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These Were Subjects at the
Chautauqua New ; York
"Marine Band Tonight
(il,i 7,,i,i; .v. , ,
lUc u.un uo manes ditions until, a compromise scale- is
a study of the needs of cities, entertain- drafted at conferences beginning
ed the Chautauqua audience. yesterday August 1. No matter when completed,
afternoon, telling of the advauced idea's tue ,,ew scale, will become effective
of communities iu the east. He is an from August 1. Both, sides made con
odvocatc of cities owning all public cessions.
utilities, playgrounds, municipal bath-1 Immediately upon ratification of the
iug beaches and of the laving out of Kreenient by local longshoremen, Fed
parks, providing for the wants of the eral Mediator White will try to work
cities 50 years from now. In regard to ! out tlle same form f settlement at all
public schools, he advocates the Gary ! const I'orts.
system, in which -pupils do all theii I Tue gtand o empluyers on overtime
studying duriutf school hours and nre will be granted, according to the agree-
not obliged to carry an armful of books ment. and they will also be allowed to
home each evening.' The Cincinnati rerain efficient non-union men,
plan of schools,., half study al half I Expressions by officials and members
in some practical, work, was also com- ' unions involved indicated today
mended. that the strikers would accept the com-
I.ou Benucknmp on "The Sunny Side Promise by a big majority. Spokesmen
of Things" is one of those rapid fire'0' Tne cimst district of the longshore
orators who come to entertain and tell men '8 ull'on strongly indorse the propo-
ln a goou uuniorea way just what is the
matter with the country and things iu
me musical part of the progrnm bv
Iia ui:i.:..t... tr.i.T
the yiibinsky-Welch company was weil
receiveu nnu generously enchored.
Iu order to give business men a
chance to hear all of the New York
City Marine band concert tonight, the
program - will not begin until 8:30
Beginning at 8 o'clock, memorial ser
vices will be held for Mrs. Florin n Vnn
Eschen, who died recently. .She was: The bathing beach' on the Polk conn
the founder and first president of the'?' ot ,ue river belongs to the pub
Snlcni Chautauqua Beading Circle and i !'c nn fr ,n'8 reason, the public is
a member of the board of directors of 'nvitt,d to show some of its appreciation
the Salem Chautauqua., Monday afternoon.
Sunday afternoon the entertainment 8w'mm1's and all would-be swim-
will be given by the Elite Entertainers mer8 are invited to assemble at the
substituting for the Kiner Sisters, who i ,,eacn 5Ioai3ay afternoon and assist in
were not able to fill their engagement I ,ne wor'c of cleaning it up.
on account of illness. Vesper services! T1,e Cherrinus have been invited and
will be held in Willson park at 6:30 1 t,ie yuI,m Biflc club has agreed to lend
o'clock. The address of the evening!''3 assistance. A man is already at
will be made by the Rev. Frank G. iworlc removing stumps and with the
Brninard. The "evening program wili proper number of willing hands, the en
include the showing by moving pictures ! ,ire beach can be cleaned in two hours.
of -the Mawson Antarctic expedition,!
with an explanatory lectureliv the Kev. '
The progrnm for Monday is ns fol
lows: Morning Junior Choutnuqtin, King
Arthur's Court.
Lecture, Mr. Krickson.
Afternoon Concert, Sequoia Mule
Lecture, by Wood Briggs,
Admission 50 cents.
Evening Popular Concert, Sequoia
Male Quartette.
Popular lecture. Sylvester A I.oiig.
president International l.vceum asso
ciation. Admission 50 cents.
Fred E. Mnngis
tending to business.
in Newport nt-
K. L. Kuehnunn of the T.ihevtv
trict is in the citv.'
Henry i-ennel of Marion is iu Sale;
transurti nc busincssi.
Justice and Mrs. I.awreuce T. Hnr-' ,lle '",''1'8 of ,lie '''' w'" serve coffee
ris are in Eugene tor an over Sunduvi"1" s""l,w iehes. Those who have prom
visit. ' ised to be on hand, nre Mrs. Chnuiieev
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith of West'
Salem will make their home in Sule
on isorth f ifth street.
If. C. Lininger of Boone. Town. 'nnd
liouise Lininger of St. l'lnil. Minn.,
are registered nt the Capital hotel.
