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tiiins of th worM in any feasible as
sociation that will effectively serve
tliuse principle to maintain inviolate
the complete security of the 'highway
(Outinued from Fage One.) of the seas for the" common an, I uii-
hindered use of all nations. The pres-
ttinff. commission to ,unke impartial ent a.lniinistratioii has consistently
nnd thorough study in every economic I sought to act upon and realize in its
jio i irai. ai. uitinv ugnt euucr upon ; conduct of the foreign affairs of th
enterutises. Guides and standards neces
sary to the intelligent and successful
co.uluct of the business of agriculture
have also been established or are in the
course of being established by law. The
long needed cotton futures act, passed
by the (Sixty-third congress, has now
been in successful operation for nearly
two veins. A grain grades bill, long
needed and a wnrchouse bill, intended
to provide neier storage facilities and
to (liable ti;e tanner to obtain certifi
cates upon '1ih1i he . may secure ad
va.iecs of money, have been passed by
the hi. use of upresentatives, have been
favt.rnMv reported to the senate and
will probably become law during the
present session ot the congress. Hutu
our past or ..upon our future fiscal ! nation the nriucinle that should be the
policy with regard to the imposition of; object of anv association and the un
taxes on imports or with nyard to the, Hons formed to secure the peace of
changed and changing conditions under the world and the maintenance of na
wtnch our trade is earried on. We cor-Hniml and inilividual rights. It lias fol
dially endorse this timely proposal and j lowed the highest American traditions,
declare ourselves in sympathy with the It hns preferred respect for the funda
prineiple and purpose of shaping legis-1 mental rights of smaller states even to
turn within that field, in accordance ' property interests null hns seemed the
un iniirn esinimsiKM no'is miner i friendship of the people o'r these states houses have passed a good roads meas
than in accordance with the demands for the 'nited States by refusing to lire which will be of far reaching bene
of selfish interests or Upon information 'make a more material interest an ex- fit to all agricultural communities,
providedjnrgely. if not exclusively, by ollsl. for tlt, assertion of our superior I Above nil. the most extraordinary and
them. '"-' power against the dignity of their sov- significant progress has been made, un-
Americarlnj. ereign independence. It has regarded tier the direction of the department of
The part that the 1'nited States w ill the lives of its citizens and the claims ! igricultore, in extending and perfecting
piny in the new day of international re-1 of humanity as of greater moment than practical In rm demonstration work
lntiouship which is now upon us, will ! material rights, and peace as the best '.which is rapidly substituted scientific
depend upon onr preparation ami our basis for the just settlement of com-j for empirical farming. But it is also:
character. The democratic, party, there- mercial claims. It has made the honor; necessary that rural activities should be
fore, recognizes the assertion and tri- and ideals of the I'uited States its j better directed through co-operation i
nmplinnt demonstration of the invisibil-- standard alike in negotiation and ac- and organization that unfair methods of i
competition should be eliminated and
the ,'rndition requisite for the iust, or-1
itv and coherent strength of the na- tion.
tion as the suiifeme issue of this dav, Pan-American Concord
in which the whole world faces the I We recognize now, as we have alwavs derlv and economical marketing of farm
crisis of manifold change. It summons recognized, a definite and common in-i products should be created. We approve
nil men. of .whatever origin or creed, terest between the T'nited States nmlltlie democratic administration for hnv
who would count themselves Americans , the other peoples and republics of the!"g ir.phntic,ii!y directed attention for
to join in making clear to nil the world i western hemisphere in all matters of
the unity anil consequent power of, national independence and free politi
Amerii'a. 'This is an issue of patriot-! cal development. We favor -the estab
ism. To tnint it with partizansliip would , lishment and maintenance of the closest
to be defile it, Irelntious of -amity and mutual helpful-
In this day of test, America must ' ness between the Cnited States and the
show itself, not u nation of partisans, other republics of the American conti
titit a nation of patriots. There is herCiients for the support of peace and the
in America the liest of the blood, the : promotion of a common prosperity. To
industry and the genius of the world; j Hint end we favor nil measures which
the elements of a great race and n inng-jmuy be necessary to facilitate intimate
nificent' society to be melted into n j intercourse and promote commerce be
mighty and splendid nation. Whoever, 1 1 ween the United States and her ueigh
nctuated bv the purpose to promote theibors to the south of us, and such inter
iiiterest of n foreign power, in disre- national understandings as may be prac
gn.rd of our own country's welfare orjticable and suitable to accomplish those
to induce this government in its tor-j ends. We commend Hie action of the
ign relations, or cripple or destroy its democratic administration in holding
industries at home, and whoever liVjthe Pan-American financial conference
arousing prejudices of u racial, religious! at Washington in May, 1S115. and in or;
or other nature, creates discord mid ! gnnizing the international high coni-
strite among- our people- so as to ob
struct the wholesome process of unifica
tions, is faithless to the trust which the Uentntives of the Latin-American repuh-
privileges of citizenship repose in him lies at Buenos Ayres in April, Will,
iind disloyal to his country. We, there- which have so greatly promoted the
fore, condemn as subversive of this nu-jfriendy relations, between the people of
tion's unity and integrity, and as tie-! the western hemisphere,
structive of its welfare, the activities Mexico.
