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North Beach
is easily and pleasantly reached by a short trip
from Portland on one of the
O-W. R. R. & N.
Steamers, "T. J. Potter," "Hassalo," "Harvest Quern"
Season Round Trip
from Portland
Ask Local S. P. Arfent for Fores, or write the
General Passenger Agent, O-W. R. R.& N.
for Free Folder and Other Information
Stopped Russian Orders to
America, Turned Them
Over to Own People
By William Phillip Bimins
(United Press stuff correspondent)
i'etrogrnd, Aug. 11. For the pur-
txme of bringing about, closer relntioiiB
letween Russia and the Tinted States,
American Ambassador l"rn m-iri hug ap
proached the Russinu government with
the suggestion Hint n direct euhle be
laid between Russia and Amerien. ,
The proposal was intuit In, nn infor
mal way, Francis suggested that if
the laying of a eable did not appear
jeamoie at tins time, direct comiinin
cation inigiir tie estuiilisliod liv menus
of wireless.
The idea is to have tiie Russian end
of the cable euter the port 61' Kula in
iwrtnern iinplnuu because if is free
from ice the your round. Russian of
ricinis generally look witU favor on
the aimgostioa vud favor a lowering
or ine c.iiuo rata tor press messages
helwoeti the two countries.
Washington, An?. It. Charges that
Grout Britain has been nctuallv steal
ing Americua trade by withholding
cabled orders sent frum Russia to this
country nave been under investigation
hy the stnte department, it was learned
today, following I'nited Press Corres
pondent Simins' dispatch from I'elro
grail. Every case has been carefully
probed, but thus far the department
lias been unable to prove the charges
are true.
The protests ojiiiio from American
firms. They clnimcd tlmt orders cabl
ed from Russia have been hold up by
SIGHTLY 15c neb tforWtf
Thru the Inland Empire
Grand Canyon of Col
umbia American Wonderlands
Glacier and Yellow
stone Parks
Hound Trips at Low Fares Taily
until Kept. 30 via The North Band
Road. Stopover where you like.
North Bank Rail and
26 Hours Sail
on the ships of Det.uxe Service,
8. 8. Northern Pacific and Oreat
Northern, for
San Francisco4 $32.00
From ny Oregon Kleetrio Ky. point
Tirkel includes meals sad berth.
This route saves Time and Money
and is Delightful Trip.
Homeseekers' Fares
Sept 24 to Oct. S
From Middle West to Willamette
. .. Valley,
I sell prepaid tickets.
J. W. RITCHIE, Agent,
Salem, Oregon
The Charm of NORTH BEACH
lira in Its easy simplicity and quaint
homeliness. Regular North Beach
visitors are those who appreciate and
enjoy the restfulness of natural
life down-by-the-sea.
ftritisli authorities nad sometimes even
turned over to British firms, who in
turn submitted bids to tiie Russian
State department officials regard the
situation if proved as perhaps the
most flagrant interference in Ameri
eitn rights thus far.
la ease the state department ran
prove that (Ireut llritnin has been
guilty of the offenses charged, tie
Strongest protest thus fur made uguiust
English trade practice? will be sent to
the English government, for, ofticiuls
suy, such a situation would be intoler
able. In this connection, it was confirmed
tod.lv tiir.it ArnhnsMidor Km no is has
been negotiating for better cable fa
cilities between Russia and the I'nited
Thus far the department has taken
no official hnnd in the cable situation.
thouh officials Bay they aro watching
the matter with laterest. .
Betty Left Her Bath
at Call of Policeman
Chicago, Aug. 10. Miss Betty Am
mell. Aurora, III., society girl, who had
to jump out of a bath tub lust night
when a Chicago policeiiiiu told her over
the transom lie hail a warrant for her
arrest on a charge of beating a hotel
bill, had her ease continued in police
court today to August IS.
Miss Ammell nttracted attention some
time ago when she announced Hint Mrs.
