Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 26, 1916, STREET EDITION, Page TEN, Image 10

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"Salem's Big Department Store"
Special Sale of Women's and Misses' New Smocks
Special Sale of Women's and Misses' New Middy Blouses
for Thursday, Friday and Saturday at - - 89c
Special Showing and Sale of
Kiddies' Play Sets
Consists of a cover-all Apron and a nifty Sunbonnet to match. Made of a
good grade washable fabric.
Extra Special only 39c a Set
Sizes 2 years to 6 years. See window display.
Meyers' Swimming Contest Postponed
On account of unfavorable weather, the Opening of the
Public Bathing Beach has been postponed one week and the
time of the Meyers Swimming Race has accordingly been
extended to that date.
Criminal Negligence -of Of-ficials-ll
Bodies Still
In Tunnel
Cleveland, Ohio, July 26. With elec
tric mine lamps secured today 36 hours
after more than a score of lives were
snuffed out with the tunnel disaster,
rescue work was resumed,
Cherrian Picnic at
Fair Grounds Thursday
The Cherrian iicni'c and dance at the
state fair grounds Thursday evening
promises to be one of the big affairs of
the season.
The picnic is given to raise funds
necessary to pay the expenses inciden
tal to carrying" the Cherrian hand to
Marshfield at the Coos Bay celebration
August 25, and for this reason, the pic
nic and dance is a city affair, and the
committee in charge wishes it to be so
Hand bills to the number of 1,000
were attributed in the city yesterday
announcing several of the main features
of the evening.
The dinner will be served in the big
dining room of the fair grounds restau
rant, and will be of the picnic order in
nuii;ii every uouy urings ineir own eat
A new shipment of Baby Bath Towels, Turkish weave, pink or blue border,
size 13x24 ; 25c each
Turkish Bath Towels, full size, 24x44, pink or blue border 85c each
Fancy Turkish Bath Rugs, pink or blue borders, size 25x44 $1.25 each
Crocheted Turkish Towel sets, neatly crocheted edges, 1 large bath towel and
two face towels in each set, ask to see these, priced $1.50 a Set
Fancy Wash Cloths, pink or blue borders 10c each
Attempts were made todav to recover
the bodies of 11 workmen trapped and . incr. Those who nnve fnileil n nrn.
suffocated in the death hole under the j vide will be properly taken care o'f by
lake Monday night. William McOilrhrisr, Jr., who has been
H. H. Ehinehalt, chief engineer at appointed by the Cherrians to run a hot
cno no. o warned tne teoeral mine
inspectors to watch out for more deadly
dog and coffee stand, the profits of
which are to go into the general fund.
The litnev dnneo in tho manlinapv
xien in iiBuie io ureas loose in mat, nan will Begin promptly on time, which
hole any time," said Bhinehnlt. "En-1 means, according to the instructions of
gines working all night pumped fresh the committee, as soon as the dinner and
air into the tunnel, raising the pressure, a few incidental program numbers arc
iu puiuiuB per square men. , over,
len men guve up their lives in a he
roic effort to free the entombed men.
a uozen otners tnced death in a sim-
iiur attempt, iney went Uown into the
death hole without helmets and fever
ishly worked to revive those overcome,
though pulmotors were lacking.
' Flags flew at half mast today in
honor of the 10 men who died trying to
save their fellow men.
Meanwhile a triple probe -- federal,
county ana municipal was to be held
to try to tix responsibility
8W1KXIXK At the family home, 105
Miller street. South Salem, July
Will, Miss Harriet Swienink, in her
2"ith year.
Her death was due to a stroke of
tin 1'lllvttis nlimlt tlit'f'f vnn i-u nun nml
The inves- nervous exhaustion. She was formerly
ligutors will try to find out why nolemploved at the Barnes store,
precautions were taken against a pos- She is survived bv her father and
Slide accident in the tunnel. There ! mother. Mr. and .Mrs (i. Su-eininkr
were no safety first devices or first aid
36 years of Sue
cessful Merchan
dising in Salem
1 A If i7fiIO I
i a
"'"'"''WMWIWII I Mrs. nna McMillan has rturned to
El Paso, Texas, July 20. Major flen.
