Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 19, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Mr. Motorist
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Tire Covers $1.25. $1.45, $1.50 and $1.90; Jacks $1.65; Pumps $1.98. $3.00 with
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Warning SignalsElectric $3.98 and $4.98
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50c, Blowout Shoes 39c and 50c, Goggles 65c, Auto
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Cases, Trunks, and
Bags in Salem.
(Second Floor)
T-r . ;;;r -ST V" 1 81
5-jc sfc sc sfc sfc sc (t s(c s(c sc sfc
lilCAlLdll OllUdUUll
Sends Stocks Down': TODAY'S BALL SCORES
Both Mexican Coasts Will Be
Blockaded In Case
of War
June 19. The New York
's financial review todav
Via's Distillate Burner
The wonder of the age. Burn Distillate in your
auto We guarantee more mileage, cuts the price
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Installed by VICK BROS.
Price $5.00 Complete.
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you neeil see us. Kails City-Salem Lum
ber Co., :fl!i S 12th. Phono Ml J.
With the rainfall of .30 of an inch!
lust Saturday, the tntnl fur the past
lit (lavs amounts Jo intlv .'III nt tin im.li
Tl,.. ;u i... ,i ,.i steamer
inn f snow during the hoi weather of I ' .' '"Kri's0
Inst week and today is 1.5 feet nbov
low water murk.
j Va-hington, June Nine war
ships already are in Mexican waters.
Fifteen more nre either speeding there
or will leave within :Jt hours.
I The battleship .Nebraska is at Vera
'Crust, the gunboat Wheeling at Puerto,
Mexico, the (iunhoat. Mnchias at Tam
; pico and the gunboat Marietta at Tarn
pico. Fn route to Mexico is the tender
Dixie, the eruiser Salem from (luantu
naino to Tampieo, three destroyers
from Key West to Vera Cruz and' the
transport Haneock from Santo Do
miiiKo to Vera Cruz.
I Ou the west eoast are the gunboat
j Annapolis at Mazatlun, the gunboat
j Vorktown at Topolobampo, tlie supply
J ship (ilaeier at Topolcdianipo, the
eruiser Cleveland at (lunyinas and the
; eruiser Albany at Manza'nilln, Admiral
j Winslow, commander of the Pacific
j fleet, is aboard his flagship, the cruis
i er San Diego, at San Diego, where lie
is organizing a sipiailrnn to leave at
' once for the west roast, lie prnbahlv
i n .. . i.. . i .1. . . . ...
in sou-ci i lie cruiser Mm I'logo,
Chattanooga, Denver, .Milwaukee and
four destroyers.
The transport Buffalo is en route
from San Diego to Mazatlan.
Two Officers Captured.
Washington, June 111. Official re
ports of the capture of two American
navy officers bv Mexicans at Mazat
lun reached the navy department this
The report rend:
"The Annapolis at Mazatlan reports
that while a boat was in shore for a
parley with the Mexicans Ensign ().
Keesing and Assistant Postmaster
I Andrew Mowatt were taken prisoners.
1 Huth fired oil. liontswnins Mate, see
' ond class, J. jr. Laughter, fatally
i wounded. Crew returned fire; reported
Killeii or wouriilcil six -Mexicans."
Nothing was said ns to the captured
men's release. Secretary Daniels in
structed Admiral Winslow to report
further ,u the case.
Keesing is of Greeuburg, lud.,
Mowutt of Newport, K. I., and Laugh
ter of Kdnn, Texas.
New York,
Kvening Sun
says: j
Wall Street discussed the Mexican.
situation to the exclusion of all other,
! topics today. The levelopments over!
j Sunday including President Wilson's!
.proclamation, mobilizing tho national!
guard ot all states in the union tor j
service along the southern border, in-
flueneed a lower opening un the stock
exchange, but probably because tliC
selling movement on Friday and Sat-i
unlay which was influenced by the dis-'
ipiieting rumors concerning tha turn !
of affairs in Mexico had discounted j
something, initial declines were not as
exclusive as most observers hud an
ticipated. I
There were few- signs of uneasiness
and no panicky breaks. Mexican j
Petroleum and Butte and Superior were
conspicuously weak and the former!
lost in excess of 3 points, w hile the I
latter declined t points and more.
Something strongly suggestive of the ;
war market, the characteristic of,
I which are weakness in stock and cot
J ton niiil strength in cereals during the
latter trading. Washington advices
I were far less assuring than at first on
the prospect of escaping hostilities.
