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Quality and
Fat Said to Be Lacking
And Butter Is Unknown
By Win. O. Shepherd,
(I'liitoil Tress Staff Correspondent,)
rtottordnm, .May L'!. (Ity mail)
Knboily ever has anything fried these
days in Cernian cities and towns un
less a t-pecinl feast is on and the house
holder or host has had n remarkable
iicei of luck in seeuiinf fat of some
nort. Fats of every kind lire lin king.
Travelers from llermiiiiy to Rotter
dam pay butter is practically unknown.
Now and then a householder may se
cure half a pound of margarine at a
dollar a pound.
Lard in as senrce as baiter.
Some months ago, when the shortage
in fals- became definite, a few g 1
conks discovered that olive oil might
bo used for frying meals and within n
hurt time n y foresighted civilians
had laid in supplies of
olive oil.
present the olive oil
supply is
The, government experts in their ef
forts to obtain fats, commandeered nil
till) peanuts in (lennany.
"I'm verv fond of peanut enndv, "
tnid a (ie.'inan from Muuisli, who had
come to Rot teriliiui to feed up, as he
explained, "and every nflcinnyn I
Used to drop a few pennies in a penny
in the-slut candy machine near my
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Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention.
We ray Postage on Mail Orders
Summer Clearance Prices on
Women's and Misses'
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Women's Wool Suits I Entire y 2
Women's Silk Suits Stock "3 pTlCe
"One afternoon I inn out to the ma
chine and found that the penuut candy
slot hud been scaled up with a gov
ernment seal.
"I couldn't break it of course. Later
oa a policeman came and collected all
the peanut candy in the machine. He
said the government was going to take
th. peanuts out of it and extract the
oil from them."
The one greasy food that can be ob
tained in limited ipiantitics in certain
districts of liermniiy is the little can
ned French snrdine. How it gets into
tlerinaiiv no one seems to know.
41 My grocer always had some sar
dines," explained a neutral ladv, who
, was ooinir back to Hie I ailed states.
"wli.'ro I can eat all I Want to." He
, ,(,,1,, i neul mll soniinglv without nnv
government regulation she said, but a
beefsteak fried in the fish nil was ery
unlike a beefsteak.
There has never been a shortage of
lemons and oranges, denuding to var
ious persons from various parts of tier
mnny. The ally blockade il appears
has not as vet shut off the supply of
citrus fruits, which reach lierinauy by
devious roiiles from various warm
Of sugar the Ceruinns of course have
an immense supply owing to their beet
American Girl
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light weight material, lightly
boned, free hip; a rubber insert
through the top of the Corset adds
freedom through the diaphram.
Contil, white f sizes 18 to 28.
Price $1.00.
Also other models in the American
Lady Corsets, from $1.Q0 to $3.50
Pure Silk Gloves
root industry. Salt abounds but pep
per is .scarce.- thim; bacon or pork in
any form is unknown to civilians.
Mggs in April were sixty cents a doz
en and laving hens were so valuable
that no chickens were killed for food
until their laying capacity declined.
A dressed chicken in a Cologne shop
brought two dollars and a half during
the day while il rested in the shop
window manv persons stopped to look
at it.
Tin shooting of pigeons in the streets
or on the rooftops is severely punished
but it is said that the pigeon pnpula-i'
t ion is being rapidly diminished. Zep
pelin crews that have), pnssed over
Berlin, at low altitudes in recent cele
brations have commented on the num
ber of pigeon traps they have seen on
the roofs of office buildings. On this
account there is a joke current in lier
1 i il that the porters of office buildings
have the best fed families in the city,
I'ndoubtcdlv (lermany has food
beef, pork, t'ats, oils and most of the
other edibles that make eating worth
while. Where do thee go.' Who gels
them ,'
The soldiers. Behind the Herman
lines aii' cattle sheds, always full of
live stock. From all I could hear in
Rotterdam, the Coi'inim soldiers have
no complaint to make of their food. A
civilian in Corinnny these
incubus. More or less, h
lays is an
must feed
himself and his family as best he can.
