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il;f(iiKu " MtoS-lined Bags I
I U :. yV 1 1 ' One Pound GUu Humidors --sJ
'Abstract, examined. Corporation Law.
financial Agents. Trusts, Escrows and
Accounts. Estates probated. Collec
tions, Deeds, Mortgages. General
practice In all courts. Correspondence
solicited. Prompt attention. Bank
references. Fourteenth year.
rbsessohn & Mosessohn
IT14.TlS.nS Chamber f CwnwM Bids.
London, Aug. 111. Minn Patricia
Burke, l.oa Angeles beauty who once
rejected a peer aud declared she would
marry nn American, became t tie briiie
todny of the Karl of Cottenhnm, whose
first wife wan aoricleiitnlty shot through
the heart whilu hunting three yours
The ' ceremony wan performed In St.
George's church. Walter Vinans gave
the bride away.
If Threatened
With Tuberculosis
you muat par proper attention to diet
nd living condltinna, and get plenty
of reet and Creah air and good food,
Many a life claimed by thla affection
might have been saved by timely at
tention to these matters. In many
cases, however, a rundown ayatem
needs assistance, tinder these clrcum
stances, try Kck man's Alterative, a
lime treatment whloh baa the unique
iiuallty of being saaily assimilated by
the average peraon.
Oive Nature every chance, but
atrengthen your own chancea by ui
Ing thla preparation, which oftsn haa
nffected boneflelal results.
No undue claima are made for It. but
It haa helped in many cases. And It
is safe to try. for It contains no opt. J
taa, narcotics or habit-forming drugs.
from your drugglet i
Jficauaaa Lakeratery, PkU4elkia,
Nature Baffles Science!
"THE dumbest oyster can make a
' than the brightest man. The
Nature methods.
NATURE says smoking tobacco is at
its best after two years' curing.
There may be quicker ways and cheaper ways to cure
tobacco. But we believe in Nature's
way the VELVET way two
years' mellowing in big wooden
Just fill a pipe with VELVET, and
draw in the cool, mild smoke that's so
fragrant and rich that but what is
the use of trying to describe a taste?
Take our word for VELVET, long
enough to try a pipeful, and you won't
need to take anybody's word after that
Pointed Out the Only !
Dead Place In City!
Nnu Frnnelaeo, Aug. Ill Tourists who
clnmliereil into one of the bin sight (toe
ing buses on Market street today won
dered why it didn't xtnrt on time.
The announcer looked vniuly around
for the driver and then called up the
offices of the Lincoln Sight Seeing
company and nuked for n new chauffeur.
Hurry Thompson hiulu't appeared, he
said. A new driver was sent and SO
minute Inter the announcer held up the
"To your right is llio city morgue,
the only dead place in San Francisco,"
he snid fncetiniiHly,
Inside lay Thompson, a suicide.
He was found dead in ins room, He
left this queer note:
"Tell father I love him and that I
am going. Tell sister I am not nuts.
I'ut mv body lu the cemetery next to
Jim. 'a."
Chicago, Aug. Iti. rnssenger train
conductors on the Colorado and Nebras
ka divisions of the Union l'ncifio will
not go out in ease of a strike, accord
ing to a message received here today
by Oerrit Fort, passenger traffic mali
nger, from President K. K. Calvin, of the
road lit Ornnlia.
Calvin dec In red the passenger con
ductors at a meeting in Omaha Inst
night decided upon the same action of
of Union Pacific engineers, "in that
they would continue to perform their
regular duty iu event of a strike."
San Francisco, Aug. 16. With four
jurors to be selected, it is expected that
the opening arguments will be made to
day and the taking of testimony in the
trial of James Oaf I'ene, accused of kill
ing Hiugvio Villurdo 11 years ago will
begin. The death of Villnrdo e rented
a sensation In 1905. Tho police worked
for years before (laffenc was arreBted.
better pearl
oyster uses
- f.
To Report Findings
On Wheat Speculation
Chicago, Aug. Edward N. Hur
iley, chnirmnu of the federal trade com
I mission, who has been- here in cornice-
tion with an investigniion in rises of
flour and wheat prices from the indus-
trial standpoint, planned todny to leave
I for Washington tomorrow. He will lay
I what facts he has obtained hero before
I government officials. It is not be
j lieved his present, action will - recom
: mend legal action by the government.
As a result of the jump in wheat yes
terday, bakers grnrto flour was selling
half a dollar higher today at $7.25.
What the Boys On
the Border Feed On
San Antonio, Texas, Aug. 111. This is
what each American soldier on the bor
der consumes in one day:
Fresh beef, 18 ounces; baking powder,
.08 ounce; beans, 3.4 ounces; potatoes.
