Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 22, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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Run Over to Holland to
Enjoy Real Square Meal
By William G. Shepherd.
(Uniti'ci I'ross staff roi'H'Sioiiilvtit.')
Rotter. lam. llullaa.l, May 25. ( By
Mail.) Halm's sevi-n months to a year
old are CHtin carrots, niilrs ami
!- iiia;h iu Germany,
Other folks lii'siilcs luilies v.vc having
fowl trotibli's. These food stories we'il
tell admit them all.
If you watch the consulates here and
keep your eyes on the incominj; trains
you can meet, every day. a scant few
iersonswho have .just conn' from Ger
many and who will gladly tell you what
. experiences they have had in their
. kitchens, dining rooms and stomachs
finee the 'food stringency iu (ieruiany
. became noticeable.
These travelers feel themselves he
rues, as, indeed, you come to regard
them, in a manner of speaking, -when
you .see them abandon themselves to a
full, man's sized meal hero.
; Travelers to Berlin, especially the
; American writing kind, live at the best
hotels. They return with stories of
'plentiful and excellent fond.
Berlin is tho wartime show place of
Germany and the hotels where writers
go are the wartime show places of
Berlin. What the American writers have
: snid of the plenti fulness anil the excel
lence of the food, is not necessarily
, Here in Rotterdam yon get the truth,
straight front the dining rooms and
kitchens of civilians in every part of
Germany. It indicates that life iu Ger
many is uncomfortable, highly so, for a
civilian who is keeping house.
Here's a Swedish mechanic from Ger
many, running around Rotterdam 'fill
ing his arms with packages of bacon,
bottles of olive oil an. I rice. Perhaps
the Hollanders will refuse him per
mission to take these things across the
border but", "I'm going to make a try
of it," he says.
Here's pretty American girl dining
alone ifi a Rotterdam restaurant. She's
studying music in Berlin. "I've just
run over to Holland to spend a week
eating," she says.
Here's a Spanish woman with three
little children, "I brought the baby
down to get him some milk. He is tired
of carrots, spinach and apples. Xo
wonder; he is only seven months."
And here are Germans rich, elderly,
retired Germans who haunt the door
ways of the hotel restaurants, waiting
for the Aniei-'ean plan dinner bell to
ring and who seem to be always eat
ing, even at the haled Kngli'sh tea
hour. They are here a week. Then they
go back to Germany.
Germany, civilian Germany is hungry.
Not hungry for victuals, because
victuals are anything a human being
can eat and digest. Hut for decent food
like meat and wheat and milk and
animal and vegetable fats. (How and
why tiny, toothless German babies eat
apples, carrots, spinach and oatmeal,
instead of gurgling milk, will be the
subject of Shepherd's next German
food story.)
Suggested Sign Not To Judge
Town by Depot Riles
Railroad Man
The ( 'ommerrinl club was busy at its
meeting last night explaining one of
its little jokes. The joke appeal's to
have pleased the members of the club,
but the jukee, the Southern Pacific to
whom it was directed could not sen
in a humorous way and lost no time in
making the fact known.
It all came iroiu a suggestion made
at a former meeting that a sign be
elected, near ihe S. P. depot with the
legend "lto not judge our town by
its depot. ' The jest would have soon I
bee'. forgotten had not the Oakland j
Advertising club stopped off iu the
city a few- days later, and on its trav-l
els preceded to give publicity entire-'
Iv unexpected.
President Joseph II
the members of the club had
called together to get nn expression
opinion regarding the depot joke, es
pecially as he understood the S. P.
officials were inclined to feel sore
about it.
V. M. Hamilton believed persuasive
methods were best and was not in
clined to antagonize railway officials,
especiaJly as he had been informed
that already the men high in railway
circles were kindly disposed toward
our' city.
I-Y G-. Oeckeliach said that assistant
general manager Campbell was indig
nant at the action of the club, saving
that the railroad had shown
t V, ' ; ?
Has Agents In Latin Coun
tries Trying To Unite
Them Against Us
By Charles P. Stewart,
(I'nited Press Staff Correspondent.)
Buenos Aires. June 11. The Mex
ican government today launched' an
extensive anti Vnited States propa
ganda in South America.
Former Argentine Congressman
Palacio has accepted an offer to make
a speaking tour against the I'nited
He is working directly under the
auspices ol the .Mexican Federation of
The information being authorized
by General Carranza is circulating
matter throughout Argentina and other
South American states aiming to stir
up hostilities to the I'nited States.
