Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 03, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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P. M.
1 Fumed Oak Library Table.
2 Fumed Oak Rockers, Spanish
Leather Seats and Backs.
1 Velor Lounge.
1 Axmlnster Rug, 9x12.
lFumed Oak Round Dining Table.
6 Fumed Oak Diners to match.
1 Fumed Oak Buffet to match.
1 Ingrain Rug, 9x9.
1 White Enamel Drc3ser.
1 White Enamel Bed, Springs
and Mattress.
1 Ingrain Rug, 9x12.
Owner. Auctioneer. Phone 511.
1 Venum Marting Bed Spring
and Mattress.
1 S. 0. Dresser.
1 Kitchen Linoleum.
1 Home Queen, 6-hole. Range,
with Water Front, 18 in. Oven.
2 Kitchen Chairs.
1 Breakfast Table.
1 Oood Bicycle.
Wash Tub, Boiler, Fruit Jarfl.
Dishes, Kitchen Utensils, Cur
tains and Poles, Electric Light
Outline of Programs Begin
ning Tomorrow, Ending
Wednesday Night
Marion County
Calls Attention to Present Dis
grace to the Landscape,
But Does It Nicely
June 3, 1910.
Southern Pari fie Company,
Portland, Oregon.
Attention of Mr. I). W. Campbell..
Assistant Oeiiornl Manager,
t'lentleinen: , .
It ban been tlin ennsensea of opinion
in Knlem for several years now, that
your company should have a passenger
station building in this eity, appropri
ate for the Capital City of the great
stale of Oregou.
We, the undersigned, believe that
you realise that the present building
'fohV short of tlmt requirement many
yearn ago, ami is extremely inadequate
and unsuitable at thi stime.
We also believe that you would have
provided Salem with a proper building
before this, if it were not for the de
pressed financial condition of recent
years and the heavy demands upon your
treasury for funds for the neoessary im
provements in roadbeds, trneks, etc.,
that you hnvo made.
We will be glad to do anything with
in nnr wer to co-operate with you in
this mutter, nnd trust that we may
hnvo a favorable reply wioa.
Youre very truly,
Salem Commercial, Kxeeutime (oui.
(.Signed) W. M. Hamilton, president
Jos If. Albert, vice presitont; l. W.
I yre, secretary; Wm. . Walton, treasurer.
a v.,,,i..au whs niiiHiiuted by
Judge llushev in the probate court to
,',y lidininirtliuitor of the estate of
Illdridge Wanless, who died May 1 t
Drain in Douglas county while on his
way to Salem. The estate consists of
personal proerty valued at about
K'.UW ami $10110 worth of real property
y iimtwr1"''- 'l,L'
Great Clubbing Offers by
the Daily Capital Journal
WE Have made arrangements bv which anv sub
scriber of the CAPITAL JOURNAL, delivered by
carrier in Salem, who will' pay for the paper six
months in advance, at the regular rate, $2.50. will
receive without extra charge, the following publica
tions for one year:
The Northwest Farmstead, regular price, J? 1 .00
I Joys' Magazine, regular price $1.00
Tcdav's Magazine, regular price $ .HO
The college of liberal arts commence
ment begins tomorrow morning with
trie baccalaureate sermou it t'ae First
M. K. church by Dr. Douey.
The senior class anil faculty will
i'ppwir at church in caps find gowns,
fiiieiiing from F.aton hull to the
In the afternoon Prof, .lames T. Mat.
thews will deliver the address at the
farewell meeting of the YW. and V.
-M. C. A. societies.
In the evening Dr. J. O. Il.ill will
preac h the anniversary sermon to the
joint associations.
.Monday. Juno ", the senior class will
begin the day by eatins? their breakfast
out in the country at the home of .Miss
.Mabel St. Pierre, tiie entire class will
leave town in aulnn ut (i:'IO a. in. 10 be
(resent in time for breakfast. Tee
crowd v-ill return mid the senior men
will complete the arrangements for the
presentation of th" senior gift on the
lillcwiig day. In the even'ng the
c ass will attend a reception at the
hi :,ic. in' Prist, pmt and Mrs Carl (liegg
I'oucy. At this till'-'1 all frit -ids, stu
deals, alumni, faculty and trustees will
be guests of the seniors.
