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Xtra Good Clothes for Boys - SALEM'S BIG DEPARTMENT STORE - Dressy Togs for MenlJ(jfJf)H CONCLAVE
Clearance Prices on Women's and
i ;i Misses' Ready - to - Wear
Thirty-Six Years of Successful Store
Keeping in Salem and Still at it!
An evidence that Salem and its people have confidence in our ability to give
them "Good Goods" at the right price. This store is supported by the people
of Salem and is for their benefit.
Constant attention to our customers needs Lowest Possible Prices Consistent
with "Good Goods," Courteous and efficient service always.
1 H
i M '
. M -
X "
Clearance Prices on all Suits
Clearance Prices on all Coats
Clearance Prices on all Dresses
Clearance Prices on all Waists
Clearance Prices on all Skirts
Special Prices on all Bathing Suits and Caps
Many Special Bargains in Muslin Wear Garments
Salem Agents for Butterick
Patterns, W. B. Corsets,
Munsing Underwear for
Men, Women and Children
Tlie 33rd triennial conclave of the
Grand Encampment of Knights Temp
lar, United States of America, will be
held at 1,03 Angeles, from June 12 to
Salem will lie represented by George
I J (t. Brown, grand captain general of the
Knights lemplar of Oregon, with head
George G. Brown and M. L
Meyers, of This City, WilL
Attend It-
of Mr. Davenport to secure funds for
a monument and the small amount rais-i
ed is still iu the Ladd and Bush bank.
The committee will meet soon and for-
mulate plans wheJreby it is hoped to
secure at least $-,000 for the erec-i
tiou of a monument to the memory of.
the great cartoonist.
The chairmen of all the committees
appointed for the Cherry fair will
meet this evening with Benjamin
Brick at the Commercial club and re
port as to what has been done by each
committee and also make whatever ad
ditional plans that may be necessary.
According to the plans outlined at a
meeting Saturday eveuing of the di
rectors of the tourist and publicity
department of the Commercial club,
all the events of the Cherry fair and
the farmers' all-Oregon grange will be
held Monday, July 3 and the Fourth
given entirely to the celebration at
the fair grounds. These matters ami
the re-arrangements of plans will come
CaTg of any kind for any place
at any time.
Office, BUgb Hotel
milliters nt Hot,'! Ijinkershim. nn.l M . be tore the chairmen ut the committees
i L. Meyers, who has been appointed as j 'his evening.
: one of the aids of C.urri H. AVinn.- of! 0-
Albany, marshal of the seventh division,
: which consists of commandefies from
j Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wy
( oming.
Part of the Salem party will leave
I Wednesday icning at 10:38 on the
. Southern 'Pacific and will include Mr.
MJ. ami Mrs. Robert McCrow who
were injured in the automobile acci
dent at West Salem a Well ago yes
terday, aie reported to lie gradually
recovering. -Mrs. W. A. Ward was
able to leave the hospital several days
nr.. r.t Mr niwl Uc AI.l'i-ou- lire
and .Mrs. George Ci. Brown, Mr. and still confined to their rooms as well
Mrs. M. I,. Meyers, accompanied by
Miss Barbara Steiuer. Mrs. D. W. Mat
thews and Miss Gertrude Cunningham.
Glen C. Nile.-., Frank Shnfer and sou ; j-'irst Congregational
.inn jiciui .-riiiuaiiiT win auenil Tile
conclave, going by the steamer Great
Northern as tar as San Francisco.
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City and all way
Points. Leaves Mill City 6:15 a. &.;
Stayton 7:45, Solem, 9:15.
Beturn, leaves Salem 4:30 p. m.;
dtayton 5:45; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13
The Korean Restaurant
is now opened in our new loca-
tiou at 1 10 1-2 Com'l street.
:!e Everything new and clean. All
kinds of Chinese and Spanish
sic dishes. Pay us a visit.
as their daugtiter( Miss ilughetla.
