Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 28, 1916, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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Kate per worJ New Today:
Each insertion, per word .'. lc
Cuo week (6 insertions!, per word. ...3c
One month (2rj insertions) per word 17c
The Capital Journal will not be re
0 Hponsihle for more than one insertion
(or error in Clarified Advertisements.
Road your advertisement the first day
it appears and notify us immediately
if it contains, an error.
Minimum cbare, Uo. '
PHONE 937 For wood saw.
HA.RF.Y Windowcleaner. Phone 7'H.
julyl ,
EUBBER Stamps made 10" S. Com '1.
1 1 i
UNO White and black currants. Call
SoO'.U-. jiiue'JS
441 N. Cattage.
FOR BENT SIGNS lor sale at Cap
ital Journal office. tf
FOR SAT.E Or trade for wood, gnso-
line engine. Phone 451. tf
FASTl'RE For rent for horse and,
cattle. 1'koue -1-1. W . S. . Htlm
: : . juneiif
WANTED Stenographer, state exper
ience and valnry. Address y.i ( care
Journal. . june-1'
FOR GOOD HEAL? And comfort
able rooms at reasonable rates.
Phone 1013. tf
FURNISHED rooms and housekeeping
oppartmentj, rates reasonable, close
in, 180 Court. ti
WANTED Cascara bark, highest cash
price. Call or write Frys Drug store.
Salem, Oregon. july?
TWO NICE Cottazes for Tnt by thf
month or season at -Newport. G. W.
Johnson jtCo. tf
FOR SALE I'm' Jersey tmv, 4 yrs.
old, just fresh. Phone 871VJ4 from (1
p. in. to a. m. jiine2
II Kill (Jl'ALlTV Low .'price printing,
Shaver Pres. 720 North Cottage
street. Plume L'17!. july;!
1 A Mi A N P.ERIiY PICK EUS Wanted.
1-2 mile from end of S. t'uniinercial
Ht-reet car line. Plume l!!E2,- jiiueil'
'FOR TRADE lii) acres Montana laud
near R. R. station fur acreage near
Portland or Salem. I'.ux 1", Salem.
- Or. jijyl
LOST Large female pointer dog, re
ward for information lealiug to re
covery, J. S. Ilondei'son, H, o, box
oGi '' jump's
j, !
WANTED Six or 7 room house, mod
ern, close in by reliable parties with
no" children. 'Address J -I'm care Jour
nal. . juno2S
FOR SALE 8 h ilf track Stndebakei
wagon. Will trade for heavier wagon
eordwood or itumpage. 2733 Lee.
Phone 1322-J. tl
FOR RENT Business block room, size
18x80 feet. 407 State street. In
quire at 463 State. Phone, 1009
Maurice Klinger. U
WANTED To trade 3 1-2 wide tread
Milborn wagon, in good shape for
narrow tread 3 1-2 wagon. Must be
good. Phone 602. tf
GIRT, Or woman wanted for general
.housework in country; must be ex
perienced. Phone 22F2.1. Address box
12, Sublimitv. nr. tl'
FOR SALE A ." roo:n modern bunga
low, with cement basement and I'lx
12 sleeping porch, price fflot'd, terms.
Addles- .W. A. Journal, julyl
WANTED To rent .1 acre tract close
to car line, must have fruit and
dwelling, to take possession Sept, or
Oct. Reply to address M cure Journ
al. ' juue2S
FOR KENT Furnished six room house
close in, garngo, gasoline tank com
plete; also 1 1 Hi acres, part of Red
Darn farm, one mile oast of peuiten
tiarv. Call 40 1 N. Church. Phone
4(11 -J. tf
FIFTEEN Mi IRE Lo-Midjorty pick
ers are wanted at Meredith & Stn
ley place, ti. 1-2 miles S. E. of Sa
lem. I 1-2 miles S. W. of Macleay.
Phone Henry fining, S0FL Campers
preferred. june'Js
FOR SALE At bargain prices, on
Troy laundry mangle P0 inches, stor
shelving, two teams and Shetland
pony, 2 donble buggies, one ainglf.
buggy. H. Steinbock, 302 N. Com'l
Phui- 803. tf
For the District of Oregon
In the mutter of McEvi.y I'.ros. (To''
Chicago Store), bankrupts, 1,'npicst for
I will rc-eive scaled bid for the
following property formerly belonging
to the above named bankrupts, locat
ed in the store formerly occupied by
said bankrupts at Salem. Oiogou, up
to and until 12:00 o'clock noon on Sat
urdav. Julv 1. 10ii. at my office, No.
