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afternoon was devoted to needle work
and a contest. Tho prize was won by
Mrs. R. W. Simeral.
A profusion of California poppies
were used to decorate the rooms. Miss
Anna Radcliff assisted the hostesses
in serving refreshments.
An interesting and enjoyable affair
of the mid week was the cradle roll
BRIDGES luniheons, wedding;
tnoso Sre the tliinus retrularly
scheduled ion society's calendar
lor the coming few Weeks.
Intorsporscd between are endless au
tomobile picnics, golf and tennis, and
the usual diuces and a few teas. No
ne tries to entertain in a lavish, for
mal style, except at weddings, and
rely then.
For days pnst tbe limelight has blaz
ed upon the brides-elect, several more
being Added to the already long list,
which savors of one or two more ttur
rises. following in the train of the brides-to-
be, society will no doubt have many
interesting glimpses of tbe ljtcst sum
mer modes, pretty gowns that antici
pate summer and fall wear by making
their debut in California, where the
honeymoon world is idling under
southern Bkies.
Vogue and Vanity Pair aro always
ja league with the bride, rrobably
because brides are alw.iys beautiful
and a pretty girl can do justice to them
ven without trying. Happiness is
men a wonderful beuutifier. Bo small
wonder that nil brides are beautiful
beautiful in manner md lovely in np
jtearance. Ho it happens that the brid
stl trousseau seems glorified. No clothes
sure ever quite sn lovely as these.
One of the first of the engaged girls
to become a June bride is Mildred
Jlagley, whose marringo to David Gra
ham of Kufreue, will bo a simple event
f Wednesday June the fourteenth it
Jho (JoiigrcKHtional church.
Althoneh M.ina Haulcy lias been mak
ing her home in Kugcne for several I
years, she formerly lived nore, and has
. many friends in the younger Bet who
(are delighted at the idea of her being
pnarricj in Salem.
Miss Margaret Gray of Henttle, is
lo bo her bride's miid and will arrive
In Salem, next week. John Cahalin of
Tortlnnd will be best mnn.
f'ti n rl i n ! M AVPrv Ltflil WflH tllA
iinner for which Miss" Klijibeth Lordj
was host ess Monday evening, to nonor
Wins Kllen Thivlsen, a popular member
of the younger set, who is leaving soon
for lloston, Mass. A huge basket of
lovely yellow roses combined with pink
find yellow eolombine decked the table,
Uround which were seated, Miss Thiol
een, Miss Kita Steiner, Miss Vedi Cross,
;arl .tiiibrielson, I'aui Wallace, James
Young, 1'rlnee Hyrd, and the hostess.
)inuer whs followed by an evening of
Mrs. Oswald West who has been the
puest of Mrs. Hen Okntt for several
tlays, will return to Portland tonight.
Mrs. M. J Creiglilon and Miss Ma
bel (Iroiifhton who wero the guests of
Wrs William Diincy and Mrs. W. Al
Jones lor several days returned to
J'ortlaml Wednesday.
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Mrs. Frank Hpeneer's bridge tea
Thursday was one of the smartest and
prettiest affairs of the week. About
forty prominent matrons were asked
to make up the tables, ami the high
score honors fell to Mrs. A. X. Moores
and Mrs. John II. McNary. At the tea
hour the party was augmented by a few
additional guests.
The Spencer residence wis artistic
ally adorned with quantities of roses.
Ju tiie dining room a huge bowl of
exquisite yellow Lady Hillingilon
roses centered the tea table over which
Mrs. William II. Kldridge and Mrs.
(leorge liurnett presided.
Assisting were Mrs. 'Thomas B. Kay,
Mrs. John D. Sutherland and Mis. 0.
II. Hoberli-on.
Mij. Hiicncer's guests were:
Mrs. John J. Roberts, Mrs. Hen 01
cott, Mrs. Oswald West of Portland,
Mrs. (ieorgo Itodgers, Mrs. Charles h.
McNary, Mrs. Sherman W. Thompson,
Mrs. John I). Sutherland, Mrs. Willi.im
Brown, Mrs. Ifulien P. Boise, Mrs.
Thomas IJ. Kay, Mrs. John II. McNary,
Mrs. George Rose, Mrs. Mux O. Buren,
Mrs. Rudolph Prael of Portland, Mrs.
