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Look uut Tor kidney troubles mid
backache. Colds overtax the kidneys;
and often leave tliein " im. Fur weak
kidneys well, read what a Salem man i
Great Clubbing Offers by
the Daily Capital Journal
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Call at the business office, or address.
If Too Fat Get,
More Fresh Air I
Moderate In Your Diet
Reduce Your Weight. Take
Oil ot Korein.
Lack of fresh air it is said weakens
the oxygen carrying powor of the blood,
the liver becomes sluggish, fat iccnmu
latcs and the action of many of tho
vital organs are hindered thereby. The
heart action becomes weak, work is an
effort and the beauty of tho figure is
destroyed. I
Fat put on by indoor life is unhealthy I
ind if nature is not assisted in throw-1
ing it off a seriotts case of obesity may
When you feel that you are getting
too stout, take the matter in hand at
once. Don 't wait until your figure has
becomo a joke and your health ruined
Y through carrying around i burden of
unsightly and unhealthy fat.
Spend as much time as you possibly
can in the open; breathe deeply, and
got from Central Pharmacy or any
druggist a box of oil of korein
capsules; take one after each meal and
,-tone before rotiring at night.
Weigh yourself every few days and
keep up the treatment until you are
down to normal. Oil of korein is ab
solutely harmless, is pleasant to take,
helps tho digestion and even a few days
treatment has been reported to show a
noticeable reduction in weight.
Let's continue to hope that blaek
borders on handkerchiefs will not be
ndded to our other border troubles.
Are You Past 30 Years?
Take Hot Water and "Anuric."
People arc realizing more and more
Y every day that the kidneys, just as do
the bowels, need to be flushed occa
sionally. The kidneys are an elimina
tive organ and are constantly working,
separating the poisons from the blood.
Under this continual and perpetual
aetioa they are apt to congest, and
then trouble starts. Uric acid backs
up into the system, causing rheuma
tism, neuralina. rirorsv and mnnv
other serious disturbances. Doctor
Pierce of Buffalo, New York, alvo-
loiin iuv r i ri j vne snuum iiiiiii
P'vari. rltiv uhnntil pn.riii.n in tli.i nnt.
Moor air sufficiently to sweat profur.ely.
kind from time to time stimulate the
idnev action bv means of "Anuric."
V'his preparation has been thoroughly
ried out at his Sanitarium, in the o-me
iy as his "Favorite Prescription" for
Dispatch Intimates,
Hooper Is Arrested
Portland, Ore., Juno 30. A telegram
from the San Francisco police that
"your-number 2C10 is under arrest at
Joplin, Mo., charged with murder," was
not fully explained by the Portland po
lice department today.
"Your number 2010," is John Austin
Hooper, probably the most sensational
highwaymnn of a decade. But in re
sponse to a telegram, Joplin authori
ties wired that they had no record of
Hooper's nrrest. Locnl police thought,
however, that Hooper might have been
arrested under another name, and that
his real identity is unknown in Joplin.
Hooper escaped from jail at Grnnta
Pass, Ore., a year ago after his nrrest
on a charge of holding up the Southern
Pacific station there. A dozen other sen
sational holdups are laid at his door.
Story Corroborated.
San Francisco, June 30. That John
Austin Hooper, the Oregon bandit, is
under nrrest at Joplin, Mo., under the
name of Wilbur Mason, was the declara
tion of San Francisco police today. They
declare the man was taken into custody
at Joplin June 4 on charge of murder
and robbery and that his book number
there is 581.
Hooper was sentenced to a life term
at San Quentiu several years ago, but
was paroled September 1, 1014.
It is "Remember the Maine" in
our war with Spain. How would "Re
member the Mining Stock" do at this
weak women and "Golden Metlical
Discovery," the standard herbal system
tonic, (both of which now mine in
tablet form for convenience of carrying
and taking). "Anuric" is now being
introduced here, and many locU people
are daily testifying to its perfect ness.
, When you have backache, dizzy spells
or rheumatism, heed nature's warning.
It means that you arc a victim to uric
acid poisoning. Then ask your drug
gist for "Anuric" and you will very
soon become one of hundreds who
daily give their thankful indorsement
to this powerful enemy to uric avid.
