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    "HEEZA BOOB," Done Again
By Mort. M. Burger.
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k : 11 m. a i i
Daily Capital Journal's Classified Advertising Page
RATES FOR ADVERCISEMENTS: One Cent per word for the first insertion. One-Half Cent per word for eacii successive subsequent insertion
D3. O. L. BCOTT Graduate -jf Ckiro-
?ractic's Fountain He id, Davenport,
jwa. 1 you have tried everything
ad got no relief, try t'hisoprac
tie spinal adjustments and get well.
Office 406-7-8 U. 8. National Bank
Building. Phono Main 87. Residence
Main 828-B.
DS. O. A. OLSON, DontiBt Adminis
ter, nitrous ozld and oxygen ga.
Boom 2U. Masonic Temple. Phone
440. Baieni, Coiegon.
trade for young
12th St.
Young Hinging ennnrys or
chickens, i kiu o.
FOB SALOK TR AItC 50 acres nil
in cultivation. 22 acres young
prunes, bat. in crop, small house, i
barns, 4 horses, fi cows, 3 boilers,
4 hogs, S wagons, harness, other im
plements; well located, near Salem,
Kvervtlting complete for ti 000.00.
Might consilium sime city property
iu exchange, tenure Deal Hculty Co.,
202 IT. S. Hunk "big
ICIaiunlh Fulls Herald; Prompt ac
tion on the part of farmers along Tulc
In ko anil County AgriciilturiNt if. Ho
lund Ulnisyer hits apparently halted
what might iiave been a serious grass
hopper plngue. Kiglit farms were in
fested with these insects when control
measures were considered, (Ilnisyor pre
pared u paris-green mush and the fnr
mers reiort that since putting out this
poison they see a noticeable decrease in
the number of hoppers.
n n W I.., tint Inn T.ililtfd. No.
Meet. 'every Monday evening at 8 In the
Mct'oruack bull, corner Curt ami Liberty
it o. Donaldson, M. .,
-..- . I. Iir.turn
A. ' ' " " " '
recorder ;
SJM.EM LOWIE No. 4, A . F, . A- M
Stated communications llrst I rhloy In
.? mouth at 7:110 i iu. iu the M ule.
Temple, Ctaas. Mct.'arter, W. M. , 8. .
Culver, secretary,
Hood River, Ore.; Thousands of acres
of stump laud in the southwestern part
of the county, owned by the Oregon
Lumber eomimnv unit the Stanley-Smith
Lumber conipnny, will be pastured this
season by herds' of sheep belonging to
Cofoid unci Macu, stockmen of Shani-
ko. Fourteen single-deck carloads of
sheep arrived here and were taken to
Deo by Mount Hood Ruihvay coni
pnny. Six double-deck loads; ranking
a total of about (1,000 hii'miuiIs, ur
rivo tomorrow.
BALEM HUMANE S()flKTV-U. 1. Heeler
pcwldeuti Mrs. Loo Tlllsun. ecretury. All
It. of cruelly'or ueislect of dumb anl
m.hT.no".l b reported to the secretary
r lavestlieallou.
Silver Lake Observer: "One party of
our surveyors is on the divide between
Silver Creek and the llaruej valley,
100 miles eust of Hcnd ti ml 50 miles
from Bendire, the proposed connection
point with the Oregou Short Line in
llnmey vulley. Another purty is work
ing south 'from Head to Klnmiith Falls
and is now iu the Sprngiie Hiver vul
ly on the Kliimath reservation. About
Li."i miles of the survey of that line is
complete, uud there yet remains the
Till miles to Klnmiith Falls. Then nil
the surveys will be finished except for
about 20 miles."
CaNTUAL Lonnrc, No. IS, K. of P. Me
C CoTusci bulldlnn.' Tuesday .'"""'V?
ch week at 7 :a0. J. . HeUiel, C. C. .
