Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 18, 1916, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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s. -; wit1? fp'!$':yk
Thoroughly alarmed bv the spread of pnrnlysi is "carTied," the department i there has been an embargo on their ex
infantile pnral.vgig among the children ( of health and co operating research portM ion. This is why the monkeys
of New York fity and the jeril of its agencies are seriously embarrassed by linv'-' t come to New York. ' If the
attacking the children of other coin-' a shortage of inonkevs. The monkev i e,forts ?' public health service are
unities (thers have already been af-jthe only anima! up'on which tests' to Ur Xioy. are'
fected) the fcilernl authorities offered identify the mediums of cominunica- ceined, alth ugh the animals will not
to the city the aid of the federal health tion of the disease can be uinde. The arrive for some weeks, Dr. Emerson be
tiervice. Dr. Haven Kinerson. city., Rockefeller institute, however, which ; lieves that the scientists of the federal
health commissioner, jisker. -.the acting - was established bv John I). Rockefeller government, of the Rockefeller insti
surgeon generuj aobtain. if pnssit.le. to fight infnjtile.. paralysis after rysl tute, ami of other research bodies .will
the release for shipment to the Tinted joung graudsau died of the disease, has be able to in ke gwat headway in solv
Btates of 100. monkeys in the l'liilip-ino monkeyg collected in the Philip-' iug the problem of who and what are
pines. Jn its efforts to solve the nU pines, ready for shipment. Because ofjtho most dangerous "carriers" of in
important problem of how infantile , disease among 'animals on the islnnds fnntile paralysis.
(r l.f;n? -
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.stit AsrjKV:
i i
Foreign obaerwrs. eswinlly the officers Wtiled to "watch military, affairs in. "this country, comment frequently
on the liberality and variety of the L'nited States-army .rations as compared with (hose of other nations. The aver
age daily iood each American soldier, regular or militia, is. as' 'follows; Ht, ounces of fish or eixnteen ouuees of sa
aalt beef or rfxfeen ounce of fresh beef, one egg, one ounce offe. one ounce eoff"e, one ounce rice, one ounce pota
toes, two ourirrs.lienns.'two ounces butfer, three ounces sugar, fourteen ounces corn meal bread. No. 1 militiamen cut
ting up beef: Nos. 2 mid ,1 in line fur rations; No. 4 preparing food.
Marysville, Cat.. July .. With no
lues to the murderers, the sheriff and
his deputies today renewed their ef-
forts to Itx-ate the two men who
strangled -Ed Ryan "f Wheatland. "in
an orchard near here and rubbed him
of $0. - . ...
Surrounded by evidences of a des-
perate struggle, Ryan's body was
found half mile trout Marysville.
There were eleven knii'e wwnnds in the
. IN ST ITU TE, OIirBy!)'SVfi!HtL O
r -sV'
tr- hri- m
bo.lv, am) a handkerchief had been
knotted around the mts'i neck and he
hlll l(Wn r:tokel to death. Forty feet
trom the body Ryan's hat lay and the
ground in the vicinity was stained
with blood. -
The murderer's victim wns last seen
alive Friday midnight. TTe was with
two men and had and his watch io
his pocket,
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if 'AT oT ' Pi
J W -?3 f M.iniiea A
' w-ni
Gathering Up the Gold.,
Gold imports frosi Canada w ithin
little more than s month exceed
7 1,000,100, or what we.uld forjnerly
have been- considered an extraordi
nary movement Jor a whole year from
all the world. . Net guld imports since
the European war began reach the stu
liendous total of arouad $000,000,000,
or more than the country's total mone
tary stock of gold no longer than 20
years ago.
Cherrians to , Meet Friday
Evening to Perfect Details
of Visit
King Biug has issued a command for
all Cherrians to meet at the Commer-
cial club Friday evening to arrange
...... .
detail the great Chernau excursion
me vuus Duy uuuiir, august . kj, tin
and 27. : ' v
. This trip to Jrarshfield will be the
biggest thing that has ever happened
to the Cherrians. . It is. a three day
trip, leaving Salem on a special at 8
o'clock Friday morning of August 25
and returning late Sunday evening.'
The Cherrians and their friends ;will
irci uc mxr, wuicii siaumes inatj
for a consideration of 1.8U each per-';
son will be given transportation to
Marshfield and retusn, including meals I
and berths.