710-47 Morgan buildin... Portland, Ole
fin n:
A stock of goods, wares, and mer
chandise consisting ,.f cents' mid la
dies' furnishings, bedding, millinery,
crockery, lace, ribbon, notions, shoes,
jdoce gools, ready-to-wear guinients.
etc., of the inentoiie, Milne of SI'i.
tls'.l I'.O, together with fixtures pertain
ing to the same of the inventoried Mil
lie Of '!-.-".
Certified check for o or cent ol
the amount offered ii'ii-t accompany
C.lch bid.
Sale subject to the npproval of the
Inventory of the property may be
seen at my office, rind at Salem. Ore
gon, nt the latter of which places the
proportv mav be inspected.
K. L. SAP.IN. Receiver.
June 30
RKI White and. black eurrants (.'all
WANTEll Exper;ence.l farm haii'T.
cMiune farmer ii:!F12. june'JS
FOR RENT House keeping rooms,
close in. Phone 1 or 47 tf
JERSEY COWS IVr sale. Ward K.
Richardson, 2,!;i" X. Front. tf
WANTED Man to do general ranch
wuiU. i. (.'. Jones. J'houe 2!1'2. jc2i
WANTED To rent, a rooming house,
must be reasonable. !-!i Mill St. jo.-
l.OST (in! I watch fob. engraved "T.
M. S." Reward. Return to Jourunt.
,iuiv i
IIIOH CRAHK Linnieum for sale
cheap, si.e 12x14 ft. Impure Pi'O
. Mill. ,iunel'
WANTED lu men. 2.m per day. W.
' O. Iltirlburt. Employment agent, 7 ft:
N. High. junc-S
WANTED Loganberry pickers mtie
west Claxtar station.' ( ire. Electric.
Phono ."!'IVi. Frank Flint. ,iul,vl
ADS under tiiis heading lc a word.
Read for profit; use for results.
WANTED Logan berry pickers, cool
'camp, wood ami water. Perries not
damaged N,y frost. Phone 32F32.
LOST CM fili ELLA Gobi handle, in
laid with pearl, engraved "O. G.
I-"." Return to Join mil for reward.
FOR SALE Equipment for butcher
shop, conrplete. in good Ideation for
a market. Address J. J. Longcore,
R. 4. juneSO
I'M l!l! ELLA LOST At S. P. depot
last night; - short .handle, silver
mounted, silk cover. Reward. Phone
210-I-.I. june20
TO TRADE Its acres for Salem. Port
land or Eugene boose and lot or two.
Address C I". Mcllwuin, Salem R.
(1, box S;, Phone .".L'F.'.ii. june2S
FOR SALE 7 Jersey cows and L
head (Tf 1 and 2 year old Jersey cat
tie. See Davis Rees, 5 miles south of
Salem on Jefferson road. juno30
'OR SALE Hay horse, weight about
1 1 nit. gentle and true, will sacrifice
or will trade for a good milk cow.
Call afternoon II In North Capital.
LOST Mrs. Dr. Mendelsohn lost an
..mylhisl broach between residence
and S. P. depot, parties finding
broach p lease return to Mrs. Olm
stead. 21.1 I'nioli St. and oblige.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished four
room bungalow, cheap to good ton
ents. care considered more essential
than money. Must rent for nt least
six months. $10 per mouth. Enquire
Tliti S. IStlt St. .junortci
WANTED Work on fruit or hop
ranch, would furnish team and im
plements for cultivation or run
small dairy on shares equipped with
stock, llcs't of references. D. Dylan?
R. I, box 22, Shedd, Or. juno2S
PLACE I'OR SALE 1" acres choice
laud, new house, barn and out buibv
ings; fi acres set to Royal Ann cher
ries: 1 acre to peaches. 1 3-4 acres or
loganberries nre bearing: 1 1-4 acre"
ot cabbage: 2 1-3 acres of hay and
some pasture. Spring water piped to
the house, 1-2 mile from Oregon
Electric station. Part cash, balance
terms. Phone 7sE3. juno2S
(Continued from Page One.')
