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Will Pitch If Team Needs It,
. Otherwise Will Be Bench
Cincinnati, Ohio, July 21. Christy
Mathewson, new manager of the Beds,
way or muy uul pitch for his team. It
ell depends upon how he feels and what
bis other pitchers do.
"That's the way Matty sized it up on
liis arrival here today,
"I haven't fully determined whether
or not I will pitch for the Beds," lie
isaid. "I first must see what the other
pitchers are capable of doing. If I
think my work would add strength to
the pitching staff, I will pitch occasion
ally. Otherwise I will bo a bench man
ager." . .
Mathewsou is troubled with a lame
aide and it is likely that if lie does
pitch, he will not do so soon. However,
the Beds at present, including Matty,
have only six pitchers and have six
straight double headers to play on their
eastern trip, which starts Tuesday.
Matty, Outfielder Rousch and Infield
er Bill McKechnio, all of whom arrived
together, probably will sign Cincinnati
contracts by noon and Matty will take
charge of the team in today's game
with the I'liiilica.
Asked if he didu't think it unlucky
to tackle his new job on Friday, .Matty
Worn with or without a pin
lie ea. tor Oc. $1.75 tha doz.
Company M
Salem Soldier
Boys at Clackamas
'All Is Now in Readiness for the
Saturday July 21 at 10 a. m.
Furniture, Rugs,Ranges, Beds,
Mattresses, Draperies, etc.
iree a
Rug, Rocker or Baby Carriage
Get a Number Free Every Day
replied: "I'm not quite that supersti
tious. The sooner 1 can go to work
the better I'll be pleased.".
Pacific Coast League Standings
W. L. Pet.
Los Angeles 57 41 '.582
Vernon 59 45 .507
San Francisco 56 50 .528
Portland 44 45 .494
Salt Lake 40 -49 .484
Oakland - 38 70 .352
Yesterday's Results
At Salt Lake 4, Portland 0.
At San Francisco 4, Vernon 5 (10
At Los Angeles 3, Oakland 1.
Welsh-Wlutj Bout
-linnennaOis, Minn., July 21. The
Freddie Welsh-Charley White boxing
contest for the world's lightweight
championship, which was scheduled tor
tonight, was called ofi today, when
Harry Pollock, manager for Welsh re
fused to accept H'lly Hoke as referee
of the contest.
J-anitou Park, Tacoma, Wash., July
20. The grand averages for the three
dny annual tiapshooting tourney of
the Pacific Indians, which came to a
close here today, found two Oregon
amateurs listed in the first six high
Lou Bayburn, of La Orange, Or.,
topped the amateurs in the final blue
rock smashing event, with a total of
145 out of a possible 150, bringing his
record of 379 dead birds out of 400, for
the shoot. Les H. Beid, of Seattle, and
George H. Garrison, also of the Sound
city, and both professionals, were to
the front with 390 and 3S0, respect
ively, for the total scores.
Following are the scores for the Ore
gonians for today:
Lou Ravburn, 145; Abner Blair, 135;
P. J. Holnhan, 139; K. M. Keller, 131;
E. B. Morris, 123; A. W. Strowger 125;
Charles Leith, 12t!; P. II. O'Brien, 123;
Mark Rickard,- 128; W. Bristol (with
20 gunge gun), 54; harl R. Goodwin
96; ALrs. A. la Schilling, 13G; Mark Sid
dall, 139; Mjss Gladys Reid, 115; Joe
K. Reid, 93. Reul shot alone 100 wnile
the rest were entered in the 150 bird
Wilkesbarre, Pa., July 21. Another
trolley car of the local traction com
pany was blown up todav by dynamite,
making the second attempt in two days
to kill strike breaking crews.
The motorman and conductor mirac
ulously escaped death. The conductor
was uninjured, but the motorman will
probablv lose the sight of one eye,
The strike has been in progress since
October, 191o.