The next three mouths, until crop
lime will of course be the hardest of,
the year for Cermnn civilians. Thev'
aie struggling along with last year's
leavings. All Cormnny is waiting wilhl
baled breath, to see how the autumn
crops turn out.
Taking Steps to
Aid Those In Need
At a no
gue. held
ding of the ways and menus
of the Snlein Patriotic I.ea
this afternoon at the I'oni-
inercial elul
it was decided to call a
meeting or
nine representative citizens.
to discuss with the league, plans where
by the relatives of members of Company
M who are iu need may be assisted and
given sitppint dining the absence of the
ciunpnin. It developed at the discus
sion Ihis afternoon that the main prob
lem facing those who wish to lend their
aid. was to so systematize nil efforts
that help given would not be tempor
ally, say for a mouth or so, but would
continue during the time of need.
To fully discuss these problems, the
following were appointed to confer with
the league tonight: Joseph 11. Albert,
K. Spaulding. William Brown, F. Ci.
K. f.
Bai lies
L.lwanl W.
und Fiauk ,1.
looking for Harold
The police are
ins who lias a liking tor uiotoivy
. So stiong was Ips feeling in this
respect that he felt impelled to give
Binus Rcnwick of Silverton a bogus
check lor l."ill in pavnieut for a ma
chine. He has not been seen since.
When Renwick presented the check
at ihe Coolidge ,v McClaine bank he
was informed tlmi thee weie no funds
VCollius had been paroled from the re
torni school.
-- 11 ish Aineiicau war veteran will be held
Green boughs will enter into thV.hme :tO nt the following stores: Barnes
decorations of the rev iew ing stand for Cash Siore. Moore Purnitnre Store.
Cherrv fair day. Klectric light posts l!usi,k Ciocerv, Pattou Book Store,
in Cio business section of the city will price Shoe Store. Periv's I'nig St.oe.
also be decorated wiih boughs. TheU'me and meet our ladies.
Rev . F. T. Porter, chairman of the dee-1 o-
orating committee sas that the mer-' Kalph Wilder, who nut 1 recently
chants me all show ing a proper Cherry was a bookkeeper iu La. Id Bush's
tair spirit and that decorations will be, bank, has enlisted in the natioual
placed orr all business houses Saturday j juard at Los Angeles for service iu
l at ter noon.
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All Around Town
June 2'J'M. Women's
.Missionary conference
.Methodist rliurch.
June HO. Benefit sales day for
I. adieu Auxiliary .Spanish
War Veterans.
July 3 All-Oregon Grange ral
ly, Salem.
July 3. Annual Cherry fair.
July 4. Fourth of July cele
bration, State Fair grounds.
July 4. Indiana society annual
jiicnii! at State Fair grounds.
July 12-18. Salem Chautauqua.
July Hi Salem Street Railway
excursion to Newport.
July 1!). .Monthly meeting of
Commercial club.
July 20. Wisconsin society re
union at State fair grounds.
July 20. .Southern l'acific rail
way men's picnic, State Fair
I Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse
: ea correctly. U. S. Bank. Bid,;.
i o
j The Oregon State Dental society will
j ci in Portland July .VS. Several of
j the sessions w ill be attended bv Sa
j leni dentists.
New and used furniture at money
! saving prices. K. I.. Stiff snn.
I The W. H. M. S. of Jason Lee church
held n ipiarterly tea yesterday at the
home of Mrs. Alma Bennett. A splen
idid program was followed by a pleas
jant social hour.
We are headquarters for tents and
awnings, camp stoves and outing sun
j plies. K, L. Stiff Jt Son.
i Salem and Marion county residents
who formerly lived in New Vork have
decided to hold their annual picnic.
Wednesday, July 12, tit the state fair
grounds. F. S. Barton is president of
the New Vork society.
If its building materials come to us.
Falls Citv-Salem Lumber Co., Hl'.l S.
J. M. Walker, of the Standard Oil
company, has received ti promotion in
the way of his appointment as agent at
Independence, to take effect July 1. He
will be succeeded by O. T. Olson, who
will drive a new three ton White oil
Dr. Mendelsohn left this morning for
tlifnrnin and will be back at his of
fice in about tin months.
