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aily Capita! Journal's Classified Advertising Paee
DH. 0. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
practic's Fountain Held, Davenport,
Iown. . If you have tried everything
ad got no relief, try Chiroprac
tic spinal adjustments und get well.
Office 406-7-8 TL S. National ISaak
Building. Phone Main 87. Residence
Main 828-R.
J. C.YUEN Well known Chinese doc
tor has successfully treated all dis
eases in tho past ycir. See testimon
ials on file at the Oriental Herb Co.,
C40 State St., Salem. Out of town
patients treated by Symptomatic Di
agnosis. Send for diagnosis blanks.
133 South High street. We clean
press, repair, remodel and re-line
clotiing and furs. Careful attention
eiven ill work. We call and deliver.
Phone 72f.
DR. O. A. OLSON, Dentist Adminis
ters nitrous ozid and oxygon gas.
Room 214. Masonic Templo. Phone
440. Salem, Oregon.
FOR RENT 3 modem furnished
housekeeping rooms, 395 N. 14th St.
TOR RENT Nicely furnished house
keeping rooms reasonable. 855 North
Commercial street. tf
FOR RENT Ry month or week, strict
ly modern 5 room house furnished
or unfurnished. Phone 1737-W. tf
FOR SALK Improved 63 A. on How
ell Prairie. Would consider small
tract near town or city property up
' to $2000. Price $110 per acre. Terms
at C per cent. R. 9, box 102, Salem.
FOR SALE 2 cash registers, 1 single
and 1 double drawers, 1 set of bil
liard balls; 2 sets of pool balls; 1 six
foot cigar case; one roll top desk;
one firo proof safe; one 5 room bun
galow. Cill or write 1355 Ferry St
FOR SALK A a bargain, modern
nouso consisting of .(i rooms, bath,
jiautry and closets, two large lots
with all kinds of fruit bearing trot's,
large barn, chicken houses, wood
shed; one. block from car line, two
blocks from school. Phone 354. ,jol2
owner on county road and railroad.
50 to 200 acres each, good buildings,
gooa soli, ;11 under cultivation, close
to scrool, prices reasonable, half
eash, balance time at 0 per cent or
modern income bearing city property.
P. O. Box 240, Salem. tf
PLEASE Don't miss this if you want
a big farm bargain, 51 acres, 3 1-2
miles from twn on good road, good
buildings, orchard, running water
crop, machinery, cattle, etc., goes
with place. Will take city properly
or small acreage as part payment,
i T i. ..ii
some oasn, oai. nine, iuit i can un
lei von mean business, sold bv own
er. Address B. 35 care Journal. jS
from all points east, on all household
goods, pianos, etc. Consolidated car
loid service. Capital City Transfer
Company, agents for Pacific Coast
Forwarding company, lfil South Com
mercial street. Phone Main 933.
WE HAVE- Farms for sale, very reas
onable in price. Good buildings, well
located, etUtped with teams, cows,
hogs, boats, poultry, farm implements
and now in crops. Will accept house
in Salem as part pavment. t?t(imra
Deal Realty Co., 1'02 I''. S. Bank bldg.
yOTIOE To the people of Salem,
that I have installed a complete oxy
aetylene welding and cutting appar
atus in my shop. For welding Steele,
east iron, aluminum, brass and bronze.
IVe make a specialty of automobile
frame welding, scored cylinders
blocks, broken crank cases, farm
and harvesting machinery. We are
also equipped for extra heavy weld
ing and and can go to your job. I
fcave esiployed an expert welder to es
pecially look after your wants. Your
patronage is respectfully solicited.
All work fully guaranteed from de
fects. C. R. Grigg, general black
smith and wood working shop. 1S95
Stato street. July 3
BOOB," as a Barber
A. O. U. W. Protection I.oclce. No. 5.
Meets every Monday evening nt 8 In the I
mccornacic nan, corner court and Liberty
streets, R. O. Donaldson, M. W. : 8. A,
McKadden, recorder; A. L. Drown,
SALEM LODGE No. 4, A. F. & A. M
Stated communications first Friday in
each mouth at 7 :30 p. m. In the Masonic
Temple. Chas. McCarter, W. M. ; S. Z,
Culver; secretary,
president ; Mrs. Lou Tlllson, secretary. All
cases of cruelty or neglect of dumb ani
mals should be reported to the secretury
for investigation.