W. U. Ollsou. h.. of It. and j
t N OP A. "Oregon Ornne Camp." No.
lltdo, meet, every Thiiwluy '" ;
Mccormick biilldluR. 1 u".Jsllmf
treets: elevator. Mrs. Sylvia S(liaui.
1701 Market, oracle; Mrs. Melius 1 er
im" recorder, UlIU North Commercial.
I'bouD H:i0-M.
"u "ed.r '..up. No. M?'.".
ii i...r..i ereiiliie at 8 o clock n Mt-
V. C. ; J. A. WrlKht, elerlt.
niADWICK CMAITKH, No. 87, O. 15. 8
II iiidar meetlnu every first ..ml O l d
p.".! Minnie V.tler, W. M. ; Ida
UabcocU. secretary.
Iiroprietor. uarbage and retuse or au
Linda removed on monthly contract!
at reasonable rates. Yard uud cess
pool, cleaned. Office photn, Main
2247. lesidn- Al C272.
1US. H. U. WIIITR and R. W. WAL
TON Osteopathic physicians ini1
nerve specialists. Clraduates of Anier
ican school of Osteopathy, Kirksville
Mo. l'ost graduate and specialized 1:
nervo disci, .eg it Los Angelej college.
Treat acute and chrome diseases.
Consultation free. Lady attendant.
Office oO:-rOG U. S. Nntional Hnuk
Huilding. l'hoao 85. Residence 340
North ( a,ilnl street, l'lione 400.
' "l (VUf -I ''Sf-y JTiw I GENEZRLS JOFFZE
Classified Business
Telephone Directory
A Quick, handy reference for busy people
Cattle Feeds Wasted
block, O. W. Huous, 0. -t 1'. u.'
clerk, 607 t'ourt .treei. l'luiie RO-'-
r not AY rOMMANOI'ltV. No. B, K. I.
" " ...... r i ... i..-t u
I'mi' e. K. Viank Turner, recorder.
.... .i. M,,,i,le "ell.nle. n. I". """"-
a, Tbrlce Illustrious Muster
Nile., recorder.
Uteuu O.
WF.LTMKR SVSTKM Of miggestlve
Therapeutic, practiced by llr. V. T.
Toinpuins, 8. T. Most powerful, nat
urit and successful treatment known
to science for the relief and euro ol
headache, stomach, liver and kidney
trouble; rheumatism, constipntion,
infant ilo paralysis and all feuinle
complaints, henrt, lung and throat
troubles; till diseases of tho eye; can
cer, goitre, epilepsia, nstluun, nerv
ousness or any chronic disease. Sug
gestivo therapeutics properly applied
to a diseased body i. positive, sure
and permanent iu its results. Hour!
to 12 a. in, 1 to 5 p. m., phonr
91. Office rooms 1, 3 and 3 Uiyne
Midi' 341 Stste St., Salem, Oregon
mi I'M COUNCIL NO. 2H22 Knight. .
VLltlnir meuiur. """".;:, I4ib 8t.
Wnllon. iinuui-ivi,
-8u,Ja i M i.. m. in the
itoa.e Teu.,..e. ll.l V Bol..n. W. M.
roet II. Cboste. secretary
m all points east, on all ."h,.d
Forwarding company, Ol.8ou h
mercial street, cnone ... .
ON Good Real Estate Becurtty.
Ttroa. K. FORD
Orn Ldi Bush Bank, Salem, Oregon
. . (wniT r., r. n w ....I.
Wl'.lill fliUUUII VjU J. J'.
A. M., (,'longh morticians and funeral
directors. Latest modern motbod!
known to tho profession employed
4S)i Court St Wain 12U, Main wbbo
director, and undertakers, sa nona
High street. Dav and night phont
eorner Commercial and Trade street.
For water service apply at office
Hill, iwvable monthly In advance).
MONEY TO LOAN I have made ar
rangement. fur loaning caster,
money, will make very tow rate of
interest on highly grovel farm.
