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Abolition of Vodka Made
Tries for Peace Between
United States and Mexico
1 70, 000, 000 Workers Sober
Doubling Producing Power
at "Si
i r
I in
William R. Willcox former cliairmnn of the public service commission for the
First New York state district (which embraces New York City), has been ueni
e d as as cliairmnn of the republican committee to direct the campaign. Air.
"Willcox was the personal choice of Air. Hughes, and there was a report that
tbme'stnmp of approval had been put upon him by Colonel Roosevelt. Mr.
Hughes, it is understood, wanted .Mr. Wilcox because he had known Mm for
years ami had implicit faith in his judgment. Willcox was appointed by Ungu
es as chairman of the public service c mmission when Hughes was governor,
nd they have been close friends. Will cox has the added advantage of having
nerved two and one half by appointment of Colonel Koosevclt as postmnster
f New York. Of late he has practiced law and has not been closely affili
ated with politics, and, like Mr. Hughes, did not participate actively in the cam
paign of 1912.
Foch Directs French
Offensive at Somme
south of the Sonnne river. This has
given increased confidence in the result
of the allied offensive."
Under the supervision of Gen. Joffro,
the French offense against the Ger
mans in the region of the Somme i
directed bv General Foch, who has won
fame in the wnr as a skillful lender. A
dispatch from London snvs: "The Brit
ish people learn for the first time that
the French General Foch, who has won
a great reputation during the course of
the war, is directing the operation
Keep a little powdered dclatone
handy and when hairy growths appear
make a paste with some of the pow
der and a little water, then spread
over hairv surface. After 2 or :i mill
uies rub off. wash the skin and it will
be entirely free from hair or blemish.
This simple treatment is unfailing, but
care should be exercised to lie sure
mi get genuine dclntonc, otherwise
yon may be disappointed.
Bear Gaiting.
In the time of 8hakespeare theatres
were otteu used tor bear baiting
well as for the presentation of plays
and in noiuo cases were equipped with
a stage which could be removed when
the hear halting was to occur. 1 he con
teinporarv attitude toward this diver
ion is seen in this quotation: "It was
a sport very pleasant to see the bear
with Ins pink eves leering attcr his one
mies' 'approach." It is comforting to
reflect in these days that the killing of
ammnl'S, ut lenst as n form of iimuse
meat, has greatly (timinislieit nud in
most countries has disnppenrett. Out
They Don't Like Bachelors.
In tin; Argentine republic if a mini
engaged to nmrrv hesitates bevond
reasonable time in leading his fiancee
to the nltar he is lieavilv fined, and if a
resident of the republic should fail to
mnrrv he is taxed until he reaches the
age of eighty.
Packard and other promi
nent automobile engineers
favor motor oils from
Western crude. Exposition
juries at San Francisco and San
Diego gave highest competitive
awards to Zerolene an oil from
Western crude. Zerolene is the
best oil for your motor because
scientifically refined from selected California crude
asphalt-base. Government experts tell us that oils
correctly refined irom asphalt-base crude 'distill
without decomposition" do not break up and lose
their lubricating value under cylinder heat and are
Mmuch better adapted to motor cylinders, as far
as their carbon-forming proclivities are con
cerned, than are paraffine-base Pennsylvania oils."
When you empty the crank-case refill with Zero
- lene. Dealers everywhere and at service stations
and agencies of the Standard Oil Company.
-the Standard Oil for tfotor Cars
By William Philip Sims
(United Tress staff correspondent)
I'etrogiad, June 17 (By . mail)
"Has the abolition of Vodka done any
real good in Russia ."
I put this question today to Nicholas
Tchaykovsky, member or the Central
Co-operative committee of I'etrograd
as he sat in front of his desk at com
mittee headquarters. Tried in IH07 as
a revolutionist ami acquitted he is now
doing his bit for Russia. His seusa-
tive face, remindful of portraits of
Ijouglellow, surrounded as it is by
snowy beard inid lutir, became very
"Done any good!" Tie echoed, "It
has worked wonders. For one thing
it gives russia a sober peasantry and
a sobe'r peasantry means almost dou.le
working capacity. And over wl per
cent, of the Kussin population 1 U,
OOO.IIUO souls are peasants. It means
better farms, bigger crops, more mon
ey, better living conditions in homes,
better fed children and consequently
more rapid advance in schools, liette
children makes better men.
"it means a more progressive, more
dependable, richer Russian peasantry.