If you have that tired, worn-out feel
ing, baikachc, rheumatism, neuralgia,
or if your sleep is disturbed by too fre
quent urination, get Dr. Pierce. Anuric
Tablets pt drug store, full treatment
$1.ki. or send 10c for trial package to
nr. i ieree, invalids' uorei, uuiiaio,.
x. y.
Something Doing From Early
Morn Until Long After
Dewy Eve
.t. .
Front the rising of
iuf sun nexr
Monday morning at twenty-seven niin
utes after four o'clock until the last
sraiiis of the orchestra playing "Home
Sweet Home" nt the armory, the pa
triotic people of Salem will be celc-
orniing tne nav tnnt will in tune make
Salem famous, that known as "( herry
rair Da.
i.uuugn i ue uny according to nos -
tetter s almanac begins when the nvcr -
age good citizen is engaged in refresh -
ing slumber, tho day officially f rom
tne t nerry rair stnniipomt will assume
an air of expectancy when Queeti
Kstella and her attendants are escort
ed at 0:1") a. m. from the Marion
hotel by the uniformed Cherrians to
tho reviewing stand on the Court
house lawn.
At the hour of 0::I0 when the queen,
Miss Estella Wilson and her maids,
Miss liosalie Ilach anil Miss Charlotte
I. ally, arrive at the reviewing stand,
(Inventor Withyeombe, with a few ap
propriate words will place the crown
on the brow of Miss Wilson, saluting
her as Queen of the 101(5 Cherry Fair.
Immediately following the crowning
ot the queen," the Salem Bov Scouts,
i under the direction of Scoutmaster
I Fulkerson. will inve an exhibition of
the bov scout drill and evolutions.
At !:4T thp bniiy jiarmlo on Willsou
nviMiup will ltoi'in with tlip IipjuI of tho
nrocessioi, nt Court niul Summer streets.
This parade will be - around Willson
, , .. ., ,. .
park. On account ot the i itticu.lt posi-
! -,i , .i
tion they will occupy as judges the
names of those who will have that .
doubtful honor thrust upon them, have I
not been announced.
,. .. . . . ., , ,.
rrom the viewing of the bullies an,!
muds um.k i s,.v , , i yvw
orators or i neuy rair unv win me t"
Marion Square for the Oregon Orange
picnic aud the program to be offered
by its members. -
' The attractions of the afternoon will
iiegm at. p. 111. witn me paraoe
I representing all the granges of Marion
I county, led by the governor on horse-
'back and Chief Welch and his aides,
! followed by the Cherrinn baud. Form-j
I ing at Marion Square at 1:M p. m the
line parade is south on ( ommercial
street to State; hence east on State to
Church; north on Church to the review
ing stand on the north side of the
court house; thence swinging around
the court house to State; thence west
on State to Commercial
Marion Square.
Street sports will begin following
the parade and those interested in base
ball will find a good game nt the
League grounds beginning nt 4:1.1.
"Hiawatha" will be produced under
the direction of the North Salem 'Wo
men's club, 011 the lawn of Willson
avenue, beginning at. 5 o'clock.
and the band concert for 8:30. The
Water sports are scheduled for 7:. 10
concert will continue about 30 minutes,
bh the ball, to be led by Queen Kstella
and King liing Deckelinch, will begin
with the grand march at 0 o'clock.
The doors of the armory will be
thrown open at noon of Monday for
tho exhibit of cherries and flowers,
under the auspices of the Salem Floral
association. Prizes amounting to $150
will be awarded to those making the
best cherrv displays and $!I7 for the
best floral exhibits. Seventy dollars
will be distributed among those who
enter decorated aWmobiles and the
boys and young men in street sports
will receive a total of $35.
July 3 is a Salem holiday, but July
Fourth is a national affair, to bo ob
served entirely at tho state fair
The average citizen may rest on tho
Fourth after the strenuous Cherry Fair
day, but the crowned heads will still
bo on duty. Queen Estella and her
maids will be. entertained at the Mar
ion on the Fourth by fif State Fair
Board and with the Cherrians as es
corts will be given a grand entry in
to the grounds on the morning of the
day-we all celebrate.
