Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 24, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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Save Money
amounts to $2.00. Figuring twenty miles to the gal
lon, you get 200 miles at a cost of one cent per mile.
amounts to $1.00. Figuring thirty miles t the gal
lon (which is conservative), you get ."500 miles at a
cost of one-third of one cent per mile.
The motorist can divide his fuel cost into three parts
and pocket two of them, .this claim being borne out
by actual comparisons.
The Leist Distillate Gasifier
PRICE FOR FORD CARS. . . . $5.00
Great Western Garage
141 North High St.
216 N. Commercial St.
Last Thursday evening, June lf, at
8:1."), 1'eter Latier, for many years a
resident of this community, died at his
home on Fifth street. Deceased had
been under the physician's care for
ome time, but his condition was not
The Nobby Little
CLEAVELAND Lightweight
Has proved to be a WinnerAlways Ready to go
anywhere, any time. Up-keep almost nothing. Yoit
can learn to ride it in ten minutes. Come in and give
it a try.
Some New Features Not Embodied In Former Models.
25 per cent greater power motor; oversize valves,
entirely enclosed. Foot operated starter with auto
matic compression control. Motor drive chain and
clutch mechanism entirely enclosed.
Many other improvements not found on any other
make of Motorcycle.
Electric Lighting Equipment and Electric Hrn.
Call for Demonstration.
When a Better Motorcycle is Ruilt It Will be an
considered dangerous, having convers
ed with neighbors about everyday af
fairs n short time before. Heart trou
ble is giveu ns the cause of death.
Peter liuer was born in Luzum.berg
Germany, October 2, IS IS. He came
to this country when a boy anil worked
in many mining sections of the United
States before coining to llubbnrd to
live. Besides the widow he is surviv
ed by five children, Mrs. L, M. Simon
of St. Paul; Mrs. 1!. II. Crissel of Wil
sonville; ( elin, John and. Katie.
The funeral wns held at the Con
gregational church and sermon by Rev.
r. 0. Butler, interment in Hubbard
cemetery last Saturday afternoon
Hubbard Enterprise.
I Automobile News !
Maxwells Go Farthest
South In Mexico
Maxwell motor cars have achieved
the signal distinct ion of attaining the
most southerly point in Mexico of any
automobiles engaged in the punitive
expedition in that country. Letters
from United States army officers have
been received by the Biiquor Motor
company, Maxwell distributors in El
Paso, Texas, testifying to the fact that
the sturdy Maxwells have pushed
farther south over the tortuous Mexi
can traits than any other makes of cur.
These letters contain words of praise
for the splendid service given by the
Maxwells undermost discouraging con
ditions. One of the American officers, who
drove u .Maxwell car in the nrmy s
movement to the -south, writes ns fol
lows from San Antonio, Chihuahua:
"The car is standing up wen. t has
been given tests to which no other car
with the expedition has been subjected.
We have used the car on patrol duty
and the roads save the wold are un
worthy of the name. Kvery member of
the staff who has used this car is n
.Maxwell booster, for the car has done
everything we have called fat."
Non-Stop Hero on Job.
In addition to the service performed
bv cars actually in the fighting zone,
the famous non-stop Maxwell, the car,
that ran 22,000 miles without a single
stop of the motor, has proven an effi-
cient auxiliary to I'nele Sam's fighting
toree. me ear was used recently by
I luted States officers at .Douglas, ftri -i
zona, which is the western center of
military activities along the interna
tional boundary. The efofrt of the
non-stop Maxell have been auple
men ted by a fleet of Max wells, none of
which have seen less than 10,000 miles
of Arizona stage service. When a now
camp was established out of Douglas,
the Maxwells transported the soldiers been noted for its ability to handle
over the rough roads, nine troopers to 'low grade fuels and to convert them
a car. into high mileages. In fact, it was the
A Unit for Defense. success of certain constructive priiici-
These military performances by pics in this car, such as the juxtaposi
Maxwell cars prove what an effective; 'ion of intake and exhaust passages,
unit for defense can be afforded by the and the shortening of carburetor man
motor car facilities of the United 'folds, which paved the way for tho
States. They prove also the claims present remnrkable showing of tke
that have been made tor .Maxwell cars
iu the service of private owners. The
Maxwell is an ideal car for service in
Mexico because of its ability to ride
the treacherous mountain trails and
the long stretches of desert country.
