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She'll be tea-happy
She has sent for the Taste Packet and nerw
she is finding out which Schilling's Tea just
exacTly suits her. Please don't misunder
standthere is only one quality of Schil
ling's T ta, but there are four distincl taste-
types. Whichever you like best is the kind
for you to use; all four of them brew tea of
. indescribable charm.
Send for the Taste Packet
The only simple, sure ttiny t gel the right ten.
Contains four parchmyn envelopes of Japan, English Breakfast,
Ceyoit, Oolong etitugh fer fve r six tups ef each.
Mailed promptly in receipt ef 10 eetsts (stamps ir (tilt).
tAddress: tA 'Schilling W Qtmpany
333 Second Stree7,an Francisco
Schilling's Best
Salem society aumiucitng at Agate
Heath enjoy a round of guyetles. The
cottages have all been opened for the
xranon and each week end is crowded
with jolly house parties.
The Uvuih has become the mecca for
number of the smart set in the pnat
few seasons and continues to grow in
The Thomas A.IJveslcya have rocont
ljr joined the SSulem colony and have
just conflicted an attractive now cot
tage which was oeued Suturday even
ing when a group of merry makers
gathered for a house warming. Danc
ing was enjoyed ami Inter the ovcuiug
was rounded out by a sea food supper.
Tnose participating in the gayoties
besides the hosts were: Mr. anil Airs.
John J. Roberta Mrs, Krederio 1).
Thielsea, Mr. and "Mrs. Walter McDou
gal, Mrs. Harry K. flay, Mrs. W. fen
nel! Dyer, t.'oi llofer of Salem, Mrs.
William Made and Mis Katherine
Blade of Hilverton, Mr. and Mrs. l'erry
Young and Miss lanliclle Young and
Mr. and Mrs. Kooky Mason of Albany,
Miss Mary Church, . Minn flenevive
Church, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Robert
son of I'ortlund.
Mrs. William C. Kuightou's guest,
Miss Roselle Crump, a charming girl
of Buffalo, arrived today and several
smart affairs already have beon plan
ned to make the eastern maid's visit
Keep these appointments
dentist and three times a
fii Powder
PrtparmJ by m Doctor mf Dtntal Sargtry
Send 2c stamp today for generous trial pclc
1 age of either Dr. Lyon 'a Perfect Tooth Powder
or Dental Cream.
I W. LYON A 80NS, Inc. ... '
8 6 J W. 87th 8L, N. Y. City -
Sold through grocers only
In standard
packages, 8-oz and
in this city delightful.
Mrs. Klliridgo 0. Tiiuiiins and small
daughter, Barbara, who have nlso been
Mrs. kmirlitoii s guests tor a few days
returned to their home in Salt Lake to
Mrs. Hurry K. Clay, who has been
tho guest of the Thomas A. Liveslev s
at Agate Beach for a few days return
ed home last nights
Kuticing nearby outing places and
the warm weather lured many motor
ists Sunday, who enjoyed their, leisure
picnicking and fishing.
M chimin which is always an Ideal
outing place was the mecca tor a party
of Salem folks, including Mr. and Mrs.
Hussell Catlin and their guest Miss
Lois l'hcnrs of Portland, Mr. and Mrs.
K. 0. Cross, Miss Veda Cross, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Spcnrs and son, Mr. and
Mrs. Curtis 11. t russ an. I small sons.
Miss Laura Handle, Dr. I'rince llyrd,
.lames loung aud Klmer T. Lmddcn,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter McBougiil, who
motored to Newport to visit friends
over the week end, returned litst even
ing. Miss Edith Carter Kunev will leave to
morrow for the Cascade mountains,
where she will join a pneUy of friends
for a few weeks outing.
twice a year with your
day with
Senttle, Wash., Aug. 2. Harry G.
Hammond was back in Seattle today
from XeXeil Island federal prison pre
paring to test, if necessary, the con
stitutionality of the habitual criminal
law, under which persons convicted
three times may be sent to the peni
tentiary for Hfe.
Hammond is 37 years of age. The
shadows of seven peuiteatiaries have
bleached his tbin features white. His
eves are sunk in their sockets,
"lie "fell" first in Michigan. Then
it was Bridewell jn Chicago - then
Canyon. City, then "big house" at
Leavenworth, Kansas.
After that Hammond drifted to
Seattle. He found a good job at more
than living wages and "tell" ngain.
Thev caucht him at St. Louis,
brought him back and sent him to Mc
Xeil Island.