CENTRAL LOnnB, No. 18, K. of P. Mc
Cornack building. Tuesday evening of
aeh week at 7 :30. -T. U. Heltzel, C. C. ;
W. B. Uilson, K. of It. and S.
R. N. OP A. "Oregon Grape Cntnp," No.
1300, meets every Thursday evening in
McCornack building. Court and Liberty
streets; elevator. Mrs. Sylvia Schaupp,
1701 Market, oracle ; Mrs. Melissa Per
sons, recorder, 1290 North Commercial.
Phone 1'436-M.
gon Cedar Camp, No. 5240, meetB every
Thursday evening nt 8 o'clock In Mc
Cornack hall, corner Court and Liberty
streets. Elevator Bervlce. Geo. Beinohl,
V. C. ; J. A. Wright, clerk.
Regular meeting every first and third
Tuesday at 8 p. m. in the Masonic Tem
ple. Minnie Mueller, W. M. ; Ida M.
Babcock, secretary.
Friday night at 8 o'clock In McCornack
block, II. W. Macey, C. C; L. 8. Geer,
clerk, 507 Court street. Phone 003.
neguiar conclave iourtn uritiay in eacn
mouth at 8 o'clock, p m., In Masonic Tem-
pie. Sojourning Sir Knights are courte
ously invited to meet with us Lot L,
Pearce, E. C, Frank Turner, recorder,
UNITED ARTISANS Capital Assembly,
No. 84, meets every Wednesday at 8 p. m.
in Moose hall. C. O. Matlock, M. A. ;
C. Z. Randall, secretary, Salem Dunk of
HODSON COUNCIL, No. 1, R. & 9. M.
Stated assembly first Monday in each
month. Masonic Temple. N. P. Hasraus
sen. Thrice Illustrious Master; Glenn C.
Nlles, recorder.
SALEM COUNCIL NO. 2(122 Knights nd
Ladles of Security Meets every 2nd and
4th Wednesday each month nt Hurst Hall.
Visiting members are Invited to attend.
E. V. Walton, financier, 480 S. 14th St.
PACIFIC LODGE No. 50, A. F. k A. M.
Stated communications third Friday
In each month at 7 :30 p. m. in the
Masonic Temple. Hal V. Bolam, W. M. ;
Ernest II. Clioate. secretary.
ORS. B. H. WHITE and R. W. WAL-i"tcd
. . . ... ,
TON Osteopathic physicians ind,'
nerve specialists. Graduates of Amer
ican school of Osteopathy, Kirksvillef
Mo. Post graduate ant! specialize,! i:
,. lT a i
nerve disetss it Los Angeles college.
Treat, acute and chronic disease..
Consultation free. Lady attendant.
,,.-: mc i; t. v: i t-i,
T ... , r-n t, -. .....
l'lione Sot). Rcsidcnco
North Capital street. Phone 409.
WEBB & CLOl'GH CO C. B. Webb,
A. M., Cloush morticians and funeral
directors. Latest modern met'-icxis
known to the profession employed
499 Court St. Main 120, Main 9888. j
directors and undertakers, 2o2 North
High street. Iav and night phone
WELTilR SYSTEM Of suggestive
Therapeutics practiced by Dr. W. T.
Tompuins, 8. T. Most powerful, nat
uril and successful treatment known
to science for the relief and cure of
headache, stomach, liver and kidney
trouble; rheumatism, constipation,
infantile jiaralysis aud all female
comjlaints, heart, lung and throat
troubles; all diseases of the eye; can
cer, goitre, epilepsia, asthma, nerv
ousness or any eoronic disease. Sug
gestive therapeutics properly applied
to a diseased body is positive, sure
and permanent in its results. Hours
9 to 12 a. m, 1 to 5 p. m., phone
991. Office rooms 1, 2 and 3 Biyne
Bldg 341 Slate St., Salem, Oregon.
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all '
kinds removed on monthly contract?