and designs of every group or organiza- The Monroe doctrine is reasserted as
tion. political or otherwise, that lias for jo principle of democratic faith. ' That
its object the advancement of the in- doctrine guarantees independent, re-
terests of a foreign power whether such j publics of the two Americas against
object is prompted by intimidating the i aggression from another continent. It
government, a political party, or repre-j implies, as well, tlie most scrupulous
(tentative. -of the. people, or which is ; regard upon our part for the sovereign
calculated and tends to divide our peo- ty for each of them. We court their
pie-into antagonistic groups ami thus good will. We seek not to despoil them. ! un',i the establishment of thoroughly
i uosiroi tiiui.coHipiere agreement nnii ine want ot a stable, responsible gov-: s.,nitarv conditions of labor
solidarity of the people and that unity , eminent in Mexico, capable of repress- i' 4 Adequate compensation 'for Indus
'.ot sentiment nud national purpose so es-j mg and punishing maurauders and tho tiinl accidents,
nential to the perpetuity of the- nation bandit bands who have not only taken! 5 l'lie standards of the "uniform
and its free citizens. We condemn nil (the lives and seized and destroyed the j child labor law" wherever" minors arc
immures ami commnnrions ot miltvnl- property ot American citizens in that
unlit -in this country of whatever na-j country, but have insolently ivaded our
tlouality or descent, who agree and con-; soil, made war upon and murdered our
ppire together foT the purpose of 'em- people thereon, has rendered it neces
harrassiiig or weakening our govern-jsnry temporarily to occupy, bv our
inent or of improperly influeni'Uig ori, armed forces, a portion of tlie territory
criorciivs? ''bur "pffBlft1 'repftvseVifu'fiVis Injicf that friendly state. , ('util,- by- the
dealing or negotiating with any' foreign j restoration of liiw and order therein, a
powers. We charge Hint such" couspV repetition of such incursions is. jinprnb
ncies aniong n limited number, exist and . able, the necessity for their remaining
have been instigated for the purpose of j will continue, they must remain. In
ndvancing the interests of foreign conn-., tervention, implying as it does, mili
tries to the prejudice and detriment, of 1 tary subjugation, is revolting to Hie
onr ; country; We condemn any politi- people of the Tailed States. - Notwith
cal party which; in view of the activity j sfanding the-provocation to that course,
ot such' conspirators surrenders its hi- has been great it should he resorted to
tegrrtyor modifies its policy, if at nil, only- as a last resort. The
rrepareoiiess. stubborn . resistance of the president
the first time to the essential interests
of agricultural involved in farm mar
keting and finance, 'for creating the of
fice of markets and rural organization
in connection with the development of
agriculture and for extending the co
operative machinery for conveying in
formation to farmers by means of dem
onstration. We favor continued liberal
provision, not only for the beuefit of
production but also for the study and
solution of problems of farm market
ing and finance and for the extension
of existing agencies for improving coun
try life.
Good Roads.
The huppiiiess, comfort and prosper
ity of rural life, and the development
of the city, are alike conserved by the
construction of public highways. We,
therefore, 'favor national aid in the
mission which represented the Cnited construction of post rontlu-nnd roads for
States in the recent meeting of repre- j military purposes.
Government . Employment.
" tt'e hold that the life, health and
strength of the men, women and chil
dren of the nation are its greatest as
sets, and that, in the conservation of
these, the federal government, whenever j
it acts as the. empiover of labor, shouut
both (in its own account and as an ex
ample, pul into effect the following
principles of just employment.
