Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 12, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Final Season-End Clearance
Women's, Misses's
Below Cost Prices on
Suits, Coats, Skirts,
Waists, etc.
Special Sale of Women 's Summer Dresses
at . . . . . . .' . . . $5.85
A big assortment of stylish garments in plain white embroidered models also
of figured materals dainty, cool, comfortable Summer Dresses of quality at be
low cost prices former prices up to $12.65
Your Choice $5.85
See Window display (more inside)
Another big rack of Summer Dresses Your Choice Less 20 Per Cent ,
All Around Town
Salem Chautauqua.
CorauH Players.
July 1(1. Vesper services, Will
Ron park, 0:30 p. m.
July 1(1 Salem Street Bailway
excursion to Newport.
July 19. Monthly meeting of
Commercial club.
July 28. Wisconsin society re
union nt State fair grounds.
Sept. 23 30 Oregon State Fair.
for the construction of such a build-
ing, value to be $-5(10, so a resident of
tiie district writes to inform us. '
New and used furniture at greatly
' reduced prices. K. L. .Stiff & Son.
"The Birth of a Nation" regarded
as the greutcst moving picture ever
produced, will be shown at the opera
house tin cp days, beginning Monday,
July 24. The story is based on the
novel "The Clansman," a novel with
n thrill on every other page, especial
ly fur those who understand the condi
tions in the south following the Civil
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, flu glasse-
correctly. U. 8. Bank. Bid,;.
The Maccabees will hold their send-
Get your tents, awnings, wagon cov
ers, camp stoves and campers supplies
at K. L. Stiff & Son's.
Six hours in Newport will be allowed
the excursionists next Sunday who ac
company the employes of the Salem
annual installation of officers this j Street railway on their nununl trip to
the coast. Tho train v ill leave Salem
ut 0:30 o'clock a. m. and arrive in New
port nt 12:15. The returning train will
leave ut l:30 in the evening, arriving
in Salem at 11:411. The
and State street ears
excursionists on their return.
eviuing. The Hev. Harry IC. .Marshall
will deliver the address.
Dr. Stone's i)rug Store for trusses.
Chemeketa lodge No. 1, 1. O. O. F.,
will hold its scmi-aiimml installation
of officers this evening. The retiring
noble grand is C. O. F.ngstrom, who
will be succeeded by F, L. kiester.
Dr. Stone makes no charges for con
sultation, examination or prescription.
Ring the Bell for the
Great Start
.We have with us tonight, the Salem
The tent men are here and already
everything is ready on the university
grounds. The 1910 Chautauqua will be
opened promptly at 8:15 o'clock with a
few introductory, remarks by President
H. C. Epley, presenting J. M. Krickson,
superintendent, who will have complete
charge during the week and who will
give four lectures during the course.
The Comus players, presenting tonight
scenes from Shakespeare and "Carson
of the North Woods," are all Oregon
people. Mr. Reddy is hend of the school
of expression at the University of Ore
gon and Miss .Tcnnette Young, a grad
uate of the school. Other members of
the company- arc also from the univer
sity. They carry their own scenery and
reports indicate they have been very
favorably received by Chautauqua au
diences on the coast.
Tomorrow morning, the Junior Chau
tauqua will be told the story of the
Knights and Ladies. The afternoon ses
sion tomorrow will be given to the In
ternational Operatic company, who will
also furnish the evening's program.
The lecture tomorrow afternoon- by
Justice E. M. AVnnnmnker, of the su
preme court of Ohio, is of more than
avernge interest. The supreme judges
in Ohio are given a three months' vaca
tion and Judge Wunumnker prefers to
give this time to lecturing. He is the
first supreme judge in Ohio to be elect
ed on an independent ticket. Readers
.of the Snturday Kvcning Post are al
ready acquainted with Judge -Wana
maker .through his articles in which he
has taken the stand that the stnte su
preme court should represent the people
and that it should interpret the laws,
rather than change them.
The following is tomorrow's pro-
President H. C. Epley Will Declines to Authorize Asking
Subscriptions to Proposed
After discussing for two hours the
proposition as to whether F. B. Wedel
of American Falls. Idaho, should be
given a card permitting him to solicit
siiDseriptions tor a uensoness hospital in
Snlem, the Mercantile 'department of
the Commercial club stood pat.