It means all that and more hcsulcs.
Tclwiykovskv Hiicnks: iinglish fliu
entlv. He moved to Kansas in 1870
aud started a community there. A
moral success, it failed for lack of
funds, whereupon the founder went to
hester, l'a., and worked as a carpen
ter. Later lie got a job in a i'lnladel-
hia sugar mill. Subsequently to Par
is, then to London, (lUlJii), he return
ed to the United States, (liHKi), on a
mission, rounding Kussinu committees
in New York, Huston, Hattnnore; Phil
adelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chi
cago, Denver and other cities, in isioi
he returned to Russia where he was ar
rested and put in prison, (
Since Itllu Tclinvkovsky has been
working as a member of the central co
operative committee, helping co-operative
societies get started and is so
happy nt the job that his face positive-
'We have nlwavs fought drink,"
he told me, "but when vodka was pro
hibited our committee asked: 'What
are you going to give the people instead?'
'Yon know our villages are few and
far between. Our rural districts are
lonelv. Voilkn was a curse but it was
also a diversion, which was why it got
such a hold on liussia.
no our thousands of rural co-oper
ative societies all over the empire got
busv. We organized diversions to keep
the peasants and villagers from iniss
ia" their vodka.
Most of our stores, offices, banks
and warehouses are two storied build
ings. On the ground floor business is
transacted. On the floor above are
halls. These we turned into theatres,
cinema halls and coinniunitv meeting
places where folks could come for di
version. We organized hands, amateur
theatricals and so on. We give con-
erts. Tiie people come in droves and
evervboilv has a gooil time.
' I do'i t thing the vodka is missed
much." '-" '
Mil the meantime peasants have
more inonev than thev ever saw bo-
'And despite the war our co-oper
ative societies are growing at a won-
lerful rato.
"In one district alone the number
of co-operative unions has grown since
ttie war from .Ml to ,lll. We hud onlv
til wholesale societies last year. Now
there are over 400. n l!ll there were
but tl credit unions in all llussm
whereas at present there are over -tiO
througii which about 10,000 separate
o-operalive crcilit societies are work
nig. our .Moscow, or mother, commit
tee nlone is co-ordinating the work ot
more tliaii mm groups, each groiq
composed of several societies.
"We have organixeil a central co
operative credit hank in Moscow run
like a stock concern, other co operative
credit bunks holding the stuck. Though
only four yea old and despite the
wnr we did a $140,000,000 business in
lDl.'i. This bank has its own office in
London executing our foreign orders,
having and selling. To show the ex
tent of our business, this office houglit
reaper twine in the Cnited States to
the value of Sji.ouo last year.
"The Siberian societies have their
own bank in London, buy ami sell for
' We nre branching out in every di
rection, building our own flour mills,
starch works, oil plants, machine shops
ami so on. Wo are going to start pa
per and sugar mills. At Sturo-lfnrdin-sky,
in Siberia, we have our own light
plant giving the inhabitants electric
ity for a dollar ! yeiir. Over 40 pa
pers in Russia are devoted exclusively
to our work.
"Our goods are good goods. Kvery-
tliin? the best and all for the people.
That is our mottt.
"In con iuuctioii wlt'i the Zeinstvo
union we are helliing liussia and the
allies. Since the Leginniug of the war
Siberia alone has furnished the army
with 31,000,000 pounds of butter, with
thousands of tons or hay, with lard,
oats ami other supplies, in all about
seven million dollars worth.
"Our best work for liussia, however,
has been to make for a prosperous
peasant iv, advise it and generally aid
it in looking after its interests. This
has uudouhtcdlv contributed to the na
t'ion's figiiUng strength, therefore
during recent months we have Ictt
war work to the Zemstvo more while
we Have given greater attention xo
local, or peasant, needs.
'The total investment in our co
operatives is now .)UO,onu,(0(, or
equal to the Anglo-French war loan
floated in America. We shall contin
ue to increase."
I left the 05 year old worker smil-
ing contentedly. His whole life has
been devoted to his people. Toduy his
up of joy is well night tilled.
ISI ?: J
f ' if,
Washington, .Inly J 7. Hubert
Stroud, sentenced to be hanged Kriday
at Leavenworth, Kansas, today appeal
ed to President Wilson for clemency.