The Woman's Alliance of the Uni
tarian church will meet at - o'clock
I'riday afternoon at the home of lr.
Richard Cartvvright, 7.1t Ferry street.
All members of the ihurch interested
in the work of the Alliance are invit
ed to attend.
Loganberry pickers wanted. Twelve
to fifteen more pickers are n I at
Martin yard five miles south Phone
ll'.l. ' .inne.io
City Engineer Hicks of Roseburg
has asked the public service commis
sion for information and data concern
ing the construction of railroads in
this state. A standard guage road be-
tween Roseburg
j coutemiilateil.
und Rock Creek is
or four more
Camp five milt
Martin, ll!k
pickers wanfed.
families. Long
s south. Phone C
i rev 1
June:!' I
A telegram received by Mrs. L. H.
Comptou, wife ot' Lieutenant Compton
on the Third Battalion staff says Lie
boys have been in fine spirits ever
since they left Salem. He telegraphed
from Red Bluff, Cal. Comptou says
the troops are comfortable and have
lots to eat.
Baseball series fo: championship
Inter t'itv league Salem league grounds
.Inly Jit'l, Battling Biadfords vs. Sa
lem. Cnmes start .'i p. in, -nd and itrd
and '-'::hi p. m. lib. ,'uly.l
Now that the Unusually cool weath
er is with us foi the last week in
June, the following tenipeinturos for
the week may be interesting, taken
from the lecords of the government
at the O. C. T. dock: Monday, highest
ts'i, lowest oO; Tuesday, highest ii.
lowest ."ill; Wednesday." Ijighest lit,
lowest Last night I ho minimum
temperature was ."hi degrees abne.
- o
Biggcsct attraction of the Cherry
fair, baseball series b,.ween I Sailing
Biadfords and l.o.iu tor leadership of
Intercity league. Julv : t, league
grounds, (lames start :! p. m. -'nd and
:!id and 'J;:iO p. in. the Hli. julv:;
Mrs. Marguerite Richardson, a sis-
ter of Altornev (llenn K. I'nruh of ihis
city, died at her hiune near I'ayton
yesterday, in her -lith year. She was
the wife of .lames liielianlson. The
funeral services will be held Friday
morning at 10 o'clock a! the Webbfoot
church, the Rev. M. Marsey ott'iciat
ing. Buiial will be at I o'clock tv
iiioi row nfternoou iu the City YTov
Sales day for the benefit of Span
Mexico. Mr. Wilder" was a member
J of Company M here but was discharg
le, iu order that he might go to Cnti-
t'ornia shortly before the company was
called out. He secured a position in
a Los Angeles bank only a (Vw days
hcl'iire eiilistiiur tlu'i-i.
..... !
The partiotdc spirit is surely In the
air. The (lantenbeiu volunteer com
pany organi.cd, through the efforts of
llenjamin S. Via ,-i ml (). IS. (iingrich re
port today -bl volunteers after only
four hours work.
Charles Dombrosky, a special agent
of the Chicago, .Milwnukie and St.
1'aul railroad is making the rounds of
tiie state institutions today. Iioin
brosky is on his first trip west and is
intii-h impressed with Salem, lie leaves
lor the south tonight.
Isaac Surkis is a bad boy. The Mult-1
iiomah county authorities say so. To
day the Saifin police ,ook him to the
reform school niter receiving him from.
C. T. Fvans who brought the lad from .
I'ortlaiid. Billing the past year KvanV
has arrested Kurkis twelve times ami.
i be has been before the court in that;
city on twenty occasions. i
The "paregoric drunk" is the latest:
Moreover it is an effective parnlyzer.'
I '. O. Mason says so and he ought to!
know for he was taken up by the pn-j
lice last night and thrust into the
cooler. This morning he appeared be-!
fore .lodge Flgin and was given five!
ilays. Sam roster aisj nuliilicil tree
ly and is serving u similar sentenci
The funeral of Mrs, Anna
' was
(libsou, wiio died last Tuesday
held Ihis morning from the parlor
bigdou and
pices of the
Btiill, Roval
Richardson under the aus
Oregon tlrape grange Xo.
glibors of America.
