Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 09, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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Salem Agent for Butterick Patterns and Delineator
Our Annual White Sale Closes
Tomorrow Night
Stop here Tomorrow and save on your purchases
White Sale Prices on all White Hosiery and White Shoes
White Sale Prices on Men's and Boys' White Wearables
White Sale Prices on all White China, Dishes, etc.
White Sale Prices on all Muslin Wear and Corsets
White Sale Prices on all Table Linens, Domestics, Etc.
White Sale Prices on all Laces and Embroideries
(Second Floor Section)
Shipment of
New Dresden Basket Goods
Basket Jardiners, Fern and Plant Baskets, Vases,
Hanging Baskets, Waste Baskets, etc., in the very
latest tinted effects with composition, raised flower
design decoration. (See these in the window.)
New Serving Trays at $1.19
Just in Latest style Serving Trays in oak, ma
hogany or walnut finish oblong shape, glass bot
tom, wood handles to match. A very extra value at
this price ...$1.19
(See window showing.)
White House Cook Book at 45c
(Until Saturday night)
Big Dept.
Special Sale of
Children's New
Wash Dresses
at 95c each
Here's a very
.special dress bar
gain new, well
made Wash
Dresses of desir
able, durable
Chambrays, etc.,
in plain colors,
stripes, checks
and plaid ef
fects; many dif
ferent ? t y 1 e s ;
sizes to 14 years.
Worth up to
Extra value price
only 95c each
(See them in
the window.)
House of
Junn 12. Monthly nieetng Flor
al society.
.Tuno 14. Hag day.
June 15. Klks' iinnuiil home
coming; celebration ut arm
orjr. Juyio 16. Sacred Heart Acad
omy commencement exercises.
June' 17. Waldo Hill pioneer
picnic, home tf lira. John K.
June l). School board election.
Junn 20. Nebraska society re
union ut State fair grounds.
Juno 24. Muoaa day in Sulora.
Juno L'li Closo of voting con
text for yueeu of Cherry Fair,
9 . m.
July 8 All-Oregon Oinngo nil
ly, Nnlein,
July .1-4. Aniuiul Cherry Knir.
July L'O. Wisconsin society re
union nt Stnte fuir grounds.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, flu glasse
f correctly. U. S. bank. Uld'.
Jance at Brooks Saturday night June
10, Music Salem orchestra, june!!
The W. W. Moore furniture store will
soon be delivering good with nn auto
truck. The. order was placed yester
day anil it will lie about two weeks be
Hue the truck arrives.
Do You Irrigate Your Lawn? If
you do, take advantage of the 111 pvr
cent discount by paying your bill on
or before the 10th of June. june!)
Tho Wisconsin annual picnic will b
held Thursday, July -II at the state
lair grounds, ami not on June L'O as
announced yesterday. Thin dale has
been positively decided on.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
During the summer months, the regu
lar meetings of the Klk lodge will be
held on the first Thursday of the
month. This will bring the next meet
ing on the evening of July li.
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con
sultation, examination or prescription.
Local flax men who have visited the
tllroi of P. K Ttim!l ivii. Tut-mir
Mrs. Frank Powers, of Orenco. SlilMilc Well llf t'tlil fill.) t'lnv ..mil iit
whose husband died a short time ago, i p respect there tor the present season,
ha decided to make iSuloni her home!. Mr. Thoniason has sixtv five acres in
Spanish Iris for cut flowers. Phone
.12 I'M.
Dr. T. C. Smith, formerly of this city,
but who now makes his home in I.os An
geles, is in Salem visiting with his son.
Or. T. (J. Smith, Jr., the dentist.
...-Ice cream soical Saturday
June Hi, Kaiser whim house.
The river today is 3.7 feet above low
water mark, which is .2 of a foot high
er than yesterday. So far this month,
there has been only .00 of an inch
rainfall ami for seven days of the
month the wind has been from tke
Rib boils 7c lb., choice beef roasts
10c lb. Capital Market, 121 S. Coni'l.
Mrs. S. K. Cromwell and son Dean
arrived in the citv yesterday from Los
I Angeles, coining by auto. They will
: remain in the citv with friends during
the summer. Mrs. Cromwell reports
the roads in fine condition all the way
from I.os .ugeles..