Task or H. Bliss of th general stall',
stated tins afternoon he would recom
mend to secretary of War linker that
militiamen on the bonier discontented
with camp life be sent back home as
soon as military necessity permits.
Wins was displeased with reports of
discomforts of the militiamen en route
and in camp.
a. brother Jack Sweinink, employed
at the Hay Ij. Farmer hardware store
and a grandfather, A. J. Swienink.
Funeral services will be held at 2
o'clock Thiirsdnv afternoon from the
chapel of Webb & ('lough. Burial willl
be in the ( it- View ceineterv
At first she says that she and her family are satisfied with
the shortening she always has used. It is pretty hard to
improve upon her pie crust and cake.
But someone induces her to try
For Frying-Fon Shortening
For Cake Making
U b l 1
r i l t l
MATLOCK To Mr. and Mrs. X. X.
.uatlock. 171HI Waller street, Tuesday
July ii.-, J !!!, a .laughter.
Tord agents do not expect any
change in tne price nor in the general ! ,. , "
style of the car for the coming vear, K 1 N( To Mr- 1111(1 lls- V llll,lm Kl''K
iillhiini'h definite a.in,.iinc,.ni..i,t 'will: -Moli'llii. Oregon, at the Salem hos-
uot he made by the factory until Aug
ust I. J no ror.l buyers tins week arc:
Frank I'ntterlin and the Archcrd im
plement company of Salem; A. W.
Meyer of route ti, and Miss Susun Cap
linger of rural route .").
All Around Town
July 24-2-:!(l. "The Birth of
a Nation," Grand Opera
July 2H. Opening of swim
ming beach. Special program,
July 27. Cherrian dinner Had
dance at Fair grounds.
July 28. Wisconsin society re
union at State fair grounds,
July HO. Salem Street Uuilnay
excursion to Newport.
July 31-August 1. Comic op
era, "The Mikado," oper
house, auspices Moose lodge.
Aug. 25, Cherrian excursion,
to Murshfield.
Sept. 25-30 Oregon State Fair.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, flu glosse
N correctly. U. 8. Bank. Bid,;.
Lee Hiiig, the Chinaman wanted here
on a statutory charge, has been nr
rested In l'ortluud. Constable Cooper
goes after him this afternoon.
Steusloff Bros., Inc., will pay 8 3-4
cents for top hogs, tf
The building at 4U7 State street is
undergoing repairs ami will bo occu
pied in a short time by Mrs. Agnes
McKvoy as a millinery and drygoods
A 8up Will teach and Bell my bus
iness. Owens, Hatter, 1115 Court St.
John 8. Richie, postmaster at Scotta
Mills is in the city. Besides serving his
country an iiostmaster for the past
nine years Mr. Kichie is a former mem
ber of the state legislature. He cele
brated his 7tith birthday last Sundav.
Drink Cereo, tne liquid food. Better
man cot fee or tea. Ask your grocer, tf
. Taking of evidence In the case of the
State vs. Lee Jeans, indicted for as
sault en the person of Hubert Hunsak
er at Turner April 1 lust, whs begun
in Department 1 of the circuit court
this afternoon.
Drink CereoT the liquid food, the
health drink. Ask your grocer. tf
The rocial and reception for the
Bev. and Mrs. lieorge V. Holt to be
given by the ladies of too First Bap
tist church this evening has been post
poned. It will be given some time
next week at the parsonage, 54H North
Dr. C. Hartley, specialist, inflamed,
bleeding gums anil pyorrhea. 4 Hi I'. S.
Hank llldg. I'honis'lSii.
Mrs. A. L. LarSUn, news of whose
escape from tho state hospital for the
insane was published yesterday, was
captured today at the I'oniherton resi
dence, 1455 South Ciiininenial street,
where she had applied for work, unci
returned to the institution.
If its building materials! Come to
us. Falls Cit.y Snlem Lumber Co., 34ii
S. 12th St. I'lione 813.
E, Ccoke Patton returned yesterday
from a businewi trip down south. A
mong former Salem people, he reports
having had the pleasure of meeting
Harry Thompson, now- with the Hunk
of Brownsville and Dick liew-ellyn at
Albany whom ho hud not seen for 35
Do It jiow ,
Tho Halles apricots are now ready
for preserving. $150 per crate. Hoth
ti roc. Co.