Seattle, Wash., July 21. Plans for
an $8,000,000 addition to Seattle's wat
er system, including an all steel pipe
line from Swan Lake, 20 miles away,
into the city, were laid before the city
utilities committee. bv Councilman
I Reginald H. Thomson, yesterday.
State . House News
A former resident of Salem is in
cluded in the list of incorporators as
sociated with a project for boring for
oil near McMinnville. Articles of in
corporation were filed with the corpo
ration commissioner yesterday. The
incorporators are O. W. Evans, E. E.
Gouchcr, A. C. McKinnon, Frank
Holmes, W. T. Macy, ti. S. Wright, O.
Burleson, Elijah Corbet t, ... O. New
man, II. C. Patty, C. 11. Mathis, Geo.
W. Bridewell. The company is capi
talized for $25,000.
Articles of incorporation have been
filed by tiie La Grande Gas company,
which proposes to use sawdust, gar
bage and other materials fur the mak
ing of gas. The incorporators are
Georgo K. Good, Dr. F. T. Holmes and
M. K. Hall, and the capitalization is
The Fletcher Investment company
of Portland has filed notice of disso
lution with, the corporation depart
ment. btate r.ngiueer Lewis has issued a
permit to the city of Bamlon for the
storage of water in connection with
Its new system of water works, for
which the city has voted to bond for
In answer to an inquiry Attorney
General Brown states that a railroad
or other carrier cannot deliver alcohol
to a druggist without the signing of
the affidavit required by law. The
attorney general holds the affidavit
to be necessary, although the limita
tion on quantity in receiving ethyl al
cohol is removed in the caso of drug
A somewhat exceptional showing in
the way of preparedness is shown by
the teachers of Sherman county in the
report of Countv Superintendent Fa
gnn, just filed with State Superintend
ent Churchill. The icport show that.
u per cent of the teachers employed
in that county are graduates of nor
nial schools, colleges or universities.
Some of the remaining 24 per cent
have had college work but have not
yet been graduated. Superintendent
Churchill attributes this condition
principally to the close co-operation
existing between the district school
boards and the couuty superintendent.
Although the former tmploy the teach
ers, most of the directors depend upon
tho county superintendent to assist
them in finding suitati-.e teachers. The
salaries offered are attractive, the av
eratre in the one room county school
being $70 a month, and Superintend
ent iagan nas little difficulty in find
ing well trained teachers. That the
school directors of Sherman county be
lieve in having long terms of school is
indicated by the fact that they have
practically eliminated the school terms
of six and seven moi.ths. Only two
districts in the county bad less than
eight months of school last year, one
having six and the other seven months
while the remaining district bad
terms of nine months.
Articles of incorporation have been
filed Gn the corporation department
by the Central Oregm Co-operative
Telephone company of Redmond, and
by the Klooch Tillicum society of Free-moot.
A committee from the board of re
gents of the state normal . school is
here today. They are E. E. Bragg,
postmaster at 1m' Grande, W. O. Bry
ant, an attoruey'iat Morrow, and II. G.
Starkweather of Milwaukie.
A permit has been issued from the
statS engineer's" office to the .Utah
Idaho Sugar company -for the use of
water from the, ' Bogue river near
Grants Pass to the manufacture of
beet sugar.
A pardon has been issued from the
governor's office for Major Craven, a
young chap who is serving 100 days
in the Multnumuh' county pail for lar
ceny from, a dwelling. The pardon
was recommended by City Judge Lang-
gmn ana circuit Judge McGinn of
Portland. The lad is to return to his
mother, who lives in Carson City, Ne
vada. War Does
In spite of the world's ereatent and
most far reaching war, a great Amer
ican spectacular and. incidentally.
argument for peace, has invaded the co
horts of Europe and promises to stay.
