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.iV'l qOT COSTLY x v"s now dont jg T r-j VWXTP "XTIPOlf
, TiiV: 1 money in TTa ; U33oarto be -J -MQ?--; , fi ? THR &?EAK UP '. Vw f TT
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How Perclike the cows tail is always behind KowPercyis tickled and pleased aacanbe The mtchPercy thought oug ht to tell timeby word
. 5o.WatchMarygiveshimto tellhimthe time And proudly struts forth so thepeople cari6ee .But its ticks for hours is all that he's heard.
. (
He waltel and scolded and thenhe got hot
Then banged the old mtchetnght on the spot
And then it exploded igfct out of Ik Gie
And sent Percy flying ill over the pkce
WhenMa.ry ca.me up she just had to cry
As Brcms Hurrahing for Fourth of July
Women No Longer Fear
Receipt of Telegrams
In tiie present TO orily of I lit
Western Union Telegraph company re
flected In tli Mti'tnly advance nl' its
ntunk, predicated upon nn i tn' rt-u In
not in co mo for the Inst quarter f M
lrr rent over the miiiio quarter in in 1 5
do nn a 1 1 art has ln'i'ii played in the
fiviilily with which tin1 American pub
lifl has seized iiioii thc not' ut' tl'
night letter for both business ninl nn
'inl rommiiliii ill ion. While Hiito ih
uIkii u Ihiko iiho u( tlio liny loltor, ilK
iiM' on. I not H'proxiMiiiti'(l I ho nxo of
tin niiflit lotlor, who'll cun In' xont up
lo i! 0'1'loiK In the imirnino, from iin.v
inrl of tho I'nitril Stilton lo nnv olhor
art tu t'f ilt'livorcil nt lironKliiKt timo.
Hix )i'iir hko thorn woro no nlijlil
IrltorK. Toniuhl, iinli'NK souio ontun
trnlie iloHtrnyn thn Wcstoru I'nion
; nyMciii. itn linoK will riiny tiiroxl
n'liitoly Iii.iiiiii ii lit lottorn of iit'ty
ivMir.lH or Iosb. 'j'hi'in will lie nliout
two-thinlx Hint niiinlii'r of iliiy letter
Kent. Of the Iiili,ll0ll,liii(i moKMiKi'i n
your Kent over the Western I'nion linen
' IJ.IUio.iMiii nre niunt lettern, illiitrnt
ini; the reuinrkulile growth of thi
unxilinry In the lolonmph service. A-
limit S.OiMi.dUii ilny lettem 11 n' Kent an
iiiiiiilly. Thin 1; row Ih Ihih tiiKen lilncc
in the eime of the nilit lettern ninc(
I IH1II, ninl in the tnie of the ilny let
Jem nince 1SI2. The iiurense in the
Inst your lum lieeu nliout -."1 per cent
ninl the company expectK u lihe in
erense in the enmilnu yeur.
l'J.OOO.OOO KlKlit Letters a Tear
I The nivilit letter w:m ntnrteil liy the
, Western I'nion in HMO lirenuxe it
When summer comes and a
vacation outing is planned,
remember Newport is cool.
The breeze from off the
mighty Pacific never fails.
With the many diversions and
attractions to pass the hours
away, surely you could find
no better place for your vaca
K01111J Trip Tickeln tire on utile daily
from nil Southern Pacific Station) in
Western Oregon. The return limit is
October 3 1 St.
Dally Trains from Albany and Corval
Ua uuUu txcellent conrevUoua.
Write for illustrated bjoMot ".Vewjiort," or ask local agent for
Complete Information.
John II. Scott, Oeaeral Paawnger Asat, Portland, Ore,
wisheil to mnke some ose of its great
fiieilitiea lying ille at night. It was
ilociileil to iniilie the experiment of giv
ing its put runs the opportunity to
send fifty words nt nlglit for the cost
of 11 ten word day message, to lie de
livered at the stnrt of business the
next iluy. The idea took from the
Ktnrt. liusiiirss men foil in I they eould
semi to their truveling salesmen nt the
day's business important linformhtion
which their men -would have nt . the
1 start 'of the next dny's business quick
,vr than n letter, by days in somo cases
! unit much ehenper tlinii the old rutc
iof messages. Then the man awny from
1 home begun to send his wife a night
i letter, which she read at breakfast the
I next morning. Ilnsiness houses began
ito send nppenls to customers by the
jniglit letter. Then the Western I'nion
'went ul'ter the business in earnest and
! now there are I 'J. 100,000 night let
ters uiiniiully.
