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    Editorial Page of "The Capital journal''
July 19, 1916.
Editor and Manager.
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
President Vice-President
Sec. and Treas.
Dally by carrier, per year $-i.00 Per month ,45c
Dally by mail, per year . 3.00 Per month 35c
New York, Ward-Lewis-Williame Special Agency, Tribune Building
Chicago, W. H. Stockwel 1, People's Oas Building.
The Capital Journal carrier boys are instructed to put the papers on the
porta. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or i.eglccta gettitng the
paper to you on time, kindly phone tho circulation manager, as this is the only
way we can determine whe'thor or not the carriers are following instructions.
Phon Main 81 before 7:30 o'clock and a puper will be sent you by special
messenger if the carrier has missed you.
The Pacific Mail Steamship company that went out of
The Prohibition party will continue to do business un
der the old name, its leader yesterday at St. Paul refusing
all suggestions about changing its title to the Reform
party, or any other. Mr. Chafin, who was the candidate
of the party for the presidency a year ago, urged, and is
still urging the nomination of ex-Governor Sulzer. of
"k. T T T 1 l it 1 mwm '
xe-w i orK, ior mat place. The delegates, however, seem
to be lined up behind J. Frank Hanly, ex-governor of In
diana, though Foss, ex-governor of Massachusetts, is a re
mote possibility. Just what anyone wants with the nom
ination is one of the political mysteries, for there is no
chance of the party winning now, or ever. However, it
serves to keep the ex-governors in the limelight and out
of mischief, for running for office on the prohibition
ticket is and has always been a harmless sort of diversion.
As a party it does not appeal to the average voter, who, no
matter what his belief as to prohibition, believes the ac
complishment of any object, can best be secured through
the old parties with which he is amliated
tuiRinPSR sn RTiectacularlv on the eoine into effect of the!. .. principal piamcs in the party piattorm will be pro-
i.VnH spnrrW lnw is ns anxious to tret back into its hibition and equal suffrage.
The -trouble
old business as it pretended it was to get out
with Pacific Mail officials was they thought the Pacific
Ocean and all therein, belonged to them and that the
business of the whole coast could not get along without
them. Thev had an idea the whole coast would go smash
when they quit business and would get after congress to
repeal the LaFolleite bill. They found the country wag
irp.fl nlnntr without them, iust as some politicians have dis
covered, and as they were not missed they reconsidered
and want to get baeK. i ney are realizing mat mey are
losing money and lots of it and it has made them very
weary. It was the old game played so long and so success
fully by the money powers of the east, who, when the
elections or the tariff did not go to suit them drew tight
the purse strings and refused to advance money for the
legitimate business of the country. They could do this,
and did; but they were much bigger and more powerful
than the Pacific Mail and could force the hands of
However that day is over with them and the manu
factured panic'which was a deadly weapon in the hands
of the big capitalists, will perhaps never again material
ize. The reserve banks have removed their teeth in part
at least, and they cannot bite nearly so hard.
It is probable the experience of Pacific Mail will deter
other small fry from undertaking to play the game, and
business, big business will be carried on on a much more
reputable, and safe basis. . . . .
A Eugene paper imagines it is funny to remark that
if President Wilson does not like the way the British. are
treating our shipping he should fire a few notes at the
offenders. This sort of wit might be more appreciated by
the people generally if they subscribed to the blood and
thunder doctrines of the jingoists who want the United
States to go around with a chip on the shoulder looking
for a chance to get into the thick of the European blood
fest. Most of them, however, appreciate the president's
effort to keep the country out of war, although he had to
bear a good deal of ridicule and abuse in order to accom
plish this end. The notes to Germany resulted in the
settlement of the differences between the two countries
without the shedding of human blood or the destruction
of valuable property and seem to have brought about a
better understanding and more friendly feeling than had
before existed since the outbreak of the war. If a few
diplomatic notes to the allies brings about a similar under
standing we think the nation, with the exception of a few
bellicose editors, will appreciate the splendid public service
of the president and his advisers.
The Commercial club will meet tonight and it might be
a good idea to rescind that apology to the S. P. Co. for re
marks reflecting on the attractiveness of the Salem pas
senger depot. Since the club backed up at the dictation
of certain friends of the corporation there has apparent
ly been no move made by the company to fulfil its promise
of a new depot. If the club refuses to act, then the people
themselves should take the matter up to the public util
ities commission and at least compel the railroad com
pany to show cause why Salem alone the Capital City of
the state should have a cow shed for a passenger station
when all other towns of 5,000 population or over be
tween Portland and Sacramento have been presented with
comfortable and modern depots during the past six
The Russian bear is having a high old time after a
hard winter, and is chasing the unwary wherever found.
With half a million Austrians gorged, he is after a dessert
of Turk and Germans, and is satisfying a ravenous ap
petite without Fletcherizing. He may get more on his
stomach than he is figuring on and be troubled with indi
gestion before it comes time to hibernate again.