(ieorge Burnett, Mis. Clarence Hamil
ton, Mis. Joseph llaumgartner, Mrs.
W. A. Cusick, Mrs. ("navies V. Oallo
way, Mrs. E. Cooke Patton, Mrs. A. X.
Moores, Mrs. Alice 11. Dodd, Mrs. Dan
iel J. Pry, Mrs. William H. Thielsen,
Mrs. Homer (iotik'f, Mrs. Hen. O.
Schucking, Mrs. O. M. Klliotr, Mrs. P.
H. Ravmond, Mrs. J. A. Morrison, Mrs.
William Cillowny, Mis. W. K. Kirk,
Mrs. II. J. Bean, Mrs. flcorge M.
Brown, Mrs. A. N. Gilbert, -Mrs. C. 11.
Robertson, Mrs. Lawrence T. Harris,
Mrs. Charles Weller, Mrs. Lenta Vent
acott, M'js. Edward Weller, Mrs. John
II. Albert, Miss Margaret Cosper, Miss
Charming informality marked the af
ternoon affair for which Mrs. William
Brown and Mrs. William Kldridge were
hostesses Wednesday at the residence
of the former. About thirty-six promi
nent matrons were guests.
The drawing room was artistic with
blue lupine, in the .lining room
tho tea table was particularly lovely
with an arrangement of purple and
blue bachelor buttons and tulle.
Mrs. George Burnett and .Mrs. Ru
dolph Pruel presided at the table and
Mrs. John.. J). Sutherland, Mrs. A. N.
Moores and Mrs. Clifford Brown assist
ed. Honoring Mrs. Henry Mc Council
of Portland who has been the guest of
Mrs. .limes Chinuock, Mrs. Paul Maus
er was "nostess Wednesday for a de
lightful Kensington. Tho rooms were
fragrant with blossoms, a huge basket
of brilliant red roses centered the re
freshment table, and 'A lovely bud
marked the. places.
AWut a dozen matrons were asked to
meet the visitor, including Mrs. James
Chinuock, Mrs. Louis Aldrich, Mrs.
Doughs Minto, Mrs. K. B. Houston,
Mrs. Craig Marvin, Mrs. Merlin Hard
ing, Mrs. L. M. Hnjjgs, Mrs. Joseph
Bach, Mrs. Lloyd Parmer, Mrs. Paul
Knssiuusscn and Mrs. Paul Schmidt,.
.-rs. A. E. Blnomquist who h is been
the. guest of her sister Mrs. William
Lytic for n couple of weeks will return
to Portland S lav.
All of our Girls White
Buck button Shoes rang
ing in situ from 8 1-2
Children's to Misses' and
Girls' sie 5 and priced
at $:.25 to $3, now ..SJ.OO
-rg. William Bnrgliardt, Jr., enter
t lined a few friends at a small tea
Friday. Ii was a very informal affair,
being planned as a little attention to
Mrs. Chauncey Bishop on the occasion
of her birthday anniversary.
Mrs. Burghardt asked as her guests
Mrs. Chauncey Bishop, Mrs. John J.
Roberts, Mrs. Melvin Plimpton, Mrs.
George Palmer Putnam, and her guest
Miss Pearl Hightower of Bend, Mrs.
Asnhel Bush, Mrs. Frederic Thielsen,
Miss Marv Creed Howard, Mts. Clif
ford Brown, Miss Aline Thompson, Mrs.
William Lytte and her sister Mrs. A.
t'. Bloomquist of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hnack who will
motor up from Portland Sunday will
be accompanied home by Mrs. L. U.
Josse and Mrs. Arinin Steiner and
small son Carl who will be their guests
for the Rose Festival. Dr. Steiner will
join his family Tuesday.
Mrs. I?. E. Lee Steiner entertained
Friday afternoon with a few tables of
bridge in honor of MrB. Oswald West
of Portland.
Tl;o nutrons of the Thursday Bridge
club and several friends of the honor
guest were asked lo make up four
tables of the game, card honors fall
ing to Mrs. William j-mney. The rooms
were gaily adorned with garden flow
ers. The guests were: Mrs. Oswald WcBt,
Mrs. John Minto, Mrs. Eugene Brey
nian, Mrs. Ben Olcott, Mrs. Charles Mc
Nary, Mrs. George Rodgers, Mrs. Ruben
Boise, Mrs. Oliver Lock, Mrs. Williim
Dancy, Mrs. Milton lueyers, Mrs, Frank
Durbin, Mrs. Harry Olingor, Mrs. Jos
eph Bnunigartner, Mrs. L. F. Griffith,
Mrs. W. Al Jones and Mrs. George
A pink and blue luncheon and a
charming one was that given by Miss
Carolyn Dick Wednesday.
