitchcock of New York ex
peeled here today for a conference
with western campaign managers, will
not arrive until probably Friday, A
meeting of the general advisory boajd
at New York today prevented his de
parture. He will join Western Cam
paign Manager Alv'in T. Hert and his
staff at Indianapolis Thursday for the
notification of Vice-Presidential Can-
i (imnres cnaries vt. r airoanKs.
! Henry J. Allen of Kansas, former
progressive, brought reports that
I Kansas would elect the entire republt
I can slate and give Hughes a majority
; of 80,000. Allen was on his w ay to
' Maine where he will make a number
j of speeches.
I War. --
! Officer What are your duties, my
! tnnnf
' Outpost Ok; to mess around 'ere till
the relief 'tome. London Opinion.
. Washington, Aug. !!. The Ohio.
Kentucky and Vermont militia, which
has been mobilized, has been ordered
to the border, the war department an
nounced today.
Following is the text of the an
nouncement issued by the war press
"Orders previously issued temporar
ily suspending the movement of the
militia of Vermont, Kentucny and Ohio
to the southern department, have been
revoked. These troops will join the
division to which assigned in the
recent divisional organization of the
militia called into the federnl service."
The war department would give no
information why the militia was order
ed to the border at this time, when the
strike situation is more serious, than at
the time of the last order holding them
home. The only explanation was that
tho above troops are a part of tactical
uuits at the border already- organized
and the department wishes to completed
the movement.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
ia use for over 30 years, has borne the signature oC
i ana has been made under his per-
The report of the Pacific car demur
rage bureau for February, March, April
and May, has just been received at the
office of the state public service com
mission. A comparisun presented there
in between California and Oregon con
tains some food for thought on the
part of people interested in such mitt-1
teis. In Oregon Ofc.fx per cent ot cars
for loading were held overtime, Oit.xij
per cent of cars for unloading were
held overti me, 08.117 per cent of all cars
reported were held overtime. In Cali
fornia 00.04 per cent of cars for load
ing were hold overtime, 02.82 per cent
of ears for unloading were
held overtime, and 01.74 per cent of ull
cars reported were held overtime.
tf' ' sonal supervision since its infancy.
GCAcute; Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-ns-good " are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health ot
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
Boric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine) nor other areotic
substance. Its afro is its guarantee. It destroys "Worm
and allays Fcvcrishness. For more than thirty years it
has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation.
Flatulency, AVlnd Colic, all Teething1 Troubles and
Diarrha.-a. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural Bleep.
The Children's l'anacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Articles of incorporation were filed
this morning at the office of Corpora
tion Commissioner .Schulderman by the
Albany Bound-Up nssociation, of which
the incorporators are Hoy Newport, B. I
R. Wallace, Al Sternberg and E. F.
Bailey, and the capital stock $5,000; by
tho Inventors' Dexelopment company of
Portland, capitalized for $25,000; and
by Reiner & Fields, Inc., automobile j
dealers of Portland, with a capital
stock of $5,000.
A meeting of the Desert Land board
is being held today. It is expected that
only routine matters will be given attention.
A requisition has been issued upon
the governor of Washington by Govern
or Withycombe for Frank Mahood, who
is wanted in 1'ortlnnd to answer to a
charge of non-support.
Conspired to Kidnap j
. H. Harriman's Son
St. Anthony, Idaho. Aug. 29. Three!
men were in jail today on suspicion
of conspiring to kidnap Roland Harri-
iiii.ll, UK-1 fW'l Ul 1UL lUt XI.
Hnrrimnn, railroad magnate.
The suspects are Davis Mcl.oy, Mark
A. Lufkin and Ralph Cuselt. The evi
dence agninst them is said to consist
of letters, written by one of the pris
oners to the foreman of the Harriman
raucii on the Snake river.
This foreman charges the men wrote
him, suggesting that he help them
steal the boy and hold him in the
mountnins until heavy ransom was paid
Oregon City Transportation company
Tho tiruhamona leaves Snlem for Port
land at 0 o'clock on the mornings of
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No
boat south of Salem, Boat leaves
Portland Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday mornings until further notice.