Miss Genevieve Primer will ,.1
Sunday in the city, returning Mou.lar!
l-ummechooT.1'"0 9l,c u M'"'s "
J. C. Scott is in" Portland on real'
estate business. He will remain in thej
city until next week- tn n ....... i n..J
realty men's first annual meeting. I 'r''0 Salenv Patriotic League, at the
William Osborne of iSprnv, Oregon.! wting yesterday afternoon di-ci. led to
arrived in the city todav for a short i 8,'nd 50 today to Captain Gehlhar.
visii. His son-in'lnw, David Baxter,' "'""K "itli the assurunce that 100
is expected to arrive sometime nextmo,' w'Ould follow within a few days,
week. Instructions with the money is to the
The following Salem folks were reg-, Pxt"t that it is to be used for whatever
istered in Portland' yester.lnv: (ieoigej1"" believes the. boys need the-most.
S. Jones, nt the Oregon: L. Y. .lossej Tnp 'gue ill co-operute with the
Sewar.l, and M.- E. Matthews at th i fomrnproial club in every way possible.
Says Appointment
Prejudiced His Case
. j nun,.,: nuum iut-Hiiguie ana enre
Ohnring that the Marion county 'f"r. ,,.lc needy from the monthly sub
grand jury was prejudiced against hi,',,1 scriptions already, received and from
by action of the district attorney in ""' 8a'e of ice rrenm nnd confections
appointing Attorney Thomas Brown ns;at ,,1 ,",rts. The next regular
a deputy. Lee Jeans, indicted for al- ""'''ting will be held in two weeks,
leged nssniilf committed nt Turner in' , 1 1
April, todav filed n idea in nl.i.if. Dl D-1.- D J
ment with . JuKellv.'. The eouri has
laKcn tne mutter uinU'r advisement.
.leans contends that District Attor
ney" liintio aiuininted ltrown
subterfuge and that the appointment t Oninhn, Neb., July 15. fl?esul of
was intended only to permit Brown to:r''o 1"'" mile .automobile derby:' Restn,
appear ns attorney for certain private! first; Milton, second; Mulford, third,
interests seeking to obtain Jeans' jit-1 Restn 's time was 1:31:27.
dictment.- "- ";. . Average time 9:,i5 miles an hour.
As deputy. Brown is alleged to have New world's record for mile nnd quar
exaniine.l a number of witnesses be-Iter board track,
fore the grand jury aod is said to!
have participated otherwise in the pro-j Dah Colombo Hurt,
ceedings. Oninhn. Neb.. July 1.".. Dan Colom-
Joans, wus. bound over to the grand 'bo. merhiinicinn, forAlvo Franchi. snf-
jury in the .justice court at turner nnd.fered a fracture of the left hip bone
neul in tOOO bonds, following the trou
ble that n! trailed a riot in that city
on .April 1. He is charged with assault
with a dangerous weapon on Robert
j, .... , ....
ourtrooin-Wnukesan. 111.. July l.V !
Thj esse of Will Orpet, college boy,! Mechanician M. C.rath jumped before
charged with the murder of his former, MP ,,. tllrn.,i. Hable's pel vis was
jweetheart. Marion Lambert, went to broken, McGrath was unhurt,
the. jury at 2:-"i0 this afternoon. j
Manv who have been following the p If D J
ease predicted a disagreement of the 4 OUT iYleXlCSLQ KaiQCrS
Jury, others were confident that the C t J t t it.
University of Wisconsin youth would. ueMenCeQ 10 il62.Ul
be '.acquitted of the murder of his
sweetheart Marion Lambert. Few ex-1 Laredo. Texas, July 13. Tho four
pedted a conviction. Mexican bandits, Arco, Lira, Sauclici!
Sun Francisco.. Julv 15. Members of
the stevedores union today took a secret
ballot on a prouosul accepted by com
mittees representing the stevedores and
employers which, if ratified by the un
ion, will bring a resumption of work
Tuesday morning. .
Hie agreement provides that the
' uiuier iut oiu scuie nnu con-
The movement of all bonded freight
nloug the .wnterfrout was resumed to
day, in accordance with an agreement
by collector of the port and represMi
tatives of the teamsters and longshore
men's unions.
Get There Monday and
Help Clean the Beach
Tue uatn house this year will be
lXTiimneut. Each will have a dressing
room and checking facilities, with a ma
tron iu charge of the ladies' bath house
and a man in charge for the men.
Arthur R. Wilson will have supervision
of the entire grounds and bench.
Piles have been driven in the river
nnd a life line run. Within the line,
bathing will be absolutely safe, as, the
beach slopes off gently and there are
no holes.
The grove i-s a natural park, espe
cially adapted for picnic parties. Au
tomobiles using the park will be assess
ed 10 cents. steps will be liufT, from
the Polk county end of the bridge.