Loin, Round and T Bone steaks 12
l-2c per lb. Capital Meat Market, 121
S. ( oni '1.
Work on the reconstruction of the
I'ostal Telegraph cuinp'iny 's lines south
of this city will soon be -started in
earnest. Today J. .1. Lynch of San
I'rnm-isco, superintendent of construc
tion is overseeing the assembling ma-
anil lias secured a lioase on Center
W cau save you money on garden
Irrigation Bills Now Due. A dis-
ount of 10 per cent will be allowed
J??6',,, BOn 1 ro"- ltton, plumbers,! on all irrigation bills paid on or be
www i.a'ittcnvv vt. t UUJIV JUUU. 11 l'.irO JUUO 10 ll'lo,
J. L. Busick & Son, the grocers on, Tlie Capital B1U Posters are erecting
State trH-t, have sold their general 'u illfK., ,, 10ni,i pu th( ), homnM
menhaud.KC store nt Donald and will;),,. High and Trade streets, adjacent to
""" p-niem (he casket factory. The sign will al
Dusiuesn. ,,.t, ., i , ,., , ,
W. W. Stelwer has imrchased tho
Maple Grove dairy also the Kaiser
View ilk? and will rim both under the
most completely enclose the lot when
t unshed.
Notice I will not. be responsible for
any debts that A. Taylor or any of
may contract, no matter
for. t'has.
june 12
. ,7. au'r' """ l"" family may contract
office at 1215 8. Com'l. tf what the same' may be
c.,. , Z . . Soliuiid.
auaanj, juiu ju, a p, m. i.oju play
rL ne,- m Bt j.enguc grounds. Until .. A carload of Indiana silos will be
fiNuim will be nt react honed tor this Li,. ,.i .., v...n. v.,l : i,; i. 1...
game. ln't miss it. juncluUth(, Spaulding Logging company. l
""""""""""m ready orders have been received for
ten ear lends to be dsitiibuted from
North Yakima this summer.
Baseball Sunday, June 11. League
grounds ;t p. m. St. Helens v I.oju.
IntorCiLv league basehall best seen
in Salem since the old Tri City league.
The 'Wisconsin picnic is to be held
this year at the fair ground on July
20, not Jane 20, as reported. This is
an annual event and all former rem
Auction Sale!
Var Hi.le by public auction on Sat
unlay, .lane Kith, llrt. nt the People's
4uiek KxchRiigo Auction Market, ut
1 :.'!() p. m., receiver's stock of Musical
lutHiuments, consisting of, (lrnphone,
Disk a.id Cylinder Kecords, Violins,
Mundolius, Ouitars and Strings
many other things.
r. n. wooimy,
V, M. CnKKKIVCTuV, Auctioneer
Keoeiver. J'hone .111
dents of the Kadger state are invited
to be in attendance.
Largest stock of new and used fur
niture ut K.' L. Stiff & Son.
ferial for the job.
Ladies be sure to get one of our
Klennit Polish Mops free Saturday. K.
I.. Stiff & Son.
The Foresters of America, Sherwoos
Forest No. !!, at their meeting last
evening, elected the following officers:
C. J. Ileach, chief ranger; (leorgo'
Schult, secretary; W. U. Mingle, fi
nancial secretary; Ira Jorgensen, treas
urer; Mr. Hatch, sub-chief ranger.
Decorate with Carl Purdy's Spanish
Irises. Long slender steins. 1'houe .12
The business men's department of
the Commercial club will meet next
Tuesday evening with Fred W, Steus
loff, the new director tn the chair. It
Licensed Lady
Moderate Pricet
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Art) .
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 721. Salem, Ore
is probable that the first meeting of
this department under the new admin
istration will ue observed by the serv
ing of a 6:30 o'clock luncheon at the
Spajiish Irises are the exquisites
I among irises. Rich in sliades. 1'hone
I The articles of incorporation for the
.Newlon Artesian wells were filed to
day at tho office of the coiporation
commissioner. The main office of the
comuanv will be located at Ilctipner.
Mil Morrow county. The co ipany is
capitalized at $21,000 and proposes to
I sell water for irrigation purposes.
The Sonora Talking Machine is al
jways a welcome visitor. Myrtle Know-
land, 121 Court St.
o '
Paul Sherwood, son of Professor
j Sherwood of Willamette I'niversity,
iwas the fortunate holder of the ticket
that gave him a pair of $1 shoes at
I the l'riee shoe store sale this morning.
One week ago, Ionald Crown, a news
boy, was tho lucky one. About 1.10
tickets were given out by the store
during the rush this morning.
For your Sunday dinner milk fed
'chicken 17c per lb., broils 23c, at Mick
,inham'M, Farmers Feed iiain, 100 S.