The Nation's
Better Nut
There Is No Better
Always Watch This Ad"
-Changes Often
Strictly correct weight, square deal and highest price for all kladj ofl
junk, metal, rubber, hides and fnra. I pay 2c per pound for aid raft.
Big stock of all liiea second band incubators. All kind eoorafatai
iron for both roofs and buildings. Roofing paper aad awoavd
H. Steinback Junk'Co.
The House of Half a Millioi Barfalaa.
I8 North Commercial It,
Pkeaa aw
Jamestown. X. D., Aug. 29. Leaping
from a federal prison car, attached to
a Northern Pacific train uear Sanborn,
30 miles east of here today, three alien
convicts being sent from Seattle to
New York for deportation, caught a
westbound freight train leaviug San
born and escaped.
Mildred had not yet been allowed to
see her baby, although she was nearly
two weeks old. She had been very illj
indeed, aud was not then entirely out of
Her husband had been in to see her
every day. but she had not beeu allowed '
to talk, and most of the time had been
only dimly conscious of his presence.
Today she was better.
She longed for Clifford, as women do
for the father of their children, for
getting his neglect, thinking that now
he must surely love and be kind to
her, if only for baby's sake.
How she wanted her baby! the doctor
had promised she should have her for
a few minutes if she would promise not
to excite herself. So she lay very
quietly waiting, a happy smile on her
"if ay I come in, nurse f The doctor
says Mrs. Hammond is much better this
The First Visit
Without waiting for a reply, Clifford
Hammond entered the room, leaned
over the bed, and. after kissing Mil
dred, asked:
"How do you feel this morningf
Von are looking much brighter and bet
ter. I expect you will soon be sitting
up." He then repented part of a con
versation he had had with the doctor
that morning nnent her condition.
Mildred smiled happily, retaining her
hold upon his hand.
"Yes, I am better," her voice was;
Vftrv wonlr TTa It-id ti lian1 atnvd '
hear. ."And Clifford, dear. 1 am so'
anxious to see my baby. Really, I am
quite jealous that you should have seen
her first," the loving smile she gave
him belying her words.
She looked so sweet, so childish, lying
there, it was almost impossible to be
lieve she was a mother.
"I want my baby." she repeated.
"Tlease make them bring her to me."
Clifford appeared preoccupied, and
the nur.e answered her plea for her
"You shall have her in a little while.
Just as soon as you are rested from
Mr. Hammond's visit. You know the
doctor's orders were 'Only one at a
time.' "
Mildred gave a little sigh of content,
softly pressing Clifford's hand, which
she still held closely in her thin little
"I hope our babv will be prettr,
don't you. Clifford t"
Clifford laughingly replied:
"I guess all babies look pretty much
alike when they are so small."
Mildred looked a little disappointed
that he had not been more enthusiastic,
but iu her own mind she felt sure that
ner hahv tnilSt Ka t)ia varv Itrnt-finat
sweetest baby iu all the world.
"I Am rlnit vmi nr. fAlin an mtik
B - i l .... u.
better this morning," Clifford broke ia
upon her happy reverie. "I have made
arrangements to go on a fishing trip,
and we leave today. I shall go away
feeling sure you are all right," Clif
ford remarked after a few nnmnnU
casting rather a shamefaced glance at
tne Trained nurse, and turning away
from Mildred 's wondering eyes.
His wife stirred uneasily on her pil
low, loosening her hold on his hand.
She had not heard rightly. He was try
ing to tell her of some one who waa
going fishing. She had not understood.
Clifford couldn 't do such a cruel, selfish
thing as to leave her alone at this time
to go on a pleasure trip. She was ao
weak no wonder she couldn't get
things straight.
Turning on her pillow so that aha
could look more directly at him aha
"what did you -say, deart I didn't
Inpatiently he repeated what he had
"I'm going fishing! "
(Tomorrow Clifford 's Incredible