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All Kinds of Wild Rumors Registrations Must Be Made Thousands Take Part In Great Mexican Papers Tell Readers1" "
ASoat-Late Bulletins
From Mexico
RroTiiin ill.-, Texas, Juno 20. The
body of William I'. Hrowne, rattle
buyer and n brother of Mayor A. A.
lirowne, today was found ou the Mex
ican Khle of the Kio Grande with a
Wllet hole iu the head. Apparently
Urowno had been dead several days.
Ho h.'ih last seen in Matamuras Satur
day night.
Passengers arriving from the interior
of Mexico by train Inst night, reported
that all Amerieans at the (."erralvo
mines had been murdered. This cannot
be eoufirmed.
Kxeiteuient continues in Matanioras,
where a food famine is reported.
Thn plazas are crowded with citizens
and arms have been issued to all males.
An armored flat ear was brought from
.Monterey today and placed at the Mex
lean Entrance to the
Ueneral Kicau is reported to have left
this morning for Monterey, leading a
largo force.
Customs Collector Gonzales attempted
to leave his post in Matamoras today
but wsi captured and charged with
ueserunai. tie probably w ill be exe-1
c.uted. "
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ears standing on the sid
soldiers marched through
Saturday, July 1, None
Received Monday
Still Hopes for Peace.
Mexico City, June 20. Addressing a
patriotic demonstration today, Secre
tary Acuna of the department of Uober
liacian declared that ho did not con
sider the situation between the United
Mutes and Mexico to be desperate. He
abjed that ho thought the controversy
would be, settled by diplomaey.
Kight thousand miners in one group
today tendered their servicit" to tien
eral Obregon. Militarv Uniting of
thousands of citizens who have velim
The baby parade of the ooming Cher
ry fair promises to be, as it was last
year, one of the big drawing cards of
the entile e. lehratioii. In fact iu point
of interest, the baby parade around
Willson park might be termed the lead
ing feature as far as interesting every
member of the family.
Mrs. V. II Daney, chairman of tiie
committee in charge, reports au unusual
interest already, all of which promises
well for the parade.
The cash prizes, besides the honor
to be conferred, are attracting besides
the Tact that many a fond parent has a
sneaking suspicion thnt his offspring is
likely to be a sure winner.
Mrs. W. H. Burghnrdt, Jr., who has
charge of the special and unique feat
ure department of the parade will assist
international ,nosP w'10 would like to enter their
children but just need some suggestions
as to decorating and iu which class to
enter. Mrs. C. I.. Dick will arrange for
the judges and Miss Elizabeth Lord
will have charge of the parade. Regis
tration will be Saturday morning, July
1, at the Commercial club, and this im
portant matter will be in the care of
Mrs. K. 1,. Baker. All registrations must
be made on that day, as none will be
I accepted Monday morning, the day of
, the parade.
Mothers are just beginning to real-'
ize this is to be the finest and biggest
and most interesting baby parade ever
held in Salem. Last year entries were
made just a few days before the cele
bration, but this year, already more
than -10 have entered in one of ihe sev
eral classes.
Among those who have signified their
intentions ot entering are: Mrs. Vau!
Hauser. !25 Saginaw; Mis. James Chin
nock, IS 1 4 Ferry, Mis. Mason Bishop.
Parade This Morning-- He Is Willing To Abandon
Banquet This Evening ! . Everything
I.os Angeles, On.. June 20. With
Laredo, Texas, Juno 20.-
il,l en in. .
scores of Sir Knights of the grand en-1 ors ure being circulated iu Mexico.'
campnient. Knights Templar, here al j tending further to lower American ,
ready on their wav to their respective' l"''-',tKe. and correspondingly to fan;
.'1,-AicHlI pa 1 1 IUI 1SIU,
states to join their militia commands,
delegates to the conclave tuday prepar
ed to elect a junior grand warden.