The First Illinois infantry will en
train nt 2 p. in. and the Second infantry
tonight, These troops will reach the
border before eastern troops.
In addition to the general order to
ihe four states, three of them, Illinois,
Missouri mid Kansas, were given auth
oritv to move for the border at their
on u officers' direction without report
ing back to the central department
their readiness.
The First Illinois will go via the Chi
cago & Alton to P.igbee. Mo., and via
the XL K. & T. to San Antonio: the Sec
ond via the Alton to St. Louis and via
the St. Louis and Southwestern to
Waco. Texas, thence to San Antonio.
Santa Fe troopu train movements so
far outlined are:
Move three trains of Connecticut
troops from Kansas City tomorrow.
Four trains of Massachusetts troops
from Kansas City tomorrow.
Three trains of some eastern states
Get Your
Printed at the
Capital Journal
Prompt Service and
the price is right
McCormick Manages
riUmnrif3 Potnnolrrri
lClJJUUdlil, Vainpalgn ,
Vance C. McCormick, President Wil
son's choice for chairman of the Demo
cratic national committee and manager
of the campaign, was born in Harris-
luirg. Pa., on .lone lit, s72. Of Scotch
Irish ancestry, he loves a fight and has
been fighting in snorts, civic reform
and party reform in Pennsylvania for a
score of years. Soon after he left Yale,
where ho made fume as a football play:
or and in 112 wns made captain of the
team, no was elected to the common
council of Hurrisbiirg. and nt the age of
twenty-nine was chosen mayor. He is
known as "the best mavor Harrisbur"
ever had." even by those politically op-
pose.i to nun. .Mr. .McCormick is weal
thy and extensively interested in nini-
cultural development. He succeeded
William 11. Tatt as a trustee of Yale
and is chairman of the athletic reorgan
ization committee ot. that university.
Xlrr McCormick is n director of the fed
eral reserve board. Philadelphia dist
rict, niut wilt resign.
contingent from Ynvnohn. Texas, via
the 'Frisco tomorrow.
The Chicago and Alton was to move
troops as follows:
three trains ot troons from Chicaoo
to St. Louis today for transfer to Frisco
tor Snu Antonio.
Three trains of Massachusetts troops
from Chicago to Kansas City tonight.
Massachusetts Going.
San Antonio. Texas June S f:.,n.
oral W ood notified General Funston
early today that the Massachusetts na
tional guard hail started for the bor
der. - -
Preparations for distributing nnd
maiutainiuir the niilitin I.
made all along file border today.' Fun-
siou mm ins starr are holieved to be
arranging the troops so a sweeping
movement could he, started from several
points simultaneously in case invasion
is ordered; and nt the same time leave
adequate protection for the border
against raids. There is a strict censor
ship on all news of troop movements,
even the railroads of the state having
miopteri the policy of divulging no
movements over their lines. Small de
tachments of eastern guardsmen are
known tu have rcachcil To vim l.ut
their destination is not known.
oiioentrntinn of Carrnnza troops op
posite N'aco. Ariz.. cont!iw,1 t l.
source of apprehension to army officers
runny, i no .Mexican forces nre said to
bo in much larger numbers than nt first
reporled and advices today said there
neie ooo. . i nrrnnn nrmv HI times
that sio is reported stationed nt Can-
nnea. nj miles south of N'nc'o . Tl,n
American forces lire understood to bo
fullv iirennred for nn nMnr.L- r. v,.
or Kislioe.
14,000 on the Road.
Xow York, Juno 2K Fourteen thou
sand militiamen from several enstern
states todav wore iolti nf nlollfr in itiiv
roaches toward Mexico. Seven or eb'ht
thousand more from TW York. Penn
sylvania and ew England states were
expected ( to be on route by tonight.
Fifty-two thousand men are now en
camped in the stales included in tho
dennrtmcnt of the enst and this force
will be sent ns quickly ns possible.
Today it was expected that Xow
York's cavalry regiments, or at least
the units now eampod lit Van Curt,
bind park would start. Xow Hamp
shire, Massachusetts. .Maine and Tihode
Island will start many of their "boys"
off some time within the next 21 hours
In N'eiv York most interest centered
in tho state of the Twelfth infnntrv
late this afternoon. . (1f Xcw York's
guardsmen at I'eekskill and Camp Whit
man will be roadv to leave soon as the
railroads can furnish the rnrs.
