Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 31, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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"I'D take up smoking cigars if
I could find any brand I was
sure of," said the pipe-smoker.
"Say, did you ever try the
OWL? Well, I've been smok
ing it for years, and the way
they maintain their even flavor
in every box is remarkable.".
"Good enough!
try the OWL. " ,
That's all we ask.
Guess I'll
Try it
Italiaa Hurls Bricks Through Was Encamped Near Crater
Vaaderbilt's Windows
Through Mistake
at Fruitland Store when
in want of Groceries,
Flour, Feed, Nails, Etc.
to the chatter of the sat
isfied customers.
uffragettes Pursue
the Male Politicians
Chicago, liny 31. Members of the
Congressional I'nion were pursuing male
politicians today to secure suffrage
planks in the national platforms.
Elsie Hill secured O. K. Davis' prnm
iso for a hearing before the progressive
1 national committee,
j Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt arrivejl to
i day. She took immediate command of
the "votes for women" operations.
"Our organization (the National As
sociation) is not forming a women's
i party," declared Mrs. Catt. "We are
leaving that to the congressional union,
but we are going to ask for suffrago
planks in all platforms."
Maud Younger is slated to deliver the
keynote address at the woman's party
convention, June 5. Thirty-five thou
sand women will parade on June 7.
Fruitland News
New York, May 31. After having
thrown three bricks through the win
dows of William K. Vanderbilt 's Fifth
avenue mansion, believing he was en
dangering John D. Rockefeller's life,
Sacrbcs Ksowrddes. aged 40, a foreign
er, was overpowered and arrested byl
Police; ndaini that Rsowrildos con
fessed he plotted with three other men
to assassinate Rockefeller, but by mis
take the bricks were hurled at the resi
dence of Vanderbilt, two blocks from
the oil king's home.
Rsowrddcs snid h lived in Yonkers.
He came from Italy, 1" years ago and
declured he worked at wood carving
and scnlptoring until eight years ago
when that trade iiecame so poor he ob
tained a job as subway laborer to pre
vent his wife and children from starv
ing. He blamed Rockefeller and other cap
italists for his troubles. "With two oth
er men, it is alleged, lie plotted to
throw bricks through the windows
while the others were to shoot Itockc
fener when ho ran out.
His confederates deserted him, but
Rsowrddes said he decided to execute
the scheme alone. Armed with a four-
inch stiletto, he took up his station op
posite the house, with a small satchel
of bricks, and began throwing them.
The missies wrecked nu $S0O mir
ror and damaged furniture. Tirtice
man Lavender heard the crash and ran
to the snot as Vanderbilt and his wife
appeared in a second story window to
learn what was transpiring. Believing
that a bomb had been thrown, Lavender
hurled himself upon tho man and fought
with him fiercely for several minutes.
Rsowrddes will be examined tn to his
of Mauna Loa When It
Began Erupting
Japanese Prized As
Husbands in Islands
Sao. Francisco, May 31. Japanese
husbands are highly prized in tho Mar
shall islands, according to J. J. Kohu,
today. He has just returned from a
trip there. "
"The local chiefs told me," said
Kohn, "that since the Germans left the
islands and the Japanese took charge
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fruitland, Ore., May 31. Miss Susie
Bennett, who has been working in fla
lem. has gone to Portland.
Carroll Runner and Wm. Bellamy are
back in the neighborhood again.
There were two parties near this
vicinity last Saturday evening, one at
the home of Mr. Bond and the other at
the cheese factory.
The new teacher has been lrired fof
the coming year 'for the school.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Edwards, Misses
the natives think Japan the greatest ) pou:' n,i 'n,i v.Ua Williams rime
land m tne worm, it Japanese mine vis
itors cannot be coerced into matrimony
they nro treated so royally and so ard
ently wooed by the native women that
they don't care about ever going
out with the pastor last Sunday after
noon. A week from next Sunday Rev.
Schuehnost will preach here.
Henry Smith attended church in Sa
lem last Sunday evening.
Plans arc being made to have a Sun
day school picnic in the hear future.
PIMPLY? WELL. DON'T BE! Moose Name and Will Back
" 1 . .. sv
Miss Wslson tor Queen
People Notice It. Drive Them
Off With Dr. Edwards
Olive Tablets
A pimply face will not embarrass you
much loniier if you Ret a pacikaKe of Dr.
