Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 04, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Look for Special Sale Announcement in Tomorrow's Paper
A Big Assortment Of
Bathing Suits
For Men, Women and Children
The Season's Newest Colorings
Styles and Trimming.
Wool or Cotton Suits' at various prices
Special Sale of Boys' frO 85
Palm Beach Suits - yOm
Here are new stylish suits for boys best made in
Norfolk and other styles knickerbocker and straight
trousers. These suits sell regularly at $5 and $5.50
Why not outfit the boy now at a generous saving?
All Around Town
Cherrian Km ml Concert ot Will
sou Turk.
Drink Cereo, the liquid food, the
health drink. Ask your grocer. tf
Auk. 5 "Tho Mikado" at Op
era Hoiihu.
Aug. 7. Concert ut Chcmnwa
by Chcmnwa Indian string
Aug. 15. Third numiul picnic
Southern Pucifio employes at
atnte fair grounds.
Sept. 18. Opening day of city
Aug. 25. Cherriau excursion
to Marshfield.
Bept. 25-30 Oregon State Fair.
At the monthly meeting of tiie Elk
Imltin Invt ovciiinu. 8. II. 'm-iicltlm wns
! initiated into the niyst -lien of hlkdnui
iiinl a tiilk wns given by A. .1. Ander
son Opliriil Institute of Portland, enpi
convention of the Kilts at Jinltimcrit.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse
u correctly. U. 8. Bank. Bid.'.
- The Salem Orange club whose mem
bers are graduates and students of the
O. A. C. will soil ire cream cones this
evening at the band concert in Will
son park, the proceed), to he forward
ed to Company M', at Imperial Bench
Denlson's Baths, foot of State street.
Safe, convenient, first class. tf
The Southern Pacific carried 127
persons from Sulcm to Silvertun yester
day to utteml the meeting of the Mar
ion county Veterans' association. The
attendance was estimated at more than
Wards Drug Store will supply Its
customers with pure grain alcohol ac
cording to luw. augl
Since the recruiting office was es
tablished in Salem July (. more than
40 recruits have been enlisted at this
office for the V. S. army, breaking the
record of the northwest for cities of
this size. Today Kalph V. Mason of
Aurora, Oregon, was accepted and will
he sent to Cortland tomorrow.
Dance at Brooks Saturday night. au5
If your spine is right, you are right.
Those who have tried every old
method and found no relief should try
Chiropractio and get well. Many
hundreds of grateful patients in Salem
and elsewhere can substantiate my
statements. Six adjustments will be
given for tho small fee of $5.00.
Hiffieult cases, which require X-ray
examinations and Spiuogrnphs can ob
tain them at a nominal fee. Only ex
pert Spinograph work. A talk with the
old Chiropractor may lead you to
health and happiness; act now.
P. II. MAY, D. C,
Hubbard Building. Phone 572
Rooms to Rent
Apply Within
Albert S. Campbell of Portland, a
pnrolled patient, disappeared from the
state asylum for the insane yesterday.
He is about 53 years old, and is de
scribed as not dangerous.
' On and after Aug. 1st,' 1016, and un
til further notice I'ry's Urug Store will
supply its customers according to law
with pure grain or ethyl akohol. tf
Miss Anne D. Sweezey, librarian of
the Salem public librnrv returned Tues
day from a month's vacation at Se
attle and other Sound points. Yes
terduv she left with the Chemeketa
Camp fire girls for a few days camping
at Mehama.
See our display of cantaloupes, 5c
each, 3 and 4 for 25c. Hoth tirocery.
Announcement is made elsewhere in
today's issue of the decision of tieo.
T. Wilson and those working with linn
to give "Tho Mikado" at the opera
house Saturduy evening at popular
This sign in your window will be seen only
by the people who happen to pass by, and
look at your window.
Your advertisement in The Capital Journal
classified columns will be published in over
4,000 copies daily and will be seen by an
army of interested readers. '
d 81
Beef to Boil 8c per pound.
Choice Roasts of Beef
10c per pound
Treaty Signed Today for
Transfer of Danish Islands
Near Canal
Washington, Aug. 4. The treaty be
tween Denmark ami the I'nited States
for the purchase of the lanish West
Indies for 2."i,000,000 was signed In
New York today by Secretary of State
Lansing and Minister llrun, the state
department announced today.
Juirly ratification ot the treaty Is
expected. The sentiment of the United
States senate favors such action and
unofficial word from Copenhagen is
that the conservative party which re
jected the proposal for the sale in
l!l2 is now opposed to the sale.