1 A living wage for employes.
2 A working day not to exceed eight
hours, v ith one dav of rest in seven.
-The adoption of safety appliances
employed. '
ti Such provisions for lU'cency. com
fort and health in thu employment of
women as should be accorded the moth
ers of the race. "
7 An. equitable retirement law prp
vidjug tor the retirement of suncrutinu
ated and disabled emplayos of the
civil .service, to the end that a higher
standard of efficiency may be main
tained. We believe also that the adoption of
similar principles should be urged and
applied in the legislation of the slate
and accorded to labor within their bord
ers; that, through every possible
agency, the life, and health of the peo
ple of the nation should be conserved.
i.i n a nation, must go the proof ot , suggestion to enter upon it. is creditable We declare uur faith in the . sea
our power to play the' part that legita-' alike to his and to the people in whose men's act. passed bv the democratic
mutely belongs to us. The people of the j name he speaks. congress, and we promise our earnest
United Mates love peace. They respect I Merchant Marine. I continuance of its enforcement,
tlie rights and covet the friendship of ;. .Immediate provision should be made- We favor the speedy enactment of an
all other nations. They desire neither for the building up of the carrying! effective federal chiid labor law. and
..... .,.,,., ur au n.ivantage winch trade ot the I luted States. Onr for- the reiruhition of shipment of prison-
made goods in interstate commerce.
Along with the proof of our cliarae- and his advisers to every demand and
We favor the creation of a federal
cannot be peacefully trained bv i eiirn commerce hns in th.. tun I,,, j,,i.
their skill, their industry or their eii- .tectcl to many unnecessary and obvious
terprise; but they insist upon having obstacles in tlie way of legislation of bureau of safety in the department of
atpsolute freedom ot national life m,,t : renubli.-fin inor,u r,,t;t i, i.. it ,..i...' r....... :..
fi; , ... I ---.v. -i - .-. . ,, ,m- i ; lilllOl , HI UailH'I UK l S COIU'C II 1 1 lllllllH-
policy ami teel that they owe it them-leent democratic tariff legislation, it, trial hazards nud to recommend lems-
was hampered by unreasonable burdens I latiou to preveut the maiming and kill-
t urn me recent nniiKingimg of human begins.
wives and to the role of soi riled in.
.1 1 i...., . . . . I ." V
...,,,.,-, nine ir ls ineir sole nmbi-;r taxation
.." 1 u. ' r"vJ snniild rentier; legislation, it has at its disposal few of We favor the extension of tlie now
uiemselves secure against the hazard the necessary instrumentalities 'of in-!ers and functions of the federal bureau
or interference from any quarter and ' ternntional credit and exchange. I'ntil of mines.
should be able to protect their rights , the formulation of the pending act to j We favor the development, upon a
upon tile seas or in liny part of the ' promote the construction of a merchant I systematic scale, of the means, already
vtr'd- ninrine i 1 ' l,inl.-n,l t... r.,.r.nn ftp ! 1.' n. ..
v : .n- ... . t . ..-.'. ..v.. i . m. --,.-( i'i . ui-j;iui iiimcr ine picseui. uuiiuitisirtt
. ..i.i.i mC iiuitiiienance , aoeiiuaie carriage ov sea
or an army fully adequate to the
Hon. to assist laborers throiiuhout the
We heartily endorse thf purpose nml I nation to seek and obtain employment.
citizens trained to arms and
to Rate"uard the people and territory
of the I nited States against anv danger
of hostile action which mav unexpected
ly arise; and n fixed policy for the: and producers with competitors in for-
v.M.nnm.o.s neveiopment -ot a liinvv : eign markets.
worthy to support the great naval! Conservation.
traditions of this nation and fully equiil I For the safeguarding' and quiclconin"
i ur uiiernauonai tasks it ft t ,P;f,f the I f,, of onr own nenol,. fm
rt : , '. 1 1 .' , . .,..-. n i ii i, 1 1 ti ii iu ai-r uiiu uoiitiit cm iiu. nit-in ,
quiremeiits ot order, of safety and of; policies of the pending shipping bill and the extension .bv the federalgov
the protection of the nation ri,,!,,.,. ' n,,.i tt .,,,.1. .i.n.:....i ' . . i .... ....
fl e if II 1 h l ......1 ui, .-n,ii 11uu111u11.11 no .o-inrr. . erniiieiii ui ine suiiie assisiance aim en-
fi 1 ' ""'li'MWent of luioderii (of-i'onstructive nml remedial legislation j conragenient, as is now given to agri
nieniotls ot seacoast defense and the as may be necessary to restore our flag cultural training.
maintenance ot an adequute reserve of! to the seas and to' provide further fa-1 We heartily commend our newly es-
cihties for our foreign commerce, par-! tablislied department of labor for its
tieularly such laws ns may be made to 1 excellent record in settling industrial
remove unfair conditions of competition strikes by personal advice and through
in mi' tieuiings ot American merchants conciliating agents.
