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    itorial Page of "The Capita
Juno r.. Ilfl.
Editor and Manager.
1 Journal
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President Yice-l'fesident Sec. and Tteas.
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Phone Main 81.
The Woman's party convention being new at the
"Wanvicking" business started early, and began the first
session at Chicago yesterday morning. They have noti
fied the old parties as well as the progressives that they
are ready to receive bids for their support. The best look
ing man with the most dressy get up is liable to get away
with the indorsement. The amusing feature of their pro
gram is the attempt to hold the balance of power. Given
enfranchisement in many states they propose to have a
party of their own which while having no politics except
votes for women, they expect to be really the whole thing.
They do not seem to understand that from the very
nature of things they cannot do this. It would put the
politics of the country entirely in the hands of the women
if the scheme could be carried out, for holding the balance
of power they could make the nation republican, demo
cratic or progressive, and be in fact the political boss.
Every party would have to find out what the ladies
wanted, and promise to grant it before they had a show
for the political plums. Under these conditions, the coun
try would change its tariff, and revenue laws as often as
the ladies do their style in dress or hats. It would be in
fact a big club in the hands of the women to force the
politicians to do their bidding. It would be in this case a
be-ribboned and be-flounced club, but none the less deadly.
Oregon has given the ballot to its women, and finds
no reason to regret it, but they should not overlook the
fact that they are citizens and voters just like the male
A solid woman's party, if it could be perfected and
held together, would ultimately result in a solid men's
party, or else it would reverse the old order of things and
placing the women in power would in effect disfranchise
the men.
The forty eight states of the Union have sent dele
gates to the national republican convention at Chicago,
for the purpose of naming a standard bearer for the party
in the coming presidential election. Those delegates are
perfectly willing to do the work they were sent to do, but
find that one man will not let them. That is a strange con
dition for a great party in a free country. It reminds one
of the complaint of the old Roman, which one, just now
we cannot say, probably Cassius but Shakespeare puts in
his mouth these words:
"Now in the name of all the gods at once, upon what
meat hath this our Caesar fed that he hath grown so
great, that like a huge Colossus he doth bestride this nar
row world, and we petty men must peep about and creep
beneath his huge legs to find ourselves dishonorable.
State Superintendent
Announces Schedule.
For Teachers Exams
The case of the .Innes, of Eugene, recently tried in
Georgia for the murder of the Nelms sisters, Mrs. Eloise
Nelms Dennis and Beatrice Nelms, for which they were
acquitted, is a peculiar one. In that case the acquittal was
due to the fact that there was no proof the sisters
were dead. It lacked the corpus delicti. On top of this
the couple, Victor Innes and his wife, Ida May Innes, were
indicted for larceny in stealing money from Mrs. Dennis.
Innes admitted receiving money from Mrs. Dennis but
claimed-it was given to him by the woman because she was
in love with him, and consequently there was neither
larceny or fraud of any kind about the transaction. The
Nelms sisters in the meanwhile are reported to be alive
and it is claimed not long ago were living near Seattle,
and at present are in Alaska. This however, has not been
proven but it seems the rumor cut no ice with the Georgia
jury, for Saturday he was found guilty and sentenced to
seven years in prison, the maximum sentence. The
peculiarity of this case is that the party from whom he is
alleged to' have stolen the money was not present and had
nothing to do with the arrest or iruu 01 nines, wtb.
Innes has not yet been tried and when receiving sentence
Innes asked the court to deal leniently with her as she is
suffering from tuberculosis and imprisonment would
mean her death. ,
Under the Georgia law, being man and wife they could
not be tried jointly.
The British statement that IS German warships were
destroyed in the great North sea battle is denied by the
Germans, who ask the British to name the vessels, and
smilingly say they cannot. At the same time they say the
story was told by the English for home consumption, in
order to let the people get familiar with tho Gorman
victory by degrees.
Thirty-three women delegates will have seats in the
National Progressive convention, a dozen of them being
from the state of Washington. Women are surely taking
their place in the political world, and if the womens
party has its way, they will before long take the men's
places also.
The council might as well wipe all ordinances pertain
ing to automobiles off the books for they are neither ob
served or enforced. The habit some autoists have of
passing street cars while they are at a crossing, is sooner
or later going to result in a serious accident. At the risk
of becoming tiresome, attention is again called to the fact
that a person who accidentally causes death while doing
something unlawful is liable formanslaughter. Under
the law a person who by pure accident causes another's
death while exceeding the speed limits in his auto, or
while doing any other act forbidden by the statutes or
ordinances, takes the chance of spending a few years in
the penitentiary. It is not probable this fact would deter
speed maniacs, since the risk of their lives will not do it.