While the excursion is primarily for
the Cherrians and will be known as a
Cherrian excursion, it is open for any
who wish to go and avail themselves
of the unusual opportunities of seeing
the Coos Bay country and of being en
tertained by the good citizens of Marsh
field. . .
The governor signified his intention
of joining the party.and to add to the
joy of the occasion, the Cherrian band
will discourse sweet musid from time to
Committees Named.
The following committees have been
General committee: George Rodgers,
general chairman of all committees;
Fred E. Mnngis, assistant; James B.
loung, accountant and auditor,
Drills and parades:- Chas. L. Dick,
cnairman; l,. Meyers, W. C. Dyer.
Vaudeville: and music: Dan l.uniron
berger, chairman; 0. K. Dcwitt, A. J.
Refreshmontsf James R. Linn, chair
man; J. J. Roberts, Jos. Reinhart, Dr.
B. F. Pound, Hugh Alderee.
Publicity and advertising: Chas. H.
Fisher, chairmnn; S. A; Stone, Henry
i-ee, treo. Bnycler. .
Morals aud general behavior: C. h.
McNary, chairman; V. C. Wiuslow, C,
P. Bishop, Walter E. KeVcs.
General welfare of the ladies: George
C. Brown, chairman; Z. J. Biggs, H. O.
vi lute, u. I. Howard, Asahel Bush, Vt in
H. Biirchnrdt, Jf., D. I. Howard. Theo
dore Roth, Win. Hamilton, W. S. Wal
Band: Dr. H. C. Eplcy.
Cherrian and geueral entertainment:
Dr. H. H. Olinger, chairman; Fred S,
Bynon, Win. H. Lerchcu, Hal D. Pat-
ton, Larry Hofcr, K. Cooke Patton, C.
t. Albin, F. S. Barton and George Fox.
solicitations and itinerary: . T. L. Bit
lingsley, chairman; W'm. McGilchrist,
William Gahlsdorf, F. S. Bynon, T. B.
Kay, rred Ihiclsen, rrank Spears and
u. G. isnipicy,
C. E. Ciim, aued ubout 2.". nil cm
ploye at the state tuberculosis hospital,
was arrested yesterday oa complaint
or a patient ut that Institution churg
ing him with the theft .of a watch,
which he is alleged to have brought to
town and sold
t'rim was held in the city jail over
iwht, and this morning on beini' ar
raigned in police court was informed
that his case would De continued is
definitely provided, he ivould enlist ut
once for service in the army.
He gladly accepted the terms.
Washington, July 18. President Wil
son today nominated Abrnni Elk us,
New York, to be l'nited States ambas
sador to Turkey. The nomination was
decided upon several weeks ago but
sending it to the senate wns delayed
pending inquiries as to the acceptabil
ity ot Elkus to the Turkish govern
Milwaukee, Wis., July IS. When
their demands for an ei(jht hour day
were refused, 1,21)0 machinists at the
Allis Chalmers int walked out at 10
o'clock this morning. Members of the
.Metal Trades uuions in other shops in
the city are expected to follow.
Washington, July 18. The senate to
day adopted the naval program urged
by President Wilson eight capital
ships this year and 16 in three years.
Passage of the whole naval bill is near.
Portland, Ore., July 18. An advance
of 20 cents a barrel in the price of all
brands of patent flour was announced
here today. The new price, which is ef
fective here and also at Puget Hound
points, is $5.20 a barrel.
Washington, July 1H. The house this
afternoon adopted the conference report
on the postoffice appropriation bill
carrying a total of $322,200,579.
The teacher wanted some plums in or
der to give an object lesson during
school hours, and, calling one of the
small boys, she gave him 10 cents and
dispatched him to a Iruit store down
on the corner.
"Before yon buy the plums, Willie,"
she cautioned, "you had better pinch
one or two to make sure they sre
ripe." ......
Little Willie flitted sway. Soon he
came back and smilingly put the bag
on the teacher's desk. "
VOh, thank you, Willie," said the
teacher, taking up the bag. "Did you
pinch one or two as I told you to dot"
"Did I!" was the gleeful response. I
pinched the whole bagful and here is
your ten cents."
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TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1916.