Tuesday, Juno (i, will be started off
at 10:00 .i clock bv the board of trus
tees holding their annual meeting. At
12:;il there will be a student lunch
eon on the campus; 2:00 o'clock is the
tinii; set lor the presentation cere
monies of the senior gilt, to the Uni
versity. Following a long established
custom set by former senior classes,
this year's class is presenting the uni
versity with a gift at their farewell
parting. The class elected David L.
Ciok .is chairman of a eonunitteo to de
cide upon a suitable gilt, nnd after
mii' h consideration he decided upon n
suuilial to which the class ii-greed.
Si.i e then lie has been putting in a
great deal of time securing materials
aid supervising the work of installing
it. The dial will be carved on tho top
polished mirfnce of a beautiful granite
rock and will be placed in an oval
lurking that has been made in the
sidewalk in front of Katoii ball. It
well be four feet in height, and the on
ly requisite for the innint.viiiiug of ac
curate time in this timepiece- is sun
shine. In the evening the senior class pa
geant. "The Duvh of Jason I.ee" will
1n enacted in the natural amphitheater
east of the gymnasium. This vafieant
will be n pictnrizatjon of the days of
tiie e.irly settlers, 1'roi. MncMnrtay,
who is directing it, is putting every
effort forth to make it a success.
Wednesday, June 7, is commencement
day proper, at W:II0 a. m. the senior
class and faculty will begin their march
from Futon hull to the First .M. I'.,
church where Rev. Luther I!. Dyott,
1). D., will deliver the commencement
oration. Following this the conferring
of degrees will take place. Those who
will receive degrees tit this time are:
Misses neneviev Avisou, Frances (Jit
tins, .Nellie (lleiser, F.va llogue, Beryl
Holt, V.ilcda lloxie, F.ilith I.ornsten,
Kliuo Oiiling, Florence Page Stevens,
Ada Itoss, l.auru Hons, Mabel St. Pierre
Helen Wastell. Messrs. Herbert Illateh
foul, .1. K. Pain, David Cook, John .
liarv, Joe Cerhiirt, Walter (lleiser.
Hay Grant, Arnold Hall, Franklin Jas
per, liowiiil I . .lewett, .Miner .uci,n
chiist, Fred McM.illia, Lester Shcely,
William Hiilgewiy, Iloyd Siiisler, Paul
Smith, Thomas Values and Arlie Walk
er. In the afternoon at -::'0 Ihe alumni
association will Imld a business meet
ing and at :'M) a banquet at the Ho
tel Marion will be given by the alumni
association to old and new members.
f X& -
i . i-: jx 1
Commenced Last Sunday Clos
ing Friday with Appropri
' ate Ceremonies
Bank Bldg., Salem, Ore.
The events connected with the com
mencement of Kimball college of the
ology occurred this past week, begin
ning with the baccalaureate sermon in
tho First Methodist church, Sunday by
President 11. J. Talbott and closing
with the alumni banquet list evening.
On Wednesday evening President
Mrs. Talbott gave n reception at theii
home at Kimball college in honor of
the graduating class. Their rooms were
full to overflowing with a largo num
ber of appreciative guests. The rooms
were tastefully ind appropriately dec
orated for the occasion, the college li
brary being decorated in junk, the hall
in yellow, the parlor and dining room
in the Kimball colors, purple and
! white. Thomas Acheson received the
'guests while .1. .S. Van Winkle an-j-,
nuneed the mimes to the receiving line
i Those in the line were President ami
Mrs. Talbott, President Carl (!. Doney,
of Willamette Pniversity, and Mrs.
Doney, Dr. And Mrs. E. Sherwood, Dr.
E. S. Hammond, Messrs. William Nichol
and Dow Dcl.ong, members of the grad
uating class, and Mrs. William Nichol
and Mis. Dow Del.ong.
Jicfreshnients were served in the din
ing room, with Mrs. J. I), ('ultra and
Mrs. If. S. Wallace presiding at the
tables. Punch was served in the li
brary, where. M isses Host ford and Mac
lean presided at the punch bowl. Oth
ers who assisted the hostess in serv
ing and entertaining the guests were
Professor and Mrs. U. Fbsen, Mrs. R.
