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Sporting News UV JAJLY
-U. 1L IX U A U. J. 1LLL U -! Li
Magazine Section
BTANDB, dVl Clfctl
1 Sport
Advance Dope Shows the
Salem Boys Will Have to
"Go Some"
Pacific Coast League Standings.
Pet. :
..mi! I
..-.29 j
.:! !
Vernon ;
I.os Angeles ..
San l-'raucisco
.Salt Lake
Oakland 34
Yesterday's Results.
At Portland .No game with
Angeles; rain.
At f.os Angeles Vernon 1 .'!,
Lake 0-2.
At San Francisco San Francisco
Oakland 1.
mnnn nminnciifu nr.-. Ilin Tl.iltl!i,i
Uradfords who make their bow to
Salem fans at the league grounds to-!
morrow. I'.re they depart they will
have engaged in three games that will
lie their making or breaking.
Wayne V. Lewis, secretary of the
Intercity league, has written to Hay
linker and incidentally furnished some
dope on the Bradford bunch that is
ample proof of the quality of the men
the liO.jns will have to beat. Here's
the way they stack up:
Tommy Clark, the Bradford catcher,
was with Albany last season. He is a
wonderful receiver but is not hitting
well at. present. He has been train
ing lately at the Portland speedway
for a boxing match. Tie is one of the
fastest amateur lightweight boxers in
1hn northwest, winning the. Amateur
title while with the Spokane Athletic
Charley "Pullein" Bleeg, the catch
ing dentist, is one of the most danger
fins pinch hitters., in the league. His
dental practice is nil that keeps him
from being in Class AA company.
"Ifeinie" Itillnrd is a pitcher who
never gets going until July. The
liradfords look for him to start next
week and throw a wonderful game.
His "hook" ball is one of the best in
the business. Hoy Lund is another
pitcher. ' A big. redheaded six-footer,
The Warnings
-of Nature.
may not seem urgent at first, but
that is the nest time to give aid.
If you have any stomach, liver
or bowel weaknessjust try
Stomach Bitters
Summer Tours
$32 Round Trip
Good for 30 Days.
Ninety Day Ticket $35.00
Meals and berth included on the
Twin Palaces s. S. Northern
Pacific and (Ireut. Northern
only L'll hours at sea. Most de
lightful trip on the West l.'oitst.
Oregon Electric
North Bank Road
S. 8. Northern Pacific
S. S. Great Northern
I Low Fares for Round TACT
Trips to all cities of the lulu 1
Direct via the Most Scenic
Routes of America, or via
1 alifornia.
Catsop Beach for
J. W. RITCHIE, Agent,
Salem, Oregon
.I 0Rttwl lv
H.WM.IIIM Will IJ I,., IUJHI ! HH ' " II I , m , I, n , I,, 1 1 H I )l I I I , .111.1 II ., I I , .. !. , rr , y,, , -W-W-.
he iuts more steam behind his pitch
in;; tlii'm any of the bunch. He was
with Walla Walla in the Tri-State
league anil this will lie his last season
with the Intercity. He would have
left sooner but his father made him
stick to the ranch.
tleorge "liookie'' Swart, was in the
Salt Lake camp all last week ami will
be taken to their training camp next
season. He is a left handed ehucker.
. "Zitts" Fred t'ohn, the Y'iddisher
second baseman, lc, the league in hit
tint; for the first eight games and is a
nice fielder. Chef Hughes, the short
stop, led the Portland Hankers' league
in nil departments. This is his first
game with the Intercity.
Captain Wallace Childors plays third.
He was manager of the Walla Walla
nine that won the Tristate champion
ship twice unci finished second once.
( hilders is the bruins of the Bradford
team and has an arm of steel.
"I'll tick" Kdwaiils now playing the
nut field, is going to be a sensation be
fore the season ends, lie is at present
hitting for a meager ..'Wii and has no
known weakness on a pitched bull. Ed
Kennedy, another lirndfnrd gardener
is too well known to need much men
tion. He has played with the Portland
Heavers. Taennoi nod has three son-
i,i ..,-...i;t ;ti, ti, i,-,,c.,0 1
City team of the American association.
Hay Kennedy, who also plays the
outer garden, is no relative to Kd
Kennedy but he is an old head, having
played with the Vancouver Tri -staters
and with Ohchnlis in the Washington
State league.