S. V, Hluko, an aged California woman
had died leaving her a fortuue of $500,
000. Hhe snid she enmc to Chicago to
get a job us a model.
She wanted to get the experience, sho
said. Hho denied Unit she was trying to
"bent" her board bill, declaring that
he never had a chance to pay it.
San Francisco, Aug. 11 At 10 o'clock
this morning Miss Kiln Crist of San
Francisco was virtuully unknown ns a
swimmer. At 11 o'clock she became
Entering the wnters of the Pacific
ocean between the Cliff House and Salt
Water pier, Miss Crist swam to the senl
rocks, circled every one of them, and
then swam back to shore. She was in
the water one hour.
Miss Crist was never in danger. She
has never competed in aa aquatic event.
Galveston, Texas, Aug. 1 1. Tito Bri
tish stcumship Normnndier, nrriving
here today from Genoa, reported rescu
ing 20 men from boats of the Italian
steamer Angelo, after that ship was
sunk in the Mediterranean by a subma
rine. Tho survivors were landed in Al
giers. The Normnndier also reported she
learned at Algiers that a big German
submarine with two couniug towers was
sunk in the Mediterranean.
The V. 8. Census Bureau has made
tho following estimate f the value of
lands in Oregon for 1010: Plow lands,
.verge for poor, $30; average for good,
$80; average for all, $00. Average for
all fnrm lands without improvements,
s-ts; with improvements, $70. The gov
ernment finds that the average price for
lands without improvements has in
I creased $2 per acre in four years and
'with improvements decreased $5 per
acre iu the same time.
Kurekn, Cnl Aug. 10 The tug Relief
went down to the reef this afternoon to
put a line on the Bear and help iu an
effort to pull the shin off tonight.
Captain I.ogan will lie in charge of the
; work. If ahe caa be moved only SO
jfeet, she will be in water deep enough
; for her to dredge her owa way. One
I thousand feet of dredging will put her
in navigable waters and enable her to
'get away under her own steam.
i Kl Paso, Texas. Aug. 10 Harry Span
noil's increasing moodiness and melan
choly has resulted in a special guard
iday and night being placed over him
in the county jail here todav.
The former Alpine hotel keeper still
refuses to discuss his motive for killing
his wife and Lieutenant Colonel Butler.
He seldom speaks to his guards.
The Dalles, Ore., Aug. 11. Terribly
burned hy electricity the body of Hen
ry C. Riimaey, line foreman of the Pa
cific Tower and Light company, this
city, was found today on the floor of a
sub station. He had received a severe
shock sad pitched headlong to the floor
jfrom a IS foot laddor. His skull was
Only the Red Sox of Eastern
Teams Held Their Own in
Western Games
New York, Aug. 11. Homeward
bound from western diamonds, the lour
eastern Aaierionn league teams aro to
day far luwer in the standings than
when they set out on the invasion. On
ly the Red Sox, leading the league by
virtue of successive defeats of Chi
cago, have improved their standing!
'' '- wesi ine Ainieiics com
pleted their run of twentv successive
straight defeats, the record.
J lie iniiKB, though mprilod. led the
league when they started west nnd are
!liniiing home today iln sixth place.
shot tnrough and through bv succes
sive ill luck nnd injuries to the play
ers, they lost another star yesterday
whan Arragon. the Cuban inficlder. re-
called from the minors, went down
ith a badly bruised arm.
The Senators, never counted out of
the pennant race, were makine moves
toward the first division when thov
left the capital .city but today only the
Athletics prevent Griffith's men from
dropping into the cellar.
lue rush of the St. Louis Browns
from the seventh place to the edue of
the first division tins been the feature
of the last three wecks Fourteen
straight games were won by .Fielder
ones' crew nnd dropping hut oac. thov
are on their way to another string- of
In the National league the eastern
ers, playing nt home, have been the
victors. Ill Giants took eleven out ot
fifteen from their visitors, the Dodgers
twelve out of fifteen, the Urines
twelve out of sixteen nnd the Phillies
thirteen out of eighteen.