Which means that havinir refused
Mr. Wedel this privilege, the depart
ment did not feel like recoisidering its
action of several months ago when the
director and the executive committee
decided that the business men of the
city had plenty of troubles of their
own, and that the business men of the
city should not be called on to offer
Mr. Wedel, representing the Menno-
nitc Deaconess people of American citv
j.'uun, jiuiiiu, nun ir.io.uuo invested, a
hospital at Xewton, Kansas, with $85,'
000 invested and Beatrice. Neb., with a
.f4ti,oou Hospital, appeared before the
j j 1 1
' You are safe when,'
you buy a standard
Dentifrice like
ental Cream
A Standard Ethical Dentifrica
I Send 2c stamp today for a generous trial pack
! age of either Dr. Lyon's Perfect Dental Cream
or loom rowoer,
L W. Lyon & Sons, Ine, 5 0 1 W. 27th St., New York City
(Continued from rage One.)
Try the Journal Classified Ads.
The state board of health lias sent !
out mi nnlcr to the heads of the health i
ilumi rt im.nte in flip v.irinns (Ire.riill i.it- BATES:
Ti,;,. .,. i. ..1, ,,,.. i u. a The onlv hotel in the business district.
meeting last evening asking permission 'result of the meeting In Portland Sat-1 Nearest to all Depots, Theatres Mil
When in SALEM, OEEGON, ttof t
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
75c, $1.00, 11.50 FEB DAT
unlay but, unless the scourge show s I
to solicit for the establishing of a hos
pital in Snlem.
It was not so much money he wanted, Dr. W. B. Morse, president of the state
no me lavoiauiH cuiisiueruuou oi mo board of health, the regulations wi
leu'ie. in ouiem, anu uiinougii tne cti-;not be modified,
zons should only give him 1.000, hej Health Officer Miles has received
telt that with this start, he could event- the following instructions:
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. O. BLIGH, Prof.
Both Phones. Free Auto Brj.
ually estub'ish a Menonite institution
equal a least to that Of American
Henry T.. Meyer declared that his
firm would do as much as any house in
tho city and that he favored the hos
pital, only he was strongly opposed to
any soliciting nt present. He did not
like the idea of the Mercantile depart
ment asking its director and executive
committee to reverse itself on its form
er ruling, of refusing Mr. Wedel per
mission to solicit.
Z. J. Riggs thought there was a good
field for another hospital. Walter Den-'
ton was not especially pleased with the
Morninp Junior Chnutniinuii Stnr-1 petition that had been presented ask
ies of the Knights and Ladies. '"S t,ie department to back up ou its
Lecture Mr. Krickson. former action.
Afternoon Concert, International ! Joseph Albert, president of the Corn
Operatic company. imereiul club, thought that the depart
Icturc Judge B. M. Wnnamnker. nicnt was working against its own in
Admission, 50 cents. terests in not favoring the deaconess
Kvening Grand concert, Iuternation-1 Hospital. If this town is to grow, we
al Operatic company.
Admission, 50 cents.
The suit of the Ucer-Krueger Furni-
struetions to make hi in' n car, and 'who
received n letter in which he was asked
what should the factory do with the
second can. Today, Vick Bros, ship
ped 0,000 pounds of Ford parts to the
dealer at Independence and that is not
all, as they have several tons of parts
in their Salem garage.
The Liberty Ladles Aid society will
hold an ice cream social Friday night,
July 14, at the Liberty hall. " July 13
Mrs. Charles A. Lytle of 955 Marion
street, will serve as secretary of-the
Silver Bell Circle during the absence
of Mrs. F. K. Wright.
I hereby notify the public that I will
not be responsible for any checks bear
ing mv signature. (Signed) Auguste
Kantelberg. ,
The comic opera "The Mikado",
under the auspices of the Moose lodge,
will be produced at the opera house
Thursday July 31, and Friday August
1. Rehearsals are now being held at
the Moose hull under the direction of
lleorgo T. Wilson, who has had many
years experience in giving tho opera.
failver Belle Circle club will collect
dues at (ieer-Kreuger furniture store
first 5 days of August. Julia Lytic,
clerk. Phono 204-1,
Wonderful to relate, the price of
sugar is not udvaucing ami the can-
nng season . airea.i.v wim. us. " j,r.M.u the stock for the sale t0 be
must ask outside institutions to come
in, he said.
W. H. Gahlsdorf, member of the exe
cutive committee of the Mercantile de
partment opined that the merchants
were uot in position this summer to sup
port any other propositions in which
they would be solicited for funds.