20 ounces; prunes, 1.28 ounces; coffee,
1.12 ounces; sugar, 3.2 ounces; pepper,
.04 ounce; cinnamon, .014 ounce; lard,
Igill; flavoring extracts, .014 ounce. I
T . . i . , .. . . .a 1 .
i Aii uiie tiny a uorse eais i? pouuus oi
' nntn find 14 nnunilii nf hnv.
This average is subject to change at
nnv time.
M'arshfield, Or., Aug. lit. Fishermen
on ltugue river are getting the best
wanes thev have mnde in years, due to
I the largest run of fish in recent years
land to the liberal prices paid for aal-
mon. K. I,. Maeleay, of the Wedder
burn cannery. Increased the price for
salmon to $1.50 each. John Conner,
who operates a gillnct, made $112 for
one night 'a work and se'vernl men have
run over $1000 in less than three
Journal Want Ads Got Results. '
Has Three Games to the Good
and Manager and Team
Are Confident
By H. C. Hamilton
(I'nited Press staif correspondent)
New york, Aug. 16. Again team
play in baseball stands forth aa the
most powerful force in a club's fight
for the top. The Brooklyn National
league club 'started its last swing a
round the circle today in the lead by
a margin of three games and it's ail
due to the co-operative spirit the spir
it that knows no defeat, with every
man trying his best to do something
that will help get just one more run
Tiiis is the secret of the Brooklyn
club 's success this year, President Eb
bcts snid today. If a player becomes
injured or is removed for Bome other
reason, every man in the club is eagor
to tul; his place. Wilbcrt Robinson,
has made a real baseball club out of
n collection of athletes who formerly
just played ball. .
Kbbets has confidence in his men.
Ilefore his club left Pittsburg today
he told the United Press he expects the
Dodgers to return from the western
trip still in first place.
' "My men are confident," Ebbets
said '
" However, do pot think we are over
confident. We believe we can win
and we're going to keep on hammering
away until we do it.
."All tie players are in fine condi
tion with the exception of Jake Dnu
bert and wo expect him back in the
game within a week or ten days."
Daubert recently slipped u bone in
his hip and its pressure on a nerve has
been giving him considerable pain. He
is under the care of a physician. While
Daubert is .out ' McCarthy is playing
first and doing a good job.
Welsh Trains Hard
Denver, I'olo., Aug. 111. Freddie
Welsh started his second day of the
training grind for the scheduled 20
round championship bout between
Charley White and the present title
holder at Colorado Springs, Labor day
with another twelve mile road jaunt
to City Park and return. After a rub
down the champion rested until this
afternoon when he planned another
long hike. Freddie declares he doesn 't
need much indoor work, but wants to
make sure of his wind in this altitude.
He plans to continue his road work
daily until he winds up training.
" White will have to be much strong
er, hit harder and move faster than he
ever has done if he intends to keep
up the ce I intend io mako," Welsh
declared today.
Charley Woite has not yet started
his training. He is now at Colorado
Springs arranging for training quar
ters. When this is settled White plans
to buckle down to real work.
An army of carpenters is working,
on the huge outdoor arena where the
contest will be staged. The structure
will be second ouly to that built at
Hcno for the Jeffries-Johnson fight.
Ping Bodie Peeved
Snn Trnliciscn. Anir 16. Tronlde is
brewing between "Ping" Bodie and
the management of the Sau Francisco
ReiiliinfT that TTcnrv Berrv can sell
lii in for n Int-ire uiini. Rnilin una de
clared that he must get a part of the
nnrcltHMP ftricp nml lie antisficil in ev
ery respect before he will approve any
.leal .Manager vtoiverion may mane.
Tmliiv lliim-v llorrv ilncrepil thnr Bo-
die would not get a penny of the pur-
imihho iirii-i ir ill. Hind nun v ill VHrinii
repented the statement. According to
i...i:.. i'..l u:. 1.a
would "get his" if lie was sold, but
noiverion ueiucs nv ever mune sucn n
M iiriwv-iir. Ilia "fiii.A hunter hns
been peeved at Horry for some time,
llti aiiva llci-i-v iii-nmiwiiil him flu Dlltil.
mobile last year when he refused to
join tho iSew lork i nnkees.
