Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 26, 1916, STREET EDITION, Page THREE, Image 3

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Willamette Valley News
Silverton News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)'
SilveTton, Ore., July 2(i. Miss Esther
Hines entertained her friend, Mrs. J. V.
Mitchell, and little son of Walla Walla,
Wash., for the week-end.
lira. Irl B. Lyons spent Wednesday
arid Thursday with the home folks at
The Misses Hubbs, accompanied by
their mother, Mrs. W. P. Hubba, arc en
joying a month's outing at the beach,
going out to Newport Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, of Triumph,
Minn., who are touring the west, were
Sunday guests at the M. G. Gundcrson
and Paulson homes.
Mrs. Cora C. Wilcox arrived from Chi
cago, 111., Saturday for a visit at the
home of her father, A. I.eikem
Mrs. Mary . Hoge left Saturday for
Portland, where she will spend the re
mainder of the summer with friends.
She expects to return the first of Sep
tember. Mrs. E. Oeder, of North Silverton, is
en-joying a visit from her father, Adam
Fischer, of Berthold, N. D. Mr. Fischer
also has another daughter, Mrs. J.
Knauf, in the Silverton Hills and may
decide to make his home here.
Fred Waltman went to Corvullis Mon
day for an indefinite stay.
Mrs. C. W. Keene and Miss Fielda
McClaine have returned from a trip to
Chicago and other points in the middle
west. t
, Mrs. Harry Desart received the sad
news Saturday of the death of her fath
er, H. E. Bosley, at Lake City, Iowa.
Mrs. Desart returned a short time ago
from that place, where she had been
called-by the serious illness of her mother.
West Stayton
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
West Stayton, Ore., July 26 The
home of Mr. Aca Trcnimal with practi
cally all of the contents was destroyed
by fire this morning about (i o'clock.
Mr. Treminel got up about 5:30, built
a fire in the cook stove and then went
to the barn to do his chores. While
milking he heard an unsual noise and
on looking out the barn window he dis
covered the fire. He rushed into the
Aumsville Locals
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Aumsville, Ore., July 2ii.-Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Vaughn, of Lyons, were
trading in Aumsville last Saturday.
Alphonse Kronberg, of Mt. Angel, is
visiting his schoolmate, Harold Han
som, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. S. Swank and daugh
ter, Elizabeth, motored to Portland
Friday, retprning home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rich and the
latter '8 mother, Mrs. Dora Kuney, left
last Saturday for Milwaukee, Wis.,
where they will make their future home.
Mrs. Heady and son, of Portland, for
merly Orpha Darby, of this city, visited
friends and relatives here last week.
Mrs. R. Holcomb and daughthec, of
Grants Pass, and niece, Frank Gilbert,
of Portland, visited at the W. K. Wins
low home last week. Mrs. Holcomb was
formerly Miss Minerva Pound, of this
Mrs. A. Bursell entertnined the Fris
cilla club at her home Thursday of Inst
week. A delightful afternoon, spent in
Wm. MrKillop, of Scotts Mills, was ' tents
calling on Silverton friends Tuesday j Mr. H. Nichols, who is in the employ
as he passed through the city en route 0f Mr. C. W. Parker, who owns the
lor saiem.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Banks and chil
dren, of Portland, have been spending
few davs this week at the Frank
Kniiaa aiwl a vtwtQtiA tha fa m i v u'ti it ami.
. ''. nanJtuu'Arlr a it ,1 orinttiiwr rtitinlrlir nn us.
ceeded in escaping, but the tire had j : " " m- v
gained such headway it was impossible aer hl,h ''" hostos8' atcd by
. r I Alva II V Mnrtiir aan-nil o di.l 11.1 i.nu
B. W. Speer and wife, Wm. Howard,
and family, of Junction City; M. H.
to save but a small part of the con-
Syring home.