The members and
of the,
hureh" are in
vited to enjoy a picnic to be given
uinler the auspices of the Woman 's
I'liion and Pilgrim's club at the home i
an. I f, V A lilW I. -.1111
The Salem Floral society will hold ! M,.nth IC.h stewf tomorrow- cveiiiiii' :
I its monthly meeting tonight at the 1 ji,uur will l,e sen ed at li:l.i 'dock, j
j Commercial club. The special business j Ml, ..,, uskc( to bring basket!
oi i ne meeting is to uiscuss plans and i hiiK-lios. ' I
in range committees for a proper floral i " o
nispiay at the arniorv lor the ( herrv
1 All Around Town 1
t-g t j
.Tune 12. Sons o American
lievolution complete organiza
tion of Salem chapter tit
Commercial club,
Juno 12 Monthly meeting Flor
at society.
We can eava you money on garden
hoso, Nelson Bros. & I'utton, plumberH,
355 Caemoketa St. I'hone 1900. tf
Word was received tills morning that
the summer home of John II. Albert,
nt Mehnnia, had been entirely destroy
ed by fire about li o'clock last night.
Notice I will not be responsible for
inny debts that A. Taylor or any of
Juae 13. First baad concert
WUlson paru, weather permit
ting. June 14. Flag tiny.
June 11. Klks' Flag day serv
ice at lodge, 8 p. m.
Juno 15. Klks nnuuiil home
coming; celebration at urin
ary. Juiih 10. Snored Heart Acad
emy eommenetimoat exorcises.
Jnne 17. Waldo Hills pioneer
picnic, homo Of Mrs. Johu H.
Jano 111. School board election.
Juno 'JO. Nebraska society re
union at State fair grounds.
June 24. Moose day in Salem.
June L'H Close of voting con
ttwf for Queen of Cherry Fair,
A p. m.
July !1 AU Oregoa U range ral
ly, Hnlein,
July 3-4. Annual Cherry Fiir.
July 4. Fourth of July eele-
' brntion, State Fair grounds.
July 4. Indiana society annual
picnic at State Fair grounds.
July 20. Wisconsin society re
union at .State fair grounds.
gfc hiH family may contract, no matter
I what the same may bo for. Olias.
Sohmid. , jnnel2
The Rev. R. II. Heed who has beeu
giviug a series of lectures this whiter
nt the United Kvnngelical church, has
been assigned to the ..inpletoii district
with Maplcton as his headipinrters.
W. W, Steiwer has purchased t'ao
Maple Grove dairy also the Kaisor
View tl iiry and will run koth under the
name of Muplo Groro dairy with their
offico at 1215 S. Com'l. tf
What's In a name? Tlie Hev Booz
er is pastor of the Fivsbvterian church
I'lat Orenco, the Hev. ,1. I). Niiewoudor
Uf the United KvaiiL'eliial church of
Vancouver, Wash., ami the Tfev. 1 ().
Bouebrake, pastor of an K.vnngelicaJ
church in Port land.
We pay the highest prices for used
furniture. K. Iv. Sliff ii Sun.
Air. F. H. Thompson will return a-
bout July 1st. from Aew Vork where
he lias been attending special clinic
in eye, ear, noe and .throat. The
doctor will limit' his practice to that
field of work.
Tlie Indiana society has decided to
hold ils minimi picnic, at the state
lair grounds on July Fourth, accord
ing to N. I). Klliott, secretary of the
""v1 A Sunday school rally and picnic
' 0 '""ill be held at A'ictor Point Similar
He came back. If you have carpets-Jum. 25. The Madeay, Silverton, Vic
you wish woven notify S. A. Dob nrr, tor Point and the McAlpin Sujidav
phone 1207-M. june II , schools will take part. The exercise's
o j of the day will be furnished mostly by
K. E. Wilders of the Ladd and me. cuiiiiren. All are requested to
Dr, Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasso
es cltfrectly. U. 8. Hank. Bldj.
Get our prices on awnings before
you buy, we can save von inonev. K.
I.. Stiff Jt Son.
Tho lirst baud concert of tlie sea
son will be given nt Wjllsou's Park,
tomorrow evening, beginning at !t
o'clock. Tom Ordcimiun will sing twp
solos, "In (he Land of I.ove with the
Song Birds," and "America 1 I.ove
Wo pack and repair furniture, hang
nwilllH's nilil retire Lo-enrts. K. I..
Mr jonn snipp left this afternoon .stiff Si Son.
tor Kansas, oif receipt ol a telegram
announcing the death of her sister's
You can always etterUln your
friends if you 'nave a Sonora Talking
...aejilno ni your home. Mvrtlo Know
land, 421 Court St.