Stroud's action mav save his life
which he apparently has not hereto
fore cared tor and at the same tune
save Kansas from having a hanging on
her soil. Kansas has not had an ex
ecution in many years, but the federal
government proposes to execute Stroud
tor killing one ot the guards at the
Leavenworth prison.
Oov. Capper and ninny civic organ
izations besought the president to par
don the mini, but the justice depart
ment held there could he no clemency
unless Stroud himself appealed. I'ntil
today he was, unwilling to do so.
We offer One Hundred' Dollars Re
ward for any cusijf Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall 's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the Inst 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations madt
by his firm.
Nationnl Bank of Commerce,
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon ttie blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Testi
monials sent free. Price 75 cents pel
Dottle. Solo by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
Don't forget your friends on their
vacation they will want to see a home
paper, rnone.st.
William Jennings Bryan, David Starr
.Ionian, and Prank P. Walsh were the
three American members o'f the commis
sion that was appointed by the Ameri
ca n I " ii i mi Against Militarism to try to
avert wnr with Mexico. The three -Mexican
members of the commission are Mo
desto C. Holland, a leading engineer oi
New York and Mexico; Dr. Atl, editor
of Accion Mondial of Mexico City, and
Senor Luis Mauual liojas, director ot
the Bildioeteca Nacioual of Mexico
City, Kl Paso was fixed upon ns the
place of meeting. Senor Holland said
the hope of the conference was the de
lay ot hostilities until the people of
belli countries could understand what
war niennt and speak their minds. "The
Mexican people don't want to tight Am
ericans, and 110 per cent of the Auieri-
ans don t want to tight the .Mexicnns,'
he said. "But we know that if the Am
ericans stay in Mexico and invade fur
ther they will be met by the defenders
of Mexico soverignity. We want to ac-
quaint both peoples with the Tucts m the
case." Mr. Bryan and Mr. Walsh have
declined to act, leaving Dr. .Ionian the
only American member ot the coinmis-
People who are confined within doort
and who are deprived of fresh, invigor
ating air and exercise must take pre
caution to guard against over-stout
ncss, ns fat acquired by indoor life, if
unhealthy and a danger to the vital
organs of the body. Lnck of exercise
in tho fresh air is said to weaken the
oxygen carrying power of the blood, so
that it is unable to produce strong mus
cles and vitality and the formation of
unsightly and unhealthy fat ia the re
sult. f yon are IS or 20 pounds above nor
mal weight you nre daily drawing on
your reserve strength nnd nro constant
ly luwering your vitality by carrying
this excess burden. Any persons who
are satisfied in their own mind that
the nre too stout aro advised to go to
Central Pharmacy or a good druggist
and get a box of oil of korein capsules,
nnd take one nfter each meal and one
just before retiring at night.
Even a few days treatment has been
reported to show a noticenblo reduction
in weight, improved digestion and a re
turn of tho old energy; footsteps be
come lighter and tho skin less flabby
in appearance ns superfluous fut dis
uppea m.
Oil of korein is inexpensive, cannot
injure, and helps tho digestion. Any
person who wants to reduce 15 or 2(1
pounds is advised to givo this treat
ment a trial.
When slimmer comes and a
vacation outing is planned,
remember Newport is cool.
The breeze from off the
mighty Pacific never fails.
With the many diversions and
attractions to pass the hours
away, surely you could find
no better place for your vaca
Round Trip Tickets are on sale daily
from nil Southern Pacific stations in
Western Oregon. The return limit is
October 31st.
2 -.
Daily Trains from Albany and Corval
11s make excellent connections. .
Write for illustrated booklet "Newport," or
Complete Information.
ask local agent for
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Ore,
ket, following the Call of tho Vnitcd
States for more animals for milituiy
service, and the recent placing of or
ders for more horses and mules by tho
French government. The K. Clemena
Horse company of Sacramento, upurat-
The irrigation of 7,01(5 acres of land line many large ranches in California.
in Oregon is contemplated by residents ! ,1l,.a 1-1111 T'or hig bunch of horses for
7Z : o Wiw
MilfdrA-f' -- - ft luce in Ins liiindH as -f In prayer. I Mir
ST.: ' V 'fP ."."- oll,i Mw ot Lincoln-, character B U
l, j-.., r ff if . S
of the state who have taken out in the
quarter ending June 30, 137 permits for
the appropriation of water. These per
mits have been issued by State Kngln
eer John H, Lewis, and include six for
the construction of reservoirs. In addi
tion to tho irrigation of land the pro
posed work will include the storage of
1,440 acre feet of water and the devel
opment of power nt n number of small
individual plants.