Bathing suits will be rented for a small
Steps . are being takeu to secure n
luiiiu-u to carry passengers across the
river and this charge will not be over
five cents. While tint grown-ups will
be asked to contribute five cents each
to maintain the beach, everything will
be free for the children. The beach is
bucked by the civic department of the
Commercial club and is not-n municipal
proposition, it is co-operative nnd be
longs to everybody.
To make life pleasant for those who
donate their services Moudnv afternoon
"ishop, -". " M. Pliinplun, Mrs. W.
H. Burghar.lt. Jr.. Mrs. 7.. .1. Riirirs. Mrs,
Water McDougal. Mrs. W. C. l.ytle. Mrs.
Chester Cox and Mrs. W. T. Grier. -
yuite n number of young ladies will
also assist iu serving to the willing
. 1 "
A Little Gift for
Boys at the Front
although the money raised by the league
win ue Handled in a way. the league
deems best.
I In the report of the relief committee
it was made known that several fam
ilies were being taken care of and that
tl.A l..n..n ...... 1.1 : ; ,
for Style of Track
and severe bruise' about the- hend this
afternoon shortly after the stilrt of
the 150 mile Automobile derby when
Franchi 's Pusun car left the track
nnd crashed through the fence.. lie is
exjiected to recover. Frnnch was un
injured. -'acK i.ic drove nis iturm.m special
.i; i.-v.u i n .i
Attended Druggists
Meeting at Seaside
Frank S. Ward, accompanied by Mrs.
Ward, returned last evening from a
week's visit at Seaside, where Mr.
Ward attended the annual meeting of
the , state pharmaceutical asciation.
Besides having a good time, the hun
dred or more druggists attending went advances. ..V
on record as being in favor of a more I -
strict enforcement of the liquor laws. Mecca in Hands of Rebels.
They will recommend to the legislature
that the liquor laws stand as they are,
but will suggest that a special prose-
but will suggest that a special prose-
cutor be appointed to care for those
who violate the liquor laws, especially
iu vases wnere arriuuviis ure laiseiy
made to securo alcohol. .
A traveling men's auxiliary wn
lormea at tue eeusiue session, to in
clude all who are interested iu the drug
business and to do their part in secur
ing a larger attendance at the next
meeting. Marshfield extended an invi-
tation to the druggists and it is prob
able the next session will be held in
that city, although no official action
was taken.
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Woodburn, Or., July 15. The new
high school building which is being
constructed is nearin completion, it
is expected that it will be completed
auout August 15. It is a very attract
ive constructure and adds greatly to
the beautifying anil advancement of
Woodburn. There will be many out
of town pupils attending school here
this fall.
Arthur Wilson, son of Rev. Wilson
of Portland, spent the week end as the
guest of W. T. Binkley.
The home Rebekah lodge -met Friday
last for' installation. The following
officers were elected, Mae Crosb, X.
G.; Hazel Wright, V. G.; Mabel Neu
del, Rec. See.; Mary Stewart, Treas.;
Ethel Bonney, warden; Sadie Richards
conductor; Jessie All.-n, R. Hi. N. G.;
Goldie Rominger, L. S. X. G.; Esther
... . c, . ii
v'T'. if'i ' .J'' ,' e Ber' -.
V. G.; Adda Harrington, chaplain;
Elizabeth Walker, 1. G. C ecil lirown,
O. G.; Lila Jermau, musician.
Just before the election of the offi
cers, Louisa Bennian, noble grand, pre
sented Adda Harrington, captain of
the staff, a past noble grand's collor,
a gift from tiio members of the staff.
After the session closed ice cream
dan cake were served.
Miss Esther Plank who has been at
tending summer school at Corvallis,
returned home Saturday.
Mrs. Will Median of Vancouver, B.
C is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. James Hunt nnd brother John P.
mint lnueiiiiueiy.
ueo. rn'UIIC oi I. o. l mis uceu iriuin-
lerreu to tne iiiirn regiment ...mi u-
tioned at San Diego.
Miss Minnie Scttleiuier left Monday
for a month s visit witih friends at
Benton, Wash.
The young ladies '. sodality of St.
Luke's Catholic church gave an inter
esting enrd and dancing party ut the
Foresters' hall Thursday evening. Miss
Helen Scollard and Miss Jennings tied
for Intlies prize and had to cut at
which Miss Jennings won. the gentle
innns priv.e was won by Chas. Menkes.
After cards were played dancing was
enjoved bv all.