We wish to thank our friends nud
neighbors for their alml assistance in
our recent bereavement. Also the La
dies Aid society of Mncleny for tho
beautiful floral tribute, '
Mr. Cliirko Cory and son.
Sec Things From the Proper Angle
These strenuous times.
Our Woxk is fully guaranteed as to fit and finish.
You Look Well and See Well when we fit your eyes
EI1SS A. rJcCULLOCH, Optometrist,
208-9 llubbard Bids., Thonc 109.
Bush bank will leave Saturday even
ing for Los Angeles, where he will
enter the employ of a bank, lie will
make that city iiis permanent home.
Tho ScandanivaiaJi Ladies Aid soci
ety will meet at tho church, corner
S. loth and Mill Sts. tomorrow after
noon at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Anton Chris
tensen is the hostess. All welcome.
Attorney B. S. Martin who is accus
ed in a criminal complaint of threat
eninp' ii mil lice man with a knife ap
peared in police court today and enter
ed n plea of not guilty. His trial was
sot for Wednesday at 10 a. ni. in po
lice court.
We are always willing to give you
oscillates on your lumber, builders
hardware, lath, shingles, plaster, etc.
1'alls Citv-Snlein Lumber Co., :!!! N.
12th St. Phone Sl:l.
The Nebraska society will hold its
aiiuual picnic ati the state fair grounds
nest Thursday, Jnne .". The com
mittee in charge of the day's events
promise not only a good entertainment
lint plenty of genuine Nebraska eat
W. E. Slator, former secretary of
the Klks lodge and Milo Ifasmussen
will leave next Saturday for Detroit,
1 i..li itlmi-it ilwtv .vtiiit t,l liiiinlll lien t-
lv locate A. I., Wallace will nccom-1 l'"li('c fort-ft
panv Ihcin ns far as l.os Angeles, lie
w-iU return to Salem in about six
Special meeting of Pacific
lodge No. r,0, A. F. & A. a!.,
this evening. Work in the M.
M. degree. Visiting breth
ren welcome.
;iir and also to prepare a list of pie-
tiuuins to be awarded. For th
iime, since irs organization, tne soci
ety will have an opportunity to dem
onstrate just what its members can
accomplish in tiie way of floral dis
plays and in decorating the armory.
The West Salem fcaseball players j
are trving to figure out. how it liap-
Jpened. In the game played yesterday
attcrnooii, West Niiem scored only i
runs and the Business College team, I.
At the meeting held in Portland last
week of the Oregon presidential posl-
The i4m f . ,! masters, F. S. .Myers, oi Portland was
succeed II. .1. Miles will take place one I""1"."'' Uii'-kpteui
week from todav, June 1!). As vet, ,rst v"'e V1'"''" Marshall Ma-
no candi.lates have announced them- lun M",'',-',ll,.v-
selves although a petition was circu-l 0
lated some time ago asking Charles Te Eyworth, Leagties of Salem and
Dick to become a candidate. It is un-1 vicinity will meet tomorrow evening
derstood that -Mr. Miles will not be- at the Hist. Methodist church to or
come a candidate for reelection. The ' gauize all the leagues into one body
incoming director will not only take for social, education and missiontry
part in spemlinsr the .140,00( yearj purposes. There are six leagues in
that the board of education handles, Malem and with those near the city, it
out netore tne close of his live year
term, will have much to say in the
building of a junior high school, as
at the present rate in school nttend
ance, it is probable that another build
ing jrill ne necessary withing a few
years. ,
is expected that, at least ten league
will be associated. They will be en
tertained from tl to S o'clock by the
First Methodist church Kpworth
League cabinet.
A dinner at the Commercial club at,
0:1)0 o'clock will mark the first niect-i
nig ut the Mercantile department;
since the election of Fred W. Steusloff
as director. This dinner is for every
member of the department. Plans for
the coming year and the general pol
icy or tne .Mercantile department wi
conic before the meeting and for this j ,l,'t Kn 1"'r 1,11,1 'P1'" '
reason it is the wish of Mr. Steusloff ! ,'ou'1'' .'vtrc . '
bring; well filled liaskots.
