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Mid-Summer Suit Sale
They're Off for
Negro Troopers Given Great Latin America, Except Brazil,
i j
Welcome, Captain Morey
and Wife Meet
Can Not Help Straightening
Out Mexico
.Extra Pants
Wi th every suit order
ed during sale
V i I
An extra pair of trousers will double the life of your
suit. Its like getting two suits for the price of one.
We must keep our tailors busy during the Summer,
hence this splendid offer to you.
Prepare Now for Fall and Winter
Prices Always the Same
In spite of the enormous
advauco in woolens, the
same high standard of
Scotch Woolen Mills clothes
will be rigidly maintained.
Don't Miss This Grand Opportunity
Sale Starts Saturday, July 1 st
Scotch woo
357 State Street,
Market Was Very Dull
Little Change In Prices
Xew York, June .10 The New York
livening Sun financial review today
While tho Mexican situation bus im
proved as a result of the surrender of
the captured cavalrymen, the delay on
the part of General Carranza in reply
ing to He American tote asking his
intentions regarding the punitive ex
pedition, injected an element of un
certainty which served us a restraining
influence in today's stock market.
And in addition (tomorrow's short, ses
sion, immediately preceding the Sun
day intermission snd Tuesday's holi
day was well calculated to accentuate
the conservatism of the speculative
In consequence the market was ex
tremely dull, though prices , despite
some irregularity, were, fairly well
maintained. This was particularly
true of the standard railway issues
which improved moderately under the
leadership of Union Pacific, and Read
ing, which advanced a point or more
in tbo early trading. But there was no
mistaking the highly professional
character of tho doings.
First prices were, variably changed
with a rather heavy tendency predom
tiltA Ifi iart3
Liquid Food
Use Salem Home Product the following grocers sell it:
fcalston's Nob Hill Star
Daue It Sons, South Commercial Street
Westacott-Thielson Co., State Street
Bustck k Sons, State Street
C. a. Nichols, 247 N. Commercial
Foster ft Baker, North Commercial
Smith McCUin, 326 N. Commercial
Welle r Bros., N. Commercial
Roth Grocery Co., N. Liberty
Ftdh.wing additional firms in Saloni added to the 'too Booster,
Poisal & Shaw, South Commercial and
Lehold & Co., 12th and State Street
O. K. Grocery. Smith 12th Street
Hark i ohedeck, 22il S'tnte Street
Kpploy's, lf'tli and State Street
C. M. Robert, Court Street
Other merchants will be listed from time to time, as seen.
j j u u if
r pJ rU II Iff
$15 and $2
Salem W. W. Emmons, manager
inating and an attempt wait made by
the bear element to depress tho list.
Prices moved narrowly in the later
trading and speculative conditions
were little changed, but the market de
veloped a heavy tendency on the even
ing up of traders' contracts and the
week 's end.
This was particularly marked in
specialties like American Zinc, liutte
Superior, Baldwin Locomotive, Indus
trial Alcohol, Mexican Petroleum and
the like.
(Boise, Idaho, Statesman)
"The man behind the throne," in
Mexico today is considered by many
persons to be General Alvaro Obrcgon
It is he. diplomats hint, who ias rais
ed his voice at t'arranxa's ear and
brought about the present situation
he who dictated the terms which were
bronght forward at the Kl Paso con
ference. Obregon, say some observers, is the
most powerful man Mexico has seen
since ri7, and unquestionably lie is
now minister of war and in absolute
command of the best army that all
of Latin-America has ever seen.
Nearly 100 years ago in 1821, It
was the King of Spain sent John
O 'Donahue, an Irishman, to rule as
viceroy over Mexico. He brought with
Make your own selec
tion. Hundreds of choice
patterns to select from
new (ind up to the minute.
ii it
Out of Town Judges
for Baby Parade
In order that the judging of the
babies at the parade Monday morning
may bo absolutely impartial, the com
mittee headed by Mrs. W. H. Ihmcy is
arranging to secure out of town judges
who have no acquaintances in the city.
