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Wire dispatches
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Greatest Batttle In B 7 Is Being Fought-Germans Swept
"Back Three Mill Losses Are Terrific, Those of Ger
mans In First .1 flours Being Placed at 20.000
Cloudburst of Iron Falls For Days. Destroying Trenches
and Piling Earth With Dead
By Ed L. Keen,
(United Pres3 Staff Correspondent.)
London, Judy 3.---The arrival of German reinforce
ments has temporarily checked the British offensive
north of the Somme, except at one point, but the French
continue, to smash back the German line south of the
These facts are indicated in the official dispatches
from the German and Erench war offices and press dis
patches from headquarters of the British armies in
The French forces last night scored the most complete
success of the last 24 hours of the great allied offensive.
They battered in the German lines on a three mile front
directly south of the Somme. The disorganized German
regiments were driven rapidly eastward, the French ad
vancing to within five miles of the railway town of
Peronne, the immediate objective of their offensive.
By occupying the town of Herbecourt, French troops
advanced their lines eastward nearly two miles.
The German official statement this afternoon ad
mitted a German retirement south of the Somme under
heavy bombardment by the British but announced the
renulse of all Anelo-French attacks north of the river.
The statement was partly borne out in a press dispatch
from their army headquarters this afternoon, claiming
the capture' 6f a German position near 'Fricourt, but
describing the situation on the British left wing as un
changed, though "promising."
The pause in the British advance on Bapaume was
fully expected here. It was realized that following the
first advance across German trenches wrecked by artil
lery the British would encounter row after row of strong
German defensive positions, intact, and backed up by
large forces of reserves hurriedly rushed into action.
' The headquarters reports this afternoon, announcing
that British artillery is conducting a trrific cannonade
of Thiepval, northeast of Albert, is evidence that General
Haig is preparing the way for another infantry advance
by blasting in German works. The next British rush may
be delayed many hours, until the artillery has completed
its work.
By Ed L. Keen. only of artillery, whose rumble may
(Tinted Picas stff correspondent.) even be heard across the channel in
London, .lulv 3 I'uder a blazing July London.
Kiin, the allied armies are pushing on Berlin dispatches to the I luted 1 rcss
across the rolling 'farm hinds of the . Saturday night expressed t he belicl
.omme region today, in what is rapidlv that the British will deliver their most
developing into the greatest battle in powerful stroUo further north ot rltin
the history of tho world. luers.
The fighting not only is growing! The gun fire on the Flanders front
more intense with the arrival of Ger-1 continued throughout yesterday with
in nn reserves, but threatens to spread out cessation, said the Kotetrduiu dis
niong the whole of the 110 mile front i patches, which added:
from the Somme to the sea. "No such tremendous cannonading
British artillery has been pounding' for such a long period without a break
llie German line in Flanders with the j has been heard since the first const bat
most intense fire for hours, said a j tie nearly two years ago."
H.ittordam dispatch today. The sound; The fighting on the 15 mile front
of ships guns has been heard along the' over which the British and French arm
Flanders const. Supposedly British mon- ies are driving eastward toward the
it'iis have joined in the mighty symph- l'eroiine-Cambrui Lille rnlway is costing
'huge losses in meu. No estimate of the
. T.-JI-. . -,. -l t. t i- ; British or French losses has reached
London, but the German losses in the
first 3d hours arc said to have ex
ceeded 20.0O0.
1.000 Dead in One Place.
In the village of Dompierre aione, 1,-
500 German dead were counted utter
! three French regiments had fought
their way in with btiyouets and bombs.
Prisoners said manv oi tne uenu were
....... n-.M,.4.,.l lit- okoll firtt lt.it'nnt tli
1 y?iiJty if' $, iatantrv ntta.-k began. The artillery's
V 'fat curtain" fire made it impossible to ef-
B VJ fTV&SsM-sr'n 'dt? t'. feet their rescue. They bled to death
V W-ZGStt'kfcX&ZV under the hot sun. !