Public Health.
We favor a thorough re-consideration
of the means and methods by which the
federal government handles cases of
t i;.. 1 lit. .1. . 1 1
TT 1 1 ini-j". in. .11. vi inii .ii.ii i,-.iiir. r i,i,ii iitioilC Iieiljtll, IO Hit" CIHI llllll 11111111111
11 niteti Mates hones and expects to tnl-,. tl IP Ontl r V!t t i 1 It) fllwl lltll'illliltnwinf nf Kt'.i n.l' l.n ni.ii..i.ni-nl !. thn i-.Kn.tnn
a part in performing. The plans nud! the natural resources of tlie country by I tion of 'loathsome diseases, the improve
enactments of the present congress af-;nrans of a policy which shall be posi?!ment of sanitation and the diffusion of
i-orii substantial proof of our purpose : five rather than negative, a policy a knowledge of disease prevention. We
in this exigent matter. which shall not withhold such resources jfavor the establishment by the federal
Th Internat!onal Relations. from development, but which, while per-; government of tuberculosis sanitoriiims.
I he democratic administration haslniitting nml encouraging their use, for needy tubercular patients,
throughout the present war scrupulous-! shall prevent both waste mid monopoly! Senate Rules,
ly and successfully held to the old paths i in their exploitation, and we earnestly ' We favor such an alteration of the
of neutrality and to the peaceful p,lr.i favor' the passage of acts which -will rules of procedure of the senate of the
putts of the legitimate objects nf oth-! eceompli. h these objects, and we renf-, United Mutes as w ill permit the prompt
er national principles which statesmen ' firm the declaration of the platform of . transaction of the nation's legislative
of all parties and creeds have prescrib- 1!'12 on this subject. The policy of re-. business.
od tor themselves in America since the ! burning our arid lands should be stead-! Ec
beginning of .our history. But the cir-i'ily ndhefed to. We tie
eiimstance? of the last two years have
Tevealeil necessities of international ac
tion which 110 former generation has
Economy and the Budget.
e demand citretu economy in all
The Administration and the Farmer, 'expenditures for the support of the gov
We favor the vigorous prosecution nf ' eminent. To Hint cud favor a return by
1 I II Vest IIMt ions an, nl'IMs to rendr.r n.ri. thn I..111... ..f rii.r,w.,nliiti,'.id tr, itu f,. rm.
foreseen. We hold Hint its is the duty of i culture more profitable and country lifejer practice of initiating 'and preparing
The I nited States, to use its power.'not , more healthful, comfortable and n't true- nil appropriation bills thorugh a single
only to make itself safe at home; bnttive and we believe that this should be committee chosen from its membership,
itlso to make secure its just interests ' a dominant aim of the nation as well in order that responsibility mav be cen
throughout the world, and. both fortius1!'? the states. With all its recent im-ltered. expenditures standardized and
end and 111 the interest of hemnnity. to pr.ivemont. farming still lags behind made uniform, and waste und dupliru
nssisf the world in securing settled ' tdher occupations in development as a ; tion iu the public service us much as
peace and justice. We believe that ev-; business and the ndvantages of an ad-1 possible avoided. We favor this as a
rry people has the right to choose Hie ' valu ing civilization have not accrued to , practicable first step toward a budget
tinner twin-n tiiey ;,ha bvc:, rural coinuiuiitie, m a tuir proportion, i svstein.
..1.1 1 - M.w.l. 1 , l:..l. .1 :.. .1.:. ni-.it Dn l-
II. 1. I- ; j ."iin 11 ii...- in .11 in 1 mil MllMlt'i 111 tins lIVtl 01 vac
reiterate our endorsement of the pur
pose of ultimate independence for the
Philippine island's, fVipiessed in the- pre
amble of that measure.