S. Wallace, Mrs. W. K. Kirk. Mix. O.
201-205 U. 8.
To the People of Marion County:
The principal function of the District
Attorney's office is the preparation
and trial of criminal cases.
I am opposed to the painless method
of prosecution of criminals and law
breakers, (.(rafters, parasites and
confidence crooks thrive on the fumes
of fulsome aad pretentious prosecu
tions; good citizens are often black
mailed and libeled by the sporadic ef
forts of the advertising crank who be
gins his ease in the newspapers, and
ends it in the wnste basket. Nothing
is more destructive of orderly society
than a pretentious spasm of law en
forcement ' in which everyone is ceu
sured and no one convicted.
I have practiced law in this County
... rom.-u ..i u.nrui iui Allien, .Mrs. M. C. Findlev, 1SS
years; have given my attention strict- julli(1 To.i.i. Mr. . Matthews. Mrs.
ly to the practice of law. I feel 1 am
qualifiad. If I am entrusted with the
affairs of the office I will represent no
interests but tho public interest, aud
will enforce the law.
girls, shop girls, business men and fra
ternal and military societies participat
ed. All marchers except the 7,300 mem
bers of military organizations carried
American flags and the entire city was
a muss of red, white and blue. One
hundred and ninety bands were in line.
With the- exceptiou of 2,000 cadets
from tke University of Illinois, all of
the marchers were Chicagoaas.
Secretary of tho Interior Franklin
K. Lane was here as aa unofficial rep
resentative of the president.
(Continued from page 10) .
I The heirs are five brothers, V. A. Wnn
I less, of Saleiuj A. K. Wanless, of Van
liouv'er. Wash,; O. li. Wanless, of Mia
liiosota; A. IS. Wanless, of lturr Oak,
! Iowa, and I'. A. Wanless of ('rosco,
! Iowa. The appraisers are William Flcin
ing, lieiiueth D.iv-ie and II. !S. Had-'cliff.
J. O. Hall, lira. L. P Steele and the
Misses Avison, llarrett, Maclean, Pots
fonl, Holt, Wasltefl, Findley, Spoor,
and Messrs, Bailey and Green
On Thursday at 4 p. ni. occurred the
anuual college conimirriion Service,
which is an occasion of great inspira
tion .ind spiritual protit to all connect
ed with the- school.
On Friday at 2:30 p, m. in the as
sembly hall of the college were held
the graduating exercises. The exercis
es were witnessed by a large and appre
ciative audience. Those having parts
ou the program together with the
members of the t'acultv and me grad
uating clasa, gowned In Academic cos
tume, maiciied into the rooms to the
mutie of the processional played by
Dr. Praali W. Chace, of the Willamette
University s hool of music.
A feature of the occasion was the
singing of the Divinity livimi by Miss
Harton. Tiie diploma of the college
was given to Messm. William Nichol
and Dow Del.ong who graduated in the
Knglish philosophical course, while
while Messrs. Thomas D.ivid Yarnes
and Franklin Merrill Jasper received
the degree of bachelor of divinity.
The annual banquet was held lit 7
olV.oi-k last evening at the Dilly
house. The tables were tastefully dec
orated with ilowers in the Kimball
colors, an individual bouquet
veai's. This menus that a books may
be taken out and tiken away, but if;
it hupens to be o ie of toe papular ',
ones, the patron will be as-ed to re-j
turn it l.y man. I aereiore, tne norar.v. f WIS lt en(lll ,..,, ,,ttc0
wants the u.Wrcss of those going away ,inJ liiiitf(, wi(ll )fln3l(B wer0
y ... .. . ; provided through the kin.lness ot Mrs.