He has Berved His term and is back
in the county jail charged with grand
If Hammond is found guilty, he may
then be charged as an habitual criminal
and "sent up" for IWe.
While Hammond was in the Island
nriunn he snvs he "eot religion.'
The authorities doubt his sincerity.
11a -oirnte letter to Thomas D. los
tcr, chief of the secret service here,
declaring that he had, and asked Fos
ter's aid in fi'iuling employment n
his release day came.
In thA Hflllin letter he made a com
plete confession of his long series of
crimes, naming tho penitentiaries i
which he had been imprisoned. This
was the information that is necessary
to prove n man habitually a criminal,
and Foster turned it over to the prose
cuting attorney with the recommenda
tion that Hammond be "habitualed.
So thoroughly is Hammond "going
after" the habitulat criminal act that
o i. writinir a book. "Prison Kcniiuis-
eeuees." which he hopes to have pub
lished scriallv and Hammond is a
i . nf unrest Enirlish to
show the unfairness of tho law and the
awfuluesB of prison lite.
ltorrv M. Hawkins of Albany is in
r. Wftift Thi Dalit was in the
Mr! and Mrs. 0. B. Gingrich and son
left today for Scabeck.
A. A. Bvnon wn in Portland yeuler
i... ,;,'.,-.. I t tin' Steward.
lilt, n-nioiiivu v -
r v s..it nf the read estate firm ot
Sott & li.vuum, s transacting business
in Mchama.
a v. t.wart and E. E. Mathews
rViJ.! Ilr.,rr,ii WI'TJ rOEiste'cd I'CS-
Ul luaiii w....-.., c
Lloyd Rigdon returned this morning
froui Portland wiiero no ianniiiu ...
. i. if ;.,i1. r,e TvthMu narndc.
Ray i Richardson and wife will
leave tomorrow for a two weeks' vaca
tion at Cnscadin. ,
i. o.i m H. r. Martin and
dautrliter. Svbil of Manila, Philippine
Islands, are in the city, the guests oi
Mr an.l Mrs. S. S. East, HOB Court
street. Mr. Martin is vice governor
of tiio Philippines and with his family
is en route to Washington.
r... l.'uttlA Kavlor. suneriutendont
of the pnstol savings department of thel
Salem post otnee, win leave ucv
ilav for a month's vacation in Alaska.
fr nn.l Mrs. Roma Hunter and
danchter. Miss Macyle Hunter, return
ed Mondav from a two weeks' sojourn
at Newport.
Tl.n members of the W. C. T. U. were
entertained recently nt the home of
Mrs. Lvdia 11. Bowerman, 1069 Leslie
Btreet. Tho afternoon was passed in
IK- nml Mrs. K. A. Pierce of Port
land, a'dnuuhter of tho hostess favored
the miettts with several delightful vo
cal solos. Later a duinty collation was
The L'uests were: Mesdnmes Anna
Vitch. Louisa Kramm. Alice Mjles, hs
ther Armstrong, E. Wooten, A. Whito,
Vera Friekev. Holt, Wusie nenu, J-s-
sie I ndergrotr, tiarry isnoues, itcorgc
Hunlict, E. M. lxiw, E. A. Pierce ot
Portland, S. E. Purvine, Jennie Munn,
Emma Train and K Oliver.
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Townsend of 444
S. High street hnvo had as their guests
Mr. and Mrs. hrcu cselson or i.os An
iielcs, who were en route to Portland
in their ear.
Mrs. Cordelia linger Bnd son, Harold
Hairer. left vestcnlay for a motor
trio thromih Southern Oregon, Crate
ljike nnl other interesting points. They
will be away for about a week or ten
An en.iovable affair of Monday af
ternoon was tho surprise shower given
Mrs. fluv Thrapp by the members of
the Mother's club of the Highland dis
trict. About St guests gthered for
tho afternoon and tho honoree was
showered with pretty irifts.
Those present were: airs. McFadden
Mrs. II. E.. Pembcrton, Mrs. Oeorge W
Stoner, Mrs, M. O. Barton, Mrs. W. P,
Rinele. Ma. J. A. Cariienter, Mrs. 8,
A. English, Mrs. Jessie Farrel, Mrs.
J. E. Hoekett, Mrs. M. .1. Cross, Mrs
Herman Mummell, Mr F. J. Mcleod
Mrs. N. K. ObbotCMra. Don Nichol
son, Mrs. K. L. Prince Mra August
Merger, Mrs. C. Craig, Mrs. Ivi Mi
Cracken, Mrs. Oeorge Oould. Mrs. i
A. Cole, Mrs. C. Ross, Mrs. Herbert
Hale, Mrs. A. Carter and Mrs. Swartx.