' Homer H. Smith, room 5 Mctornaok
Bldg, Salem. Ore. lvne lfl.
w,Minir Invitations. Announcements
and Cnlliug Card. Printed at the Jour-j
uul Job Jieparvmeni. .
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease.
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283
Kul ion 1
Cottonseed mcil ur linseed
meal ,
Ration 2
Cottonseed cuke or oil mctil
1 1 :
The black line on the accompanying
mav shows the aiiproximate .battle
front before the L'rcnt r'rancolliitish
drive against the Herman line began
and the broken line shows the udvanc
es made in the first great onslaught
nuninst the Ceiinnus. lireceiled by ter
rilic nrtillerv fire. The line held for
miinv months bv the Hritish, command
oil iiv Sir Doi.L'Ins Ilaiu. terminntcd
nt the Somme river, w'.iere it was join
ed bv that of the l-'rench, whose chief
lender is (leneial Joffre. Of the towns
shown on the map Ln Hoisselle, Mon-
tnnboii mid Jlametz, all near the Win
me. ami Scrre, further north, were cap
tured by the British.
Washington, July 15. A vast (iiiuu-. Rations for Wintering Breeding Cows.
lity of feed available for cuttle is now
either wnsted absolutely or put to some
less piofituble use, saye n recent report
which the Department of Agriculture
has just published us l'urt IV of a com
prehensive sinvev of the entire meat
situation iu the I'nited States.
Kailure to utilize tho full vulue of1 Ration 3
this miiterial has increused unnecessnr-; straw
ily the cost of producing meat, has di-i shock corn ....
niinished the profits froni cuttle feeding Cottonseed nioul
mid has disc, unigcd ninny lurniers from jM ,1,;, ,.,,,.( jtm it pointed out
engaging in un industry essential to uia ,mt fccdiiis: struw iu the winter
their peruiuiient prosperity. ,wll i,1MUri. uder certuin circumstances
According to the report already men- ,llM ...iii,,..!,,.. r Hinnnier eiass.
tionod, the loss iu Kiuin straw and corn ,,, mi,K.,. 0f western stntes it fie-
stover noioiints to more tiii.n ifiuo,- iv ,.,m.- imt trass noes to
000,000 nuiiually. Hoth of these pro- .. .., "i, ,.,. ,, i.,P , unwilliinr to
iiucis are nisposeo oi most econoniii iiuy .1V thl) hiatl. prices nsked for steers iu
when fed to cattle ill connection with ,i. -,,.; win, nl.nndance of
some form of concentrated feed. Straw' , 7. , , i,lsai,n ,iu, COst of
is especially valuable in currying the : .;,,.,., , cn tako ndvantage
breed ing lierd tlnouli the winter, in (lf thl, lllu.r ..;,.,, .or o.or c,ittlo
wintering stockers, lin.l as a suppleinen-1 : .i.,, (,,, ,,. .... .... rensonnlile terms
lin y l oughage for fill toning cattle, es-1,,, Umt , , 1Mnll,h-stock to pasture
Salem EleetrU Co., Masonie Temple, 127 North High Main 110
T. M. Barr, 161 South Commercial street Mala 11
Salem Truck ft Dray Co., corner State ana Front streets If sin 71
Dry Zensal
Moist Zensal
The fact that Zensal is made
to reach the two distinct
types of Eczema should ap
peal to all skin sufferers.
Tetter, salt rheum and dry
eczema should be treated
with Dry Zensal. For weep
ing skin use Moist Zensal.
50c a jar at
peciully Hint lire bleeding cows. Never
theless, in many sections of the country
where these products are abundant, lit
tle attempt is made to take advantage
ot their vulue for these purposes.
Ol an nninial straw crop of npproxi
all the i;rnss the following year.