The "Birth of a Nation" opened a
two year's run at the famous r.nvmi
Garden in London, on July 3, 1915, and
August 1, commenced at the Grand
opera house in Paris, the world's mot
magnificent opera house, also at the La
Hcala in Milan, Italy, historic among
be noted opera houses of the earth. .
hm .it " jif -M
'C-jv-'.'. JJ - . It
.. .JJrTJ. . . i r
Three Year Program Will.
Cost Grand Total of
Washington, July 21. Carry
ing $315,000,000, and providing
immediate construction of four
battle ships and four battle
cruisers, tne general naval bill
this afternoon was adopted by
the senate by a vote of H9 to 8.
Senators voting against the bill
Clapp, Gronna, Curtiss, LaFol
lette, Norris, Thomas, Vardumau
and Works.
Washington, July 21. Efforts to de-
erease this year's proposed navy pro- velt four years ago because they felt
gram the greatest one year program Wilson was uutried. Now they will vote
ever proposed were defeated by de- for Wilson."
eisive votes in the senate this after- j The percentage of progressive votes
noon. Senator Cummins' amendment to cast at the 1912 election which the dem
reduce the bill to two battleships and ocruts 'figure they must get at the corn
four battle cruisers, was defeated, 14 ing election to carry the several states
to AO. is as follows:
Senator Townsend was defeated 58: New York, 25 per cent; Ohio. 20 tier
to 10 in an attempt to lower the po
grom to four battleships and four bat
tle cruisers in three years. '
Senator Kenyon's motion to lower
the number of battleships in the en
tire program from 10 to six and to or
der two instead of four constructed im
mediately, was de'ieated 17 to 58.
Senator Thomas' attempt to substi
tute the house proposal of five buttlu
cruisers was beaten 12 to 05.
Amount Breaks Record.
Washington, July 21. The general
naval bill directing immediate construc
tion of four dreadnnughts and four but
tle cruisers o fthe most modern type,
came up for the senate's final approval
With the apportionate number of
scout cruisers, destroyers, submarines
and aircraft this program will cost for
the first year $315,000,000.
At the end of three years, the time
set for completing the program, the
United states will have added 157 war
vessels of all types and will have in the
opinion of the united states experts, a
nnvv atinprinr in nnv nthpi1 nvppnt Knar.
land. The cost of the three year pro-
gram, will be $588,180,57ti for vessels
alone. The terms cf the senate bill, I
however, have yet to meet the approval
of tho house.
Senator Swanson, in charge of the
measure, expecting opposition in ; the
house, has conducted a quiet campaign
organizing the "big navy forces" Mir
several days. He predicted today that
although there will be a warm congest,
the house finally would adopt a measure
similar to the senate.
In addition to the naval bill program,
the bill approves a government owned
armor plate plant, and the equipment of
four navy yards I'uget Sound, Boston,
Philadelphia and Norfolk for the con
struction of battle ships.
While some of these warships are to
be built in government yards, it is ex
pected that the armor plate plant will
not be finished in time to furnish ma
terial for any of the ships provided for
in the present bill. The bill also pro'
videB that line-officers of tho navy
hereafter shall be promoted by competi
tion and selection rather than by senior
ity, and for many re organizations with
in the navy department.
ine largest previous naval bill was Me., a life prohibitionists, was present
for $260,000,000, by Great Britain ifl ed as a candidate by George G. Sorsuih
1914-15. of Baltimore. Hendrickson, his sponsor
Not Stop Griffith's Production
It is also announced that other cele -
n ten KnrnnMn pat. lol. . i . .. !
brated European capitals are soon to be
invaded by the big reproduction Vien
na and Berlin amone them.
Just what sentiment those eountrien!
-.Ill i . ;
and u terror, (Vbici m.V bo vev
Uke rheirteown '.oruhe Zl L TZ
, h . If,. VI., H t I . . ... . V
... . r
... " jviiui, eic win ue inter-
ron.l nn nn V. f1;.,:!