Kdwards' Ulive Tablets. The skin should
bcKtn to clear after you have taken the
tablets u few nights. ,
Cleanse the blood, tho bowels and the
liver with Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are the suc
cessful substitute for calomel there's
never any sickness or pain after taking
them. ,
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do that
which calomel does, nnd just ns effective
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stead of severe and Irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets is ever
cursed with "a dark brown taste." a bad
breath, a dull, listless, "no good" feeling,
constipation, torpid liver, bad disposition
or pimply face.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a purely
"Vegetable compound mixed with olive oil;
J-ou will know them by their olive color.
Dr. Edwards spent years among pa
rents altilcted with liver nnd bowel com
plaints, and Olive Tablets are the immense
Jy effective result. m
Take one or two nlshtly for a week.
See bow much better you feel and look.
10c and 25c per box. All drugnlsts.
The Olive Tablet Company, Columbus, 0.
Take a Glass of Salts Before
Breakfast If Your Back
Hurts or Bladder
Bothers You
The American men and women must
guard constantly against kidney trouble
because we eat too much and all our
food is rich. Our blood is filled with
uric acid which the kidneys strive to
filter out, they weaken from overwork,
become sluggish; the eliminative tissues
clog and the result is kidney trouble,
bladder weakness md a general decline
in health.
When your kidneys feel like lumps
of lend; your back hurts or the urine
is cloudv, full of sediment or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three times
during the night; if you suffer with
sick headache or dizzy, nervous spells,
acid stomach, or you have rheumatism
when the weather is bad, get from your
pharmacist ihout four ounces of Jnd
Salts; tako a tablcspoonful in a glass
of water before breakfast for a few
days and your kidneys will then act
fine. This famous salts is made from
the acid of grapes and lemon juice com
bined with .lithia, and has been use-i
for generations to flush and stimulate
clogged kidneys; to neutralize tho acids
in the urine so it no longer is a source
of irritation, thus ending bladder dis-
San Francisco, May 31. Just how
it feels to stand at the base of au
erupting volcano was described todty
by Mrs. C. W. Deerry of Reno, New,
who arrived here from Hawaii, on the
liner Manna. She witnessed the recent
upheaval of Mauna Loa.
She declared that, wanting to see
the islands in her own way, she journ
eyed to the foot of Mauna Loa with
two n.itive bearers and a girl compan
ion. While encamped there the erup
tion began.
"Suddenly there was a rumbling nnd
a roaring," said Mrs. Deerry. "The
top of the mountain seemed to blow
oft'. A shower of dirt nnd hot stone
fell around us. 1 heard a hissing noise.
The natives were frightened and
wanted to go.
"1 forced them to the prater with
me the next day. The air became thick
with Uva dust and choking odors. At
night, however, the sight was beauti
ful. A gorgeous red glow covered the
sky. It looked like a world in the
making. We remained there three
Brings Relief and Comfort With
First Application
When any itching skin disease af
fects or even when any slight ernp
tionnl spot begins to itc'n and burn,
upply Poslain and you may be quite
confident that the trouble is having
the right treatment, Itching stops and
the skin feels immeasurably grateful,
is cooled and soothed. ( ontiuue as
necessary to eradicate the affection
entirely. In the treatment of virulent
eczema, acne, pimples and all surface
affections. Poslnm's results may be
(inickly felt and seen.
Poslam Soap is non-irritating and as
nure. antiseptic and gratetul to tne
skin as soap can be.
For sample, send 4c stamps to F.mer
gencv Laboratories, !12 West tioth St.,
Xew York City. Sold by all druggists.
Cash Store
Half n dozen candidates were initiat
ed into the Moose lodge last night and
a lni'go clnss is getting Tenuy to .loin orders.
on the 24th of this month when the big j Jad S ilts is inexpensive; cannot in
Moose celebration will take place. Those jure, makes a delightful effervescent
joining were A. S. Shaw, C. T. Phemet-1 lithia-water beverage, and belongs in
ten, H. Y. Caldwell, . o. .Miteneu, jv.: every nome, because noiiociy can mane
having a good Kidney
D. Kemslv nnd Charles Hebcl.
By an "unanimous vote, Miss Kstclla
Wilson became the official candidate of
the Moose for Cherry queen, nnd she
will also receive the support of tlie
The musical part o'f the program last
night was furnished by Hehel's Moose
Cherrybud band, a duet by Miss Estel
la Wilson and Miss Mabel Brassfield
and a recitation by Miss Alice Adams.
The evening's program closed with a
Portland, Ore., May 31. Sheriff Till
Tnvlor of VmafUlla (county, will be
king of the Portland Rose Festival.
He will rule with Queen Muriel Snling
of Pendleton, and during the ceremonies
will ride horseback in cowboy costume.
mistake by
flushing any time.