Miss Henrietta Wolfer loft for Mon
mouth last Saturday evening to at
tend the summer normnl. Miss Wol
fer is ntso planning to continue her
studies there throughout the year.
L. L. llershberger spent 'Saturday in
Portland with Mrs. llershberger who is'
taking treatment at a sanitarium with
encouraging results. Both spent Sun
day nt home, Mrs, llershberger return
ing to Portland Monday.
Mrs. Knragar of Roseburg speut the
past week with her sister Mrs. R. By
land, returning to her home Tuesday.
Mrs. Bylnnd accompanied her and will
also visit friends" nt Salem nnd Tur
ner before returning to Hubbard.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 8. Faulkner, of Pau
lina, spent last Friday and Saturday
visiting their grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Zeek. Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner
were married May 30tU and were on
their way home from spending the past
two weeks ut the groom's home in Al
ba uy.
District No. 38, Wliite school held its
annual school meeting Monday after
noon. One uew director being elected
and one clerk. Miss Ida SUuil't'cr was
elected director and F. K. i'ergen,
clerk. Miss Stnufl'er holds the honor
of being the first lady school director
on this board.
Hen Brown and son Shirley, from
.over near Scotts Mills, came to Hub
bard Suuduy to consult Dr. Weaver.
Shirley had blood poison in the .index
finger of his left linn I, infection caus
ed by a scratch from a rusty tinw
blade a week before. Wheu they ar
rived the boy had chills and fever.
Wednesday ho was improving.
The singing class eonueteil by Sa-
leni K. Parker at the Methodist church
Inst week closed wrtli a concert and pJ by Mary Kupps, but now own
recital Thursday evening. At the clow ed by lj I. aud A. C. Snyder. There ii
officers were elected to continue in- ad to bo timber enough to keep tho
terest m vocal culture. I.. C. Me
Shane was elected president, Clarke
Will vice president, Mrs. L. M. Scholl
treasurer, Miss Nora Welty secretary.
Dr. A. F. del.espinasse was elected di
rector. The "first meeting was held
at the Methodist church Tuesday even
ing. The annual school meeting for school
district No. 15 was held in the assemb
ly room of the school Monday after
noon, June The meeting was call
ed to order by chairman .1. O. Moomaw
and alter a brief statement of the.
purpose of the meeting, proceeded with
the election of officers. Nominations
for school director to serve for the
three years were called for and J. U.
Moouitiw was nominated. There being
no other nominations u motiou prevail
ed that the secretary be instructed to
a $4.50 Gasoline
Call aud Sea Them
213 N. Coui'l St Salem, Or.
B WIMWMIinilfliMli'.W
Low Grade Gasoline
For Oldsmobile
Lansing, Mich., June 24. The pres
ent tendency or gasoline constantly
to depreciate in qualitv Is looked upou
with equanimity by the Olds Motor
ttorKs, tot tins city, builders of the
The reason lies in the fact that gas
oline conditions us they now exist were
foreseen1 by the engineers of the Olds
company, ami special provision made
to meet them.
Successfully using low grade fuels
is simpy a problem in sustained va
porization. The fuel must first be
burned into gas, and then kept in that
condition until it reaches the cylinders
n the Oldsmobile, a unique arrange
meit of gas passages Is emidoved to
I tins enc), an especially noteworthy n-
plicution ot tins principle being lotind
in the Oldsmobile eight-cylinder.
In the first place, the carburetor
on this car is situated between the cyl
inder blocks, where it is bathed iu a
constant stream of warm air from the
radiator and from the motor.
.Next ,tbe. carburetor manifolds which
lead to: the intake manifolds proper,
are exceptionally short and surround
ed by large water .jackets, which pre
vent any condensation of gas at t.iese
points. '
Finally, the intake manifolds of the
motor aire cast integrally with the ex
haust, sD that the exhaust heat is util
jized to keep the gas in suspension and
unsure its delivery tq t lie cylinders m
proper condition.
