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Absolutely,. Removes
' Indigestion. One package
j:; proves it 25c at all druggists.
Have You Felt The Thrill?!
(c Jft sft sfc ic sfc )ft ift s(c c 30t f jft 3ft
About 20 matrons and maids gather
ed at the charming Kensington fur
which Ms. Frank Wilbur Chnco was
hostess on Monday to honor Mrs. Carl
"regg Ioney's house guests, Mrs. Mac
Harris and Miss time hvans of Co-
Jumbus, Ohio. The rooms wore deck
" cd with quantities of roses. Mrs
:. Oiaee was assisted by Mrs. V. K
Kirk, Mrs. George Alden and Miss
.Vera UUIy.
Mrs. Chauncey Bishop has as her
' guests Mrs. i'erey Young and Miss
" Isobel Young of Albany. They came
today and will visit.in .Salem until sf-
' tor Mrs. William lturghardt, Jr., mus-
icale Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. SUaifo and daugh
ter, Miss Nancy Bl'aifc, end Miss
Wary Kckerlin have returned from a
Several weeks motor trip to The Dalles
w where they were the guests of Mr. aud
"Mrs. Charles Both.
The Patriotic League will hold ith
regular meeting at the Library on Fri
day at 2:30 o'clock.
One of the merriest affairs of the
week was tho picnic given by the mem
bers of the Kpworth League of the
.lason Lee church on Minto's Island
Tuesday evening.
A launch conveyed the happy party
over to the island where they enjoyed
upper and games. Those participat
ing in the evening's fan were:
Mr. and Mrs. C". M. Roberta, Mr. nnd
Mrs. R. A. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Philip
Aapinwall, the Misses Blanch lrake,
Ijois Tyler, Marion Roberts, Averal
(arris, Vivian Hargrove, Kthcl Fra
Bier, racOe Tyler, Mabel Gardner, Mi
ni Scheffee, Nettie Gregston, Mabel
Ill-own, Iris Taylor, Glide Gardner Sy
bil Smith, Harriett Livingston, Grace
'Johnson, and William ('hittick, Arthur
MeClane, Koss Harris, Lloyd Hoot, Ver
non Tyler and Fred Kline.
A special meeting of tho Parent
Teachers association of the Mountnin
View district will be held at the school
building on Friday evening to arrange
for the district picnic which is to be
Riven July 2tf.
The Women's Marion County Repub
lican club held a most interesting
meeting on Monday in the city hal.
Mrs. Helen Soutiiwic.k presided over
the meeting. Mrs. Seymour Jones had
charge of the programme for the aftor
noa and interesting papers on current
. events were read by Mrs. Kulliiv K.
Jage, Mrs. Seymour Jones, Mrs. (!. C
Xuner, Mrs. Helen Southwick,. Mis.
B. K. Moore and Miss Hazel Bishop.
The meeting marked the last gath
ering of the club before the vacation
eriod and a committee was appointed
to arrange for a rally to be held on
tfentcmber 11.
The committee is composed of Mrs.
It. K. Moore, Mrs. 8. Jones and Miss
liaxel Bishop.
Tonight the members of the Now
York society will participate m a pic
nic to be given at tho fair grounds.
The Bamikirapft
of McEvoy Bros. The Chicago Store
To Gale & Company, of Portland
Stock is now being prepared and prices remarked for Biggest Sale Ever Known.
A Thrilling Announcement will soon be made to the 17 j froll-ft (PTh'tv ' TTfl-9
People of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties VV Oi U-CL.il 11 Jl O JI IL Ho
THE CHICAGO STORE, Outfitters for the Entire Family
.1. - - .
Cheap substitutes cost YO0 sms pries.
Games and numerous other amuse
ments have bees planned for the even
ing, which is being anticipated with
considerable pleasure.
Miss Dorothy Dick, who has been
the gnest of Mrs. Florence McDonald
in Orenco, has gone to Portlitnd for a
few days visit with Mrs. Paul Dick be
fore returning home.
BOWMAN To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Harry llowniuu, living near Lives
Icy, Tuesday, July 11, 101(1, a son.
Rousing Specials
Pursuant to our policy of cleaning up stocks
each season, rather than carry them over,
we begin today Tuesday to offer profit
sharing items to every customer in spite of
the high cost of merchandise. Right at a
time when such bargains are pleasingly ac
ceptable we offer SPECIALS IN PLAIN,
Each day this week we shall add new ones,
so watch our ads, and be on hand earlv as
these are ROUSING SPECIALS while they
Going on Tomorrow at
like a yd
Lawns, Organdies, Flaxons, Seed Voiles
and Crepes in plain colors, stripes and
dainty flowered effects.
