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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal
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Stanton Warburton, a Tacoma attorney and former
congressman, is facing a charge of illegally transporting
liquor into Washington. He was a delegate to the recent
progressive convention and had just arrived home when
arrested. It seems he had a fifteen gallon tank of
whiskey and 16 quart bottles of bonded liquor in his
trunk, and the careless baggage smasher broke one of
the bottles. This led to his arrest, and the discovery of
the perambulating saloon in his trunk. He is out on $500
bonds pending trial. A lenient, kind-hearted and sympa
thetic judge would take into consideration, what Colonel
Roosevelt did to him, and how he was driven to seeking
surcease ot sorrow in the llowing bowl, so to speak, when
passing sentence.
The reports from Mexico indicate that Carranza is1
losing his grip on the Mexican leaders, and that before
long some other patriot will either be in his shoes or try-J
ing to get in them. Whether this will be through a revo-;
iution, which of late years has taken the place of the1
ballot in getting office, or through some Mexican really j
big enough to handle the situation being found who can
find some way of getting the Mexican people together,
remains to be seen. The latter seems a remote possi
bility, or rather a remote improbability, and it will be j
either revolution, or intervention by the United States,
that will finally bring peace to that hotbed of anarchy.
.Carranza is demanding the American troops be with
drawn, vet he knows he cannot cope with the situation
and that conditions would be infinitely worse should this
be done. If he submits to the Americans remaining he
will have his countrymen against him inside of two
weeks, and if he insists on the withdrawal of our troops
anarchy will prevail again.
It is becoming more and more evident daily that Car
ranza cannot bring peace to his country, and that while
nominally at the head of the de facto government, he is
practically powerless. His generals obey his orders or
not as they please, and he cannot use the forces of his
so-called government to quell the bandits, or enforce the
laws. He is president of Mexico in name, but in fact is
He is recognized as the head of the government be
cause there is no one else to look to. Felix Diaz is some
where in Mexico, but he like all the others that have tried
for the leadership is an adventurer, and has no follow
ing, and no force. It would seem that the only thing that
cari'save the country from intervention is the coming to
the front of such a person as Porfirio Diaz. He was a
tyrant, a merciless ruler whose word was law and whose
enmity was death, but he was the man i'Ar the place, the
only kind of a man capable of ruling the Mexic.n people.
Byron could not have more correctly described Diaz had
he lived in Mexico, than when he wrote:
"The tyrant of the Chersonese.
Was Freedom's best and bravest friend.
That tyrant was Miltiades,
Oh! that the present hour would lend.
Another tyrant of the kind,
Such chains as his were sure to bind."
Ollie M. James, the big Kentuckian, made a most elo
quent speech at the democratic convention yesterday, and
there was no more forceful thing said by him than these
brief sentences: "Four years ago they sneeringly called
Woodrow Wilson the school-teacher. Today he is the
world teacher. His subject js the protection of Amer
ican life and American rights under international law.
And without orphaning a single American child, with
out widowing a single American mother, without firing
a single gun, he wrung from the most militant spirit that
ever brooded above a battlefield an acknowledgment of
American rights and. an agreement to American
Director Ralph of the government bureau of printing
and engraving, before the parade in Washington,
Wednesday, issued an order to the employes in the of
fice, among whom are about a thousand women and girls,
concerning their appearance in the parade. It read:
"The only uniform allowed in the parade will be an
American flag and parasol." It is perhaps unnecessary
to add the order was not strictly complied with, and that
,ome hustling was done to gather up several hundred
orders of this kind that had been issued. The word
"extras" was substituted for "uniforms."
The wreck of the coast liner Bear oil' Cape Mendocino
Wednesday night while bad enough is so much less
'destructive of human life than was at first supposed.
that the public looks at with a rather thanklul ieehng!
that it was no worse. It was indeed fortunate that soj
many escaped, under the circumstances, the passengers
being called from their berths in the middle ot the night.
The officers state that there was no panic and no trouble
in getting the passengers into the boats. With the ex
ception of the two boats that capsized there were no ac
cidents. The Bear was a comparatively new vessel, hav
ing been built at Newport" News six years ago.