All of which supports the contention
that the I. ejus have their work cut out
to win a majority of the three games
to lie played here. Keene and Cole are
in splendid condition for the games anil
Manager K lot t figures that Salem
ought to get at least two of the con
tests. J. Watching the Scoreboard J
National League.
W. L. Pet.
Brooklvn :tii LM .010
Philadelphia .)'( iiS .541
Boston :ln 27 .oL'ii
New Vork :il -2 .."U8
Chicago -'H :t-'l
Pittsburg 27 112 .-loS
Cincinnati 2S X" .444
St. Louis 20 .'!7 .4:t!l
American League
New Vork ...
Washington .
St. Louis
:t7 20
:tii 2S
17 -t:i .2!
Walter ltunne won two games for
Vernon by smiting the ball at the
psychological moment.
Suit Lake's double defeat was ren
dered more mournful by Buddy Ifyaa
getting spiked in sliding and having to
San Francisco made its pennant rais
ing celebration good by taking a two
to one game from Oakland.
Fanning, who heaved for the Seals,
was frequently in trouble but timely
work by his accomplices saved him.
Hobby Jones at third for the Seals
grabbed a bunch of limelight ill tn
first when he nailed Keiiwoi 1 hv's tor
rid smash and faded his mini ut the
initial sack.
Roberston of the liiants got a hom
er in the tilth with a runnel' on second
which clinched the game with the
.lust to show it was no fluke when
he held the White Sox to three hits
recently, Fred Heche, "come back"
sensation of the Indians, turned the
same, trick with the Hiowns.
The White Sox are now in third
I place, leading Washington by one
I point. Joe Jackson's hitting and Jim
I Scott's twirling were a winning com
bination against the igors.
Yougotla be acclimat .l to beat the
Cards these davs. The Cubs didn't
know this, so consequently were easy
for the mound cilies, use. I to the
humidity of their village.
Mavs of the l(ed Sox, was in great
shape. He held the Senators to two
hits, winning six to two.
(,'iil'l'ith and MeHride were chased
and Catcher Sam Agncw of Boston was
pinched when 11 fn'e for all threatened
after Agnew slapped the Senators boss.
Xngnles, Ariz., .lu'y 1. Mexicans
families on the American side of the
line here who have been camped a
lonii'dde a refuse train were notified
by Mexico today that the danger of n
bleak between the Tinted Slates and
Mexico had parsed and that thev
tniglit return to their homes ou til
American sole.
Try Capital Journal Want Adj.
Chautauqua 1
Program for Chautauqua Week.
Chautauqua folks here are already
a-tingle with interest nbout what the
1010 program is going, to be. There
is a great treat in store for them. Ar
rangements have been made by the
management of the western chautiiuquas
for an array of "talent" that is a vic
tory of program construction. There
is a magnificent lecture staff this
year, and a musical and entertain
ment program not to be excelled.
In the former class come: Sylvester
A. Long, president of the International
Lyceum Association. America's prem
ier platform orator; Lnu J. Heaiichiiinp.
dean of humorists, the .Sunshine man
of the Chautauqua; Robert Parker
Miles, noted editor and lecturer; Br.
Thomas K. Clieen, orator of inert-national
fame, prominent In the diplo
matic circles of the world; Dr. V. A.
Ilunsbei'ger, renowned lecturer, in
charge of Sir Douglas Mawson. An-!
tartie Kxpedition evening, which fea
tures the most thrilling moving pic
tures ever filmed.
The musical and entertainment num
bers will be: Halmer 's Kal't'ier liny
Choir, the supreme novelty attraction
of the chnulaiiqua; the international
Operatic Company, all star organiza
tion of vocalists; in repertoire of clas
sic and popular selections, presenting
opera in costume; the Alexander Von
Skibinskv Coinpnnv, featuring the
great Russian concert violinist will)
Mary Welch, contralto soloist anil
Alice Wright Baker, pianist and ac
companist; the New Vork City Marine
Hand, New York's "best, ' America s
most popular band; Sequoia Male
Junrtet, chiiutauqua's premier har
mony tour; the Rincr Sisters, liveliest
and most captivating of girl enter
tainers; Wood Briggs, drollest and
wittiest of story tellers; the Comus
Players, dramatic artists in popular
and Shakesperian repertoire.
This array of topliners will be here.
By Mrs. F. T. Porter.
It's a inightv cuius circuinstiince.