Murray to Play Church
Senbright, N. .1., Aug. 11. R. Lind
luy Murray of California will faeo
George M. Church in the finnls of the
Achiles cup singles here today.
The winner will challenge R. Nor
ris Willinms of Philadelphia for a leg
on the huge silver trophy of the Sea
bright Tennis and Cricket club.
Murvray won his way to tho final
round by defeating Kumngne.the Japa
nese ami W. II. Tildeu. Church took
the measure of his doubles partner,
llillis Davis, in straight sets.
The doubles will produce some luird
buttling todny with the champions
Johnston and Griffin matched against
the winner of the Doiir-Alexander and
Roberts-Throckmorton mutch.
Two Day Auto Race
Chicago, Aug. 11. A reliability au
tomobile run betwoeu custom nnd west
ern nutomubilists was being planned
here todnv to be held in October.
Six eastern motorists have already!,
announced their intention of entering
according to C. G. Sinsabaugh, Chicago,'
who lins just returned from New York.l
Four of them aro on tho contest bonrdl
of the A. A. A. They are Richard
Kennerdell of Pennsylvania; F. A.i
Crosselmire of New Jersey; David Bee-I
croft of New York and Harry Knig.it
of Massachusetts.
me run win e neiii nere ami proono
ly will bo a two day affair insteud ot
Autos At Pikes Peata
Colorado Springs, Colo., Aug. 11.
Two automobile events over tho awe
some Pikes Peak highway, with driv
ers lik Oldfield, Mulford, Rickcnbach
er and Hughes entered, were on the
rncing card in the worlds greatest hill
climbing todav. Practice sprints prom
ised a 35 mile an hour pace over the
12.j mile course into the clouds.
A freak racer, the "Romans," driv
ou bv a 22 year old bov named Lent?:
and credited with wonderful seed at
tracted many of tne ten thousand tans
Oldfield in his Delago Special, Mul
ford in a Hudson and Hughes iu a Du
senberg are coitaiderd likely winners.
Portland Boxers In It
Portland, Or., Aug. 11. Ralph Un
derwood, Thomas Louttit and Vincent
Monpier, crack boxers of the Multno
mah Athletic club, leave Portlaud for
San Diego next Tuesday to fight in the
Far Western Amateur championships nt
the Panama-California exposition.
Football Game is Off
Chicago, '. 11. Plans for an
Oregon Chicago University football
game this fall were considered off to
day following the annoancement of
Coach Alonzo Stagg f the Maroons
that Chicago's gridiron schedule was
Will Maintain drew
New York, Aug. 11. Reversing an
earlier reported decision to drop row
ing as nn intercollegiate sport, authori
ties at Columbia have definitely decid
ual to keep up the crew as major sport
and to retain the services of Jim nice,
the veteran coach.
Germans Deny StorT.
Berlin. Aug. 11. Repulse of "aham
attacks" by weak enemy detachments
in the Balkans south or uoiran was an
nounced by the war office this after
noon. On the Russian front German troopa
are being regrouped to conform to alter
ed Russian positions, it was announced.
Sacramento. Cal.. Aug. 11. An un
identified laborer was found dead this
afteraoon in s Second atreet lodging
house with a stiletto through his neck,
which the police believe to have been
inflicted bv a voung Mexican wno ac
companied him to the room.
The murderer song nt to convey me
impression that the man had taken his
life bv putting an open jack kaife ia
his hand, and leaving badly scrawled
note on the bed, saying: kill self."
TnnvCDn crnorc
.First game R. II. E.
St. Louis '...:... . 3 8 2
New York ; 5 (I 3
Meadows and Gonzales; Anderson,
Sallee and Kariden.
Second game R, It. E.
St. Louis ... 0 2 2
New York 2 8 2
Watson anil Snyder; Tesreau and
Rariden. (Called end 7th, catch train)
First game R. II . E.
Chicago 10 1
Jtrooklyn 2 11 2
Ilendrix and Archer; Dell and Mey
ers. Scond game R. H. E.