Chuirman Stone of the senate for
eign relutions committee said today the
opposition to the Danish West Indies
tiiirchjlMA ulmnrentl V watt m'lrlitfihlc
and that he believed the vote to con-fmembers will be initiated at the next
firm the treaty would be unanimous.
The only opposition nt all was be
cause of the price he said.
I nder the treaty the United states
obtains the islands of St. Croix, St.
John and St. Thomas, cast of Porto
RI'O. lt Isurrendersl its disVoveif
rigiits in the north of (jreenland. The
treaty must be ratified by the Danish
and American governments and the
people of the islands.
The house of representatives as well
us the senate will have to ratify the
treaty for this country because of the
money involved.
From the I'nited States standpoint
the chief gain in getting the islands
is strategic. For Kuropean govern
ments to hold the West Indies is con
sidered to threaten this country s in
Grand TJrJion Coffees teas; etc.
Phone UOS or call 210 N. Commercial.
Dr. R. I. Tower and wife of Seattle
arc in the city visiting the parents of
Mrs. Tower. Mr. and -Mrs. tieorge Mar
tin. 10H2 North Sixteenth street. They
have been touring Idaho, Washington
and Oregon and will remain here sev
eral days.
Early Triumph Peaches 25c basket;
The Dalles Apricots $1.25 crate. Hotti
(iroccry Co.
The correct address of soldiers in
Company M is Imperial lleach, Cnli
fnrnm. The eoini'iinv completed its
five mile march to the beach yesterday
nnd todav it is established in its new
lieaddiiarters. in addressing letters,
.just add "in care of Copany M."
If its building materials come to us.
Kails CitySnlerA Lumber Co., ''t S.
12th. l'hone 813,
Hop conditions iri all parts of the
cnuntv are rcnorted unusually favor
able and in the low lands, the best for
many years. So far no blight has ap
peared" and from the standpoint of the
tirst week in August, a iiuuiper croi
is in prospect.
o '
Mikado cast attention: Meet at the
opera house tonight at S o'clock for re
Dr. Hauel's new discovery, Cereo, a
substitute for coffee, will be demon
tr..tp.l in Medford nnd other cities
to the south this week by David Ware
ham, who leaves on the trip tomorrow
morning. Cereo is advertised as a
liquid food that tastes .rust like coffee,
yet is very nourishing.
Grand Union Soap Powder now at
Lockwood's, 21tt X. Commercial or
phone IMiS.
lore songs are still popular notwith
standing the general impression that
love is often but a temporary infatu
ation. Tonight at the Chcrrian band
concert in Willson nurk, Tom Orde
manu will sing, "In tiie Land of Love
with the Song llirds."
Why buy a hot watermelon
vou can get a real cold one nt
lb, Hoth Croc. Co.
le per
Juicy Tender Steak
14c per pound
Boneless Rolled Prime
Roasts of Beef
15c per pound
371 State Street
Originators of Low Prices
Notwithstanding the fact that every
mi,, who miirht have been nt the neacn
last evening was nt ta- Cherrian dance
Riverside Jlip receipts yesterday was
$14.10. With the gradually increasing
temperature, .Manager vtiison is mim
ing for a record breaking crowd Sat
urday evening and Sunday.
Grand Union Goods, free new price-
llf rr.itlv reduced nrices. I all and
get one at Lockwood's, Slrt N. Com
mercinl St.
Chief of Police Wolsh yesterday
turned over tiie cares of his office to
K..rir,.,iiit. Folalid and stinted on a two
weeks vavation. lie was accompanied
lv his wife and son. They went first
tA Scin. where Mrs. Welsh is to remain
while the chief ami the boy go to
Breiteubush Hot Springs.
For the picnic of the Southern Pa
cific employes to be held at the state
tair grounds Tuesday, August lo, two
special trains will rim, one coming
from, Portland and the other from
Hosebtirg, each arriving about 11:30 in
the morning. While this is a railroad
picnic, the public is invited.
Frame that picture now. The Frame
Shop and (littery, 415 Court St., has a
window full of trames made from short
lengths of mouldings, only 25 cents
More frames inside ot large size at
35 and 50 cents. All post card size
frames are fitted with glass. Come ear
ly so us to have full choice.
The river is gradually settling down
to a summer gunge although it is not
falling very fast. Wednesday the
guage was 1.1 Wet above zero, Thurs
day, I loot anovc and today .Si of a
toot above. The genuine resort cli
mate font i nuos as the maximum yester-
lay was iu and miiiumim. ov degrees
A special dispensation has been grant
ed the Foresters of America, Sherwood
cainp Ko. 1!) o. Salem whereby for the
uext dl) days, new members may be
taken in for an initiation fee of $1.