The terrible floods in the Carolinas did their work so
thoroughly that the country, or a large part of it is still
isolated. Reports from the flooded districts are meager
and from many places nothing at all has been heard. The
death list yesterday was estimated at about twenty, but
this was from a limited area, and did not cover the larger
part of the flood-cwept districts. When the full tale is
told the loss of life may run above a hundred and the
property loss, now estimated at ten million dollars, may
be double that. The stories of heroic rescues are many
and show that civilized man is if anything the superior in
moral courage to his remote ancestors who were physical
ly unafraid, but who had not devedoped the selfsacrific
ing spirit that risks life itself to aid the helpless and dis
tressed even though utter strangers to those who forget
self in aiding their fellows.
Dr. Morgan to Lecture at
Waller Hall Tomorrow at
Epworth Institute
Dr. Morgan, who created such a fav
orable impression in his teeture "Prom
the Puddling Furnace to the Pulpit"
will qpeak agafri tomorrow evening,
taking as his subject, "Vision anil
Service." Dr. Morgan is a forceful
and convincing speaker and is regard
ed by many as one of tiie really elo
quent men that have appeared tin the
plaform in Salem. The address will
be made in Waller hall as part of he
Epworth League institute in session
on the Willamette I'niversity campus.
The program for Thursday evening
is as follows: I
m. Sfoming watch.
"Anuric" Will Not Fail to Stop Your Backache.
m. Brea k fast. J.a it
m. Bible study, Dr.
That was a spectacular battle in Chicago yesterday,
and was witnessed by thousands of the citizens of that
windy city.- It would seem that excess in any line is not
good. Daily we have the story of too much booze setting
someone crazy, with murder and all other crimes as a re
sult. The cause of the trouble yesterday was too much
religion, if it can be called that, that resulted in an ignor
ant negro going utterly crazy and imagining he was come
to save the world. It is only fair to add that with this
religious fervor gone mad, was coupled also an entirely
too great quantity of heat. This only emphasises the fact
that too much of anything is about as bad, if not worse,
than none at all.
From the reception given it by the realty men at Port
land yesterday the "full rental tax and loan law," the lat
est child of the brain of that perennial law incubator, W.
S. Uren will not survive the siege of infantile paralysis
with which it has been attacked. Attorney A. L. Veazie
explained its probable workings to a gathering of real
estate men at Portland yesterday, and when its father,
Mr. U'Ren, was called upon to show himself and respond
ed, he was greeted with a round of hisses. Evidently the
state has had about enough freak laws from the Oregon
City factory and would give its kidneys a rest.
The story that leaking tubes will delay the departure
of the Deutschland, is told, no doubt, for British consump
tion. An American stip might be caught in that condition
but the German captain knows the condition of every
factor of his ship from rivets to the engines. It was
stated yesterday by German officials that "everything we
tell you about the departure of the Deutschland will be a
d-d lie"; and they evidently , told the truth in that
:30 to 7:1.") a
Or. Morgan.
7:1.1 to 8:00 a
sarnie hnll. '
8:15 to 8:55 a
:05 to 9:5ft a. m. Evangelism, I)r
Morgan. Stewardship, Kev. Melville
T Wire. Junior league methods, iliss
10:111) to 10:40 a. m. Epworth le'agne
methods, Miss Kobinson. .lunior league
demons! ration
10:50 to 11:.,0 a. m. Social service.
Miss Chnppell. Recreation and culture,
Kev. .1. V.. Spencer.
11:40 to 12:20 a. m. Citizenship.
Dr. Hammond. Home missions. Jliss
Ciinppell. Foreign missions, to be sui
12:.10 p. m. Dinner. Lausanne hall.
1:00 to 2:30 P. m. Quiet hour.
2:45 to 5::t0 p. m. Tennis finals.
Salem districf vs. Portland district;
Eugene district vs. Klamath Falls dis
trict. Winners vs. winners.
Ii:00 ii. m. Supper. Lausanne hall.
8:15 i. m. Lecture, "Vision and
Service," Dr. Morgan.
People are realizing more and more
every day tkaf the kidneys, just as do ,
the bowels, need to be flushed occa-,
sionally. The kidneys are an elimina-1
tive organ and are constantly working.'
separating the poisons from the blood. '
Under this continual and perpetual ;
action they are apt to congest, and :
then trouble starts. Uric "acid backs!
up into the system, causing rheunia-
tism, neuralgia, dropsy and many
other serious disturbances. Doctor
Pierce, of Buffalo, New York, advo- i
cates that every one should drink '
plenty of pure water between meals.!
Every day should exercise in the out-;
door air sufficiently to sweat profusely, ,
and from time to time stimulate the
kidney action by means of "Anuric."
This preparation has been thoroughly
tried out at his Sanitarium, in the same
way as his "Favorite Prescription" for
weak women and "Golden Medical j
Discovery," the standard herbal system
tonic, (both of which now cone ia
tablet form for convenience of carrying
and takin). "Anuric" is now being
introduced here, and many local people
are daily testifying to its pcrfectuess.