Los Angles May Have
School Teachers' Union
Los Angeles, Cul., May 31. Forma
tion of a teachers union in Los Angeles
was hinted at today by leaders among
IS teachers who "nave been dismissed
by the board of education here.
One of the biggest shakeups in the
history of city education is scheduled
for tonight when the board meets.
Miss Marg.iret Snodgrass, one of the
teachers has been communicating with
various cities of the country in which
teachers unions are flourishing.
Abandoned by Owners
San Francisco, May 31 The Jebsen
steamer Maverick has been deserted
by her owners, J. J. Kohn, who arriv
ed here on the Mntson liner Manoa, de
clared today.
While in the Hawaiian islands, Kohn
became acquainted with William Boy
den, former first assistant engineer of
the famed blockade runner. Boydeu
said, according to Kohn, that the Mav
erick had been deserted by her owners
and that the Hatavin agent who had
advanced $25,000 for tho vessel re
fused to furnish any more money.
Kohn said ISoydeii told him that a
good part of her cargo, supposed to be
arms and ammunition, remained in her
forward oil tanks. Hoyden lett tne
Maverick at Batavia.
Salem People Should Act in Time
Cruiser Marblehead
On Way to Portland
Portland, Ore., May 31. -The Tinted
States cruiser Marblehead steamed up
the Columbia river today toward Port
land where she will become the training
ship of tho Oregon naval militia. She
was scheduled to arrive at 5 p. m. A
salute of 17 guns will be fired from
the cruiser Boston to welcome her suc
The Marblehead will be officially
dedicated and taken over by the naval
militia as part of tho Ruse Festival
ceremonies next week The navy de
partment expects to sell the Boston in
to commercial service. The Boston,
which is credited with planting the Am
erican flag on tho Hawaiian islands,
ha been registered as unnenworthy
since 1!U1.
is effective July I.
Calvin began his career ns a rail
road telegrapher tor t lie Indiana, Cin
cinnati hud L.i Knyctto road ill IN7o,
near Indianapolis, where he born
in lie occupied various positions
with the l'u ion Pacific between IHS'J
and 17 serving us conductor, dis
patcher nnd station agent, lie became
If you suffer from backache;
If "you have headaches, dizzy spells;
If tho kidney secretions are irregular,
Don't delay likely your kidneys tire
Salem people recommend Doan's Kid
ney Pills.
Here's a Salem woman's experience:
Mrs. Leslie Keuscher, 12ii:j N. Church
St., Salem, says: ''Ten or twelve
years ago, 1 suffered a great deal from
rheumatic pains in my back and more
bout my whole body, l
Macleay News Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Macleay, Ore., May 31. One of the
best happenings of the week was a
dinner party given in honor of Mrs.
R. M. Tiest'rail of Mitchell, South Da
kota, formerly of Macleay, at the John
F. C. Tekenburg home, .Saturday even
ing. Covers were laid lor 14. Those
invited were Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Knight,
of Salem; Mr. nnd Mrs. Ben Kaiser nnd
son Fred, Mr. and Mrs. H. K Martin
and daughter, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. 0. Tay
lor and Miss Marion Taylor. A musical
program was a feature of the evening
nnd a slumbering duet by Harvey Tay
lor and J. B. Knight, entitled, "The
Ford in Low," was especially enjoyed.
Mr. Tekenburg reported that it was
so cool on the porch during the even
ing that ice cream was frozen.
Another dinner party in honor of
Mrs. Tiestrail wns held at the Harve
Taylor home Friday evening. The table
wns tastefully set and everyone enjoyed
themselves to tho fullest 'extent. Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Knight mid Mr. and
Mrs. Tekenburg were guests of the oc
casion. Mr. and Mrs. K. V,. Martin visited
their son. Jesse "Martin, Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. G. I,. Morris nnd son,
Alva, were Sunday visitors at the H. K.
Martin home. Mr. and Mrs. Morris are
Mrs. If. K Martin's parents.
While in Polk county recently Mr.
.Morris discovered oil on H. K. Martin's
Mrs. Treslruil ieft Sunday evening
for Albany to visit friends thnro.
Onie Martin and family and Walter
Taylor and family motored to Falls City
Perry Taylor and family were busi
ness visitors in Salem Suturdtiy.
J. F. C. Tekenburg and wife motor
ed to Salem to church Sunday.
i. T. JNash and family attended division superintendent or the ,l.isuu
church in Salem Sunday. I ri Pacific in 17.