Miss Beatrice Sanders of Albany i
visiting ar the homo of Mass Ruth
Fisher on the River road. Miss Sand
ere will return home the latter part o
the week.
Cheap MbeUtotaa coat YOU sum pdot.
Portland, Or., Aug. 2. By automo
bile and steamer, delegates to the
Kmgbtg of Pytnias supreme lodge
went up the Columbia Eiver to Bonne
ville today, where they feasted on
salmon. Brief sessions of the supreme
lodge and the supreme temple, Pythian
Sisters were held this, morning. The
biggest event today, the second day
of the conclave is the parade tonignt
of the Dramatic Order. Knights of
Khorassan. Resplendent in oriental
costumes, many of the best patrols of
the nation are to march through gaily
decorated and illuminated avenues,
Officers have been elected by the
grand lodge, domain of Oregon, K. P.
They are Harry O. Wortman, Medford,
grand chancellor; Leslie M. Crouch,
Portland, grand vice chancellor;
Arthur Holgardt, Elgin, grand prelate;
Walter G. Oleason, Baker, grand keep
er of records and seals; J. W. Maloney,
Pendleton, grand master of the ex
chequer: Otto Offenberger, Nehalem,
grand master at amis; Martin White,
St. Helens, grand inner guardian; B.
B. Maxfield, St. Johns, grand outer
guardian, and Willard L. Marks, Al
bany, grand turstee.
Capital Journal Till
Touched for bmall Sum
Money amounting to $24.(0 was
stolen from the desk of the circulation
manager of the Capital Journal last
nieht. and a warrant charging break
ing and entering has been issued for a
young chap named Carroll Powell, a
member of the 7th company oi coasi
artillery now at Ft. Stevens.
Powell, who had been given a 10-day
leave of absence, dropped off at Salem
Saturday night to visit his old Med
ford friend, Russell Badmunds, who is
connected with the circulation depart
ment of the Capital Journal. He was
in uniform, was carrying his rifle and
was broke. Eadmunds advanced him a
bit of money and invited him to bunk
with him at the Capital hotel.
This morning when jutdmunus wose
he discovered that his friend had
gone. Also he discovered that nis
keys were gone. And, impelled Dy a
suspicion that other tnings were gout:
as well, he hurried over to the ( apitat
Journal office where he frTund his
keys in the cash drawer of the circula
tion desk. Only a portion of the cash
in the drawer was taken ten dollars
in silver and $14.70 in pennies.
Eadmunds still has the uniform anu
the gun, but he is short a suit or
.clothes. ,
Thn iinlice are making every eitori
to apprehend Powell, who is about 18
years old and a resident of Medford.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
UMiihsni n Anir. 2. Mr. and Mrs.
Dave Weaver, of Needy, lost their baby
boy Saturday afternoon. It died at the
Hubhard hospital wit spasms.
Mrs. Elmer McTiramons passeo away
at her homo last Ffridny morning.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Poofc anu lamuy,
Dr. and Mrs. Weaver and daughter,
Francis, left last Saturday for a two
weeks' sojourn at the seashore.
Mies Ida Christen, Miss Jiarie uy-
ers, Mr. H. A. Stebinger and Mr. L. Mc-
Adams motored to wunoit cipnngs ouu
day and spent the day.
Mrs. Dr. Schoor has returned from a
visit with friends in Portland.
L. A. Beckmau was a week-end visit-,
or in Portland.
Miss Gladys Moomau gave a party on
her lawn last Friday evening. The lawn
was tastily decorated with jacn-o tan
torns and a very pleasant time was en
joyed by a jolly bunch of young folks.
Mrs. Geo. ituey ana cnitaren, .Marion
and Marguerite, from Portland, arrived
last Thursday and are visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. J. U. l.angdon.
Mr. L. S. iterslioerger returneo iroro
Elmira the last of the week. His fam
ily is remaining there for an indefinite
Miss uiauys Aioomau spent nuiunnj
and Sunday with friends iu Oregon
Mr. and Mrs. it. w. uaDie were
shopping in Portland Tuesday.
Mr. A. Christen, Miss Ida l-nristen,
Miss Voda Laukius ware Portland visit
ors Tuesday.
Miss Marie liyers was a aaiem visitor
Fruitland News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fruitland. Ore.. Auor. 2. W. O,
Wilham and his family attended camp
meetincr in Salem last Sunday.