And to make doubly sure, these judges
will be known to only the committee
making the selection. "
Jt is not necessary to bring the in
fants along when registering tomorrow
afternoon at the Commercial Club. Al
though the little ones may be entered
Monday morning tip to tho time of the
parade, the committee requests that en
tries be made from 1 until 0 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon at the club, just
to avoid the rush the last half hour.
Mrs. due Xusbaum is imbued with the
patriotic spirit, as yesterday she en
tered one boy andThree girls. Others
who entered .Thursday afternoon were
Mr. and Mrs. A. B." Abbott, a boy;
Mr. and Mrs. K. '. Tripes, a boy.
him across the seas a friend, Michael
Later Iturbide and his army ousted
O'Donahue, ended the three hundred
years of misrule of Spain by Mexico,)
and established the "first empire. "
Michael O'Brien changed his allegi-j
ance and served Iturbide well, brought!
a colleen, from, the Emerald Island,
married, settled down,, and prospered.
Before- he died his name had been
'changed by the Mexicans to Miguel
, Obregon, and it is the great grand
! son of this Michael-Miguel who now
I heads Carranza ' armies.
Which may explain many things.
Just ask the Kngbsh.
Clarence E. Albia to
Succeed Carl Abraras
Clarence I'. Albin, claim agent for the
state industrial accident commission,
will tomorrow ussume the duties of a
commissioner to fill the vacancy creat -
led by the resignation of Commissioner
I Carle. Ahrams. Abrams is in command
j of the Third battalion of the Third Ore-
! gon infantry now at San Diego, f'al.
1 Governor Withycombe is expected to
sign Mr. A Hun's appointment tomorrow
and the new commissioner will begin his
duties at once. Commissioner Abrams,
it is understood, handed in his resigna
tion as soon as the national guard re
ceived orders to prepare for active ser
vice but the governor did not take ae -
'ion on it until it became certain that
the troops would be called to the bord-
! er Ttie rinhitinn cnrriny n ifli it fl Bfttnrv
"f 3.ilon a year.
CViPimisionor Albin was formerly Pn
lorn agent for the Oregon Klectric roil
Why. He hns been with the state com-
miinn tor tho past two rears. No sue
eovsor to V r,
lbin has vet been nimied.
Can vou imagine those Mexican
c) 1 kids reciting the list of presi-
oVnt lil-c we to do nhen we w.r.tit
to school?" inquires the A-torian.
Kl Taso, Texas, June 30. Living in
comparative luxury at the convalescent
hospital at Fort Bliss, the 23 negro
troopers released from Chihuahua peni
tentiary were today showered with
flowers, candies, fruits, cigars, cigar
ettes and watermelons by the citizens of
El Paso.
Nevertheless, the colored soldiers of
Carrizal expressed a desire for an early
return to their commands in Mexico and
another go at the Mexicans.
The cavalrymen are not treated as
negroes by Kl Pasonns. They have been
received and showered with attentions
never shown a black man south of the
Mason and Dixon line. They are regard
ed as heroes, soldiers of Uncle Sam.
Flowers uank their looms. Twenty
three sets of white teeth glistened when
the colored troopers arose todnr after
a peaceful sleep in white covered cots,
the tirst rcallv comtortalile lodging the
men have hud for months. Compared
to the stone floors or I hinuahua ucui
tentiary it was "heaben" one trooper
General Bell will send the colored cav
alrymen back to their regiment lit Co.
Ionia Dublan when thev have entirely
recovered the effects of their mistreat
ment at the hands of the Cniranzistn
soldiers while prisoners.
Captain Meets Wife.
Kl Paso, Texas, June 30. Return of
the horses and weapons belonging to
the 23 American prisoners released was
expected here today to close the Car
rizal incident. However, the return of
I the negro troopers, their reception by
; large crowds and their stories of Car
j ranzista soldiers killing the American
J wounded and robbing the captured was
l still the popular topic.
That he passed several wounded and
; later saw them dead w ith fresh bullet
; wounds in their bodies was the state
i meat of Trooper Archie Jones, sup
ported by Troopers William Oibson and
j Luther Alexander, w ho also reported bo
ling robbed of several hundred dollars
I of their army savings and jewelry.