Many special issues reflected losses of
! 2 to 4 some going five or six points
! lower. Losses u,' two points or so
; were common among leading iudus
'trials, Standard Oil and copper stocks
i and recoveries were poor.
fc sjc 3c ?c sc sjc sjc sfc jc sg sfc sjc sjc
New York
Caldwell, Fish
Covaleski, linghy
K. II.
7 11
ti y
m' and Nunainal
and O'Neill.
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City and all wty
Points. Leaves Mill City 6:15 a. to.;
Stayton 7:45, Salem, 9:15.
Return, leaves Salem 4:30 p. ir.;
dtayton 5:45; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13
2 ; MILL
er: I
St. Louis
Ames and Snyder; Schneider,
zer and Wingo.
Ji 1 I
8 1
n. h.
First (lame
Philadelphia J !t 0
Brooklyn 2 ! 1
Alexander and Killiier; Pfeffer and
Second game ami others postponed,
wet grounds.
San Antonio Texas, June P.). Ai
large concentration of CarriuKf.il troops
at ojiniga and Laredo was announced
this afternoon bv (ieneral Funston.l
The Korean Restaurant
is now opened in our new loca
tion at 110 Ij2 Com'l street.
Everything new and clean. All
kinds of Chinese and Spanish
dishes. Tav us a visit.
Carranzistas Gather
Cattle and Horses
Carranza forces are evacuated Piedras
Two armored automobiles, carrying
two machine guns each in turrets ar
rived nt Fort San Houston this after
noon for army ise. Others of the
same type have keen purchased.
Columbus, X. M
at the base
speeded up
trouble with
June I!). Activity '
here was notieably 1
in anticipation of;
tli.i f'.ii-rfinvo iiin.nvu,..f t
, Mexican laborers emplovcd on road
repairs along the American communi
cation lines have ijuit fearing ven
geance ol their countrymen for aiding
the " gringoes. " The detections have
seriously hampered army engineers in
the work of putting the desert high
ways in condition for the rainy season,
i The aviation corps here is making
strenuous efforts to provide extra pro
pellers for half a dozen machines.
'Lieutenant Carletou D. Chapman, mak
ing a test flight today, had a miracu
lous escape from death, volplaning 4,
,llil(l feet in an uncontrolled aeroplane.
I lie was uninjured. The machine lost
its propellor.
j Carranzistas are reported to be tak
ing horses, mules and cattle in the (in
loanu district for their armies. Amei
lican colonists there complained to (leu
, eral Pershing that the Carranzistas
.were not paying for their supplies.
All Around Town
ccc Furnish your home at half price.
.Tuna SLMiinse day in Salem.
Jane 23. (liTmnn Lutheran
church picnic at Stale Fair
p, rounds,
Juno 2ti Close of voting eon
test for (.uecii of Cherry Fuir,
! a. in.
July :i All-Oregon Grange, ral
ly, Salem.
July 3. Annual Cherry fair,
July 4. Fourth of July eclo
bratiou, Stnte Fair grounds.
July 4. - Indiana society annual
picnic at State Fair grounds.
July 12 IS. Salem ('hnutau(un.
July 1!'. Monthly meeting of
Commercial club,
July 20. Wisconsin society re
union at State fair grounds.
July 20. Stuthern Pacific rail
way men's picnic, State Fair
Dr, Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse-
ti correctly, U. S. Hank. Bldj.
At the meeting' this evening of the
Salem boaid of education, official ae-1
tion will be taken on the resignation
of superintendent O. M. Klliott I
- o Fil.s
Wa can sav yon money on garden , Tlnn
lose, Nelson Bros. & Patton, plumbers,
S35 Chemeketu St. Phono 11)00. tf
Mary SchulU will ylay tonight at
public musicale at I'iist Congregation
l church at 8: 1 .".
F. L. Stiff & Son.
The rock cmshor in the Ewald fruit
tract will begin work within a few
days ncconliiig to alderman J. A. Mills.
The rock will be used Tor both city
and country roads.
AU kinds of new and used furniture
at K. L. Stiff & Sou.
Haying taken an auto rido of about
To miles in Polk county ycsteiday, 1.
A. White is of the opinion that crops
are in fine condition mid that all that
is needed is a first class rain within
the next few days.