The newspaper La Prenza this morning
prints a declaration from Carranza 's
information agency that the I'nited
States regards Mexico as the first ob
stacle iu her expansion southward.
"The fate of Mexico is decisive for
all Latin-America,'' the statement
Argentine students are organizing a
mass meeting to be held Monday to
protest against American i ntorventinn.
Mexican Ambassador
'Makes Official Report
Washington, June 22. Secretary
Lansing anil Mexican Ambassador Ar
redoiulo went into conference at 11 ::)."
a. m. at Arredonilo ' request to con
sider the American note and 'fight at
Cnrrizal. The ambassador was acting
under instructions received today from
Explanation of the presence of Gen
eral Pershing's men so far from their
headquarter. and also of the fighting
at Cnrrizal, together with the taking
of two Mexican towns by Pershing, was
asked by Ambassador Arredondo.
Secretary Lansing replied he had no
information on the subject hut would
Ancilondo 's information as to the
Cnrrizal trouble tallied with newspa
per accounts springing from Mexican
sources. He called the attention of the
department to hat he regarded the
lack of prudence on the part of tht
American commander iu going so far
from his headquarters. Arredondo held
it was unnecessary 'for the Americans
to make this move. His information,
he said, was direct.
The Mexican embassy later gave out
General Carranza 's instructions,
through his minister of foreign affairs,
to Arredondo including his statement
on the Cnrrizal battle. It follows:
"Please bring to the attention of the
department of state that an engage
ment occurred today (Wednesday) at
Carrizal near Villa Aliumada. Chihua
hua, between American forces number
ing about 2d0 men and a force of our
government troops. During this en
gagement General Felix Gomez and sev
eral of our soldiers as well as several
Americans were killed. Our forces cap
tured 17 prisoners, and, according to a
statement by the interpreter who was
acting as a guide for the American
troops, the commander ofthe latter is
responsible for the engagement.
Several dead were left on both sides,
according to the .Mexican envoy, while
.17 Americans were captured by Car
rauzistas. The session lasted only a short time.
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One of These Decisions
Is Certainly Wrong
An anomalous i lition will be
straightened out in the supreme court
on July r, when the case of Berridge
against Marion county nud that of
Mackenzie against Douglas cuiitv are
Jn both actions the question of pav
ment for expelling the books of the
various county departments furnishes
the bone of contention. Arthur Bet
ridge examined the records of this
county at the order of the count v court
and later submitted a bill for' if LoOO
which the county refused to pay.
Berridge applied for a w rit of review
in the circuit court but Judge Gallo
way decided that Berridge erred in not
making a formal complaint and Ber
ridge lost out. He applied to the su
preme court. Sam Richardson appears
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for Berridge and District Attorney liia
go and George Bingham for the nullity-
Iu Douglas county exactly the op
posite tnok place. Mackenzie filed a
complaint against the county when it
refused lo pay his bill and the circuit
court there decided that a writ o'f re
view should have been asked for.
Chicago, June 22. Movement of sup
plies for troops was threatened with se
Los Angeles, Cal., Jane 22.--Philailcl- .ions delay here today when -lilll freight
phia was unnnimriislv decided upon handlers, employed by the Santa Fe and
hi' c of the "'en' icniiioai company ocan a si i i
yesterday as the utecliu
next trienni."! conclave of
Templar. September, IttlU
cided upon as the date.
was ,lc'
that threatened to spread throughout
the citv.
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I mmrBmm " '
Distil, -t tiir I?;,,,,., ti,:
nig announced that he had atioointed
Albert said that' Klmo S. White of the law firm of White
i,,.., i
Boyington, as his deputy to succeed 1
uatpn )). .M cores, who is with the troops
at Clackamas. .Mr. White's duties be
gin immediately.
!e 1
A petition lor the appointment of J.
L. Calvert as executor of the Peter
Lauer estate has been filed at the
court house. The estate consists of
itsi personal property to the amount of
.fliillil and real property valued at t'2.-
Jrienilshtp towards Salem in van
ous vtnvs. The railroad otticial was .-,iio
uKo considerably peeved on account of . . j
a tew jesting remarks that appeared inj The circuit court has awarded the'
the first and only copy of the nam-. .-uidobakor Brothers cnnnmnv
phlet entitled "The Cherry City Woos- interest from April I, and' costs a
ter," issued the dav the Oakland Ad ; mounting to $20 in its action aiiains'
men were visitors.
