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II C Sensible. Cigarette
(Continued from Page 1.)
for the purpose of increasing the power
of her punch.
Prom the depot the way led to one
vi me inur aviation cnnis wmcu pru
tected every depot, but which are only
a small pnrt of the nvintion service on
the 8omme front. During the visit
scarcely a miuute passed t4int nrmed
aeroplane either did not return' or de
part for the German front. The nir
wns literally alive with aenul scouts
and fighters.
Upturning townrd the reur iu the
evening, after observing the fightin'i
from the plateau of Dompierre, south
of the Somaie and from a point of
vantage just north of the river, I wns
unitized to see thut since early in the
morning whnt had nppenred like ver-1
itnlde mountning of material and mu
nitions in the supply depots had en
tirely disappeared.
Method In Everything
The great guns which iind been creep
ing along on especially constructed
railways, which I had imagined could
not reach the front for weeks, were
no longer visible, having either ar
rived near their emplacements or hav
ing been transferred to other railway
Ncnrer the front I. was able from
this gigantic displacement of muni
tions and mnterinl to gain un Impres
sion of what had gone into the day's
tuVdgchammer blow. Progressing to
wanL the rear in the direction of the
munitions and material depots, we met
great trains and convoy of fresh ma
terial moving toward the front to re
place that which i ha I seen disappear.
Vet there was no hurry, no excite
ment. Everything wns orderly, meth
odical. Above all, the impression a neutrnl
observer receives from a visit to the
Homme trout is this that the French
are supremely confident iind not only
determined but prepared in every de
tail to carry out Grunt's famous decla
ration: "We will fight it on this line if it
tul.es all summer." And more too.
Willcox Refuses to
Predict About Maine
New York, Aug. 111. Declaring that
the " piofessiou of political prophecy
vns extra hazardous," William R. Will
cox, chairman of the republican u
tiouul committee, declined to make any
Teach Them
1 TW Cl" 1
4i . . yj i
1 ako-dowa without tool.
Cmh mmd ar $m with RUM OIL, A wmIi'mim Powdir SKni, wir'M
mmd Rutt VrrW
Sold by your horn UUr nnd 679 othr landing mnrcrtnnta
In Oregon
ttrs Mmmmfmctmnra mf Firtmrmt mm J A mmmmitimm m tkt UrM
Wulnnk B.tJ,.g, N.w York
If all power ' yCriSf&jp
bwnua ifa all r. WOOn
finnd easolina not MV'jBVVi I
Ill . . . Tl
Think Unknown Thug
Surrounded in Cornfield
Emporia, Kan., Aug. 37. The un
known thug who shot and killed Walt
Davis; sheriff of Lyons county, and
wounded three members of a posse try
ing to arrest him, was believed sur
rounded in n corn field near Wiggam,
nine miles southeast of Emporia, this
Sheriff Dnvis wns killed late Tues
day night when he and two Emporia of
ficers attempted to arrest two suspect
ed holdup men. While the officers were
searching them one of the men ran. Iu
an exchange of shots, Davis was shot
through the heart. His companion, Wil
liam K. Smith, who says ho does not
know the murderer's nnme is held by
the officers.
The unknown murderer opened fire on
a posse of 100 men as he neured Wig
gum. Three were wounded. The thug
escaped into a adjacent corn field.
Army On the Border
Not Afraid of Strike
Snn Antonio, Texas, Aug. 17. The
I'nited .States army on the Mexican bor
der has no fear of the consequences
of a general railroad strike. Officers
of the southern deportment informed
the United Tress today that there arc
enough supplies on hand to last at least
(10 (lay, at the present rate of consump
tion which could be greatly curtailed
in case of emergency. In addition, the
quartermaster's department ventured
the opinion that even in the event of n
strike the army could obtain supplies.
