Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 27, 1916, Magazine Section, Image 12

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International Cartoon Co., N, Y
One morning Aarys am went out; whn wrvai sauuw nwefifs eyea?
Another lW was there that she had left fora &uTpn&eX
Then rUry'3 Invent up quife close arv3 saa ttktyour chKI
(r pressed the T?u y accident, which mafafhe toy (ainhpeafc''1
Wit ff'
Hxr moment Aaryb YrttJe lamh whose fUece was white as saw
Went for that other little Umh av4 ift! teng! Icvid itjow
pi"- i (ISIS YOU FOM L
Ana when the havoc had teen done it smiled gentle 5mUe, ,,4,f
And iaia to that pocr, hroken Urn, "How do you liKe my otyle? "'. '
61 41.
The auddetv sound was stalling to the )im that AavyJ,
It jammed away tar to it could a.Ydchowe3 tKatjma'--
tMz? sr -, TuT never I LJX-L- V-
When nary came ifonthe scene, the wicKe3rflam cxc)wme3,
"Vout foy la.m started ail the row sowhy should J he hjamed ? JJ
Willi epochal iutcM'mitiomil iUi'nI inim I
t-onf rontinjj tlit'iu, mid willi in'nin); iu
U'rmd ((IH'sl UitiK of prp;ivMlni'ss, nml (if I
Tural crciiitii li'xislntion nuiliiiK their j
nt tout ion some memliorx of tl'e lnMiie,
01 representative find time to con
vert portions of their ilnilv nessiiins in
to vniiilex ille pi'i't'orninnri', as wit
iioks the readiii); into the loewr honse's
in i 11 11 1 s 011 April 'J-. nt the reuet id'
J. lliiinpton Moore, NT. ('., from I'enn
ovIvHiiin, of 11 niiie stnnn hnrlesipie on
After ptlini; permission from the
rhuir to hnve the clerk reml the jinule,
Mr. Moore wns not sulisf ied, Imt nsheil
that more I'O rciiil. However, some of
his eollennnes ohjeeleil, and (lie rending
Here is the jingle, which hns Vieen
evpensivelv enilnilmed in the L'onj'ies
sionnl lli'coid:
Some little luitf is poing to find yon
some dny,
Some lilllo lmu will creep behiiul yon
some dny ;
Knt some siini-e. they cnll it chill,
On your lirensl they'll plnce n lily;
Some little liuu is Ki'H'n ''"'I .Vinl
some dny.
In these tlnys of indigestion
t is oftentimes iiiestion
As to what to eat mid what to leave
For each microlie and liaeillus
Has n different way to kill us.
And in time they always claim ns for
their own.
There tire germs of every kind
In any food that you can find
In the market or upon the hill of fare.
Drinking water's just as risky
As the so-i-nlled deadly whiskey.
And it's often n mistake to lireathe
the air .
Some little lmjj is i;oi:ig to find you
some dny,
Some little Img will creep behind you
some dny;
Then he'll send for his bug friends
And nil your earthly trouble ends;
Sumo little bug is going to find you
some day. .
Vfc .H v l s X X ;
1 h w f i !A iir a vr' 1 ! .1.
t-.l is Yi V' V,
V -.'.-
'li M.
is A)
... v v. t . ..
t 1
Low Fare
Summer Tourist Tickets
PJew Yoiii and Boston
and all Atlantic Coast and New England Points
on sale daily throughout the Summer
"The Niagara Falls Route"
Stopover p lvl!t gs at all point enrouttf
Five Splendid Trains Every Day From Chicago
An unsurpassed view from the train enrout ol
Wonderful Niagara Falls
clmpicu- iuioriniiwi uuj iuwiuii a to a." able ti 'l. tall on 01 aUlnj
W.C. Srx.'kcnl, Crnrl Auent Pl'n'r Deprlmen
!' I; O
The inviting green cueumber
(Sets most everybody's number -While
the green corn has a system of
its own;
Though a radish seems nutritious,
Its behavior is quite vicious,
And n doctor will be coming to your
Kating lobster rooked or plain
Is only flirting with ptomaine.
While nn oyster sometimes hits n lot
to say;
But the clams we oat in chowder
Make the angels chant, the louder,
For they know that we'll be with
them right away
Take a slice of nice fried onion
And you'ro fit for Dr. Munyon;
Apple dumplings kill you quicker
than a train,
("hew a cheesy midnight "rabbit"
And a grave you'll soon inhabit
Ah, to eat at all is such a foolish
Kating huckleberry pie
Is a pleasing way to die.