Club is Sympathetic
' In order to show the Southern Pa
cific that the oinmercial club was
composed of good fellows, notwith
standing the fact that all of them en
toved an occasional goou tone, me nil-1 transcriut
lowiug resolution, introduced by W. M. ' llr, an,
George Swegle. The case grew out of
the purchase of a bugsry from the man
ufacturing concern, which, it is said
was never entirely paid for.
B. Kav,
Hamilton and secondel by T
was unanimously passed:
Whereas, n motion was made in a
M'iiit of test at the annual meeting
of the club on the
to the effect that
reef a sign near
bearing the words
town by the depot.
Whereas, certain
circuit court has received a
the ease of .1. M. Wolf-;
G. Wolfard of Silverton
against W . J. Cooley. Action to recov
er money alleged due on a promissory
note for $22 will be instituted by the
plaintiffs. J
7th of this month
the dub should Robertson Brooks, son of County
the present depot ! ..order Brooks, treated the count'v
' Do not judge, our ' fj,.j.,is this morning. When the
i,n'b parlment heads arrived at their
otner remai Ks n- ,.s t ,,. ',,,,,,,i
bout the present depot were made iu . supply of
'pint ot jest, in a pampnici cuimcn
on their
'Cherrv City Iiooste
in r the isit of the
without ratification
Whereas, both the
published dur
Oakland Ad club
by the club; and
motion regarding
the sign board and the remarks in the
pamphlet have been given much pub
licity iu a way to convey the idea to
the 'public and officials of the com
pany that the club was oa unfriendly
terms with the company and did not
David llutcheon, junior member of,
the llutcheon Paint company, and Miss:
Louise Clark secuied a marriage Ii-!
cense late yesterday and were married'
at the home of the bride's pareutsj
last evening. i
is bad, at
he alt le
Appreciate the attitude the company onstration
bad taken upon the reipicst oi me ciuo
for a new depot.
.Vow, therctoro, be it resolved, that
the club docs hereby rescind the n
boe mentioned motion and dues also
hereby dec-are that said motion and
remarks in the above mentioned pnm
phlet. do not indicate the true attitude
of the club toward the company, and
that the dub dot's appreciate the at
titude that the company has thus far
taken relative to the new depot, and
mge the company to do everything
nibble towaids iinvinif it erected as
soon as possible
building is felt
one in Salem.
school supc iiilendent Smith
his desk loiTny. Wednesday'
il the Punnets' Week dem-i
at McMiunville, held un
der the auspices of Oregon Agricultur
al college. K. r Carletoit, assistant j
state school superintendent, delivered;
an address on "Progress in Hural Kd-1
ucation." The demonstration is being'
attended by all farmers who can pos-!
sibly get away from their fauns for
the occasion.
as the need for a new
verv keenly bv every-
Longshoremen At All
Points Renew Strike
San Frnncisco,
demands Inning
jdinremen in ever;
fimed their -trik
June 22. Their how
be,-n refused, long
Pacific r.,nt pnrt le
todnv. Miip owners,
in mnnv cases, continued work with non
union men. The river beat-, it was
MUMoiiiced. would sunn resume leuulnr
s, hebdes with deckhand labor. An ul
timatum, demanding; that all lion-uiiion-is
be di.-charge.l, was served on the
Attack and Kill
American Prospector j
Douglas, Ariz.. June 22. Mexicans
who hud armed themselves for war at
tached the camp of two American pros-'
pectors near ( iimpas. and after n hot ;
'fight killed .Tames Parks an. I took his I
partner prisoner, it was learned here1
today. One Mexican was killed and hcv- j
cral wounded by the besieged Aoieri-j
cans. Norton Hand, the partner. wn!
imprisoned in the jail :it Xaer.zai i. '
News of the fight wa luo'ilit here bv '
Green C. Bush, a miner, and :i number.
of other let'ugees.
llundieds of Mexi-ans pourc.1 into
the nearly deserted Jlcsimn ' I
Agna l'!ien. nert.s the line love today.,
from the vicinity of Ilouobi-. ,
i in)
.lovers yesterday. It expired at :
p. ni. all'! the -teve.lotes rciuseo in o,
to work today. Scores o;ith"r.-d at tio
wharves jeering the. strikebreakers.
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