Tho production of com stover is about
twice that of groin straw, amounting
to approximately 15,000,1)00 tons a
vear. A larger percentage S1.5 of
lint Hie
....... mm mii :. : t: ,...1 iiiia i n il iuiiii iu inv nun"
IllllieiV 1 -w.woo.oiru ions, 11 IS em I mil i eu . . . ,.
that onlv two-thirds is put to its be.1 " ls """theloss astonishing, lor
use-live stock production. Of the re-! ",j""B " K"
. . , ' ., . , ,., ... lv resnousible. Hv tar the most eeono-
nnini er a Hie more ti.iin oi.e i.aii is . . .
sold or turned under and the rest-15 1""1 ni, ut '"'"'"'"K ' "
per cent of the total erop-is burned. I ' "'"' tr,.?-J '
. Burning is pructicallv an absolute , ',. , - , .1 ..
waste aud althouul. olowin- under does li,.14 " -r ,"' h."l l'Vf "v;
contribute something to soil fertility tg" e.e mane. .11. m t . . per cc
the benefit to the laud is less than that 1 , ' '., . .
which would be derived from the use of w , ' '
the straw to produce n.aunre. "Of nil."" b-st portion of the aerenge tint e
svstcms of obtaining permanent soil greatest waste occur.. Mnt K
fertilitv." snvs the report, "none is so the stalks which are anise-
; . . ' 1..1.1.. .. ,i., ouentlv burned, removing the stalk
flair UvertorU" above the top ear only, leaving the
The a'rugr) value of all kinds of 1 " to stand in the field until, the
. .., ... i.... a.v .. ..... i loss 01 leaves noil iciiciiiuu im.i.-
inanv sections, of course, no such price
can be realised for it, and as a matter.
moved much of their fertilising vnlne
are all uathriftv methods. Further-1
I'll 11 Ut rt'UMKfU lur li mm a niaiifi . '
of fact onlv about 8 per cent of the four per cent of the stov- 1Py can be M W1 r09ult ,
crop netnnlly ia sold. The figure men-!rr ,a burned, as though, instead of be- millntion 0f enormoiig waste.
food. At the present time large quail
titles of such feed, in the form of cot
tonsced meal and cuke, corn, molasses,
peanut, and beans are exported for the
use of Kuropean feeders. If the straw
and stover that are now wasted were
employed to feed more cattle, these
concentrates could be consumed at
home. The result would be n tremend
ous saving not only in the cost of feed
ing beef, but in tho cost of enriching
the soil as well, ln 1014. for example,
about 1,000.000 tons of cottonseed
nienl half the total production were
applied directly to the soil as fertilizer.
It this had been fed to cattle instead
three quarters of the fertilizing value
would have been returned to the soil
us manure. The loss of the other fourth
would have been far more than conn
terbnlnnced by the profit on the meat
produced economically by the meal and
the necessary roughages. Much the
same thing' is true of the other oil
The value of these meals is far bet
ter appreciated in Kurope than here.
Denmark, for example feeds annually
ITS nounds of oil enke to ench of her
mature cattle, the I'nited States ap
proximately 24 pounds. Furthermore,
the L'uronenn feeder is aware of the
fact that the high-proteiu infill, while
more exuensixe to buv, is more econo
mical iu use. Meal of this quality is
seldom .old on the domestic markets
because the American farmer has not
yet learned its value. Cottonseed and
linseed lire tierhups the best known of
the oil meals but there are others the
use of which ns feed could be profitably
extended. Both oeniiut and soy bean
meal and cake, for instance, tire
L'ood demand in Kurope.
The efficient use of these and other
feeds discussed in the report is of the
utmost importance to the Americnu far
mer, it is pointed out, because tlie day
when close calculation 111 tenting was
not necessary is. in all probability, past.
Hereafter it is likely that success will
depend upon ability to put to the test
toe best use of all available products.
A greater knowledge of what these pro-
are anu or me wnvs 111 wuo-u
in the eli-
E :00 .. m
. .3 :02 p. in.
. 0 :22 a. m.
.11 :S5 a. m.
. 1 :27 p. m.
. 5 :00 p. m.