The result is not onlv to insure the
ready consumption ot low grade gas
oline but also a fuel economy that is
notowoithy. The gasoline average of
tiie Oldsmobile eight is thus from 12
to 14 miles a gullon, which, is excep
tional for multi-cylinder motors.
The Oldsmobile four has always
Gasoline standard may come and
go, with little sign- of protest from
the Olds Motor Works. This particu
lar concern feels itself prepared to
take care of p.nv eventualities.
cast the! vote of the meeting for J. O.
Moomay for school director to serve
three years. The secretary of the
board to serve one year, E. S. Miller
and A.' I). Wolfer .were nominated.
Clarke Will aud It, C. Painter acted as
tellers of the vote which resulted ill
Miller 'receiving a majority of the
votes c'nst. 'Enterprise.
Mr. and Mrs. F, D. Braly nnd son
were in' the city from Needy Friday.
Mr. Braly has been re-elected to teach
the ncejy school again next year at a
salary of $90 per month.
Mr. find Mrs. Henry L. Bents and
family motored to Mt. Angel Thurs
day to attend the commencement exer
cises at -the academy. Miss Velma Bents,
who has been attending school there,
is home jf or the summer vacation.
At a school board meeting Saturday
evening; Prof. Carl F. Anderson and
Mrs. Mona Miller were elected teachers
of the 'upper grades for the coming
year.' These, with the teachers re-elected,
Misjt Elizabeth Canning and Miss
Grace liick, constitute the corps of
teachers for 1910-17.
Miss Mabel O. Doty, principal of
the Donald school, and Miss Estella
Urettie .left Douald Saturday for a
two weeks' visit with Miss Grettic's
people in Salem, after which ' they
will "hike"' across the Cascades to
spend (lie remainder of the summer
with Miss Doty 'a parents at Redmond.
The ijlarvoy Lutnbor company have
shipped six cars of lumber the last
two weeks, the cars going to three dif
ferent states. Their mill is now in od-
etation ton tho property formerly own
mill busS- till January 1. The mill ac
hvities feive work to 16 men.
At toe annual school meeting on
Monday, H. 1,. Bents was elected
director, and T. M. Snyder, clerk.
The outgoiug. director was I.. L. Cfrib
ble, and (-the clerk. L. Webert, who
has 14 successive years in that posi
tion. The finnncial repoit showed out
standing' 'warrants to tho amount of
$1,000, unpaid for want of funds. No
action was taken upou a levy for the
coming .year, ns the school board has
not yet prepared their, budget, which
will be takiiu up lter by the board,
and voted upon by ike qualified electors
nt a special election. Observer.
E. W. Geer went to Eugene .Wednes
day to attend the old soldiers reunion.
Mrs. Klviu Carter speut Sunday with
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Burnett.
Mr. aiid Mrs. Floyd Crabtree and lit
tle son Dale of Stayton, were visiting
at the 1L A. Thomas home several days
Inst wee.k.
Mrs. t'ieorge Thomas returned hoaie
Wednesday after a week's visit with
home fqlks in Stayton.
Hazeli and Ruby (Jeer of Silverton,
are visaing relatives iu this neighbor
Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Humphreys spent
Sunday jut tho G. I). Scott home.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gilmore aud family
were visiting relatives at Victor Sun
da v.
Charles Heater wife and daughter
Vivian. were at the Portorff home Sun
day, i
Wm. Jfollett wife and daughter Ethel ;
spent Sunday at the H. A. Thomas!
home, i
This neighborhood was well repre
sented at the Pioneer picnic at Victor
Point Saturday, and all agree it was
tho best ever. stavtou Maii.
Willamette Valley News
North Howell Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
North Howell, Ore., June 21. Rev.
Jasper assisted by a lady from Port
land, is holding a series of meetings at
the church.
School meeting last Monday evening
resulted iu Will Oddie being selected
for a director for three years and W.