Alexander, wounded in the shoulder, de
clared ho did not receive prompt or
proper medical attention.
In the transfer of the. prisoners on
the international bridge to General Hell.
4 tho return of another Carrizul hero was
Hiiiiosi entirely overlooked by Kl Paso
ans. When the GoMcu State Limited from
the west pulled into Union station un
iift'ieors in soiled khaki alighted, his arm
in a sling. With tears streaming down
her cheeks, and a cry of joy, a little
woman in a dark blue traveling suit
rushed up to him. They embraced,
while scores o'f curious passengers hesi
tated as they scurried for their trains.
Apparent'.. pale and weak from hard
ships, the. officer patted the little wom
an on the back while she kissed him.
He was Captain Lewis S. Morey, of
the Tenth cavalry. The little woman in
blue was his wife, who was at first in
formed that her husband probably had
been killed. Tlicy were driven to the
Paso Del N'orte hotel, as happy as hon
eymooners. The Moreys expect to re
main here several days before going to
San Antonio.
Circuit judge Percy Rellev arrived
from Albany today and this morning
heard a number ot motions and de
murrers in various actions.
By order of t'ne couit Cora X. Tone
today received a divorce from Ever
ette Cone. Mrs. Cone is permitted to
resume her maiden name of I'ora X.
Tribblc by Judge Galloway's decree.
J. C. Mcf'rea's complaint against
Sheriff Ksch, concerning the seizure
of propertr for oolleetion of tuxes has
been dismissed in department 2 of thej
circuit court.
Newton Knntson of Tetroit, Oregnn
and Miss Kunir-e M. Goodrich of Ni
agara, have secured a marriage per
A decree issued today by Judge Gal
loway in the casl of the Salem Fair
field Telephone association against L.
II. McMaban, says that McMahan shall
pay telephone charges from January
1, 1010,- at the rate of one-third of the
chart'e for the use of s six party line.
To McMahan is also awarded costs
amounting to .'IS.
A default judgment was entered to
day by Judge Kelly Against W. L.
Freres who was sued by S. II. licit .el
for $1.10 attorney fees.
The cae of the state aginst Patrick
O'Connell has been dismissed in the
'circuit court. The court held that
j there was not sufficient . evidence for
i a conviction.
May Get Chance to
Go To West Point
Here is a chance for voting men be
tween the ages of 10 and 22 years old to
join the srmv and after one year's
: service, if worthy, be sent to West
Point to be educated for a commission
I.. ..,!., r 1' M rmv Tin. ffor
comes today through Sergeant Gus
u-... , rt. j, ,m, l,ny
been sent here as recruiting officer. At
present he may be found at the Bligh
br.frl. Young men between the ages of
IS and 21 mar join the regular army
I w ithout the coe-ent of their parents,
.From the ages of 11 to IS venrs, the
parent. ' consent must be given. The
height must not be Ics than five feet.
iree nnd one ha f nclies nnd the
'weight over 115 pounds. Sergeant
By Charles P. Stewart
(United Press stntf correspondent) '
lteunos Aires, June 30. Argentine
would not give serious consideration
to a proposal to send nn army to Mex
ico to cooperate with the United States
army and armed forces of other Latin
American republics in restoring order.
This much was learned authoritatively
United Press dispatches from Wash
ington, reporting such a plan under
discussion were printed at length to
day by La Nacion, leading paper of
South America. The newspapers thus
far have not commented.
Argentine's objection to such a plan
it may be stated on good authority is;
that Argentine might become unduly
involved in affairs of the North Amer
ican continent. Simply to carry out
tiie idea of cooperation, she might con
sent to send a single Argentine officer
to accompany the American forces, ll
is believed here that other South A
merican republics would follow the
same course, except that perhaps Bra
zil would be willing to send several
thousand men.
Pacific Team Is
hcked tor Winner
Long Beach, t ab, June 30. For the
first time since 1!I0!I, when tho first
Pacific coast section tourney took
place, a southern team is picked to
win the annual doubles tournament of
the Pacific States Lawn Tennis asso
ciation. The twenty-ninth annual
tournament opened this morning on the
Hotel Virginia courts and will not be
concluded until July -I. Thirty teams
will compete.