Six teachers of the Oregon state
school for the deaf will leave nt 9:4 5
o'clock Saturday morning on the Ore
gon Kleetrie. for points in the east for
their summer vacation. Miss Ncal and
LMiss I'alm will spend their vacation
at ixnnsas i ii. -wis imw ini.-..-.
Ilowlett and Miss Stavgl will visit at
St. i'aul, Minn. Miss Huh who goes
to Senecaiille, Ohio, will not return.
Azure bine, primrose, bronze and
I orange. French gray or sapphire, are
lo : i. I..:.. ..l,...l.," 11, ,,,,,, r".'t4.
Miss Rosa Jane Haverson, who was
married last Wednesday to Marshall W.
Hammer, is the second daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Haverson, of Howell
Prairie. Only relatives of the bride and
groom wero present. After a visit to
Portland and Newport Mr. and Mrs.
I Hamnmr will mnlio their homo nt the
tuberculosis hospital after June -l.
where both are employed.
We are in position to furnish all
kinds of builders supplies and lumber.
Falls Citv-Salem Lumber Co., li-IO S.
12th St. Phone SI.').
The fire department was called out
nt three o'clock this afternoon to ex
tinguish a blaze among sumo papers
in a woodshed at Belmont street and
liroadway. The fire 'was caused by
children playing with matches. Mo
damage was done.
The sermon for the commencement
exercises nt Turner will be preacaed
next Sunday evening nt the Turner
Christian tabernacle by the Kev. James
Klvin, of the Congregational church.
Tho commencement exercises will be
held Thursday evening in the tuber
nncle, with the address by Carl Cregg
Doaey. The alumni bnaipiet will be
given Friday evening.
Few flowers combine more good
points for cut flowers than Spanish
Iris. Colors range from dark blue to
clear yellow. Phone 12FM.
The hearing on the demurrer to the
complaint filed by Frank S. Ward in
the injunction suit to restrain the city
from purchasing a paving machinery
plant, will be heard before Judge Cal
loway next Tuesday morning ut 10
o'clock. This injunction suit has cre
ated considerable interest among tax
payerssin the city. The plant arrived
in the city about ten days ago.
E. L, Stiff & Son are showing a fine
lot of Polish mops in their west win
dow, they vvpll give one free with
every cash purchase id' $1 or more Sat
The heat sum of S50 has been pre
sented to Officer P. M. Varney by his
I'ncle Sammy. The mouey is the stand
ing reward for the capture and deliv
ery to the proper authorities of a de
serter from the V. S. nrmy. Vnrney
recently turned oSc Stuart S. Iloff
mnn, charged with n misdemeanor at
tho time of the circus was here last
month, to the commai.iler of the army
post id Vancot.ver, Wash.
The next monthly meeting of the
Polk-Yainhill-Mnrion medical society
will be held Tuesday evening, June PI.
at Salem in the medical college build
ing. A paper will be read by Dr. J.
H. liilderback on, "Vomiting of In
fants ia Its Various Phases." He is
an authority on pediatrics and a sub
ject so timely as this will merit tio
attendance of all physicians in the
.three counties.
Loganberry juice, the genuine Ore
gon product, is being served this week
to the thirstv ones in the coliseum at
the Chicago national convention. The
fact is, if the delegates want, anything
to ipieach their thirst in the way of n
soft drink, loganberry juice is the on
ly liquid to be had as the Chicago
agents have the coliseum concession for
the Pheasant brand. A car load of the
juice was purchased for sale at tup
coliseum and the attention of the dele
gates is called to the loganberry quar
ters by a sign ."0 feet long. It happens
that the superintendent of the coliseum
was one of tho party of Shriners who
passed through Salem a few months ago
and who were served with loganberry
juice. lie was so pleased with the
drink that he readily gave permission
for its sale diirinsr the convention.
(Cortinned from rage One.)
Many Delegates Dodged But
Motion to Table Prevailed
523 to 82
Auditorium, Chicago, June !. I!y
an overwhelming mniority, the progres
sive national convention tabled by roll
call vote on a motion to include In j
the bull moose national platform a
prohibition amendment.
-North Dakota delegates forced the
roll call and were seconded by Colorado
and Texas.
Kxtended debate preceded the roll
call and approval of the platform; the
scheduled Koosevelt statement and ac
tion on the peace conference with the
republicans was held up by the roll
Members of the delegates apparently
hesitated to go on record for tho pro
hibition amendment, and made a rush
for the exis.
Some of the delegates felt at once
that the roll call would not be brought
about but that the question was intro
duced only iu the general policy of
"stalling" the conference until the
conference committee had time to act.