Curuscr 'n any dark age romance,
'At they's some folks cain't do a
gastcd thing,
Hut the whistles blow an' the bells
all ring;
An' the paper prints the hull blame
It's a mighty ciirus thing, by jing!
It's u pesky, spunky thing T low
'At ef some folks grin, or sneeze, er
The papers tells us the hull blame
Whv his ole dog, er cat, er cow,
Could stampede this hull greaser row.
Its a mighty euros thing I swow.
It 's a mighty cuius thing T say,
'At the people can be .joshed that way,
'An the downs all dance an' the asses
Kf his finger crooks at 'em that a
way, '
An' then the papers the very next day
Will print the hull like a grand stand
lint then yon see they've got the gall
Whv thev's some folks thev cant see
at 'all,
An' them folks, they can work an'
Till ther backs are bent an' tiler hair
is gray. v
An' the papers jest do the same old
They don't say a pesky thing, by jing.
Well it's consaine.1 funny, is all I say.
I like to hear the band all play,
But ef all the solo pails should rest.
It "ltd be pore music I've somehow
An' it seems to me it does, by gum.
'At glasses 'old help the papers sum.
Whv the folks 'at note the 'sparrows
'at fall
An' share ther crust with every call
An' the folks 'at quietly watch an'
Kr slave fer others early an' lalo.
Why they'll git paid at St. Peter's
An' the paeprs.' By gum! They'll be
too late.
Laredo, Texas, .Inly 1 . .Investiga
tion has developed that the 17 Amer
icans in jail at Monterey are civilians,
not soldiers, as was reported.
'i 1 ...... 24-
' f-
The liancing i, ul- with Harry I,. Sione's Allmmbia Musi.-al Couo'dy company
' Monday and Tuesday,
V -
v v f Hi
N . II
r 8 : W l
U m i I ft ln PrcisPct"',9 stata K he leaves Veneouver on a nine
eiL ?i, n ltl1".WC-st of fan Fran- j day trip in a Canadian Pacific Trin
noH M v tclty 13,.west ot "st-lccss steamer, the traveller wakes
Al net-, f ;, r ""''C" wie
Alaskan fjords equal those of Nor-
way, that Alaska contains more than
200 immense and unmatched jrhiciers,
Gome of them near neighbors to au-
,. ' "B-ii,
whose smokinc summit; fnrmo iv,o
iivb volcanoes sucn as Wrangell,
n . u.i.iw ,IIU
eastern end of n rh.mn nf llvmn ol
dead lava peaks a thousand miles
ork- ti,:. . - i
m climatic variations are fjreat.
Tl.e coldest month of Sitka is no
colder than that of St. Louis. The
warmest months of San Francisco
PL i 'u? record,
Ku V-? 13 300, miles within the
Arctic Circle and has no sun for 40
dayo gf '.he year.
" Kecniitiiig for the regular army
and to bring the national guard of the
various states up to a war footing is an
exceedingly important; part of the work
of preparedness and moton-ycles are be
ing used effectively in reaching the
places where recruiting stations can
not be permanently maintained by the
army," says Scott & Piper, local agents
for the llarley-Davidson motorcycle.
"The first use of motorcycles in this
way was at the Tinted States recruit
ing station at Macon, tin., in charge
of T.ieut. Height. The acliuil travel
work of the recruiting office is done
by Sergt. K. B. (libson, an experienced
and enthusiastic motorcyclist who uses
a three speed twin cylinder motorcy
cle of high power for this service. Each
day he covers an average of more than
100 miles of highways and byways in
the work of impressing upon young men
the need of the army for soldiers and
the advantages of a military career.
"High school graduates in large mini -hers
are being attracted to the army.
In a few cities there has been opposi
tion to furnishing the recruiting of
ficers with the names of high school
graduates but in most cities the repre
sentatives of Vncle Sam are given the
best eo-npciation, and the school author
ities, as well as public, officials,
corporations, stores and other cuter
prises are taking mi active part in as
sisting the government to obtain for
the. army young men of education ns
well as perfect physique."
Vera Cruz, June .'ill. The battleship
Nel.rashi I the Ward li Monterey
an veil here this morning in take off
American refugees. The Nebraska will
transport ."no and the Monterey about
::on. J
You read the news wo get it.
i t
,; . - f -
: 'VV; oft- IA I
i M
&)nnfK. fry t. f i w
1 LI
I 1 -
: iiBxc rnoi ninff to his first view of the
.solemn fjord country. SevmourNar-
rowrs ushers nrni mln miu,!), taln.wl
dotted waters that lead to Alert Bay,
whore he may see 50-foot totem poles
and the cedar lodges of the Kwat-
1 twill
I r, rn in . .