C. J. Bench is chief ranger and meet
ings are held Thursday evenings at
Hurst. Hull. It is expected that 2o
Grand Union Tea company re-estab
lishes agency store. Salem people, es
pocially the good housewives of this
city, will be pleased to learn that the
lirnud Union has re-established their
agency store in Salem. The business
will be in chaige of (.', M. Luckwood
who formerly conducted the business so
successfully for over five years at his
store at 210 North Commercial street.
Eay Pomeruy, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. I'omeroy of. this city, was among
those who passed the examinations re
cently of the state medical board. At
present be is head interne of Vincent's
hospital, Portland, and now that , he
has passed the exams, if entitled to be
addressed as Dr. Kay I'omeroy.
W. P. Olds, senior member of the
drygoods firm of Olds, Wortmau 4i
King of Portland, become suddenly ill
while a passenger this morning on the
Oregon Klectric. Vpon arrival of the
train at Salem he was taken to the
Marion hotel and given medical at
tention by Dr. Morse. He recovered in
a few hours ami wns able to take the
1:50 Klectric for Portland.
This is a gloom story. It does not
concern gasoline, but has to do with
one ot the other necessary things of
life. Flour has been advanced 40 cents
Columbia River Highway auto excur
sion from Salem to Bouneyville and
return, Sunday AifJ. ti. Make reserva
tions at cor. 11 igh and Ferry, or plume
Hoi). aug5
Fred S. Bynon, T. L. Billingsley,
Win. Oahlsdorf and Win. Metiilch'rist,!
Jr., are in Independence and Dallas
today working in the interests of the;
excursion to Marshfield, August 25. j
On the window of the building at 4G9 1
State street in which new display win-1
dows have recently been placed, is thei
following notice. "Chicago store will'
open about August 10. Fancy dry goods i
and merchant's samples. Agnes Mc
Kvoy, prop."" J
Cato Sells, who has taken an active j
interest in Indian affairs, will talk j
tonight before the institute at Clients- j
wa. He is an appointee of Secretary
Lane, and is considered one of the best
informed men on Indian affairs in the
country. I
In the case of the injunction suit
brought by (Frank 8. Ward against;
the city restraining the city from pur-j
chasing the paving plant now in the!
city mill in use on the fair gronndsj
road, Mr. Ward says tiie object of the;
injunction was not to prevent the city ;
at any future time from buying a
plant, but that it is an injunction a
gainst this special machinery and tiie
method of its purchase.
o 1
Members of the Knights of Pythias
ami Pythian Sisters returned from
Portland last night loud in the praise
of the Knights and Ladies of that city,
and for the special care taken to give
visitors a good time. Among those who
attended the grand lodge meetings of
the Knights of Pythias and Pythian
Sisters are, W. B. tiilson, 11. A. John
son, W. li. Sunimervills mid wile. Otto
Schellberg and wife, Mrs. Irene St.
Helens and J. C. Perry. The meeting
next year will be held at Marshfield.
The 250 teachers and students at
tending the Chemawn summer institute j
at the Salein Indian training school
will ninke a special visit to Salem next
Tuesday afternoon, according to lien-
juiiiin Brick, ilire.ctor of the tourist j
mid publicity department of the Coin-I
men ial club. At present the plans are I
to secure a special run 1 mm (.bemuwu
on the Klectric, bringing the students
and teachers to the city about four
o 'cluck. They will be shown about tho
citv ami the state institutions and
stay for the Chcrrian band concert.
Attending the institute ure prominent
teachers and professor in Indian work
from all the agencies in the northwest
and from several colleges in the cast.
The school of instruction of the aux-
As the acorn grows to be tho
mighty onk, so children, when
rightly nourished, grow to bo
sturdy men and women.
Good flavor and the essential
nourishing elements for mental
and physical development of
children are found in tho
famous food
Made of whde wheat and
malted barley, this pure food
supplies all the nutriment of the
mains in a most easily digested
form. .. t
It docs the heart good to see
little folks enjoy Grape-Nuts
and cream.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers.
When In 8A1EM, OKEGON, stop it
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
BATES: 75c, 11.00, $1.50 PEE DAT
The only hotel in the business district.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatrei ard
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. Q. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto Bui.
a barrel bv an the mills in Portland,! iliary ot the Salem Kitle club was at
Keattle nnd Sound uoints. nil of which! tended by I'i last evening. The school
... , . ' . I V tt .1... .
means tnat next ween ine good people
of Salem will be privileged to pay 10
cents a sack more for their Hour. At
least that is the general impression
today. ,
READ THIS (irand 1'iiion goods, tens
coffees, -soap powder, etc., can now
be secured at former locution 21ll N.