While sauerkraut brings on softening
of the brain.
When you eat banana fritters
Kvery undertaker titters,
And the casket makes nearly go
Some little bug is going to find you
some day,
Some little bug will creep beihnd you
some day;
With a nervous little quiver
He'll give cirrhosis of the liver:
Some little bug is going to find you
some day.
When cold-sloiage vaults T visit
1 can only say what is it
Makes poor mortals fill their systems
with such stuff .'
Vow, for breakfast, prunes are dandy
If 11 stomach pump is handy
And your doctor can be found quite
soon enough.
Knt a plate of fine pigs' knugles
And the headstone ontter chuckles,
While the grnvodigsjer makes a note
upon his ruff.
Kat that lovely red bologna
And you'll wear a wooden kimono.
As your 'relatives start scrapping
'bout your stuff.
Some little bug is going to fiud you
some day,
Some little bug will creep beliind yon
pome day;
Fatuitf juicy sliced pineapple
Makes the sexton dust, the rbapei:
Some little bug is going to fiud you
some dav.
Bewhiskered Shell
Game Worked at Circus
Says Report to Police
If was reported to the police circus
night that for a short time, during the
afternoon that day the antiquated
shell game that flourished in connec
tion with circuses 50 years ago was re
surrected for the amusement and eu
lightiienmeut of some of the Marion
eouutv citizens. ' One man is said to
There Is trior Catarrh in this section
the country van all other diseases pul
together, and until the last few years
waa supposed to be incurable. For a
great many years doctors pronounced It a
local disease and prescribed local reme
dies, and by constantly falling to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it incur
able. Science has proven Catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore re
tpiires constitutional treatment. ' Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the onl
Constitutional cure on the market. It Is
taken internally. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred, dollars for any
case It falls to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials.
A(Jdrei:'F. J. CHEN'EV A CO., Toledo, O
Sold by T)rufrtltl, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation
have spent li.o by way of an educa-!
tioual venture and two more spent $10 I
each in learning that "the hand isj
quicker than the eye." Now you see
it. Now you don't. Step right tip, gen-1
tlemeu, and try your luck.'' !
The losers w ere reticent about re-1
porting the matter of their losses to the
police and by the time the plain clothes j
men arrived at the circus grounds thej
game had closed and not one of the!
operators was to be found. It is thought j
that the game operated for but a short j
time tiinl then closed before any o'f the:
gamesters who were stung liail nn op
portunity to report the transaction.
Need a Laxative?
Don't take a violent purgative. Right,
the sluggish condition with the safe,
vegetable remedy which has held pub
lic confidence for over sixty years.
Lariul Sala of Any Medicin in th. WorU.
Sold Tsnrwhsr. In bozas, 10c, 25a.
City, I'hiladelphia, Baltimore, Pitts-
New York, M;vv 2". Porlnps tho burg, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati,
most amazing thing about the Friars'j Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Buffalo,
club frolic, which begins here tomor-1 Rochester, Boston and Providence. A.
row to mark the completion of the new i bund of sixty musicians will be carried
clubhouse, is the fact that in the per-1 in addition to the half hundred eele-formam-e
at the Vow Amsterdam thea- brated st irs who will appear,
tre is a portrait of Abbot (leorge M.I
Cohan, painted by Friar Harrison Fish-i H
er. The amazement comes when youj $
consider the tut that Fisher could get j Journal New Today Ads de-
Cohan to sit still long enough to be sjt liver the goods. jc
painted. After its performance hercj
tomorrow the frolic will go to Atlantic!
"Fntirely satisfactory," is the way
F. W. II ill. Seattle manager for the
White company, expressed himself in
regard to motor oil made froai est
oru asphalt base crude,
We tell out inquirers that we use
this oil a great deal in our demonstra
ting eus," contuiuo.l Mr. Hill, "also
we refer them to owner of Wh.te
v,.,t.,v enrs nn.l tru, ks who are usin"
oil made from western aspaalt b.isel
crude with entire satisfaction."
The Three Russian Red:
u3cc34a a reiiaej Mu,kal act at ue On-oa Tkeatre Today aa dTomorrow-A big Eveat.