No intimation ns to how this could be
accomplished was vouchsafed, however.
predictions concerning the coming
Maine election other than to remark
that the situation looked very encourag
ing. Senator Clarence D. Clark, of Wyom
ing, was a visitor at the republican
hendquurlers today en route home to
take part in the campaign. Senator
Clark predicted a republican victory in
Wyoming. The campaign will be open
ed at Cheyenne on August 25 by Gover
nor Hughes, li. A. Hynickn, a member
of the ."publican national committee
from Ohio was another visitor nt head
quarters today.
What its inventor claims is nu un
breakable telephone receiver has a steel
skeleton within its hard rubber bod v.
THE American father today ha pretty
much forgotten the old notion that any
chance rifle "will do" for hie boy. The
known facte about riflei point aa ttrongly
to Remington UMC in the .22 calibre arm
aa in the big gams rifle.
Evtry jfttr, thoiiMaJ of toy tbt country ovct
are fiva a Kcmitftoa UMC ,ti Cil. RiiU tad r
tfeugbl how to uh it ay tkiir fithtrt. lt'i a goad
UviMmM with aay Uvloyiaf jreatfc.
JtmmffM UMC. 93 Cl AMmr Rijh with tU
famouB Kcningtoa UMC it lid Actios tid Solid
BrMch kanmttitM nd m(. Snoot 15 Short,
li Loutf or 1 1 Loaf Riflt Carrridgtt without rw
load tnd ! ttkca rt without tool.
R,mittn UMC Jti CV. Autmhmg
Rift 13 hoH, fcaadliaf Kmiitoa
UMC Autoload! .9 Mrtridgt (rt
fir) Hammerl. Nlagasineia ototik.
ftZmJf!jfto.2l Repeating Rifle Model No. 12
Now Have Lead by Three and
. a Half Gaines and Still
By M. Cs Hamilton
(I'nited Press staff correspondent)
New York, Aug. 17. The driving
power of the world 's champion Red
Sox in the American league is begin
ning to tell. The effect of a well bal
ancd organization with every cog work
ing in its place, has carried the Boston
aspirants into first plnce in the John
son circuit, and by virtue of a double
win over the White Sox they now hold
the lead by the comfortable margin of
three and half games. Chicago has two
more games scheduled in the Hub cjtv.
one this afternoon and the other to
morrow. If the Ked Sox can bntter
through the White hose defense with
one more victory, they will be in a fair
way to n safe hold on top.
ruesiloy the Ked Sox started on their
way to a good hold by walloping Wash
ington 1 to u wlieu llnlie Kuth downed
Waller Johnson in a pitching duel.
Yesterday, Cleveland, the second ulace
club, helped things along by dropping
one to the Yanks. Cleveland must
meet New York again todnv and with
the help of several stars who have re
turned to the game, Kill Donovan s
club probably may prove a barrier to
l.ee J'ohl s pennant chasers.
Iu the National league, Brooklyn
opens a series today with Pittsbur1
and will then move on lo Chicago, Cin
cinnati and St. I.outs, turning back
east to meet Philadelphia. Then the
Codgers will como home for a short
series with the (limits, going from here
to lloston. If Itrooklvn can maintain
the record of winning a mn.joritv of its
games ngninst western clubs it should
return in first place.
The Braves have been strengthened
bv the return of .lohuiiv Kvers to the
game and with the tro.inn back in hnr-
,iess the Boston club will give stiff op
position. .Stnlliii: crew is fighting
tin ril for another peunniit. The Phil
lies have 'started again with the re
turn to form of Mayer and with Kixey
and l.'iimuree ready to help Alexander.
Thinks Whit Will Win
Denver, Colo., Aug. 17. Supremely
confident that Charlev White will win
the lightweight chun'-pionship , title
from rreddie Welsh when the pair
meet in a 2(1 round decision go at Col
orado Springs Labor dny, Nate Lewis,
White s manager, is here todnv to take
chnige of White's training. Although
most of the tight fans believe While s
only chance to win is by a knockout,
Lewis rincsn t agree with them.
the last ten rounds, should Fred
die stay out the first half, he will be
given the most terrific lacing he ever
has received," asserted Lewis. "If
the fight goes the limit, Welsh will
finish so nearly out that there will be
no uestion ns lo the winner."