Only a day or so ago everybody was wishing for warm
weather, and now that he have a small sample of it every
body is complaining of the heat. It is always that way
with white folks, of whom an old negro remarked: "Dey
is sure queer folks dem white menfolks: when dey ain't
wishin for rain dey am prayin' fur hit to clar up." As a
matter of fact it is exactly the weather needed to ripen
the fruit, make the corn grow, and put sweetness in the
berries. Then too remember the iceman has to pay his
bills just as the balance of us have to pay ours, and he
can't save a cent with the weather clerk sending 40
degree weather.
A dispatch Wednesday that Mrs. Thomas J. Preston
had been operated on at Roosevelt hospital, recalls an
other White House romance. Mrs. Treston was Mrs.
Grover C. Cleveland, and before that Frances Folsom,
one of the most beautiful women in the United States.
President Wilson and Secretary Lansing have gone
over the final draft of the answer to Carranza's demand
for the withdrawal of American troops. It will point out
the activity of bandits, and the apparent inability of
Carranza to control the situation, and refuse to with
draw the troops until conditions are made better. This
may compel Carranza to make some kind of initial move
m order to hold his job and keep his own people from
jumping on him. It looks very much as though there
would be. a clash with the de facto government before
many days.
It is a record to be proud of, that of Bryan's. For
twenty years in the limelight, making the race three
limes unsuccessfully for the presidency, yet back at his
old reporting job, the party that thrice selected him as
its standard bearer, through its delegates applauds his
appearance on the convention floor and demands that he
again address them. There must be something in a man
who can thus retain his hold on the people, some inherent
quality of greatness that cannot be put down or for
gotten. An X-ray examination of Colonel Roosevelt's throat
was made yesterday. It showed a torn ligament, which
will very conveniently retire the colonel from public
speaking for some time.
Czernowitz seems to be about to again fall into the
hands of the Russians. This will be the third time it has
changed hands since the war began. It will probably be
the last.
Close to Portland
Situation Is Similar
While what is reproduced below was
written for application to the city of
San Pedro. I 'al., by the l'ilot. it is
applicable here as well:
"The problem of keeping: trade at
home is one that every merchant has
to face ami no matter how much bet
ter bargains he mnv offer than those
of the city stores the problem is often
a discouraging "ue. Hut how many i
cities ami towns tiiat have been sue-I
cessful in keeping trade at home arej
those where the circulation of city pa-1
pers is relatively small? I
"Wherever you find the city papers
with the largest circulation there yon
will find the smallest proportion ot j
home trading for tiie up-to-date ad-j
vertising prepared by experts is bound j
to pull business out of town,
"And in these towns you will al
ways find the home merchants are not j
heavy advertisers, i'cw people under
stand the relation between city circa-'
lation and homo ad ertisiug. Yet it !
is simple enough if you look into the I
"In I. on;,' liench, I'assailena .and
other towns close to ,os A nicies j
where the advertising of the homo;
merchants enables the publishers to,
yet out eight to Id page papers every
day filled with a large volume id' ttve-!
graph matter the people do not find1
the I.os Angeles papers filled with de-1
partment store advertising a net-ess'-
"The merchants of tiiese towns
therefore hill two birds with one stone'
Thev not onlv yet the direct results
nf their advertising but by their pat
rounge they' enable the publishers to
print papers that fill the field so com-
lileteli tluie i-i li-o- need for mitnitlc!
"If the Daily l'ilot were a Ifi page
paper it probably would have but very
little larger circulation but tho Los
Angeles papers would have less in San
l'eilro. In proportion to population it
already has as large, if not larger, cir
culation than the larger papers in sur
rounding towns. People will take their
home paper for the home news, no
matter how maiiv other papers they
take. '
"Hut if the merchants of San I'cdro
were advertising as heavily as the
merchants of surrounding towns it
would enable the Daily Pilot to print
a volume of telegraphic and miscella
neous matter that would make the
Los Angeles papers unnecessary in the
majority ot homes. The average citi
zen who now takes at least one T.os
Angeles paper besides his home paper
would find tlie home paper alone suffi
cient. "Solving the trade-at-home prob
lem is a ipie.-tion that Is entirely up
to the merchants. The publisher is al
ways ready to do his part. The aver
age local paper prints just as good a
paper and just as large a paper as the
patronage of the merchants will per
mit If a town has small papers it is
because the merchants are making but
a feeble effort to keep trade at home.