Reports Show Strike
' Compromise Is Rejected
San Francisco, July IS. J. J. Foley,
president of the Sail Francisco local of
Longshoremen's association this after
noon announced that returns from
locals in yirtuujly all ports on the Pa
cific coast indicated that" the 'proposed
compromise of the strike had been re
jected by a vote of nearly 2 to 1.
The Saa Francisco. .longshoremen, he
said, were' the only ones who accepted
tho compromise. This is taken to mean
that the longshoremen will not resume
work as: had been expected.
Both the Northern and Southern'
in,,u, K"' "9""b' ' "gure, receive.!
'.late today! by Foley defeated the
to proposition overwhelmingly. Some
late today bv Foley, defeated the
locals are' still balloting, but judging
from the vote of nearby locals, it is be
lieved the total ballot w'ill only add to
the' majority' jjecting.-tlie terms.
Boilers Are Smaller -.
But, Statements Not
Sacramento, Lai., Julv 1. A new
fraud, at the expense of" the public was
unearthed today bv Superintendent C.
O. Johnson,, of the?tat department of
weights and measures. The department
found that a nflmber of manufacturers
of range boilers, as a result of severe
competition, yielded to a demand for a
cheaper price by decreasing the size of
the boilers, but jn so doing' have not
changed their method of indicating con
tents or capacity which forms the basis
of the selling price of the boilers.
In most cases it was found that boil
ers reprcse'uted as holding 30 gallons
would not bold over 25 gallons. He di
rected all city and county sealers to
prosecute all cases of this kind arisiug
iu their districts. -
Each Wanted Money
Neither Wanted Stock
San Francisco. July IS. United
States District Judge Frank Dietrich
today sustained a demurrer to the com
plaint filed by the Southern Pacific
company against John D, and A. B.
The action affects the claims of the
Spreckels brothers and the railroad
company to 2,000,000 for breach of
contract ill the proposed railroad from
San Diego to Yuinu, Ariz. The road
was never built- and the contract af
terwards 'was declared invalid. Both
parties to. the contract claimed the
money which has been impounded at
i't per cent. Judge Deitricli held that
as both parties wanted the money and
neither wanted the stock of the road
which the Southern Pacific company
now holds, the contract, whose clauses
were unfair, was invalid.
Mediation Board to
Volunteer Services
' Washington, July IS. The l'nited
states board of mediution-and concili
ation considers the situation which has
arisen in the dispute between the
railroads and engineers and firemen
so serious that it has made plans to
volunteer its services "in the event
of trouble'' it became known here to
day. Heretofore the board always has, in
tervened only after being culled on by
consent of both parties. Commission
er Chamgcrs said because the situation,
in event of a strike, would be "a ser
ious detriment to public good," the
board would immediately Jirofcr its
services. '
The Resirlt of a Drink.
Such a slight circumstance as a glass
of wine changed the history of France
for nearly twenty years. Louis Phi
lippe, king of the French, had a son,
the Duke of Orleans and heir to the
throne, who always drank only a cer
tain number of glasses of wine, be
cause even one more made him tipsy.
On a memorable morning he forgot to
count the number of his gbmses und
took one more thnn usual. Y tion en
tering his carriage lie stumbled, fright
ening the horses anil causing them to
run. In attempting to leap rrom tne
carriage his head struck the pavement,
and he soon died. That glass of wine
overthrew . the Orleans rule, confiscat
ed their property of 100,000,01 10 and
sent the whole family into exile.
Vnless camels have been especially
trained to abstinence they cannot go as
long as is commonly supposed without
water. When marching nenr rivers
they drink twice a day. Thcv feed
largely on the tough, scrubby verdure
known loculty as camel thorn, wnicn
grows throughout Mesopotamia, cx-
icepr on
the extreme desert wastes.
Their habits are peculiur. Unlike
horses, they seem to feel no fondness
for their human associates, though
they will seldom wander far from the
caravan, tents even if left untied over
night. '
Wedding Invitations, Announcements
and Cal'ing Cards Printed at the Jour
nal Job Department.
AU Hands Point
to Our Want Ads as
the Result Producers'
ErerrloclT watd.es them
Tkejr Iri.f tity.rtihi
- -. .
- Rte- far "word New Today; -
Each insertion, per word ,...v. ...... lc
One week (6 insertions1), per word 5c
One month (26 insertions) per word 17c
The Capital Journal will not be re
iponsible for more than one insertion
for errors in Classified Advertisements.