.Hal D. Pntton was inclined to favor
Trygve Petterson Heidcnstrom, form- . ' V ' Pfn. ss.oii ro solicit
erlv of Norway but since 1!04 a resi-! " "J"'" . -recior or tie
dent of this country, has declared his j P -v .t0"t J invention de
intention of becoming a United States l" ' "f sal"? wn' bont. 'Vi,
eitisen. He resides at Silverton. f ,sM,ssl0fa" to whether
Snlem wanted to support new institu
tions in which funds would have to be
: COURT house news :
The first pro&cntion in this country ", 9."v'' h "" 'v.c to be
under the prohibition law is scheduled lt 'ft, '"Litt-. .1 " 7 .
to begin tomorrow morning when tta1" l ,7 . , (Jf'.-r,'"t
case of the State versus B. Canfield islJS Wj '1 1,a't;'l. 11 "'otion was
..:..i r...,.., , . passed, that tho petition presented-to
have snr fk,.lv to ,, ffi,i,7vit t , tne meeting in wlucli they were asked to lenv es the victim a
secure alcohol ' " tavor Mr. Wedels, be referred back to
' ' the. executive committee for considera
1 The state board of health .has or-
uereii inai quiuuuuiic quaiieiH uc cs-i
ttiblished at every railroad depot in i
which incoming eastern passengers
mav arrive.
2 The city nnd county health offi
cers are ordered by the board to in
spect all incoming passengers under
xifteen years of age.
3 To keep a record of the children's!
names, date and point of departure andj
destination, all points of stop over and.
length ot time of stop overs.
4 To keep a record of tempera
ture of each child under fifteen years.
ot age.
5 Anv child showing n rise of tem
perature or symptoms indicative of in
fantile paralysis to be immediately
quarantined in the local quarantine
quarters provided tor that purpose.
6 To keep suspected children
quarantine until the temperature drops
to normal and there !s no evidence of
infection with the virus of infantile
7 To quarantine for thirty, days! I,,ul are hercfore much better for those
if nccessnrv to establish absolutely
that the child is not infected.
give a much wider
field of clear vision
than f 1 a t lenxe,
having to wear glasses nil the time
Dr. Mendelsohn's Office
210-11 U. S. National Bank Bldg.,
where first class work is done.
'. i ,.rr7.. C..V.J ,lt, Mr. Wedel has no authority from
out of court and a motion for dismissal
The fira department responded at
midnight to an alarm turned in from the
Kay Wooleu mill. A blaze in one of the
driers was easily brought under control.
The loss is negligible.
L. L. Stahl, of Portland, is in the city
and will be associated with dale & Co.,
in disposing of the Chicago store stock.
He was formerly with the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul at Seattle.
To replace the water tank at the Kay
Woolen milL which has done duty for
some 25 years, a new one is to be erect
ed. It will have a capacity of 15,000
gallons and is to cost several hundred
Gala & Co., of Portland, who bought
the Chicago Store stock at 57 cents on
the dollar, already have a force at work
All of which means that just at pres-
the executive department of the Com
mercial club to solicit subscriptions for
tne proposed ueaconess hospital at Sn
S The finding of any infections of iet ,h i.st. if vonr c-vesi.-ht is f.iil-
infantile paralysis to be immediately:
telegraphed or "telephoned to the state j ing or if you have any of the syinptouiB
board of health. j ...
It is felt hv the authorities that the m s'ruin, can at
danger of cases of the disease arising
in this locality is slight; the cliiet
source of danger is that it will be in
troduced here by outsiders. The mut
ter is most serious to the community
and to the children themselves. .No
disease peculiar to adolescence is more
serious in its results.
While the mortality is not higher
than in some of the other diseases it
ripple for life in
many cases. In the primary stage
fever is always present and this is lyi
easily recognised symptom. Some
times there is pain, although this does
not commonly attend the development
of the case.
The victim may lose the use of one
arm, one leg or bom arms and legs.
Sometimes the right arm and left leg
are affected or vice versa. Not infre
quently only a portion of a member is
affected. The disease reaches its
height in from two to ' days and from
this moment improvement, such as it
is, begins.
After the so cnllefl Improvement
stmts, the muscles waste nnd the
joints relax. Cms? is necessary in pro
viding plenty of nutritions food in this
r. -.l ..!.....'
SIMf. I.M-S HIL' ,111 ICVUI'l UI imim.-.. ,
ompiete recovery nut tne ruie is mat ;
Cars of any kind for any pl&ce
at any time.
Office, Blign Hotel
... i n Mi.it-.. iui l i. . . . . . i .. i . i i inu UM "iiiuii u ri'w imvs. as iar s
..v- i nii win huh in tiu i nt suynr mill it ii u il t' M i lip ,:i i . u -11 l i .i . 'II
will meet the ing grocer, i whieh he stated that ,1- E " )V" .X! JJu t H
Dr. C. Hartley, specialist, inflamed,
bleeding gums and pvonhca. 410 V, S.