I by evening- and for the only time dur-
"'i'- u,u '"' U,L vessel noes oneii
water, while whale spout in the
oiling- and tho sharks sport in the
j last sunshine. P
Wrangell Narrows is a fascinating
land ui.seless shadpwland, where the
vessel goes too slowly through the
; winding eha.mel to break the l etlei!
tiuns c? the midnight sun. In Sum-
President Mohler of
Union Pacific Resigns
to Enjoy Life
Omaha, Neb., .Inly 1. Warned by
the untimely dentil from overwork lit
his Uig Chief, Kdwtird II. Ilaninian,
president A. L. Mohler of the t'niou
I'aeific and Oregon Short Line rail
roads, today, in 1 lie prime of life, left
Ida official desk never to 'return, lien
eral manager Charles Ware did the
same thing.
Until men are in the midst of the
best years of their lives, around the
half ccnturv miirkj and thev present
the unusual spectacle of this age of
bustle and business right down to the
grave's brink, of stopping before they
.Mohler and Ware are in perfect
heiillh and could lone retai I their
off iies imlcfi nitely.
Mohler will turn tanner ill Colorado
and Ware will travel around the world
awhile. Both men say they have not
ipiit to sil down and die; that thuy
will Keep their minds and bodies net
he, but they'll do it just after the
manner they see fit,
.or. Mohler was born at lluphrat.i,
Pa., in ix.ui and stalled as a freight
clerk at (.'alt, III., ul in. Ware, a nil
live of .loneslioio, III., started as a tel
egrapher for the North western.
St. I'aul, Minn., July 1. Now
the dishonest grocer is soaking
the butler boats, and making
five cents per pound more on !t
his biiller. This is the purport
of a warning issued today by
i hailes C. Neale, slate i nnis-
i.ioiier of weights and measures.
He mis that by soaking the
il l ounce woodeii hunt, it can
be made to weigh - ounces.
1 . . : 1'
' V it
t -'
i'h ik
coming to Th
lil'gh Theatre for
.11- w
mi "
Day.Vancouvw!) I '
lei a kin ' S
if t
Island A I
r Ri.ti-iff !-.'
c i $
rjM i t. si
'f -
"e t
. I-
- v 1 . . .
I dum Bay a hundred or more (jlacleri
: may be seen along the walls. The
scenery is wild and the plunping
bergs keep the fjord roaring like,
some vast foundry of the gods,
farther north, the Tnku Glacier
-t retches a mile wide, the largest of
the forty-five ice streams emptying
: into Taku Bay.
I At the bottom or a 8,0(10-foot
I mountain is .Tnnonn tht, .,nu.,i
j - " v.F'iiu ui
i Alaska, a well-built city, although
uieru couuin i du tounil a naturally
i level spot on which to place a single
larjre building.
j Kkagway i.-i one day's trip up I.ynn
: Canal, lu.-th wild days of '08 Skag
w.vj was the door through which all
the trail-hitters struck for the gold
belds, taking the line of tho present
. Unite Pass & Yukon Railway.
National Education Asso
ciation Meets In New
York for First Time
New Vork, duly I. i'or the first
time in its fifty four years of exist
ence, the National Ivlm-ational associ
ation, beginning today, is holding ils
annual meeting in N-w Vork City.
According to Dr. Huvid It. Johnson
of Ifockhill, S. ('., president ami Uiir
nml W. Springer of Aim Arbor, Mich
igan, secretary, the advance enrollment
inilicliles an attendance of 'iu.uil'l del
egates. I he session opens in the ball
room the Hotel Astor, wilh toe
meeting of the National Council of Kd
iication, Ifohert .1, A ley, president of
the l'nivr-;.'tt v of Maine, presiding.
How to make the next generation
better is the subject of the discussion
led bv Unbort M. Vorkos, psychologist,
of Boston, lie advocates hctter per
sonal sanitation and hygiene, better
conditions surrounding, ami proper rec
reations iiml closer parentage rescrie.
t ions.
S. W. Slranss, president of the A
merican Society of Thrift. Chi, ago. ad
dresses the Council on "The Creater
Thrift." He speaks of thrift in its
relation to country life, city life, the
industries, hanking, the iioine, labor
unions, boards of trade, and cliaiobeis
of commerce.