V 'WtTIP JlJl'V t -Tl. U nf.n.iv. n.-t..r
1 III- U
the first thrust deep into the German
lines. 1ms now resolved itself into a
'steady rolling movement with 1'eroune !
I and Haupme, apparently, rue unuieuiuie
, ob.iect.
The German counter attacks are hour-
' ly- growing more vigorous aud have
j checked and bent back the British left,
'M'ltt. l, n.l vu n4il ruttiiHv into tll vil-
! Inge of Serre when the offensive opened
Saturday morning.
The British center, north ot Albert
making slow, methodicul gains.
though also under terrific counter at
i taok.
East of Albert, where the extreme
I British right links up with the French
I left, the bloodiest struggle is going on.
1 nriv.n nut nf T.nBoilK'se. Frieourt.
"Iiss Fawn Lippineut has refined t ' Maminetz, Contalmaison aud Montaii
Sony er confirm th' report o' her en-, ban. the Germans are fighting with des
yttgenient t a Vincennes teller. She; porta ion to save important highway
says, however, that if he shows up fer, lines of communication which imperii
tu weddiu sho'U gladly talk fer pub-! both Baupme and IVronne.
ligation. Ther's too many folks withj South of the 8-inuie the French
grand opery appetites an' gallery in-
comes. I (Coctinaed on Pa Three.)
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Baby Parade With More Than a Hundred Bright Eyed
Little Tots In Line Is As Usual, Most Attractive Feature
Court of Fairies Charming Part. As Was the
"Country Gentleman" Autos Beautifully and Profusely
Decorated with Flowers and Greenery in Parade
)c ic sjc sfc (c ifc
$ 4c
Loyal subjects of Cherry Land. You are here
by asked to lay aside all worldly care and abandon
the pursuit of wealth for the next two days. To
day and tomorrow your queen reigns supreme.
Let the subjects of her realm devote their energies
to making it a period of pleasure and enjoyment
for all, great and little. From now until tomorrow
night surfeit yourselves with pleasure and let joy
reign throughout the land. Queen Estella so de
crees and it is ordered by King Bing.
Jury Goes Fishing While
Lawyers Work to Strength
en Their Trenches
Waukegan, 111., July 3 The Orpet
jury today went fishing while counsel
foi the defense and state seized upon
the court recess over the Fourth as a
final opportunity to strengthen their
lines in the fight to clear or convict
Will Orpet of Marion Lambert's mur
der. Len Bnrthell, one of the jurors, took
his fellow talesmen and several court
baMiffs up to his home on (.'linunel
lake, near the Wisconsin line. They
will remain there until Wednesday
l.K'u.ing. when court reconvenes,
Oi pet ' counsel said today they w ill
present -more witnesses to corroliorate
testimony that the "lliree spots" on
Marion Lambert's coat were not pres
ent wlen the coat whs examined at
t'.io !upner'g inquest.
These spots, which the state con
tends were made by liquid cyanido of
potassium, were counted on by the
state as strong evidence against Orpet.
t oui t attaches .predicted today the
d'fi'ii.-e will close its case late this
week and that the fate of Oipet will
be in the jury's hands duly 10.
Another form of preparedness is
the accumulation of invitations to din
ner against the time when the fam
ilv will be nt the bench.
Washington, July 3. There
are 21,000,000 able bodied men
in the United States between
the ages of 18 and 45, according
to a report today by the census
bureau, as to the nation's re
sources in men of military fit
"Aro you interested in the drama f"
asked the young egg. "I can't say I
am," replied the ancient one, "but I
am frequently thrown among actors."
Wife and Baby Were
Drowned by Cloudburst
Pendleton, Or., July 3-D. C. Me
Cabo arrived from Ileppner today to
find his wife and one child drowned,
his ranch house in Hotter creek can
yon swept away by a cloudburst, and
much c-f his livestock drowned.