.Mrs. S. A. Kemp left Tuesday for
Oregon City where she will visit rela
tives after which she will go to Rock
away and spend the euramer visiting
friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. i.. C. Goodale aud
daughter left Wednesday In their car
for a month's vacation. They will
first to go Foley Spring from there
they will go to Crescent Lake where
they will join Dr. O. P. Overton and
family of Brownsvilic After a few
days spent nt Ciuer Luke they will
return home by way of eastern Ore
gon. T. P. Monies and Hev. L. C. Poor
motored to Henna Vis;a Monday.
Mrs. Albert Humphreys and children
who have been visiting her parents,
Mr. nnd Mis. L. M. Hendricks left
Wednesday for their home In Albany.
They were accompanied by Mrs. Hum
phroiy' sister, Miss Ida Hendrivks),
who will visit them indefinitely.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. K. Austin and fami
ly attended Chautauqua at Gladstone
The St. Mury's Episcopal guild mem
bers met at the home of Mrs. II. L.
Gill Tuesday afternoon. After the bus
iness session light refreshments were
served by the hostess ussisted by Mrs.
II. M. Austin und Mrs. R. A. Lives
ley, The members present were: Mrs.
E! G. Emmett, Mrs. H. L; Moore, Mrs.
Fred Dose, Mrs. T. C l'oormnn, Mrs. D.
C. Cowles, Mrs. F. Wolfe, Mrs. L, M.
Ititney, Mrs. 11. M. Austin ami Mrs. P.
A. Laivesley. I
Hev. and Mrs. I). C. Bevan who re
cently sold their property nere 'el
this week for Portltind where they
linve purchased a .residence on (i'.'iul
St. Mt. Tabor where they will make
tlitfr future home. .Rev. nd Mrs;
Itevaus will be greatly missed as they
have manv friends here and were
prominent iu cJjun li circles. 1 ne Heft I
wishes of their many friends go with !
Great Crowd Sees
the American
1vl Uj
Hawthorne ,Riice. Track,
July 15.-r-Tlie sport of kings came W'k.ry. MishleT, as guardian of Henry Mil
to the middle west toduy and found be
tween 35.000- and' 50,000 race mad.Chi
cagoans ready to welcome it.
Before post time for the first race
at ' the Hawthorne track, miles of auto
mobiles were lined up along the road
ways waiting 'for a chance to move up
and into the parking place. ' '.
The. .crowd, . dra-wu by the feature
event, the $10,000 American derby, was
as greaj or larger than that attend
ing any of the old derbies, before the
lid was clamped on 12 years ago.
- : The Winners.
Chicago, July 15. Derby winners:
George Smith, first; Faux Col. second;
Franklin, third. ,
and Ccdra, tried here1 for the murder
of Corporal William Olierlies, one of
the four American soldiers killed in the
ban Ignacio raid last month, wete con
victed and given the death penalty this
afternoon. The jury us out nil night.
(Continued From Page One.)
redoubt. On the east bank of the river,
violent artillery duels occurred and in
the sector of Floury the French dis
persed several German reconnaissances.
In Aprcmont forest, French curtain
fire checked several attempted enpn.v
, Cair0 July' 15,Thc
Mecca, the most holy place of 1
i,m,I,i., .m Co. .i
city of
hammedan world, has surrendered to
the Arabian, rebels, according to dis
patches received here today. The Tur
kisU Karrison of 100 office rs, 2 ,500 men
'and 150 civil officials laid down their
Greece Tires of King.
Rome, July 15. Home newspapers re-
P't that a. violent anti-monar. hial out
break has occurred in Athens and that
the populace set fire to the royal palace.
English correspondents at Athens re
ported that a careless cigarette smoker
caused the mo that destroyed the sum
mer palace of the Greek king in Tatoi
woods Thursday afternoon.
Italian Destroyer Sunk.
Berlin, via wireless to Sawille. I.. I..
Ju,-V a- An Italian destroyer of the
Indomito type was sunk last Monday
uy an Austrian suomanne, acorumg to
an official statement from the Aus
trian admiralty received hero today.
A new field1 of work at the associa
tion headquarters Is the Nurses Reg
istry, which -was established June 1st.
The purpose of the directory is to se
cure calls for the members of the di
rectory aud to aid the physicians and
v. .ui ouu am tuu I'll nizx a ub aui
I public in securing competent nurses
promptly. Severn! calls liavo been
made in Salem and neighboring towns.
Tue board is hoping to make the regis
try mutual help to doctors, nurses and
the public. 1
Last Monday evening thiry five
young women attended the Y. W. C
A. social, a very enjoyable time was
jeported by all. Watch these notes for
the date of the next party and there
will be a picnic soon.' i
There nre 12 rooms ir the Y. W. C.