Iowa's 4,000 About Readv.
Dos Moines. Town, June 2. With
orders issued for the movement of
troons to the border In adjoining states.
Toya's 4.0110 giinrdsinen wore todav
boWoj criuioi.cd for border service nod
until this is finished state authorities
do not want them to leave. There are
I nun of tho 4.000 me in fa nip Dodge
without uniforms and oulv todav did'a
'pmrtcr of them receive rifles and belts.
The guardsmen were busv nt the rifle
ranges, learning how to shoot, and in
struction" wore being given to recruits.
As yet tho nrtillcrv lias not been furn
i.died with horses for the nm ami the
machine can companies have no puck
limb's. All the men have boon mustered
into the federal service nnd the govern
ment can take them whenever it wants
to but militnrv men are anxious to have
the men equipped by the federal gov
eminent before tlioy leave here,
California Sworn In.
Sai'iamelito. Cal., .Tune 2. Willi the
first souadroii of cavalry and the Sec
ond infantry lib. 'inly mustered into the
federal army, the work of transforming
California's national gitar.l-iiien into
Fncle Sam's troops was rushed nt the
mobilization camp to ll. v.
The men who have taken tho oa'h of
service nre eager to be away. A priv-
ate in one company who balked at be
ing sworn into the regulars was stripped
of '''9 khaki and forced to run around
the state fair grounds race track amid
jeers, there were
of dissension.1 ". -
no other evidences
Tho following prices for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, -and
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices are those paid the
producer. Correction! are made
The grain market refuses to bo af
fected by the general war news and the
same limy be said of creamery products,
eggs and poultry. There has been a
slight shortage of poultry for the1 past
dav of so, but the market rcniuins quiet.
Pork is stronger with a half a cent
higher for dressed. Steers are up half
a cent and cows down a like amount.
Wheat 80c
Oats 40c
Rolled barley $35.00
Corn J33.50
Cracked corn . . $37.00
Bran $27.00
Shorts, per ton $30.00
Alfalfa, California, ton $20.00
Buttorfat - 27c
Creamery butter, pefpound 29c
Country butter - 20c22c
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 20(o20 l-2c
Eggs, trade 21c
Hens, pound 12c
Roosters, old, per pound 8c
Broilers, under 2 pounds liic
Fork, Veal and Mutton.
Veal, dressed 8(a9c
Pork, dressed 10(!ilO l-2c
Pork, on foot 7 l-4(r?7 3-4c
Spring lambs, l'.HG 7('7 l-2c
steers '. 5(i(l 1-2c
Cows 4o5c
Bulls 3(0.3 l-2c
Ewes '. 4(a l l-2c
Wethers 6c
Tomatoes, California $1.25
Cabbage $3.50
Cucumbers ..........r !)0c
String garlic 15c
Potatoes, cwt. i $1.25(3)1.50
Potatoes, new . 2(R2 l-Ie
Beets : 1.00
Asparagus 40c
Radishes 40
Oreen onions 40t
Green peppers - 25c
Oreen peas 3(n 4c
Carrots, sack, new $1.75
Carrots, dozen 40o
Onions, California $3.50
Watermekns 2 1
Peaches 7."c(Ti$1.00
Oranges, Valencies $4.00
Lemons, per box -.........' $5.50(3)0.00
Cantaloupes ....'.'.... $1.00(o 2.00
Bananas, round "f
Apples $2.00
California grape fruit $3.00
Florida grape fruit $5.00$6.00
Pineapples 8e
Honey $3.50
Strawberries $1.25(fil.5()
Ciierrics, '.; $1.50
California plums $1.50
Apricots $1.75
Eetail Prices.
Bggs, per dozen, fresh ranch 25f
Sugar, cane ..$1.75
Sugar, beet $8.55
Creamery butter - 35''
Flour, hard wheat $1.-I0(ol.50
Flour, valley $1.15(5125
Portland. Ore., June 28. Wheat:
Club, 82c.
Hluesteui, liOc.
J-'oi tyfold, 85c.