Mrs. Anna Oirod's youngest child
William, was taken to the Willamette
sanitarium last week for an operation
on his leg. He is getting along splendid
ly and is expected to return next Fri
Miss Priscilla Otterbein, Mrs.-Percy
and little daughter, motored from Falls
City last Sflsniay to visit the Otterbein
family, refnrmng on Monday morn'
Next Sunday afternoon will be the
regular preachinc day at the church.
Hay bailing started in Fruitland this
week, the lutest it has ever started.
Some years it has started as early as the
2MH of June.
Many of the Auburn people attended
tho Sunday school here last Sunday.
Mr. Dave Purvine came out on a mo
torcycle from town lust Sunday to see
the Bellamy family.
Admits He Burglarized
100 Seattle Houses
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 2. After admit
ting that he had burglarised more than
100 homes in Seattle, Jim Thompson,
alias "Barefoot Dane," sat in a little
room at police headquarters and enter
tained officers today with the story of
his operations.
Ha was captured at 0:30 o'clock last
nitfht when he walked into a trait set
by detectives, after they had waited
two days and two nights for him.
Officials Say Each Side Must
Make Concessions to Serve
New York, Aug. 2. City officials,
aided by state authorities today pre
pared for the worst in New York's
street car situation. They were con
vinced they said today, that the most
disastrous tie-up in the city's history
is inevitable unless both sides concede
points which each up to today has per
sistently refused to consider.
The public service commission today
began a formal inquiry int othe situa
tion. Representatives of employers
and employes were summoned.
The ten thousand militiamen, includ
ing coast defense and naval reserves
who remained in the state after New
York's quota had gone to the border,
were prepared for instant cjl. At the
first hint of need for them, Governor
Whitman will send them into New
York to augment Police Commissioner
Wood's ten thousand bluecoats.
The street car companies today con
sidered the situation so desperate they
appealed for the public's sympathy iu
full page advertisements in all local
newspapers. These advertisements
carried the charge that the employes
"are being threatened and intimidated
by the Amalgamated Association of
Electric Street and Sailway Employes,
an organization with interests in var-1
ious parts of the Unitetd States. "
The company also announced it is
ready to talk grievances with its men
individually or through their own
representatives. It will not recognize
any committee affiliated with the na
tional union.
It was estimated today that about
3,200 men are out in New York 2,000
from the Third avenue system in Man
hattan and 1,200 frem Bronx lines.
All cars today were under heavy po
lice guard. Jitney drivers are reaping
a veritable harvest.
(Continued from Page 1.)
Appain. .All night long fheyHsept the
Appom brilliantly lighted, lights were
not doused until daybreak. Tho Ap
pam is now in the stream where she
caa be seen for several miles.
Made Oood Progress.
The Deutschland, leaving Baltimore
yesterday afternoon made good progress
during the night, though not showing
any speed calculated to distress the
press boots following her. At times she
approached 18 knots, but for the most
part was content to pur along with the
tug Timmins nrouiid 10 knots.
Kntnmon's. Island at the mouth of the
PatnTont river was oassed at 2:14
th a rate it was apparent sne
would be able to rench the capes about
.tart, thin Avenino bv loafine along to
day. There would be no reason for her
holding back, if her purpose was to run
the gauntlet after dark without stop
nine at Norfolk or Newport News.
Watchers in this harbor this morning
were in despair of spotting the suDma
rine unless she came In close, knowing
of the green paint that had been used
to increase her "low visibility."
WALTERS At her home in West Sa
lem, Wednesday, August 2, 1!1",
Mrs. Ellen L. Walters iu her 71st
Besides her husband, J. P. Walters,
an old soldier, sue is survived by six
children: fl. i. Walters ami airs. w.
W. Boone of Salem: O. l. Walters ot
San FVaneisco. A. V. Walters of Chi
cago; Mrs. J. K. Smith of Seattle; Mrs.
h. t'owell ol siuui rans, a. v.
She is also survived by eight grauu
children and one uroat craml chilli
The funeral services will be neiu
Thursday aftornooii at 2:30 o clock
from the home in west caicm anu win
be in charge of the Christian Science
reader. Burial will be in the city view
For the oast six years airs, waiters
uaa maue ner nemo m " mcm.
t l i l ' V2nlm Sika
ws. married to J. i. Walters uZ years
n. On Seutember 18. 1914, their
rri,ion weihlinir was celebrated la west
M'ALLISTER In the city, Tuesday
August 1, 1016, Mrs. Susan McAllis
ter, in her 55th rear.