A. for permanent guests and transients
There have been 'J2 women accommo-
in one night, beds being made
,.- ,.0;iui.i., ,, ',,.iu
, . h , . , -
the full price for a bed. Here is girl
find a 'Home" with good care, good
I beds and good wholesome food for a
minimum price. Peple of Salem, how
could your city prosper with out a
Young Womens Christian Association
to care for girls and, what are you do
ing to help?
Following is the official program
for the bund concert in Marion
Square Park, Sunday, July 10, 3:30
p. m.:
1 March "Jack Tart' Sousa
2 Overture, "Kienza'' Wagner
3 Waltz, "Danseuse." Milos
4 Comic Opera selection "High Jinks"
...T Frinie
5 Floral Tone Poems
(a) "Basket of Roses" ....Aiders
(b) "Bowl of Pansics", Reynard
fi Serenade ; Drdla
7 Japanese intermezzo, "O Kioto
San" ... Thurdun
8 Valse, " Cecilia " : Pether
St Excerpts from "Mile Modiste"
10 March, " Ktcrnal Friendship"
The case of Oliver Lesley, indicted by
the grand jury fur alleged assault and
battery will come before the next grand
jury. The mutter was to have been set
tled nt this term of court but further
consideration was deemed ; necessary.
Lesley is nof iu custody at the present
time. .. .
Olnf E. Anderson, ai suveyor of Cor
vallis, and Eleanor Munich, a Salem
stonogrupher, buve secured a marriage
Complaint against. Joseph J. Keberr
as administrator of the cstnto of Chris
tian Speth has been filed bv Louise
Dyer. It is alleged tiut- the plaintiff I
lono,l S.,..h .fittfr in lul l tnkinir nl
mortgage ou a farm of 51 acres as se-J
..,.... Foreclosure of .the mortuniie1
and payment of -V'S'O is sought. Eight ,
children are ncirs at. law ot tne de
ceased. Annette I. Miller, guardian of the cs
ate of Henrv J. Miller, an insane per
jsbn, lias-filed complaint against Adam''
T Mil,lni- nnrl ntlmrii rn rnxivur ninli .
ler, states the complaint, appropriated
t5,000 to his own uses in July, 1914.
Of this it is stated that all but fto.Hii
has been paid back. In September of,
the same year, .the pluintiff further!
avers, $5,000 more was "apprffwite.l,
none of which- has been paid. Other
sums -for abstracts and attorneys' fees
are asked of the court. A,
Records on file in the couiify clerk's
office show thut the county scnt 437',
937.H3 on the roads during the month
of June. More than 413,000 of this
wqnt for placing gravel on the high
ways. Mtii'u.leniizitig accounted for over
410,000 and bridge repairs and construction-
),00. More than 9,000 yards
of gravel were hauled. Volunteer work
ers contributed 408 days of work anil
teams were furnished gratis to the ex
tent of 360 days.
George Paulus, deputy in the sher
iff's office, leaves Monday for a two
weeks' vacation.
)(c sc sc sfc )(c )Jc sc sc sjc sc )fc jc )jc )c )jc
Free Methodist. '
fo. 1228 North Winter Btreet. Sun
lay services: Sabbath school . 9:45.
Preaching -at 11 a. m. and 7:43 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p. m.
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
Salvation Army.
Sunday services as follows:. Enee
drill, 8:30 a. m. Sunday school and
Bible class, 10:30 a .m. Christian
praise meeting, 3 p. m. - T. P. L., 6:15
p. m. Salvation meeting, 7:45 p. m.
Week sight services every night except
Monday and Thursday. Capt. and Mrs.
First Methodist Episcopal.
Corner Stato aud Church streets,
Richard N.. Avison, minister. - 9:0U a.
m., Class meeting. 9:45 a. m., Sabbath
school, Messrs. Schramm and Gilkey,
superintendents. 11:00 a. in., Morning
worship, sermon by Rev. T. B. Ford, D.
U. rj:.!0 p, ni., Lnion meeting in the
Willson park, address by Rev. F. G.
Brainard. 6:45 p. m., Epworth League,
Miss Eva Scott, president. 7:45 p. m.,
There will be no evening service on ac
count of the union meeting. Music by
the chorus choir under the direction of
Dr. F. W. Chace.
First Methodist.
The Rev. T. B. Ford, D. D., superin
tendent of the Salem district, will speak
at the. First Methodist church next Sab
bath morning aud the congregation
will unite iu the union meeting in Will
sou park at 6:30 in the evening.
Leslie Methodist Episcopal:
Bible school, 9:45 a. m., Joseph -Barber,
superintendent. Morning worship,
11 o'clock. There will be no evening
service, or Epworth League meeting,- as
all . are invited to participate in the
union open-air service, at Willson park,
at 6:30 p. m. Rev. J. C. Spencer, pas
tor. First Presbyterian.