Four Sir Knights were
A newspaper circulated in Xuevo'
Laredo states that General Trevino in f
ordering General Fcrshiiitr from the I
.'uaiuricu us'eounirv, sncemcd mat tne American .... i i. .. i - . ' . ..
likelV cnmlbbites 1, 1,., V.M...:.. ' enmmn, ,W ul,l,l l... n 1,: ; '" ami wept, in tn
" k ; " "
opeus this afternoon. Thev were George i ,,01,!,i motor trucks and artillery, or
Vallery, Colorado, past grand command- i 'r"'v'.l'n'R tj,'f' would destroy the ex
., t- u r- i i , ... pedition. To this. Recording to the
Cretan 7ZrZZ i i T ,
. I ',.,.. , , ',, . A tumor is current in Xuevo Laredo
giand master of each Masonic grand!,. ,t, , ,1 i.-. , .
body in Texas; William L. Sharp? Chi-! ' ' ? "'f "ar ",s,"r '"
cago, past grand commander, II in, J K011 " "' ( '" and
and 1'errv YV. Wcidnor, of l.os An-clcs ! ls 'll'l'u"' 0 llnvnnn. This re
past grand commander of the California fm 'fn roa,1 f""'""-
comnianderv, ,nsin ,,v Mexican poiul:ition, as
Flanked bv cheering thousands wav-' ' 'ntn s Pl"'ln"ty lias been on the
ing handkerchiefs and fla.'s ,),M I wa,,e !iU,n0 tl,m" w'111'1 "'R0"
Knights Templars mr.r.-tied through' the 1 1,10 lr,""nl "I"',
downtown streets of l.os Angeles today Mexicans arriving here from Moil
in one of the most notable and largest I terey report, that .1,000 Carranza scd
parades of the Masonic order. dicrs are encamped between Xuevo
Steeds pranced and danced, medals Laredo '""1 Altos, awaiting orders to
ma rcu norm.
teerei for service in case of war will; mitn ( ommercinl; Mrs. Clvde
begin next Sundav. i Mice, ui Center; rrs. D. J. Frv, Hoc
I High; Mrs. L. II. Kuggins, 275 'South
Carranza Is 'Sassy" rourteenth .Mrs. l.. (i. Holt, 10,'!? OaL
Menico City, June 20. "If the
T'nited States wishes war with Mexico
.Mi's, l.eorge Klgin, 13!Mi North Fourth;
A.rs. C. W. Knimett. 715 South Twelfth?
U,. v w -r .. ,. , .
thev .ill have to beeio it bv invadine U :' . " ' , 'V.V": ' ' O.0"" 1 "Hr!.'u
, .. ,. i . I 1 'iriorii r.igin, i; t
our tMntory,-' General Carranza to d, ,,, Johllsoni Sm
delogation of men and women teach-j f,)v(1(1 jol)nSfmi
irs and
"Wo will tolerate the sending of no
mora punitive expeditions across our
border even on tho pretext of hunting
bandits and assassins," added the first
it Saginaw;
South High;
'32 Chemeketa;
Seized 200 Miles of S. P.
Douglas, Aru., June. 20. General
'alios, Cafraiizista commander of
Sonera, has seized 2oi) miles of South
ern I'acific railroad between Ilcrmosil
lo and (Junynias, for "military pur
poses," it was reported here today.
uavul H right, IW8 North High; Mrs.
Guy Hunt, 717 South Twelfth; O. W.
Patterson, 2015 Trade; Mrs. Asahcl
Bush, Commercial and Belelvue; Mrs.
R. C. Bishop, .'104 North Liliertv; Mrs!
.1. J. Roberts. 7liS State: Mrs" V P
) Dyer, 1220 Chemeketa; Mrs. H. H. Hill
Last Miller; Mrs. T. A. I.ivesley
ana insignia jingled and swords rattled
in their golden and silver scabbards,
bands played and 1.10,000 people paid
tribute lo the order. It was a mag
nificent turnout.
