Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 17, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Summer Clearance Prices on Many Lines Throughout the Store
Only a Few Days More of This Special Delineator
The Butterick Pattern Representative will be
with us for a few days longer and offers a very
special Delineator subscription plan to both new
and old subscribers to this popular hime and
fashion magazine. Come in and ask about it. See
the window display and announcement cards.
A Real Delineator Bargain Offer.
Solved Easily and Quickly at Meyers-Summer Togs for the Entire Family
Summer Underwear, Summer Waists, Summer Hose, Summer Footwear, Sum
mer Fabrics for Dresses, Summer Sport Shirts and Straw Hats for Men
Parasols and all the other things that will help to keep you cool and comfortable.
Ice Water Free at Our Hygenic
Drinking Fountain.
Near Elevator on Firsrt
Select your Trunks, Suit Cases or Traveling
Bags from the largest and most varied
assortment in Salem
Steamer Trunks, Regular Trunks, Wardrobe Trunks, Matting,
Rattan, Fiber and Leather Suit Cases No matter what you
need in this line, we can supply that need to your entire satis
faction in both quality and price. Visit this big department on
the second floor. We are glad to show you whether you pur
chase or not.
Dustproof Trunks
Made Only by
The Mendel -Drucker Company
The rigid (ted moulding enca
ing both the body and top
makes dustproof construction
of unusual strength.
FIBRE covered, full riveted nnd of
exceptional wearing quality. En
tirely new method of construction
found only in this well-known make of
trunks. It must be seen to be appre
ciated. Let us show it to you.
Mr. 1
Save money on your auto accessories and robes in
our accessory section on the second floor.
Tire Covers, Jacks, Pumps, Tool Kits, Patching
Outfits, Horns, Lamps, Bumpers, Tail Lights, Elec
tric Globes, Goggles, Mirrors and many other
articles at 1-4 to 1-3 less than you would pay in other
places. See the window display.
'mil i ii u"i ii " WfV" 111
if f 4M-r-M
Wednesday Surprise Sale
I An Immense Sale of Imported Pongee
Silks at 39c a Yard
. 1 1
t These Silks are imported from the best silk countries across the wrter we
get them direct and as these were bought a year ago we can quote a surpris
ingly low price for our 800th Wednesday Surprise Sale.
;: These Silks are just the thing for Waists---Women's, Misses' and Children's
:; Dresses, Men's Shirts, etc.; 2:5 inches wide and a big value at this price for
:: next Wednesday . , 39c a Yard
Sale starts at 8::'0. See the window display.
We cannot fill mail oi'Bers for these silks.
r TTTt T T tTTTttfrrtttttttt t tt 1 1 ttttt tTtftttttttttttt -
Salem days with W. E. Slater and Mi
lo Hasmussen who will he permanently
located in that city. Mr. Anderson
will return about August 1.
The West Salem baseball team will
pluv the Geer team tomorrow at Oeer.
I This is in the way of a return game.
! There will be no game on the West .5a
lleni grounds tomorrow.
See lie Auto Vacuum Freezer the.
al thin'' for picnics, no work re.juir-
d. Siitisiac-tioii guaranteed, W. tin Ills-
dorf, the store of housewares. j
All Around Town
Or. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse
ei correctly. U. H. Bunk. Bid,;.
Th Cherry Bud band is furnishing
the music today lor the nniiual Wuhto
Hills pioneer iienie.
We can save you money on garden
biuw, N'elwiu ltros. & l'ntton, plumbers,
805 (iheuiekota St. I'houe lDUti. tf
R. J. Kirkwood addressed tlie mem
bers of tho Siilcm Fgg nnil l'oultry Cir
cle this afternoon lit the Commercial
Dr. E. T. Mclntire, physician aiidjl.ung & Co., l.'il! S. hih St. Salem, Or.
durRcon, SI 4 Masonic lddg. Phone 410. il'hone "S3.
Our prices are right, no reduction
necessary. Gardner & Kcene, jewelers
and optician.
Rev. J. W. Gramiiss, D. D., of Long
Iteach, t ii I i tor ilia, omc pastor in this
eity, will speak at the First Methodist
church Sabbath iitoiii i .