Hod 'liiissiuu, 82(i 00c.
Oats: No. 1 white feed, $20.00.
Harle: Feed, $27.00.
Ilogs: Pest live. S.2.j.
Prime steers, $7.50.
Fnncv cows. $0.50,
Calves, $8.00.
Spring lambs, $7.25.
Hotter: City creamery, 20c,
Country butter, 27c.
Lgsg: Selected local ex., 24(7i2fic.
liens, 1 Idi 1 1 l-2c,
Hroilors, llifn sc.
(iccse, lllfii I lc.
Weekly Report of
Union Stock Yards
North Portland, June 27. Cattle
There wits the smallest run ol' cattle
todav I'or several weeks consistius
chiefly of tra-hy steers." Cows anil
heifers sold on n steady basis with
last week but stecis showed some
weakness. Calves steady.
tin a very small run of less than
2-".oo head the market niinlc u gain of
ten cents. Tops sidling at $s.:;o. De
nuiud is good and market closed on a
strong basis.
SI o market did not show any revi
vnl of strength. Lambs unless prime
are not bringing a very strung price.
Ordinary sheep aie showing t.ic most
weakness. Mai Let closed at steady to
w i ak.
The Representative Sales
J 12 steers 1 1 2 $7.-"0
II steers H7o 7.IO
! 21 steers 1 1 si 7.00
2 cows H'-IU O-""
1 21 cows !"io 0.2."
j i bull in io ,-.o(i
I 2 stags 1170 0.00
I heifer 700 (i.."it
1 dill' 170 7.00
I I . Wh 1 1 7.'l O.Oo
.11 hogs I si! h.:io
21.7 hogs 200 8.20
n2 hogs 100 S.2."
.."ill hogs IHii H.1.1
il'jg: in juouuic at:(.jv
July 2oth the Oregon Short Line rind
the (i. W. If. N. company will publi-h
n rate on hogs in double dtt'di cars of
'fectie from all points on the Oregon
Short Lino I!. II. to North Portland
Classified Advertising Page
based on 150 per cent of the single
deck rate.
' San Francisco, June 2V The chil
dren of six men who have been on trial
in the Oregon land fraud prosecutions
played hide and seek round the mnrble1
pillars in the corridors of the federal
building today while a iury lelihei
ated on whether or not to send their
fathers to prison. ,
Tho jury Ifas been out since 4:15 j
yesterday afternioii. The man await-,
ing the verdict are Norman D. ("k.
W. A. S. Nicholson and Frank ly u B. !
Bull of San Francisco and Sydney L.
Sperry, V. B. Degarmo and A. .1.
Keetz of Los Angeles. The six do-
fenilants, with their wives and chil-;
dren, splint tho greater part of the j
mroniug in tte courtroom and -corridors j
ot the federal building. .
Our circulation Is coming np
and still growing read the....
paper and you guess the reason.
ijc 5jc 5$C SC iji 3p ))C iS l(c )C 5(t i
DR. O. L. SCOTT Graduate yf Chiro
practic's Fountain Held, Davenport,
Iowa. If you have tried everything
and got no relief, try Chiroprac
tic spinal adjustments and get well.
Office 406-7-8 U. S. National Bank
Building. Phone Main 87. Residence
Main 828-R.
DR. O. A. OLSON, Dentist Adminis
ters nitrous ozid and oxygen gas.
Room 214. Masonic Temple. Phone
440. Satem, Orejon,
For all kinds of Insurance in Stand
ard Companies call on
P. J. Kuntz
Room 309, Bank of Commerce.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished house
keeping rooms reasonable. 855 North
Commercial street. tf
A. O. U. W. Protection Lodge, No. 2,
Meets every Monday evening at 8 In the
McCormick hall, corner Court and Lilierty
streets. It. O. Donaldson. M. VY. ; S. A,
Mcl'mldi n, recorder ; A. L. Brown,
SALEM IirXiE No. 4, A. F. & A. M.
Stated communications first Friday lo
each month nt 7 :.'in p. m. In the Masonic
Temple, ( has. McCarter, W. M. ; S. Z,
Culver, secretary,
president; Mrs. I.ou Tillsun, secretary. All
caseg ot cruelty or neglect ot dumb ani
mals should lie reported to the secrctury
for Investigation.