The policy of this store forbids the ad
vertising of fanciful bargains. You will
find every one of these to be overflowing
values at the original prices which were
25c, 20c, 18c, 15c a Yard-Special to Close
Market Regains Life
and Prices Advance
New York, July 12. Tho New York
Evening Sun's financial review today
Slightly better tendencies which aside
from a specialties developed in a gen
eral security list yesterday and made
further progress and the stock market
as a whole showed some signs of find
ing itself. Sentiment has mixed and
the price movement was irregular and
highly uncertain at times. Hut the
professional selling pressure lost some
of its force and effect aud recover
ing tendencies developed as the session
Tho rally considering the extent of
! the recent decline, was inconsiderable
' nnd was inspired in largo part no
1 doubt by short coverings. A particular
ly vicious drive wus inn do against in
dustrial ulcohol, which whs carried down
1 14 points or so from the best figures
j of the duy in the early afternoon.
The stability of tho general list iu the
i fuce of the violent break in industrial
alcohol, which, however, regained some
! of its extreme loss, was the feature
'of the lute trndinir. Trices moved ir-
rcgulurly within a narrow inurgiu, but
the undertone was strong and fraction
rallies demonstrated in the last hour.
A feature was au advance of a full
point iu Vnion Pacific.
.Third Oregon Still
Needs 700 Recruits
Portland, Ore., July 12. Vnless more
recruits are forthcoming for the Orcgou
infantry, the regiment probably will be
consolidated into two battalions, de
clared Captain K, P. Williams, federal
inspection officer,' today.
Nearly "00 mcu are needed to bring
the regiment up to the required war
strength of 1(800 men. Despite the op
ening of offices throughout the state,
recruiting has been slow, especially
since the probability of war with Mex
ico has diminished.
The First and Second battalions of
the regiment now are at Palm Reach
and the Third battalion at Sau Ysidro,
Cal. Besides these troops Oregon has a
battery of field artillery at Calexico,
and troop of cavalry at Sun Diego,
both recruited to full strength.
Monmouth, Ore., July '12. The
gophers, upon which pest farmers in
this vicinity have made war for the
last three years, have been nearly ex
terminated, says Millard McCaleb, a
trapper. Moles are declared harder to
catch on account of th character of
their holes, and very few farmers know
how to successfully operate mole traps.
There are very few trappers. With mole
skins valuable this year, it is believed
that the number of trappers will in
crease and the peat decrease accordingly-
Journal Want Ads Get Results You
Want Try out and tee.
Attorney Ernest Blue is in Portland
attending to legal matters.
Mrs. Helene Hogan is in Shedds,
called there by the illness of her fath
er. J. H. Lauterman was registered yes
terday at the Washington hotel, Port-laud.
Mr. and Mrs. C. I) Pnrdy left this
morning tor a six weeks' visit at
Mr. and Mrs. M. E, Breyman were
in Portland yesterday, registered at
tiie Seward hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vick and
daughter Bertha, nnd Mr. and Mrs.
C. F. Vick are visiting in Portland.
Mrs. Sophie Nelson nnd daughter of
Suver returned to their home yester
day after a short visit in the city.
Lee B. Tierney, traveling passenger
agent of the (Ireat Jorthern with
headquarters at Portland, is in the city
Mrs. Mary Franklin, of Wichita,
Kas., is in the city visiting at the home
of B. N. White, 477 South Sixteenth
Miss Ida Ii. Denny, who has been
teaching sciiool at Claxtar, left this
morning o spend the summer at In
dianapolis, lnd.
MrB. Irene Alleman of Woodburn is
visiting at the home of Mrs. Frank
Crawford near Zena. She is a member
of the Woodburn octette.
The following were registered at the
Capital hotel yesterday; John 1M. lav
ies, Amitvj B. F. Butler, Dallas; P. B.
Marshall," Albany; E. S. StulU, John
Day, Oregon.
HAWTHORNE At her home on the
Independence road, July 11, 1916,
.Mrs. Catherine Luanda wawtnorue,
in her 50th year.
She is survived by her husband, J.
M. Hawthorne, and three daughters,
Mrs. Mark Siddiils of Salem, Mrs.
Ralph Gilbert, Jiving north of Salem,
and Miss MiMred Hawthorne, living at
home, and three sons, 3. V. Hawthorne
of Fillmore, Calif.; Kay, 22, and Sidney
11, living at home.