Hooks wmt taeiu. i.tiis pnvi ege is u ,)b(tt nn(, Mr8. K Sherwood,
not allowed for Ihe most popular lie-. wfI miJ fnr 2S persons, to
tlOU. ! ...I.,,,,, .....a n ulilomli.l si V POlirse
menu. liev. D. 1). Field 'acted as
toastiuaster, and the following persons
responded to toasts
Mrs. Halliday Haight, vocal teacher, j
exponent of the "liel Canto" Italian I
method of singing, voice production,
tone placement, deep breathing a speci-1
alty. Voice tested free. Wednesday
and Fridays, 11 to 4. Mrs. Haight has
studied vocal culture with Mine. Mar-
chese, Paris; Mandcgce London; Geo.i
Sweet and Oscar Saenge.',Xew York,,
and hns"bccii a successful teacher fori
several years. A number of Mrs. I
llaight's pupils are occupying prom-;
inent positions in the musicnl profes- !
siiui. Studio, Opera House building. !
limiin 4.
(1. 0. Oliver. "Our New Alumni;'
Wm. Nichol, "(hit- Ideals;" T. 1.
Y u rues. "The Student Pastor;" MrH,
.1. M. dnswr. "The Student Pistor's
Wile:" Dow Dcl.onif, "Our Kimball
i'.iotherliooil; " -I. M. Hensoii, " Look
iiiL' liacliward and Forward;" T. M,
.lasper, "Kimball College and her
Afcuuui;" Dr. II- .1. Talbott gave the
-.losing address. Mrs. T. M. Jasper
reiulered a solo duiiuir the program, At
New and Second
Hand Furniture
At Special Low Prices all next Week. We are over
loaded with goods of all kind and must move a part
of it at once. We list a few items below from our
wonderful stock of bargains:
One $12.50 complete Kitchen Cabinet, nearly new,
used price .- $6.50
Several $5 and-$6 Kitchen Treasures . .$1.50 to $2.00
Several Kitchen Tables, used price ... .75c and $1.00
Several Drop-leaf Tables, used price $1.50
One $28.50 Sideboard, good as new, used price $9.50
One $35.00 guaranteed full quartered oak Buffet,
used price $16.50
One $28 Early English solid oak Buffet, used
price $9.00
One $25 Early English 6-ft. 45-in. solid oak Table,
used price $9.00
One $12.50 round 6-ft. Royal Oak extension Table,
used price : $6.50
Six $2.50 Diners can't be.told from new, used
price $6.00
Dozens of $1.50 Diners, used price 50c each
Rockers, used price .-. 75c up
One $17.50 full quartered oak iLbrary Table,
used price $10.00
With magazine pockets, can't be told from new.
One $9.50 glass front Kitchen Cupboard, good as
new, used price '. . . $5.00
One $30 9x12 Axminister Rug, used price $12.50
Rugs of all sizes and kinds, used price 50c up
Iron Beds, used price $1.00 up
Used Linoleum, used price .25c to 40c
Springs, used price 50c up
One $85 Monarch Malleable Range, polished to,
used price $45i00
Can hardly be told from new.
One $85 Monarch Malleable Range, polished t;op,
used price $35.00
Good Steel Rangesused price $10.00 up
Good Cook Stoves, used price $3.00 up
We carry everything in tents, awnings, wagon
covers, camp supplies, garden tools and wood cut
ting tools, and general supplies. ...
It will pay you to figure with us.
We guarantee to save you money. We usually get
the business if you figure with us.
World's Most Dreadful Battle
Reaches Climax of Dread
ful Slaughter
Newport citizens wish to thank the
people of the northwest for the interest
shown in the efforts ' id' Newport in
their efforts to secure a governmental
survey of Yncminn bar and harbor. An
nouncement has been made that the
board of engineers for rivers and har
bors, sittintt in Washington has (.'ralli
ed the reiiuest for the survey and Hie
New port 'folks fed that this was i
made nossible tlnoiiiiii the united
forts of t'liends in the Willamette val
ley, us wi ll :is the entiie noithwcst. The
eo'mmittee at Newport wtiies ci.nve inir
Steam i, ,!,.,,,!,. ,,.l ,,r,,.,. that
I'lewu j Yaiiiina bay will from now on beyin
- ;n"' I to tahc a place in the world 's nmcree
to w hich it s friends aspire.
close all
joined in siiiK'uij,' thp Kim
.it v.
roi a
Household Magazine, regular price
Tolal of regular price $'2.75
UKMEMnEIi these cost you nothing if von pav six
months in advance for the DAilY CAPITAL
JOUUNAIj by carrier ia Salem. Or you may have
the following combination on the same lines if you
prefer it:
Today's Magazine, one year, and
MeCall Magazine, one year, with two McCall pat
terns of your own selection, free.