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phone Main 1
224. Residence Miin 2272. 1
corner Commercial and TraJe streets I
For water service apply at office.
Bills payable monthly in advance.
: 1 J I . O-
1 j
Claxtar Items
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Claxtar, June 8. Mrs. G. Wirt
Browning left on Thursday Juno 1st
fur Kingston, Kansas, whore she goes
to the bedside of her mother. Mrs.
Browning was accompanied ,by her
young son Arthur. She expects to
have her mother return with her to
Oregon, trusting in Oregon 'a matchless
roses and fruits to restore her mother
to health.
Strawberry picking is becoming gen
eral this week. Among yards here al
ready at work are Thoa. Newton's,
Frank Holtzclaw, IT. Moon and Trof.
F. M. Meyers. Berries are up to thoir
usual standard although it is predict
ed that the season will be short.
Mrs. Mary Pruitt, a well known pi
oneer resident of this place has been
very ill, but is now slightly improved,
ami hones are entertained that she
will soon recover.
Miss Gertrude Kelly is a summer
guest at the homo of her grandmother
Mrs. L. A. Kellv of Claxtar.
The Bert Morrisons are guests of
the Newtons of this place
Mrs. Taylor-Jones, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Thus. Lewis 1b removing tins
Notice of Improvement of South,
Church Street
Notice is hereby given that the com-1
mon council deem it expedient so to!'" Portland
io, and hereuy declare its purpose and
intention to improve South Church
street from the south lino of State
street to the north lino of Mission
street, except that portion there occu-
a h h . ,:,mnI,iv known ns
P' y. J commonly Known as
tending from tho north line of Oak
street to tho north line of the westerly
extcntion of Bellovue street, at tho ex
pense of the abutting and adjacent
property by bringing said portion of
South Church street to the official
grad, Constructing cement concrete
curbs and paving said portion of said
street with a six-inch, two-course
Bituminous Concrete pavement,
consisting of a one and one-half
inch Bituminous Concrete wearing sur
face laid on a four anil ono-half inch
Bitnminus Concrete base iu accordance
with the plans, specifications and esti
mates for the improvement of said por
tion of South Church street, adopted
by the cdmiuou council on the 5th day
,of June, 1!1, now on file in the of
fice of tho city recorder which for a
more detailed description thereof aro
hereby referred to and matte a part of
this notice; being that character or
kind of improvement known and desig-
,in 8aid l',1""?' ai.f'tions and
. ORtmint AH 1 llitnniinoim Concrete
Pavement No. 5."
The common council hereby declares
",s I'urI' ''"" lu
above described improvement by and
" , , , ' T ,.,. rin
' "cc." ""I"1"0"'
P'rtnient of the city.
l?v order ot tho common
(has. F. r.Igin, City Recorder.
Dated this 6 day ot Jun I91fi. jncl7
For all kinds of Insurance in Stand
ard Companies, call on
P. J. K u n t z
Boom 309, Bank of Commerce.
ON Good Real Estate Security.
Over Ladd ft Bush Bank. Balem. Oregon
MONEY TO LOAN I have made ar-
rangemcnts for loaning eastern tenances gathered to pay a tribute of I'niler the provisions of u bill ns
money, will make very low rate of i respect to his memory. Manv beauti-agreed upon, SI) per cent of the pro
interest on highly -improved farms. tul floral tributes were sent." in bylceetls from the sale of timber goes to
Homer H. Smith, room 5 MeCornaclt ' f rionrlH o fthe deceased, who was highly ! Oregon, It! per cent to the national re-
Bldg, Salem, Ore. Phone ilfi.
t General Feed anl
Sma11 LiTerT BttbU
trJi "i a w- TBAIN
, i 864 Farry. Phon lit
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease.
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283
wwj. vjuc-i
London. Owing to the scarc
ity of paper, the Hertforshire
county council has re introduced
slates in the public elementary
schools in lion of copy books.
Birkenhead, Eng. Several fu
nerals were postponed here ow
ing to the continuance of the
grave diggers' strike.
week with her husband for Marshfield,
Oregon, where Mr. Jones is connected
with the railroad.