H. Bauglimau clerk. W. H. Stevens,
member of last year's board, retiring;
also the special tax of one mill car
ried. Mis9 Higgins and Miss Rosebraugh, of
Salem, have been elected to have charge
of the school for the coming year.
.Mrs. Alattie Kauill and Sarah MeCub-
bins, of Dayton, Wash., are visiting mous both morning and evening at the
their brother, Isaac Stevens. I Menouite church Sunday.
I. Stevens, W. II. Stevens and "family I The annual school meeting was held
were attending the Pomona grange at ' last Monday afternoon. The director is
Stayton Wednesday. P. A. i'rnzier and the new clerk is Mr.
Mr. Lewis Sawyer and wife, of Wood-1 Paul Silke.
bum, nre visiting at the home of Mrs. ( Messrs. Joe Fred and Valentine Ger
Sawyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Beer. ! ig are hauling lumber from Fischer's
M his week.
Orange will meet Saturday evening!
and determine what part the local will
take in the coming rally in connection
with the Cherry fair on the third of
Miss Edna Stevens and John Warner
have successfully passed tho eighth
grade examination and received their
diplomas this week.
A gentleman was in our locality from.
Portland this week looking for dairy
I. Stevens nnd his sister, from Day
ton, Wash., attended the pioneer picnic
iu the Waldo Hills last week.
Stayton News Items '
Times in Stayton are becoming more
prosperous. With the Brown-Petzol saw
mill running extra over time on orders,
and labor of all kinds in demand, a
bountiful harvest predicted and busi
ness men not complaining, why ought
we worry.
Hon. J. L. Hawley of McCoy visited
several days last week at the home of
his sister Mrs. Dr. Bvnuchamp. Sunday
Mrs. Hawley and children arrived. They
returned home that evening accompani
ed by Mr. Hawley 's mother.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Ruettgers and two
children visited Sunday at the home
of O. R. Emmons at Waterloo, attend
ing church at Lebanon on the way.
They were taken over by M. Gassner,
and had a good visit and a pleasant
trip. The Emmons' lived for a short
time in Stayton.
"Paul V. Marvis, state county agent
leader has been scheduled by the O. A.
C. extension service for a 4th of July
address before the farmers and other
citizens of Stayton. Mr. Marvis was in
vited to discuss the subject of coopera
tion and the Farmers' Union and will
consider these questions in the way of
general .interest, showing how the co
operation of farmers can be made a
more important and helpful factor in
the development of progressive and suc
cessful agriculture in the Willamette
valley. Stayton Sentinel.
Miss Frances Lambert of Portland
visited at the P. H. Lambert homo.
Frank Libbr of Jefferson was in this
vicinity Monday looking after business
Miss Mamie, George and Arnie Zim
merman of Sublimity spent tho week
end at the H. Senz hotne.
Miss June Kerns spent the week end
at tho Mrs. H. Shank home.
Miss Anna Miles of Salem came up
Monday to be at : the school meeting
aud sign a contract for the coming
school year.
G. H. Ray and wife visited relatives
at Laconib, Thursday. Thoir daughter,
Miss Ella, accompanied them.
W. R. Ray started for Wiulock, Wash.
Ijst Monday.
Miss Selina Sehuff spent the week
end at the Ryan home.
Ed Smith and wife and narry Shank
and wife were Sunday visitors at the
Mrs. H. Shank home. "
Linn Lambert and wife nnd V. Fiedler
were visitors at 0. II. Ray 's home Sun
day. Maude Smith and Roxnna Shank call
ed on Angelino Ryan Sunday.
Mrs. Ed Smith called at the Twin
Walnut farm Sunday.
Mrs. D. Townes accompanied by hef
grandson Theodore, returned Wednes
day from Portland,.'
F. Habberman and wife, If, F. Rvan,
wife and: daughters, motored to Mar
ion Sunday.
' Misses Downiug. nnd Melifl , Townes
called ouMrs. Peter Juugworth last
Friday. " ... , '. -.'..'.
Mrs'. H. Shank, Mis'. M. F. Hvaii and
daughter, Mrs. H. R... shank aid. Mrs.