Today's. Magazine is a splendid publication bigger
and hotter than ever before.
McCalt's Magazine is loo well-known to need further
introduction it is growing bigger and better all the
may secure either of these clubbing bargains by
paying tne year's subscription at the regular rate
of $3.00 per year.
Call at the business ollice, or address.
Irs. K. A.
uc in the -ity.
lieorjje A. Sa ";e of
the i-itv vest
Miss A. M.-('ullo,h I
week ead in nl'trland.
Miys N. I '. Sli.jolv er o
iii the rit yesterdav.
Miss Ai'i.i-iola Mm i In
spi'i.t Sat in. try
It.-i-t f.
bv tne m
in the
of Au-
Paris, June X Vort Vaux aad the
lines on each side to Fort Douuuniunt
west, nnd Dnmloup. east, is now an in
ferno o'f nrtilleiv fire, with nlternat-
ti... i: i..
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City nnd all
Points. Leaves Mill City 6:15 a
Stayton 7:45, Salem, 0:15.
Return, leaves Salem 4:30 p,
Stayton 5:45; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13
Newport was in
peudiiij; thej
ilvt'rtou was
inc. Kenneth U.ivae and II. S. Had- show u m the ct I oris ot ewpnu n DCDSJIlW Al
I nonnccment has been made that uie fc
3 Tiie -:uV of the t ai ilal 'ii
B ' l..-:ii!;ili y iit lii'i lirnadnay was
3 open :i 1 1- 1 1 1 o'llorl. this miirnin
8y:- or Sou in casa ami aimui tne same
I..I..H.H .-t k w, 'iv lakoM l,v the
& ,,,1,1,', e.lu, a,:l,, 1,U ,,: will,,,,,! . ... ... . , ..... -f'M S:lt,i,.t;ry II, I-alen,
H ,. , you neen i',iii -si.i oi vuu u.iu u mv . i.- . , ia t'.iitlaiuti
2,!,.ain,: tiiiylra,'.. Ine wit.' cra.-ler j y , , , ,i!)!, m:1..,- !lt iv,, .'not'i.ri...' 'rniif. I
I U" ,"",;'h '"" ''"'linn.v ... !,-s,l,a i:li.l-: I. eve C xi'..'.'..r' ;,--.,.li,v from Kallas.
f "Tlio lol.'-er drilled Tar holes .ui"-"" ' ' 's v"". '" '-.y :.-:. -1 '"'r ilwl, , o,, t -AnvbcrR was in
B , " ' , ' I . iu iis,.,m-,-. m it mo oi hook allei - .. , , to io.i-incss
B ,he l.olton, t tl," -aio an-l I -'no I I,,,',,,,, v , si , ., . ,- v.. av. ;' . ! ""' 1'
X 's.call-. ,:y . ,.. ,-. i-.m-s t i re ""A' r.,K(. ,.(lU,.n is ia W I-
l; , ' '-v "' ;"T ief f s,:,, li"o a-,,1 Imriiin,. '-: ;, . i j, . .. - Lo,- - ,r,:,; .roioriir;
9 i:o ,l,e ,,a,U ,.M,;ia.l ! ,l,...r mi ,, if , ,,, ,,,,,,0, ou v,,,., " ' ,;.',;;;; . '
9 , ,-l,a,p. ..-1 oil. in,; .1 m,n(, 1 1 1 :t . I : i -.es. All of ' ,7 V I V loa l,.,t tl.i ..irni..:;
U down I.M lett mi t ie I , Mr .,., v ,,,, :l, . ' -III in . Iii.-nw will.
