Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 27, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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Maxwells Make New
Fads and Fancies
For the Motorist
Record on Pacific Coast
- "
bile Nevs
B ,. , III
Vllvsss-JlV SfcsUOhV .. l.,anRVS itVl I Recent
M'"1 ' : 2B I
g " Mil I
I vacuum Mjiiii j
17 7 n I
When in trouble we will be glad to help you.
Experienced man to make your repairs and ad
justments. Full line of accessories in stock at all
Exide and G. L. B. Batteries. Recharging Station.
Supplies for Hudson, Auburn and Reo Cars, in stock.
Great Western Garage
motor car perfoi mances in
Among the spring -sport coats is one
the west hove focused the attention of j made of wliite khaki-wood silk. Its
the automobile public on Jlaxwell cars, j deep cutis, rolling collar, belt and ten
Fa vg Messrs. Halverson & Kuril, who '' 'slripe aroung the bottom, are nil
handles Maxwell cars locally. During i ''' "ll!lt 19 know,n 89 '!e
the month of Mav, stock Maxwell cars ! runbw stripe, be.n: composed of wide
have been put through various pnees : 9('VF". ' "- nA,
, . ,. i- . i white hemp straw hat, also hand paint-
along the Pac.f.c coast and ,,. ex cry
instance have established records that , , , . ... , blue silk, is
proclaim dependability, strength and W(m( with thl, (1()!lt
the all-important item of economy.
Hay MeJiamara, who has piioteii j liolivia cloth is used in another coat
seveial Maxwell economy runs, and ho0f !,) rOHe ,.0or. The cloth resembles
established a record in Detroit early in fue waterfall material, but is more dur
April when he drove a stock touring able. The coat is lined throughout with
car 44 miles on a gallon of gasoline, bl.tck satin and has a deep, ruffled,
broke his own record in California, shawl collar trimmed with black satin
when he drove a ear from Oakland to Black satin cuffs, very deep, are used
San Jose, the speedometer showing 45.0 'on the sleeves, while wide black satin
miles when the engine stopped after ibands trim the bottom of the garment.
consuming its supply of one gallon ot
C. C. SLUERAL, Prop.
147 High St., opposite Court House.
Phone 44
When you want the best society
printing call on Tho Capital Journal
Job Department.
Tennis Supplies
Wright and Ditscn Balls,
Goodrich Balls
Spalding Balls
' Spalding Guides,
Spalding Rackets,
Rackets Re-strung
Hauser Bros.
Expect to Complete
Orpet Jury Today
Waukcgin, 111., May 27. With hopes
of the jury to try William H. Orpet
being completed today, I'rosec.ulor
Dady said he expected to place on the
the witness stand Monday the first
person to testify against the college
youth accused of murdering his smrflet
iicrut Miiriam Lambert.
.ludgo Donnelly has issued aft ordoi
forbidding Mrs. Orpet to caress h-;r
son in the presence of the jury. Prose
cutor Dady objected to it on tne
ground thiit such a spectacle might ex
cite sympathy for the boy defendant.
216 N. Commercial St
Ij)LI in ip t ...i in iiji pi i J 1 I ii M III II Jl III " 1 'I " " I I I 1M WWIII'I-- 'I B
IN SAXON "SIX" you note the quality refinements
formerly found only on the expensive cars. Timken
axle6 and Timken bearings throughout the chassis
and Timken stands for the best in this part of a
motor car. Two unit starting and lighting system.
Helical bevel driving gears they banish noise and
friction. Yacht-line body of marked beauty. Hand
some everlasting finish of superb lustre. 112 inch
wheelbase. Plenty of room both in front and rear
seat. At its price $915 Saxon "Six" is the great
est dollar for dollar value in its field. The Saxon
"Six" is very favorably accepted in Salem and the
recent owners of this car are well pleased with their
investment we will furnish you the names of the
Saxon owners and ask you to interview them. .
In connection with McNamara's per
fromance, a report comes from Seattle
that a Maxwell touring, car made the
run from Seattle to Tucoma on a gal
lon of insoline. A distance of 4:1
miles was registered and the car car
ried five adult passengers and two
The Lake Tahoe Eun.