Delegate Siewart of Minnesota spoke
tor the plank.
"My wife told me, " Siewait be
gan in a cracked hoarse voice and the
delegates kidded him as he proceeded.
Chester II. Howell of California call
ed the delegates' attention to the fact
that there already was one party pledg
ed to prohibition and had not got very
"it wouldn't be good politics to
adopt this plank," he said. "Don't
let us shy at prohibition," Howell
said. "In Kurope they are learning the
lesson. They cannot make munitions
or fight wars iu a drink-sodden nation.'
Amid shouts of "Give us the (pies
tion!" the California dry spokesman
left the platform.
"We are doing in this convention
what has never been Jone before in
any political convention," saidChair
man bobbins announcing the vote
would come on the prohibition plank.
Oscar If. Hundley of Alabama re
plied to Howell and pleaded for rejec
tion of the plank.
Dean Lewis of Pennsylvania, chair
mail of the platform committee, closed
the debate, speaking against the plank.
Summer Toss
On the Courts
r:'f &,
1nm 1
Worsted, plain and striped, of a light
weight, develops this short skirt and
siip-on cont, which is trimmed to pic
turesque advantage with the stripe.
Two pearl buttons close the coat, and
the pocket lids are constructed to hold
tennis bals. The colors are deep crenm
and sage green, the hat matching.
Lieutenant Killed
by Falling Aeroplane
PensneolnK Fin.. June !. Lieutenant
H. C. Sufley, V. S. was killed this
afternoon when his aeroplane, its rud
der broken, fell .1,000 feet, landing on
Santa Hosa island. Sufley was 32
years old. lie was born in Kentucky
and entered the naval academy in
trailer, with 41 seconds. Whether
Hughes was to be put over was the
question that was most pe rsistuntly put
as delegates and spectators in the
crowded galleries patiently listened to
the oratory.
Looks Like Hughes.
Outside of thy, favorite son camps,
the general feeling was that the jus
tice would be the nominee.
That Hughes would not be accepted
by the progressives was generally con
Colonel Koosevelt was to be placed in
nomination by Senator Fall of Men
Mexico, and with this impending, the
crowd stuck cloSe'to see what would
Senator Borah Was back on the floor
of the republican convention after ad
dressing the progressives during the
morning. He described his trip -to the
progressive pow-wow as merely a little
personal excursion, and without sig
nificance. The greatest confusion reigned out
side the Coliseum, where delegates, of
ficers of the convention and newspaper
men who had left the hall, found them
selves barred when they tried to enter
again by Fire Marshal O'Connor's or
der to close the door.
A mob of nearly 1,000 tried unsuc
cessfully, pleading, pushing, roars of in
dignation and threats in an effort to
pass the police guards.
Doming. N. M., June S). Francisco
Alvarez and Juan Sanchez, convicted
of first degree murder for their part
in the Columbus raid, were hung in
the. jail here today. Neither .Mexican
exhibited, the slightest, emotion, anil
wero calm to the end.
At the meeting of the state of Ore
gon music teachers' association now in
session in Portland, Dr. Frank Wilbur
Chare of Willamette I'niversity was
elected vie president from this dis
trict, ind Miss' Mianett.v Magers on
the boa id of managers at large.
Journal Now Today Ads de-
liver the goods.
When In SALEM, OREGON, ifof at
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
RATES: 75e, 11.00, If.BO FI DAY
The only hotel in the business district.
Nearest to all D,epots, Theatrei and
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home,
T. O. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto Bos.
Tell your neighbor of the sat-
isfaction of reading the Cap
Pure Olive Oil,
, per quart . 70c
dreamery Butter,
. per pound 30c
Tillamook Cheese,
per pound 30c
Snider's Catsup,
per bottle 20c
Strawberries, per box 5c
Lemons, per dozen 50c
Bread, 2 Loaves ... 5c
BaWpf Soda,
llb.pkg 4c
Damon & Son
Phone 68. 855 N. Com'l
We deliver.
Cara of any kind for any place
at any time.
Office. Bligh Hotel
Daily Between
Salem, Stajton, Mill City and all way
Points. Leaves Mill City 0:15 a. m.j
Stuyton 7:4.1, Salem, 9:15.
Eeturn, leaves Salem 4:30 p. m.;
Dayton 5:45; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13
The Korean Restaurant
is now opened in our new loca
tion at 110 1-2 Com'l street.
Kverything new and clean. All
kinds of Chinese mil Spanish
dishes. 1'av us a visit.
96C I.
14 c
Per Pound
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Originator of Low Prices
371 State St.
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