F. Habberman visited at John Hubers
Inst week.
Mr. and Mis. Pete Juugn oith.aud.son
Henry, Ramie Jungworth and Herman
Folz made a pleasant call nt the G.. H.
Rsy home Thursday evening. Stayton
The first appearance of the Dunald
baud upou the streets was met by a
l:uje, good humored crowd last Thurs
day evenjug and for more thsn an hour
the boys discoursed good music, to the
delight of their very enthusiastic, audi-
euce. The crowd was indeed larger
than was anticipated, owing to the lack ,ula .McDowell. Ethel Kummer, Norman
ot imhilicity the matter had received. Krnst; Elmer Faber. Emma Opitz. .las.
Residents of Butteville and vicinity Running and Alfred Turner. Wood
knve beeu circulating a petition during, lMn Independent.'
the ast ws?ek asking the county court -- .-.
for the establishment of a free county ) meeting. H. E. Marty was then named
ferry across the Willamette river atias clerk, also to succeed himself, and
that place, which would relieve those ' the choice was made uuauinious.
who wish to cross the river, from the! That there is an .excellent " opening
burden of paying toll. An appropria-1 at Donald for n good physician is a fact
tion of $100 per year for the mainteu-1 apparent that it seems strange that
ance of the ferry is asked for.
The annual meeting of school district
No. 1, of Donald, was held at the school
house Monday afternoon nnd everything
passed off nicely. A full attendance
of the bourd was present and the mcet-iieul
ing wns called to order by Chairman J. 'ing more or less inconvenience. As the
H. Miller at the stated time. For direr- town continues to grow and it is grow
tor J. H. Miller wns nominated to sue- ing steadily the need becomes more ac
cecd himself. I'pon motion Mr. Miller ute. Here's a real chauce for some doe
was made the unanimous choico of the tor who can make good. Record.
Pratum News Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Prntum, Oregon, June 24. Miss Ly
dia Powell a dressmaker or Portland
visited with her parents Mr. and Mrs
A. W. Powell the first of tho week.
Mr. and Mrs. August Krehbiel of
Iowa, are visiting relatives in this vi
cinity. Miss May Bentler of Salem spent
the week with her. parents.
Rev. Krehbiel of Kedlauds, C'al., de
livered several addresses at the Meu
onite church last week.
Miss Ida Mawier was home for the
week end.
Rev. Hess of Kansas delivered ser-
j mill.
The children's day exercises of the
1 Ulard Sunday school will be held next
Sunday. An all day service will be
held with a picnic dinner iu the grove
near rue cnurcn.
Miss Eleanor Schaap is attending
Monmouth normal
Miss Lena Rnmseyer is spending a faiy
days at home.
Miss Blanche C'ornu visited with rela
tives iu Salem Wednesday and Thurs
Miss Margaret Gansuider and Francis
Coolidge, of, Portland, visited -nt the
home of their grandfather, FranE Nib
ler, Sunday.
Joseph tv'nrgnier has so much im
proved from his recent operation that
Dr. Hickman brought him home from
the Willamette Sanitarium last week.
Leo Choquette returned-from the Sal
mon fisheries Tuesday and expects- to
leave soon for Bisbee, Ariz., where he
will work in the copper mines.
At the annual school meeting Mon
day night Albert Letigren was elected
director to serve for three years and
F. A. Mangold was elected clerk for ene
jqufpii Vanderbeck, who was the
owner of a fine stepper, has sold the
same to J.' E. Cutsforth. and will now
drive a five passenger Chevrolet.
Mr. John Mills, Jr., and Donald
Cauthorn have accepted positions with
the S. P. R. R. company iu the signal
service work. Their headquarters are
now at Oregon City.
Mrs. Eugene Manning went Wednes
day to-visit her daughter, Mis. Woods,
in Silverton.
Mrs. Edward Maul aud Miss Nell
Smith, of Portland, are visiting their
mother, Mrs. J. D. Smith. '
Mr. nnd Mrs. I K. Siegmund lef t 1
last Saturday via Portland by boat to!