Tomorrow the Associated Charitieu
of Cortland will give file children of
that city n vacation mid Salem has
been selected as the location for the
day's outing. The Southern I'mific
has given the train. Besides the free
picnic, tho children will each bo given
a ticket entitling every child to one
ieo crenm cone.
Another Large Shipment
Of those god Turlock cantaloupes
duo this morning. Three and four for
23 cents. Hoth Uroe. Co.
DenlMn'a Baths, foot of State ttreet
Safe, convenient, first class. tf
Don t Delay
The Dallea apricots are now at
their best. Order quickly. $1.30 crate,
Koth Uroc. Co.
Until tills morning no rain had fal
len for eight days, resulting in a grad
ual falling of tho river until the
gunge today recorded 1.8 feet above
low water. And while the east and
central state are revrting many
deatiis from the excessively hot weath
er, Salem and the valley 'is experienc
ing an unusually cool spell, with the
maximum yesterday at 75 degrees, the
minimum 53,
Dr. M. P. Mendelshon, who has been
on an extended vacation for the bene
fit of his health, is back verv much
improved and will be at his office to
morrow, where he will be very glad to
receive his friends.
Regardless of weather conditions,
the excursion of the falom street rail
way employes to Newport will take
place Suudav. Having iiostpoued the
excursion once on account of rain, the
committee in charge announces that
weather conditions will have nothing
to do with the trip, as the train
will leave on schedule time, which is
n:.IO o clock in tne morning. The Sa
lem Street Kuilway band will accom
pany and give a concert during the af
ternoon. CARD OF"tHANKS
We wish to express our thanks to
those who so kindly assisted iu our
sad bereavement,
jir, and Mrs. M. K. Bliven aud fniui-
Mrs. j-iima McMillan has rturned to
her home in Highland after spending
a three month's vacation at her form
er lionie in Iowa. This was her first
visit to her home uftor an absence of
IS years.
J. T. Pomeroy of this city and A. Feld
eiiheiinei' of I'orthiud were elected as
member itt' the executive committee
to serve with the officers of the Ore
gun iietail Jewelers association, at
their meeting this week in Albany.
The Pythian Sisters of the Grand
Temple of Oregon will hold their 23d
uiimial convention in Portland begin
ning Friday. Many of the delegates
from Salem anil surrounding bulges
will remain in l'ortlnnd until next
week to attend tiio National Session
of l'ythiau Sisters.
The Freeburg, Hanover, St. Peters
burg nml St. I 'aul mining claims situ
ated on the north fork of the Sautiam
river in the Lester mining district, this
county, have been sold by Onirics
Wolz to James V. Mnys, through
tho agency of i). M. Wilson & Co. A
deed to the property has been deposit
ed iu escrow, to be delivered upon the
payment of $10,000.
ftw is the time to can apricots.
There is just one week iu the yenr
when the time is just exactly ripe for
apricot canning aud that week will
begin tomorrow. Apricots from Tiie
Dalles and Wenatchee are now on the
market, the fruit is in fine condition
for canning and the prices as low as
may be expected during the aprieor
season. And iu addition to all this,
the price, of sugar has not advanced
for several months.
Prof. J. O. Hall, professor of social
science of Willamette I'niversity, has
just returned from Ashland where he
was engaged as one of the speakers
and instructors for th,v Ashland Chau
tauqua, lie will speak Friday after
noon at tho Wisconsin picnic held at
the state fair grounds and has been
engaged by the department of the in
terior to deliver nil address August 8
at the Chemawa institute on, "Reme
dies Against Poverty. "
Clara Hastings, living on South Six
teenth street showed true salesmanship
Inst evening by selling 32 tickets at
the dance given on Court street by the
Salem Patriotic League, and by sell
ing this number was given the prize,
a box of candy, for selling the great
est number of tickets of the many who
were aiding the League. Clara is only
nine years old but demonstrated in a
short time that she could sell tickets
faster than the average young lady
twice her age.