Bead your advertisement the first day
it appears and notify us immediately
it it contains on error-.
Minimum charge, 15c.
PHONE 937 For wood saw.
The following prices for troita
and vegetable! are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, and
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices' are those paid the
Sroducer. Corrections ar made
aily. ' "
No changes are recorded in the mar
kets today. Retail stores are now sell
ing from the car of watermelons re
ceived yesterday. These came from
Turlock, near Sacramento and average
well in si7. The price holds the same,
2 a Hundred.
Rolled barley
Cracked corn . . . .
.. 80c
... 40c
, $40.00
Shorts, per ton $30.00
Alfalfa, California, ton $20.00
Buttcrfat 26c
Creamery butter, per pound i.....29o
Country butter i. 20c 22c
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 2020 I-2o
Eggs, trade 2lc
Hons, pound 1313 l'2c
Roosters, old, per pound 8e
Broilers, under 2 pounds 16c
Fork, Veal and Mutton.
Veal, dressed 910 l-2c
Pork, dressed lOtfi'10 l-2c
Pork, on foot 7(rr8 l-4c
Spring lambs, 1916 7(W7 l-2c
Steers 5(36 l-2c
Cows 45c
Bulls 3(&3 l-2c
Ewes 4(a4 l-2o
Wethers . 6c
Tomatoes, California $1.00
Cubbage 40c
Cucumbers .- 45(5 90c
String garlic - loe
Potatoes, cwt $1.75
Potatoes, new 2(3)2 1-zc
Beets $1.00
Radishes ' 40
Green onions 40a
Green peppers . 25c
Green peas , 3(S 4c
Carrots, sack, new $1.78
Carrots, dozen 40a
Onions, California $3.50
Bea us, green and waxed 8c
Onions, Walla Walla, crate $1.85
Watermelons ." $2.00
Peaches 75c$1.00
Oranges, Valencies $4.00
Lemons, ner box $5.50(5)6.00
Cantaloupes $3.00(53-50
Bananas, pound o
California grape fruit $2.50
Florida grape fruit $0.00
Pineapples 8c
Honey sa.ou
Cnerries, mZ .......
California plums .
Retail Prices.
Eggs, per dozen, frush ranch
Sugar, cane
Sugar, beet
Creamory butter
. 2.1c
. 85c
Flour, hard wheat $1.400t l.H.i
Flour, valley $1.25(5-1.33
Portland, Ore., Jul y!8. Wheat:
Club. 93c.
Bluestem, $1.02.
Fortyfold, 93c.
Red Russian, 90c.
Oats: No. 1 white feed, $26.75.
Barley: Feed, $2S.00.
Hogs: Best live, $9.00.
Prime steers, $1.00.
Fancy cows, $0.50,
Calves, $7.50.
Spring lambs, $8.25.
Butter: City creamery, 2s l-2c.
Country liutter, 20c.
Eggs: Selected local ex., 2Gc.
Hi-ns, 15c.
Broilers, 18ci 20c.
Geese, 10(5 11c.
Investing Money.
First of, all be sure you have a safe
investment with a reasonable income.
Don't be misled by some stranger's
promise to make you rich quickly. If
tie could d this for you he would not
tell you anything about it, for he would
do it for himself. Next buy the same
kind of securties that all the successful
investors are buying those listed on
the stock exchange tnat have a good re
putation as dividend payers and that
can be be sold on the exchange any day
that you want to sell them. Jasper in
Disagreeable Persons.
When I see a disagreeable person ap
proaching i walk away. I don't wait
until he gets started. The most disa
greeable people, when they approach,
say a few agreeable remarks to begin
r.ith; then is the time for disappear
ing. It 's no use to argue with dis
agreeable people. If they could help it
they would. Possibly they regaru the
annoying things they say as criticism;
every one likes to think of himself as a
critic. The only complete answer to a
disagreeable person is flight or a fight,
and no one rares to be mussed up con
stantly by fighting. Ed Howe In N.
Y. Independent.
HARRY Window washer. Phone 768.
RUBBER Stamps made 165 S. Com!
- . .- -. it
jury 18
" 491 N.-Cottage.
FOB RENT SIGNS For sale at Cap
ital Journal office.' -" " . tf
FOR SALE Or trade for wood, gaso
line engine. Phone 451. tf
FOR SALE Iarge young team. Mrs.