I o , was , o 1 o e i", no ii,,,,,i n.Ki . . . ... , "
, 1 , , , , , Mention. Ii -alter manm; ia : , , , - s
on v to so,..,' t he i-asa box ami n.ai." a , . . . i ,.:ii n 11 ' " ' ... ,
, . i ii -, ,, i-i "ni von ,lo not i:,'o-l l.i-"' I uim , Wi'io are in
,a- v ex, win, h ic eiideiitlv did. .. ,,,, , ,, ,,.,., .... ' , ,
, M , Irankly tell yon. I u,i 1 1 antce -.ins .n (,,,.,j',f ., ; , ,,.n-; ilie ni.m-al i.'aiinin;
ion in eii'iy re-.,.-i. I do i'"t "-' ,i( , , .,':i'.?ii I
200,000 MARCH IN
1 ntunAnn mmnv - - T- m
mc infantry attacks. The tlerinaus
the main are the aggressors in one of
their greatest efforts to take Fort
Vaux, the "key to Verdun." according
to the Frencli official statement.
The 10:1 "days of the fiohtinj; in Ihe
world's Kreatest battle reached its
climax of violence in the infantry at
tacks on the north slopes of the hill on
which Fort Vans, stands. Column after
column of (Icrman troops rolled up the
hillside only to melt aiay in the l,i,t
fin" of French machine yuns. The at
tacking Germans, according )() tho state
ment, were coi.-tantly lvinl'orci'd by
fresh soldiers from the iar.
O'l the west hank of the Meusc. along
'Dead Man's Mil to Cuniieii's, heavy ar
i tillerv uctiuiis were renotled will, but
l,.lw few infnutry attacks and piacirally no
cliange hi positions.
Germfns AttarU Fierce.
Varis. .Tune The Germans made
several of the most violent attacks of
:the entire baft!.' of Verdun on Fort
Vaux daring last night nnd early to
day, but each time were driven bai-k
with heavy losses, the rreiieli romni'in
iqne stated tmlav. The 1,,-tiint i con
tinuing iii'li the oreafi't fury all along
I Ihe line froin Fort Iliiiiaiinioat to a
point souHi of A'anx.
The Heremns bombarded Hill I
Beiijarniri Brick, director of th pub
licity, tourist and convention depart
ment of the Commercial club, which is
in cliargo of the Cherry fair, haa sent
an invit.itious to the ( 'iie'rrians, through
their secretary, A. H. Wilson, inviting;
them to lead all parade for both days.
This lets the Cherriaas in on the baby
parade on the morning of Moiiibr,'
.lulv 3 and also taking part in the
crow ning of the queen nnd king on that
day. They will lend the f.irmcrs' aud
merchants' parade on the al'iernoon of
.Monday and the great civic and mili
tary parade on the morning of the
Fourth. According to the prescm plans
of Mr. llrick. the hcrrians will lie very
mui'h in evidence from the crowning o
the queen the morning of the first,
day of the fair to the last farewells
at the fair grounds igi the night of the
(Continued from piigo one.;
that anybody the republicans nomi
nated could w in in November-- has been
altered considerably in the thresh-in"-out
of opinions by "men from all over
the country now assembling here. Tho
old guard has been three years on the
side lines now; some time within the
next tour w-i'.rs the Kuropi'an war will
a nd then will ,
business opp
,!! guard v ants
s II, oM'velt ; mi
i.' of his a ui i-or.
and iHuiei?
the Free,"!
ivcat said,
all times f
man bombardment.
"Two violent (I,
of Fille Mortc fail.
ilcl a I-i!-,-n.ain
idii'd igo
;l"h a,
" the
to tl
Mill ,
I beille
T-nan attae';s
I hi . ago, June :l. - More than L'ilO.i till
paradi'is swung throu;;h the Chieago
loop toditx- in a gloat demonst rat ion for
pi eparedui'ss. iMspali-hed with mili
tary regularity, the Hinders passed
t'ae reviewers Mtand at the rate of
slightly nun,, than LM.'UHi an hour.
In tho first hour n,i,l a half, by of
filial count. III. full had passed the
stand. The parade is to continue until
i to tuniuht.
1'i'terinined to surpass the rei cut
New York parade, in which loiMloO
oi 'o.w marched, ( li'.ea ;u vl. m'i II t
,op for ihe ileauiustratioti. l-'actoiy
The Nohnvka
held Thur,lay ,
gioun.is. :,ci
iMiminiltce lluit met
Cot ice and fruit jut,
and the committee s,
annual picnic will be
lane I i at the fair
ii; to the action of the
lew days ago.
will oe m'iv,' 1
vtn that every
ted- Uefivsh-
in oi i ill, eli-i.i man ;
l':o. Heeler, Mis.