A huge hi sket tied with pink tulle
and filled with blue forget-me-nots cen
tered the prettily appointed table.
Dainty nosegays of the sumo soft col
ored lowers and pink baskets of bon
bons marked the places.
Miss Dicks' guests were a dozen
young girls of the senior class includ
ing Miss Gertrude East, Miss Mnrjorie
Kay, Miss Beatrice Walton, Miss Odell
Savage, Miss Retha Hughes, Miss Ireno
Curtis, Miss Ethel McGilchrist, Miss
Vivian Beck, Miss Alico Baker, Miss
Gertrude Asliby and Miss Vivian Har
grove. Engagement announcements continue
to enliven these rather quiet flays and
give society" something to talk about.
Tiic laiest girl to bo added to the list
of brides-elect is XHss Frijucis Adams
of Silverton, whoso engagement to
"Chuck" (Charles) Reynolds, of this
city, was made known in Silverton
Hundny il a dinner given nt. the resi
dence of the bride-elect.
Miss Adams who is a daughter of L.
J. Adams, has visited here frequently
and like her fiance has many friends
in tho younger set. Siio attended the
1'niversity of Oregon, and is a popular
member of the Kappa Alpha Thota
Mr. Reynolds Is in the Ladd and
Bush bank in thin city and is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Reynolds of
Silverton. He was also a student at
the V. of O., and a prominent member
of the Beta Theta Phi fraternity. The
wedding probably will take place in
the early fall.
Informal yet charming was the five
hundred party given Wednesclny after
noon by Mrs. E. E. Waters, in honor
of Mi's. fci. R. Jessup of Boise, Idaho.
Garden flowers in brilliant tcrrnv a
dorned the rooms, whero guests made
up three tables of the gaim. The score
honors which were awarded to the high
est at each table fell to Mrs. Thomas
B. Kav, Mrs. Alice it. Dodd and Mrs.
S. 0. Dyer.
Mrs. William C. Knighton assisted
Mrs. Wnters.
Besides tho honol'ee, the guests in
cluded: Mis. John II, McNary, Mrs.
Thomas B. Kay, Mrs. Fred F. Stewart,
Mrs. E. C. Cross, Mrs. V.. Cooke Pntton,
Mrs. Alice H. Dodd, -Mrs. S. C. Dyer,
Mrs. Eugenia Dillingham. Mrs. Oilman,
Mrs. George E. Waters and Mrs. Fred
It. Waters.
Mrs. George Palmer Putnam lias as
her houso unest Miss Pearl Hightower
of Bend, Orenou. Preceding the Booth
string orchestra dance Thursday even
ing, ,.rs. Putnam entertained for her
guest with a small informal dinner,
One 'f the attractive "flOO" parties
of the week was given Monday evening
by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stifflcr nt their
residence on Twenty third street.
The rooms where the card tables were
arranged were prettily adorned with
roses. Mrs. Lynn Baldwin mid Charles
Elgin were awarded the card honors.
Mrs. Stifflcr was assisted by Mrs.
I.levd Hauser of Eugene nnd Mrs. Lynn
Those plnving were: Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. Webb," Mr. and Mr. T.vnn Bald
win. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. llussey, Mr.
and Mrs. James Chinuock and " their
guest Mrs. Henry MeCoiincll of Port
land, Mr. nnd Mrs. Eonin Hunter, Mr.
ami Mrs. Charles Eliiiu. Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Hauser, Mr. and Mrs. L. Sheldon,
Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Hauser of Eugene
anii nr. Koy uvni.
Mrs. Fred Stcuslot'f asked a gniup
of matrons for an informal atternoon
of sewing Thursday. Iter guests being
tne members of me Prise ilia club.
Mrs. Sarah ..uveuden, who has ..een
tho "oesf of her granddaughter, Mrs.
George William Gray, for a few days
returned Ui Portland Prid.iv.