Chicago 19 0
Brooklyn 4 8 2
Vaughn, Seatou and WilsOn; Mar
quard and Meyers.
First game
Miller and Fischer
R. H. E.
.... 2 11 2
.... 1 4 3
Barnes and
Blickburn, Rico.
Second game R. H. E.
Pittsburg I 5 0
I Boston 4 0 0
Mammaux and Schmidt; Tyler and
' R. H. E.
Cincinnati 3 10 1
.Philadelphia 2 9 1
Moseley aud Clark; Rixey and Cil
R. II. E.
Detroit 2 7 0
Chicago 0 0 0
I Covnloski and McKee; Wolfgang and
' O .1 ..II.
First gnmc R. U.K.
Cleveland 4 8 0
St. Louis 5 7 01
Bagby and Dale; Davenport, llamll
ton njul Severoid.
No other games scheduled.
J, Watching the Scoreboard t
Pacific Coast League Standings.
W. L. Pet.
Los Angeles 0 49 .585
Vernon 00 50 .552
San Francisco 06 59 .528
Salt Luke 57 59 .49
Portland 82 50 .481
Oakland 47 81 .307
Yesterday's Results.
At Veruoa, 3-0; Portland, 2-2.
At Sun Francisco, 2; Los Angeles, 5.
At Snut Lake, 3; Oakland, (I.
Even Walt MoCredie took a whirl
with the willow against Mitchell of
Vernon, in the uiath and failed to pro
duce. Mitchell was wild, but the Rengals
gave him large league support and won,
0 to 2.
Vernon also grnbbed the first game,
tying it up in the eighth when Chuck
Ward, of Portland, threw wild.
And winning in the ninth by timely
swatting after Noyes had passed a man.
Bill Piercy kidded the Oaks into a
3 to 0 defeat.
Tho Suit Lake star romped his way
through tho game with many country
cut up tricks but he labored in the
Steen, Oldham and Fanning were
among; those present in the Seals ba.t
etry yesterday, but none of 'em had
shells lurge enough to fraze Los I.os
angeles. The Angels got six runs on 13 hits.
Tiie Seals scored twice.
Cart Mnggert was the laurel-crowned
hero of tho Seraphs, making three runs
all by his loinosome.
Yesterday's big league hero, with re
verse F.nglish, was Wally Pipp, who
made a wild throw so high, far and
wide, that the poor old Yanks dropped
clear to sixth place before the ball lit.
Th Browns took their fifth straight
fame from Washington. They have won
tf of their last 21 games.
Toney of Cincinnati held the Phillies
to three hits, but lost,
Paskert made the winning run on a
base on balls, a steal and two wild
The Athletio worm turned agaia and
is now back on the down hill frail.
Angelo Arragon started his first
game for the Yanks and was out ef it
in a few minutes. A. pitched ball hit
his working wing.
1 .. T rMnllin Dnlrd la AvnoAft
back In the lineup in a few days.
The Sox, Red and White, had a merry
time, the totals being 83 hits, 10 runs,
23 assists, roar stolen bases, two dou
ble plays and four errors. Three of the
hits were doubles and two triples.
Wedding Invitations, Announcements
and Calling Cards runted at the Jour-aaLasaKi9E9-sna9-aaaBa
111 m i ii i i ?7
Strange Story of Mistaken
Sex Comes from California
State Prison
San Quentin, Cal., Aug. 11. A wo
man ig serving a 14 year sentence for
robbery in San Quentin as a man. .
Sho is "Art" Baker, who wsh sen
fenced from Riverside for stealing
oney from the postoffice there three
years ngo. During her three years in
carceration. Miss Baker has managed
to conceal her secret, except from some
other prisoners. Today she told her
story to a newspaperman.
Ib an appeal to the public and the
governor, she said that, if it wu not
answered soon or unless she was moved
into the women's ward, she would com
mit suicide.
"I have been here three vears." bIic
snid. "The convicts have insulted me.