Mabel Stewart's ninth birthday was
the inspiration for a party given as a
farm, formerly owned by J. H. Hlioten, I pecr, Jr.. and family, of Tangent ; P. C.
met with a very serious accident, vvnile r.; . . j-""
surprise by a number of her froiends I pectcd.
nrrnnging a gopher gun it was discharg
ed, shooting away the third and little
fingers nnd part of the palm of the
right hand, but he is reported to be
getting along as well as could be ex-
last Monday evening. A bounteous lunch
was served and a jolly good time re
ported. The children of the fifth grades were
very pleasantly entertained by Miss
l.ela Kiches, one of the teachers, at
her home on First street, last Tuesday
afternoon. The afternoon was spent
playing games on the lawn and delicious
refreshments were served the merry
bunch about 5 o'clock. A very enjoy
able time is reported
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
McCov, Ore., July 2ii. Hugh Farmer
was in town on business lust-week.
Mr. Clins. Koelscho was in Snleni
Mrs. H. S. Nutting was given a fare- i Saturday.
well party at the M. W. A. hall Satur- Mr. ,T. E. Fuzzell was in McMinnville
oay Uigur unuer me auspices m ""-. last fsuiuiny.
On last Saturday evening the Farm
ers' Union met in their hall nnd had
a feast of ice cream and other good
tilings. A very good time is reported.
McCoy Items
visited at the M. H. Speer home Sun
day last.
The Sublimity Dramatic club gave the
play "Jast Plain Folks," at the opera
house on Tuesday of last week. The
play is a bright clean little comedy
in three acts, and the characters were
all well sustained, the parts being es
pecially well assigned. Considerable
talent was displayed by several and all
showed careful training.
A much needed improvement along
Main street is being made this week,
where the old board walk along the
Gilbert property, is being removed and
will be replaced by a cement walk. H.
M. Crane has the contract for the work.
Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Ransom, of
British Authorities Object to
His Activities While In
London, July 2(5. The British auth-;
orities today informed Americnn Am- j
bassador Page that S. S. MeClure, Am-1
erican publisher, must sail from Eng-1
lanrt on Saturday. :
MeClure was held on board the Phila-!
delphia when that liner arrived in Liv-1
erpool yesterday for several hours. Then
Page obtained permission for him to
Today Page- wag notified that the'
publisher must return to the United I
St n tea on the Philadelphia when it
leaves Liverpool on Saturday.
On the same boat , will probably be
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly and Joseph
Smith, three Irish-Americans whose trip
in the interest of Irish relief work was
stopped at Liverpool yesterday and the
trio retused permission to land.
MeClure was permitted to remain
ashore until Saturday because of ill'
health. I
It was learned that the deportation
order was issued because of what the j
British authorities termed "bis activi-J
ties while in Germany." ;
That an explanation will be asked be- j
came known following receipt of a re
port of the case from Ambassador Page i
in London. I
The county court yesterday issued an
order permitting Geurge Palmer, gurd
inn of Henry Slough, an incompetent, to
sell a quantity of oats.
Koval Neighbors of America. Mrs. Nut
ting and children leave soon for their
home at Brookings, Cal.
Ira Stewart went to Portland Friday
with "old 101" the big engine for the
Silver Falls Timber company that is be
ing now repaired for tho rush of work
soon to begin.
Mrs. Will Francis is visiting relatives
at Dallas and Portland, leaving for the
former place Monday.
The Dolph Kerr family arc enjoying a
visit from Mr. Kerr's mother, Mrs. S. T.
Kerr, of Corvallis.
Mrs. H. C. Hartmuu was shopping in
this city Saturday.
G. W. Hubbs wns in Portland this
week to attend the realty dealers' convention.
The fnmilv of Mr. nnd "Mm' ftlon
Stewart has been increased by a son.
Mr. J. W. Booth and family were in
Willnmina Inst Sunday.
A reception wns given in honor of
the Cooley club at the home of Mr.
James I.andess.
The Rev. Mr. Daniel Elliot will speak
nt the church in this citv next Sundiiv.