Th-.' cloudburt swept the canyon late
Slltlll-ilnv. Afrj Aful'iiho 'a hrtitt- naa
found five miles away yesterday, aud
won ui tier iiuunc sou was nearoy.
Ranch hands saved the two other fc-
Cube children,
People are more insistent on the
right of way than on the right way.
Queen Estella, Rules Cherry Fair
ft X
fv:. :Y' I' "4
l .- " - . 1 ''A . K
wii w
4, , ,y
1tr- " "
v 1
Salem today is giving itself over with entire abandon
to what is in many respects the best Cherry Fair of years.
No fairer queen has ever ruled Cherryland's willing sub
jects than Queen Estella, in private life Miss Estella
Wilson. King Bing, Frank Deckebach, the royal consort,
is a potentate par excellence."
At 9:45 this morning the festive occasion was of
ficially ushered in with the departure of Queen Estella .
from the Hotel Marion. Led by the Cherrian band and
escorted by the Cherrians in a body the panoply wended
its way to the stand on the north side of the court house
for the crowning of the queen. - - -
Long before the queenly retinue was due the crowd
massed on the court house lawn and surrounded the
stand. The Boy Scouts rendered valiant service in hold
ing the hords in check and preserving a lane through
which the queen and her party were to enter the stand.
The Cherrian band led the procession to the coronation
stand, playing while the queen approached. Preceded by
two little girls, one carrying the crown, the other strew
ing flowers in her path, Queen Estella approached. Her
train was held by four tiny girls.
His Excellency Governor Withycombe enfolded ly ,
Cherrians brought up the rear.
Following came King Bing and his escort and the
scroll and read the proclamation making Miss Wilson
ruler over Cherryland for a period of two days and turn
ing the city over to her. He then placed the diadem on
her head which will remain there until tomorrow night.
Mayor Harley White, in a brief speech, pledged fealty to
the sovereign and presented her with a golden key to
the city.
On the instant the band broke into I
Lie Star Spangled Banner while Mrs.
riallie I'nrrish Hinges 8.1113. The:
crowil cheered and clapped hnnds long),
nT'rnr thp so ii'timi wiis pnrieil. In II
voice that carried to the outer edges I
of the throng King Hing ordered his!
people to devote themselves to the j
seeking of enjoyment and pledging in
the queen s name a reign of prosperi
ty and pleasure,
L'ven Jupiter I'luvlus was in a hap
py mood. The raiu which f ir a time
threatened to mar the day was held
temporarily in check and Cherryland
will probably bask in warm sunshine
until the end. From outside the city
people are pouring in who hesitateit
to make the trip until assured that
the weather would be propitious. The
crowds around the streets are becom
ing thicker and the town will be chok
ed ly tonight.
It may be said without any attempt
at exaggeratioa that this year's baby
parade was easily the equal, if not su
perior, to that of previous Beasonr.
(Continued on Paae Hiz.)
Miss Bosalie Bach, Maw of Honor,
,t t
- i
Miss Estella Wilson.
Whereas: The people of
Cherry land have by their ex
pressed wish whien railed from
their midst, one of tho t'airest
maidens of the realm to rule
over them as queen as well us
to guide and direct tho af
fairs of state
And whereas: I, Janiea
Withycombe governor of the
state of Oregon, having been
appointed by his majesty King
Hiug to perform the solemn
ami glorious ceremony of cor
onation, I do now by the pow
er in me vested, crown this
charming lady to be hereafter
known as Queen Kstelht.
Your majesty, on behalf of
the people of your realm, I be
speak for you a most glorious
reign, and for them I promise
their most loyal support and
earnest co-operation.
Miss Charlotte Lsilly, Maid of Honor,
Oregon: To
night uud Tues
day u settled,
probably abowers
north, fair south
portion; warmer
Tuesday; south
erly winds. i