There is a lot of psychology ubout
the night letter. In the first place
the Western I'nion figured that the
business 1111111 who sat down in frnut'of
his pile of mnil in th morning wuhl
give his first attention fo the tele
grams. This belief was coiiiuiunionted
lo other business men, mid the busi
iiosb men found it was good logic. Now
tiie use of the iiiuht letter has been
developed until it is used for urging
payment oil accounts; used by politi
cians in the business of getting votes;
used to ask contribution to war re
lief funds; used tor placiiig4business
orders, ami for a myriad of other uses.
It Is n part of the American business
When it came to the social use ot
the night letter, it was found that the
psvchologv of the telegram was again
a fnctor. It had long been the eus-
toiu for the woman who received a
telegrnm to handle it with the fire
tongs and to pray a few moments that
tiie news was not so bad as it might be
before she opened it. For telegram
formerlv were used in emergence! so-
iullv, and the dread aad fear of tele
grams had to be overcome. This has
been iu a large sense nehieved, and
now- wives ami husbands who are sep
arated send tens of thousands' of tele-
grama every year, which trite, or bus
band reads' at breakfast nud learns
how the other half of the family fares.
Women ' Fear of Telegrama
Hut the old time fear of the telegram
iia not leen altogether overcome by
the night letter. Only this month, when
the nation wide use of the night let
ter was suggested in eonnection with
the celebration of Mother's Day on
Mav 14, by which sons and daughter
eould send' words of eheer to the "Old
r'olks"t Home," it was juggested that
the mother would receive a fear along
with the telegram which would coun
teract the words of eheer they would
read when they opened it. It was at
first suggested that "special envelopes
u naeit which would bear the word
"This U a Mother 'a Oay telegram."
This wa discarded because it was too
expensive.. wpeciui motaer s o.n.
hluuks were furnished, aud the rest of
thn nroblem was solved bv instructing
all mesaeauer bova delivering such
message to aajr to the recipient, "Ma
dam, this is a motaer'a day message'
Telegraph officials hope even this pre
caution will not be necessary in a
year or two.
Telegraph officials believe that the
business nihl social possibilities of the
telegraph have only been tapped. They'
believe there will be more new uses
and greater applications of the ser
vice. As the night letter was inaugur
ated in IIHO to supply a use for facili
ties at night, the day letter was. start
ed to uso the "'valleys" in the service
facilities. There nre "peaks" in the
Valley Lumbermen Go
On a Junketing Trip
The dressed lumber shed, J20x.'!00
feet, was erected of To. 2 common lum
ber. It is equipped with automatic
sprinkler service as is the entire plant.
The finished product of the Ham
mond Lumber company is trndemarked
, " lliiionioud Quality," stamped
J. K. Shaw, Hammond Lumber com
pany, .Mill City.
B. C. Miles, C. K. Spaulding Logging
company, Halem.
Ralph Martin. Booth KH-lly Lumber
company, Eugene.
J. S. Bnicher, Mieriilau Lumber com
pany, Portland.
Carl Fischer, Sheridan Lumber com
pany, Sheridan.
S. M. Hnrnard, Buxton Lumber com
pnny, Buxton.
O. N. Hult. Hult Lumber company.
C. K. MeCredie, C'orvallis Lumber
1 The power for the mill is furnished
by both eteum and water, the Santiam
river, on which the plant is pleasantly
with i company, C'orvallis.
H. B. Latham, Silvertou Lumber com
pany, Silverton.
Geo. E. Gerlinger, Willamette Valley
Lumber company, Dallas.
C. H. Aldrich, Huinmoud Lumber
company, Mill City.