, Woman .Suffrage
We favor the extension of the fran
chise to the women of the country by
the states upon Hie same terms as to
men. , -,. f-
. Protection of Citizens.
We again declare the policy that the
sacred rights of American citizenship
must be preserved at home and abroad,
and that no treaty with any other gov-j
eminent shall receive the sanction of
our government which does not special
ly recognize the absolute equality of
all our citizens irrespective ' of race,!
creed or previous nationality and which
does not recognize the right of ex
patriation. The American government i
should protect American citizens in
their rights not- only at home, but
abroad and any country having a gov
ernment should be held to strict ac
countability for any wrongs done them,
either to preson or property. At the
earliest pructicul opportunity our coun
try should strive earnestly for peace
among the warring nations of Europe
ami seek to bring about the adoption
of the fundamental principle of justice
and Immunity, that all men shall enjoy
equality of right and freedom from dis
crimination of the lands wherein they
Prison Refoim.
We demand that the modem princi
ples of prison reform be applied iu our
federal penal system. We favor such
work for prisoners as shall give them
training in remunerative occupations so
that they may make an honest living
When released from prison; the setting
apart of the net wages of the prisoner
to be paid to his dependent family, or
to be reserved for his own use upon
his release; the liberal extension of the
federal parole - law, with due regard
both to the welfare of the prisoner
and the interests of society; the adop
tion of the probation, system, espe
cially in the case of first offenders
convicted of serious crimes.
We renew the declarations of recent
democratic platforms relating to gener
ous pensions for soldiers and thoir
widows and call attention to our record
of performance in this particular.
- Waterways and flood Control.
We renew the declaration ia our last
two platforms relating to the develop
ment of our waterways. The recent
devastation of the lower Mississippi
ihiIW nnd several other sections by
floods accentuates the movement for.
the regulation of . river flow by addi
tional bank and levee protection below
and diversion, storage, aud control of
the flood waters above anil their utili
zation for beneficial purposes in the re
clamation of arid and swamp lands and
development of water power, instead of
permitting the floods to continue as
heretofore agents 01 tiesum-uun. c
hold that the control of the Mississippi
river is a national problem. The preser
vation of the depth .of its waters for
purposes of navigation, the building of
levees and works of bank protection to
maintain the integrity of its channel
and to prevent the overflow of its val-,
ley resulting in tho interruption of the
interstate commerce aud the enormous
loss of life and property, 'impose and
ohlitfatinn which alone can . be dis
charged by the national government,
We favor the adoption of a. liberal;
and comprehensive plan for the develop
ment and improvement- of our harbors
and inland waterways with economy:
and efficiency so as to permit their
navigation bv' vessels of standard draft,
It has been and will be the policy of
the democratic party to enact all laws,
necessary for the speedy development
of Alnska and its great nntiiral re;
Territories. :
. We favor grunting. to the people of
Alnska, Hawaii and 1'orto Kico the trat'
ditionnl territorial government accord
ed to all territories, of the I'uited
States since the -licginhing of our gov
ernment, and we believe the officials
appointed- to administer the government
of these several territories should be
qualified' by previous bonafidc resi
dence. Candidates.
We unreservedly endorse our presi
dential candidate. Woodrow Wilson and
1 Thomas Riley Marshall, vice-presiden-Itiul
candidate, who have performed the
functions of their grout offices fully
nnd impartially, ai'id with distinguished
In particular we .commend to. the
American people Hit4 ' splendid diplo-
! mafic victories of our great president. I
who has preserved tlie vital interests of
our government and its citizens, and
ki pt us out of wnr.
Woodrow Wilson stands today the
greatest American of his generation.
This is n critical hour fu the history
nf America, a critical hour ill HieVis-
tory of the world. I'pon the record
'above set forth, which shows great
constructive achievement iu following
'out a consistent policy fur our domes
itic and internal development; upon the
! record of the democratic administra
tion, which inuintaiiied the honor, the
; dignity, and the interests of the I'uited
States and at the same time retained
Ithe respect and friendship of nil the
nations of the world; and 'upon the
I great policies for the future strengthen
iing of the life of our country, the en
largement of our national vision nnd
Ithe ennobling of our international re
lations us set forth above, we apcpnl
with confidence to the voters of the
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No. 2-u Local way Freight.
No. 73 Arrlyes at Salem
I. 7H Leaves Salem ,
No. 7.i Ar. Salem (mixed)...,
No. 74 Leave Salem
No connection aoutb t Geer.