A verdict for the plaintiff wns re-
Snrinrrfioi,! n,wi i rnr.Av,-i, turned by the jury in the case of Good-
of Seattle, were week-end guests at the!'" ,vs- C".vle late yesterday afternoon.
C U. Kansom home. Mrs. McGovern
is n sister of Mr. Ransom.
Mrs. S. F. Bilyeu was enlled to Port
land Tuesday by the serious illness of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Ruder.
Fruitland News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fruitlund, Ore., July 2li. Mr. and
Mis. Silkcy's baby son, Paul, sustained
a very bad cut on his forehead last
Nogalcs, Ariz., July 2(1. All railroad ' i""y necessitating two stitches to
property of the Southern Pacific in , clc?,e. . c, ,
.Mexico, seized ty uenerai tones or ; " , from:W. Mac.y, guardian ad litem, in the case
imhtnry purposes was released to, lay , ,t" a gr0up 0f "ir t,,C""8 r0m 0f A. C. Barrows vs. Robert Hargrove
This was an action to collect money for
goods sold and delivered to the defen-1
dant by the plaintiff. '
Injunction proceedings were begun '
yesterday by Josie L. Stewnrt to pre-1
vent the sule of property to satisfy a i
claim held against the plaintiff by Rich- i
nrd W. Carey. . j
District Attorney Ringo lias filed an
answer on behalf of the state in the di
vorce suit of Wallace Hurt vs. Estclla
An answer was filed yesterday by B.
from Nognlos to Gunymns will reopen
Breakfast Cooking
New Post Toasties are ready to eat direct from
the package. They have a fine new flavour self
developed by a new patented process. It's the rare,
true flavour of prime, white Indian corn itself, and
these New Toasties are the first corn flakes that do
not depend on cream and sugar for palatability.
The proof of this superior flavour" is found by eat
ing some from the package dry. They're deliciously
good that way, but of course are usually served with
cream or good milk.
Examine the New Post Toasties flakes. The quick,
fierce heat of the new process of manufacture, not
only raises the distinguishing little bubbles on each
flake, but gives a body and firmness that makes the
New Toasties a more substantial food than ordinary
"corn flakes."
New Post Toasties do not "chaff" or crumble in
the package, and they don't mush down when cream
is added. They come to you untouched by hand, and
in moisture-proof packages that preserve their de
lightful oven-crispness until served at your table.
Well worth trying these
New Post Toasties
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
Miss Eleanor Elgin, a niece of Ernest ,pt al,
Bennett, has been visiting her lately. -
Mrs v f) Witlinm u-vnt in ('nliilln The Portland Railway, Light & Pow
Wash., to try his hand for a piece of the!" company has filed on amended com
land thrown open for settlement. He
stated that immense crowds had the
sumo intentions as himself.
MiBs Avis Williams spent the week
end with her friend, Miss Ruby Gruen
felder. Several of the friends of Vul Gorig
gave him a birthday party last Satur
day evening.
Mrs. Laura Slocum and son, William,
came from Salem to spend Sunday with
A large number of tile young people
gathered Inst Saturday evening nt the
Fruitland hnll. After an evening of
various games ice cream ami lunch was
Miss Alice Schroeder is spending her
vacation nt her homo here.
Miss Naomi Runner went to Jennings
Lodge near Oregon City to attend enmp
meeting of the Evangelical church.
Mr. John Znubler was visiting in the
Bethel neighborhood Sunday afternoon.
Stayton News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Stayton, Ore., July 2i. The M. E.
church lias been undergoing some re
pairs. It looks much better since the
old steps were torn down and replaced
with new ones.
Mr. Ed Young has been busy this
week moving his stock of groceries from
the Thomas-Mayo building into his own
new building south of the Farmers'
and Merchants' bank. His new store
building is well equipped. There are
three rooms in the building: the store
proper in front and a rest room, base
ment and store room in the back part.