"r r.r over mere:
.... i .. ti - . , . ,
rivil n - ;.. 4....
v., uiu.vi u, vmui ana i-ee almost
as well as we are, but whether the sen
timents Of the immense story will find
Democrats Need But 25 Per
Cent of Progressive Vote
to Win .
New York, July 21, While republi
can leaders threshed out their campaign
plans today in conferences, Democratic
Campaign Manager McCormick issued
his first set of figures.
It was a carefully compiled record of
progressive votes cast four years ago,
and an estimate which it was said was
based on conservative information
showing that Wilson would be able to
win re-election if he only succeeded in
drawing 25 per cent of the progressive
strength. The democrats claim he will
be able to command a much larger per
centage than this but 25 per cent will
be enough to elect, according to Mc
Cormick, ' "Wilson's vote will nrohnhlv he lnrir.
! er tnuu this," Mccormick said.
ereat manv democrats voted for Roose-
cent; Illinois, Z0 per cent; New Jcr-
sey, 12 per cent; Nebraska, 13 per cent;
Minnesota, 13 per cent; Muine, 26 per
cent; West Virginia, 27 per cent; Kan
sas, 2(i per cent; Massachusetts, 45 per
cent; California, two per cent, anu
North Dakota, 34 per cent.
Republican Nutional Chairman Will
cox met with the national campaign
committee through the greater part of
the day. Alvah H. Martin, national
committeeman from Virginia, reported
on general senatorial prospects and the
senatorial campaign committee of five
members, was in a special meeting. Sen
ator McCunibcr, of North Dakota, was
especially active in this conference, in
urging a strenuous campaign in his
home state. Ho pleaded that Hughes
make one or two addresses there on his
trnns-contincntal trip.
One of the troubles which has devel
oped in the campaign committees it was
understood, comes out of the fact that
every member wants especial attention
paid in the campnign to his own par
ticular neck of the woods and is un
willing to concede special concentration
elsewhere unless Hughes, or some other
"big campaigner" tills the ground in
his homo state,
. - i
(Continued from Page, 1.)
Paul last night, belicviiig-theo)lvc,u-tion
would .close at that time.
I As the platform was taken up, Eu
gene W. Chafm presented a minority re
port of the resolutions committee ask
ing the addition of an initiative) and
referendum plank.
Convention Has a Scrap.
Eugene W. Chafin nominated Sulzdr.
"We have had in the prohibition
pasty long enough the Sunday school
politics," said Chafin. "Let us have
some statesmanship now."
The Sulzer demonstration lasted only
four minutes and wus spasmodically
feeble. Some one with an orange flag
tried to arouse the anti-Catholics, bt.t
his friends held him back.
I Findloy C. Hendrickson. Cumberland.
In Europe
the same response there is another nues
. : 1
Of course "The Birth of a Nation" is
purely American but it's lessons are
derful rfali"m of how"'"' "
1!!' " B": .ke th ..l
i iwai i-uiur wnn mem sun verv ituciv
create as much European news-
l-l" " " '" "U IU1B Blue VI mc
The b'ig attraction occupies the boards
at the Grand theatre July 24, 23 and 2l.
MAYR'S Wonderful Remedy Should
Convince You That Yonr Suf
fering I3 Unnecessary.
A million people, many right In vour
own locality, have tukeu Mayr's Won-
oeriui uenieuy lor otomaen, Liver and
Intestinal Ailments, Dyspepsia, Press
ure of Gas Around tho Heart, Sour
Stomach, Distress After Eeating. Nerv
ousness, Dizziness, Fainting Spells, Sick
Headaches, Constipation, Torpid Liver,
etc., and aro praising it hichly to oth
er suffers. Get a bottle of your drug
gist today. This highly successful Rem
edy has been taken by people in nil
walks of life, among them Members of
Congress, Justice of tho Supreme Court,
Educators, Lawyers, Merchants. Bank
ers, Doctors; Druggists, Nurses, Manu-
ficturcrs, Priests, Ministers, Farmers,
with lasting benefit and it should bo
equally successfully in your case. Bond
for free valuable booklet on Stomach
Ailments to Geo. II. Mayr, Mfg. Chem
ist, 154-150 Whiting Street, Chicago, III.