She is survived by a husband living
in Portlnnd where the body was for
warded yesterday by Webb & Clough.
DYKSTRA To Mr. and Mrs. V. Dyk
r. Ninteeuth and State streets
.lulv 30. 1916. a son, to be named
Valley William.
BECKER To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Becker,
- at their home near the fair grounds
roads, July 81, 1010. a son.
Pineapple Pepsin
for Sick Stomach
You'll say it's the most remarkable
thing you have ever experienced, the
way a few doses of NATOL F1NBAP
PLB PE1"81N COMPOUND corrects
digestive troubles, stops sick head
ache, brings back good hearty appe
tite and restores a disordered stomach
to good working condition. We've
never sold or - handled anything to
equal it and think so much of its
merits that we offer 50e and 1.00 bot
tles with a positive guarantee of re
sults or monev back instantly. Try
1 it. J. C. Perry.
Looh for the Label
No one can imitate the quality or the taste of.
delicious, wholesome, pure Pan-Dandy Bread.
So, naturally, they try to imitate the shape
of the loaf and the name.
ir Pan-Dandy Bread rite
For your own protection, therefore, insist on
seeing the Pan-Dandy label on every loaf.
Tan-Dandy is the regular 5c loaf. Big-Dandy is the
economical loaf 10c for more than twice the amount
Both made with the best of flour aud with
pure tested milk.
At all grocers,
240 S.
State House News
State Treasurer Kay has announced
to annual apportionment of interest
collected from irreducible school fund
during the year to the counties for
school purposes. The total amouut of
the interest is 3ii9,483.96, which is an
increase of $9417.96 over last year.
The fund is apportioned amqng the
counties according to population. The
total school population this year is
208,748. This is 2990 more than last
year, and makes a per capita of $1.77.
Following is the apportionment:
Baker, $11,189.94; Benton, $7,373.82;
Clackamas, $20,493.00; Hatsop, $9,457.
11; Columbia, $6.6ti5.82; Coos, $12,016.
53; Crook, $.'5,177.25; Cuiry, $1,486.80;
Douglas, $11,818.29; Oilliam, $2,086.83;
Grant, $3,738.24; Harney, $2,674.47;
Hood Eiver. $3,623.19; Jackson, $11,
804.13; Jefferson, $1,816.02; Josephine,
$5,175.48: Klamath, $4,954.23; Lake,
$2,709.87; Lane, $20,716.17; Lincoln,
City Market
Coal Co.
Distilled Water
On account of the backward season we have decided to reduce the price
of ice greatly. If you are not getting your ice at reduced rates see
us and we will explain the system. Originators of immediate delivery.
We deliver to any part of Salem.
Crisco pie crust is rich, wholesome and delicious, for
Crisco is all vegetable and all pure.
Crisco's digestibility is especially important in relation to
pie crust, in which so much shortening is used; it is a
scientific fact that shortening is unchanged in the baking
process. It is still in a raw state, merely having been
distributed throughout the dough or crust.
Fop Frying
r of
(Clip this Recipe)
1 cupful flour 1 teaspoonful salt
cupful Crisco coM water
(Clt JnW rmmvrtlmemh)
Sift flour and salt and cut Crisco into flour with knife until finely
divided. Finger tips may be used to finish blending mateftils.
Add pradually sufficient water to make stiff paste. Water should
be added sparingly and mixed with knife through dry ingredients.
Form lightly and quickly with hand into dough; roll out on slightly
floured board, about one-quarter inch thick. Use light motion in
handling rolling-pin, and roll from center outward. Sufficient for
one small pie.
Commercial Street
! Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists. ;
$3,902.85; Linn, $14,384.79; Malheur,
$5,784.36; Marion, $23,732.16; Morrow,
$2,672.70; Multnomah, $94,234.80; Polk
$9,425.25; Sherman, $1,906.29; Tilla
mook, $4,115.25; Umatilla, $12,451.95;
Union, $9,439.41; Wallowa, $5,872.96;
Waseo, $7,490.64; Washington, $14,
744.10; Wheeler. $1,070.01; Yamhill,
Supplementary articles of incorpora
tion were filed at tho corporation de
partment this morning changing tho
name ot the Senttlo meat market at
Portland to Friedman's market.
Notice of dissolution lias been en
tered by the following corporations
Prince Shoe company, Portland, and.
Sunset Theatre company, Astoria,
A New
Kind of
-For Shortening
tcAe waxing
Ice &