"If a town has strong papers well
filled with general" matter the citizens
of that town find the outside papers
unnecessary. Most of the towns of
n V, r i
y.l,. ft Hrlli
t i
11 jTv-
: . :
A combination of boA
liquid and oas't.
tutiira halt im ttlorl
asr tor cmWrn to oat-,
Contain rio acd.
Prtierra tit toaihtr and
Inc-iasa Itiii lilt ot icor
Does Your Stomach
Trouble You?
win cnange
A dm k I
- -.
I And
long Face!
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Years of Suffering,
llavr's Wonderful Remedv can real
ly be termed WOXDKK I'll.. No
matter where you live you will find
people who have suffered with (Stom
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etc., and have been restored to health
and are loud iu their praise of this
remedy. It acts on the source and
foundation of these ailments, remov
ing the poisonous catarrh and bin'
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Send for booklet on Stomach Ailments
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Salem, Oregon
southern California as large as San
Pedro have daily papers of from eight
to Id paues iu size and the merchants
are spending" from four to eight times
as much for advertising as are the
merchants of San Pedro."
Preparedness Parades
Confuse the People
We all along had a kind of a sneaking idea they might
nominate Wilson and Marshall at St. Louis.
sending their sous to .-Join it and by
I senators and naval ami army officers
! sending Mieir sous. Whv do not von
open down here at -the peace monument
a recruiting station, and as this great
parade for preparedness marches down
the street let them enlist their sons
and flic members of their families'
Tell them that the president wanted
-U.tKiil men liu days ago aud that no
body will join.
"1 do say that this nation is making
itself ridiculous by these parades when
nobody will join the army. The gen-
iA'inait from .Massacliusetts (.Mr. (lard-1 American people
in-i j u?- uimiiibi iiuoui pi cpai cmiess
and saying that no appropriation was
big" enough for him, and one man en
listed in .10 days in Ttostnn. New
York had a parade of l.'ii.uiiii for pre
paredness when in April of this year
there were inn less enlisted iu ' the
stan. ling army in New York than in
April of last year. Expired enlist
ments have kept the number down un
til only about l.tion a.Mitioual have
gotten into the army, and we have to
day as I understand it, about ltt.'i'in
vacancies iu the standing army of the
I'aited States. And what I sav is this
N. Y and Fort Worth, Texas., instead
of riding their Cadillacs and their
Chalmers high-power cars up and down
the streets, and tooting their iioriu
for preparedness, had told their boy
to put on a uniform ami take a gun o
their slioiiblers they would be doin;
something effective. War means hell
and fighting and guns with powder i
them: and all this tommyrot of pa
rades amounts to nothing except t
further gum-fuzz and confuse th
That is what I want
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G3
Transact a General Banking Busincsi
Safety Deptsit Boxes
v -Walt Mason
The country's being painted red by cheerful, careless!
lads, who never look a day ahead, but blow in all their!
scads. Today they have abounding health, and sickness!
seems afar; today they're earning goodly j
wealth, so why not buy a car? The sage,
rebukes them with a sigh, and says, "Bel
safe and sane, and while the weather's!
fair and dry, prepare, my sons, for rain."!
In vain his noble words are said, they list j
with scornful look, and beg that he will j
soak his head, in some convenient brook.
And then thev make the village hum with;
0:y'(.J their resounding mirth ; but sickness comes,
(x. ,XJ reverses come, to every man on earth. And
when the luck is breaking rank, how bit-j
terly they say, "We have no kopecks in the bank, and!
here's the rainy day!" If you've a package in the bank'
you do not fear the worst, when Fortune gives your nose
a yank, and sets you back a verst.
t ft-""yw
i f V
I " '
1 .... I 1
On June , l!)lt, Hon. Martin Dies,
representative from Texas, said in the
house of representatives:
"1 do say and repeat, that the peo
ple who ride up ami down the avenue
in automobiles with streamers do not
send their sons to join the army. They
ride around with poodle dogs and with
streamers i-alling for preparedness.
' Preparedness means a gun upon
the shoulders of the young men of this
country, a gun with powder and lead
iu it; and I do say before this con
gress that it is idiotic to parade a-
rouiul over me couniry laiMuir aooiu ,hat if the people of Boston,
preparedness and putting your ham up j nml ,.,,,,, X(,v., alll, Xew
on your sou s heads, not telling theuij
to join the standing army. More than j
till days ago we authorized -U.wno addi
tional soldiers that the president said
we needed. We have not got them.