I lie services were conducted by tin
Rev. J. C. Spencer and burial was il
the Odd Felinws cemetery.
Miss Alice Eugena Girandun of this
city and .lames Cnrtiold Creeulee of
Round l"p, Montana, were married this
morning at the home of 'Mrs. Laurence
ti'irandin, Ibt South Thirteenth street
ny Itov. I'. I. t'orter. J he cerenionv i
i was witnessed by relatives and friends'
I of the bride. Mr. and .Mrs. Oreenlee
I w ill leave today for Hound I'p w here
tney will make their home,
Forrest Walter, 19 years old, arrest
ed in connection with the recent
roundup of boys who raided Willam
ette university gymnasium, went to
I'ortlaiid last night with his sister,
having been released on promise of
good behavior. His case was to have
been presented to the grand j
it meets next week. M i s. Bur
Jut's sister, promised to be
ble for his future conduct.
Tne Orpheus Male chorus went to
Silverton hist evening; to appear ini
concert at the (lem theatre. Although!
the weather somewhat lntorferrc.1 with'
the number attending, the show Was'
a success from an artistic starii1piint
arid also from the appreciation shown!
by those who came out in the storm.,
K. Cooke l'atton gave his exhibition of.
'clinine leeei.leiioiin I 11.1..1, vit.,.,1. I
hammer nrmoared as a solo trombone
Although Monday next will be a hol
iday in Salem, this will in no way pro-!
dace any effect on the workings of;
the post office department. The city;
carriers as well as the rural route men!
will be permitted to celebrate Cherry!
fair dav by attending to their usual'
duties. But the Fourth being a nation-:
al holiday, posl oftieo rules for holi-;
days will be In force, which mean that:
only one city delivery of mail will be,
made and none on the rural routes. (
The pageant at the meeting tonight j
at the First .Methodist i-liunh of the;
Woman's Home Missionary society of
the Methodist Kpis.opal 'church, dro-'
gon coiuei'i'iice. will be given to show
in an attractive way the work of the
society in the different states. The
LI original colonies will be shown, rep
resented by young ladies in costume.
Oilier features will make it plain what
is now being dmie in all parts of the
country. Mrs, .1. Montcalm Brown is
in cuarge of those taking part iu the
pageant tonight.
While walking into town on North
High street this 111. lining F. II. Berger
was struck 011 ilie load by u spent
bullet of pretty large caliber. A mo
ment before he heard a bullet strike
the sidewalk and saw it bounce off
Tiie one striking him landed just above
Ihe brim of his hat the bund and in
side band helping to iase the force
of the blow. The bullets came from
the .south and so far away that the
report of the gun was nut heard. Mr.
Berger suggests that n little more can .
tinn on the part of shooters might pre
vent a serious accident.
When the charitable organizations
of the city have become omanicd for
the i-are of the families of the soldiers
who were .ailed to the colors, tiny will
doubtless find seveial families ' that
need ai tent imi, not next mouth or next
week, but within a few das, said a
ororuiiieut citieu today in discussing
the patriotic effoits of several soci
eties. One case was called to his at
tentiou of the wife with a four months
old baby w'10 was out of the city and
not able in return until after the
troops had left. he is left practically
with no support whatever.
Boy scouts, under direction of their
.hill master, A. N. l-'ulkei son, appear
ed before the cuuuuil-ees in session
last evening at the Commercial club,
and went thuiuuh their evolutions,
just to show the committee they were
entitled to some spc-i il attention cher
ry lair day. They made such a lav
oiable impression that Mmidav morn
ing immediately after the crowning of
l,iueeu Fstella. t'nie will be given
them to parade on the court houe
iawn. Mead. eis of th,' boy scouts un
der scoutmaster ldkerson aie: .lay
Morris. Carrol Wateis. 1'wis Martin,
Futon Thompson, Cor, Ion Thompson,
Bom Arnold. Fied Alkine. (lien Mor
tis, Kbiier llarritt, Bitner llndeni
and Fugeue Kennedv.