Hank bldg. Phone ISO.
The river now is 2.7 feet above low
o I water mark and falling. Although
The D Arcy building on Court street I the temiH-riiture was lather oppressive
i Hearing completion as the building j yesterdav, the government's therinoni
will be entirely enclosed in a day or.eter at the O. C. T. dock refused to
two. It was designed by (ieorge M. register higher than S. degrees. Hut
Post, will be occupied by (Jeer and , the thermometer is in n box ou the
Kreuger furniture company, is owned 'shady side of a coor office and does
by Judge P. H. D'Arcy and is on the! not 'register the feelings of the man
Bite of the old Wexford theatre. on the sunny side of the street or the
o I may who is gathering his hay crop.
iwu v.,i imiiiau yuur nuune iur one
,1... ....... .... i.i.. i. i. .......
em refineries didn't have the nervo ''u'e Co. is composed of M. Gale, who
to advance it, even with tho
season coming ou.
Miss Anne D. Swezoy, librarian
tlwi Snlem imlilie lilii-ni-v iu pniiivini
months vacation at Seattle and in thelfi"u will consider the advisability of
Sunn. I ..nnntrv. Mrs llli.ii.'.iu Hiurnr.l locating 111 .Nllenl. his 18 the second
half at K. L. Stiff & Son's.
Anything in lumber or building sup
plies at the. right prices. Falls City
Snlem Lumber Co., 34 S. 12th St.
On the industrial page of Saturday's
Journal it was stated that Hethcl, Polk j phone 813
ronntr, was to have a f2.00 school o
house. This may bo so. but Bethel,! Tnere must be something wrong -Marion
county, school district 125 is bout the joke of the man who sent two
to vote July 18, lillO, ou a special tax 'tin cans to the Ford factory with in-
' Sun Bothered Eyes
Quickly relieved with a, pair of
Sir William Crookes
A new tinted glass that does not
dim light but takes away the glare
and cuts out ravs harmful to sensi-
,iv' """Relieve Eyestrain.
Lei us tell you more about them.
MSS A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
208-9 Hubbard Bldg., Phone 109.
Getting Away With
Great Mass of Papers
Inroads are being made upon the mass
of papers submitted in the recent teach
ers' examinations by the county super
intendents, in session nt the state house.
Hundreds of papers have been graded
but there are several davs' work uhead
Following the grading the state super- th" disease leaves its victim in a fenu,
inteudent 's office will begin tabulating I f"1 s,,"e R cripple tor the remainder :
the results and August JO, has been of ,lH.vs a1"1 "I'.H'ct of pity. ,
tentatively decided on as the date on I Kor ,llis reason the city authorities
wiuen me granes win be made pub-;"lT'" rm"i
lie . Isvmutoms of the malady in their cliil-
Todny's program observed lw theit,r0" ,0 communicate with their family,
i....a- 'i. nlivaiiiiiin ni tlin henltli tleitn it men t nt1'
timimij oiiPt-I uili-noeilis IIIC1U(H,U U1SCUS- I ' ' ' '
sions of the following subjects: : on.-e in order that tin trouble may be
Should the County Superintendents ' ?""j;'l'ti" !t .ear.ly st"g'9;
Accept and File a Clerk's Bond if They '- - '-l-"'- l- -l-"'- -
Think It Is Xot Sufficient Suretyf O. ""'I the health deiiartineut these insti-
Bylund, S. K. Xotsou and C. E. ' tutions today put into ettect a new-
Oliver. campaign of precautionary measures.
Should Clerks of Joint Districts Give! These include new sanitary reguln-
mess in
Automobile Passenger and Bag-
gage Transfer
Furnished Tents and Cottages....
Correspondence Promptly
L. D. PICKENS, Box 274
The Korean Restaurant
is now opened in our new loca
tion at 110 1-2 Com'l street.
Everything new and clean. All
kinds of Chinese and Spanish
dishes. Fay us a visit.
canning , ,. , . ,, Bonds In l.aeh County? O. C. Brown, tions and a report of any siel
,l-UIS HII'l HIS SOU IWIMItllVC VlUJt. .VI. i , . , .. , t. .. . ' . . .
h-mi .i... i... i , ...i . Lincoln Savage and R. V. Goin. i any theatre.