Maurice Mcl.oughlin and Ward
Dawson, of Los Angeles, arc favorites
today. Viola ml Roberts and C. B. De
trick are Sun Francisco entrants and
the McSwain brothers of Sacramento
are here representing the central coun
ties tennis association. Billy Johnston
and Peck Griffin of San Francisco, na
tional doubles champions, are here and
will appear in exhibition matches.
Winners of the tourney here will be
sent east to dispute with teams from
other sections for the right to play the
present champions for the title.
(New York World.)
"It. is impossible to imagine Mr.
Hughes as president writing a mes
sage to congress demanding a great
war credit and instant naval and mili
tary preparation for a war with Ger
many because of the invasion of Bel-1
giuni or the destruction ot the l.usi
tania. The utmost stretch of fancy
docs not enable us to sec him asking
congress to declare war on Mexico. The
picture would be wholly imaginary,
false to the man and the occasion.
"Yet the republicans have absolute
ly no other issue upon which with tiny
degree of force and consistency they
can demand of the people a with
drawal of their confidence in President
Wilson. That issue they dare not
raise. They condemn, they denounce,
they use freely the adjectives of the
language, but their nouns an. I verbs
have no specific meaning,"
Paris, June 3u. Lieutenant William
Thaw American flier with the Franco-
American corps has been decorated
with the Legion of Honor niei
Sergeant Kifl'in Rockwell and Corpor
al McArdcll awarded the military med
al for bravery in action. The three
Americans were officially 'compliment
ed for daring services.
William M. Burber of Toledo, Ohio,
member of the American ambulance
has been wounded at the front.
Hawley In Fayor Of
Astoria Naval Station
Washington, June 30. Supporting a
bill for the establishment of a naval
station at Astoria, Ore., Representative
Hawley today declared to the house
naval affairs committee that every Uni
ted Slates vessel which leaves the Brem
erton navy yard passes under the, guns
of British forts.
"In i-ase of war with Knglund tin .
nrcmerton navy wouia uc practically i
useless," said Haw ley.
Hawley declared tho far northwest
with an urea as large as Germany, ca
pable of supporting 00,000,000 to 70,
000,000 people, would be in danger of
occupation by a foreign foe unless the
mouth of the Columbia was strongly
guarded. He said if foreign troops ever
occupied this territory, controlling the
mountain passes, they could never be i
,i;i,l,i i ,-,,- .,. ,,. ,,,, .uniiii, Ai rj,
.1,1. .,.! bit. row11"'" "P '""1 Mrs. Fred S. By-
provides 'for a commission of naval ex
perts to study the Pacific const with
ihe idea of establishing another naval
base." said Chairman Padgett.
Washington, June .'!0. An earth- j
quake of unusual intensity was record
ed on the 'Georgetown seismograph,;
Father TorhdortT announced toduv. ' ourtroom, Waiikegan. III., June .HI.
Tremors started at IO:OS lust night, I " 1,1 Orpet 's attorneys, confident
increasing in intensity until 11 :2t Orpet 's own story of Marion Lull
when they .uddenly erased, It is es- bert 's death had liecn unshaken in any
tiinated the quake occurred about
I.KIO miles trom a-ningion
Krcv-cr bus been with the regular army j
21 years, having seen service in thei
Philippines under General Chaffee. The
government proposes to establish '
schools tor recruits aim inrougn ine.ne. unil new ..mcsnnj oxer ine
war ottice and a est Point eilueulion,
open a career ror s i im-m hs ..i
' tVcrs in the regular army.
Those of You
Your Needs in
Can be taken
Brick B
The House That Guarantees Every Purchase
GS SI ?! T3 T" TS
. ft
Tacoina, Wash., June 30
The first contingent of Wash
ington national guard troops to
start for the Mexican front,
are scheduled to begin their
southward journey between I
ami 3 o'clock this afternoon.
The detachment consists of the
First company of signal corps
men from Seattle and troop It
Taconia cavalry. Both organi
zations are fully equipped and
recruited to war strength.