Word was received from Mrs. AVil
liam Croteau of Canada, says that this
is proving to be a cold, backward
spring, in British Columbia. The last
week in May grecu house men there
having their entire output of tender
plants frozen.
George Beckner of (Juinaby has ex
tended his meat market service to in
clude Claxtar.
Keizcr View dairy was sold recent
ly to M. W. Steiwer of the Maple
Grove dairy.
Many beautiful roses are to be seen
here, many specimens being equal to
those exhibited in prize competition
Among memorial tlav visitors here
were Mrs-. G. H. MjcMuuu of (juinaby
and Mrs. Frank Matthes of Wnconda.
Mrs. Lee Yates and Miss Elsie Yates
visited Claxtar friends Sunday.
Rev. John Burdette who has been
quite ill at his home is much improved.
Dog owners here arc alarmed over
an epidemic, of dog poisoning which
prevails here. The handsome little
Spaniel of the Richie brothers being
tho latest victim.
Gustave Girod, whose death occur
red in Hayesville on Sunday June 4,
wHs well known in Marion county,
where his thrift and industry hail
caused him to accumulate considerable
property. -Mr. Giord was a gentleman
of broad education having taught in
the schools of Switzerland for mauy
President Leonard W. Riley of Mc
Minnville college, who underwent nu
operation in a hospital in Chicago last
week, is reported as getting along as
well as could be expected under the cir
cumstances. President Riley left here some weeks
ago for the east to enjoy a recupera
tive rest. He consulted a ( hicago spec-
iulist who advised an operation at once,
Preparations are being made tor tlie !
Stockmen's picnic to be held at
city park nt (,'urlton on June 17.
The eommitte on urinngements con
sist of Frank Bronn, of Cruigielea farm
-Messrs. llnradon anil Parker of Sun- support, their efforts, by the midnight
nybrook stuck ranch, R. G. Fowler, man-1 resolution of the legislature favoring
ager of W. B. Ayer's Foothills farm, I the railroad company and by the fail
Ed. Carey, of Oak Springs farm, W. ('.jure of the state conference called by
Spence of Glenodin farm, James Kilsnuithe governor to take any action,
of Yoinlerlea 'farm, T B. Wiith and C. Oregon was entitled to the 90 per
S. Snyder from Moore's valley, from cent of tin: proceeds demanded by the
the stockmen, anil W. B. Dennis, .lames ! Chamberlain bill, but the opposition
J. Gravely and C. W. Vail from Carl-lof certain interests rendered it iiupns
ton boaril of trade. jsible to secure it. The supreme court
David Murdock Rinard one of the held that the ilispiisititin uf the grunt
best known residents of McMinnville, j miit be made by congress by June !),
passed unny at his home Wednesday i when, if congress 'failed to act, the rail
June 7, after a lingering illness. He rood might apply for a mollification uf
was SO years, 9 months and 11 duys'the degree. As the natiunal conventions
old when tho angel of .death made the J absorb the attention of congress this
final summons. The funeral took place . week, speedy aciinn was necessitated,
this afternoon from his late residence, and Senator Cliaiulicl'lain. ni a ci.nl'ei-ce
where neiLrhbors, friends and ncouain-
esteemed by those who knew him best, f
-McMiimville News-Reporter.
The newly elected board of directors
of the Stayton Co-operative Switch
board held their first regular meeting
Monduy at 2 p. m. The following mem
bers were, mimed us officers: President
Henry Smith; vice-president, W. E.
Chrismnii ; seretury, F. A. Bell; treas
urer, I. J. Boedigheimer.
On last Thursday morninif Hon. V.
, II. Downing ami wife, F. B. Button,
wife nnd daughter Genevieve, Elmer
Downing wife and daughter I.ucjlle,
i William Jones nnd wife nnd cliildrea
j Thomas and Alice. Aunt Mary Hunt
j and daughter Matilda, A. J. 1'atton ami
wife, K. B. I'atton. Miss Lenta I'atton,
I Mrs. Amanda King and last but not
.least, our next County Coinrninsinnrr
lion. J. T. Hunt und wife, motored to
the farm home ot h. A. Donning and
wife, 1 1-2 miles north east from Stay -
ton. The occasion being a surprise bir -
thtlny dinner in honor of K. A. Down -
ing's (ilst birthday. Stayton Mail.