Henry Ford's name may not be formally presented to J
the convention as he has so far failed to ask any one to
speak for him. He will however get Michigan's :'0Totesj
on the initial ballot even though not formally presented.
Henry is a good gentlemanly "also ran."
Lord Kitchener's death will prove the heaviest loss
England has yet sustained. In spite of the criticism
leveled against him he was no doubt the empire's most
experienced soldier, and an executive of great ability in
the direction of military matters.
Mate school superintendent .7. A.
Churchill has announced the schedule
for the coming state teachers exainina
tions as follow:
Commencing Wednesday, .Tune 2.
I!tlii, j;t o'clock a. m., and contin
uing until .Saturday. July I, liMii. at 4
o'clock p. m.
Wednesday forenoon, vViiting (penn
nianship). music, ('. S. history, draw
ing. Wednesday afternoon, Mending, phys
iology, "manual training, composition,
domestic science, methods in reading,
course of study for drawing, methods
in arithmetic.
Thursday forenoon, Arithmetic, his
tory of education, psychology, meth-
oiis in geography, mechanical drawing',
domestic ait, course of study for do
mestic art.
Thursday afternoon, Orammar, geo
graphy, stenography, American liter
ature, physics, typewriting, methods
iiL language, thesis for primary certifi
cate, education science of.
Friday forenoon, Theorv and prac
tice, orthography, nhvsical tcngrnidiv.
English literature, chemistry, cduc.v j
tion history of, physical culture. j
Friday afternoon, School law, geol-i
ogy, algebra, civil gover nment, educa
tion childhood and adolescence. j
Saturday forenoon, Geometry, bot-j
any, education sciiool administration.
Saturday afternoon, General history,
bookkeeping, education methods
Picture Tells
. TV.
CoiyribAxl iJib uy Tin ttaunj Adver Users. Box 17. Oregon City, Ore.
How You May Change
Your Face Completely
:f: ; : : (; 4: ;
Salem boys carried off both the Beekman and Failing
prizes at the state university oratorical contest Monday
night. That's better than even winning football or base
ball honors.
Pioosevelt is proving himself a true friend of President
Wilson, and a real Pied Cross hero in rendering first aid
to the democracy.
If,-. I
1 h :v
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G3
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
"O, what is so smooth as a day in June? Then, if ever,
are flossy days!" So the Poet sang, with his lyre in tune,
and the subject deserved his praise. For a day in June
is the slickest thing that ever the gods de
signed, and the man who doesn't then smile
and sing has barnacles on his mind. Then
the coltkins play and the calf kins romp, and :
gamboling are the lambs, and the bullfrogs i
toot in the lonely swamp, all happy as J
pickled clams. Then the grass is green andj
the skies are blue, as blue as the laws allow, ,
J ll.. I I 1 - jl 1 I
V- . i anu uie oiossoms gieam in tne morning aew
jn ,V ke gems on a damsel's brow. Man's bosom '
USJLJ$ throbs with abounding life, he ceases tojl
iear and iret, and he remarks to h:s smiling
wife, "This world is the one best bet." It is the time of
the blushing bride, the time of the graduate; and Man, he
tosses his grouch aside, and sees that his smile's on
Any woman not satisfied wita her
complexion can easily remove it and
have a new one. The thin veil of
stifling half-dead cuticle is an encumbrance-
and should be removed - give
the fresh, vigorous, young skin under
neath a chance to show itself and to
breathe, There's a simple, old-fashioned
remedy which will ahvavs do the
work. Get an mince of pure mercoli.ed
wax from your ilnmn'ist and apply it
at night like cold cream, washing it
off in t'.ie morning. The wax will gent
ly absorb all the lifeless skin and
leave a healthy and beautiful complex
ion, as fresh as a child's. Naturally
it takes with it all such racial blem
ishes as freckles, moth patches, sal
lowness, liver spots, pimples. The face
so treated soon looks years younger.
To kee- the skin fiee from wrinkles
there's nothing quite so good as the
old reliable saxolite lotion. It is only
necessary to dissolve an ounce of pow
dered saxolite in a half pint of witch
hazel and bathe the fneein this as
Winslow Elected
to Head Alumni
I'nivcrsity of Oregon, Eugene, Or..
June li. Oregon's commencement had
an auspicious opening Friday night
with the presentation of the com
mencement play, with an added tuch
todatv, when, with glorious sunshine
prevailing, the seniors made their ap
pearance in their caps and gowns. Ue
coptions, luncheons, business meetings
and a ball game occupied the time of
alnmiii and students.