Mrs. C. B, Webb pave a most enjoy
able Kensington on Friday afternoon,
having the members of ner club and
Mrs. L. M. Boeis and Mrs. Merlin
Harding as additional guests.
A group of society folk motored to
Falls City this afternoon to partici
pate in the g aye ties of a week end par
ty planned by Mr. and Mrs. Frederic
D. Thielsen and Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Grier in celebration of their wedding
Tiie party will spend the week end
at the Bungalow club house of which
club" Mr. Gier is a member.
Those included in the party are Mr.
and Mrs. Frederic D. Thielsen, Mr. and
Mts. Chauncey Bishop, Mr. and Mrs.
Asahcl Bush, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Grier,
Miss Aline Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Melvin Plimpton, Mr. and Mrs. John
J. Boberts, Mr. and Mrs. William
Burghardt, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Thorn is
Livesley, Dr. W. B. Morse, Hugh Mc
Cammon. .
The final dance of the Booth string
orchestra saw a merry throng of revel
ers at the armory Thursday evening.
It was one of the prettiest dancing
parties of the season and deserves to
be listed well up among the social
triumphs for which the year has been
The dance hall was a burst f gold
en color, quantities of Scotch broom
forming a veritable canopy, in the
center of the room a hedge of tftc
same yollow blossoms enclosed the or
Informality, as always was the key
note of the evening. A delightful fea
ture of the dance was the solos by
Miss Verna Cooder ajid "Tom" Orde-
The Misses Grace and Elva Smith
wero hostesses for a miscellaneous show
er Tluirsdi)- evening honoring Miss
Grace Thompson, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Leicester Thompson, whose mar-
riage to Professor Charles Sherman of
Miiiamette University will take place
on June the twenty eighth.
The house was fragrant with sweet
briar effectively arranged in huge
The evening was devoted to sewing
for the honor guest.
Besides the bride-elect tho guests
were: Mrs. W. D. Smith, Mrs. L. M.
Thompson, Mrs. i Carl Gregg Doney,
Mrs. W. E. Kirk, Mrs. Florien Von
Esehen, Mrs. H. J. Talbotf; Mrs. Mor
ton Peck, Mrs. Laban Steeves, Mrs.
Guy Woods, Mrs. Charles Bates, Mrs.
Georiro Alden, Miss Junia Todd, Miss
Mary Reynolds, Miss Dorothy Thomp
son, Miss Ethel Jones, Miss Alice Field,
Miss Jessie COX, -viiss -uargarei. vjm
hnm, Miss Mary Pigler, the Misses
Lulu, Lina aad Laura Heist, Miss El
sie Philips, Miss Gertrude Eakin, Miss
Lulu Walton, Miss r.nniy rainier unu
Miss Lela Lent.
Miss Florence McKinnle entertained
with a small informal "nOO" party at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Hofer Friday evening. The guests in
cluded the members of the E. O. T.
club who made up three tables of
Shand was awarded the hivh
score honor and Mrs. A. I Browii the
consolation. Jars and bowls of lovely
pink peonies were used about Hie
Miss Florence Hofer assisted the
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V 1
. ". - .' s ... , .V' .
Amid an artistic, setting of golden
hned poppies about sixteen matrons
gathered at the delightful Kensington
for whtcu Mrs. Fred W. Selec and Miss
Moody were hostess Wednesday after
The guests included: Mrs. R. N.
Avison, Mrs. N. T. Hellyer, Mrs. B. J.
Miles, Mrs. B. E. Bowers, Mrs. Charles
B. Smith, Mrs. M. ('. Findley, Mrs. R
B. Carrier, Mrs. W. D. Smith, Mrs.
Gerald Volk, Mrs. George Wood, Mrs.
P. J. Kuntz, Mrs. J. C. Moreland, Mrs.
Henry J. Talbot, Mrs. Carl Gregg
Doney, Mrs. O. M. Elliott, Mts. George
Alden, Miss Cornelia .Marvin and Miss
Junia Todd.
Mrs. David Eyre and small children
have returned from a several weeks
sojeurn in Newport.
Mrs. Clifford Brown went to Eugene
this morning to attend the University
of Oregon gToduatioa festivities. Wmlc
in Eugene Mrs. Brown will be the
guest of friends.
The members of the Elite Embroi
dery club enjoyed the afternoon Thurs
day at the residence of Mrs. C. T. Mc
Intire on Fairmouut Hill. .