While ethers are reducing we are
increasing our stock. There's a rea
son! ask us. Uardier & Keene, jewel
ers and opticians.
We hare all kinds of fire works.
WJiolesale mid retail nt Kwoug Yiek
The Elk Restaurant
Will Be Re-Opened
Monday morning at 6 a. m., June 19th, by the former
owners. Kemery & Farrow
Everything New and Clean
and Up to Date
We will appreciate your patronage
W. W. Steiwor has purchased the
Maple Grove dairy also the Kaiser
View d.iiry and will run both undorthe
name of 'Maple Grove dairy with their
office nt 1:115 8. Com'l. tf
Dr. L. G. Altman, homeopathic uhv-
sieian, LMHi .. Liberty. Phone 117.
The Daughters of the American Rev-1
olution are making arraiiyenients to 1
proicrly represented in the Cherry
fair parade Monday .lime II.
Jlrs. John Kooiman entertained the!
Sunday school board ut her homo on
South llih street Wednesday evening.'
A very enjoyable time was had and'
dainty refreshments were served. )
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con-'
sulfation, exinuiiation or prescription.
Baseball Sunday June 18th, 3 p. m.
Montavilla vs. J.oju, leajjue urounds.
loju only one gnv behind first place
and now lime bust all around lineup
this season. juueW
of their Kroeerymen as they refuse to
put in Itutternut bread from Portland
saving they net their living from Ini-I
leu ami they will patronize the caleni
bakitries. They believe in homo noods.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for tnfsses.
During June, July and August, is
just as com! a time is any to start a
course of study at the Capital Busi
ness college. A new class in shorthand
next Monday. This school is in ses
sion all summer. Special studies, such
as w riling, typewriting and arithmetic
may be taken, if desired. junel7
James Monroe Sturgis and Miss Ima
Belle Larson, both of Marion fount v,
were married today noon at tho par
sonage of the First Methodist church
by the liov. R. N. Avison. The eere-'
iiionv was witnessed bv Mr. and Mrs.!
V. P. Hamp. ' v j
The two speed Cleveland motorcycle
was seen on the streets yesterday. It
I is some thing new in the wav of a
light riding machine, holdiug a record
of Ii! miles an hour with u traveling
capacity of !0 miles to a gallon of j-as.
S-utt and 1'iper are agents.
Bathing raps, a complete line. The
right kind, the rig.it price. Fry Urug
See our new' Orbon De Luxe range
the best on the market for the inonev.
K. L. Stiff & Son.
With a Sonora Talking Machine you
will always ha' high class eiitertain
nieut in your home. Myrtle Know-land,
IJI Court St.
A reception to Prof, and Mrs. F. S.
Mendenliall was iven last evening at
the home of the Uev. T. H. Ford, I'-'-O
Chenieketa street. XI:. and Xlrs. Xlen
dealiall leave today tor a short visit
at l'ullmaii, Wash., ami from that city
will go east.
Trade in your old stove as part pay
ment on one oti our Orbon he Luxe
ranges. K. L. (jtiff & Son.
Public musicale at Pirst Congrega
tional ehnicli Monday evening by pu
pils of Xliss IkMttrice SheltoH.
"The Battle Crv of Peace" to be
shown this evening at the opera house
is educational in the way that it shows
what could easily linppen to New York
city or any city in tiie country in the
present state of unprepaiediiess. Thts
picture has taken its place as one of
the two great moving pictures, the
other being "The Birth of a Nation."
Rae Lacey Holland has moved her
j drcsMnukiiig parlors- from 712 State
I to ."Mi! Court St. Phone L':i.")7-V.
I We will help yon plan your im
provement and (five you an estimate
of the ent. Palls fit v-Siilem Lumber
jCo., ti ll) S. I-'. Phone 'si.t.
The Santiam Raliway Co was dis
solved at a meeting of the board of di-
i rectors which was held ill Silverton
j .May :tl according to the notice which
Iwtis filed in the office of the corpora
tion commissioner' today. The direct
ors of Lie Santiam Railway Co. and
! the stockholders are R. A. Cowden, V.
A. Keynobls and George T. Gerlinger.
The .Monarch Mills, n lumber company
was incorporated today with a capital-
j izntion of .7.")0.oi)il with the head of-
j f ices in Portland.