Beginning next Tuesday morning,
street ear patrons will be given the
privilege of boarding cars ou tho near
side of the street. The only exception
to the rule will be mad ou State street
and Commercial and again on State
and Liberty. On account of traffic
conditions at the intersection of these
streets, tho present methods of stop
ping will lie niaintaineii. muse w.io
have been getting on the cars at the
Ladd & Hush bank and the Portland
Kuilway, Light aad Tower comer may
do so in the future, and also those ac
customed to waiting for the ear at
the corner of the Snle.i Bank of Com
merce nuilding will find the stop jrjst
as in the pant. Hut after Angust 1,
all other car stops will le made en the
uear side of the street.
Try the Journal Classified Ads.
HMd, a son.
KLLIS To Mr. ami Mrs. William 1.
Kllis. 5!S -North Seventeenth street
July 25, l!Hil, a daughter.
CKONN to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cronn.
at their home iu Salcni, July 25,
.l'.MH, a son.
Berlin, July 2li. American Anibas-
The ladies of tne Salem Patriotic
League report a net profit of about j
50 from the dance given last night I
on Court street during the band con
cert and for nil hour afterwards. The
spirit of luirtiotisin nianilited itself
to such an extent that, the ladies in ' s!uIor Werard today delivered to Minis
charge of the worlt wish to thank the;fl" tlf Foreign Affairs Von Jagow,
public ill general for the liberal sup-President Wilson 's Polish relief appeal,
port and announce- that from time to The message was taken to Kaiser Wil
tinie as there is the need, other enter-! helm at the ensternf ront.
Iniiiiiients will be given. The money j ' 1
received from the dunce will go into ; Vnnl',n rI, I7
the general relief fund. i I UUllUIl 1 I Uli 1 Ul
George C. L. rfnyder has been pre
sented with a KrngJor'fcnsen rifle by
the members of the Salem Rifle club
in recognition of the interest he has
taken in the organization of the club
and in securing members. The mem
bers who received their guns Monday
are already engaged in rifle practice.
Another shipment of 40 guns from the
government arsenal at Venetia, Calif.,
will arrive in a few days. The regu
lar school of instruction. Will be held
at the armory Thursday evening.
The Ten-Year-Olds
The pessimists who said the fair
grounds road would never lie paved,
not at lenst during the life of the
present generation, should take a lit
tle trip out in Hint direction and just
watch the full crew puttiirg out stakes
for the curbing ami the big road roll
er at work and the big plow turning
up the ground for the curbing. In
addition to the city crew working, tae
water company is preparing to extend
its niaius north on Summer street a
long the fair grounds road to a point
north of the Highland load. A six inch
am in will be placed along these streets
For the first time in many years, the
public will have the pleasure of see
ing a home talent show at the opera
house, in comic opera. George T. Wil
son, who is giviii" the opera under the
auspices of the Moose lodge is a vet
eran in the comic opera field and be
sides being a singer and composer,
possesses the unusual r.bility to direct
the dramatic work necessary in a com
ic opera. "The Mikado" is perhaps
the most tuneful of all comic operas.!
From the opening of the first chorus
of Japanese men, the music maintains
the interest to the close, llie opera
will be given next Monday and Tues-
lay evenings at the opera house.
While ten and fifteen cents is about
the average that the ordinary citizen
is pleased to pay for a movie, yet
when a film is announced that has at
tracted world-wide attention, the
price apiars to be of little considera
tion. Hegiiining Monday nignt, wun
prices for the lower floor 2 and $1.50,
the opern house has been taxed to seat
ing capacitv by the erowits ttrnwn iy
"The Birth of a Nation." This af
ternoon at 1 o'clock the street was
crowded with hundreds awaiting their
chance for a ticket. And the general
opinion is that the film is a worth the
ntoney and then some.
A fine program of address, music
and readings will feature the picnic
to be given next Saturday, July 21) on
the old Highland church grounds, on
the Oaii Orove road. It will be given
under the direction or the " Parent
Teachers association of the Mountain
View school, and will be for the gen
eral public, the only requirement be
ing tnat all who attead bring a basket
lunch for their individual party, it
will lie an all day gathering and will
lie tilled with interesting entertain
ment. Stands will be ereited for ices
and leverages, the proceeds to go to
the Parent-Teachers association. Cof
fee will be served free.