CENTRAL LOWE. No. 18. K. ot P. Me
Crtrnnck tiuililinir. Tuesday evening of
each week nt 7 :.to. J. ;. lleltzel, L U. J
W. I), (illsuii, K. of It. and 8.
R. N. OF A. "Oregon firape Camp." No.
1360, meets every Thursday evening In
McC'ornack huildiug. Court nnd Lilierty
streets ; elevator. Mrs. Sylvia Schtiupp,
1701 Market, orncle ; Mrs. Melissa Per
mis, recorder, 12DU North Commercial.
Phone 1430-M.
gon Cedar Camp. No. .1211!, meets every
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock In Mc
Cormick hall, coiner Court nod Lilierty
streets. Elevator service. Geo. Reinohl,
V. C. ; J. A. Wright, clerk.
Regular meeting every first and third
Tuesday nt 8 p. m. in the Masonic Tem
ple. Minnie Mueller, W. M. ; Ida M.
Bahcock, secretary.
Friday night at 8 o'clock In McCornack
block, O. W. Hirous, C. ( .: L. S. (jeer
clerk, 007 Court street. Phone 303.
Regular conclave fourth Friday In each
mouth at 8 o'clock, p in,, In Masonic Tem
ple. Sojourning Sir Knights ar courte
ously Invited 10 m"et with us Lot L.
Pcarcc, E. C, Frank Turner, recorder.
No. 84. meets every Wednesday at 8 p. 111.
In Moose hall. C. O. Matlock. M. A.;
C. Z. Randall, secretary, Salem Bank of
Stated assembly first Monday In each
month. Masonic Temple. N. P. Rasmus
sen. Thrice (llustrluus Master; Glenn C.
Nlles, recorder.
SALEM COt'NCIt, NO. 2C22 Knlglits and
Ladies of Security Meets every 2nd nnd
4tli Wednesday eucli month at Hurst Hull.
Vlsitlnif ni'Miiiiers nre Invited to attend.
E. F. W.ilt'iu, flii.Micler, 4o S. 14lh St.
PACIFIC LODGE No. 50, A. F. dt A. M.
Staled communications third Friday
In ea.li month nt 7:3" P m. in the
Masonic Temple. Hal V. Itolum, W. M. ;
Ernest II. Choate. secretary.
WEBH i CLOt.'GH CO 0. 11. Webb,
A. M., ( loii2h mortici.ins and funeral
directors. Latest modern met.iods
known to the profession employed
4'J9 Court St. Main 120, Main SlsSS.
directors and undertakers, 2"o Xnrth
High street. Dav and night phone
i General Teed ani
?M& Small Livery 8Ubl
vjf) ' c. W. TBAIN
, 54 Fevry. PKon If
TON Osteopathic physician jad
nerve specialists, firmluatcs of Ainer
Iran school of Osteopathy, Kirksulle
Mo. I'ost gr:,duate ami sprcinlizcd i:
nerve ilis'T s"S at bis Angelc.i college.
Trent acute and chronie diseases.
Consultation free. I.udy attend, int.
Office oO.'-oOti 1', f. National lhink
Hi 1 i I1 i n K- l'hono Itc.-idcnce ;U0
North ( U.ital street, l'uone Ib'.i.
Classified Business
Telephone Directory
A Quick, handy reference for busy people
Salem Electrit Co., Masonie Temple, 127 North High Main 110
T. M. Barr, 164 South Commercial street Mala 1SI
Salem Truck ft Dray Co., corner State ana front streets Mala 14
Try This on Your Eczema
If you are afflicted with Salt Rheum, Tetter,'
dry Eczema, Acne or Pimples, buy a jar of Dry
ZensaL For that watery eruption, or Weeping
Skin, use Moist Zensal, 50c the jar.
CENTRAL PHARMACY, formerly Poole's Drug Store
No. lfl Oregon Expretis 5:00 a.
No. 114 EiiKciie Limited 3 :02 p.
No. as Willamette Limited... 9 :22 a.
No. li Shasta Limited 11:55 a.
No. IS Portland I'ltsxenxer . .. 1 :-7 p.
No. 20 Portland Passenger. . . 5 :O0 p.
No. 14 Porlltind Expnjs S :04 p.