Best of out of town dance at Anms
' villo tonight. Large cool hall. Numbers
! ."iOc.
Chas. Jewett, who has been conuect-
' i "... k. II .1.. l...-
I well distributors in this city as saes-(
I man, has accepted a position with thei
Llaxwell Motor Sales ( urpn. of Detroit
with headipia iters in Portland, iiow-
ever in his capacity oi' special repre-;
Lsentative he will be a Ireipient visitor1
;to the city. i
J Mr. I. X. Roberts of Turner was in
!the city this morning for the purpose
!of securing: a speaker for the big'
Fourth of July celebration that enter
prising little city is arranging to have.1
With the talent in that, line, that is
just at present unemployed owing to
the campaign not yet being under way, :
.Mr. Roberts should Iihvc no difficulty:
in getting what he is looking fur. j
None of Salem's orators, so far as'
known have torn any ligaments in:
their throats, and they need the pr
tice for the coming campaign.
Natural leaders spend Sunday in Sa
lem. Thos K. dunes, field secretary for
the young peoples activities for Friend
church in America. Mr. Jones is an ex
pert of young peoples problems. He
will address a conference of young
people in Salem Friends church at 3
o'clock. All young people are invited
to hear the inspiring speaker.
Now that the hot wave has passed,
let's talk about it. Tuesday of this
week was just fairly warm, with the
maxim temperature JS'i degrees above.
Wednesday and Thursday, the mer
cury in the O. ('. T. official thermome
ter reached us high as !l above. Fri
day was the warmest, with a maximum
of !M. Speaking of other hot days, the
torn pern tore was 10- above on the Wit a
of July, 1UII7. Other warm ones were
.lu'v Hi, 1H12. when it was Ul above;
,lul'v is, il:! Iv !U above; July IS,
HUt, was the warmest day of that
year with !Mi above and last year the
hottest Hay was duly 1, with a tem
perature of !4 above.
Word was received this morning from
Thomas Fnderwood who jdayed in the
Cherrian band about two years ago. He
is now located at Lincoln, Xeb., and
writes that he lias the best clarinet job
in the eity.
Notice is hereby given that the
county superintendent of Marion coun
ty, Oregon, will hold the regular ex
amination of applicants for state cer
tificates at the Salem high school( as
follows: iomiucncing Wednesday, June
-S, 111 Hi, at it o'clock a. ni., and contin
uing until .Saturday, July 1, JUKI, at 4
o'clock ji. m.
Wednesday Forenoon
Writing (penmanship), music, U. S.
history, drawing.
Wednesday Afternoon
Heiul'.ng, physiology, manual train
ing, composition, domestic science,
.methods in reading, course of study
for drawing, methods in arithmetic.
Thursday Forenoon
, Arithmetic, history of education,
psychology, methods In geography,
mechanical drawing, domestic art,
.course of study for domestic art.
Thursday Afternoon
Grammar, geography, stenography,
American literature, physics, typewrit
ing, methods in language thesis for
primary certificate, education science
Friday Forenoon
theory and practice, orthography,
physical geography, Knglisli literature
chemistry, education history of. phys
ical culture
Friday Afternoon "
School law, geology, algebra, civil
government, education childhood and
Saturday Forenoon
Ceometry. botany, education school
Saturday Afternoon
(Jeneral history, bookkeeping, edu
cation methods
June 17 -4 County School Sup't.
June 17. D. A. R. and S. A. It.
observe Bunker Hill day pub
lic library, S p. in. rublic invited.
June 10. School board election.
June 24. Moose day in Salem.
June 25. Herman Lutheran
church picnic at State Fair
June 2d Close of voting eon
. test for Qucea of Cherry Faif,
9 p. ni.
July 3 All-Oregon Orange ral
ly, Salem.
July 3. Annual Cherry fair.
July 4. Fourth of July cele
bration. State Fair grounds.
July 4. Indiana society annual
picnic at State Fair grounds.
July 12-18. Salem Chautauqua.
July 1!. Monthly meeting of
Commercial club.
July 20. Wisconsin society re
union at State fair grounds.