Commercial street or phoiie-lMiS.-
('. M. ' Lockwnoil. ' . aug7
is made uu of those who are preparing''!1
themselves for higher offices in tiie
military service and is colled a nun
commisioned officers school. They
were put through the school of thciie
squad by Captain Rosenberg nnd jii i
the near future will be given the man-
mil of arms. Appointments as perma- $
neiit officers will soon be made, based
on nn examination. Next Sunday mem-
bci-s will go to the Finzer range tor a
preliminary shoot. Instructions will be
given in handling a K ra g-J urge n sen,
such as trigger pull and wind itctiec
l tion.
Will Buy at
15 Lemons for 25c
3 lbs. fresh Crackers for 25c
10 lbs. new dry Onions
The New Submarine
Aug. 4. The Xew Submarine
has given up making a landing
in the Chesapeake Bay, and will
probably come around by the
way of Portland. This is
great news. The reason is they
heard thev could save more
moneq by buying their supplies
nt the Farmers Cash Store.
Automosile Passenger and Ba(- i
gage Transfer
Furnished Tents and Cottages....
Correspondence Promptly
L. D. PICKENS, Box 274
CAR5 o;
Any kimd
Any time
Otis Griswold, who has been conduct
ing a newspaper mar Walla Walla, in
in the eii.v visiting his mother in east
Salem. He was formerly in the job
printing business in this city.
5 lbs. of best Jap Rice
for ,
A free employment office Is being
conducted at Commons Mission, 241
State for benefit of the public. V m.
Kenyon, Supt,
George Quayle, secretary of the Eu
gene Chamber of Commerce in writing
the Oregon Flax Fiber company of Sa
lem, notes the fact that the machinery
purvhnsod by the Kugene men for cut
ting flax proved quite satisfactory. As
there are only two mowem of the kind
in Oregon, and as the Kngene men hap
pen to own both of them, the Oregon
Flax Fiber Co. is promised the use of
one in a few days. This mower cuts
the flax to within one and one half
inch of the ground, while the average
mower leaves alxmt si inches. As the
length of the fiber is what counts in
tlnx, it has been fouu.l advisable to
pull it, but the Kugene people seem to
have solved the problem by securing a
machine that will lose only about nn
inch of the stem, avoiding the slow
work of pulling.. Theodore Hoth Is
president or tne Oregon Flax Fiber
company, and Kd Seiiunke, secretary
5 large rolls of Toilet
Paper for
15 lbs. of new- Potatoes
4 lbs.'urve Cut
Macaroni for 25c
4 doz. heavy Jar Rubbers
1 1-4 lbs. of Tillamook
Cheese for 25c
3 1-2 lbs. of Best Head
Rice for 25c
One lb. of best Creamery
Butter for 30c
5 Bars of Fels Naptha
Soap for 25c
One lb. of Steel Cut Coffee
for 25c
If you can't come to the
store, phone 68 and we will
deliver your order.
Damon & Son
. Hales Karly large and lucious, 20c Basket
PparnPC Triumph, Kxtra size and quality ...,25c Basket
1 tavuto Triumph, medium size 20c Basket
Triumph, small size 5c Dozen
GrapeS California Tokay, 75c Basket; 15c Pound.
Annlao Karly Harvest, large and sweet : 15c Basket
AppieS Yellow Transparent, fine Cookers 15c Basket
ApriCOtS 4lV flasket. Peach Plum loc Basket.
BananaS dozen. Oranges :Wc and "uV Dozen.
LemOnS -W' Dozen, Watermelons 2c pound.
p i Fancy Turlock Cants. 3 for 2.V.
LuRlS By Express Saturday a.m., 4 for 2."c, 3c each.
N'ew Corn 2dc doz.; Xew Teas oc pound;
Stringless Beans 3c pound; Potatoes It lbs.
VPOPtlnlP r -'""-'i Onions 3c lb.; Hot House Tomatoes
!iHUUivo 1Qe )b . rnifol.nill Tomatoes 2 lbs. 13c; Peppers
loe lb. Beets, Carrots, Turnips, etc., 3c bunch.
Mrs. Sawyer will make an especial
please you this Saturday.
Westacott-Thielsen Co.
426 State Street
effort to
'Salem's Best Market Place"
855 N. Com'l St.
Phone 68
. Gray hairs are no sign of old age, but
tired eyes make you look older than you
are. " ,
will take away that tired look.
Let us relieve you of eyestrain.
Miss A. McCulloch. Optometrist,
20S-9 Hubbard BUg. Phone 109
land treasurer. t