A weapon in one hand and a tool In
the- other for .watching and building
will be the subject Sunday morning, the
pastor, Carl H. Elliott, preaching.
Archie Smithe will sing. Evening serv
ice with the other churches nt 6:30
o'clock in Willson park.
First Baptist.
' Corner Marion and North Liberty
streets. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Pub
lic, worship 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Young
People's meeting 7 p. m. Morning topic
"The Church of the Living God." Ev
ening topic. "True Freedom and How it
is Secured." Prayer and conference
meeting Thursday evening at S o'clock.
Highland Friends.
' Corner of Highland and Elm streets.
Sabbath school, 10 a. m., Mrs. Myrtle
Kenworthy, superintendent. Meetings
for worship, 11 a. m. nnd 7:45 p. m.
Junior in charge of Miss Shinn in
church, and 11 n. m.. Christian Endeav
or 6:30 p. m. Prayer meeting Thursday
8 p. m. You nre welcome to all of
these services. Josephine Hockett, pus
jor. Phono 1405.
i "'
German M. E. '
Corner Thirteenth and Center streets,
A. J. Weigle, pnstor. Suuiluy school lit
10 a. in., Henry Grnlnpp, superintendent..
Public, worship nt 11 o'clock. In the
evening we will tnke part in the union
meeting at Willson park and will there
fore have no evening service at the
church. '
East Slate and Eighteenth streets, G.
Koehler. pastor. Sunday school in Ger
man and English at 10 o'clock. Divine
service at 10:30 a. m. There will be
no evening service.
Swedish Tabernacle, M. E.
Corner South Fifteenth and Mill
streets, Rev. John Oval, j.astor. Sun
day school nt :.'I0 p. m., Mrs. Ed Olson,
in charge. All welcome.
Jason Lee Memorial.
At the corner of Jefferson and North
Winter streets, J. Montcalm Brown,
pastor. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m., R.
A. Harris, superintendent; Miss Einmn
Mintnii, superintendent primary depart
ment. Preaching service at 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m. Class meeting at 12 :15 .
m. The Rev. Dr. J. H. Tnldott, of Kim
bull college, will preach ill the morning.
Strangers especially welcome.
W. O. T. TJ.
Rev, James Oliver will speak in Rnmp
Memorial hall Sunday ut 4 o'clock.
There will also be a rending given, the
title of which is "Fruil Human
Strength; What Is It?" Come und
bring some one with you. There will
be no meeting ut the W. C. T. U. hiill on
Tuesday owing to the Chautauqua.
First Congregational Church.
James Elvin, pastor. Sunday school
at 10 o'clock. W. I. Stuley, superin
tendent. Morning service at 11 o'clock,
subject, "Without Hope und Without
God." No C. E. service and no even
ing service OH account of ChautHiiqilu.
Mid-week meeting Thursdny evening at
8 o'clock. .
! Rural Chapel.
'H. C. Stover, minister. Sunday school
at 10 it. m. Christian Endeavor nt 7:30
f. in. Sermon by the j.astor at 11a. m.
Central Congregational.
: Comer South Nineteenth and Ferry
streets, H. C. Stover, pastor. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. . Christian Endeavor
at 7:15 p. m. Evening service at 8
p, m.
I ; .
Castle Chapel, TJnited Brethren.
i Corner Seventeenth aud Nebraska
avenue. Bertha M. Peoples, j.astor. Sun
day school at 10 a. m G. G. Tooker, su
perintendent. Morning worship at 11
o'clock, subject "God's Requirements."
In harmony with t'i action of the oth
r churches the evening services will be
dismissed for j.srticiHitioii ill the ves
per service iu Willson park. .
' First Church of Christ, Scientist.
. Sunday services held at 440 Chemeke
ta street, at 11 . m., subject of Bible
lesson, "Life." Sunday school at 9:45
a. m., Wednesday evening testimonial
meeting at 8 o'clock. Rending room in
the Hudbnrd building, suite 303, and is
ojien every day. excet Sundays and
holidays, from 11:45 a. m. to 4 p. in.
jjc 3$C jf' 3C )jc )C 5( 3fC 31
PHON E 937 For . wood, saw.
fcEAD Dr. May's ad in today's issue.
july 15
HARRY Window washer. Phone 768.
RUBBER Stamps made 163 S. Com'l
LAUNCH For sale. Address L-5 care
Journal. 1ulyl7
All are welcome to our services and in
vited to visit our reading room. .