12:01 a. m.
.11 :4U a. ui.
.,0:15 a. m.
. .0 :50 a. m.
..2:00 p.m.
A ;-. p. m.
fl.ti.EM, Falls Citt and Westbuin.
No. nil Lv. Salem, motor 7:00 a.m.
No. 10.1 Ly Salem, motor 9:45a.m.
No. 1DD Lv. Salem for Monmouth
and Airlie
No. 1B7 Lv. Salem, motor ..
No. lull Lv. Salem, motor ...
No. 2:i Way Fr't lv. Saleui..
No. 102 Ar. Salem
No.. H14 Ar. Snli'iu
No. MIS Ar. Sulera . ,
No. 1IW Ar. ShIimu
No. 170 Ar. Safem
No. 24u Way Fr't ar. Sulera.
11 :l"a. m.
, . 4 :00p. m.
. . 6 :1I p. 01.
. . B ;00 a. m.
. . 8 :40 a. m.
.11 :UU. pi
. . 3 :15 p. m.
. . 6 :00 p. m.
. 7 :4I p. m.
. . 1 :35 p. m.
the smaller Mati'i nf the ivi
rm our tlt-i'la rations fur the
inent of the ciwl service
Ti2lit tc enifiv from rh,.r uati.ms thefi,'i. and the present administration We affirm
same respect for their st.vereiirutv and I far inure than other any other adminis-' rigid eufnic.
for their territorial intcirritv. tliat're:it tiiilion. The' federal reserve net t,i' the ' but .
nnd pottertul nations exieet nud imwtll.isr fi illness and the iiiral credits act' Philippines.
t'on: ami that the -n ir1 1 l,:i a rieht to; of tin present cong'es. the machinery! We heartily endurse the provisions
1H. fr,.r ft-m oy,.rv ,!vtr- Lance of its 'has beet erenled vthich n ill make credit' iif the bill, recently pns-.d l.f the house
peace thi hi! its trV'n in i- . - ' avn.i:ib!f to the farmer constantly and of repre-ental ives. further' promotine;
or disregard of the ri'lus of peoples j rt adi'v aril he lias at last been put n on , self novcrnmeiit in the Philippine is
ami nations; and tve believe that the in f.n.ti"i; of cpu.litv iit!i the mcr-i lands as beinc; in fulfillment of the
time Ins come when it is the diirv of the i hant the manufacturer in secur-1 policy declared by the democratic partv
United States to join with the other na-' in,' the jnpitai necessa-y tu carry on his in it's last national platform and we
'Art SimtVs Le? Broken
When Aeroplane Fell
Sapporo, Japan. June 10. Art Smith
I the American aviator, was seriously
! injured in the ri(jht leg today w hen
'his aeroplane fell while he was milk
ing a lliiilit.
Smith was making an exhibition
t'liyht when his cnyme stopped while
."iiio feet iilnfl. The machine fell and
was smashed to bits. .Smith's rinht leg
was broken.
A. M., (.'lough morticians aud funeral
directors. Latest modern motiiods
known to the profession employed
499 Court St. Main 120, Main 1W88.
directors and undertakers, 252 North
High street. Dav and night phone
corner Commercial and Trade streets.
For water service apply at office.
Bills pnvable ninthly in advance.
WA.iTEl) --Competent
housework in country,
hani. Thone 21F2.
woman for
I), 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1; -
WAN'TKK At l'.'T (hinueketa St.
Iderlv In lv ti) do liiilit house-
Lv. Snlem
4 : a. m. ,
7:15a.m. .
ft :4, a. in. .
1 1 :'JO a. m. .
1 :4!5 p. m.
4 :iiO p. ni.
fi :H7 p. m.
7 :0j p. to.
Nonrn bound
'i'raln No.
2 Owl ...
. .10 Limited .
. 12
. . ill Limited
Ar. Portland
. . 6 :.V a. m.
. . ft :2n a. tn.
. .11 :.' a. oj.
. 11 :35 p. ui.
. . 4 :00 p. m.
. . ft :50 p. m.
. . 7 :0O p. m.
. . 10 :0U p. m.
10 :40 a. m.
2 :05 p. m. ,
4 :4 p. m. ,
8 :05 p. m. .
0 :2D p. m. .
11:43 p. m.