July 20 Southern Tacific rail
way men's picnic, State Fair
Sixth and Kverett streets, Port
laud, Ore., 4 blocks from Union
Station. I'tider new manage
ment. All rooms newly deco
Rates: ."inc. 7-V, $1, 1 .." per day
Cars of any kind for any place
at any time.
Office, Bligb. Hotel
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City and all wry
roints. Leaves Mill City 6:15 a. n'.;
Stayton 7:45, Salem, 9:15.
Eeturn, leaves Salem 4:30 p. m ;
dtayton 5:45; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13
The Korean Restaurant
is now- opened in our new loca-
tion at 110 1-2 Cora'l street.
'Everything new and clean. All
kinds of Chinese v nud Spanish
dishes, ray us a visit.
Licensed Lady
Moderate Prices
Perfect Service
" Latest Methods Art .
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Or.
If you enjoy reading the Journal oc
casionally you will be pleased to pt
it regularly only 45 cents per monb
at your door.
Everyone invited to musicale Mon
day night at H:lj by pupils of Miss
lteutriee Shelton.
Mary Schulta will be heard in vio
lin numbers at musicale Monday night
at First Congregational church at 8:) "
Fublie welcome.
Word was received in the city today
of the death of Mrs. Mary Hridges
Watson at Kl Centro, Calif. She has
suffered for many years and was
lately taken from her home at River
side to Kl Centro. Mrs. Watson has
many friends and relatives in Salem
and vicinity who will hear with re
gTct of her death.
j We leave Salem week from Sunday
(the 2"ith i.nst, on Loju special for
Woodluirn. Kindly accept our deep ap
jpreciutioii for your hearty support on
our stay at home. It possible meet us
jut league grounds, Sunday :t p. m.,
I Montavilla Wildcats served a la carte.
Signed ' ' Loju 1'iiys. '
I Mrs. W. H. Dancy. chairman of the
baby parade committee of the Cherry
I fair announces the following as hends
OL rpctiui con, in 1 1 1 1 1 i unfile anil
I comic. Mrs. W. II. Knrghardt, Jr.; pa
rade, Miss Kliiibeth Tird; nationali
ties, Miss Margaret Cosper: registra
tion, Mrs. K. L. Haker. Already en
tries have made of ,"i0 babies and those
in charge anticipate, judging- from the
interest already taken, the biggest ba
by parade ever held in the city.
Picnic supplies, full line paper plates
napkins, lunch sets. W. tlahlsdorf, the
store- of housewares.
Does The SUN Hurt Your Eyes ?
Do You squint ?
Do you pull your hat brim down over your eyes
in a vain effort to shield them? Then you are in
need of properly fitted glasses such as we supply.
We have the experience and the equipment, and
satisfaction goes with every pair.
MISS A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
208-9 Hubbard Bldff., Phone 109.
Piano pupils of Miss Beatrice Shel
ton in annual musicale at First Con
gregational church, Monday evening
at s.:l.". Public welcome.
Dr. F. H. Thompson will return t
jbout Julv Isf from N'ew York where
'he has been ntttending special clinic
in eve, ear, nose and throat. The doe
'tor will limit his practice to that liebl
of work.
Dance at AumsviUe tonight Salem
I orchestra. laiu e numbers oilc. Make
t reservation to go at (irent Western
' (in rage.
i o
A. J. Anderson will leave this morn-
ling tVjr Unhiiuore to attend the grand
lodge ef Klks. ivpievntatix e of the
Salem lodgv. Ouring bis eastern trav-
1 eU he will iit ut. Washington and
'New Vork and visit relatives in the
middle stuts. II is return trip will be
bv wav of lietroit where he will recall
1 link Pining Table
ii Oak pining Cha.rs to match
1 Kuffet to match
1 Healer
hole I ook Stove
'2 good Floss Mattresses
- patent oil Springs 1
Oak Pressers
1'ictnrcs, Pi-he
All the above
r.i'.-hen l'rt'ii-i.
furniture is uearh
Window I'urtains
i.' Axniinister Hugs Sty 1 J
1 Brussels Rug UxlL"
Aiininister Mats
1 t or.l dry Wood
liaby'j. High 4'ha:r.
Baby '. Folding I'nniage
and other things too numerous to
: 1 :
Auctioneer, phone 511