Troop It is ordered to proceed
to I'alcxico, '''al., for patrol
dm v.
Social Service Center Already
Organized, Best For
This Work
All contributions received by the va
rious relief organizations of the city
will probably be handled through tho
Sulein Social Service Ceuler of the Com -
mercial club, as this organization al-
i . . , ... J
is familiar with conditions in the city.
This was the expressed opinion of
those attending the meeting last even -
ing called for the purpose of getting
the opinions of business men as well as
those of the Salem Patriotic League and
others interested in ndief work.
Plans decided on include the selling
of ice cream and confections ut the
bund concerts by l4ie Patriidic league
members, and the calling of a mass
meeting at the armory when printed
cards will be passed around whereby
pledges will be received for the giving
of certain amounts each month, t'r.mi 2,1
cents to any amount ono inny feel able
to give.
In th,e discussion of the best way of
handling relief, the general opinion was
expressed that all- organizations should
work together to prevent duplication
and to also have some means of dis-
g the. relief in a business like
manner, one thut will be permanent us
long as the relief is necessary.
- i a meeting ot ine iiusincss Men's
league, it was the unanimous opinion
that all business houses should be ap
proached for relief through n commit
tee appointed by the league, and that
this committee co-operate with the Sa:
lem Social Service Center.
Those present, at the conference lasl
t,l.rl. t . 1 ... If f t t W
lion, representing the ways and means
committee und the Rev. James Klviu, K.
C Li.. .... ..1 u ) I'll!, .a i m ti
iy, , , ''k.V. fc . T , ' (i '
K - "'"1 lan .. Marhn.
jOrpet Trial Will Be -j
Postponed for Fourth
;,- main point hv the rigid cross-exRiniiia-j
tion he had undergone, set about today
to ahoy by science, psychology, limps,
-1 mathematics, rumors and letters that
Marion coiiiiniltod suicide.
Owr the objections of the state,
Judge Donnolly announced today that
adjournment tomorrow afternoon will
July nn Hominy.
Phone 81 for lack of service.
Remaining j
Clothing and H
care of by
W mm mm mm mm mm mi mm mm
(Continued from Pago I.)
Fnnston Placing Them.
Mm Antonio, Texas, June 30, Gen
eral Fiinslon today directed prepara
tions for disposing of the militia regi
ments who will reach their destinations
on the border tonight and early to
morrow. The censorship was on regarding the
exact plans, but it was learned thai
competent regular urinv officers will be
on hand to give any necessary aid nt
encampment points,
Illinois and New Y'ork troops will be
the first to arrive at their destinations.
I The First Illinois infantry, closely fol
lowed by tho Second and Seventh, will
begin arriving at Fort Sum Houston late
ithis afternoon. These troops, as well ns
I others ordered to San Antonio, w ill bo
held at the fort until drilled to pcrl'ec
tiou and ucclimntcd. Other militia un
its, who go to Kagle Pass, Brownsville
and other border points, will get hss
drill, but more actual warfare prnc
jtiec. Some of them will relieve regulars
now on border duty, while others will
merely reinforce the regulars.
Beginning tonight, a constant nt renin
of militia men will be pouring into
General Fuiiston's territory. Most "f
them are yet to bo fully equipped, ns
regarding liorHCs, supply wagons. Kach
will be supplied as rapidly as possible.
The staff at Fort Sam Houston has
plans well outlined. It will be the
United States first test since the Spanish-American
war in handling a large
number of mobile troops in one army
clermrt inont
There are about 50.0(10
1 regulars on duty in Mexico and on the
border and the militia arrivals will
t,..,1 tn inn nnn , TV...
visioning of these troops will require
manv more motor trucks, nmintniniinr
coniiniiiiienttiinii hot ween the conimiin.U
1 will require new field telegraph nnd
field wireless and many details are yet
to bo accomplished.
Portland, Juno .10. liuilwiiv
trainmen today adopted resolu
tions declaring they will con
tinue to operate troop trains
and trains carrying supplies
for tiie United States uriiv,
even should u general strike be
called throughout the country.
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