.... u, ,,s mi ,. , i ... c Board Convention.' Huth llochfelde.r four years
l. il - . m, .- .... ... -., i-iuKif :.. -- a- I. ...;n l.
i .... ... ,,1,-uii- jiirn in ,icb nun. in iv
first assistant, is now in charge. Miss
Laura Cummings, wITo has been assist
ant for two yiars, will leave tomorrow
to accep.t the position of first assist
ant and superintendent of the chil
dren's department of the public libra
ry at Kverett, Wash. Miss Alma Ash
by, formerly in charge of the Wash
ington junior high school library, has
been elected second assistant.
nere is s, Job for a light housekeep
er, with the accent on the light.
Through the civil service department
at Portland, the information is given
out that applications will be received
at Portland until the 17th for light
house positions in district Xo. 17.
bankrupt stock they have handled.
The Cherrian special for Marshfield
will leave Salem on the morning 0f
Friday, August 25, at il o'clock. The
excursion, which will be the greatest
iu number as well as enthusiasm that
ever departed from the city, will travel
"do luxe,'' which means that the ex
cursionists will have the best there is
in railroad accommodations and in the
way of victuals during their three
days' vacation. The Southern Pacific
will place at the disposal of the Sulem
old. who
the epi-
from the train at Oakland, and hurried
Here is a chance for an enterprising to the county hospital to undergo two
citizen who happens to own a small weeks observation,
gasoline launch. With the establish-'
meat of the municipal bathing beach ,
across the river between the two!
bridges, there will be a big demand :
for transportation. Kverybody does
not own nn nnto, at least not yet, and!
the weather wiil probably be too warm
for walking. For this reason, there
will be a great demand for means of;
transportation ut five cents per ride. I
The Commercial club can furnish fig-
ures as to how many enjoyed a ride
lust summer on the terry boat to .Minto
Why Not Use
Colombia QUALITY OorhonsT
Made in Oregon
100 Copies Guaranteed fro
Each Sheet.
Colombia Carbon Pa?er Mff . Oo.
83rd ft Broadway, Portland, Ore.
tourists its finest Pullmans, and it is I island. This year the bathing grounds!
ou these the Cherriaus and their fain-1 will be superior to those of a year
ilies will live during the entire trip. ago, and somebody will be given the
l...vln,, &!..,., nt u nVlo'li in the oniHirtunitv oc carrying across the
There is no examination to pass. The lmmii th( 9H.,.jn uju arrive in ! hundreds who will 'not walk nor lie H-flaBHaHHn
liivneu to niic.
Licensed Lady
Moderate Pricet
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724 Salem, Ore.
job is for an assistant, who must be; Marshfield late iu the afternoon. Sat-
: TZ " , : i;.. : : Sunday
uni aim a imu puuiiit-T I'uiiidic
r IS years i of age but there is no j' (, , f Sudnv will be
afternoon. Figuring on 3S
passengers to the Pullman, the railroad
has made, a return price of $lti.H0, this
amount to include heard s::d lodging
of the state board of health and at
the University club.
guaranteed. Apply by letter.
A snnn . vminir man n
the regular army, lie is well taken caret'" the 1 V,1"'n ul dehvery hun
of. He is given a room at the HliKh ! ,ln-v evouinsr at SUilem. lo.nnnttees will
hotel nnd a meal ticket and mav en jl,p announced in a few days, and it is
oy high living until sent to Fort Me
Powell, near San Francisco for train
ing. He travels south on a Pullman
and is given $3 iu real money for in
cidentals such as eating, during his
journey to Ft. McDowell. After a fewlment that Ueorge F. Kodgers has been
weeks drilling, he is assigned to his, urged to accept. the chairmanship or; paralysis. TDev are also securing
needless to say that, the Cherriaus and
their friends will Tb things up about
right, and one of the most assurances
that everything will be carried out in
true Salem spirit is the announce-
(Continued from rage One.)
regiment. Klgin M. Short, age IS, son the general committees.
of Horace Hhnrt, lit! eouth Uipital 1 1
street, passed the examination y ester-1 Journal Want Ads Get Results You
day. "Want Try one and see.
Inspect AH Trains.
San Francisco, July 12. California j
health officers today began the in
specting of all trains entering the
state, checking the njimher of children
from the areas affected with infantile
data '
to make further surveillance here pos-j
As a result of conferences between i
moving picture and theater managers
' v
If your spine is right, you are right.
Those who have tried every old
method and found no relief should try
Chiropractic and get well. Many
hundreds of grateful patients in salem
and elsewhere can substantiate my
statements. Six adjustments will be
given for the small fee of ifo.OO.
Difficult cases, which require X-ray
examinations and Spinographs can ob
tain them at a nominal fee. Only ex
pert Spinograph work. A talk with the
old Chiropractor may lead you to
health and happiness; act now.
P. H. MAT, D. C,
Hubbard Building. Phone 572