The Maxwell gained added glory by
breaking the trail to Lake Tahoe,
making the run three full weeks before
the earliest arrival of any previous
This performance is nil the more re
markable in that the snowfall in the
Sierra Nevada mountains during the
past winter was the heaviest since
18S). The Maxwell made the trip to
California's most fnmous mountain
lake without any aid save that furn
ished by its own engine and its hardy
crew of four men.
In maiiv places the snow was piled
fifteen feet deep, lint the car came
through without being buried once.
The success of the venture was due
in large part to the ability of the car
to ride the heavy drifts iustead of
breaking through them, as was the
ease with heavier curs in past seasons.
More Economy Tests.
Mr. McNamara's latest economy test,
was observed by representatives of the
Lincoln Highway Association and the
San Diego Fair, while the automobile
editor of the Oakland, California Tri
bune inspected the speedometer gears,
tho carburetor, etc.
said: - ,
Speaking of the economy tret, at
Seattle, one of the newspapers there
"Seattle has been the scene of uum
ernus economy trials, which have
aroused much interest among motor en
thusiasts, but a new chapter was
recorded when a 191 model .Maxwell
touring car, carrying five adults and
two children, traveled from eattbj to
Tacoma on a gallon of gasoline. That
the performance was not an accident
was demonstrated when the feat was
lepeated on the return trip. The dis
tance from the Seattle Automobile
Company's building in Seattle to. the
Logan Oarage in Tacoma is t.v tl;irc'
miles, which gives the Maxwe 1 a
record for phenomenal gasol.ne
Have Branch at Eugene
v;..!; Tims, have onened a branch
agency at Kugene, Ore., and will handle
too Ford car in that vicinity. Karl
Simmons will manage that branch and
is directly interested.
A new hat box for men is narrow
enough to be strapped on the running
board. In it there is room for six hats,
including the top and crush hats. Flit
hat brushes slip into straps in the cov
er. Popular among touring veils is one of
white hemstitched chiffon, having a
shadow net mask over the face. The
net is white with black spider webs
upon it. There is a revival of tho
washable Shetland veils for this season.
pirasols in Japanese pa
with natural wood handles
coda shape.
are very smart to carry witn mien
gowns. ' There is also the shot Jap
anese umbrella, witn a leanier wrisi
strap, that on doubtful looking dayj
may be hung on the rail. These um
brellas are new and aro very service
able, as their frames are durable anil
the silk covers are of good quality.
'L '
Quality First
Chalmers 6-30 F. O. B. Salem, Price $1215.00
Equals $5000 Cars in Finish and Durability.
WHILE the occasional buyer delves deeply into technical talk, the I
average motorist consults first, Appearance, second,. Performance. I
"What will this car do?" is by far the most pertinent question placed
bv the maioritv of show visitors.
A ride in a Chalmers Six-30 will convince you beyond a shadow of a t
doubt that this Chalmers Six is thejast word in power, getaway and t
economy of operation. From five to twenty-five miles per hour in less than ten I
seconds' time is the daily record of the Six-30 in the hands of owners. The car can
be throttled down to four miles an hour in traffic and has an instant getaway at X
traffic crossings. No Chalmers Six ever, built has exceeded this Chalmers in flex-
ih tv.
An economical car, it averages 16 to 19 miles per gallon of gasoline on straight- ;:
ways and from 14 to 17 miles per gallon on hills and in rough going. With gasoline ; ;
prices on the upward trend, no longer does the prospective motorist disregard
t economy features of his new car. You will find in this newest Chalmers, a six- j
cylinder car more saving of fuel than the best four-cylinder car you ever drove, l
See this car on demonstration, let us take you for a drive.
Maxwell Service Station
t Corner High and Ferry Streets Salem, Oregon.
Edward Ostrander Will
Succeed H. H. Corey as
Commission's Secretary
Kdward Ostrander, of Portland, ex
aminor and assistant secretary for tho
Oregon Public Service Commission,
will be named secretary of the Com
mission to succeed It. If. Corey, who has
received the republican nomination for
Public, Servieo Commissioner from the
Kastern Oregon district, it was an
nounced today.
Mr. Corey will be appointed to the
Commission to fill out the unexpired
term of Clydo B. Aitchison, who will
resigu within a few weeks, having ac
cepted th position of solicitor for the
Association of State Kailroad lomirns
sons. Governor Withycombe announced
some time ago that lie would appoint
tho man who received tho republican
nomination for commissioner from the
Kastern Oregon district in Mr. Aitchi-
son 'a place.