One of the best features nf the com
ing Chautauqua in Snlem, July 12, will
be the long list of musical numbers to
be presented during the week. Six
days of the program will be featured
with music, and the best artists that
can bo brought under contract for sum
lUr work.
The Sequoia Male Quartet is one of
the most versatile of the musical at
tractions on the program. These four
male singers present a program of old
home ballads, popular and grand opera
and almost anything an audience may
want. The International Operatic
company appears on one of the earlier
days of chautauqua in a pi asing pro
gram; while on music day chnutanqua
patrons are to hear the famous New
i'ork City Marine Hand in two great
concerts. Bringing this band to the
Wst. is one of the chautauqua victories
of l'jlti.
Another musical attraction of ns
great importance is the Kaffir Boy
Choir which has been brought to this
country bv Balnier an African explor
er. This organization of real Kaffir,
boys will give the program on the;
closing evening of chautauqua in a;
concert that will linger long in the,
memories of those who attend the pro-1
grams in the big tent. Other musical
attractions for the chautauqua are Don-1
aid liouchier, a French tenor; who will1
ding in concert with the New York City,
Marine band; The ltincr Sisters, and
the Skibinskv-Welch Concert company.
The whole airav of musical talent is'
far more pretentious than any other
musical progiain that has ever been
presented on a western chautauqua.
Now comes the irreverent KI!
m hat ''anew broom sweeps clean''.
mid be a gcod campaign slogan Y or
hew hiskereu candidates.
says: j
Kd I. a Fountain, retired fanner, 1 -H I I
S - tw0 y;!r ..Trme d" wSiTii
ueavy com wiuen semen on my moneys
nnd caused me a great deal of trou
ble. My back was sore mid stiff. My
kidneys acted too freely and I bad to
get up eight or ten times at night and
1 1 couldn t control the kidney secretions.
I took three boxes of Doan's Kidney i
i;iu n.i.i .i..... ut... thrt ,nic-ur.. ;.. ... !
: .m.j .--...... ..... ....... ,
back and rid me of tne too frequent
desire to pass tho kidney secretions.
Since then, my kidneys have caused me
but very little trouble and in every way
I am enjoying the best of health."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don 't
,:n,..i.. i.:.i . .
DoVs Ki(npy iMHsthe same that
Mr- Tj!l ynm,tijn had. Foster-Milnjrn
1 Co ' ir0I(. Buffalo, N. Y.
j i
1 I L T J
! AffieHCan LUJllDer lnUle
With the West and North
Coasts of South America
Wlislliinrtiili II C June 10.
pi.,., i
Americans can 'shin lumber t,'. s,tl, !
America without quarrels and disputes
with their Latin customers seems iirov-1
en bv the, fact that. Douglas fir from!
our Pacific coast is sold in large quan- j
titles to Chile and Peru, with practical -
ly none of the friction over grade and
measurements that characterizes our ;
lumber trade with Argentina. Hrazil nn.1 1
1 ruguay. "This
tion of affairs,"
coi'idi- I
says Special Agent
i '.'k',r '' Simmons, in a report written
r.'"' 11,0 'au ot foreign and Dome
1 v o.nmerce jjepurtment ot ( ,
has resulted i f...,ii,r (
, oniniereo,
in American products and cordiality to-!
Wlml Amencnu exporters that is of the
ward Americnii exporters that is of the !
! f"'f,'t I I , V1,1 t American
I trade as a whole."
m. . , ., ,
1 1 ne new report describes the markets
, . . ..... ,Va.,K,'...s
Colombia, Venezuela, 'Trinidad, and Cu-
l-!U"in n.;i. 1 1...
' '" "
maiKeis, aiinougn tno lumlier imported
v )h(ls(1 fw ,,.,.....;,, i(( .,,. ' ,.
i sively Douglas fir. Kcuador
iimtiuc i ...
in using liracticallv
USlllir liriH'tli'll t- tin tintw.rt.,.) 1 1..... I
, but would be a promising 'field if the
; tariff were low enough to permit'-,,
I Americnii l.mil..,.. t.. ...,t .. i !''