. . 8 :04 p. ra.
16 Oregon Express . . .
21 Eugene Limited . . .
2S Willamette Limited
12 Shasta Limited . . .
IS 1'orthiurt l'saseuKer
20 Portland Passenger
14 Portluud Exnress .
No. 221' Portland fast Freight 10 :30 p. m
No. 220 Local way Freight. .. .10 :35 a. m.
No. IS California Expres..... S :32 .. m.
No. 17 Itoseburg Passenger ..11:20 a.m.
No. 2.1 F.ugeue Limited 10 :ol a. in.
No. 10 Cottage drove Pass. ..4:10p.m.
Makes connection witn no. 1 ueer
No. 11 Shasta Limited B :43 p.m.
No. 27 Willamette Limited... 8:1p. m.
No. 13 San Francisco Express 10 p. m.
No. 221 Sun trancisco fast
No. 225 Local way Freight...
S.u.EM-Gr.En Lixa.
No. 73 Arrives nt Salem
lo. 70 Leaves Salem"
No, 75 Ar, Salem (mixed)....
No. 74 Leave Salem
No connection .outn t ueer.
12 :01 a. m.
11 :40 a. in
.9 :l!t a. m.
.9 :50 a. iu.
.2 :O0 p. m.
.4 ; M p. m.
fUl.IM. FAI.l.9 CiTt.Asn Westers.
No. 1111 Lv. Salem, motor 7:00a.m.
No. 103 Lv Salem, motor 9:45 a.m.
No. 105 Lv. Snlem for jionmoutn
and Alrne 11 :"
No. 107 Lv. Salem, motor .... 4 :00 p. m.
No. 100 Lv. Snlem, motor 8:15 p.m.
No. 239 Way Fr't lv. Salem. ... B :00 a. m.
No. 10'J Ar. Salem 8 :40 a. m.
No. 1(14 Ar. Sulcui 11:10 s. m.
No. Hid Ar. Salem 8:15 p.m.
No. 10S Ar. Salem 6 :00 p.m.
No. 170 Ar. Salem 7:45 p.m.
No. 240 Way Fr:t sr. Salem... 1:35p.m.
Oregon City Transportation Company
Leave Portland for Oregon City, Bnttevllls.
Newberg. Mission (St. raul), Wheatland
Salem (dally except Sunday) . .6 :45 a. a
Leave Portland for Independence.
Albsny-Corvallls, (Tue... Thur... S.t.)
e :4o a. b
cT"ams a- m. Mon., Wed., Jrt
Albany ...7 a. m. Mon., wed., rn
Independence 9 ... m Mon., Wed., Frt
Halem 10 1. m. Mon., Wed., Frl
Salem ........ 6 s. m.-Tuet., Tburs., 8t
Lv. Snlem
4 :35 a. m.
7 :15 a. m.
0 :45 s. m.
11 :20 a. m.
1 :5o p. iu.
4 :00 p. m.
5 :.".( p. m.
7 :55 p. m.
Train No.
.... 2 Owl ...
,.10 Limited ,
. . 16 Limited
south bound
Portland to Sai.su
Lv. Tortland.
0 : :to a. m. Sslem 8 :..r Eugene 10
Ar. Portland
. . 6 :r5 a. m.
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..11 :35 a. m.
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..10 :00 p.m.
8 ::io a. in.
lo :4., a. m. .
'1 :05 p. in. .
4 :40 p. m. .
6 :05 p. m. .
0 :20 p. in. .
11 :45 p. m. .
Lv. C.rvallls
4 :1b p. in. .
Lv. Eugene.
7 :,15 a. m. . .
1 :5. p. 111. .
5 :25 p. m.
12 :05 p. m. .
Lv. Salem
1 :.V a. m. .
10 :15 a. m. .
Lv. Salem
12 :55 p. m. .
Lv. Salem.
4 :lo p. m. .
l v Snlem
6:45 p. ui.
,. 13 Limited ..