Lv. Corvallls
4 :10 p. m. .
Lt. Kugcn,
7 :.'t5 a. m. .
1 :B0 p. m. .
5 :23 p. m. .
12 :0j p. m.
. 0
. . 13 Limited .
.... 17 Local .
....21 Owl ...
..... 20
. . 10 Limited .
. .IS Limited .
,.12:S5p. m,
. 4:25 p. m.
, . 6 :40 p. m.
,. 8:100,0,'
,.11:25 p. hl,
. 1 :65 p. a
Ar. Balea
. . 6 :31 p. m.
,. Ar. Bttlr
. , :4r, in m.
. . 8 :55 D. au
7:60 J.' a.
.. 8:101m.
...2 Owl ...
aoura bou.hd
Ar. Ehini
. 6:60 a: aa.
. 1:91111,
, 12: 26 p. m.
At. AICnf
l :oo p. m.
Stops at CorTaiiia
Ar. Aitsinj
0 :20 p. tn.
Ar. Albaoj
8 :45 p- BV
Ar. Eugene
13 8:60 p.m.
WooDBims Local Dailt Eicipt 8tTNDn
No. 114 Leaves Salem 8:40 p. m
No. oa Arrives in Sa!; 1:25 p. as.
Lr. Salem
2 :00 a. m.
7 :10 a. m.
10:15 a. m.
Lt. Salem
12 :5j p. m.
Lt. Salem.
4 :2i p, m.
Lt. Snltua
0 :40 p. m.
21 Owl
... 05
6 Limited
Portland to Salem
Lt. Portland. Ar. Salem
It 4.-, a. m 8:53 (Salem only)
8:23 a. m. ... 0 Limited 10:11 a. m.
Lt. Corrallls
8 :'-'.- a. ni. , ,
12 :1'J p. m. .
. 2 :82 p. m.
4 :10 p. m. .
6:18 p. ill. .
Lt. Salem
10:15 a. in. .
4 :25 p. m.
12 :Ti5 p. m. . ,
U :-10 p. m.
Oreijon City Transportation Company
Leave Portland for Oregon City, BnWeyllla,
Nt)tvbrg. Mission (St. 1'uul), Wh,atUod,
Salem lUally except Sunday) . ,6 :43 a. n.
Leave Portland for Independent
Albany L'orvallls, (Tues., Thurs., Bat.)
., 8:43 a. ov
io .....
14 ....
.... 20
.... 22
south bound
5 .....
..... 18
Ar. B&lua
... 8 :43 a. m.
. . . 1 :45 p. m,
. . . 4 :00 p. m.
. . , 6 ::7 p. oa.
. . . 7 :55 p. m.
Ar. Corrallls
... 6 :47 p. m.
... 2 :20 p. ol
... 8 :00 p. ow
t'orvatld ....
. . a.' m. Mon., Wed., FrL
...7 a. m. Mon., Wed.. Vri.
.. 0 a., ai Mon., Wad., VrU
10 a. m Mon.. Wed., FrL
0 a. m. Tumi., Thurs., Sab
Try Capital Journal Want A4i.
st.t-eo.ts. R. o. Donaldson, M. W. ; R. A.
Mcludilon, recorder ; A. L. Urowa,
llllUIK'liT. - . -
DR. 0. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
Dractic's Fountain He id, Davenport,;
Iowa. If you have tried everything
8AI.pi 1.0 DOE No. 4, A. F. & A. M
Stated communications first Friday la
each month ut 7 :10 p. m. In the Masonic
Temple. 1 lias McL'urter, W. M. ; S. 'U,
Culver, secretary,
n n .1 nni nn rniiuf trV ( 'li i ni n m I'.
?. i L.i :u.t. ,.f ..ll ! SALEM HUMANE SOCIETY D. D. Keeler.
IIU B'llint nujiliiiciiia ft.
Office 406-7-8 U. S. National Bank!
Building. I'hone Main 87. Kcaideucei
Main 82S-R. !
KO It SALi; Iii4, three months old,
I'hone Hlif'iy, T, V. Moore, jiiuelt
prealdent : Mrs. Lou Tlllsnn, secretary. All
ciiften of cruelty or nt'Klect of dumb sul
muls Hhniilil lie reported to tlie secretary
for Investigation.