The funeral services were held this
afternoon at the home, conducted by
the Kev. .11. C. Stover. Burial was in
the I. O. O. F. cemetery.
HARPOLE At his home near Brooks,
July 11, IDltl, Lafayette Harpole, in
his"82d year.
He is survived by o son, William W.
Harpole, of Brooks, and two sisters,
Mrs. Nancy Hagey, of Hilgard, Ore.,
and Mrs. Susie Shrfer, of Cottage
The funeral will be held at 3 o'clock
Thursday afternoon from "the home.
Burial will be in the Pioneer cemetery.
The Journal Does Job Printing.
B. C. Hcighton was giveu a verdict
for $2500 in his suit against Charles
T. Tooze last evening by a jury in
Judge Kelly's court. The caso, which
had occupied the better part of a week,
went to tho jury about two o'clock yes
terday. Possession of a 101 acre farm
on which improvements to the value
of $175 had meen made by Hcighton
was involved.
Ralph E. Merril has filed suit a
gainst Sherwin Shoales and others to
collect $3300 alleged due on a promis
sor" note secured by n mortgage on a
farm of 100 acres. After negotiating
the loan, Merril states, the Shoales
made arrangements by which Harry
Kemmett and his wife, Lucy, entered
into possession of the property. Other
factors appear in the case including
liens and a $1500 mortgage held by
Coolidge and MeClaine of Silverton.
Wallace Hart warned his wife Es
tella not to go to shows, visit candy
stores and be in other public places
with John Manners, while her husband
was working, declares Hart in a di
vorce complaint filed tojay. Never
theless, he states, Estella did these
things. Then, one evening in March,
115, Wallace came home to supper
but no supper was waiting. He says
his wife had taken thetr three year old
child and also her personal effects and
the cooking utensils end had gone to
her parent 's home near New Era. Since
that time the two have leen separated
Not only did his wife decline to see
him or talk or write o him but she
refused to let him visit their child,
Virginia, Hart further alleges. He
wutits possession of the child, statuig
that the mother is not a fit person to
bring her up. Hart alleges that his
wife permitted relatives to use vulgar
and indecent talk before the little girl
and charges thnt she allowed one Ma
bel Hofi'mau to teacn Virginia inde
cent words.
rains, already causing great difficulty
in motor transportation have hastened
negotiations between Washington nnd
Mexico City for extensive use of the
Mexico Northwestern railroad from Ju
arez for shipment for forage to the Am
erican punitive expedition.
At the same time the quartermasters
corps has completed plans for doubling
the present number of trucks and facil
ities for carrying supplies over the
desert route between Columbus and
General Pershing's advanced base.
These preparations belie reports that
withdrawal of the expedition is contem
plated soon. The signal corps continue
to extend the field telegraph system on
steel poles. The engineering e'orpu,
when the rains permit, will resume labor
on a new road grado.
Representatives of motor companies
here declare orders have been given for
immediate shipment of over 400 more,
trucks to be put iuto the overland ser
vice. A large reserve of rations piled
along the Amorican lines ir Mexico is
I believed sufficient to feed the expedi
tinnary forces through tho rainy season.
I But the problem of forage for the horsed
and mules with the expedition still it
i acute.
9 "
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sand could find food and water on the
road to Ojiniga.
All available militia cavalry at El
Paso and other border sections are pre
paring to begin patrolling the Rio
Grande. They are handicapped by lack
of horses, but those are being issued
A large bandit column was reported
early today to be marching toward Bo
quilias and Ojiniga but these could not
be expected to. reach the border for
three or four days.
Preparing to Stay.
By Webb C. Miller.
United Press staff correspondent.)
Columbus, N. M, July 12. The heavj
Convince Yourself
Look at Crisco. Its very appearance tells a story of
purity. It is creamy white and just stiff enough to round
up nicely on the spoon. ' .
Then see if it has an odor. You will find none but
a delicate aroma, indicative of its purity. Crisco remains
the same in hot weather without refrigeration.
Next taste it. You will find a neutral taste; that is,
practically no flavor not greasy or "lardy." It resembles
cold, unsalted butter.
Then try it. First fry potatoes, arid note the whole
some potato flavor. You may never have known the
potato flavor before because the taste of the fat you have
been using has predominated. Crisco allows the true
flavor of the food to assert itself.
Next make some biscuits. See how light they are.
Break one open and you will be delighted with its appe
tizing odor. This is a severe test for a shortening
Next make a white cake and learn how delicate and
rich your cake will be without butter and with few eggs.
Please convince yourself about Crisco. If you will
know Crisco you will be a Crisco enthusiast.