We wisii ,to thuRk. our many friends
for their kindness during the recent
illness and death of our mother.
Mrs. Anna Smith,
John Jones,
Mollie Mill.
Senator C. P. Bishop, one of the
Oregon delegates to the Republican na
tional convention and also one of the
original Hughes men, has been named
as one of the committee to oiiicially
not if - former Justice Hughes of his
nomination as the Republican candi
date for president. Tho party will
leave Chicago for Washington today.
Programs will be distributed tomor-
,o evening rou, . nrieimug me i.anii r rt ot- t,R,se , ; in
,.mi.'irt mn tlnu i.lnn it-ill Vta iwtnt 1 . . M ... .
' . : " entertainiiiL' teatures. these wi I m-
lude some tirst class vaudeville trom
Judge Calloway todav granted a de
ree of divorce to Dorothea V. Kau-
2aii severing the bondu of matrimony
Kan.au. 1 ne
at Crants Pass
that all members att 1. W. A. Dcii-lJl"-v ' 1KM, una nAyt to en i.iren,
ton. K. A. Choate. W. E. C.nhlsdorf and ! '--ua Hanzau aged 18, and Arthur
niiii,iui iigeu ii. i ii. jiiuiiiiiii ,.if
the care and custody ot the
minor child and $20 a. month perma
nent alimony. The decree was granted
on the grounds of cruel and inhuman
S. Hamilton have been appointed to
serve as a committee with Mr. Steus-1 fpven
loft during the coming year.
A. H. Moore and family motored 205
miles yesterday, taking in the Pacific
Highway as far as St. Helen and sev
eral side trips. A speed cup driving
an automobile passed Mr. Moore on
the highway and rather intimated that
he would like a little race, lie was
accommodated, resulting in the cop
displaying his ,star and Mr. Mome
being placed under arrest for exceed
ing the speed limit. The story emls
happily as this being his first offense,
the Salem autoist was let off with the
admonition that it, is not always best
to pass everything on the Highway.
The entertainment committee having
in chargo the homecoming of the Klks
to be celebrated next Thursday even
ing at. the armory will meet tunight
and complete alt plans and hear the
nod throughout the summer whereby'
those, who are no, familiar with band I solos,' ,,v Mjsa Verna Cooder.
music will
bnud is playing.
furnished bv Brick Bros.
An inventory and appraiseinen
tlie matter of the estate of Philip,
Rees, deceased, was filed in probate
court today. The appraisement esti
mates the value of the personal prop
erty .of the estate at $IS.'l.ii!i. The
appraisers were George Elgin, August
llilficker and Harry Kobins.
A number of applications for judg
ment, to foreclose on a tax lien have
been filed in the circuit court by R.
H. Coshon. The defendants are .1. W.
Parrish, et, al, 1. C Rhodes et al, Im
agine Kirk et al, and (Inra P. Yaw
et al.
The Oregon Fruit Juice coiiijuiny has
filed a suit in the circuit court against
,f. C. Gregory asking for a judgment
ia the sum of if.'iy2,.'S2. The plaintiff
alleges that the defendant agreed to
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Of high class iiouschold fur-
nitiire nt lldS Oali St. on i'ri-
day June l(i at 1:30 p. m., see
Thursdays Journal for full par
ticulars.' F. N. WOODHV,
V. .1. HKSSLEH, Auctioneer
Owner. Phone ."ill.
The Pomona Grange Agricultural
committee, according to n motion car
ried at a meeting held in Salem a few
weeks ago, will meet in Salem Wed
nesday June U to complete final ar
rangements for the part the granges
will lake in the parades of the Cher
ry fair June 3 and for the grange pic
nic, dinner of tho same tlav, W. 11.
Stevens is ehairmnu of the committee
and J. E. Whitehead secretary.
The services at the Swedish church
yesterday were attended by an appre
ciative congregation. The church be
iiif finely decorated and the children
program in charge of Mrs. Edward Ol
son was well rendered.
, . i-. .i . .i. .
snow w nai selection xiie:,ilrt lmi. .,(1,i;.i,.,., ,i,..