The rooms were prettily decorated
with English ivy, scarlet poppies and
Scotch broom.
Assisting in the serving were Mrs.
Elbert Thompson, Mrs. Ella Strichlon
and Mrs. Ralph Thompson.
The additional guests were: Mrs.
Martha, Rulifsoa, Mrs. L. B. Fry, Mrs.
Mrs. Ralph Thompson, Mrs. Ella Scritch
Ion and Mrs. Elbert Thompson.
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Thompson pre
sided over a charmingly informal din
ner Tuesday in celebratioa of the birth
day anniversary of the host.
Their guests included eighteen of the
immediate family. The guests from
out of town were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mlerric.k oP Los Angeles, Cal., Mr. and
Mrs. B. L. Gilson and Mrs. E. E.
Thompson of Lebanon.
Mrs. Henry Radcliff and Mrs. Jos
eph Radcliff entertained the members
of the- Three Link Needle club at the
home of the formr on Thursday. The
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party given on Wednesday afternoon.'
tor the tiny members and their parenw
at the First Presbyterian. About thir
ty mothers dropped in for the after
noon to see and hear all the happy
youngsters. Sweet smellin? wild roses
comomed with briar were used about
the rooms.
A delightful program was given, and
the numbers included vocal solo, "Fly
Away Birdie," Kenneth AHen; read
ing, ' ' Where do yon come from baby
dear," Miss Dorothy Hobson; interest
ing talk on children, Muss ivellie lase
here; violin solo, Miss Marion Em
mons. The personnel of the committee ar
ranging the afternoon was Mrs. Glenn
Adams, Mrs. George. Hobson, Miss Lil
lian Applegate and Mrs. A. F. Mar
cus, assistant superintendent.
Packing trunks and suit cases, is as
much the business of society as dancing
or playing bridge these days. The an
nual disturbance has begun, and trips
are being planned East and South.
Among those who will be missed for
the next few months are Mr. and Mrs.
O. P. Bishop who left Thursday for
Chicago, where' the former will attend
tbe national Republican convention;
aad Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Smith who
left Friday for Detroit, Michigan,
where they will enjoy ft few weeks a3
guests of their son and daughter, Mf.
and Mrs. Warren Francis Powers Ma
bel Smith).
Honoring Miss Mildred Seott, who is
visiting here from Ontario, Canada,
Miss Eva Scott entertained with an en
joyable in'formal evening Wednesday.
Those asked to meet the visitor were
Mrs. Jim Weaver, the Misses Genevieve
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Belles, Loraiiie Ross. I.ydia Schnosse,
Norma Harper, Betty Bell and Mary
In honor of Miss Cecile Gavin of Tiie
Dalles, Miss Edith Carter Kuncy en
tertained with a small informal dinner
Monday evening at iter home on Seuth
Nineteenth street.
The prettily appointed table had
covers for Miss Gavin, Mrs. William
Lovett, Miss Ella Hauser of The
Dalles, Miss Mac Stcuslolf, the Misses
Lucilo and Eugenia Belle, Miss Myrtlo
Smith and the hostess.
Mrs. Halliday-Haight and small
ibiugiiter Dorothy of New York have
recently arrived in Salem to make their -home.
Mrs. Haight has just complet
ed a successful concert tour of the
middle west. She has a beautiful con
tralto voice and will be a delightful
acquisition to Salem's musical coterie.
Mrs. Haight is an English- woman
and is the niece of Sir Andrew Halli
day, a well kaown English composer.
She came to America at the ugc of 13,
prior to which she had already sung in
oratorio. Armed with introduction
from Sir Arthur Sullivan, Alberto Han
degger, and others. Her success as a
singer was instantaneous. She pro
cured a prominent position as soloist
in the choir of 1!50 iu St. George'
Episcopal church, where the highest
classical masses are sung. Sho also
sang in concert festival, and with the
best symphony orchestras. In H)03
Mrs. Knight received frittering offers
from Mjauriee GriMi, the impressario of
the Metropolitan opera, house in New
York, to sing iu .iMeblung in which was
singing Mmo. Schumann-IIciuk; also
from Savage Opera company as leading
loutralto. Preferring concert and ora
torio recital work, she refused all :
theatrical engagements.
Mrs. Halliday-IIaight has had the ad-
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