Welsh shows great Improvement af
ter his two days of road work and even
nt this early stage is close to the weight
bunt. rreddie has engaged Benny
Chavez, Denver's flashy featherweight
ns sparring partner and will do most
of his preliminary boxing with the
.Mexican, ( have, is some speed mer
chant himself ami will force the Briton
to extend himself to the limit i" the
training exhibitions.
W elsh has been nnnle a 0 to ; Invor-
ite in the local betting. One wager of
$iil) to 'M that White would not knock
out Welsh wns made yesterday.
Bout on Labor Day
Cleveland. Ohio, Aug. 17. The fif
teen round championship mill between
Johnny Kilbnne and ticorge Cheney at
Cedar Point Labor day will bn staged
on schedule. This was the information
received todav from Sherilf Bill Lnn-
dv, in whose hands (lovernor Willis
placed final decision regarding the
status of the bout.
'I'm a dvediiithe-wool fight fan,
saiil Sheriff Lundy, "and we're going
to have the battle. There is untiling
illegal about it."
Chaney and his manager were due
here todnv from Baltimore. It is ex-
uected the Maryland featherweight
will train either at the Mnrotta Ath
letic club or at tho City Athletic club.
Kilbanc does not plan to start stren
uous worKonts until next wees, -m
present he is doing light boxing and
rope skipping at Jimmy Dunn's west
llth street gym.
Lojus Change Line-Up
for Next bundays uame
A change in the I.o.ju lineup iins
been made for the game with Camas
next Sunday. Kd Kennedy, who for
the past two or three weeks has been
mousing the customers iu the grand
stand and on the bleachers by his ant
ics at first base, hns been released and
will be missing. Itoy Keene will take
Kennedy's place nt iiist and Col will
The local hitters will be up against
Kotuln, the deaf mute, wiiose work on
the mound inspired iienernl admiration
in the Woodliind'Salem gams played
here several weeks ago. Kotuln in one
of the bunch booked tor a tryoot by
McCredie next spring. He is some
what of a wi.nrd and considerable of a
whirlwind, and the locals will need to
use nil their canning with the stick
if they prevent him from putting the
Inst plug in ineir aspirations ior win
u i ii ir the league neiinant.
With the exception of Kennedy, the
Lo.iu front will be tha same as it was
in the battle with the Kirkpntricks
lust Sun. lav. Keene has been showmg
evidences of a hitting streak of late
and it is thought that by working him
in the infield he will be able to ac
complish more with the stick than lie
might otherwinc.
Watching the Scoreboard
Pacific Coast Laagne Standings
W. 1 Pet.
Los Angeles 73 51 .589
Vernon 74 fiS .Ml
San Krajciseo 68 03 .519
Salt I-uke, (10 (11 .4!IU
Portland S3 02 .41
Oakland 50 83 .37
Yesterday's Results
At Los Angeles 2, Portland 1.
At Salt Lake 2, Vernon 8.
At San Francisco 2, Oakland ..
Sothoron lost his own game in the
ninth when he walked two Angels with
the bases full. Scoro Los Angclea 2,
Portlnnd 1.
Jones of San Frnncisco honied in the
third and the Seals had an attack of
too much prosperity.
Whiln thev crlnntpil dvpf tlint linmpr
Oakland started hitting the ball and
won, a-.
Bunnv Brief got his usual four Back
er at Salt Lake his twenty second of
tiie season.
Despite that swat Vernon bent the
Saints, assisted by the errors of .Messrs.
Kyan, Brief, Orr and Hanaah.
Yesterday's big league hero was
Harry Hooper, who scored the winning
run in a 16 inning game between the
Red Sox and White Sox. He walked,
stole second and scored when McMil
lin threw wild on Bnrry-s grounder.