The programs will be ; rht1..... fai. srl..(.ti0,is ,,v thc Klk
orchestra. Several new moving jie-i
tore suecials of a personal nature ir'
Patrolman Waller De Long who has.tu be introduced. All Klks will meet;
been in the Salem police department t nt o'clock at the lodge Thursday ev
for the iast feiv months has been njn( anj march to tiie armory.
transferred to the city paving depart-j o " !
nient and will assume charge of thc The tenth annual Waldo Hills pio-;
paving operations for the city when m.,,r pi,.ftic will be held next Satur-'
it begins. H. A. Howe took Mr. De j ,y June 17. at the home of Mrs. J, A. .
Long .s place on the, day relief of the Hunt. Hon. George S. Downing, a pi-j
oncer of 1S47. presiding. The program
o in the-morning will include music by!
The United Artisans will hold a a band; a vocal solo by C. Slade ofj
county fair at their next regular meet- Silverton, and an address by Judge
ing Wednesday evening, June 14. In'.). C. Moreland. The afternoon pro-j
addition to an attractive program, gram will begin with nn address by
there will be various baths, including': Judge P. H. D'Arcy; vocal solo by,
of course one for candy and ice cream: Mass Edna H Hardin;; vocal solo, :
and fortune telling. The public is in- Miss Judd; address by Mrs. Edyth'
vited to attend, enjoy the program, ! Tu.ier Wetherred; rending by Miss j
patronize the booths and take a peep Laura .Noyes; remarks by . H. aim i
into the future from tho fortune tell- E. A. Downing: recitation hy Air. tlat)-
ing tent.- jerry and closing with music by tin
o ibnnd.
Salem hs another newspaper. The o -
first, issuv is dated June 12 and it up- The Rev. H. B. Dorks, who has been!
peared on the streets this morning,; pastor of the Vnited Brethren church,
in nn extra edition. It was dedicated' Seventeenth and Nebraska streets for
to tho Oakland Ad club and its offi-jthe past four years has been nssigued
cial name is the "Cherry City Kuost- to the church at Eugene. He preach
er. As part of tho business the state-1 cC, his larewell sermon nisi nignt, ami
install a hydraulic fruit juice press
ing machine in the plant of the plain
tiff and that Ihe plaintiff now iiolo.-i
tho press under a lien pending tho
completion .of the contract. The plain
tiff alleges that the sum of .:1!I2.4'1
was advanced on the machine 'nnil.
asks for a irecree foreclosing the lien
and a sale to the highest bidder.
nient im made that it is published expects to move with him inmiiy to;
whenever the managers have the price. j Eugene Thursday of this week. Thej
The fact is, the Cherry City Rooster Salem church will be temporarily sup-!
was published especially for" the Oak-plied by the Kev. Mrs. O. M. Peoples,
land Ad men in the cit v this morning, I of Hazel Green. Mr. Dorks was see-1
and it U no more. It crowed and. ret an of the Salem Ministerial I'nion
Within the past six weeks, six acci
dents have happened nt street inter-
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Sihunanun are! sections between street ems and ve
on their wedding journey, having
started south this morning in an auto.
Mr. S. Ii ii n ii mil n is l"ne representative
of the wholesale house of Wndhiuus
& Kerr Bros, and as he was too busy
to take a trip to Iowa to claim his
bride, she came west and they were
married a few days ago. On their re
turn, they will make their home at the
Marion hotel.
and Wfore coming to Salem, was in
charge of the Cnited Brethren chnrh
at Pueblo, Colorado.
The commercial bodies of Silverton
hicle i. One of these was at Capital j have taken up the proposition ot rais-
and v heiiickita streets where tw'o an- iug a fund to erect a suitable niouii
tos ran into the side of a street carjmcnt fur limner Davenport. A com
and another Occurred at Mill and'mittee has been appointed with Hoscoe
Winter when a motorcycle bumped in 'Ames president, Julius Wolf secretary,
to the side of a cur. These accidents J ..iiss Eva Coolidge treasurer and J.
would probably not have happened i K. Mount, L.- P. Aldrich of the Ladd
had the near side stop system beeu land Hush bank has been asked to co
used, where the street car take on operate with the committee. An ef
passengers brfure. crossing the street. 'fort was made hortly alter tne burial
Call and See
Marvel of the Age
That does not require any stirring or turning of the
. crank.
Vacuum Freezers on display at the
The store on the corner, new McGilchrist Building