Want Kirkpatricks
To Beat the Babies
If the Kirkpntrick Stars defeat the
Pnbv Beavers at Portland next Sun.
ibiv thev will have fiftv bucks in good
Salem money in ndditioa to the gate
Manager Ray Buker of the Lojus lias
sent the purse to Secretary Lewis of
the Interstate league, with lastructions
to deliver it to the Kirkpatricks in the
event of their removing the scalp of
the Rupert bunch. By agreement be
tween the managers of the Kirkpat
ricks and the Baby Beavers, the game
nt Portlnnd Sunday will be played
"winner take all" and the Kirkpat
ricks aro expected to play the game or
their liwe, .
Their success will simplify to a con
siderable extent the "if" proposition
which now atands between the Lojus
and the winning of the pennant.
The Salem bunch is confident of its
ability to take care of the Camas ag
gregation, which, conies to the local
grounds Sunday. Also if believes that
it will be equal to the job of beating
out the proud ami arrogant Bcnvers on
'the Sunday following.
While there's a chance, there's hope.
This is the favorite maxim at preseat
of Salem fnudom.
Boston, Mass., Aug. 0. Iu a strength
test of men and women who attend
the Harvard summer school of physical
education. Miss Mnbcl Oeorgina Furry,
physical instructor nt the Queen Anne
high school, Seattle, attained a total
of 459 points, the highest number scored
iu the women's division.
, Watching the Scoreboard
Pacific Coast League Standings
W. L. Pet.
Los Angeles ; 72 51 .585
Vernon 73 OS .557
San Francisco 68 02 .523
Salt Lake 60 60 .508
Portland 5,1 - 01 .465
Oakland 49 83 .371
Yesterday's Results
At Los Angeles 3, Portland 2.
At Salt Lake 11, Vernon 8.
At San Francisco 1, Oakland 6.
National League
W. L.
Brooklyn 63 38
Boston 59 40
Philadelphia 61 42
New York 52 50-
Pittsburg 46 55
Chicago 46 60
Xt. Louis 47 64
Cincinnati 43 68
American League
W. L.
Boston 63 45
Cleveland 02 48
Chicago 62 49
St. Louis fil 52
Detroit 60 53
New York 57 52
Washington 52 56
Philadelphia 22 83
If Oakland would just cop a few
more games Walt McCredie's Beavers
might succeed in their evident ambi
tion to achieve the basement.
Portland snoozed tnrough eight in
nings at Los Angeles and roused Itself
tardily in tne ninth to knock old Char
ley Hall off the hill.
Lowdermilk held the Angeles to foar
hits Portland got eight and played
errorless ball, yet lost i to 2.
JIarry Wolverton took n crack nt the
unit tor the neals and the pitcher hit
him. Harry always figures to get to
first some how.
Oakland beat San Francisco 0 to 1
The whole Oak aggregation played at
top Bpeed and mowed the Seals down
in brond swaths.
Bunny Brief of Salt Lake batted
four times, garnering n homer, a double
and two singles.
All the Saints swatted hard and the
Bengals lost, 11 to 8. On two oeen
sions building Tiger runs were ruth
lessly slashed by ehalu lightning Salt
Lake double pluys.
Yesterday's big league hero was a
tie iiionosition. Walhe 1'iiip ami Hog
er Peckinpaugh for the anks each
whacked out a home run and a single,
giving the Yanks an even break with
the Mack men.
Dick Rudolph, in downing the Dodg
era, won his eighth consecutive vic
Konetciiy was a hitting demon. The
Braves first Backer cracked out a iir
of doubles and a triple, cncli one ot the
hits figuring in the ran getting.
Deiunre upheld his reputation as
(iiaut killer when he detcated his lor
mer team mates, 1 to 0, allowing only
three hits.
Babe Ruth, Red Sox star, put it over
Walter .lohnsoii in a 1.1 liming pitching
duel. The hose won 1 to 0, on three
hits in t no 13th after two wero out.
Jack Barry mnde the winning run for
Boston when (lordlier got Ins third hit
of the afternoon, a single.
Two hard fought games went to the
Pirates, St. Louis losing the first 1 to
0 mid the second 2 to 1.
(Continued from Page One.
to this port in the next few days. The
collier BrutUB will arrive nt 7 p. m.
today, the cruiser Colorado will drop
anchor in the harbor next Friday, and
the cruiser Milwaukee, flagship of the
torpedo flotilla, and the destroyers
Hull, Hopkins, Truxton, Whipple, Pre
ble, Stewart and Paul Jones will sail
from La Pas on August 18 for this
The flagship San Diego, with Ad
miral William B. Caperton on board,
will arrive August 25 and will prob
ably be followed by most of the re
maining vessels of the fleet in a short
The seven bluejackets, suffering
from malarial fever, who were on the
Brutus, recovered sufficiently for
transfer to the Milwaukee at La Paz.