For the two games in Boston Joe
Jncksoti amassed n grand batting aver
age of .500, picking off five hits out
of ten efforts.
Heinie Zimmerman is in mid-season
form. He was chased for talking back
when called out on an attempted steal
of home.
Joy Gould, Cleveland 'a diminutive
pitcher, presented the Yanks with their
victory. He passed two men and al
lowed two hits in the opening runs.
This coupled with na error, nllowed
four runs.
k'lm.f.n- Imltl tlwt Yniku snfclv nfter
he nscemled the mound but his team
mil tea could not deliver.
Auto Prices Compared
The state labor eouuuissioner hns
been asked to give the prices on auto
mobiles iu the p.ist five years, and in
answering he has selected 10 makes of
cms. On the Buiek and Maxwell for
11)11 tho price does not include top,
windshield or any modern accessories.
Om the Haynes, Locomobile, Oblsmobilc
and Pnckard the price for 1!U includes
self starter, top, windshield, demount
able rims and electric lights.
Car. Year. Cylinder. Base. Price.
Buick ...HUl 4 ll(i I,850
IP ll! (I 130 1,485
Chalmers 1911 4 115 l.(i00
lOHi ! 124 1,350
Ford ....1911 ,4 100 7S0
.191(1 4- 100 . 440
Haynes ..1911 4 - 11(1 2.000
191(1 fl 121 1.3S5
Tnter-St. 1911 4 118 1,750
191(1 4 110 850
Lozier ...1911 C 131 5.G50
191(i (i 132 3.230
Mnxwell .1911 4 104 1.100
1911) 4 102 (155
Olds 'bile 1911 4 US 3.000
1910 S 120 1.295
Packard" .Bill 4 1231j 4,200
19K1 12 125 2,750
Winton ..1911 fl 124 3.150
- 1910 (1 " 128 2,285
Tho prices nre f. o. li. factory.
Gypsy Creed Is Woman
Must Support Family
Onklnnd, Cnl., Aug.nfl. The stntc
penal code and gypsy customs nre due
to clash in the Aliinieda county courts
Milan Unouavich, liusbaad of Marie
Unonnvich and father of nino children,
is a member of the gypsy bninl camped
here. ;
Todav he uns arrested on a warrant
chnrgin? failure to provide. "It may be
all right for American men to support
their families but a gypsy gent never
" said the prisonor. "Gypsy customs
deny the rami that right."
Unouavich retnined an attorney who
will match the gypsy custom of the wife
supporting the family ngninst the Amer
ican law compelling the man to support
his wife.
Rocco Objected to
Being Hanged
Vancouver, B. C, Aug. 10. Rocco
Ferrnnte was hanged at the provincial
jail here yesterday for the murder
of Foe Cnrce, an Italian companion
whose head he cut off with an axe and
threw in a well.
In addition to the murder of Foe
Caeee, Ferrnnte is also suspected of
killing and creinntiug Jerry McC.omi,
na engineer at a power station here.
Ferrnnte had to be strapped to a
chair after he fought desperately with
his executioner. As his body shot
through the trap his hands became un
loosed and he grapped the haugmnn by
the arm in a death grip. It was neces
sary to severely beat the dying man t
break his grip.
Capital journal
Sent to Tour Summer Vcation
Drug Prices Before
the War and Since
A comparison of prices b'f drugs now
and at tho beginning of the Kuropeaa
was has beea compiled in tho office of
Stnte Labor Commissioner Hoff. The
difference in the price is so great in
some of the instances cited as to be al
most beyond belief.
Thymol, which sold nt $2.15 a pound
in 1914. is Quoted in Kltr, nt ti-iif;
Beechnut creosote raised in price from
!9 cents a pound to $10. Benzoic acid
has gone from 28 cents a pound to $5.25.
Alltiovrine frnm. 18 nntn an AnfA A
5. Benzoate of soda from 27 cents a
pound to mu. Acetaniliil from 20 cents
a DOUnd to A2.25. Snlicvlio nirl f,.