We have some exceptional buys in
used stoves and ranges. K. I.. Stiff
i Son.
H. L. Trimble the tack up man for
the coming Cliautaiopia is in the city
with advert iniug jiosters announcing
toe special features of the Salem Chuu
taipia to be hold one week beginning
Wednesday, Jnlv 12.
Mrs. Hallle Parish Hinges In solos
and Mary ScliulU, Lillian Siege, Her
nice Sauter in orihestia at I'iist Con
gregational church musicato tonight at
Vl.i. Public invited.
The Woman's Home Missionary so
ciety convention will be held in the
Methodist church in Salem
Inv, June 2!. The opening of
the Oregon Conference Kpworth Lea
gue institute is dated for July 17.
Hear Mrs. Hallle Parrlsh Hinges to
night at S:lo at musicale at First Con
gregational church. Public invited.
Public musicale tonight by pupils of
It.... t l...l t ,
... ..-.t 11,1 i. , .'iiiii.ii hi r mi. uniiir- . .
gntional church at :!.". Public el-
The Wost Salem
tin' Inn's of victory
Americans they must leave because
two countries are "in a state of
war." The refugees say an American
I .,....!.,. t Ii- ..t r...T,..tu., r.mm lii.r .lunl'.
ball players tasted :,.,. 'itizciis and that other refugees
sterday to t . ( ... .i,.,,.iI ;,,,r ,,n nnssenirer vessels.
extent of defeat ing the (leer Jurors j ,
to the tune of seven to six. Next Cruisers Getting Ready.
Sundav the West Salem bovs will go ... . ,...i , , i,, ti, ,.:a.
, , Ollll eilTII, 1 HI., .rUlll I.'. ..Ill--
ount.v ehniiip.onslt,rs , )(,,V(,rh ,! Chattanooga are taking
111 lie i I.I CIl jl I i
Ship Brings Refugees.
Cnlvcston, Texas, June I!).-The
Nils arrived here today from
Mexico, with nine refugees
aboard, who reported that all Amer
icans in the stnte of Yucatan have been ' mn,.h lls ,,,,11,1,,, ,,
onicrcu our ny pi o.-iam.u 1011 01 in.- ,.1 1(,n, f,,,..,,,.,!
.Mexican government, a copy 01 me .,.rt.., tn ,1.,, (),,. ('n,.,.,tivr
proclamation was exhibited informing , .; r rin,i(. Kiu,,.0 ;i(.v ,viu ,,,,
will be
at once
i sold
up against the
the Perrydale
Does The SUN Hurt Your Eyes?
Do You squint ?
Do you pull your hat brim down over your eyes
in a vain effort to shield them? Then you are in
need of properly fitted glasses such as we supply.
We have the experience and the equipment, and
satisfaction goes with every pair.
MISS A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
208-9 Hubbard Bldg, Phone 109.
Annual public musicale by pupils of
Miss Itcalrice Shelton at First Congre
gational church tonight at X:17. Mrs.
Ilallie Hinges, and orchestra to assist.
Two hundred and fifty homing pig
eons were liberated Saturday from the
ollice of the (ireat Northern express
company. They were shipped to Sant
fonl Jones the local agent by a Van
couver, 1 1. ('., firm, wilh the esiiiunte
thnt the birds would make tiie return
trip of il'iO miles in less than ten hours.
Dr. Bowman, dentist, suite 414 Bank
of ( 'oniiner -e bblg., associated with I'r.
Ctter. Dr. Howiunn formerly practic
ed in the cast, but is located aero per
manent ly.
There was a large gathering of all
patriotic oignniat ions this afternoon
at the home of Mis. Fred T. Kynoii.
."iOO North Summer street, in the in
teres! of the boys called to the front.
Present at the meeting were members
of the I!, A. If., Women's Relief Corps
I Ladies of the (I. A. U., Sons of Vet
'erans and Spanish War Veterans.
j Mary Schultz, Lilian Stcge, Bemice
Sauter in orchestra and Mis. Ilallie
Punish Hinges will assist pupils of
Miss llcatrice Shelton tonight at First
Congregational church at X:t.
I Robert M. HopVins, American Chris
tian Missionary Itible school secretary
'will be in the city a short time next
I Friday. lie will be accompanied by
Mr. Monroe, Sunday school mission
ary to Alaska. They will be entertain
I e.l nt breakfast FYblny morning by
I'r. II. C. F.ploy and other members of
tiie Clnistian church and given an an
tomobile ride to Silvjr Falls.