! mice lr,.i;,.ii ..n .1... ...
all the lumber im-
: iorted by Colombia and Venezuela
j comes from the fuited States, but the
amounts are small 2,000,11(1(1 hoard feet
annually for Colombia, and ,'l,fIIO,OIIO
feet for Venezuela. The limited use of
: wood in both countries (the total con-
1 sumption is only 1:1.(100,1100 'feet in Co-
; lombia and 8,00O,0U0 feet in Venezuela), i
","" in 1 i iic.ue in 1 , i
-.. . ..... , ... 1 .....n 11 11 ri'mniii anil OTllel 1 1 i 1 , i- , .1
materials, points to the need of a luiu-1 T' T" ,T , '' ,', '' "T "'
bur wivori!.;.. ... .1 , !v constat! v keeping the complexion
l ich e m-n l- ''"'T:' 1 """"I1' Hear, white ' satiny, Tt does more to
wan n these markets miir it be ureal v . . . .. . .
Ill ofim , u.,.. ...Ill .i 1 ,1
ini norm tOi"" sa.vs ine report.
A Mum tr (1,.. .
Among ttie to ncs treated in the re-
.. i...i ., ' "
in. if n,wl.,.. .. . . ..
poi r under tne var o s count l ies are t he
diimest;,. ,n0.,.. o i i "
nomesiic lesources and lndustrv the
lnmkni. ;.,... i V- .'. ""
lumper imports and their distr but on-
tlm oi,nn;, r "I'siiiouiion,
tlio species, dimensions, costs 11 r res
iiM.. nio . , ' 1 ,
' ' 1111111111 , ijurti-
ness conditions; and suggestions for ex
panding American trade. .Supplemen
tary data are given concerning special
wood products furniture, tmi f itlino
""""'1'" I , ties, po es boxes and
... ...., ,,., (,iiii, n.irieis, i muring nni
ceiling, and sash, doors, and blinds.
There are also lists o'f lumber importers
and dealers, lumber yards, deposits,
mills, wood-pulp consumers, principal
mining industries, nitrate oficinns, and
railroads of Chile, and sawmills, im
porters, and dealers of Peru, Kcundor,
Colombia, Venezuela, and Trinidad!
Tnis report completes the record of the
investigations conducted by tho Burenu
into the lumber trndo of South Amer
ica, a similar report for Argentine. Uru
guay, and Brazil having been published
snmo months ago.
The present, report is entitled "Lum
ber Markets of the West and North
Coasts of South America," Special
Agents Series No. 117. It comprises
Ui) pages and is sold nt the nominal
price of 25 cents by the Superintendent
of Documents, Washington, and by nil
district offices of the Bureau of For
eign and domestic commerce.
Klamath Falls claims dose proxim
ity to tho fisherman's paradise. But,
remember, it is a fish story.
Special Treatment Required.
Many women suffer from a form of
indigestion or dyspepsia which does not
yield to ordinary treatment While the
symptoms are similar to those of ordi
nary indigestion, yet the medicines
usually prescribed do not restore the
patient's normal condition.
There seems to be a kind of dyspepsia
caused by derangement of the female
organism. While this appears to be the
same as ordinary indigestion it can bo
relieved only by a medicine which, be
sides acting as a stomach tonic, is good i
lor iemaie ailments. Kead what suh
a medicine did for Mrs. Williams :
She says: "Before I began taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound I was trou
bled with dyspepsia
and bearing down!
pains in my back !
and sides, and after !
my meals my stom- j
ach would bloat up
till I could senrccly
get my breath. At
times I was bo weak
I could hardly stand
on my feet and I
looked hollow-eyed
and my skin was yellow. Now I have
a good color, have gained in every
way and can do my work witliout any
. pains. 1 think it Is the nest medicine
m eerth for stomach troubles of wo-
,M N WfLLIAM.S, 31
. K ' a
ill'' 1 j I
L 1
West 3d Street, New Albany, lui.
Are Divided Into Three
Classes Twelve Prizes
Given to Amateurs
Prizes to be offered at the Cherry
fair next Monday by the Salem Floral
society, are divided into three classes.
The professionals are offered three
prizes, with $10 as the highest award
for a general display of plants.
Organizations will compete in another
'class and they will be offered $10 for
the best general display of cut flow
I ers.