We have not been aide to get a thous
and more into the army than we had
lid days ago. And all those people in
New York that are parading in loil.
iinti bunches up and down the streets
could sidve the question of prepared
ness and give dignity and integrity
to their declarations if they would
stay at home and toll their boys to
join the regular army. That is what 11
said was idiotic, and I say it to tiiis:
good dav, that it rings with iusincer-1 past middle age. This uric
it v. You know when men want a reg-1 blood
ular army in this country in time of
peace they can get it by congressmen
Co. M
join the
wants lifteen more men to
National Guard. Enlist to-
Silverton. Or.. .Kine lii. An aut.
driven by Adolph Windeshar of M"fc
Annel. coming to this plue oil Tues
day, was wrecked when it turned tur
tle on the road just south nf town.
The driver was badly bruised, but two
other occupants of the car. Haufmana
and I'.ronkey, escaped unhurt.. The car
running fast ami in turning up
ilown it turned eomptetelv around
as to head the other wav,"
; was
Backache ? Run Down ?
Tired ? Clean the Kidneys
With Hot Water and "Anuric"
When run-down after
when life indoors has
a stagnant condition in the circulation;
most evervone is filled with
days and
Unite, Mont., .'one 15. A bomb in
a sa.-:; of mail consigned to (inventor
Spry, oi I tah, at Salt Lake City, ex
ploded here today when the bag'was
tosse: from n Northern l'ticific to an
Oregon Short Line train. The interior
of thu car was completely wrecked.
A p'lo of mnil bags behind which
Messenger Koss Wjitorond was standing'
probaloy saved his life. He was badly'
cut hv flying srbnters.
IVt.vtivos eeilnred the bomb un-j
doubt -l'v was intended for (lovernorj
Spry himself, fcr the mail bag confined
nothing but otfic'al mail for the gov-1
eruor. '
If you suffer
nights, tired, dull
urinary disorders. t
Head this twice-told
Salem evidence doublv
.1. II. IVnton, UiU 1
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causing pain that extended into my
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started using Dunn's Kidney I'ills. 1
found them just the thing to rid me
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ment given December 11, 1912.)
On April 12. ISMii, Mr. Denton said:
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Whoueer my kidneys get out of fix.
thev soon put them rig.it."
Price ,'Ui' at nil dealers. Don't
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Mr. IVnton has twice publicly recom
mended, t osrer-.hIburu t o., 1'rops..
Ulitfalo, X. Y.
a hard winter i tressini? conditions n ,,.,f:.i... .
brought about, this uric acid no'ison' is to r,.l. ht
I w ater before meals and "Anurii-.''
Uric ; Ask VOUr ftrnirawf t-',.r Ti,...f.H l:
icid especially is this so of peonle i Annric , .r.i' tw. n: --
111"' ""v mu uiic ui-iu lit lueilias- Hotel nni Sura ) Tn.S..t.
vmn i.u.-rs i uiimai 'sun, uimoii-I Ciurr 1 11 x i o .1.1..- 1.111
nu. swe.uns or n.iiuis ana ieer, or a treatment, or tea
bag-like condition under the eyes. 1 package.
BncKaciie. trequent urination or the "Anuric'
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also often noticed. Dr. I'ierce says that ; drives the
slee,dess!cV:rV j-'101'1'1 W Pnty of pure that it eliminates these os on" clean,
trf. iiL'!m...h .m.cihi Tii! j u.u.. ' .u " v, v m our over-wonted
.1... , lApriimim.iouT me poisonous uric acia thru theitions, and
proven. ! Per;os as are past middle age it siea , e it fa in'Ve'li' ?'U I
-e St., Salem.'oftea impossible to do tais ami lin, , , f,, .."," T.'." If1? .,0. V0Uf
ol.l,H .re Jiut i ..,;. '.'..' .""V" " "'auc joints n
. . -r ".". """ mure oacKactie or it i7tv
nuyi .lining, i,ilisiii Ull JvinilS Ot 111
for a full
ceuts for a trial
is a recent scientific dis
Dr. Pierce. "Anuric"
uric acid out of vour bodv.
resume their normal func-
.liist a few dnV treatment
now and be convinced!
spells. Try .it
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m :