It is now the most up-to-date grocery in
It seems good to have n steam
laundry running in Stayton. The new
proprietor has been quite busy every
Mr. H. 0. Von Behren, of Aumsville,
was a visitor Sunday nt the Christian
R. L. Putnam, of Stayton, has re
signed the pastorate at Kingston. He
preached bis farewell sermon last Sun
day morning. He is also contemplating
resigning the work at Stayton. He and
his family expect to move to Forest
Grove before long and take up the pas
torate there in the Christian church.
Notification was received yesterday to
the effect that the eongregaion at For
est Grove had voted unanimously to
extend him the call.
Garment Workers.
Strike Unsettled
New York, July 211. Amidst wildest
disorder, the agreement which it wns
hoped would settle the long drawn out
strike of garment workers wps tenta
tively rejected at a meeting of tJ
strikers here today. Charges that the
representatives of the strikers had sold
them nut in drawing up the agreement
with the employers were made.
Solomon Metz. chairman of the local,
No. 1, was forced to flee through a rear
window to escape rough treatment at
the hands of his co-workers.
plaint in its suit nguiust the city of
West Sulem to collect If77.2(l, with in
terest nt 6 per cent from April 1, !! lfi.
claimed to be due for power furnished.
An action to collect $9.10 alleged to
be due for picking berries has been
stnrted in justice court by S. W. Fuller
against J. M. Bales. Attorney's fees of
$1.) is nsked. ,.
The county clerk has issued fishing
licenses fo C.'M. 1 un, Dr. H. C. Kpley,
J. L. Moon, H. A. Ruwson and L. F.
Moscher, all of Sulem, and n hunting
license to I. B. Goodman, of Salem.
Tho will of Cephas Eisenhnuser wns
admitted to piobiute by the county
court yesterday. Appraisers were named
as follows: L. P. Aldrich, E. B. Millard
and A. J. Lowry. The probable vnlue of
the estate is given us $7,000'. Sarah
Lowry is executrix of the will.
A friendly suit to test out the law
pertaining to the tenure of office of
justice of the pence wns begun yester
day when County Clerk Buyer filed a
demurrer to the injunction proceedings
initiated by Justice of the Pence Web
ster to prevent the clerk from placing
on the ballot for the November election
the name of n candidate for justice of
the peace. R. C. Wygant, now serving
with Company M on the Mexican bor
der, is the only candidate for the of
fice. It is contended by Justice Web
ster that the tenure is six years, which
would give him two more years to serve.
Mistress Mary, don 't let me catch
you kissing the grocer's boy again.
Mary Lor' mum, I don't mean to,
but you do boh around so.
Not Fair to Negroes.
"The Birth of a Nation" is a thriller
but oo has to beur in mind that it is
creating prejudice against the colored
race. During the Civil war the con
federate whites left their homes in the
care of their colored slaves, mid the
trust was never betrayed. Their wo
men folks were su'fe. They shed their
blood freely in the Civil war, and a reg
iment, the Ninth U. H. cavalry, saved
Roosevelt's regiment in the Snntiago
attack, in the Spanish-American war.
One of that same colored regiment is a
resident in this city.
The Ku Klux Klun is idealized, but
remember it was an irresponsible body
of masked sight riders formed to pre
vent the colored men from exercising
the right conferred to vote. They de
ported, whipped, tortured and murdered
the terrorized negroes, and some whites
against whom they held a grudge. Their
outrages were so numerous and wide
spread that Grant and congress by leg
islation suppressed them.
If to offset "The Birth of a Nation"
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" were also
thrown on the screen, and the faith
fulness of many of the blacks, and the
inhumanity shown the slaves were
shown forth, it would not be so one
sided, nor would here be the prejudice
awakened. I- A.
The manufacturers of tanks, silos,
wood nine and conduits, ranks third
among the wood using industries of
Oregon. High grade Dougles fir Is
the chief wood serving the needs of
this industry .