Hecause of the necessity of curtailing
expenses of the Commission, no one
w ill be appointed in Mr. Ostrander 'a
place, it is stated. The Inst legislature
i appropriated $80,000 for maintaining
the commission miring mo uiruumi
period, cutting off $20,000 from the
amount requested by the commission,
I'p to the present time the commission
has used $S4,1!13,07 of its appropria
tion, so that it has only $i.",S0H to
maintain it until tho legislature moots
again next yenr.
You Can Put $1,000 In
the Postal jtonks-Maybe
Vntil lately, the largest amount that
could be deposited with the govern
ment's postal savings department was
Black and wliite combinations are
being used In toilet, sets for traveling
bigs. One model, which is shaped like
a shopper's tag, but wlucn is siuipneii
together down the sides, is lined with
black and white brocade, whilo the cel
luloid fittings arc in black and white
stripes. The sewing and manicure
equipment, on the opposite side of the
bag, are done to match. Tn the bag
there also is n black and white striped
kimono with a pair of silk mules to
Linen covered pillows in natural
browns and tans have made their ap
pearance, painted or embroidered in
bashet designs, which ire quite as un
usual and startling in color combina
tions as those which are used upon the
hats. Pink and purple, flame color and
green, yellow, and solferino are among
the daring Combinations . used in th
designs.'" '
Corporal Charles Gaisser, Co. F, 28th
infantry, saved the American outpost
at Bnrredo, Texas, six miles south of
San Benito, when it was attacked at 2
o'clock in the morning by Villa band
its. Lacking telephone counevtions, the
outpost obtained reinforcements
through a wild ride by Corp. Gaisser on
a Harley Davidson to San Bernito and
quick action with motor trucKs in
bringing up additional troops. The
bandits had planned to rob a south
bound passenger train according to tlte
information that has come through ed
spite the nrmy censorship.
"Realizing the importance that sec
onds piny in f irefighting the Harley
Davidson Motor company, in co-operation
with the Pyrene Manufacturing
company, has designed motorcycle ap
paratus' that fire officials have stated
will revolutionize fire fighting and put
real efficiency into firo protection,"
say Scott and Piper, local representa
tives of the Hurley.
"High speed, low maintenance cost,
quick get away ami snmll floor space
give the new motor apparatus decided
advantages over any other class of ap
paratus in the engine house.
"It is declared by fire prevention
experts that 'seconds nre as important
as centuries when fire breaks loose.'
A bucket of wnter would hnve prevent
ed the Chicago fire. Salem, Mass.,
was nearly destroyed in n day. During
the week of March 20, fires that burn
ed over a considerable area of Augusta,
Ua., Paris, Texas, and Nashville, Tenn.,
caused an estimated property loss in
those three cities of $10,000,000."
"Oregon Outdoors," fine.
Send It To Your Friends
"Oregon Outdoors" is the title of
the latest book on Oregon to be issued
bv the Southern Pacific. It is an artis
tic little booklet printed on a high
grado of enamel paer, the cover show
ing two actual photographic scenes in
color, one a fisherman and the other a
bathing scene. The inside color plate
is of Portland. Pullv 100 illustrations
showing the wonderful scenic beauties
of Oregon nre tastefully arranged in I
I combinations of colors.
For the tourist who expects to travel
in the great northwest the coming sum
mer, the book is of especial interest, as
it gives the traveller nn inkling of the
wondrous scenes in store, such ns the
Pacific Highway, Willamette Valley,
Tillamook county benches, the Mount
Phone 959
I UilALilVlUltO I
Gompers Begins National
Campaign for Better
State Labor Laws
Washington, May 27. oanincl Gom
pers, president of the American Feder
ation of Labor, is'on his way to Chica
go today to inaugurate a nation-wide
campaign tor legislation making state
1 ibor laws conform to the labor pro
visions of the Clayton anti-trust law.
The Clayton law now provides that
labor is not a "commodity nor nn ar
ticle of commerce." It effectually
prevents prosecution of labor men for
attempting, as they see fit, to try to'
get siorter hours or increased pay.
Gompers has prepared a model lull,
which he will try to b.we passed by
state legislatures.