I Dr. F. H. Thompson will return a-
bout July 1st from New York where
he has been attending special clinic
in eye, ear, nose and throat. The doc-
I tor w ill limit his practice to that field
lot' work.
Tho annual outing and picnic of tho
First, .Uaptist church itml, Sunday
school will be held next Wednesday.
Autos and 'rucks will be ready for thej
picnicers at the church at 0:;IO o'clock;
lin the morning, with the giiarautcej
that all will be safely returned to the.
! church by six o'clock. Arrangements I
have been made for entertaining fen I
jtuips and those in charge say that the!
I picnic is for the old as well as thej
j young.
I " 1
Although excited af the prospect of
a trip south to impress Carranza and
the other Mexican faitionar'es with
the fact that I'mle s-un is fully able
to chastise unruly children, the mom-!
hers of company M did not forget'
'Salem uclivitios today. Throughout I
,the day various members of the guard:
'visited the loin mil office to cast Meir
'final ballot for Cheny fair ipiecn.
The totaN will be matei inlly augment
led when the next count is made lls
on supplies today preparatory to sail
i ing tonight, for the west coast of
I Mexico. They are under sealed orders.
Hcports of anti-American demonstra
tions on the west const were heard
here today. The strictest censorship
prevailed among navy men.
tl lilitiamcn cast their votes by the
handful. .
The Salem Egg ami Poultry Circle
members will heron ft ?r deliver their
eggs to the Capital Cooperative cream
ery on Court street. Carrying out the
plan of reducing
rhead expenses as
candled and stamped before
placed on the market. All eg;
by the Circle will be hereafter
Oil, "Oregon l-.gg (ircles," and are to
be guaranteed as absolutely fresh and
up to the government standard of
weight, 21 ounces to the dozen.
D. M. Roth, the memory expert and
teacher of a system by which the bus
iness man will have no difficulty in
remembering dates, faces and figures,
will give a demonstration at the Com
mercial club this evening. The l'ii
mary purpose of this free demonstra
tion is of course to interest men in
all lines of business and professions
whereby the mind will take hold of
certain figures or facts and lay them
safely away for future use. Tiie dem
onstration will be given in the audi
torium of the Commercial club and
everybody is invited. Mr. Ifoth has
had charge of several large classes in
memory development in Seattle and
San Antonio Texas, June 10. den-
ll Funstou stated this afternoon that
the national guard will be mobilized in
its respective states and that it will'
be sent to the border in detachments, i
He added that it probably will be
some time before any of these troops
reach the border.
Licensed Lady
Moderate Prices
Perfect Service
Latest Methoda Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Or.
Hrownsiville, Texas, June .10. All
women and children, prisoners in the
city jail and patients in the hospitals
are being sent into the interior from
Matamoras, Mexico, opposite here.
Teacher I'm very sorry to say, Mr.
Jones, that your boy is very backward j
in his studies.
Jones That's strange! At home iu
conversation with me he seems to know I
it all.
When In SALEM, OREGON, ito it
SJrictly Modern
Free and Private B&thi
RATES: 75c, 11.00, $1.50 PE DAT
The only hotel in the business diitri.K
Nearejt to all Hepots,, Theatre r-i
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away Prom Home.
T. O. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Anto Bni.
Cars of any kind for any place
at any time.
Office, Bligh Hotel
; Some women really like to dance wi'h
their own husbands, while other wonr'n,
look just as they look after taking :v
I large inhalation of ether.
1 ()k Dining Table
i! Oak Dining Cha.is to match
I Huft'et to match
1 Heater
4 hole Cook Stove
2 good Floss Mattresses
2 patent Coil Springs
(Ink Dressers
Kitchen Linoleum,
Pictures, Dishes, Fit. lien I'ti
All the above furniture is nearly as good ;i
Window Curtains
2 Axminister Hugs fix 12
1 Brussels Hug !)x!2
Axminister Mats
1 Cord dry V I
Baby's High ( hair
Piuby's Folding Caniaj
3 burner gas range.
ils and other thing
too numerous to
Auctioneer, Phone
Your Coiitry Meecls You
40 Recruits
j War S
anted at Armory
trength Mobilfzation
Enlist Before 8 o'Clock Tonight
Can Salem Mobilize One Company in One Day?
Max Gehlhar