Flmo Wright was a Salem visitor I In ISP1 he look a similar office with
Sunday afternoon. llio lino it lacilic, leaving lour yens
The Y. P. B. C. class party will be lct'T to accept the position of general
held at the Bartcl'B homo Friday even-! Hiperiiitciidetil, of liie Intoriiation ami
:lrcHt. Northern, la 1103 he went to
illie Oregon Short Lino as assistant gen-
jeral manager, remained u year and lie
enmo vice president and gouer.il ntaua
j ger of the' Oregon liuilrond ami Navi
i gallon company. In 11105 he was vico
p president and 'lu'inl manager of tho
I ttClliC I Southern Pacific. Two yew-rs ngu hu
I was appointed vn-u president ami gen-
Xew York, May 31. K. E. nlvinnf j " the Oregon Short Line
the Oregon Snort Line .was elected!"1 ,Sult "Uu C '''
president of the Union P i'-ific railroad I 1
today, succeeding A. L. Mohlcr, whose Little New Today's work liko
resignation was accepted. The change charms.
ing, June H.
BeiT Kaiser weut to Silverton Satur
day to pool his wool.
Calvin Is President
of Union
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or less throng'
ached all over. My kidneys were so thpr(,.
congested and irregular that I eon- jfrs. A. P. Uussell nnd Mrs. Theron
eluded they'eaused the pains. I hegan Wsoi mvP r,,(lni(,(1 fr(ln si,,.lliiirn
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neys have needed attention and they
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simply ask for a kidney remedy get
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MJrs. Keuscher had. Foster-Millmrn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Yakima Indians Want
Right to Catch Salmon
Seattle, Wash., May 31. Filled with
dissatisfaction following an interview
with Fish Commissioner Darwin here
last night, Chief Saluskin, head of the
Yakima Indians and two of his suli
chiets, have gone to Olympia tod iv
to hold solemn powwow with "Big
Chief" Lister, the governor.
Saluskin will demand to know why
hia people cannot fish for salmon off
their reservation at the Prosser dam,
where a number of them were recently
arrested. The supreme court has held
against thin.
Last night. Darwin showed the chief
a letter from Cato Sells, commissioner
of Indian aff lirs, at Washington, D. C,
saying the supreme court was right.
Jf the governor reiuses
The Latest Discovery in Medicine.
Why Suffer From Backache, Lumbago, Rheumatism?
It is now asserted with cunf ideiu e
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is thirty-!-evcn tunes more poleut tlinu
lithin, cu l is the cause of a drainage
outward oi' tiie uric caid with which
it in contact uitein the hudy.
It will v . urd off backache., headache,
iniil the nartii'g pains and aches M
articular or muscular rheumatism of,
tleise iliscases which are iiused ly
too much uric acid, such as gout, usth
ina, sciatica, or sore, stilt', uchi.',
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ased, 1 iu'ho nut lira filters ilo lie!
churiro the blond suf fi. iently, and le t
body. There follow depression, in hey
and pains, heaviness, drow ine.-s. irri
tability. " A.N UKIC " prolongs life be-
"i use old people usually suffer fiuni
hardening and thickening of the walls
if I he iirleni, die to the i x.'CiS of
uric acid in the blood It'ld tissues,
Hr, I'ierce chief physician at the
1'iViilils" Hotel nnd Surgical ii;tilult
Mil f fab i, N. V'., has been testing tnis
.iv ei iviu l.c.1 and wi alii'iicd Kidney?.
'Il.e ie:e' !,(, i l,v sufl'eiciH has
been .-o mi 1 i.-.jM' tun' that he determin
ed to p'n-e "ANi'h'H with tho piiu-
i .ii I druyisls in town when) eo; e,
could ;;e! tins lend;. -In uso nicd'cinc.
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That beautiful, even shade of dark,
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a mixture of Sage Tea ami Sulphur.
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niars the face. When it fades, turns'
gray or streaked, just an application or
two of Sage and Sulphur e nlinnces itsj
appearance a hundredfold.
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you can et this famous old recipe im
proved by the addition of other ingredi-1
ents for SO cents a largo bottle, alii
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w..ln.l(iii'ialM inuipniir --uiriiuuiiu. nils can ai
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Washinirton to confer with "Great
White Father" Wilson. '
! Wlivu h li-ntniltrl unmi ti hrimr lim-lr
" ' tn ll'ltllrnl ositor uuA Iiiutru Vmii
Vancouver, B. C, May 31. Police are
investigating the story of Abe Craib,
aged 18 years, who declared yesterday
that he started the $f!50,fUO water front
fire hunday, and threo previous fires,
just to watch the blare.
The mania for starting fires landed
him in the San Francisco detention
home a few years ago, he said.
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