SATURDAY, JUNE 10. 1916.
mil v.ciu per wuiu iur
Reporter With a Boil
Taken for a War Hero
By Wilbur S. Forrest.
Loudon, June 1 (By Mnil). The
strain of twenty months of war on the
composite brain of a nation showed to
day that common, ordinary bandage is
the new insignia of sympathy.
Just like the sight of shamrock flash
es to the brain of nn individual it's,
St. Patrick's day, the sight of hantlRge!
tells the average Britisher that he'
should be sympathetic. I
to nave on your finger a somicnr
buneular furuncle (which is an over
zealous boil) is to wear your arm in a
sling. This means a liberal display of
Walking along a crowded London
thoroughfare with your arm in a sling
transforms you from an aide bodied
slacker to a hero just back from the
A ur.iform isn 't necessary. The sym
pathetic "composite war brain" over
looks all that i slacking. You have been
wounded and it can readily be seen
that ym are tired of wearing your uni
form and you are modest nbout attract
ing attention anyhow.
Old ladies benm in you in trams,
buses awl subways.
You are petted and pampered by con
ductors who hold their vehicle while
yon get solely seated.
Men on the street who wear Hie
Derby armlet look sheepish when you
Barbers take special care not to jos
tle your "wounded" nl'm. Waitresses
and waiters sympathetically carve your
Ushers in theatres follow you to your
sent and take your things back to the
elo-ik room.
Shop clerks tie up your bundles with
a special loop of strong string so you
cm hook it over an unwounded finger.
I'ral'tic "Bobbies" occasionally
lute. '
.K very body has your number.
Yu'i are a wounded soldier, except:
Hien you are uu American reporter
with u boil on your finger.
If you enjoy rending tho Journal oc
casionallyyou will be pleased to get
it regularly only 45 cents per month
at your door.
(MetTfnrd Mail-Tribune.)
Oregon's delegation at Washington
deserves credit for the fight made to
secure the state its share of the pro
ceeds of the sale of the (). & ('. rail
road land grant, esnecinllv Senators
( hambeilnin and I.ane and Uepresen
tatives Kiiiimtt and McArthur. Cong
rssman Huh ley deluved net ion wkil
the others were busy, but at the ele
venth hour .rendered tartly assistance.
The, delegation Has hampered by the
failure of the governor of Oregon to
secured the best Wins nossiblu.
clainution fund nnil 10 per cent to the
federal treasury for cost of administra
tion. Of Oregon's So per cent, 2 per
cent goes to the school fund and 25 per
cent tt the land grant counties, -to be
expended by the county courts for
roads, schools or port districts within
such counties. One million five hundred
thousand dollars is advanced from the
national treasury to refund unpaid tax
es (o Oregon counties, which totals
about $250,000 in Jackson county.
Tho land is classified as timber, ng
ricultural and power sites, agricultural
being land containing less than .'(00,
(100 feet of timber on forty-acres, or less
than 1,200,0011 to a quarter section.
Agricultural Inn, I in to lie opened to
entry at an early date under regulation
of the land office.
Timber is to be offered for snle in
.luinveiiicnt! t,iuets .to .highest bidder
for cash, bids to be received for smal
lest subdivisions. The railroad coin-
tinny is to receive 2.5ll an acre Tor the
1 land unsold, with deduction of such
1 amounts as Ihe court, in accounting
jsuit, declares should be subtracted,
' Lands comprising city water sheds
By Mort.
eacn successive supsequent insertion
Classified Business
Telephone Directory
A Quick, handy reference for busy people
fcalem Electri Co., MasonU Temple, 127 North High Mala 110
1. M. Barr, 164 South Commercial street Halm 1S
Salem Truck ft Dray Co., corner State and Front ftroota Mala 74
Try This on Your Eczema
If you are afflicted with Salt Rheum, Tetter,
dry Eczema, Acne or Pimples, buy a jar of Dry
Zensal. For that watery eruption, or Weeping
Skin, use Moist Zensal, 50c the jar.