Gompers will speak at' mass meet
ings of state labor men in four states
Illinois, Indiana, vjii'io and Michigan
He will speak at Chicago tomorrow, at
Fort Wayne deeontion day, at Colum
bus Wednesday (on May 31) and at
Detroit .lune 2. In a statement to the
United Press just before his departure
he said:
obtained amendments to the Clayton I T
act pointing out that labor is not a I
commodity nor irticle of commerce.
This frees labor from the applications
oi the provisions of the anti-trust laws
and from judicial interpretation of the
laws. Under this law a suit such as
that against the hitters of Danbury
will not be maintained. The rights of
workers to exercise their normal activ
ities for their own protection ami wel
fare have been mado lawful.
"The addition to the Clayton law
corrects the abuse of the injunctive
writ and Tirovidcs a jury trial in ny
case of alleged contempt where tlie;X
"contempt" was committed outside of
"This, however, is a federal law,
and covers only federal courts. State
laws in many instances make organiza
tions of co-workers ameinble to prose
cution. The abuse of the writ of in
junction within the state still holds.;
"Largely the campaign will be car
ried On bv state federations. In Penn
sylvania, Georgia, West Virginia, Mich
igan, Wisconsin and (alirofnia, Jegis- j
latures have icted already to mnke the,
demand for this legislation paramount .
in their political activities.
"In Illinois. Indiana, Ohio, Aew
York, Oregon and Iowa active prepara
tion is being made to make the bill an
issue in the state ennpaign.
"The campaign will be inaugurated,
at Chicago tomorrow, (May 28) at a
statewide conference. Representatives!
of all state labor will be present.
"Besides the campaign in those.
states organizers will carry the fight to
other states particularly to Vtuh and
Colorado. ' '
. lin n &
The Time is here now for Out-of-Door Sports and a New
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
With Side-car attachment solves the problem. Investi
gate the famous HARLEYthe. expense of upkeep is
reduced to a minimum.
If not a new machine this year see our line of
Second Hands
252 State Street, Salem, Oregon ,
! Capita"! journal. Want Ads Will Get You What Yoa War
Lloyd L. Ryan
Saxon Service Station at Halvorscn & Burns Garage
Corner High and Ferry streets. Phone 959
4CiO0, and this could not be deposited I Jefferson country, Crater l.nKo aim
j .it the rate of more than 100 a mouth, j others that, will in time become famous
!The government authorities feel that to '. s' " " '
.some extent the object of the savings
; depuitini'iit did not meet the demands
of the people on account of this re-
Oregmiiuns who would like to do
Chicago, May 27. "German Amer
icans unreservedly against both Theo
dore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson
for president of the United States,"
was the slogan Illinois German-Americans
expected to plant in the minds of
tho officials of every German-American
alliance nt tending the meeting of the
National Alliance which convenes in
Chicago tomorrow.
One hundred offieals of state al
liances and editors of German news
papers nre expected to attend,
"Opposition to Wilson and Roose
velt is an Illinois Geriiiun-Americjin
American idea and we expect to pro
mulgate it throughout the Pnited
(the same time attract attention to this
I great northwest, may do so bv sending
! .1 . a il.:.. ..I 1.....1.
istriction. niem a copy m hub ni-num m
In order . meet the full demands U'opies can be ccure4 from nnv South
I -iw public nn nmendmcnt to the pus-: ern I'acific'sjfent or by addressing
I tnl ssvinus act has hern approved, pro-John M. Scmt, Geneinl Passenger
their friends in the easi a iaor i states," Ir. Hermann Gcrhnrd. chair
nan of the jiolitical committee declared
I kunw the mini I want to see presi-
ividing tu... hereutter depositors may
have -in account amounting to $11100
'and that no restriction shall be placed
Ion the amount to be deposited month-lv.
agent, Portland, Oregon.
New Today Ads work while yoa
sleep will hv results for yoi U th
dent," Dr. Gerhard said. ."1 may get
a chance to vote for him." He would
not snv who his choice is.
" 1 do not believe the republicans w ill j
m.imimte Roosevelt nod unless W ilson
is nominated on the first ballot 1 don't
believe he will be nominatfd. "
There's a reason why there are more
than one million three hundred thous
and Ford cars in use today, and that
reason is based on the matchless
service and economy of Ford cars.
Universal service is the most con
clusive evidence of genuine value.
That is one good reason. Buy today
Touring Car $49:3.25; Runabout
$443.25, f. o. b. Salem. On sale at
260 N. High Street