Tho prison offfcinls gave me a separate
oootn in winch to bathe, but it is ia
the same room where from 1400 to
1500 men bathe.
"I was convicted aad sentenced to
prison ns a man. As such I have
served three years of my sentence. Now
I can bear it no longer. The prison
officials have been kind but even
their kindness cannot make up for the
hqitor of a woman being cnged with a
lot of men convicts.
"I was bom 40 years ago. I was a
deformed baby. In my deformity, my
mother mistook my sex until I was 11
years old. My family was ashamed of
me and I was told to keep my de-(
formity a secret. After I had lived so
long ns a boy, my people were ashamed
to put me in dresses.
"In 190! nl' family obtained my
consent to marry n girl and pose us
the father of her child. Soon after we
were separated, according to an agree
ment we made before the marriage.
For years I earned my living by
teaching in n man's school but always
my identity was discovered and I lost
my position.
"While visiting my sister nt Sum
niordnle, in Santa Barbara county,
when I was sick nnd 'broke' T stole
money orders nnd cashed $1800 worth
of them."
Attorney General Throws
Light On Problems Per
plexing Secretary
Owing to a pledge taken by candi
dates in filing declarations of candi
dacy, the secretary of stnte 's office has
tuken the petition of A. W. Lnfferty of
Portland, who was defeated for the re
publican nomination in the Third con
gressional district by C. W. JdcArthur
and who now wishes to appear on the
bnllot as the progressive candidate, ts
the attorney genernl. Attorney Gen
eral Brown has advised the secretary of
state thnt Laf forty's demand is legal
and must be complied with. In giving
the opinion the attorney says: "The
primary law does not attempt to pro
vide a method whereby a candidate may
be forced to keep his pledge. This has
been confined entirely into the keep
ing of the conscience of the candidate
nnd the judgment of the people. As
election certificate was regularly issued
by the governor of Oregon, ns provided
by statute, and regularly delivered to
Lafferty declaring him to be the nomi
nee of the progressive party for con
gress from the Third Oregon district.
This certificate of election entitles him
to have his acceptance filed and his
name placed on the bnllot notwithstand
ing his pledge."
No Claims Allowed.
Claims of delegates for expenses in
curred in attending national party con
ventions will not be allowed by the sec
retary of state. Attorney General
Brown, to whom the question was re
ferred, says: "Without expressing an
opinion upon this subiect, I wish to
call your attention to Section 2025
Lord's Oregon laws, as amended by
Chapter 28 P. 01, laws of 1913, which
provides that in such cases the secre
tary of state shall draw no warrants
tin audif inv claims AvOAnfr n-hun nn
appropriation has been made covering
tne same, mere is no appropriation
made by the last session of the legisla-
ture nor at auy other time for the ex
penses now under consideration, an
therefore under the section aa cited the
secretary of state is forbidden from au
diting claims for such expenses."
Not Part of Expenses.
Another question which the secretary
of state's office has put up to the at
torney general is in effect as follows: ;
Do sums paid by a caadidate for secur
ing signatures and preparing petitions
to have his name printed on the official
ballot come within the limitation of
candidates' expeases under the pro
visions of the corrupt practice act I The
attorney general holds that qualifying
to become a candidate by paying the
declaration fee or by paying the ex
pense of securing a petition signed by
the requisite nnmber of electors of his
party is not any part of the effort to
secure or influence voters and is not
therefore a part of the campaign and
ia not required to be included in the
swora statement filed by the candi
date. These Not Restricted.
In replying to a third question from
the secretary of state are candidates
for election at party nominating eon
ventiona as delegates to party national
conventions restricted ia their expenses
uuder the provisions of the corrupt
practice actt Attorney General Brown
calls attention to the fact that candi
dates for election at primary nomtna
ing elections are eliminated under the
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stenographic course now. Call or
I'hone for special Information, null
law as delegates to party national con
ventions. The office of delegate is not
a public office, and even if it were so
considered no salary attaches, and it is
not therefore within the moaning of the
corrupt practice act. The question is
answered in the negative.