The Journal Does Job Printing.
Soft -yet Starched
Wafer Thin COLLAR
15c each 6 for 90c
FOR SALE Hop stove used 4 or 5
times, and 10 hop sacks, (ieorge
Swegle. auglS
Each insertion, per word lc
One week (6 insertions), per word....5c
One month (26 fnsertions) per word 17e
Minimum charge, 16e, ,
PHONE 837 For wood saw. tf
RUBBER Stamps made 165 S. Coml
HARRY Window cleaner. Phone 768.
WANTED Experienced cook. 461 N.
High. auglO
TRESPASS Notices for sale at Jour
nal otnee. ti
FOR SALE Small potatoes 15c bu.
Inquire 2349 Cherry Ave. aug!7
WANTED Moderu five or six room
house furnished. Phone 175. augl6
BIRD DOC For sale, 5 months old.
Phone 1366, after 6:30 p. m. aug2l
FOR SALE-r-Fine Estey organ, or will
trade for cow. 1541 South High. aul9
WANTED To trade heifer for. male
hog. Address M care Journal. auglO
FOR SALE Second hand Studebakcr
dump wagon. H. Pohle & Son. a tig Hi
WANTED To rent, a dairy farm of
about 75 or 100 ajyc3. Phone 65F3.
WANTED Bartlett pears, cash on do-
l:...-.. T ti m:.. til... ri!1?iii
incir. u. hunger, x Hunt; uox ....
PURE BRED White Wyandotte pul
lets and cockerels for sale. 155 Nortj
21st St. augl6
14 PICrS For sale from two t three
months old. John D. Doerfler, route
2, box 129-A. anfclG
FIRST CLASS House dresses made
for $1.00. All other sewing according.
Phone. 663. auglO
WANTED Women and girls to pick
beans, lc pound, good camp ground.
Phone 49PJ. augl6
WANTED To rent piano for few
months, best of care given. Address
34.T care Journal. auglO
general housework. Call mornings.
274 N. ('filter. J. L. Stockton. auglS
LOST Leather hand bag, contained
.$2.50, a pair of eye glasses in case.
Mrs. C. E. Spoir, state hospital. al7
A MAN Of 3d yrs. wishes to meet
lady of suitable age. .as company at
first. Address XXX care Journal.
. auglO
ROOM TO RENT To gentleman, nil
modern conveniences, prices reason
able, call mornings. 274 N. Center.
FOR SALE Body oak wood $4.50 per
cord; grub oak wood $.()() per cord.
Skvline Orchards, R. F. D. 3, Phone
3(iFll. augl9
FOR SALE Agate Beach lot, $250.00,
terms or cash; near hotel, facing
ocean, between Bowersox house and
fir grove. A us 40 tare Journal.
FOR SALE Two fine young, large
trosh cows with Better calves, one
Jcrsey-Holstein, one Jersey-Durham.
First St. east, 2nd house north asy
lum. tinglT
FOR SALE Four room house, large
ensfc- front lot, 50 by 278 feet. On
car line and paved street. Purchaser
to assume street assessment. Price
$575, $275 down. See A. Kittrman.
275 State St. augl7
A BAROA1N A neat 5 room house
near school, is modern exept for fur
nace, has cement basement, is 3
blocks to car line aad store. Price
$1350 on the pavment plan. See J.
A. Mills, 384 State St. augl7
FOR SALE 10 acres of good soil, B
acres under cultivation, balance ash
timber, close to school. niilc from
railroad statioa, 5 miles from Salem,
Price $1000.00, $100.00 down, bal
ance to suit at (1 per cent int. This
is n snap. See E. B. Orabenhorst &
Co., 275 State St. augl7
WHY DO YOU RENT A farm when
you can buy 160 acres for 10 dollars
an acre, 30 acres of this has been
plowed. There are no buildings, but
good spring water nad creek, 3-4
mile to school, and miles to post
office aud store. $600 down and the
other thousand at 6 per cent. See J.
A. Mills, 384 State St. nngl7
Capital -Journal
ad will do the job. It
only costs lc a word,
and you can't worry
for that amount
Just Phone 81
491 N. Cottage.
Journal office.
FOR SALE Choice dill for pickling,
370 8. 24th St. . auglS
FOR RENT SIGNS Far sale at Cap
ital Journal office. if
FOR SALE Or trade for wood, gaao
. line engine. Phone 451. tf
FOR SALE Large young team. Mrs.