R. A. Cowden, Silverton Lumber corn-
Lumber com-
J. R. Shaw, nuinuger of the Hammond
Lumber company, ilill City, Ore., was
host to the Willamette Valley Lumber
men's association. Mav 31, when that
business at 10 o'clock in the morning, organization enjoyed a junketing trip
at noon, and at the closing ot bus- to the operations ot that cuinpuny 111
incus around 4:."lo o'clock. Between the ! connection with their regular wemi-
"peaks and "valleys." The day let- monthly meeting. ,tiK, ,.,),, on thc out.si,0 of eaf, bundle.
ter of fitty words is sent Muring t lie J Members ot the association met at stl.,, cutting stencil cuts the words
"valley" period of business that fol-j Salem, Ore., at 10:15 a. m., where auto- j,t0 everv foot on the lower side of tho
lows the regular business messages.! mobiles were furnished to make thc en- floorinir "'
J lie coarse IS one uim u UiUi iiuu-9 imn i jw.uwib iiij iu 111111 mij. aiic hl-uiu-
of the night letter. er was delightful, the roads perfect
The night message is sent ahead of. aud the 38-mile ride completed iu time
the night letter and behind t.ie regu-: for lunch, which was served immediate-
. a. ' .1 ..4 tl... ....! 1 11... I 1 nil .1... ... 111
llir messaire. it IS Clinruen hi imp ino i uoou me urriwti 01 me ourit. imrn 1. 11 .
word rate, as a regular message is, oa-j Mr. Shaw decided to become a sawmill "o he
U- at about two-thirds of the rate of ( manager that day an able hotelkeeper ' '? -LOOO-hor epowe
the regular message. ns spoded Spring chicken was the k ; 200-horse-
Modern Cable Service. base of the lunch around which he had V 750 horsepower Cor-
The Western Cnioa has also'lns.al.ed j aaTd aH'the ning department,
modifications of cable service which : llestlc'(ie sense of aa ci)icure-had one 1 Manager Shaw accompanied the
correspond closely to modifications in been present. I l,Iirt' to the '"Sgiatf operation of the
the lnd wire service. In addition to the Following the lunch. President C. K. rJ "" ' '-ogK 'B
fast regular cables there is the de-J Spaulding called the meeting to order
ferred half-rate service sent along for a short business 6essiou, aud Secre
when the regular messages do not keep tary day S. Hamilton reported on the
the facilities busy. Then there is the ; activities of the associatioa. In a gen
cable service letter, based en a thirteen- era! discussion of market conditions it
word rate, aim tue weea-enu lener ser-, .. - r.n.. v v-..u.v.. ' . - - tim. t1,B firo . ,
vice which is based on a tweutv-f vc- clers showed a tailing off but tnat u - .-- , .""".. 7
word bas i These messages are filed stocks were low and broken at the dif- ton Shay and a 62-ton Ueisler Heattle 'K wew en.ioying walk throogk
at anv time up to midnight Saturday ! ferent mills. A general "sit tight" at- Car & Foundry trucks complete the the timber, and werf some distance,
night fo. "eHvwr in . part of thetitude was advised. Several matters rolling equipment They recently pur- ' d"u8- As s?n 8 T
word the fokng Monday morning, of interest to the association were -two "half breed " Washington a''J h .ey tasten ed to
The money transferee the marine briefly discussed, after which Mr. Shawr on -ks donkey had H... ..
.ervien. the nieHsenirer service, the com-, personally conuueiea tne memDers on a "-" -' " " i- " "F . ..n " " . .. .." . -J
merciul news .ervice, and the time .er- tour of inspection to the mill and log- ted at Detroit on the t. ft t.. railroad
ging the company's null ana logging ""
1 operations. I Returning from the logging camp, the
' Hanimoud Lumber Co.'s Operations. ' party was afforded a glimpse of the
I Two years ago the mill of the Ham- farm of the company, comprising 200
' mond Lumber company was rutting acres. They maintain a herd of 15 to
about 125.0O0 feet in io hours. Today 20 milch cows and 150 range eattle. The
! it is turning out about 30.000 feet in crops are coru, potatoes and hay. Eight
situated, furnishes 1.000 horsepower and I pany, Silverton.
vt. rrown, urown
pany, Stnyton.
Fred Olin, Hammond Lumber com
pany, Mill City.