E. Thomas, Marion, Oregon. augl7
FOR SALE Or "trnrle for bicycle,
range stove. 2390 North Liberty St.
FOR SALE Household f urniturc en
quire at 175 S. Kith. St., or phone 351
M. ; julyl8
$5, worth more. Dt. Mav, Hubbard
bldg: -' - " ' july31
FOR SALE Two large geldings, com
ing three years oid. C. Cory, Man
leay. . july20
WANTED 10 logan berry pickers at
Davidson 's South 12th street in the
morning. julylS
reasonable. Four rooms. Phone Cnrey
F. Martin. , julyl9
TOR SALE Thoroughbred White Leg
horn cockerels, best strain. John
Hpranger, R. 4. julylS
FOR RENT Close in 5 room house
and garage to responsible parties.
14S Union St. - . ,julyl9
FURNISHED Rooms and housekeep
ing apartments, rates reasonable,
close in, 100 Court. tf
FOR SALE Two very fine Scotch
collies, male and '.female, one year
'old. 2396 Church St tf
FOR SALE Clover nay in shock, $7
per ton, mile north of Fruitland
church? Phone 24F13. julyl8
For rent to responsible parties.
Phone Carey F. Martin. julylS
ADS under this heading lc a word.
Read for profit; use for results.
KALE Cauliflower, tomato, cabbage
plants for sale. 1283 cor. 5th and
Gains Ave. North Salem. julyl8
FOR SALE 115 hop sacks, wire and
furnace, one good hop baler $35, all
at a bargain. Phone 14F3. july2l
ICE CREAM) And soda outfit com
plete. Cost $200, will take $75. S-e
A. Kitter'man, 275 State St. julylS
LARGE DWELLING Nine rooms on
paved street, desirable location, reas
onable rent. Phone Carey F, Martin.
TOR SALK Modern 4 room . house,
furnished complete, if taken before
the 20th onlv. $1000. Phone 798-W.
, . . ' . july!9
LOST After the ehaulauqua meeting
Sunday afternoon a gold broach,
with diamond setting. Reward, call
433. julylS
WANTED Position In city as house
keeper by young widow with 2 chil
dren, aged 9 and 5. Inquire 929 Mill
street. , julylS
FOR RENT Housekeeping rooms,
suite of 3, electric lights and gas
range, price reasonable. 157 South
Winter. julylS
WANTED Girl or woman to cook,
must be experienced. Call in person
afternoons. Mrs. Mux O. Buren, 745
Court St. july20
FOR SALE 5, 10, 15.: store, a bargaia
at $1075. would accept Ford on pay
ment. Ill health, .uaira A. Fidler,
Dallas, Or. . tf
FOR SALE 3i, half truck Studaba
er wagon. Will trade for heavier
wagon, cordwood or stumpagc. 2788
Lee. Phone 1322-J. tf
GIRL Or woman wanted for general
housework in country; must be ex
perienced. Phone 22F25. Address box
12, Sublimity, Or. tl
CHEAP HOUSES) 1 have several
cheap houses taken on foreclosure,
will rent reasonable for the winter.
Phone Care' F. Martin. july!9
FOR SALE By owner one of the pret
tiest bungalows in fsutem, just com
pleted, modern, price below cost,
terms. 1255 N. Cottage St. tf
LOST OR STRAYED One white bull
dog, owner can have same by call
ing at E. A. Way, 1 105 Leslie St.
Phone 692 and pay for ad. julylS
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnish
ed sleeping rooms. Office rooms and
housekeeping rooms, reasonable rates
W. H. Morris, Hec. Hubbard Bldg.
Room 304. tf
337 Court St. From $2 to $6 paid for
2d hand mens suits. We buy, trade
and sell jewelry, musical instruments
tools and guns. angll
and American fence screen. doors and
window screens, paints, oils and var
nishes. Stoves for sale and repaired.
250 Court street. augl3
STRAYED One red yearling Jersey
heifer and one two year old yellow
Jersey- heifer, both dehorned. Phone
30F14. J. P. Minich, Rt. 3. Owner
may have stock by paying costs. jl21
. Morlcy 's Pt. braced styles v
Depot American Fence.
Door and Window Stfeens.
Paints, Oil and Varnish.
Stoves repaired and sold.
R, B. Fleming, 250 Court.