Along the line of march stood prettv
girls and the Sir Knights stopped often
iii qunii pure water as it came spark
ling from granite coffee pots. j
Motion picture cameras clicked by !
the dozen as the Knights filed bv and j
up the streets, their white plumes ris-i
ing ami tailing to the tread of thou-I ' ' '
sands of feet. I Many a person has discovered that
At 6:30 p. m. a banquet for the ladies t is better to bury the hatchet than
of the grand encampment. At K p. m. it" l'.v court plaster.
reception and ball given by California j
commandery No. 1. Kecept'ion in honor ! Boasting of sobriety is in this re
of Sir Lee Smith, acting grand master, I speet like boasting of honcstv; it us
officers and members of the grand en- uallv goes to prove the contrn'rv.
The situation in this immediate vi
cinity has been quiet since the bandit
raid on San lgancio last Wednesday.
campnient in the Alexandria ball room
to be given by the Pennsylvania com
mandery. The grand comnianderv of the Ohio
knights will also entertain officers and
acting grand masters.
Taking Americans Away.
Galveston, Texas, Juno 20. Private
advices received here this afternoon
stated that American warships at Vera
"run today removed large numbers of
Americans from Mexican soil and that
Americans and other foreigners are ar
riving on every train from interior
Special Train for Refugees.
Wa.-liington, June 20. Special Agent
lfodgors at Mexico City today wired
the ita.te department, he has arranged
for a special train to tako Americans
from Mexico City tomorrow. The iues
fage carried news of the first anti
American demonstration there. The
!emons1ration did not take a serious
urn, Rodgcrs said.
Feeling Is Intense.
Hagte Pass, Texas, June 20. Anti
foreign feeling at Snltillo is so intense
that several Americans and Englishmen
were, forced to take refuge iu the
British consulate Sunday night, accord
ing to repurts received here today.
The demonstrations occurred shortly
after Consul Silliman received his pass
ports aad left for the border.
On orders from the state department.
Con-mi Blocker removed his official
records from Piedras N'egras to Kagle
Memory Expert
Tells How It's Done
The memory expert and teacher. David
M. Roth, entertained an assemblage of
bout i men and women Inst evening
at th Commercial club, in demonstrat
ing what could be done by the average
pewoii in the way of a proper cultiva
tion of the memory. When it comes to
010 South Winter; .Mrs. H. D. Patton.
tourt; Mrs. Curtis B. Cross, 250
North Fourteenth; Mrs. O. F. Martin,
bii7 South Liberty; Mrs. W. B. Crisp
Mrs. Claud Settleniier; Mrs. ITuii Al
len:; Mrs. W. T. Greer: Mrs "fnrtl.
j Wetzel!; Mrs. Harrv Elgin; Mrs. S. M
jKerron; Mrs. B. A. Reynolds.
u test of remembering names as well
as figures, Mr. Roth was there with the!
retentive memory, all of which he
claims may be accomplished by nnv one
who takes up the study of memorizing
from a proper standpoint. He claims
there is a better way of recalling or
memorizing than mere repetition.
As a result of the meeting and the
questions asked him by those who are
interested, a class of' 13 was formed
which will probably be more than
doubled when the work of teaching real
ly begins next week.
The Salem class will be conducted by
H. Jacobsen one evening each week
and any one interested may get addi
tional information by telephoning him
at the Marion hotel.
The art of conversation is said to
be waning. Probably being supersed
ed by talk.
Along With
Splendid Flavor
This famous food has both delicious flavor that
appeals to appetite; and the rich building elements of
whole wheat and malted barley that makes for
sturdy bodies and keen brains.
Thousands who have made Grape-Nuts, with
cream or good milk, a part of their daily rations find
that it helps wonderfully in restoring "balance" and
vigor, and puts "go" into life.
"There's a Reason"
Grocers everywhere sell Grape-Nuts.
s. T'.ie
:i solid lane of humanity in approach
tne entraining pouit.
Scenes at the Depot !
A delegation of iweive trim the In
dies' Auxiliary of the Spanish War!