No. 2'.' t'ortlaud fust Freight 10 :30 p.
No. 220 Local way Freight. .. .10 :3u a.
No. 15 California Express.... 3:32a.
No. 1 7 Koselmrg Passenger ... It :20 a.
No. 2:: Eugene Limited 10:01a.
No. Ill Cottage (irove Puss. ..4:111 p.
Makes connection with No. 74 Ueor
No. 11 Shaata Limited 5 :43 p.
No. 2" Willamette Limited... :1ltp.
No. 13 Sau Francisco Express 10 :30 p.
No. 221 San Frauclsco Fast
Freight 12:01 a.
No. 22o Local way Freight . . . 1 1 ;40 a.
HUUM (Jl'.KIl l.lSB.
No. 73 Arrives nt Salem 0:13 a.
!o. 7H-i-Leaves Salem ft :50 a.
No. 7."i Ar. Salem (mixed) 2 :00 p.
No. 74 Leave Salem 4 ;20 p.
No connection south f Geer,
Rat.fsc, Falls City and Wb3tbn.
Hit Lv. Salem, motor 7:00 a.m.
10!! I.y"R!ilem, motor 0:43 a. m.
lGi Lv. SiJem .for Monmouth
and Airlie 11 :10 a. m.
lr)7I,v. Snlem, motor .... 4:00p.m.
1110 Lv. Salem, motor 6:15 p. m.
2.m Way Fr t lv. Salem. . . . 5 :On a. m.
1i2 Ar. Salem 8:40 a. m.
lii Ar. Salem 11:10a. m.
1Jii Ar. Salera 8 :15 p.m.
1 OS Ar. Salem 6 :U0 p. m.
170 Ar. Salem 7 :45 p. m.
240 Way Fr't ar. Salem... 1:35p.m.
Lv. Salem Train No. Ar. Portland
4 :35 a. m 2 Owl 0 :55 a. m.
7 :15 n. m fl 9 :25 a. m.
0:45 a. m 10 Limited ....11:35 a.m.
11 :20 a. m 12 11 :35 p. m.
1 :45 p. in 14 :W p. m.
4 -no p m Hi Limited . . . 6 :5o p. n.
5:37 p. m 20 7:50 p. m.
7:55 p. m. 22 10 ;00 p. m.
Pollil.AND TO SAl.Klt
. Portland. Salera
(i-45 a. m 8:5"' (Salem only)
8:25 a. m. ... B Limited ....10:11 a. m.
FOUR VAMiEY FARMS For stile by j
owner on county road an.l railroad..
fiO to 200 acres each, good liuililings, I
goort m"h .-.11 undor cultivation, chisel
to scrool, purrs rensonjiile, unlfj
eash, tialunco tiiuo at 0 per cent or
modem income lieurinn city jiropcrty. I
P. O. Uox 2M, Balo'm. tf
Toll SAl.K A Imronin if 1 alien with
in ten .lues. 70 acres on ooil rood
near I!. If. town, water piped to
buildings, (i :n ics fruit, 10 acres tim-i
bcr nnd paslnre, lialinne in crop,
(lr lo acres of the nl'ove includinK
l.uil.liniis. Hr .'10 1-- acres of the
above without burn. All or tiuv one,
of the ubou' tract- nt MM) per acre
with crop. S.,piiic Heal Realty Co., .
'Jo-..' I'. S. I In iik bblc
WELTMER SYSTKM Of sugocstiye
Therapeutics practiced by Dr. W. T.
Tompnins, S. T. Most powerful, nat
uril and successful treatment known
to science for the relief and cure of
headache, stomach, liver nnd kidney
trouble; rheumatism, constipation,
infantile paralysis and till female
complaints, heart, limu nnd throat
troubles; all diseases of the eye; can
cer, goitre, epilepsia, asthma, nerv
ousness or any chronic disease. Sug
Kcstivo therapeutics properly applied
to a diseased body is positive, sure
and permanent in its results. Hours
!l to 1- a. tn, 1 to 0 p. in., phone
lift I. Of lice rooms 1, '- and 3 liiyne
llbl 311 SlHte St., Salem, Orc.'iill.
Croprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
inds removed on monthly contracts
It reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phou,. Alain
2247. Residence V S'.72.
' ON Good Real Estate Security.