Hundreds of People Have
Attended the BIG SALE at
Formerly Hammond-Bishop Co., 167 Commercial St. i
Come and see with your own
eyes the Great Bargains on
Clothing, Florsheim Shoes and
Gents' Furnishings
Mrs. Ssth Barton French
Offers to Care For
Soldiers On Border
V at -Jt'- .. ... . -., 1
1 A
i try r '
Mrs. Seth Barton French prominent in
Niw York society, who has just return
ed to her home after completing part of
a 7,000 mile tour on which she stnrted
in behalf of the allied hospital work
and Servian relief fund, has applied to
Secretary of War Haher for permission
to go the Mexican border for the orgnil
i.ation of hospitals there. Mrs. French
was among the first women who offereit
their services as nurses in the Kuro
pean war. She tool; up relief work in
Servia.to wlu?h country her father,
Wulker Fenrn, wns at one time I'nited
States minister.
Villa is not dead, but what matter
does thnt make? Neither is 1'iiele
Sain. Ex.
Monmouth News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
.Monmouth, Or., July i'd. Monday
eveuinij Prof. Thomas Gentle jjf the
Oregon Normal school gave a most in
teresting lecture in the normal chapel.
His topic "Germany Before the War"
was very well handled and the largo
audience enjoyed every minute of t lie
Mrs. W. '. Williams, teacher of the
"Cheerful Workers'' cluss of the
Christian Sunday school, has invited
the members to attend a puity touighl
at the church.
On Wednesday evening of this week
the Oregon Normal School Glee Clubs
will present to the students and the
citizens of Monmouth tho most inter
esting cantiitu, ".loan of Arc." The
glee clubs will be assisted by a fine
quartet from Portland.
A great number of Hie Normal stu
dents in Miss Auibrosiiie Murphy's
penmanship class havi received I'nl
nier buttons for their efforts shown in
the drill work sent in to Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, the headquarters of the Piilincr
method of Business writing.
Many of the farmers in the vicinity
of Monmouth had hay down during the
rnin Inst week and are all very busy
now- getting it hauled in.
The different county groups of Nor
mal students have been hnving their
pictures taken this week in the cos
tumes they wore for the "Stunt" pro
gram lust, Friday and Saturday even
ing. Clares Powell accompanied by Stan
ley Kvans, Clarence Daniels and Mr.
Stair, left in mi automobile bits Sun
day evening for Southern Oregon. They
will visit thnt section of the country
a few days before returning.
An exclusion trnin will leave Mon
mouth for Portland next Friday nfter
noon at one thirty for the benefit of
the great number of Normal school
students goinr in that direction.
On Thursday morning the Normal
school will be visited by J. A. Church
ill, slate superintendent of public in
struction during the chapel period.
Washington, July 2(1. The battleship
North Carolina with thrce; destroyers
was Bent by the navy department, to
Cnpe Henry toduy to "preserve noii
trality." The order is understood to be tho re
sult of the sighting in Lynn Haven
boy of a British cruiser by the battle
ship Louisiana yesterday morning.
When Christy's dead a hundred years, the fans will still
discuss his play, and sigh, while shedding briny tears,
"There are no men like him today! He used the brains
behind his brow, and gave the foe a grievous jar; the
chroniclers have told us how he
was for years and years a star.
Great pitchers came and cut some
grass, and died, and then forgotten
were; he saw them come, and saw
them pass, and still kicked up a
mighty stir." The chroniclers will
also tell how Christy, when a game
was played, rilled up the pipe he
loved so well, to soothe his nerves,
all tired and frayed. He smoked
Tuxedo every time, the critic's
smoke, the mild and rare, Tuxedo
fragrant and sublime,' the cool,
sweet smoke beyond compare.
PitthtrKw Ymtk Ci'anf
"Tun Jo t It to m In m
natural, pltatant way. '
uhtll all gwJ, henttl, rm
ponicnctlt feic Ih l(inj
1 Ml