Los Angeles to attend the Knights'
lemplar conclave, lney expect to visit
some of the points of interest in that
state before returning.
Mrs. John Schoen, of near Turner,
wns taken down' with measles while
visiting at the home of . her father,
Joseph Becker, in this city. She is get
ting along nicely and will be able to
return to her home in a few days.
The Gervais ball team met their first
defeat last Sunday in the game against
Kenton, of Portland, the score being
4 to 0 iu favor of the visitors. ' All
things considered Gervais did well to
hold them down as they did. Star.
The annual school meeting for dis
trict No. 4, Silverton, wns held at the
high school building, Monday after
noon, June 19, at 2 o'clock. The meet
iag was called to order by Chairman
Notice calling for the meeting' and
the minutes of the last anuual meeting
were read by the clerk and approved.
The 1910 budget was read.
Wm. Hubbs placed F. E. C'allistcr in
nomination for director and W. Bowser
nominated L. J. Adams for the same
place. The chair appointed W, Bowser
and Carl Loe as tellers. A vote by
ballot being taken, Mr. Callister re
ceived 34 votes and Mr. Adams 80, and
Mr. Adams was declared duly elected.
For school clerk, Geo. Cnsiter nomi
nated J. W. Hyett and Julius Aim
nominated the present clerk, S. E.
Richardson. The vote Was Hyett 92
and Richardson 25, and Mr. tlyett was
declared duly eleeted.j-Appeal.
"A Grain of Salt," a comedy in two
scenes, 'aud " "What Dora . iircainhj'
were presented by the pupils of the
St. Paul public 'school on the night of
June 14 before a large aud appreciative
nudieuce, which demonstrated its de
light at the able presentation of the
characters. The. plays were very inter
esting and well acted. School. Super
visor .1. E. lrillette and Couuty Super
intendent W. M. Smith were present.
Superintendent Smith presented the
state standard school certificates to the
following pupils: Elmer Hughes, George
Buuning, Rovella Uornbeck, Herbert
Hughes, Mary Kloft, Viola Connor.
Arthur Connor, Clement Van de Wiele,
Peter K&k, Frances Vnu de Wiele, Mar
garet McDowell. Ralph Welch, Louise
Kerr, Alphouse Brentano, Clyde Wood-
rntf, lucent tlarno, Harry Faber.
rrancis Brentano, Josephine Ojutz, l'r
such a condition has continued for so
long. Residents of Donald and vicinity
are compelled o call a physician' from
some other town when such a need
comes, thus making the expense of med-
services quite high, as well as caus
North Santiam Notes ,
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
North Santiam, Oregon, Juno 24.
The county surveyors are surveying tho
road and bridge site for the ferry across
the river near the 8. P. railroad bridge.
The annual school election was held
Monday for the purpose of electing one
director aud clerk. Mr. C. F. JSuofieM
was elected for clerk, nnd Rnher How
ard for director. ', A large crowd at
tended. . .
Mr. H. Idverlv 'nnd arm Kfiun Lan
quite ill this week with what is thought
to be pleurisy.
Mrs. H. II. Clinni-e: tinrl n nnn.l n.IIL-
COW die this u.-m1r &
Quite a number from here that belong;
to the Farmer's union and others are
going to help with the celebration the
4th of July to be held at West Stay-ton.-
Air. A. B. Banta of Salem who repre
sents the Capital Journal was in the vi
cinity this week.
The crop of peppermint belonging to
the North Santiam Peppermint associa
tion is looking fine and is several fee
high at present. The proprietor W. J
Tumigo of Crabtree will erect a dis
tillery for distilling the oil in tho vi
cinity soon.
Mr. Neuman was an Albany visitor
thai week.
Mrs. Walter Cassidy of near Tilla
mook is visiting her parents Mr. aud
ills. John Mack.
- Dallas Local News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Dallas, Or.-, Jnne 24. Dr. H. M. Hell
wcrth nnd F. K. Hubbard of Falls City
were Dallas visitors Thursday.