Veterans, each member carrying an I
American flag, led the 'company i
through the streets, immediately foi-
lowing this delegation came Company!
M, in column formation and in heavy j
pi v, , u,tiiiu iiciiiuitr ar
the head. The Salem military band
rendered several selections and Tom
. Ordemann sang.
I in ine roadway south of the depot!
the soldiers came t'Va halt and broke i
ranks. On the moment scores of wives
sisters, mothers and sweethearts were I
imoog the soldiers. Many of the wom-l
well but for the most part thev held
up well. j
Men friends of the militiamen, too,
were in evidence with a hearty hand
clasp ami a parting word of cheer to!
their friends. Here and there a note1
of hila'rity that was easily recogniz-!
able as frorced, could be heard from!
some old man speedinir his bov. and'
who felt like crying but didn't dare.
Among the guardsmen themselves
the seriousness of the undertaking- for
which they have enlisted was plainly
appreciated. Company M is not going
iiiio acme service wnn any misunder
standing as to tne work ahead of it.
A dctei initiation to work hard ami at-1
tain the result sought in the shortest '
possible time is plainly the uppermost
thought in the mind of each and ev
ery man. j
To Encamp Some Time J
At Clackamas, Major Mnriiis B. ,
Marcellus of the medical corps will;
proiiainy lie in command by virtue oi
j being tiie senior officer present. i
I For a period of two or three weeks
! or until the troops are ready and call-,
Cd upon to leave the state, Company
jM will work hard to perfect its or-
gaiiiatiou. i he war department it or
ders require that men iu concentration
camp put in at least five hours a day
drilling. In addition to this, instruc
tion in trench digging, tent pitching,
and other details of actual warfare!
will receive liberal attention under'
jthe supervision of regular army offi-'
I Colonel Clciiard McLaughlin of the!
, I'nited States army is '.n command of
the Third Oregon Infantry of which
the local coinpanv is a unit.
Advices received here this morning'
iare to the effect that the coast in
tillery corps has also been called on for three years n member of
which brings into mobilization the en-' ca airy and served taroiigh
.tire militarv force of the state which ippine insurrection, being
'consists of Third Regiment, of Inl'aa- in action.
:try. Separate Troop A of cavalry' Their Stay Indefinite
liattery A ricld Artillery, Sanitary
corps attached to the Coast. Arti
Friday Is
libber Heel
Day at
The Price Shoe
To introduce our New Live Rubber
Heels, we put on whole or half
rubber heels for
One-Half Price
on Friday only. Shoes can be
brought in before this date, but the
special price will be for one day only
the C S. burn; Arthur L.
the 1'hil- Mills iiu.i Cora V.
wounded ville.
Rich, I", of Scott
Kiiiiey, Is, of Aunis-
I Lieutenant Walter P. Spnuldiiig en-
crv ' ; i i 'i.,., i
,,,.' ' '"with Company MI lie Is attached to
r icld Artillerv. i ., , ' ... , .
the supply company in trie ipuirtcrnias-
Company M is First I tor's department, s'iii.1 his Jutics began
Mioum all the state forces be sent 1 immediately on reaching the I'onccn
to the trout Oregon will iiave Contril
The county court today appointed
C. C. Bellinger ns guardian of the es
tate of Blanche chase. The estato
consists of real and personal property
valued at .folio.
uted ,1.1(10 ot I leers and men to the
country's ciiuse.
Major Carle Abriuns, commanding
the Third Battalion, O. X. li., which
comprises Companies M of Salem, K
of Dallas, L of Woodbiiru and 1 of
Corvallis was detailed to Corvallis to-
(ia to neip tne work ot mohilizatioii n,iule, the articles of war will b
in tne college town, lie is now in thatit,, the men
''''v;. ... I length of the stay in camp is
oilll I lie .-.Ml-lilii'M OI .-Nlieill llll IIIO , ,.c ,i, mo mi, nl mi, nnivt
trillion point.