1:5 cents a pound to 4.50. Salol "from 70
cents a pound to ifclO. Soda, bromide,
from 42 cents a pound to $4.75. Cnlo
iel from 62 cents a pound to $4.52.
Carbolic acid from 10 cents a pound
to $1.35. Bismuth, sub nitrate, from $1.
81 a pound to $4. Denatured alcohol
from 30 cents a gallon to 58 cents. Alum
from 2 1-4 cents a pound to 11 cents.
Castor oil from 85 cents a gallon to $2.
15. Quinine sulphnto from 10 cents an
ounce to 70 cents. Cod liver oil from
90 cents a gallon to $3.05. Caffeine,
citrate, from $2.50 a pound to $11.50.
Epsom salts from $1.75 a pound to $4.
Oil f rose from $0.50 an ounce to $13.
50. Potash, bicarbonnte, from '9 1-2
cents a ponnd to $1.82. Methylene, blue,
from $1.15 a pound to $7.05. Gelatine
from 32 cents a pound to CO cents.
I Has Two Husbands
both Millionaires
Los Angeles, Cnl., Aug. 17. Walter
Shcly, millionaire husbnnd number 2
of Mrs. Kthel Stephens Stowe-Shely,
disappeared from Los Aageles while
his beautiful bride anl wife of James
Stuwe, millionaire, proceeded through
nttorneys to annul iter mnrringe to
him in order that they may be re
married after Stowe is disposed of
through legal channels.
The bride of two millionaires resort
ed to legal action as she discovered
she was the wife of both men. She
married Stowe when she wns 14 years
old in Demiug, N. M. Later she heard
he had been killed in a mine accident.
Iu 1910 she married Sliely and a few
weeks ago came tnce to face with her
first husbaud, a retired millionaire.
She filed suit to have her mnrringe to
Sliely aiiuulled. Then she will divorce
Stowe and finallv remnrrv Shelv.
Real Estate Transfers
Anny Fry et nl to Percy O. ami Cita
M. Ottuwny, David Smith cl. 13-4-1 W.
C. G. Schramm et ux to Albert Kemp,
pt lot 4 in unnumbered b.lock north of
block 2(i, Salem.
Raymond Boyer et ox to E. II. and J.
E. Brown, Louis Vnndnll cl U4-5-2W.
Dorilln F. l.oughory et vir to O. H.
and Mabel A. Benjnniiu, pt. Jos. Matte
cl. 57-5-2W.
Oregon Electric Ry. company to Ma
rion county, pt. Rentnn el. 52-7-3W.
: Fred Strocbel et ux to J. C. Stciuka,
et ux, lots 8 and 9, and south 1-2 lot 10,
blk. 5, Riverside ndd, Salem.
Peter Mnthest et ux to M. O. Dnvis,
A. Aubrichnn cl. 3S-3-1W.
Orville and T. J. Dunn to Mrs. Idn
Robinson, lot 18, Terwilliger tracts.
Wra. Gnllownv, judge, court order reg
ister of title to Wm. McGilchrist, Sr.,
et nl, west 1-2 lot 5, blk. 21, Salem.
Alleged Neglect Is
Cause of Unhappiness
j "Joy rides" seem to be the prevnil
I ing note in a complaint for divorce
filed yesterday afternoon in Depart
ment No. 2 of the circuit court, by Lil
lian Sauder against George II. Sander.
The couple were mnriicd in Salem
July 31, 1905, and have one child, a
daughter, tea years old.
After making the allegation that for
years past the defendant has been
guilty of a course of couduct amount
ing to cruel nn inhuman trenKuent,
the complaint enters into specifications
ns follows: "During 1911 defendant
began to cultivate the habit of leav
ing plaintiff and his home duriug
evenings without excuse or reason, n ml
of neglecting plaintiff to seek other
conipnuy. Plaintiff assumed an ntti
tude of coldness townrd plaintiff and
became innppiccintive, cross and quar
relsome. ,
"All of which conduct hns caused
fill it up
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plaintiff mental and bodily anguish
and has humiliated her to such an ex
tent that she is ashamed to go to the
home of her friends or visit friends up
on the street."