Mrs. D. B. Jnrman nnd children left
the first of the week for Newport where
thoy will spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Hamilton of Salem
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Shri
ver on Mill street this week.'
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Tetherow of Falls
City accompanied county treasurer and
Mrs. F. J. Holman to Portland Thurs
day to attend the Oregon Pioneers as
sociation reuuion. '
Floyd Sears and J. R. Sibley went to
Clackamas Thursday evening to visit
with tho boys of company L.
Miss Ella Carpenter a Portland school
teacher is spending the Bumnier vacation
at the home of her parents on Clay
A. D. Brun returned the first of the
week from a business trip to points in
M. G. Ellis of this city and Miss
Laura Breck of Portland were united in
marriago in the .latter city Tuesday.
Mr. Ellis is in the-law aud abstract
business in this city.
Fred Boydston'an employee of tho
Southern Pacific railway company iu
Portland has been visiting at. the borne
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Boydston in this city. this week.
Claud L. Shaw sou of Mr. and Mrs.
John Shaw of this city aud Miss Beat
rice Blnkosloy of Payette, Idaho, were
united in marriage at the homa, of the
bride's parents Wednesday,' June Vlth.
Mr. Shaw is secretary of the Y. M. C.
A. at Baker, Oregon.
D. L. Keyt of Perrydaln was a Dallas
visitor on business- Friday morning.
Miss Emma Skelton visited with
friends in Salem the. first of the week.
U. S. Grant was in. Monmouth Thurs
day -afternoon in: the interest of the
Dallas Chautauqua,;,
Fully 2000" people! attended the an
nual picnic of the Waldo Hills Pioneer
association held last Saturday at the
home of Mrs. John-' A. Hunt, this beins;
tho tenth annual meeting of the asso
ciation. George S,. Downing president
of the association presided, assisted) by
Jeptha J. Hunt. Many Salem people
were present, including such stand-by
pioneer's as Judge P. H. D'Arcy, Judge
J. C. Moreland, J.udge William Gallo
way aud Mrs. Edith-Toz-le.r Wetherred.
The program was as follows:
Forenoon Music; Hebol 's Cherry
bud band. Remarks, George S. Down
ing, president of, association. . Song-,
"America," by Claude Slade and chor
us. Recitation by ' Freddie Barrows.
Vocal solo, Miss Alice Judd. Selection
Silverton quartet. Address, Judgo J.
C. Moreland. Vocal, solo by Claude
Slade. .,..
Afternoon Music, by Rebel's C'ber
rybud band. Vocal solo, Edna Savage
Harding. Address, Judge P. H. D'
Arcy. Address, MrsJudge John Wal
do. Recitation, Miss ' Louise Noies,
Address. Mrs. Edith Tozier Wetherred.
Selection, Silverton quartet. , Addres-.
ses by Judgo William Galloway, former
Governor T. T. Geer, iE. A. Downing
and W. H. Downing. Declaration,
Lloyd. Haberly. Stayton Mail. . ...
Titus Archer and Mike Gassuer- went ,
to Silver Creek Falls ou a fishing trip.
G. F. Harold took Mrs; Byron Bates,
Dudley Bates and children over to Al
bany in his Ford Friday.
Henry Croisant of Lyons was visit
ing at 0. M. Baker's last week.-
Miss Bertha Schaefer returned from
Salem Friday where she had ueen visit
ing for a few days.
Ed Chrisman was doing business in
Stayton Saturday. .:
Chas. Dart was' picking strawberries!
at the George Snndner home last Fri
day, r
Mrs. Curti Cole and little son and
Alta Harold spent' Friday nt the John
Sandner home.
Joe Gassner is pulling the road grader
with his engine this year.
Mrs. Carl Titus was a guest at the
John Henkle home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Harold visited
at the John Sander home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Harold,' Lloyd
and Alta Harold, were ween end vis
itors at Quinaby.
Roy Follis is stnying in town, receiv
ing treatment for. an abcess.
Preaching nt the Kingston church
Sunday, June 23. .
Mr. and Mrs. 0.. M. Baker visiteil
nt the L. A. Thomas home Sunday.
Stavton Mail.