While at camp the companies
allowed seventy-five cents a day from
tho federal government for each jiiiim
to cover cost of maintenance.
At the first assembly iu camp fol
lowing the declaration of war by
i Washington, whicii has not yet been
Arthur Coffin, administrator of tlio
estate of Julian lupoiit, has filed his
I account of the settlement which has
"f been confirmed by the county court:
'other companies of the Third Itattalioii
show a laxity iu recruiting to war
Istrcugliu The other companies will
not. be allowed to depart for Clacka-
J mas until i- men have bi
In as compared to .the L
from this city which speaks well for
I the patriotism of Capital city men.
Lieutenant Louis II. Coiupton, aide
I to Major Abrams, was yesterday or
Nleicd to l'oitl.ind and Is now iu that
.city effecting the organization of the
The estate of I''. W. Power who ie
cently died in this city, is placed in Un
hands of Ascnalh M. Bower, wife of
the deceased and Alex i'ower a broth
er, in an order issued at the court
house today. To tin; mother is given
the gu ndinnship of two minor children
i'lank K. I'ower aged 1 1, ami rioreie'e
M. I'ower aged H. This action was tak
en on the tetitioii of Mrs. Aseniifh
I'ower, mother of the children. The
tat nsists of personal property to
necessarily remain so until word to
march is received. It i' not at all cer
tain that the Oregon militia will ccr
lie I'll c, on to en into Aleiico. In ii... ,.,1,... ,.r c-'no ...,.i ,......
li mustered j ;M, ,,veat state troops are sent ileKis.i ' tiintiteil at iii)U0.
pii"" the border eastern troops, asliiugtini .
lispntchcs state, will be called upon J Solomun Durbiii, who died here lust
1""'. mnnin, leu an estate esiiinatcii ai i-i,-
Mioul.l the org.'ini.eil militia cross onil of which K)in is personal nronei-
lo so v accordiii'' to the terms of his will
1 to probele
Bnrbin 's sun
the nrg.'iiii.cil militia
tiie line the first detachments to
would, in all probability, not cross tor which was today adi.iittc
oine weeks, I hi) policy of the war do- bv the county court. Mr.
j """"I"' ' ' '"."""'Ipnrtinent, it is declared, in view of ex- Charles and his .laughter (icorgianna
,,, ,r .-. , i pcrieiice, will nohl the militiamen
iciari oi me local i. .i. i. a. will ,i. i,,.,ih ,.,., ,;, t;i,,. ,i,..,.
command the mounted detachment tn !.,.,,, .1, t noinf in rird.,r il, m..'i,
tive service. He wns!,,, become acclimated.
cut of
Balmer Brintfs Boys From Kaffir Land In South Africa to Chautauq
j sic i Sj i
j se sfc ;
on are made executor and executrix re
spectively. The heirs are Charles li.
Oiirbin, Vancoiix or, Wash.; tieorgiun
na Hiiibin Wallicr, Snb'm; May Durbin
Koltes, a daughter of Kixerside. Ciu.;
l-'rcd . I'urbiu, Salem, gnuidson:
Madeleine Walker I'yer, Salem, grand
daughter; .Martha Koltes Condiif,
Kiverslde, Oil.
: :; -jt:
He i granddaughter,
f if k sjt sjt !
see how quickly
shin la cleared
Blemishes of an eruntional nature,
ueh as Pimples, Kssbes, etc.. are
very quickly by Pinlaiu.
driven awav
Its healing work in stubborn and ag
gravated Kczema eases is often re
marked as wonderful, hi most surface
kin disorder PoFlam e-ni to H'lfpiv t'''
ly the oothin. cuLtrollinji tnfiucccr
Mdd. Comfort if immediate; itchir (, t"Ji.
nd u far fiiffcrirff ii- i-or.crncil tH
lrouhl may usually be forgutte-r sonn aftci
Poslam f applied.
roam 5,,f7p. rortlaini'ny Wo,n. iron a-- i
i ktalth of thn atnl hair. I'sy tmhi "n
mntk f"? tiAlet and Uiti,.