South Salem Friends.
Corner of South Commercial and
Washington streets, H. E. Pcmberton,
pastor. Bible school at 10 a. m., B. C.
Miles, superintendent. Meeting for wor
ship at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. C. E. at 7
p. m. Prayer meeting at 8 p. m. Thurs
day. St. Paul's Episcopal
The Rt. Rev. Arch Deacon Chnmbers
of Portland will conduct services in
cluding early communion 7:30 a. m.
and the regular 11 o'clock service. The
subject of his sermon at the 11 o'clock
service will be Left. As Arch Deacon
Chambers comes to St. Paul's on ac
count of Bishop Sumner being unable
to be here, it is hoped that he will be
greeted by a good congregation. Sun
day school at 9:45 a. m. There will
be no evening service.
The following prieea for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, and
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices 'are those paid the
Producer. Corrections are made
It 's the same old story today, mar
kets fjiiiet and no changes. Wulla Wal
la onions are now on sule, with a
wholesale price a crate of $1.85. '
Wheat .... .. 80c
Oats 40c
Rolled barley , 35.00
Corn $39.00
Cracked corn 440.00
Bran 427.00
Shorts, per ton $30.00
Alfalfa, California, ton $20.00
Butterfat 26c
Creamery butter, per pound .......29c
Country butter 20c22c
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 20(a20 l-2c
Eggs, trade ....,r 21c
Hens, pound : 13(S 13 1-Bc
Roostors, old, per pound 8o
Broilers, under 2 pounds 16c
Pork, Teal and Mutton.
Veal, dressed 9ri 10 l-2c
Pork, dressed 10(al0 l-2c
I'ork, on foot 7i8 l-4c
Spring lambs, 1916 Kn 7 l-2c
Steers 5(&6 l-2c
Cows 45c
Bulls 3(4.3 l-2c
Ewes 4g4 l-2c
Wethers 6c
Vegetables. .
Tomatoes, California $1.00
Cabbage 40c
Cucumbers 40i90c
Strincr garlic - 15c
Potatoes, cwt 41.75
Potatoes, now . . 22 1-Zo
Beets - 11.00
Radishes 40s
Green onions 40s
Green peppers 25a
Ureen peas 6(aie
Carrots, sack, new 41-75
Carrots, dozen 40c
Oninna. Cttlifnrnifl S.3.50
Beuus, green and waxed 8c
onions, walla vtuiiu, crate !..
Ore., July 15. Wheat:
Club, 90c.
Bluestem, 99c
Fortyfold, 92c.
Red Russian, 90c.
Outs: No. 1 white feed, 42G.50.
Barley: Feed, $27.00.
Hogs: Best live, $8.80.
Prune steers, $7.73.
Fancy cows, $5.50.
Calves, $7.25.
Butter: City creamery, 2flc.
Country butter 27c.
Eggs: Selected local ex., 2Gc.
Hens, 14(a 14 l-2c.
Broilers, 16(Ti 18c.
Geese, -10(3 11c.
A snakeproof tent that requires no
tent poles is a feature of the equip
ment of W. B. f'risso, Wm. Mitchell
and Jos. Mitchell who are traveling
a. -ross the continent on Hurley-Davidson
motorcycles from S.ringficld, Or.,
with the idea not only of going to
California but visiting all the other
weati-rn flutes. Another important
part of their equipment is a little gaso
line stove as they intend to be abso
lutely independent of hotelsr doing
their own cooking while "Seeing
Henry Horner and twenty other
Hurley-Davidson riders of Columbia,
Mo., were among the first to go to
the Mexican border when President
Wilson called iiion the national guard
of all the states to aid in the border
patrol work, releasing all the regulars
for use in Mexico. The Columbia mo
torcycle company is attached to the
First infantry- Missouri National
Guard and will be use 1 in dispatch rid
ing and courier service.
Oregon City, Or., July 15.-r-When
Wilbur Rainwater, ten years old jump
ed from a wagon to cut a switch, one
of the horses his father was driving
kicked the Is. I over the heart, killing
him instantly. The Rainwater funiity
was driving from Baudou, Or., to Spo
kane, Wash.
HARRif Expert, window cleaner.
Phone 1041. julyU
491 N. Cottage.
FOR RENT SIGNS For sale at Cap
ital Journal office. tf
each. Phone 1022. julyl5
FOR SALE Or trade for wood, gaso
line engine. Phone 451. tf
TIIOROUG II BR ED Jersey calf for
sale or trade for wood. 1750 Market
FOR SALE Household furniture, en
quire at 173 S. 13th St., or phone 351
M. julyl8
WANTED Girl for general house
work on farm. Fred Durbin. Phone
10F21. i . -julylT
FOR SALE Young singing canerys or
trade for vonng chickens. 1160 8.