Lake County Kxuiniuer: High grade
military purposes, and their buyers aio
also visiting this section,
French Remedy for
Stomach Troubles
Tho lending doctors of France huve
for years used a prescription of vege
table oils for chronie stoniuch trouble
and constipation that acts like a charm.
One dose will convince. Severe cases
of year's standing, are often greatly
felt hats can bo manufactured from the ibenetited within -ii hours. So ninny
ur of Oregon iack-iabhits. This is no i people are getting -surprising results
imger a theory, hut a Irmnmitriiti'tl 1'""" ui"-"i'ii inim
fact, and lieiireseutative N. ,1. Siunott,
of Oregon, is proudly wearing the first
ami only lelt ledora ever uiuiiiiluctureil
in tho country from iack-nibhit fur.
Last winter Mr. Siunott discovered
that felt hat luauufactuicrs were em
barrnsscd because their supply of (ler
man rabbit fur was cut off with the
war. It occurred to him that jack-rabbit
fur might be substituted and lie sent
to Oregon for a consignment of jnck
rabbif skins. These he turned over to
the largest and best known tat manu
facturers in the east, wilh the request
that they experiment with the rabbit
fur and determine its stability for
hat manufacture.
constipation, lower bowel, liver and
Ktomnch troubles should try Mayi 'h
Wonderful Remedy. It is sold by lend
ing druggists everywhere with the posi
tive understanding that your money
will be refunded without question or
. quibble if ONK bottle fails to give ji u
absolute 'satistactiou.
j'oi sale by ,T. ('. Perry, druggist..
Kliiiuuth Kalis Herald: There is
much activity ii: the local horse mnr-
Time tiny CAPSIUSV
of Copaitn, Cubchs ot
ln)ectlcns,and x.
RttlfV'S In (MICY)
24lia'j,.St!i W
linn disease with
out irxonvooienct.
SoM liy drHtjtritl,
Xo 1IU7.U.I. ! Virr-
Picture Tells
lOfpyritiliUjU I'Jiu bj 'Ihu l'iciurw Advertisers, Box 17, OrcRon City, Ore,
Joseph lleuabery, the actor who por
trays President Lincoln in I). I', lirif
fith's historical spectacle, "The llirth
of a Nation," was selected from twen
ty players who were coached ami pre
pared for the part before the choice
was made. Mr. Lincoln s appearance
.anil mannerisms were carefully coun
terfeited, even to the small but inter
jesting detail of the president reaching
buck for his shawl just a tew minutes
: before Wilkes Booth attacked him.
It was a spring day in Washington soverignty of rebellious states,
die deed wns done and the attending
I'oiuiianv departed, he slowly buried his
luce in Ins hands as -r In prayer. i
Another view ot Lincoln's character j
is exhibited in his granting of a par
don. As this siene opens, the gorgeous-
I Iv uuitor I diplomatic representa
tives are being received by the presi
dent. They then depart nnd he turns
to a idnin middle aged woman dressed
ill sombre black who hd I n waiting I
a hen ring. She tries to kneel to iiim, !
but he I'cntly raises her up and talks!
to her. reads her petition nod signs the j
paper grunting to her the life of her j
After the Appomattox surrender the
leader of congress calls with a proposal'
to deal harshly with the south for its
rebellion. "I shall treat them as if!
thev had never been nwnv," is Lin-:
April 14, I Srt5 but a late frost hadicolii't gentle answer. Then, two nr;
set in that night and it was raw ami! three days later, comes the awful
cold. Mr. Lincoln felt the i-hill audi tragedy in Ford's theatre. Washing-!
drew the shawl around him. ton, when southern hopes of clemency
The first scene in "The Birth of ajare blasted by the us-ussjn Booth s!
Nation" showing the war president islmaniac act. That great nnd terrible.
of Lincoln signing the cull for 7.j,Hi0 1 scene is reproduced in the play to the,
volunteers. Around him are Ins cab- minutest historical detail. .Mr. lleun
inet heads ami private secretaries,! I wry, the portrayer of the great presi
Lincoln fully realized the mijmeutoiisib.nt, iias been widely commended for
character of the act that summoned ! the sincerity, dignity and pathos of
federal troops to subdue the individual his characterisation.' i
,tterl At lirauij July - , z.
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