It is mutually agreed between the
parties that in the event of a divorce
being granted neither shaft recover
from or of the other any judgment for
money or property or other thing of
value, neither alimony, suit money,
attorney's fees nor costs and disburse
ments. ' The defendant nas executed a
deed to Amos Vass, brother of plain
tiff, conveying all of defendant's
equity, rights and interest, in and to
the home premises of defendant and
Plaintiff asks custody of the minor
The desk clock and electric light
have been combined in a new space
saving office convenience.
491 N. Cottage.
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fir grove. Ans 40 care Journal.
ONE OF THE Best modern residences
iu Eugene, inside, desirable to trade
for improved acreage close to Sa
lem, value $4300, call phone 2499M
?ARM FOR SALE By owner; chearj,
1(!21J acres on Lake Labish, 4
miles north of Salem. Will sell all
or in tracts. Phone 31F11, Frank M.
Ford. auglS
F. W. DURBIN Is now boohing hop
pickers tor bis 08 acres or Hops.
Either call at Durbin & Conoyer,
office Ladd & Bush bldg., or phone
491. augl8
jewelry, musical instruments, tools,
guns, etc,, bought, sold and traded.
Capital Exchange, 337 Court St.
Phone 493. septll
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished
sleeping rooms, office rooms and
Housekeeping rooms, reasonable rates'
W. H. Norris, Rec. Hubbard bldg.
Room 304. tf
FOR SALE Four room house, large
east front lot, 50 by 278 feet. Ou
car line and paved street. Purchaser
to assume street assessment. Price
$575, $275 down. See A. Kitterman,
275 State St. augl7
A BARGAIN A neut 5 room house-
near school, is modern exept for fur
nace, has cement basement, is it
blocks to car line and store. Price
$1350 on the payment plan. See J.
A. Mills, 384 Stntc St. auglT
FOR SALE 10 acres of good soil, 5
acres under cultivation, balance ash
timber, close to school, Vi mile from,
railroad station, 5 miles from Snlem,
Price $10(TO,.00, $100.00 down, bal
ance to suit at 6 per cent int. This
is a snap. See E. B. Grabenhotst ft
Co., 275 State St. auglT
WHY DO YOU RENT A farm wheu
you can buy 100 acrs for 10 dollars)
an acre, 30 acres of this has been
plowed. There are no buildings, but
good spring water and - creek, 3-4
mile to school, and 'J'-j miles to post
office and store. $ih00 down and the
other thousand at 6 per cent. See J.
A. Mills, 384 State St. augl7
Notice of Improvement of Alley la.
Blocks 39 and 36, University
Notice is hereby given thut the com
mon council deems it expedient so to
do, and hereby declares its purpose and
intention to improve the nllev in blocks
35 and 36, University addition to the
city of Salem, between the east line
of Twelfth street and the west line of
the Race in block 35, at the expense of
the abutting and adjacent property by
bringing said portion of said alley to
the sfficial grade, and paving the same
with a six-inch Portland cement con
crete pavement in accordance with tha
plans, specifications and estimates for
the improvement of said portion of
said alley, adopted by the com mom
council on the 6th day of July, 1910,
now on file in the office of the city
recorder, which, for a more detailed
description thereof are hereby referred
to and made a part of this notiee; be
ing that character or kind of improve
ment known and designated in said
plans, specifications and estimates aa
"Cement Concrete Pavement."
The common Council hereby declarea
its purpose and intention to make tba
said above described improvement by
and through the street improvement de
partment of the City.
Bv order of the common council.
CHAS . P. ELGIN City Recorder.
Dated this 8th day of August, 191ft.
1 Anz 19