I2th St. , july!8
NEW HAY Tedder for sale, used only
one season. W. M. Sihuett, R. 2.
Phone 8F23. julyl5
FURNISHED -Rooms and housekeep
ing apartments, rates reasonable,
close in, 160 Court. tf
FOR SALE Two very fine Scotck
collies, male and female, one year
old. 2396 Church St . tf
TO LOAN $500, $1000, $1500 on good
real estate security. Scott and By
non, 124 Liberty St. julylS
WANTED Man and wife to work on
fruit ranch, HL- miles west of steel
bridge. Phone 47F12. julylS
TOR SALE Clover hay In shock, 47
per ton, 'i mile north of Fruitland
church. Phone 24F13. julyl8
ADS under this heading lc a word.
Bead for profit; use for results.
WANTED 6 logan berry pickers, 3
miles south of Salem st Liberty. I.
W. Gilmer. Phone 21F3. julyl7
FOR SALE 113 hop sacks, wire and
furnace, one good hop baler 435, all
at a bargain. Phone 14FJ. july21
ICE' CREAMj And soda outfit com
plete. Cost $20O. will take $73. See
A. Kitterman, 275 State St. julylS
FOR SALE 5, 10, 15j store, a bargaim
at $1075. would accej,t Ford on pay
ment. "Ill health, .avra A. Fidler.
Datlas, Or. tf
FOR SALE 3Vi half truck Studabak.
er wagon. .Will trade for heavier
wagon, cordwood or stumpage. 2786
Lee. Phone 1322-J. tf
GIRL Or woman wanted for general
housework in country; must be ex
perienced. Phone 22F25. Address box
12, Sublimity, Or. U
WANTED One dozen three months
old S. C. Rhode Island Red pullets,
good laying strain. Address 1653 Fir
St., or phone 507, Salem. julylS
FOR SALE By owner- one of the pret
tiest bungulows in Salem, just com
pleted, modern, price below cost,
torins. 1255 N. Cottage St. tf
ed, fresh 50c gnllon, canned, 35e
quart. Order soon. Addross Mrs. J.
O. Bogcr, R. No. 1, Amity, Or. jlyl5
WANTED We are paying 2 l-2c per
lb. cash, for Mammoth blackberries
suitable for drying, delivered at our
warehouse. Salem Fruit Union, jlylS
FOR RENT 12 acre tract with 4 room
bungalow, barn, chicken house and
yard, hog houses, etc. 114 miles
west of steel bridge. Phone 47F12.
FOR SALE OR TRADE 50 acre farm
near Newport, one tot in Portland
100x103 ft. for particulars call or
write W. D. Edwards care Meyors
store. julyl5
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnish
ed sleeping rooms. Office rooms and
housekeeping roenis, reasonable rates
W. H. Morris, Rec. Hubbard Bldg.
Room 304.- ' tf
837 Court St. From $2 to $6 paid for
2d hand mens suits. We buy, trade 1
and sell jewelry, musical instruments
tools and guns,' augll
and American fence screen doors and
window screens, paints, oils and var
nishes. Stoves for sale and repaired.
250 Court street. augl.1
FOR SALE Clean general stock, a
bout $.1000, discounts pay your rent,
splendid trade, adjacent livinsf
rooms. Small town Marion Co. Ad
dress Box 193 Salem, Or. julylT
WANTED Sholed bids for painting
Snlem Heights school house. Specifi
cations at Snlem Heights store. Bids
to be iu July, .20. U. W. Smith,
chuiimun. Phone 751'3. july 15
HAVE Beautiful bungalow at Wes
Stuvton $1500 with or without acre
age. Trade for Seattle and pay cash
difference. Address H. K.' Rubey,
University of ashington, Seattle.
FOR SALE 5 acres of good soil all
under cultivation, 4 miles from Sa
lem, price $."50,' $30 down, balance
$10 per month, 0 per cent interest.
See E. B. Grubeniiorst, 273 State St.
FOR SALE 4 room house, electrie
lights, citv water, lot 50 hy 125 feet,
price $350, $233 down, but. 45 per
month without interest. See A. Kit
terman, with W. H. Grabeuhorst.
Co., 273 State St. ' julyl
ten ladies to travel, demonstrate and
sell well established Hue to our leul
'ers. Previous experience not ..neces
sary. Good pay. Railroad, fare paid.
Goodrich Drily Co., Dept. JUS, Oma
ha, Nebr. ,