Other societies meeting with the Na
tional Kibicalioiuil association, July I
Ho s. are: American home economics
association, American school peace
league, Nalioiinl fe.leiatiou of slate
teachers associations, School garden as
sociation of America, National con
gress of mothers and parent. teacher
associations, League of teachers asso
ciations, Associat on for the wider use
of school house, National conference
.for the extenion of elocution. Confer
ence ,,- , , .mis nf women. Modem Ian
gunge conicre National conference
of visiting teachers, American school
iiviene ns-ocint ion, and the American
posture league.
Volunteer Citizen Defenders
of Cleveland In Camp
Camp Perry, Ohio, July 1 The vol
unteer defenders of Cleveland, sixth
.eilv, detrained here today for a weeks'
' iiiannuvors and instruction in Indies
Ol' war. This citizen force of ."mil will
learn lunv to make mid break camp
i'iiicl,lv, ir -li digging, I b throw
ling, scouting, charging, machine gun
I manipulation, mid other things every
regular of the I'. S. uriiiy is Suppo-ed
to k now.
One of the features of tin Ip will
,10' an exhibition drill of Ion Cleveland
women oliiiiteei ", the auxiliary of the
(mining school. They received instruc
tion in b'ed ross work this spring and
; will dcnionsl rule their ability before
Oov. k'lank Willis. The women will
not ec amp. merely visiting the uation-l
nil iniard grounds here one da v.
UST void Mr.TrteJ
l Vlr. Hem LcC
UST nttr Hotel Ncf-
tonVf KctpitfttU dcon
UST lect larg, cheer- ,
ful room for vcui imv
UST top-. long, JorJ
torn Hirt, ihoit timv
ttopttn vtrythmg-'in itnw
phti that dlihu
USTmakt Start toward
bctln hillh-.fnjoj th monk
inrf -noon-vninM itimI
UST mtet and nobnte
with fritndi in tht tiry lobby
USTrast pour'weary bonse
on a truly luxurious bd and
lunandaf to clnnnt iliMma
UST the thin, that ippetJi
modarato ericaa.
Rooma wilK firiviLila rX LaiL tEl
.... r. m '
ot mora tha day, Rcemj with
privata bath $1 .5 0 et mcia tha -J
Why Not Use
Columbia QUALITY Careon7
Made ln Oregon
100 Copies Guaranteed from
Each Sheet.
Colnmbl Carbon Pajer Jiff. Co.
33rd & Brcsdway, Portland, Ore.
Sixth and Kverett streets, Port
land. Ore.. 4 blocks from Virion
Still ion. I'nder new manage
ment. All rooms newly deco
Hates: .Vie, 7-V, $1, l.50 per day
Th( tiny CfiPSllLES
are aupcuor to balsam
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Rtllf'S In . Midi)
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tuna D'stsrra with
out InconveniencA.
France Still Buying Mil
lions of Dollars Worth
of American Horses
Lincoln, Neb., July I. The .Fror.-h
government is still buying American
horses, having within the last two
weeks placed contracts for lii.nun head,
the order is to be filled by July l.'j.
Omaha is ti ucent ration point.
for this shipment. One hundred and
sixty five dollars per h I is the pi ice
under the contract, making the total
expenditure for this shipment -T1 1 .'.,( -
000. .Most of this money will go to
horse raisers in Nebraska, though
some horses will be taken from Mue
slis, Iowa and South liakota.
Since the beginning of the war loos
es have been concentrated in this sec
linn for shipment to the allies I'or isc
in I lie war zone.
Nogalcs, Ariz., Jul, I. All lolfnr;
stock has been remove, I from I 'el ho,,
a few miles below the border i'i on,
Nacn, it was Iciii ne.l today. TI
trains were reported to have b ev
loaded nito military e,piinn-ut.
for a fine
you must do something moic
than use cosmetics. You vnwt
keep the blood pure, the liwr
and kidneys active and tlic
bowels regular. You must also
correct the digestive ills thai
cause muddy skin and dull eyo.
offer you the needed help. They
are mild in action, but quickly
strengthen the stomach, gen
tly stimulate the liver and regu
late the bowels. They put the
body in good condition so the
organs work as nature intend
ed. Backed by sixty years of
usefulness, Beecham s Illls ,
are worili
Dirctia W Sveru) V-la U Wan w-Hk mrf tr
fivkd f rrkr- In bac 19 26c
ff I I