I si
Perhaps it is her daughter who has used it at Domestic
Science School, or a neighbor who has obtained excellent
After the first trial, the old-fashioned cook slowly but
surely comes to use Criscoforall cooking. She has become
a Crisco enthusiast. She has found these advantages:
Frying. There is no smoke nor odor. Fried foods
are free from the taste of grease. Now they are tasty and
crisp and digestible. The same Crisco can be used to fry
fish, onions, doughnuts, etc., merely by straining out the
food particles after each frying.
Shortening. Crisco gives pastry a new flakiness and
Cake Making. Crisco gives richness at smaller coM-.
It brings cake making back to popularity.
j(C 3C 3C sj . 5C 3fC )c 3jC 5C St Jjc
New York
. Schneider and Wiugo;
First game.
St. Louis
Meadows and (lonzales;
Second game.
St. Louis
.. 2 5 . 3
Salle and
U. H. K.
.. 3 10 3
.. 2 3 3
Smith and
K. H. E.
II 5 4
5 7 1
and Snyder; Pfeffer and
Brooklyn .,
First game.
Adams, Carpenter and
Alexander and Killifer.
Second game.
Miller and Wilson; Hixey
Vaughn and Clements;
How dy.
Columbus. N . M ., July 2ii. luy
llartmnn, whose bravery as scout tor
the punitive expedition in Mexico
earned official praise, today admitted
his identity, following lour days of de
nials, lie expressed his willingness' to
return to Fort Smith. Ark., to faco
charges in connection with the great
internal revenue frauds.
Washington. July 2ii. The senate
this afternoon adopted an amendment
to the army appropriation bill imikinic
enlistments in the regular unify or mi
litia invalid unless with the written af
firmative consent of the parents.
U. H. K.
. 1 10 1
. 7 14 0
Schmidt; !
K. II. E.
5 8 0
.2 5 3
and Hums.
R. H. E.
. 1 2 0
Allen and
R. If. K.
New York 0 1 0
Chicnirn 2 7 1
Mogridge aud Niniuinaker; Cicotte
ami Schalk.
R. If. E. 1
Boston 3 S Oj
Cleveland 2 S (l:
Slavs and Thomas; lieebe and OV
Neil. " , !
First game ft. If. K. i
Philadelphia 11 10 0
St. Louis 5 ' "
Myers ami Pienich; Weilmah and
Severoid. i
R. If. E. '
Washington X 3;
lVtroit "10 J;
Johnson and Ainsmiih; .Mitchell, ihi-1
line and SlcKee. ,
When In SALEM, OREGON, itoa it
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
BATES: 75c, $1.00, $1.50 PES DAT
The only hotel in the business district.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres ai-d
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. O. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Anto Bui.
Licensed Lady
Moderate Pricei
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ort.
Buff gingham, combined with a brown
white and red plaid cut kilt, makes an
attractive frock for the sturdy girl. (
The smocking is confined by a stitched ;
on belt, the F.ton collar and cuffs le-
ing white pique. This model is so prac
ticul that mother will enjoy it.
All Hands Point
to Our Want Acb as
the Result Producers '
Everybody watclei tkem
Tkey fcriof timely reiilti
The Korean Restaurant
is now opened in our new loca
tion at 110 1-2 Coral street.
Everything new and clean. All
kinds of Chinese and Spanish
dishes. Pay us a visit.
Does the Sun Hurt
Your Eyes ?
Do you squint? Do you
pull your hat brim down
over your eyes in a vain ef
fort to shield them?
Then you are in need of
properly fitted glasses such!
as we supply. We have the'
experience and the equip-
ment, and satisfaction goes'
with every pair.
Miss A. McCuIIoch,
Automobile Passenger and Bag- w
gage Transfer
Furnished Tents and Cottages
Correspondence Promptly
L. D. PICKENS, Box 271
291 N. Commercial
Hours 9 to 5.
St., Ground Floor
Phone 925
Um .Airily
Any kimd
p; r-.i.
Any time .