Over Ladd k Bush Bank Salem, Oregon
MONEY TO LOAN I have made ar
rangements for loaning eastern
money, will nui ho very low rate of
interest on highly improved farms (
Homer II. Smith, room 5 McCornack
Uldg, Salem, Ore. l'hono UO.
10:40 a. m 7 12:85 p.m.
2 :05 p. m 0 4 :25 p. m.
4:40 p. m. ... 13 Limited .... 8 :4l) p. ta.
0:o.- p. m 17 Local 8 :10 p.m.
0 :20 p. m 10 11 :25 p. m.
11:45 p. ul 21 Owl 1:60 p. Ok.
Lv. CsrvallU Ar. Ralem
4:10 p. m. ....... 20 6:37 p.m.
Lv. Eugene. Ar. Salea
7 :35 a m 10 Limited .... 9 :45 a. m.
' 1 :50 p. m 16 Limited .... 8:55 p. m,
5 :25 p. m 22 T :&3 p. ta.
12 :U5 p. m 2 Owl 8 :10 a. m,
Lr. Salem Ar. Eugent
2 .1x1 a. m 21 Owl 8 :50 a. m.
7 .10 a. m 05 8 :30 a. m.
10:15 11. m B Limited ...,12:25p.m.
Lv. Salem ' Ar. Albany
12 :55 p. m T 1 :50 p. m.
Stops at Corvallia
I.T. Salem. Ar. Albany
4 i2 j p. m 0 S :20 p. m.
Ar. Albany
0 .45 p. at.
Lr. Salem Ar. Eugena
1 tl.40 p. m. t.3 8:50p.m.
No. 04 Leaven Salem . . . .- 8 :40 p. at.
No. 03 Arrives in Sa'.-m 1 :25 p, oat
Lv. Corvallia
8 :2S a. m.
12 :12 p. m. .
2 :.'12 p. m. . .
4:1H p. 11. .
0:18 p. m. .
Ar. Halea
... 9:45a. m.
, . . 1 :45 p. m,
... :00 p. m.
, . . 6 :37 p. m.
, . . 7 :05 p. m.
. 10 .
. 14
, 18 .
20 .
22 .
Lr.' Salem Ar. tNirrallll
10:15 a. m B 11 :33 a. n .
4 :25 p. m 0 6 .47 p. m
12 :55 p. m T 2 :20 p. m.
0 :40 p. m 13 8:00 p. m.
Oregon City Transportation Company
Leave Portland for Oregon City, Buttevllla,
Newberg. Mission (St. Paul), Whentland,
Salem (dally except Sunday) .,8:45 a. as.
Leave Portland for Independimce.
Albnny Corvallls, (Tues., 'I bun., Sat.)
8 :45 a. a.
Corvallis 6 a. m. Mon., Wed., Frt,
Albany T a. in. Moa., Wed., frt.
Independence 9 a., 111 Mod., Wed., FrU
Salem 10 a. m. Mon., Wed., Frt,
Salem 0 a. m. Tues., Thurs., Sat.
. C.YUKN Well known Chinese doc
tor has successfully treated all dis
eases in the post voir. See testimon
ials on file tit tho Oriental Herb Co.,
610 State St., Salem. Out of towa
patients treated by Symptomatic Pi
aynosia. Send for diagnosis blank.
from all points east, oil all household
Roods, pianos, etc ( onsolidatad car
lo id service. Capital City Transfer
Company, agents for Pacific Coast
Forwarding company, Til South Com
mercial street, l'hono Main WA.
NOTICE To the people of Salem,
that I have installed a complete oxy
ac.tyleno welding nnd cutting appar
atus in my shop. For welding Steele,
east iron, aluminum, brass and bronze.
Wo lnuko a specialty of automobile
frntno welding, scored cylinders
blocks, broken crunk cases, farm,
and harvesting machinery. We ar
also equipped for extra heavy weld
ing and and can go to your job. I
have employed tm expert welder to es
pecially look after your wants. Your
patronage is respectfully solicited.
All work fully guaranteed from de
fects. C. R. Origg, general black
smith and wood working shop, 1SU5
Statu street. July 3
corner Commercial and Trade afreet.
For water service apply at office.
Hills payable mir.thly tn advance.
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease.
153 South Iliffh Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283