CENTRAL PHARMCY, formerly Poole's Drug Store
Nonrn noiiND
In OreRon Kipress ...
L'4 -l'nj.'1-UH Limited ...
8 y, lllaoiette Limited
3- Shasta Limited . . .
is Portland I'usttenKer
20 Portland Passenger
1-1 Portland Kxio-itts .
. 0 too It. IB.
. . ..'I :OL p. in.
. . (1 :2'i a. in.
. .11 :o5 a. rn.
. . J :7 p. m.
. . 5 :tKi p. in.
-N MM p. in.
-'- Pin-Hunt! asl Freight 10:.10 n. m.
So. 2M Local way Freight. . . . JO ;JS a. m.
No. 13 California HxpresB. . . . 3:32 a.m.
No. 17 Hiweburg Pnstu'nger ..lt:i'Oa. m.
No. :.:! KiiKi-ne Limited J 0:01 a. in.
No. 10 Coftnge ;rovc Push, . . 4 : Hi p. in.
Makes connection with No. 74 Geer
No. 11 Shasta Limited 5:4.1p.m.
No. 27 Wllhimt'lti- Limited... t:ttli, ni.
No. lit San Francisco Mpress 10 ;30 p. u.
No. 221 Suu Francisco Fast
No. 22. Local way Freight.
No. 7.1 Arrives at Salem...,
Io. 711 Leaves Salem ,
No. 75 Ar. Salem (mixed;..,
So. 74 Leave Salem
12:01 a. m.
11 .40 a. id.
.0 :ir . in.
,11:50 a. in.
. 2 :( p. in.
. .4 :2U p. n.
No connection Boutb ot tieer,
Sai.em, Fau.s City asd WusTEnv.
liil Lv. Salem, motor 7 :O0 a. in.
ttk'l Lv Salem, motor 9:45 a. in,
lii.l Lv. Siili-m for Mtmmnutti
timl Airlie II :IH a. m.
107 Lv. Snlem, motor .... 4 :00 p. in,
Hit! Lv. Snlcm. motor 6 :I5 p. ni.
2.111 Way Fr't lv. Salem. ... 5 :00 a. in.
102 Ar. Salem
. 8 :40 a. in.
II : til it. in.
.3:15 p. m.
. 0 :00 p. m.
7 45 p. in.
, 1 :35 p. ni.
Itll Ar. Sttleiu
ltlil Ar. Salem
His Ar. Salflin
170 Ar. Salem
24U Way Fr't ar. Salem. ,
oi!i:i;on electier: railway co.
Train Nit.
...2 Owl ..
, .10 Limited .
.... 12 . . . . ,
. . 19 Limited
Lv. Snlem
4 :.'!5 a. m.
7:15 in.
II :4.'i u. rn.
11 20 a. m.
1 :45 p. in.
4 :oO p. in.
n ::I7 p. in.
7 :05 p. in.
Ar. rnrtl.ind
. . . tl 55 a. in.
. . . A :25 a. in.
...II :35 a. in.
..II ::i5 p. m.
... :00 p. in.
, . . A :50 p. Ul.
, . . 7 :50 p. in.
. . . 10 :00 p. m.
. 22
soi.'TH hound
I.v. Portland. Ar. Salem
tl 45 n. m S:.rt5 (Salem only)
8:25 a. m. ... 6 Limited ...,lii:ll a. in.
are withdrawn for two years, pending'
further legislation. No laud goes into
forest reserves nnd there is no reeogni-l
tioii of applicants to piiichase. Actual.
settlers on land I)t ruber I, 1D1.1, are;
ulowed preference rights. !
By the terms of the bill counties will
receive their delinquent taxes, u large!
sum be provided in Ihe future for road
building, the lund opeueil to settlement, I
development, and taxation, anil tin'1
blight of a vast tract of undeveloped
land removed from u large portion of;
Oregon. j
flm. Kiiowlaml nml 'family, Jc-m'
('ntop'oell and family und Thos. Callo-.
way and wife all of Salem went week i
end guests nt the Joe Perry home.
V. A. Elder has resigned his position!
as postmaster iu Stnyton. He has iiiinle
nn iicconioilatiiig nl'ficial. Them nrej
two aspiiiiiits for the office, Aliss t
M. Burger.
11 :40 a. m.