The amateurs will be given 12
'chances nt carrying' home some of the
1 prize money. The strict law has been
I laid down that among the. nniateurs, all
j must display flowers grown by thein
I selves mid not purchased.
All entries must be made at the Com
1 mcreiul club and all exhibits must lie on
ilisplay bv 9 o'clock at the armory.
Ml 1 ; .. - mi. .
Monday morning.
The total nmoiint of
""' '' .tlowers is !,, and the
V""' a"- ,,nzOS ,l,r0 11 " ,t,,llmvs:
',(,''''','."al ("''"'rl 'bsplay of
I'1""t ?: 0; second. :. den-
1' '"' 11,mv:'"S:
Sl'1'01" : hanging 1,i,skl',:
sfpjmi1' . 1
Organizations fleneral display of ;
tl(nvi'rs: First, 10; second, $5.
Hanging baskets: First, $'J: second,
Auiatcuis (leueral display of cut,
flowers: First. .7; second, .if. (ien-;
,,,J" 'Hsplav ot roses: Urst, $i : sec-
om1' f,; ih"- ;1' J10!1"-1 ,1is',,"-V "f !
.' r ,M' V '""" '! i
Tumi, ..1. jicsl display ot roses, single
peciiuen: t irsr, i ijtfi ; second, if.!. Hang-
ing baskets: First, $: se id, ifl.
t would be much belter for the skinj
little cream, powder or ruiiee werei
"s''d iluiinn the heatel term. .Mixed
with pcrsiiiiilioii, dust and grime,
tiiese things are anything but beauti
fy ing. Ordinary uiercolized wax will
do more for the complexion, and with
out giving an oily, streaked, spotted
or liastv aliliearance. II is the ideal
I npidication for the season, as it not
onlv keeps the pores clean, but daily
:..i., ...... ,.f .,1.:.. ...l,:.,!.
ii-iiiuvs 'ii 1 1 nil., ui 1 111 1 ..1,111 nun 11
w aril ner iei 1 Lr a ouini counic-
'., ' 7 .
lltlllee t)lU Illl V "t till' IH'tS Or IlltltlCCS
. i .
I'll in v em i oen. unv ouiice 01
i ' i i. n
inercolized wax, obtainable at any
. . -n i . i
id rug s ore, wil completely renovate
.1 . 1 H ' r 1
, , WIJI.st complexion. It in applied at
.-, 1, 111
11114111 iiiie coin cream iiimi wnsneii 011
in the morning.
To keep the skin from sagging or
wrinkling, or to overcome siicii condi
tion, there's nothing better than a
face bath made by dissolving 1 ounce
powdered saxolite in 1-2 pint, witch
Trail Work Begins In
Columbia Gorge Park
Portland, Or., June 30 The Forest
Service hrs a crew of sixteen men
building a new trail up the Eagle
Creek Valley of the Columbia Gorge
Park. This is in accordance with nil
announcement made today. Itesides
building the trail, this crew will pre
pare a number of camp sites in order to
make the recreational features of the
region available for public use.
This Kagle Creek project is the first
of many development plans to be car
ried out for the park. The trail will
follow the creek up into the Oregon
National Forest, and then on to Wah
tum lake. From the lake there is a
trail down Herman creek to the Iler
mnn Hanger station and the Columbia
Highway, thus completing to twenty
six jnilo loop. Parties wishing to innke
this loop trip can do so in two days,
camping over night at Wahtiim lake.
The Kagle creek work also contem
plates other trails to points of scenic
interest, and a general preparing of
the area for the. comtort and use of tne
Tho whole area of the Columbia
Gorge Park consists of 1 1,000 acres
aloug the Columbia river between
Kagle creek and Viento, which was
set aside lust December by order of
the secretary of agriculture for the
permanent use of the public, ns a
recreation park. The full development
of the park will - take, several years,
and will include picnic grounds, many
camp sites, and additional trails, but
it can nc used this season in its pres
ent state. A waer supply has been
installed and a sewer system built. A
ranger has been stationed at Kagle
creek to look ufter the grounds this
Fire Breaks Out
On Liner Beaver
San Francisco, Juno 30. Flames
which burst out between decks for
ward on the const liner Heaver nt ifs
doilt here were extinguished early to-
day after a sharp fight. Dense clouds
of smoke rolling 'from the Beaver 'a
bow brought the full waterfront fire
fighting force. Sncks of flour and big
rolls of newspapers packed near the cu
gine room bulkhead burned. The heat
of the bulkhead probably started the
fire. Firemen worn oxygen helmets on
account of tlio thick smoke and danger
ous fumes.