Saturday was designated alumni day,
ami special arrangements made for en
tertainment by the Alma Mater. At the
business meeting Friday mo ruing the
alumni effected a reorganization,
which, in effect, is to delegate all
alumni business to a council of 12 mem
bers,' these members to be chosen by
postal ballot.
Officers elected for the coining year
were: Walter ('. Winslow. of Salem,
president; Mrs. L. T. Harris, of Salem,
vice president; lien Williams, of Eu
gene, secretary; l.eon Ray, of Kugene.
member of the debate council; Eberle
Kuvkendiill, John C. Ventch, Ray Good
rich, of Kugene, members of the ath
letic council.
At a .joint meeting of the nthletic
council of the university and the ex
ecutive committee Saturday, A. R.
Tiffany was reelected graduate man
ager. His election is conditional, and
Dean Walker, of independence, was
elected alternate.
Following the meeting of the board
Xew Edison Disk
Each in every
style and all
records for each.
4.1i State Street
and Driving
170 S. Commercial
Phone 411
Phone 529
Old Shoes Made
New '
The quality of our
work is as high
as the price is low
Ye Boot Shop
3-'o State St.
Opp. I.ndd & Bush
Glasses our
Lenses duplicated
on short notice.
Dr. Herman Barr,
Hartman Bros Co
Larmer Transfer
I'hone, Office P30
or Residence 18!i8.
Storage, Packing.
Shipping, Moving,
Coal and Wood.
Quick, Reliable
The Emporimam
Pool and Billiard
Weinhard's Vector
on draught,
cigars, and soft
E. XI. Klinger,
Pianos I sell, the
Best and Cheapest
Pianos rented.
432 State Street
Phone IjO
Capital Drug Store
Z. J. Riggs, Ph. G.
New location
State and Liberty
upon completion
of the McGilchrist
Auto and Car
riage Painting
Tops and Cush
ions repaired and
301 S. Com'l.
We make your
linen wear longer
and look better
by our auto-dry
room and pres3
machine work.
Salem Laundry Co.
l-'TS S. Liberty St.
Jewelers and
Hartman Bros Co
State and Liberty
The Handy Man
Aroftnd the House
Pure Milk
and Cream
Oak Park Dairy
Auto Delivery.
Phone 6ti9 '
W. F. Looney
' i. I
(The Xlodcrn lleanty)
Wilii the aid of a plain ilclatnuc
paste it is an easy matter to rid the
skin of unsightly hairy growths. Thei
paste is made by mixing some water
witti powdered tielatoiie, this is np
plied to the hairs not wanted and afte
or ', minutes rubbed off and the skin
washed, when every trace of hair willj
hae vani.hed. When you go to your
druggist for delatone, be sure you get
the genuine article.
W'ashiniTton, June (. Onlv the signa
ture of l'resident W ilsojt is now lacking!
to complete the final enactment of the'
Oregon and California land-grant law '
the house today having ratified the con
ference report. The measure is expected
to reach the White House within the
next few days. The conference report 1
docs not change the original Hughes j
bill ns to the administration of the law.;
The law say that " the secretary of '
the interior, in cooperation with the
secretary tf agriculture, or otherwise,
i authorized and directed," etc.
In the opinion of Representative Sin
nott, who has given much time to the
legislation, the secretary of interior
is alone empowered to administer the
law should he so desire. It is expected
however, that the interior department
will utilize the services of the forestry
department, particularly in the valu
ation of timber.
Special agents of the general land
office and the geological survey, both
under the interior department, will be
used to classify the lands.
Eugene, Ore,, Jane (I. Py au oration
entitled, "America the Hope of Na
tionsv" I.nnmr Too.e, of Salem, presi
dent of the student body and delegare
on the Ford peace exepdition, last night
won the Failing oratorical prize of
Cleveland Simpkins, of Salem, was
awarded the Heekmaii prize of $100
for the second best oration. His sub
ject was "Xluu's Place in the Scheme
of Things." Mr. Tooze pictured Amer
ica as an aid to international nence.
Xlr. Simpkins traced the evolution of
man and speculated on future evolu
tion. Louise Bailey, of Eugene, one of the
six contestants, told of developing child
instincts, in her oration, "Education in
Play." I.lovd Dawson, of Tillamook,
spoke on " I'ncoiiditioiial Sovereignty
and Vital Interests." The life of Christ
was reviewed by Harold Huinber. of
Eugene. Chester Fee, of Pendleton, de
livered " Insurance Against War."
The Failing pri?e is the income from
a donation of i.r0n bv Henry Failing,
of Portland. The Heekmnn prire is de
rived from the interest on n fund do
nated by l C. Beeknian, of Jacksonville.