CENTRAL I.OIlflE, No. 18, K. of P. Mc
cormick l,ii U J 1 1 . Tuesday evening of
eiich week nt 7 :,'1D. J. i. Heltzel, C. C. i
W. U. tlllsnn, K. of R. and. S.
It. N. OF A. "Oregon firupe Camp." No.
i;!00, meeis every Thursday evening its
McCnrnHck hulldlng. Court and Liberty
streets ; elevnior. Mrs. Sylvia Scbaiipn,
17111 Marker, ornele ; Mrs. Melinsa l'er
sons, reconler, luiid North Commercial.
Plume. 14,'itl-M.
gon Cellar Cnoip, No. fiJttl, meets every
ThtirNiltiy evi-uliig nt 8 o'cl-h In Me-Cni-Qiick
hull, corner Court and Liberty
streets. Elenitor service, lieo. UeiuoUl,
V. C. ; J. A. Wright, clerk.
' 1 CIIADWICK CHAl'TER. No. 37, O. E. 8
I'OK SAI.K 10 acres, (jootl land well Regular meeting every first anil third
imnrmcil. H riioiii hnii.se. larL'e barn:' Tuesday at H p. m. Iu the Masonic Tem-
I'OK SALIC I'liderwiiod typewriter.
Cull 210 N. t om'l St. or phone IlliS.
FOR SALIC 2 cash leRlsters, 1 single
anil 1 double drawers, 1 set of bil
liard balls; 2 sets of pool bulls; 1 six
foot cigar case; one roll top desk;
one fire proof safe; one !5 room bun
galow. C'-ill or writo 1305 Ferry St.
I He. Minnie Mueller,
tabeoek, secretni-y.
W. M. ; Ida M.
an el
work for two per-tins.
Feed an 4
jytL Smsu uvery buw
l jl C. W. TRAIN
, : iU Ferry. Phon B8
Hood road. 'M mile tu Kood town;
tirice ."ill00, will accept $1,100 in-
come property; (jive time oil $1.00! WtOIiMEN OF THE WORLD Meet every
if desired.
202 V. S.
Siiiinre Deal
Bank I. hi;
Realty Co.,
Friday night nt 8 o'clock In McCnrnack
block, li. W. Ilirous, C. C; L. S. lieer
clerk, 007 Court street. I'hone 09.1.
owner on county road and railroad.
BO to 200 acres each, good buildings,
gooa sol',, all under cultivation, close j
to scrool, piifcs reasonible, naif I
cash, balance time at 0 per cent or
modern income bearing city property.
P. O. Box 240, Salem. tf
IFOR RENT Nicely furnished house
I keeping rooms reasonable. b03 North
Commercial stieet. tf
FOR RKNT By month or week, strict-:
ly ijiodcrn o room house furnished,
or unfurnished, I'hone lioT-W. tf
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease.
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283
J. C.Yt'lCX Well known Chinese doc
tor has successfully treated all dis
eases in the past ycir. See testimon
ials on file nt the Oriental Herb Co.,
610 State St., Sulem. Out of town
patients treated by Symptomatic Di
agnosis. Send fur diagnosis blanks.
inly 1
A. 0. C. W Protection I.otlije. No. 2,
Mei-n every Monday evening ut H to the
McCuiuiK'k bull, coiner Court aud Liberty
(tegular ciiachiye fuiit-th Friday la eaca
month at H o'clock, p in.. Id Masonic Tem
ple. Solniirnlng Sir Kulglits are courte
ously invited In meet with us Lot L.
l'earce. E. C, Fruuk Turner, recorder.
UNITED ARTISANS Capital Assembly,
No, Hi, meets every Wednesday at p. m.
In Moose hull. C. O. Matlotk, M. A. ;
C. '.. lluiiihili, secretary, Salem Baak oC
Stated assembly Hist Monday In eacU
month, Masonic Teuiiiir- N. 1". Rasmus
sen. Tlirlce lllustrloiij Master; Ulena C.
Nihs, recorder.
SALEM COCNCIL NO '-(TJ2 Knights and
Liulles uf Sei-iirlty Meets every lind ant
4lli Wednesday each unintti ut Hurst Hall.
VUltliuj meniiiers are luvlteti to attend.
E. F. Walton, flnuncler, -ISO S. 14th St.
Slated coniiiniulcations third Friday
In each ui mull at 7:30 p. in In tli
Masonic Temple. Ilnl V. HoUm, W. M. J
Lruest 11. cliuate, secreuci.