J. C. Perry, 115 South Commercial.
said, "had always been a prohibition
ist." Rev. J. G. Mason, of Motucheh, N. J
was put in nomination by Rev. G. K.
Day, chairman o't tho New Jersey dele
gntion. r
Scores of seconding speeches follow
ed. Hanly, Sulzer, iloiidrieksun ami
Mason wero the only candidates.
For vice-president, the first candi
dates placed in nomination were Harold
King Rockhill, of Tacoma, Wash.';
Finley C. Hendrickson, Ira Landrcth,
of Nashville, Tcnn., and Miss Marie C.
Brehm, of Illinois.
L. L. Pickett of Kentucky, McthodiM
minister, made a bitter anti-Catholic at
tack in nominating William l.lo;U
Clark,, of Illinois, for vice-president.
Mrs. Mary Cramsie, president of a HI.
Paul Catholic temperance society, as
sailed J'ickctt from tho floor.
"You'ro a great liar," she shouted.
Chairman Pattou shouted for ordor.
People who are ovor-burdencd with,
superfluous fat, know only too well tho
discomfort and ridiciilt that over-stout
people have to bear. i. .
If you are carrying around five or
ten pounds of unuculthy fat you aro
unnecessarily weakening your vital or
gans and are carrying a burden which
dostroys the beauty o your figure.
There is no need of unyone suffering
from superfluous fat. If you want to
reuuee your weight in a simple, iu
and reliable way, without starvation
dint or tiresome exercise, here is a test ,)
worth trying. Spend as much, time an
you can in tho open air, breathe deep
ly and get from any good druggist a
box of oil of koroin capsules; take ono
after eich meal and one before retiring
at night.
Weigh yourself once a week so as to
know just how fnst. you are losing
weight and don't leave off the treat
ment or even skip a single does until
you nro down to normal.
Oil or koroin is absolutely harmlcUH,
is plcnsant to tune, and helps digestion.
Even 1 few days treatment has been
reported to show a noticeable reduction
iu weight, footsteps become lighter,
your work seem easier and a lighter and
more buoyant feeling takes possession
of your wholo being.
Every person who suffers from super
fluous fat should give this treatment
a trial.
R. M. Chessiiinn, eily editor of tne
Pendleton Kiist Oregon inn, and Fred
Lockley of Portland urc in the city to
day. ( They arc out in the interest of
the initiative measure establishing U
normal school at Pendleton.
Spoiled the Compliment
"Yes," said the voluble crank, "I
used to be as bud as you, but I inud
up my mind to quit smoking and drink
ing, and I did it." ft
"Indeed!" remarked Alanlcy, "l
guess a man who can quit smoking nn.i
drinking could quit utmost anything"
"Oh, yes."
'Except talking about it." N. Y.
The world's greatest wireless station,
has been built in Italy, powerful en
(High to communicate with North ami
South America when similar statioim
aro erected on this side of the Atluntic.
Pimples Disappear
; W
There Is one remedy- that seldom fallal
to clear away all pimple, black hcJ
and skin eruptions nud that makes the;
skin soft, clear and healthy. -I
Any drunciHt can supply yon wnn tenia,
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eases. Acne, ecxeuia, Itcn, pimpiew,.
rashes, black beads In most eases give
way to scnio. Frequently, minor blem
tahea dituiiinenf overnight. Itchinc usih
ally stous Instantly. Zerao Is safe, clean.
eusy to use and dependable. It costs only.
k; an extra mrso Dome, fi.uu. jc
will nut stain, Is not greasy or sticky and
is positively safe for lender, sensitive
kim- Zeaio, CleTcIaaa. .....