When you have backache, dizzy
spells or rheumatism, heed nature'
warning. It means that you are a vic
tim to uric acid poisoning. Then ask
your druggist for "AHuric" and yon
will very soon become oue of hundreds
who daily give their thankful indorse
ment to this powerful enemy to urie
If you have that tired, worn-out feel
ing, backache, rheumatism, neuralgia,
or if your sleep is disturbed by too fre
quent urination, get Dr. Pierce's Anuria
Tablets at drug store, full treatment
$1.00. or send 10c for trial package to
Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo".
X. Y.
Relief For Families
of Those at the Front
Big Fight Expected
On Child Labor Bill
Harvesting Has Begun and
Indications Are the Crops
Are Good
iTT"nT1 1
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SGS
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
"Oh, come with me and be my beau," the spinster
whispered, soft and low. "Why do you smile at giddy
girls, with pearly teeth and sunny curls, whose only asset r
is their looks, while I am learned, in hie and
books? Oh, I can cook, and I can sew, so
come with me and be my beau. What though
in years I'm getting on? The foolishness
of youth is gone; experience has taught me
much, with useful arts I am in touch, and I
can make of home a nest where weary man
might gladly rest; and I can ornament, you
bet the parlor or the kitchenette, and I can
wash and knead the dough, so come with
me and be my beau. I play the harp and
violin, I carve on wood and hammer tin, and
I can talk of books and art; I've always been, considered
smart; with my own hands I made this gown, which is the
smoothest thing in town; there's veiy little I Hon't know;
then come with me and be my beau." The invitation was
in vain, for no young man is safe and sane. He rounded
up a girl to wed who couldn't bake a loaf of bread or sew
or cook or do a thing but look like flowers that bloom in
spring. ,
By Carl W. Ackernian.
(United press staff correspondent.)
Berlin, by wireless to JSayville. L. I.,
July ll. Both Germany and Austro
Hungary are showing considerable im
provement in the food situation. Har
vesting has begun in Galieia and the
first reports indicate a good crop. An
Austro-Hungariau commission, em
powered to make an agricultural inves
tigation, arrived here today. The pros
pects of an agreement being reached are
most favorable. Much an understanding
would be of great aid in relieving the
shortage in Germany since the dual
monarchy possesses niofe food than the
German empire.
A new discovery by a police lieuten
ant who spent his idle msmvnts study
ing the food question, has been ' an
nounced. By a process known only to
himself the 'lieutenant can make bone
produce 25 per cent fat fit for human
Bread, butter, meat and similar cards
are disappearing in the cities of Aachen
(Aix-la-Chapelle), Dresden, Stuttgart
nnd Strnsshurg, where they have been
supplanted by food books. Berlin may
adopt a similar plan.
Quits Baseball to
Play Political' Game
Detroit, Mich.. July 19. .Sam Craw
ford, veteran Tiger outfielder, may
quit baseball in favor of the political
game. Rumors were in circulation
here todav that Sam mav accept the
democratic' nomination for sheriff of
Wavne countv (Detroit). Leaders hint
ed that he could have the nomination
if he wanted it.
If Crawford runs he may le pitted
against r.d Mem, another famous old
time ball player, who was a hurler on
the old Brooklyn Superbas. tein is
arter the republican nomination.
Relief for needy families of Salem
whose bread winners arc serving in
Company il was appropriated yesterday
afternoon at a meeting of tlje relief
committees of the Salem Patriotic Lea
gue, the Commercial club nnd the com
mittee appointed by Mayor White.
While there are but few families really
needing this relief, the committees are
investigating and helping those who
would not ordinarily call for assist
ance. All cases of relief will be handled by
a general committee from the Salem Pa
triotic League, the Commercial club and
the county court and a subscription
committee was appointed consisting of
Rev. James Klvin, chairman; Mrs. A. N.
Bush, Mrs. George H. Burnett and
Max Buren.
On the general relief committee, the
following were named: Rev. F. T.
Porter, Mrs. T. B. Kay, Mrs. W. O.
Asselyn. Mrs. W. E. Aiulerson, Rev.
James Klvin. Max Buren and Ivan G.
McDnniel. Mr. Klvin will serve as per
manent chairman of the committee nnd
Ivan G. Me Daniel secretary
The Journal Does Job Printing.
Washington, July lfl. A fight oa
tiie chilil labor bill paralleling the ship
bill light of a year afj, loomed before
the senate today as the result of Pres
tiTTnt Wilson's demand that the meas
ure be passed before he begins his ac
tive campaign for re-election.
Southern senators, led by Smith of
South Carolina and llardwick of Geor
gia, gave notice today that they will
keep their northern democratic breth
ren in semitropical Washington all
summer listening to speeches if an at
tempt is made to force passage of the
bill. . .
Tiiey threaten to .jockey
grutiou restriction bill into
where a test vote will be
and it' possible force the
either to vetr it again or reverse his
previous position. They regard the
child labor measure us "northern poli
tics." Leaders closest to the White
House Walsh, Owens, Kern, James
say they'll .stay until election day if
necessary to press the bill to a final
the immi-
a position
Have the Capital Journal follow yoo.
'during your vacation. Phone 81.
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