P:I" a. in.
tel. es.-orU
t Jueen
d by
Kstella nnl
Marion ho-
tllU I'lll'l'-
P:.'!ll Crowning
if the Queen
bv lioverunr
!: I"i Ha by parade
Willson park.
I I All-Oregon lii.ingo
cises at .Marion square.
2:15 p. in. Automobile parade.
3:l."i Street sports.
4:b lia se ball,
7 Water sports.
":.'(! 1 Hand concert.
!i:iio i.irnnd ball.
Trying to Perfect Arrange
ments to Aid Those Really
Needing It
The Salem Patriotic League, work
ing with the Commercial dub, churches
and all other organizations interested
in the welfare of those left behind,
hope to secure funds sufficient to
take care of the needv families ot the
boys at the front.
' At a meeting held vestenlay after-:
i noon at the home of Mrs. U. K. Ter-'
iwilliger, it was decided to effect a per
iinanent organization with regular;
j meetings Friday afternoon at the pub-1
lie library. The next meeting will be I
I held one week from tomorrow.
I It is the endeavor of the Patriotic!
League to arrange a system by vviiich I
those in need will be given assistance j
of a certain amount everv month, lie-:
lief committees have been appointed til j
I investigate and report. After these re-'
! ports have been passed on. their snp-j
port will be undertaken by the League!
I'm the wav of nionthlv iiavinents. As)
there plans have not been worked
but the intention at present is to
out plans by which relief will be
I in a business wav at regular
cuinniirteej na-nied yesterday
Relief liev. F. T. Port.
Mrs. William Calloway,
Knglang L'nright.
Ways and Means Rev.
chairman; Mrs. "iauucey
Fred S. livnon.
Bv-laws Mrs. F. P..
r. chairman;
Airs. Olive
James KlvTu
Bishop, Mrs.
Southw id,.
chairnian; Mrs.
Anna Fitch, -Mrs. l.aii-
ra B. McAdams.
At the last band concert, the sum
oi was cleared by the efforts of
the League in selling ice cream and
confections. There is now about '-'011
in the treasury which will probably
be used in sending comforts 10 the
boys at Fort Hosecraus and for the aid
of those needing help in the citv.
'I'he Patriotic League meinbeis'.iip is
not confined to any one organization. j
but is for all who are interested in the'
! nll'l"lllMhil
I 'loimlinv l The nienl-
i niem
W. O.
j bership
.fee is 1'.") cents. Air;
president of the Li
At a meeting of the K.veeutive Com
iiiitlee of the V. M. C. A. last night it
was decided to reconiniend to the Board
of Uirectors that Mr. Clinton Ostr h'r
be employ, mi to take charge of the
Boys' Work of the Associatiin inline, i
ately instead ot' beginning September
1st as was formerly decided.
.Mr. Ostrauder has decide. I 10 accept
the nffer of the committee and will as
sume ti is antics at once.
One of fiist duties which Mr. lis- j
dander will perform will be to take
fharge of the organization of the ;icui
contingent of the State Boys' Camp
which will be held at Cascadm from
.Inly r.t h to Pith inclusive. I
John IL Ruild. state boys' diiecter. I
has been iu conference with Mr. Ik
trander this morning and plans are:
well under
wav for the camp. I
Mr. Ostran.le
the Salem conri
the boys at th
petiod of time,
of the r irds.
is to Inn e charge of 1
gent and will be w ith !
camp for the entire
He is to ha e charge j
'iniiiissarv and Simla
tinn department.
II. c. Mclionabl, s
banv V. M. C. A..
rotary of the Al-
will be the camp
my contingent and
leader for the All
will have charge of the
instruction of
First Aid and Athletics
L. A. Picker, boys work
the Fugene V. M. ( w il
ill accompany
ind will have
no I Social A'c-
the Fugene delegation
charge of Bible Study
ti ities.