Says Story Is False.
Imperial Beach, Cal.,
August 5, 1910.
To the Editor Capital Journal.
Dear Sir: In your issue of July 29
appears the publication of a letter
from Private Dewey McElrath, of Com
pany M, to Chief of Police Welch, of
Salem, in which my name appears.
Since the reference to me is just aa
false as the rest of the letter is puerile
clatter, my first notion was to consider
the source and disregard it. However,
many of the boys have urged me to not
permit the thing to go unnoticed for
the good reason that all sorts of false
impressions may be created and none of
us know what we might Bee published
The author of the letter to Chief
Welsh become an undesirable citizen in
the eyes of the Salem officials and the
woaderoua wise plan was csnceived to
coerce him into joining Company M,
giving him-r I understand, incarceration
as an alternative. There are a number
oi us who were not only astonished
but most resentful that it shonld be con
cluded that Company M must serve as a
means of ridding Salem of such fellows.
and we belieTp. most of the citizens at
home agree that it was most unjust to
force McElrath on us.
Bui the damage ia not to end, it
seems, for despite our efforts to keep
the discordant note as quiet as "possible
our good friend Chief Welsh, sees fit
to have it further harped upon.
Don't you think it's unfair for you
to publish the almost imbecile corres
pondence of this scalawag aad thus be
a means of creating false impressions
about usf
1 don't hold McElrath to blame, for
his intellect is of but a low order, but
its poor judgment on hief Welsh's
part to pass his letter to the newspapers
for publication.
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or in tracts. Phone 634-J. tf
pound, suitable tor boarding houses,
threshing crews, et:'., Skyline Orch
ards, R. F. D. 3. Phone 30F11. augll
jewelry,, musical instruments, tools,
guns, etc,, bought, sold and traded.
Capital Exchange, 337 Court St.
Phone 493. septll
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished
sleeping rooms, office rooms and
housekeeping rooms, reasonable rates)
W. H. Norris, Rec. Hubbard bldg.
Room 304. tf
FOR SALE Or trade $1000 equity 20
m,vni "iiichj . oiure ami
post office, want equity Salem house
or clear lots, or what have youf Ad
dress X-X-3 care Journal. augll
night, one cow to be fresh in a few
days, cow red and white no bush on
end of tail. Weight about 1150 lbs.
Notify W. S. Catton, Rt. 1, phone
2F24. aUgU
Wortman & King, Portland, desire
the services of first class shoe sales
men. Address superintendents of
fice, giving reference and salary ex
pected, augll
FOR SALE Our beautiful 20 acre
suburban home of twenty acres, lVs
miles east of pen, all modern im
provements, except electric lights.
Price $10,000. Would take a good new
house and-lot in exchange for $3000
Balance on easy terms: augll
Notice of Improvement of Alley ia
Blocks 35 and 36, University
Notice is hereby given that the com-
mon council deems it expedient so to
do, and hereby declares its purpose and
intention to improve the alley in blocks)
35 and 36, University addition to tha
city of Salem, between fh at liu
fot Twelfth street and the west line of
the Kaee in block 3;, at the expense of
the abutting and adjacent property by
bringing said portion of said alley to
the official grade, and paving the samsi
with a six-inch Portlaad cement con
crete pavement in accordance with th
plans, specifications and estimates for
the improvement of said portion of
said alley, adopted by the commo
council on the 6th day of July, 1916,
now on file in the office off the city
recorder, which, for a more detailed
description thereof are hereby referred
to and made a part of this . notice; be
ing that character or kind of improve
ment kaewn and designated in said
plans, specifications and estimates ak
cement Concrete Pavement.
The common council hereby declare
its purpose and intention to make the.
said above described improvement br
and through the street improvement de
partment or ine city.
dv order of the common council.
CHAS . F. ELGIN City Recorder.
Dated this 8th dsy of August, 1916.