E. Thomas, Marion, Oregon. - auglT
TWO Good milk cows, giving 3 gat
per day each. Phone 1F13. augld
WANTED Lady solicitors to work ia
Salem. Apply at 770 So. Commercial
St. ... tf
BARGAIN HUNTER Here's your pi
ano. R. F. D. 3, box 242. Phone 40F21
8IX CHIROPRA6TI0 Adjustment
$5, worth more. Dr. May,- Hubbard
bldg. - aeptS
FURNISHED Rooms and housekeep
ing apartments, rates reasonable,
close in, 160 Court. - tf
FOR RENT ehcap for cash, store
building corner Liberty and Hood St.
Inquire 1415 N. 4th. St. augl8
FOR SALE Baled oat and vetch hay,
$9.00 per ton in Hie field. Davis
Rees, Jefferson road. auglS
A BARGAIN Good team, harness,
wagon, two seated hack, all go for
160 dollars, 801 Locust St. nuglO
ADS under this heading lc a word.
Read for profit; use for results.
AUTO FOR SALE Best of condition,
cheap for cash. G. W. Laflar, 40fi
Hubbard bldg. Phone 1644. auglU
WANTED Ladies and gentlemen, sal
ary and 'commission. Call room 14,
Capital Hotel, August 16th, 18th aud
19th. auglO
FOR RENT Front rooms, furnished
for housekeeping, or sleeping rooms.
265 South Commercial St. Phone
2124J. aug!7
STRAYE From McMahan's ranch,
bay horse and black marc colt com
ing .three. Finder telephone owner
1806W. - augl7
FOR SALE Or trade, black gelding,
1 yrs. old, weight about 1000 lbs., or
trade for cows, or 2 yr. old filly.
Phone 65F3. augl7
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ness and wagon, good condition all
for $125.00. Inquire H. H. Tompkins
at Slinw, Oregon. auglO
GRADE HOLSTEIN Cows for sale;
records furnished; moderate price.
Write care Journal X X 5. D. R.
Murphy, Turner Or., Dt, 1. aug28
FOR SALE 3 half truck Studabak
er wagon. Will trade for heavier
wagon, cordwood or stumpage. 2786
Lee. Phone 1322-J. tf
ONE OF THE Best modern residences
in Eugene, inside, desirable to trade
for improved acreage close to Sa
lem, value $4500, call phone 241I9M
?ARM FOR SALE By owner; cheap,
162 if, acres on Lake Labish, 4
miles north of Salem. Will sell all
or in tracts. Phooe 31F11, Frank M.
Ford. - augl8
F. W. DURBIN Is now boohing hop
pickers for his 68 acres of hops.
Either call at Durbin & Conoyer,
office Ladd & Bus'u bldg., or phone
491. angl8
jewelry, musical instruments, tools,
guns, etc.. bought, Bold and traded.
Capital Exchange, 337 Court St.
Phone 493. septll
FOB RENT- Furnished or unfurnished
sleeping rooms, ofrice rooms and
housekeeping rooms, reasonable rate
W. H. Norris, Rcc. Hubbard bldg.
Room 304. tf
FOR SALE By owner, a good 5 room
plastered bungalow, with bath, elec
tric lights, dutch kitchen, a new pi
ano ana rumiture go?s with this bar
gain for $1300. Address home care
Journal. auglC
WANTED Grand Union Tea company
products cannot be excelled, price
very reasonable. Your next order for
coifee, tea, baking powder, etc., is
wanted. Phone 968 Lockwood at 218
N, Commercial St. auglS
Notice of Improvement of Alley la
Blocks 35 and 36, University
NoticeTs hereby given that the com
mon council deems it expedient so to
do, and hereby declares its purpose and
intention to improve the alley in block
35 and 36, University addition to tha
city of Salem, between the east line)
of Twelfth street and the west line of
the Race in block 35, at the expense of
the abutting and adjacent property by
bringing said portion of said alley to
the official grade, and paving the same
with a six-inch Portland cement con
crete pavement in accordance with the
plans, specifications and estimates for
the improvement of said portion of
said alley, adopted by the common
council on the 6th day of July, 1916,
now on file in the office of the city
recorder, which, for a more detailed
.description thereof are hereby referred
to and made a part of this notice; be
ing that character or kind ofNimproTe
ment kaown and designated in sai
plans, specifications and estimates a
"Cement Concrete Pavement.''
The common council hereby declare
its purpose and intention to make the
said above described improvement by
and through the street improvement de
partment of the City.
By order of the common council.
OHAS . F. ELGIN Citv Recorder.
Dated this 8th day of August, 1916. .
Aug 1