There ee!iis to be all
i.nlv Y. M. c. A. boys
,ui impresvion that
ys are eligible to
who can meet the
gisier and attend
the camp. All 1
re.piireiiients ma
the camp.
All bovs who are nuvinii
lenst fifty cents spending
the Cherrv Fair are to re
1 1. B. liingricli. phvsical ,ir
to ha
ort to
vtor of
Y. M. C. A., immediately and enter
or more of the evi nts which are to i
the program ot' street sports during
afternoon of he I'.r.l. Kvery Imv
gardless of whether he wins a pri
not will be given fifty cents to .p
lend. ;
s of
I ho program of events i. as t"
10(1 yard dash l:..ys under 1 1!
of age; 1st pri.e '.'. second pri
'.'L'o nr. dash Bins uidtr lit v .-
age; Nt pi be sc.'. .v... plie si. I
4 PI vaid dash Bov s under l'i yearsj
o' age. Ut pii,e "Ind prize sL
Potato r;tce--Bos ui.-l.T l.'l vears of
age. Nt i-i ; -' -.': -ud ii.e si.
Potato :a e Boys under l'i yi :
age. Nt pii.'e sj; ',,, prie
Bicycle nice. Bov. under !
ot age. 1st pi'.e su:
.. e 1.
1 1-1 lbs. Tillamook OP
Cheese for faDC
1 dozen. Oranges 9C
for LdC
3 Cans of Salmon OCrt
for feOC
5 lbs. of Jap P.ice or
for LoC
6 large Rolls of Toilet OP
Paper for Jl
4 dozen Heavy Jar OP
Rubbers for JC
2 1-2 lbs. of fine OP
Strained Honey JL
17 Lemons for ujj
10 Loaves of Bread
5 dozen best Spring OP
Clothes Pins for iuv
We Deliver any puace in
Damon & Son
855 N. Com'l.
Phone 68
Here you get 100 Cents worth
of Groceries for a dollar.
hli Vill
litfilj iMfl ltli lOWMI IHIMB iilllWl
As the appropriation for the -d reels
sports committee is iimite.l it, will bo
necessary to limit the number of en
tries. Boys who are anxious to partic
ipate iu the races should enter ini.fied;
.itely. Will Entertain Queen
and Maids at Marion
Airs. Mrs. Kdyth Tozier Wetlierr.j.
member of the state fair bonid, m
n.iunces that Queen Kstella and In
maids will be entertained at the M
rion hotel oil the Fourth of Ju.v .1.'
that the board will place an nut.) tit In
disposal for the day.
Those in charge of the Vourlli eeleln:
timis are preparing f "ive the iiie.
and maids a really royal time, l'h
will be met lit the grounds by the Ho
dess of Liberty and escorted to ti
seats of honor.
With this an aiigeinent by the slat
fair board, the ipieen and mail-i wi
be entertained at lunclii,,n and dinn
on both Cherry fair day and tl
Judge Galloway today sustained the
demurrer in the suit oi Pugh 11 gainst.
County Judge Bushey, et al, it being a
mandamus in which the court was list
ed to compel the defendants to do cer
tain things. Judge Cnlloway held t-'e
county oflicials could be compelled to
take action, but the court had no juris
diction over their sciences to com
pel them to act in a specified way
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City and all wty
Points. Leaves Mill City 6:15 a. m.;
Stayton 7:45, Salem, 9:15.
Keturn, leaves Salem. 4:30 p. m. j
dtayton 5:4D; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13
: 5C ; )'f ;! 5je Sj! .J; ;( lj sj. 5
The Korean Restaurant
is now opened in our new loea-
I A tinn nr. 110 1-2 Com'l street.
:Je Kverything new and clean. All
-Is kinds of Chinese and Spanish
je dishes. Fav us a visit. 4
; !' :
Cars of any kind for any place
at anv time.
Office, Bligh Hotel
Licensed Lady
Moderate Prices
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ort.
Automobile Passenger and Bag
gag Transfer
Furnished Ten's and Cottages...
r orresjioiidence Promptly
L. D. PICKENS, Box 271