A. -Whisnanf, The T'unbermau, Port
land. The Timbermnn.
tendent Fred Olin had provided a flat
car equipped with seats and side rails
which, hauled by a Shaw locomotive,
made the 12 miles to the camp in a
little over an hour. The company are
logging about 125,000 feet daily at this in
Igniting from a defective flue. fire
on Tuesday afternoon destroyed tha
dwelling of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Piegel, situated on their homestead
the Ten Mile country. At tha
vice are otlir rnmitications dv wuicn
the Western I'nion has made its service
fit the requirements of business and of
the public.
Following is the latest quarterly re
port of the Western I nion,
1 iu. : ...1 A tIia : 11 .......
Total revenues.. 14.3y0,372 U,5GS.i;5; , . f cir.,,iar head riir and a oonv
pairs and
served for de
preciation .. . .
Other operating
expenses, in
cluding rent of
leased lines
and taxes , ...
beayes a week are killed to supply meat
for the butcher shop at Mill City and
the boarding houses. In addition to
these activities, Manager Shaw has a
store, a bakerv and a movie to look aft-
circular. The tail end has a pn.v
Wickes gang, aa Allis Chalmers hori
zontal resaw. a vertical Mershon resaw
ar) two trimmers. The live rolls and er during his spare hours.
transfer svstem disnlar Mr. Shaw's in-- The party left Mill City at 6 o'clock
genuity as a mill builder. The apace Geo. Gerlinger took those desiring to i
available for the installation of adtii- connect with the train at Salem for
tional transfer machinery wot limited Portland, in his red-wheeled Mitchell,
.. .1 .ha .wuniMMan konilllta .l,a in. a TtA trf-Atftil ttlAin tn inv riAtt tkftf
'"""'"i creased cut expeditiously. The clears go proved the merits of the car and the
" "" B 1 direct to the dry kiln which are North efficiency of the driver.
33,i S. f -,"-'--1-jeoa,)t, A Curtis stacker is used and! This junketing trip is the first of a
. . an uustacker unloads the cars after dry- enea that w ill be taken by the associa-
3,(i3fl,5!H -,17o,4oJ . The remauufacturiug plant is well tion. The following were in attend-
. larranired. A Pawlinir ft Harnisckfeeer . anee:
! mruinmi! rrstem is siieeMsfullv used. I C. K. Snauldinc. Soauldiii" Lofainir
company, mi em.
Jar IS. Hamilton. Jav S. Hamilton
Total expenses .10.
Balnnee ...
Deduct interest
.on bonded debt
1 I ITk. ki..o 1 .. l.a ... mnr.
Net income 3,323,627 1,S39,163; f th tnnstn .ni ,fmUti in
Newcomb Carlton, presideut f the, packages sufficient for a day's run Lumber company, Portland.
Western L'nion, said that the success on a machine, which are thea transfer- C. O. Davis, Carlton Consolidated
of the night letter illustrated good . red to the plauer by the monorail. Five Lumber company, Carlton.
business methods. (Berlin planers, a Berlin timber eizeri ai. a. rarweu, lanton Consolidated
"We have telegraph acrvioe'to sell,", and a Stetson-Ross ready eizer, located Lumber company, Carlton,
he said. "It was the same proposition on the sorting table, are used. A Sum-' W. B. Dennis. Carlton
as havinn anv other business commod- ner special air urt trimmer witn saws i-nrmwr company, inrttoa.
... . T. . . ... . !... tf.... ...a.. .1.. I .. V . .'. . I flan n frtl 1 - ... . J T 1
llv IO Sell. .V e Oa.e put It in viim jviir iwi . hi tun iuci .ca 1 vw. u. u..v-v.., ji mumunu xuuiuer
iv'e packages. That' the exvlanatioa."jit has been dressed.
J company, Portland.
as well as a portion Cii-their house-
noiu . rurniture. Mrs. Siegel is era
ployed as conductor by the Souther
Pacific company, but occasionally
spends a few months on his home
stead. Mrs. Siegel and children ar
rived here last night and are at tha
Roseburg hotel, where they will re
main until such time as" they ara
able to furnish a new dwelling ta
replace the one burned yesterday.
It is not believed Mr. Siegel carried
any insurance on his dwelling or
contents, although this eould not ba
definitely established here today. .
Roseburg Review.
Washington, July 7. The senate thi
afternoon confirmed Colonel Dodd, hera
of the punitive expedition as brigadier
' 1 1
iy one ttHnornwandsoe