Fur FREE SAMI'l f.. -rn to I'r-,.r,.-,,
lj.borti.rn. 35 Wt 2Mh Ht.. New Xi rk ,u
8, iH I . i,;l ,l,Mvin
III ijsfLilatt. bi)! H Lll II
J. f
U.J "V
. 1 ' 14
"- " ' 1
A f.f'!;i(-
mm :
c-ffV. .si-i tn.fr
; The county clerk's ofloe today is-; Washington, June -it. I'resiib "I.
sued luarriage licenses to the foliow ing ! Wilson today urged members of tne
j A. Tyner olpert b'l druggist of the ! senate niiwil affairs coniiuittee to
jCeutial i'iiarinacy, of this city, specify at least one, and if Kissible
laud Miss L'dith K. l-'ugute. :).'. a well; two 'ircadnaiiKnts in the amy bill
i known Salem teacher: Sidney Hoy i
i' lose, L'l, a. Woiidburn farmer and .lull- Among niigriitory birds there is I l:c
luitii Clinic lion hardt, 21, of Wood-' augid on the silver dollar.
OXT think I be bl.e k
boys In this picture represent u iriiniii of i iinnibii U- ec u ili,,i..-li ti,,,., i. ,i, 1
i tit i ,, i ,, i ..,... i.-. ,o.. I, ' ' - - ' i "'
' "" "' " n 'j "nu ll ,i. ii. r.aiinei' ha- brniighl to Aineii.u direct fr
..IIH.IIIIOIIS cer ur.iiiuiit to lliejy-st and will undoubtedly niue In'l li cunmcM w ben the
, ivoohk.,,,,!- vni. e. ami. a ;t hnnirli 11,,-v nitinot talk the Lic-lisb Ian
"''' ' manner spent ii.aiiy w ars nuing the trll.es ..f Kallirs and II
' '" ' " ' "" " ' """". " a" pel leu iiiyv, ,iiiv ., ,. . ,, ,.,, 1,1 ... ... .,,iii,m ,n-.. i I,. Ill, ... .1 , . ,
.f tha ., ,....,1. 'II.. , ; ii , - . - -! ii'i"i .in- iin.Moiis il ICO 111
1 r i" "i"' 1 " iMiioi- pi", i a in is oiio oi uiiiisi a ii;ei.v. n in boot or i,i.ik tln.t ..w.i.i ,i i I,..,, i
I be w .i s
warlike. 'J'ln-r boys are the iniiii-
iin Soiilli A fi ii n. It Is piol.al.lv one of ili,. si ., I, , ,.- or-
l.oys give their lonceii at tin- 'li:i lit iiuhiim. Kl.-Ii of
uiige. ibev sini: Knglish songs and sing them so ibev :i n- on
ttetilots of Soinli Africa and says I bey are the uhki remarkalile i.i le of 1 1 , . . w,,ii,i
biui a new voiiiepli..ii of Afic u and its possil.ilii ies.
nny nwaj wiili
The Salem Chautauqua Open's July 12th
Can You Remember
The names as well as the faces of the people you
met yesterday; the things you want to do today;
telephone numbers, dates, what you read, funny
stones, statistics, how to spell, and information of
vital importance to your business or profession?
The Roth Memory Institute has taught over two
thousand men and women in the Pacific Northwest
how to do all of these things.
If you are troubled with an unreliable memory, it
can teach you how to develop a dependable memory.
A Salem class is now being organized to start at
once at a special club rate of only $10.00 for the
course, which is one-half of the regular price.
The course is simple, easy to learn of permanent
benefit, and of practical business value and takes
only one night a week for a few weeks.
You should avail yourself of this opportunity to
improve your memory.
For further information address:
H. JACOBSON, Instructor,
Roth Memory Institute Hotel Marion,
Salem, Oregon