WiasH'mgtion, June Iltr. The senate
yesterday afternoon passed the sundry
ivi bill as agreed to by the house
! ' "'"'"".
1 !WHI '? ' i'
;w,ll fO to the president Ji
iirrvinff ne-
0H0.O00. It
IWII1 yO Ml HI'- lli-flUlllL Jill III" hi,.
nature tomorrow
Who Ever Heard of a Bargain Day for -
We Shall Hold One on
$25, $20, $17
Sizes 31, 33
$6 and $5 Florsheim
Sizes 0, 6 1-2, 7
$1.50, $1.25
Sizes 34, 36
Long or Short Sleeves
$5, $4, $3 Black Stiff Hats $ 1 A A
Sizes (5 3-4, G 7-8 P W
$2, S1.50, $1.00 Shirts
Si.cs II, 1 I 1-
All stvlcs, slitT vwi'W-i, sul't rut' t's, nil
lurs nf tat'lu'il. ilrcsM shirls inn so on.
If yon wi'iir si.o Jt or II 1 'J vmi tut
in roat lurk.
50c Soft Collars
Sizes 13 1-2, 11
Equally good bargains for the big man and the
medium sized man. Our
Going Out of Business Sale
Is the Bargain Harvest for those who know quality
and appreciate low prices.
Hammond-Bisnop Co.
The Toggery
Utilise, Idaho, Statesman)
No city on the western hemisphere
has so long or so romantic a history
as has the capital of Mexico. When
the adventurous Cortex reached the
city where Monte.iiina ruled in 1510,
there were no less than 50,000 dwell
ings, and the circumference of the
place was twelve miles. Mexico City
was then nearly "00 years old, iiavjng
been founded in KI-5 by a band of
Cortez, forced from the capital after
imprisoning Monte.uma, ami nearly
ruining the city, returned two years
Inter and captured tho place alter u
seventy five day seige. The city was
then rebuilt, and remained under Span
ish rule for three centuries.
Tho next time it fell before an in
vading force was when the triumph
ant army of the Pnited States enter-
led its gates in 1HI7. Maximilian, with
a hostile force, gained admission In
1 still and later made himself emper
or. Since his dentil, u few years after
his triumph, Mexico City has changed
hands nearly n score of times, pass
ing from one faction to another, ami
hits known no peace nor quiet except
f'r the log rule of Diaz.
Ilel'ore the wars and revolutions
which have followed tlio end of the
Diaz rule Mexico ity had (O'-'.OOO
people, but today the population is
probably less It occupies morn than
twenty square miles, has paved and
electrically lighted streets, and is
known as one of the finest built cities
in America
What wonder that Carrnnza, in lot)
populous ami beautiful capital, is
blinded by what seems to be his own
power! His small mind can compre
hend the greatness of Mh own coun
try, but he fails to grasp the idea of
, the might ot his northern neig.ibor.
' Ignorant himself, he feeds his follow
I ers with tales of American cowardice
and with promises of eouipiest ami
M !LI a J I
The powder dissolve in water.
Rich Milk, Malted grain extract in powder.
For Infanta, Invalids and growing children.
Pur nutrition.upbuilding the whole body.
Invigorates nursing mothers, and the aged.
Shoes 4??
Union Suits
plunder. The result, from present
prospects, will be that the chroniclers
of history inny have to add another
capture of Mexico City to the already
This Airship Came
Right From London
a ,. .... .. a ,
11 ' ' 4m
Shaped like an eggshell and topped
with wide blue wings like uilerons, this
white tnrvnl toomi is vpm .inurt in it..
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simplicity and good lines, A piping of
the ribbons rillllliiwr tirinmil tint crnun
gives the effect of a deep band.
Needs no cooking Keep it on hand.
The Original Food-Diink for all ages.
More nourishing than tea, coffee, etc.
In the home, or at Hotels and Cafes.
Substitutes cost YOU Su Price