2 :05 p. in. ,
4 40 p. m. ,
i 05 p, m. ,
(I 20 p. m. .
11 :45 p. Uk
Lv. Cervallls
4 :10 p. in. .
Lv. Eugene.
7 :,15 u. m. .
1 .VI p. m. .
5 25 p. m. .
12 .05 p. m. ,
Lv. Kalem
2 :00 u. in. .
7 a. in. .
10:15 o. in. .
Lv. Salem
1 2 .55 p. m. ,
Lv. Salem.
4:25 p. m.
0 ,
.. 13 Limited .
.. .. 17 Lois) .
21 Owl ...
KOllTU liOUJ'0
...10 Limited .
. . .10 Limited .
7.'.'.' 2 Owi
south uouub
..12:55 p.m.
, 4 :20 p. in.
. . 6 :40 p. ro
. . 8:10 p, m.
..11:25 p. in.
. 1 ;65 p. u
Ar. Salem
. 5 :37 p. in
Ar. Ha!en
..P:45 it. in.
. . 3 :55 p. to.
. . 7 :55 D.'in.
.. 8 :10 a. in.
Ar. Eueeoil
. 6:50 a. in.
. 9 :0 a. in.
.12:25 p. in.
, 21 Owl .,
M3 . . .
, 5 Limited
Ar. Aipnnj
1 :50 p. m.
flops at Corvalll
Ar. Albany
5 :20 p. io.
Ar. Alhan
8 :45 p. in.
Ar. Kiigcna
I.v. Suieta
40 p. m.
8 :50 p. in.
WiMrntl;liN TirAi. nut Vvrrm ftii.-nit.
No. 04 Leaves Snlem 8:40 p. ul
No. W Arrives In Hiu-u 8:20 p. u
14 ....
25 a. m.
1 2 p. m. .
.''2 p. ui. . .
Io p. m. .
Ar. Ralem
0 .
... 9 :45 a. in.
. . . 1 :I5 p. in.
.. . 4 :00 p. m.
. . . IS :.'I7 p. io.
. . . 7 .55 p. iu.
Ar. Cnrvnlllt
. ..lt ::i:ia. io.
. . . S : 17 p. in.
... 2 :20 p. in.
... 8 :U0 p. in.
la p.
15 a. ra.
25 p. m.
55 p. m.
40 p. in.
Oregon Clly Trnnsimrtatlnn Company
Leave Portland for Oregon City, Itiitlcvlll,
Newlicrg, Mission (St. Paul), Wticiitlainl,
S.ilem (dally except Sumlny) ..11 15 a. in.
Leave Portland lor Infefncndeni'e,
A;i,any-('iuvalll8, ('tuts., Triors., Sat.)
0 ;43 a. is.
..(la. m. Men., Weil, Trt
...7 a. in Mon., Wed., FrU
. . 0 u.. lie- Mod., W'vil., l"rl,
III a. ui. Mon., Weil., Frl.
(1 a. in. Tufs., Thurs., fc'nt.
IL'.robl of Kingslun tiod E. 1). Ale.vno
tier. As we go to prtss we learn thr, (;
Korinek & sMielke have dissolved pnrt
iiirslnp. Mr. Mielko will continue to
conduct thy business at the old staml,
while Mr. Kuiinek's Jdiins aid noti
Tho Jonlun store wan lobbed Sumlny
night, and $117 in chrclis taken. Tho
thieves entered the sUre hy breaking
a window.
.Mrs. Otto Shelbeig of .Sulem visited
lier mother Mrs. Aiimv Vlayton seveinl
lavs last week.
K B l.oekliart pastor ef the M. K.
church nnnouuecs that his sermon sub
ject, for Sunday a. in. is "Why I am n
church member, " and letrive new niem-bi-rs
ineo thu chinch :.t that service.
Evening sermon on ".Sidelights on tho
Rose Caiithul of l'it'uils and Protec
tion for Young Women in the. .Metropo
lis. ' ' Sta, ton Stauduid.
FIicdo 81 for lack of rcrrice.