People who are confined within doors
and who are deprived of fresh, invigor
ating air and exercise must take pre
caution to guard against over-stoutness,
as fat acquired by indoor life is
unhealthy and a danger to the vital
organs, of the body. Lack of exercise
i in the' fresh air is said to weaken the
oxygen carrying power of the blood, so
that it is unable to produce strong mus
cles and vitality and the formation of
unsightly and unhealthy fat is the re
sult. 1 If you aro 13 or SO pounds abeve nor
mnl weight you aro daily drawing on
your reserve strength and are constant
ly lowering your vitality by carrying
j this excess burden. Any persons who
are satisfied in their own mind that
j the are too stout are advised to go to
I Central Pharmacy or a Rood druggist
land get a box of "oil of korein capsule,
and take one after each meal and one
.just before retiring at night.
Even a few days treatment has been
reported to show a noticeable reduction
in weight, improved digestion and a re
turn of the old energv; footsteps be
come lighter and the skin less flabby
in appearance as superfluous fat dis
appears. Oil o' korein is inexpensive, cannot
injure, and helps the digestion. Any
person who wants to reduce 13 or 20
pounds is ndvised to crivn thi lgt.
luieut a trial.
of regents Friday, the following stu
deuts were announced to have won
Chemistry: Lewis Pond, of Kugene;
economics, Roscoe Hurd, of Florence;
Xlax H. Somnier, of rortinml; LcJie
Tooze and Lamar Tooze, of SnleTii.
i-.nglish, (.race hdgingtnn, of Hood
River; mathematics, Elizabeth Xlia-
turn, ot Eugene; rhetoric, Henry V,
Howe, of Kugene; Magna Cum l.aude
Grace Kilginton, who was the only stu
dent to make more than one honor, and
.Mtna Ferguson, of 1'nrtland. Examina
tions in honors were exeat. tinnlilk-
strict ami but "o per cent were able
to pass.
No doubt some of the medicines ad
vertised are fakes, but these never
have any lasting success. They stand
in striking contrast to the g'ood old
standard, dependable remedies, like
l.ydia K. l'iukhain's Vegetable Com
pound, which has stood the test of time
and for more than forty years has
been alleviatm- the guttering of wom
ankind. Mich medicines arc a blessing
to the communitv anil will continue
their good work from one generation
to another.
C. H. Taylor, of Turner,
Backs Into Window
C. H. Taylor, of Turner, forgot that
his E. M. F. was in reverse as he back
ed it to the curb and when he crank
ed it to start down the street the ma
chine started backing and before it
The senior class of Willamette pre
sented their gift to the university at
2:'M o'clock this afternoon. The gift
is a beautiful granite sun-dial, is one
that is a handsome ornament, as well a
a useful article. Whenever the sun is
j shining which in Salem is all of the
time, passersby may ascertaiu the cor-
l reet sun-time by looking at tho face
oi rue uiai. it snows a difference of .
minutes with Western I'nion time, but
this is because of the variance between
that time and sun time.
In setting the dial it was neccssarv to
secure a perfect north mid south line,
this was found to be In degrees and
:W minutes different from the line on
which Eaton hall is located, the dial,
however, is perfectly square with the
world and can be relied upon td give
the correct sun time at all times.
In presenting the gift. Walter tile'iRer
president of the class of 'Hi, stilted that
this dial was to be known as the
"James T. Xfuthen-s dint " Tt,n,i.
j as he has been a good friend and ad- '
visor ot tne class during the past four
years. On the dial are chisseled four
choice words which he asked every
member of the class to always retain
foremost in their memory. These words
are: "Audacity, sagacity, charitv and
could be stopped it punched out one of
Watt Sllilln's new idilte trivia v.i,.,.
The accident happened about 1:30 this
n,'(.... .. 1 ll ry . .
uiiriuuoii auu Mr. lavior settled all
damages caused l.v the whims of hi
E. XI. F.
Our Safe Is Open
Just the way the robbers left it Saturday morning. Tou are welcome
to call between 9 and 5 on Monday or Tuesday and see the effects of
the safe blowing.
Capital City Steam Laundry
1204 Broadwav
Always Watch This Ad" Changes Often
Btnctly correct weignt, qur deal and iigheat price for all kind of '
jnnk, metal, nibW, hidet and furs. I pay 2e per pound for old ', '.
Big itock of all size iecond iand incubators. All kind eorrmgate ' '
Iron for both rooli and buildings. Boofing paper aad aeeoad aand :
linoleum. 4
'.V..Oj !..
H. Steinback Junk Co,
The Hons of Half a Villiom Bargain, f
803 North. Commercial Bt p-,. ... ?