New, never and r.
ciiH'iit icmmittee
l'ettvcreiv"cl, air-
apl oi
meuibei' l,r,
comiuittees were
inent', Mis, W'il
Wiiliam Son-ill.
1,'icl.i-v. Mrs. .1.
Ilingrev. The arrin
is eomi'oied of .1, F.
man; il. V. tides and .1. A. Stitcr. Fiank
White is the chairman of the nuiimit
tee on siNirti. The receoiion ro'in!,,'1
irc T. I' i ,'!, s, v, ,-!-.. r i man : Ii v'-.
t.i'cs. II. Schott, Miss Snter, . 'ss l.el'.i
c ae.l C. i. Smith left:
MUitl.c, n California to,
-toioing o,f a few days;
M,s Nyipiist left this mennng to
s' end the suuimcr vacation visiting- at
St. I mil, Minn., and her foimer hoinr,
Mankalo. M Min.
Will, an, I '.alia id and wife of F.I no
li., lo. Kansas, will arrive in the city
iiithiu a few davs to visit at the home
of Fred UiVnr.l'.
Johnson and Miss b'nlh Schott. The
entertaining of the memners and visit
Ms will be taken care of i ,y n commit
tee composed of Mr. . Johnson.
, In, in ii.in; . .r. J. K. I'eltycrew, K. K.
King, i. F. U. Iais .ind Mr. Ileviur
French Beaten Rack.
Berlin. Jut.e K"P"at-',l l'r,
tcni)ils to storm trenche soi,tliM.-t
'anx failed, the atta, king forces :
'ering heavy looses, the Herlin ofli
statement said this afternoon.
On the ridges .o.ti of Zilleb.-k,-.
tne Fngli.-di positions In yutid. ",."0 pvis
oi era were taken, the s.it"ment sa!d.
'Southwest i,t' Caillt'ttti wood, a
French attack vas repulsed," said the
stiilement. "Southeast of Vaux fight-
:rg favoratile to our it oops is proeor-,1
I lie tie nn an hat to
omo Ann ilea s lug-
rt'.iuity therefore,
to win. It frankly
triists . Hughes be
aniyntii u iccoi-d in
likes Hoot, but i-n 't sure he
via ia the vest; nnd with more.
i favor regards Fairbanks, Weeks,
ii and the ot her f -n orit e sous.
A;e Poiito But N'jE Vicious.
The adage about politics and straniMi
llov s was never more st rikinirlv il-
b'stratcd than the snpcr-,i'acef ulnes.-i of
the greeting, the Chcdeifit Idian eor-rectm-ss
of manners in sintements and
the entire good f,-ll,,vsl,i. now imbu
ing such individiinis :.s four years ago.
at this time, were growling 'with ','urv
at each others threats vollin.r n,'..,i-
,j' robber and other ei,ithets. Penrose, of"
, l'eiinsylvania, whom Koosevelt Ihreut-
ened during the campaign of (M2, is us
near smilingly ingratiating us he can
be; nobody has yet 1,,-nid a harsh word
from George V. l'eikins; even "Jim"
Wnlsoa. sub-fireman on the l!H2 model
steam roller, isn't using the line of
itui'i-tive that made him famous nn
Vnux u,,ip f 'I'C I'l.ited States house of rep-
!i at
st of
ng. I tie lierman liattenes on
Heights shelled Oainloiip with good f- rcsentatives. illii.m Harne-.. of NV
feet during the day. 1 e the e..Hre of "-k: i the exception. 1' isn't ;.atV
infantrv a, ;i,,n aroun 1 Vans the ':.r ""'ntion the name of T. I!. in t,.. j,r,,.
mans t ook a-:n Freio-l, pris. rs a ad '''" e "f 1 1," New Yoi I; jead. -. It. -i 'e
a'so i.ipt-.irrd seveial machine guns."!'' is ill with i.niige; ion.