17 Local ..
....21 Owl ....
north bound
.. 10 Limited .,
. . .16 Limited. .
....... 22
2 Owl
south bound
.'5 a. m.
10:11 a.m.
.12 :.'." p. m.
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1 :65 p. as.
Ar. Salens
. . 5 :30 p. m
Ar. Sale
. 9 :45 a. m.
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. 4 :o5 a. m.
, . 21 Owl
0 Limited
Ar. Bugea
. 0 :."'! u. m.
.12:25 p.m.
Ar. Albany
1 :oo p. ok
Btopi at Corvalll
Ar. Albany
0 .10 p. m.
Ar. Albany
II ffl 7 :35 u. m.
Ar. Eugene
8 :5u p. m.
Lv. Corvalli.
8 :'.5 a. m.
12 :12 p. m. .
2:41 p. 111. .
4 :10 p. m. .
6 :18 p. m. .
Lv. Snlem
10:15 a. n
4 :1S p.
12 :55 p. m.
6 :40 p. m.
14 ....
21) ....
. 7
Ar. Baiea
.9:43 a.m.
. I MS p. IB.
. 4 :00 p. m.
. 5 :30 p. m.
. 1 :65 p. as.
r. Corr.llta
.11:83 a. wr.
. 5:36 p.m.
. 2 :20 p.
. 8 :00 p. as.
tio.ied, however, mav be taken as rep- '"S potential source or revenue, 11
resenting the vulue to tlie farmer ot .
straw if he wilt use it properlv in his;" preliminary to plowing. In some
fnrming operation, a. fed i.r fee.lii..! "" h' H-reentnge of tover that is
Iu order to illustrate how this m y bel""" thrown away is as high as , or
done tho report give, three sample ra-'P" cent and the total loss to the eoun-
lions for wintering a breeding herd of j try from the practice is estimated at
beef cattle on straw combined with sit- 'r l5,0OO.lhH a year.
nge, shock com and cotonseed or tin- To obtain satisfactory result, from
seed meal. Anv one of these rations, the feeding of farm roughages such as
lit is ai,l. will nrove M-onomienl. Thev straw and stover, they must be corn-
are as follows:
bined with some form of concentrated
Albany Herald: Five more homestead
entries were filed with the county clerk
today upon lands in township 14 south,
range 3 east, making 'about 40 entries
that have been filed in this vicinity.
The officers at the local forestry of
fice state that this land is not open to
settlement, but is being held by the for
estry service as timber lands. Under
a bill pawed in lHOtl these lands
reverted to the government with
the stipulation that such, lands as were I here in finished state, the consumer
suitable for agricultural purposes could ' paying freight both ways, states Mr.
bo filed upon and homesteaded, and Wcinbaum. "Of course, in remote,
crazing lands could likewise be home- parts of the country are the large mar
steaded for that purpose. Timber lands 'kets for wood manufactures, and a per-
however. are to remain in tlie reserve, usuui 01 me nsi iihk" ''
What idea the persons who have marie ing iu or near x-ornmiu ui moie piumn
this lone list of entries have in mind for converting the raw materials into
is a question wnicu ivcui eiuuiia w- r. - -
uoU-solve. -
i No changes of moment in the mining
Tortland Telegram: To show the situation in Oregon are noted by Char
wide range of possibilities of wood- les O. Yale of the I'nited States geolugi
working industries in Oregon, a list of cal survey for the first six months of
products manufactured from forest 1916. The bullion receipts of the mint
tree, and lumber has been prepared by and smelters at San Francisco show
K. X. Weinbaugh, statistician of the that the output of gold has increased
1'ortland Chamber of Comemree. In the $107,000 nud that of silver 14,000 ounces
list are more than 1.200 articles of com-, in the first five months of 191(1 over
merciul value. "Raw materials for the output of the corresponding period
many of these articles are shipped to in 1915, The increase in gold is du
eastern manufacturers and returned j entirely to dredging operations.